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Nasty Taboo Comic

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Mommy Blows Best

Horny MILF Britney Amber was masturbating on the couch while looking at naked photos of herself when her stepson Logan Long walks in on her. He realizes she’s using his phone and that she’s looking at the dirty images he took of her while naked. She asks if he has a thing for her, but she didn’t want to make things awkward, so she lets him know that she’s okay with it and proceeds to sucking his big cock!

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Family Summer

Scene One: Depraved Family Practice

Michele and Addison walk into the house, Addison is bubbly, laughing, happy. Michelle is somber. Addison says, “I’m so glad to be spending the summer with you. It’s so nice of your parents to let me stay here.” Michele’s only response is, “I guess. But my mom isn’t nice. She’s a bitch.” As she says this she pulls out her collar and puts it on. Addison looks at her strangely. She asks, “How come you always put that collar on when we get home?” “I don’t know, no reason.” Michele pauses. “I just like it, I guess.” Addison tells her she’s going to the bathroom. Michele stands there, her empty eyes surveying the living room. Dad comes up behind her and gropes her tits. “Is my baby having fun with her cousin?” He starts kissing her. “Dad, not now. She’s going to see.” “You don’t say no to me. Take your fucking clothes off and turn around.”

Scene Two: Niece’s Stolen Innocence

Addison is getting ready to shower. She preps herself for a few seconds. Uncle Luke walks in, startling Addison. She drops her towel and tries to cover herself up with her arms. Uncle Luke says, “You don’t have to do that. We’re all family here.” Addison keeps covering herself, “It’s just weird with you seeing me.” Luke pulls her arms away. “I said it’s okay.” Addison protests and starts to pull away. Luke starts to touch her. He grabs her pussy, causing her to yelp. “You ever have a man touch your pussy, or just little boys?”

Scene Three: The Last Straw

Michele and Addison in the bedroom. Michelle is naked, with her collar on. Addison is clothed. Addison, concerned, says, “Michele, I don’t want him to touch me again.” Michele doesn’t look at her. “You can’t stop him. If you do what he tells you to, it goes faster.” Dad walks in and looks at them. “Well at least one of you knows what to do.” He sits down and tells Michele, “Come here you little cum bucket.”

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Mommy Help Me fuck My Sister

Emma Starletto is the kind of girl who needs to confide in someone when she is feeling down. Today, she decides to tell her stepbro that she has been feeling a little sad since her stepdad never has time to hang out with her anymore. She asks him if he could spend some time with her and do the things she and her stepdad used to do. Her stepbro gets the picture quickly, and starts rubbing on Emmas tits. She says whenever he is horny, he can come to her. Then, she sucks his cock until he busts a hot load in her mouth. Later on, Emmas stepbro is brushing her hair in the bathroom. She turns around to see that he has a boner, and offers to go their moms room to fuck. They bang on the bed until their stepmom comes in and decides that she needs to impart some motherly wisdom on them. She shows Emmas stepbro how to slide his cock into Emmas shaved pussy and the fuck sesh is all the better for it. The family that bangs together, stays together!

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Latina Daughter Is The Best Daughter

My dad likes to help me get inspired artistically. He is super encouraging about it. But ever since I broke up with my boyfriend, I do not have a model to draw. So, my dad is letting me draw a very special part of him…

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My Escort Sister Takes My Virginity

Scene One: First time

Terrified, Brick is ready to lose his virginity. He’s been dumped by a girl who was waiting until marriage and now he’s 18 and still a virgin. His friends tell him to hire an escort and lose his L card once and for all. His eyes go wide in shock as he see’s his sister on a escort site as he browses for a hookup. She didn’t even change her name! With no options a plan forms in his mind, blackmail his sister into taking his virginity. Cory loves that she doesn’t have to work. For a couple hours of her time she makes as much as most people for the whole week. She’s on her escort site when her brother knocks at her door. “What are you doing in my room, get out” she yells at him. She hates her annoying younger brother and can’t believe they’re even related. He tries to blackmail her with her escort business but she suggests something else. “Pay my full rate and I will give you the escort experience. Now get out.” She says. He leaves more nervous and confused than when he entered.

Scene Two: Fun time

A couple of days later Cory is sleeping peacefully in her bed. Her brother sneaks into her room, unable to get Cory out of his head. He’s fallen in love with his sister and he hates himself for it. He jerks himself over her sleeping body and reaches down to softly touch her tits. With a deep breath Cory wakes and sees the cock in front of her. She doesn’t yell or scream but reaches out and strokes her pathetic little brother.

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Mom helping his son with her pussy!

Skateboarders have a way of bouncing back after nasty spills, but even the toughest skater is going to need a little time to regroup after taking a board to the nuts. That is what happened to Nina Elles stepson today, and he is definitely in some major pain. Nina hears him moaning through the bathroom door and her stepmotherly instincts immediately kick in. She goes inside and finds out her stepsons balls have been bruised…
Even though she has to laugh a bit, she wants to make him feel better as soon as possible. To start, she gives his dinged up dong and balls a nice rubdown. Then, she eases her nurturing mouth down onto the head of his convalescing cock for a soothing blowjob. When his dick is nice and wet, Nina tells her stepson that they need to make sure everything is working properly. So, he grabs some tail and then drops into her horny halfpipe until he is ready to bail and bust all over her. These two know how to shred!

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Daughter’s Little Accident

DAUGHTER’S LITTLE ACCIDENT STEP-FATHER LECTURES HUMILIATED DAUGHTER AS SHE WETS HERSELF SCENE OPENS on a teen girl, Kelly (Kendra Spade), who is getting a ride home when her friend calls her, telling her that her stepfather is looking for her. Kelly is beside herself with worry, telling her friend that she just had sex with her boyfriend, who came inside of her. As she gets closer to home, she tells her friend that she has to piss like a racehorse. TITLE PLATE She arrives home and tries to slip into the house quietly, but moments later her step-father (Derrick Pierce) comes rushing into the room from elsewhere in the house and says ‘There you are! I was worried sick!’ He explains that he tried reaching her several times on her cell phone but she didn’t answer…

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Mom is Talking About Me

Scene One: Bikini blowjob

Lounging outside in her bikini, Cory has just gotten off the phone with her best friend. She is told that her best friend`s fucking her own son. A hot horny young man in the house is every MILF’s fantasy. Talking about it is getting Cory hot and bothered so she goes inside to cool off.
But she see’s me sitting on the couch. “Do you like my bikini?” She asks me, touching herself and telling me about what her best friend is doing. My dick begins to grow and my breathing becomes faster as she touches me and asks if I want a blowjob. She lets me touch her big breasts before getting to the floor and taking down my pants. She puts me in her mouth and its the most wonderful and amazing experience in my life. I can barely contain myself as she rubs my cock between her tits and makes me cum. Quickly she puts me in her mouth and sucks me all down like the loving mother she is.

Scene Two: The first time

The next day my mother calls me into her room and lays me down on her bed. She’s completely naked, and her gorgeous body makes my eyes pop out of my head. She pushes my legs apart and slides in between them. Putting her mouth over my dick and slurping, sucking and making me so fucking hard.
“Do you like mommy’s wet pussy?” She asks. I wonder what’s happening as she slides me inside of her. I’ve never felt anything like this before, the warm, wet, inviting pussy taking my cock whole. Her big breasts bounce as she rides on top of me. She gets to the bed and instructs me to fuck her hard. She moans and cums on my cock making me feel like I’m going to explode. Quickly she turns around and jerks my load all over her face. She loves the taste of my cum and she swallows it off her face, licking the tip of my cock. “Do you want to take a shower with mommy?” She asks me. I will do anything for her from now on.

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Sisters ASS!!!

I like Sister`s big ass and start fucking her sleeping.

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Squirter and Stepmom Worship

Lilly sneaks into Mathew’s room, her stepbrother while he is praying, eyes closed, She is horny and starts masturbating close to him to call his attention, when he realizes it, he gets shocked, scandalized, he is very religious and a virgin, later on at the dinner table while the family prays before eating, Lilly unzips Mathew’s pants and starts jerking him off, Mom sees it and yells at Lilly to behave, she can’t help it, her brother is too hot when he prays…Next, when they were talking about the day’s sermon, Lilly mentions how hot the preacher was, Mom agrees that he was dreamy, but Mathew doesn’t approve the comment, so Lilly decides to help her virgin brother and let him taste her wet pussy, Mom gets horny and also wants Mathew to try her pussy. Suddenly the preacher comes in to return the bible they forgot and found them teaching Mathew about the birds and the bees, so they decide it is time to teach him how real sex is, Mom orders Mathew to take mental notes while she and Lilly suck the preacher’s cock to then get fucked in many different positions, moaning, yelling and squirting all over the place, at the end this is for Mathew’s benefit, so the Lord can be proud of him.

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