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Sister`s Anal Addiction

Mandy Muse is addicted to having her ass fucked and her mom Dava Foxx and stepbrother Kyle Mason are very concerned. She started by putting a pen up her butt, then moved up to a cucumber that was more dick shaped and longer. When Mandy steals her mom’s dildo and shoves it up her chocolate starfish, Dava takes the nuclear option and demands that Kyle stick his big dick up her anus. Pulling out Kyle’s stiffie, Dava tells Mandy to come stroke her stepbro’s dick to make sure it’s nice and hard…

When her handie doesn’t work, Mandy is instructed to put her mouth to work. A blowjob does the trick, getting Kyle nice and hard so he can shove it into Mandy’s ass when she turns around. With the tight ring of Mandy’s anus and that big butt tempting him beyond measure, Kyle doesn’t have any problems banging his stepsister even after his mom walks away. Now that Mandy’s gotten a taste of her brother’s big dick, she wants to try other positions. She lets Kyle sit down on the couch so she can take his cock in her ass and ride him at her own tit-jiggling pace. The two decide that it’s only right if they get together with Kyle’s fuck stick buried in Mandy’s greedy pussy, so he helps her onto the couch and then primes her for a big climax. Then he switches holes and plays stud until she’s cumming again from an anal orgasm. Once Mandy is finally satisfied, Kyle pulls out just in time to cover her pussy in a stream of hot jizz. Mandy suggests they keep fucking, leaving Kyle alarmed that it didn’t cure her but happy to keep helping.

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The New Treatment Plan for my Little Sister

A brother takes care of his sister who is suffering from a strange illness….

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Movie night with my Daddy

Sweet little Alyce is going to prom and her date is a super popular boy who she wants to impress. One problem, she’s never had sex before. She is desperate to learn what sex is like so she can be prepared for the sex that always happens after prom. Who could possibly help her with that? Well, Alyce and her stepdad have always been close. She explains the situation to him and at first he seems absolutely mortified but he can tell how important knowing how to have good sex is to Alyce. He agrees to let her first time be with him. After all, he’s the man that has loved her and treated her like a daughter ever since she can remember. It starts with a little awkwardness but soon they are passionately fucking as if they were actually a couple. Alyce Loves her Daddy and Daddy loves her back…deeply. He cream pies her young vagina which makes her feel VERY GROWN UP. Now Alyce is ready for prom and will be able to show her date that she is very experienced.

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Big Mommies Tits!

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Sister gets Sluttier with every Roll of the Dice

Rion is really trying to get some of the girls he knows to start getting a little more exciting, It would be great to have a girlfriend that was into getting a wild, and he’s heard girls just need an excuse to let go. He thought getting some “novelty dice” would be a good idea. He even paid A LOT extra for a set that “Guarantees to get girls to play”
Then his step-sister Sophia comes in right when they arrived and he is just looking at them for the first time. She totally makes fun of him, and tells him he’s a loser. Rion wants to just get her to see how they are good idea and rolls the dice, and the dice work “as guaranteed”
Sophia completely changes every time the dice is rolled, like she is another person, or in a slutty trance, or maybe that is what she is really like?

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Siblings And Cousins – First Family Threesome

This weekend your cousin Alex is staying with you guys and you just know your crazy sister Meana is going to try and engage you in some risky fuckery. You’ve been fucking your sister for a while. One thing just led to another. You guys tried to stop… but the chemistry between you two was just too strong. You got used to it. But Meana is wild. The thought of taking Alex’s virginity is driving her crazy.
When Alex walks in on her sucking your dick, it doesn’t take Meana long to calm her down and subtly suggest they fuck her. Alex is confused… part of her is disgusted…but part of her wants to go on and her wet pussy urges her to continue.
“It’s going to hurt a little at first, but it’ll get better. Just let your pussy open for your cousin’s cock. Trust me. Your body wants my brother’s cock”.

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BDSM Family Game

Carolina Sweets is a hot little teen that wants to be good, but her horny pussy gets her in trouble every time. After she gets herself expelled for sleeping with her college Dean, she’s shipped off to her uptight Aunt’s house for a long summer of bible study and knee-length skirts. Her Aunt, Cherie DeVille, is a real shrew, despite her incredible MILF body, and she loves punishing Carolina for everything, including touching her cunt…

When Cherie catches her daydreaming with her fingers in her pussy, Carolina gets a dirty over-the-knee spanking and a humiliating lecture about being a whore. Lucky for Carolina, her hot cousin Seth Gamble is also home for the summer, and he brings out the hypocrite in Cherie, who has a slutty suburban sex drive to match her uptight religious streak. Seth isn’t home for more than 30 minutes before Cherie is on her knees, begging to be punished and presenting him with all the sex toys she purchased for him. Seth knows how to keep the upper hand in this house, and ties Cherie in a tight rope harness, putting a cold metal hook in her perfect ass and teasing her until she can barely keep her composure. Cropped, flogged, and degraded Cherie continues to struggle to get that hard cock in her mouth and pussy, throwing herself against Seth, hoping to cum just one time on her step-son’s dick. Seth is Carolina’s favorite kind of trouble, and she is soon tempting him to pull her plaid skirt up around her waist and get his cock wet. Thrown around her bedroom and throat fucked, Carolina cums many times on her cousin’s cock before Cherie catches them fucking around. Carolina is shocked to see Seth throw Cherie on her knees, and even more pleasantly surprised when he takes her hips and places her hungry cunt on her Aunt’s lips. Getting the hang of how this twisted household works, Carolina is inducted into a summer of electro play, rope suspensions, orgasms denial, nipple clamps, corporal, and anal sex. That’s one lucky, naughty girl!

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Sisters beautiful tits!

It’s in the middle of the family reunion that sis and I start bonding. We talk about all the drama between family members and how crazy they get after the drinks come out. We share funny stories about past memories over a smoke outside. Sis reminds me of our Aunt’s famous punch she brings to every family get together
No one in this family can handle that stuff
I know it’s like they turn into a bunch oversized babies
Have you ever tried it before?
Once, but it was just a sip
We should sneak some later.. meet me in my room in 10 minutes!
She actually managed to get 2 cups of the potent liquid, and before we knew it, we were totally faded! We talked about my ex and why I broke up with her.. Honestly, I was just not satisfied. She had no tits, no ass, nothing for me to grab onto. It was like fucking a stick!! I asked sis if she’s into anyone at school, but she’s just into the hook up scene..

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Love At First Swipe

Nina Elle and her new stepson, Tyler Nixon, can’t get along at all, and her husband not wanting to fuck her isn’t helping her feel welcome in her new home. Frustrated on all levels, Nina whips out an adult chat app on her phone and starts chatting up a sexy stranger… little does she know it’s that pesky stepson of hers, jerking off in his bedroom right next door! Instead of confronting the young man, she decides to make the most of a sticky situation and fuck him instead!

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Walking Sister

Scene One: Bathroom BJ

Cory’s doctor prescribed her a new medication to help her get through the night. The medication has some weird side effects, but the doctor made it very clear that no one should ever wake her up on this medication unless she is hurting herself or hurting someone else! Cory’s husband, Luke, decides to explain this situation to Cory’s brother, JMac, who is spending the night at their house. “Whatever you do… DON’T wake her up!!” Luke tells JMac. JMac goes to take a shower, and he is checking himself out in the mirror when he feels something on his cock! He looks down and is surprised to see his sister, Cory, putting his hard cock in her mouth! She continues to give him a blowjob, and all JMac can think about is how he is not allowed to wake his sister up… so he lets her continue! She sucks his cock until he eventually cums in her mouth… “Thank you so much, hunny!” she says, as she gets up and walks away… She must have thought her brother was really her husband! Whoops…

Scene Two: Wrong Bedroom

Cory and her husband are napping in their bed one morning, when Cory gets up to use the bathroom… Her medication is still in effect as she sleepwalks towards the bathroom. After she is done, she walks towards her brother’s bedroom and accidentally gets in to bed with him! She lies down next to him and immediately starts rubbing her hands over his boxer shorts. She slips her red g-string off of her body, and takes JMac’s fingers and starts to rub her clit with them. “I want you inside of me,” she whispers. She jumps up and starts to suck and jerk her brother’s huge cock; then she shoves her pussy in his face, in the 69 position so she can get her pussy eaten while she sucks his cock… All the while, she probably thinks that this is her husband! It doesn’t take long for her to hop on top of him and start to ride his big cock! She fucks her brother for quite some time, until he eventually cums deep inside of her pussy… Cory slowly jumps off the bed to go clean herself up… All while her husband is still napping in the next room!

Scene Three: Living Room Facial

Cory is napping on the living room couch, as her brother JMac comes home from work one afternoon. He sits down next to her, hoping to watch a little TV while she is napping… but unfortunately for him, she is in a daze and half awake! She starts to rub her hands on top of his pants… “oh no, here we go again!” he says. He wants to wake her up, but he is reminded of what her husband said to him… “Don’t wake her up under any circumstances!” is what Luke said. “Are you just as horny as I am?” Cory asks her brother. He doesn’t reply though… he just stares at her, in shock, and lets her do her thing! She pulls his work pants down to the ground, revealing his big, hard cock. She drops to her knees and starts to give him a blowjob. She gets herself all worked up from sucking his cock, that she decides she wants to fuck him as well… she stands up and he kisses her body, before she gets on top of his cock and slowly rides him. The brother-sister duo passionately kiss each other, while Cory continues to ride JMac’s cock. “I wanna get on my knees and beg you for that cum!” she moans. She drops to her knees, just like she said, and patiently waits for her brothers cum. He explodes in her mouth and all over her face…

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