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Father And Daughter – Fuck Buddies

Danica is home from her Date with her boyfriend….and she is very disappointed. She wanted to have sex….he didn’t….and she is frustrated and horny. Danica’s Dad is still up when she gets home, and when Danica tells him her story…..Dad’s first reaction is, of course, to cover his ears…..but, then Dad makes a confession to her. As it turns out…..Danica’s Mom went to bed early….and Danica’s Dad is frustrated and horny too!! What happens next shocks Danica completely!!! Dad suggests that since they are in the same boat….and neither one wants to go to bed frustrated…..that they become “Fuck Buddies” for the night!!! Danica’s jaw drops…..but her Dad walks her through it….explaining that the idea makes perfect sense….and eventually….Danica agrees…..and both Dad & Daughter remove their clothes. Danica Sucks on her Dad’s cock….Dad gives her a really good licking, that makes her purr….and then they proceed to Fuck like two crazy people!!! Danica’s Dad pulls out of her, and absolutely covers her in his cum….making Danica smile…..she is content now….she can go to bed.

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True Romance: A Mother and Son’s Love

It all started out so innocently. I never knew this would become something more…something else. My stomach filled with butterflies every time I thought about him…my own son. He was always there for me, and he always made me feel so good. I didn’t think society would ever understand, especially the boy’s father. He could never know. When my husband went to sleep, I’d often sneak into my son’s room. It made me feel alive. I was in love with him. Yes, I was in love with my own son. I couldn’t control my feelings anymore…I didn’t want to. I gently shook him in his sleep, and his eyes opened, “No, no, no. Mom…Mom, we can’t do this.” Oh, I knew that’s not how he really felt. I whispered, “Yes, we can. One more time,” and kissed him on the lips. My heart felt like it was pounding out of my chest. He pushed me off and my heart sank, “Dad’s going to find out. We can’t do this anymore.” But I knew we could. We could make this work. I spun him around and pinned him against the wall, “We can…” I kissed him on the lips, and I felt him kiss me back. The boy loved me…I know he did. I softly kissed his neck, and then worked my way down, unbuttoning his shirt, and kissing his fit, young body.

I unfastened his pants and pulled out his hard cock. He wanted me just as much as I wanted him. “I’ve been thinking about this all day,” I softly purred. I put his cock into my mouth, and just…let myself go. It was just me and him now. “Okay, maybe just this one night…” he smiled. I fell in love with my son all over again. This clip includes: Leilani Lei, Aiden Valentine, mom has a secret affair with son, mom and son are in love, romantic, intimate, forced kissing, kissing, kissing on neck and chest, blowjob, POV, clit rubbing, love making, missionary sex, doggystyle, riding, cowgirl, cumshots, cum on body, cum in mouth

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My stepbrother is into my feet

What a long day at the office today I couldn’t wait to take a long bath. I was feeling so tense that I couldn’t help but play with myself in the bathtub. Apparently I was so loud that I caught the attention of my step brother. Oops. When I asked him what turns him on most about me he said my sexy feet and long toes. He was so cute I let him suck on them…

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Father`s Harem

Hannah couldn’t stand her stepdad. He was always trying to win her over with stupid gifts, so when he gave her a meditation lamp for her eighteenth birthday she just rolled her eyes.
Ever since her stepfather gave her the magic lamp Hannah’s been obsessed with pleasing him, but daddy’s been reluctant to let her continue pleasuring him telling her that it was wrong. She cried all night and begged the lamp to help her. It told her to show the light to her friends….
Her best friend Nia was the obvious choice since her stepfather’s eyes would always sneak glances at Nia perfect eighteen year old DDs. Hannah whispers into her ear as the lamp’s magic cause Nia to fall in love with her stepdad. “You are in love with my stepfather” Hannah whisper, “Your eighteen year old body is meant for daddy’s pleasure” “You want him, you need him, you worship him”
Hannah won’t stop at just using the lamp to make Nia fall in love, she’s going to build her stepfather a harem so he’s completely satisfied at all times. “We need daddy. We love daddy. We worship daddy.” Aria and Alice moan in unison as Nia and Hannah tease their sexy little bodies.
All four of them send daddy a video telling him how much they love him, begging for permission to pleasure him with their young bodies, all the time…all at once. “It’ll be our secret. Don’t you like secrets daddy?” Hannah asks in her video teasing the hem of her cheer uniform.

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Tickling My Granddaughter Maria

The old man has his 22 year old granddaughter come to visit him in Las Vegas. He has not seen her for quite a while and is surprised and how grownup she has become. The 85 year old guy shoots videos for private clients, mostly bondage and tickling videos, not really adult stuff. His model canceled on him and he really wants to get a video off to one of his regular clients. He found out that she is very ticklish and she agreed to be a model in his video. He assured her that it is very proper and no one except his private clients will ever see the video.

The video starts with her on the bed in the studio in a cute red dress that is kind of too short for her. Grandfathers starts tickling her and wow, is she ticklish. Her dress pulls up and we can see her little panties. He even uses his favorite tickling tool, an electric toothbrush on her, it drives her wild. He mentions that sometimes the clients will pay a little extra to the model if they see more than tickling, especially if it is young, cute girl being tickled. When he mentions money she is all for it, what young girls could not use a little extra money.

She is soon naked and he is playing with her really, really nice tits and she is sucking on his cock. She does not seem to mind that grandpa’s cock is kind of small and soft, she is thinking about the money and making her grandfather happy. She ends up naked and he puts her on her tummy, rubs baby oil on her asscheeks and his cock. He grinds away on her ass, he wants to last longer but seeing and feeling her tight 22 year old ass on his cock makes him shoot hot cum on her ass. He hopes she wants to shoot another tickling video with him but maybe next time he will just forget the tickling part.

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My Daughter and Her Friend

Lily has her friend Valentina over and they are up late, sitting on the bed chatting about girl stuff. Theyre ready for bed in their cute little jammies, just girl talking about boys and having fun. Lilys dad comes in and is surprised to see that shes still up and has a friend over. Hes been working a lot lately so hes really tired. He starts to engage in conversation with them, and they tell him about a camping trip they want to go on. Hes not really pleased by that, but he leaves the room, asking them to try and keep it down. As soon as he leaves the room, they start to talk more about boys.
Lily starts to tease Valentina about a boy she likes Michael. She starts to tease him about all the sexy stuff she wants to do to him. But her dad overhears and comes back in the room. Hes not happy about hearing this stuff come out of his daughters mouth. Theyre an open family, they like to talk about sex and stuff. Theyre not embarrassed about it. But Valentina isnt very ready to talk about sucking boys cocks. Lily starts to talk about what she wants to do to a boy she thinks is hot. This starts to turn all of them on. The girls start to feel really close. They start touching each other, then kissing. Soon theyre making out. Its really hot, so Lilys dad wants to join them. He comes in with his boner and they start to suck his dick. They take turns sucking his cock and his balls, both girls are so sexy. Then he lays back and Valentina keeps sucking his dick and Lily starts to lick her pussy and asshole from behind. Valentina is so turned on by this that she lays on her back and Lily eats out her pussy while Valentina jerks off her dad. Then he comes and kneels with his cock over her face so she can suck his cock some more while Lily eats her pussy.

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Football or Sex with Daughter?

It’s Football season….the playoffs!! Lily’s Dad is so focused on watching the Game on TV, that he is paying absolutely no attention to Lily. Lily tries desperately to interact with her Dad…but it’s no use…..he doesn’t even realize she is in the room! Lily tries saying some outrageous things to try and get him to blink….”The house is on fire”….”fuck fuck fuck”……it has no effect….Dad keeps staring at the TV. Lily, who is Starved For Attention, has an idea. She strips down to her bra and panties…and walks between Dad and the TV. Suddenly Dad notices her!!! Dad’s jaw drops, when he sees how Lily has blossomed into quite a curvaceous young girl!! Now that she has Dad’s full attention…Lily takes it a step further by removing her bra and pulling Dad’s pants down. Before Dad knows what’s happening….Lily has his cock in her mouth. Lily sucks her Daddy’s cock until it is rock hard…and then Dad returns the favour by licking Lily’s sweet, tasty cunt. Dad shoves his big, hard cock into Lily’e tight pussy and he gives her a good pounding, until he unloads a giant pool of cum all over Lily’s back. It was not exactly the type of quality Daddy/Daughter time she was necessarily looking for…..but when you are as Starved For Attention as Lily was…..this was better than nothing!!!

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Mommy Locked in the Basement

Sophia calls for junior to follow her down into the basement. She starts looking around the shelves, and asks him to prop the door open, just as he turns around letting it slam shut behind him! She frantically reaches for the door as he tries to apologize, he heard her to late. As she yanks the handle she tells him to call your dad and have him leave work early to get us out! He tells her that he left his phone in his room. Sophia is pissed! She is supposed to be getting ready to go for a date with DAD! They haven’t had a minute to themselves! Upset, junior explains he’s was supposed to be playing video games with his Friends online, now they are going to start with out him! Sophia yells at him that he needs to quit paying those damn video games and go get a girlfriend. Taken back, he tries to explain that he doesn’t want or need a girlfriend. He has her, she’s such a great mom what more could he want? Sophia is touched to hear her son say that. She gives him a kiss on the lips and apologizes for yelling at him. She’s just so upset, she has been looking forward to this date with their date, she needs that alone time. He says sorry again and asks if maybe they can try and get the door open. Sophia grabs and yanks the handle, trying to get the door open. As she yanks her heavy breasts giggle and wiggle as junior offers to help her. She orders him to grab her around the waist and pull her.

As he slides his hands across her plump belly and presses up into her even bigger ass. He pulls and yanks with her trying to get the door open. It won’t budge and she yells for him to try harder! He pulls on her hard but he starts to get distracted by how much of his mom there is. He feels her breasts bouncing on top of his arms, and the weight of her big ass pressed up against him. She just feels so warm and soft that he starts pressing into her more, enjoying the way she feels in his arms. Sophia wails miserably and says its not working. She was so looking forward to tonight. Junior in attempt to cheer her up calls his dad stupid, he should never leave her alone all the time, she’s beautiful. Sophia smiles, her son can be so sweet! One day he will make a girl so happy. She leans over to give him a quick kiss and asks him to try something else to get this door open. He grabs her lower this time and promises to really put his weight into. They pull and yank but junior starts to get that funny feeling again. He knows its bad to think about his mom in that way but being so close to her, smelling her perfume. Feeling her ass rock back fourth against his crotch is making him start to stiffen in excitement. He starts to really pull on her, and secretly start to hump her behind. She is so consumed with getting the door open at first she doesn’t notice him, but then she feels his hands creep up to her chest and hold her breasts. She lets it happen, its no big deal he’s just trying to help his mom get the door open right? He pulls her harder and tighter against him making everything on her jiggle and wiggle. They pull and pull and when she feels him try to reach inside her dress she knows she has to stop him, but his hands feel so good against her, its been so long since she has been held like this, she almost thinks about it. Sophia knows she has to stop her son, but she can feel his warm hands cupping her breasts and a wave of arousal washes over her. Her pussy throbs with want but she knows fucking her son would be so wrong. But she feels his dick pressing into he with a need that matches her own. She loves her son and always wants to make him happy, maybe its ok if she just sees it, touches it Little…. But when she see’s it, she is overcome with desire…Its looks just like his dads but bigger! Her mouth waters and before she knows it shes wrapping her big lips around it and swallowing it down.

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Daddy Loves you

Family Home sex Daddy with Daughter

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Daughter Little holes gets fucked

Adorable blonde Marsha May loves parading her tight, busty body around stepfather Mark Wood. While spending a lazy afternoon at home, she leafs through a magazine, playfully teasing Mark as he watches TV. The cunning cutie mentions needing a new car as Mark notices her brash teasing, and then she tricks him into lending her an absurd amount of money to go clubbing. Later, Marsha returns home in a revealing outfit, waking Mark as she calls out to see if her mother is home. Mark becomes even more agitated when he realizes that his 19-year-old stepdaughter has been drinking, and he subsequently questions her for her actions. Marsha continues flirting with her stepdad as he grills her about her careless behavior. And then she pushes Mark past his breaking point by again suggesting that he buy her a car. Fed up with Marsha’s obvious attempts to seduce him, Mark turns the tables, takes the upper hand and assumes control: He blackmails the wayward girl into a depraved sexual encounter!

The creepy stud places his stepdaughter’s hand on his prick and aggressively growls, “No more calling me Mark. I’m your stepfather, but tonight, I want you to call me ‘Daddy.’” Fearful that Mark will expose her manipulations, drinking and slutty behavior, hot-but-desperate Marsha acquiesces. Bad Marsha gives “Daddy” a slobbery, cock-worshiping blowjob. But that’s not enough, is it? He wants to really have her. So Mark’s big prick hammers her sweet pussy, but he still wants more. Finally, Marsha spreads her butt cheeks for a harsh anal drilling. Now enjoying herself and embracing her twisted sexuality, the brazen nymph says, “For a convertible, I’ll let you fuck my ass. I bet Mommy doesn’t let you fuck her ass!” Marsha talks dirty as the older man porks her young bunghole, and she tastes his thick rod ass-to-mouth through a hard rectal reaming. Finally, Mark cums on Marsha’s face and she swallows his hot load, remarking, “I can’t wait to get my new car, Daddy.”

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