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Family Casual Sex

No makeup, t-shirt and panties, spontaneous fucking. Starts with teasing, some blowjob, and lots of fucking. Ends in a creampie

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Sister and Aunt Shared my big Dick

Family Threesome Porn with two hots Porno Star Sister Jessa Rhodes and Aunt Katrina Jade

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Inside Mommy

I always get a little sad on your birthday. You’re getting so big. I used to hold you in my arms and cuddle you. Now you’re becoming a man and I can’t hold you anymore. I swear I just feel something strange….every year…just on your birthday. It’s almost as if the body remembers the moment you came out of me…that intense release…my swollen breasts all full of milk. I think about the way you used to suckle on them and how proud I felt as a mother. I just want to feel that connection with you again. I want to feel you inside me. I want to feel that release the way I did on the day you were born.

Clip Includes: You’re growing up too fast and your loving mother is feeling you drift away from her. She remembers how you used to make her feel when she held you in her arms. When you sucked the milk out of her swollen tits. You belong to each other. Mom/Son Fetish. Mother and Son fuck. MILF. Tit Job.

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Daddy Gave Me A Magic Necklace

This new boyfriend of my mother’s, who insists to call him “Daddy” even if he is in his early 30’s, is kind of weird. I always liked the guy, I have no idea how my mother made things work between them, he is so handsome… Well, my mother might be hot too, a Milf maybe but I never think about my mother like that, gosh. Because I kinda have a crush for the guy, so I didn’t mind to call him “Daddy” as he wished. This evening that we’re talking about, he came home with a present for me, a good Daddy has to spoil his little bratty princess, don’t you agree? It was a necklace, not an ordinary one, but one that I would later find out that had magic properties. Don’t laugh, it’s 100% real!

The proof: I didn’t know that the item was special somehow, that it would do something to me. It seems that “Daddy” after all had some dirty thoughts, I wasn’t alone, indeed. After I put that necklace I felt how my deepest desires, my best hidden wishes come to surface, modified my behavior while I relaxed, and I did not panic or feel ashamed of what happened after I put on that necklace: the sexual tension between me and my step father simply broke like a huge transparent wall and we started touching each other, unstoppable, insatiable like a Romeo and Juliet where Romeo is Juliet’s Daddy. I had an old curiosity, to see how long his cock is… I happily noticed that it was pretty big (what luck!) and I put it in my mouth in order to do what I’m doing best: DeepThroat BlowJobs! Extremely submissive, I moan in pleasure when the guy pulls my hair. Of course, I give without expecting something in return, but Daddy was so kind that he pounded my pussy until I came for real. In that condition, bewitched and dizzy an orgasm felt like ten times stronger than a normal one. Well….I don’t get fucked by daddy every day, so his cock in my cunt is a big gift. Big, you got me?:)) I made Daddy cum on my beautiful lips while I was stimulating him with my long tongue. Pretty, huh?

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Mommy Always Says Yes

Duncan Saint wants to borrow his fathers car but he hasn’t finished all of his chores. When his father refuses to give him the keys, Duncan asks his new step mom, Alena, knowing that she has a hard time saying no. Unfortunately, his father is there to help Alena and hides the keys so Duncan is not tempted to steal them. Will Duncan find the keys? Will he fuck his step mom’s wet pussy with his giant cock when she catches him in her room?

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Daddy Made Me Cum

My Daddy always makes me do things… nasty things, sexual things! I know it’s wrong, I keep telling him to stop, trying to make him understand that I don’t want it anymore, but he always manages to convince me to do it again, and again! And the worst part is that every time I end up liking it, loving it! Maybe it’s because the whole thing is so dirty and forbidden, so taboo! I’m all “I don’t want it daddy!” and “stop doing this to me daddy!” at first, and of course, he doesn’t listen… he makes me drop down on my knees and shoves that big cock of his into my mouth! Sometimes it’s not even hard and I feel it growing and stiffening in my mouth while I reluctantly suck it! He pushes it deep, down my throat, fucking my mouth until I break and cough, tears in my eyes, but he just laughs at me and pushes harder. And by the time he wants more and tells me to lie down so he can fuck me, I fucking want it too! That big daddy cock fucking my throat, choking me, makes me so wet, just I can’t help it, so I spread my legs and take him inside me, my nipples get hard and I start moaning. He fucks me hard and fast until I start screaming and cumming, so loud that he can’t hold it anymore either and shoots his cum on my belly! Yes, most of the times we cum together, and I feel so guilty afterwards… but I do it again, and again.

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Your Daddy Needs A BlowJob

Daddy is a very special man for me and his importance in my life cannot be denied. I see him as a model, as a Greek God with a gorgeous body and long hair who always so well mannered, but this time I heard a conversation that utterly shocked me! I always wondered how things are going between them, my mom and dad, but never had the courage to ask, I simply supposed it’s a delicate subject. And it surely is! My mother apparently refuses to offer him oral pleasure and he really craves it. I heard them speaking over the phone, he was reproaching that their sexual life is dull and the sex is always the same, that she doesn’t want to suck his cock because she thinks it’s gross and has this prudish attitude like it’s 1870AD! :))

Well, I was attracted to my father since I was a little girl, but never thought I could have a chance with him anyhow. This time he was so disconcerted and generally dissatisfied that my proposal (to suck his dick) didn’t outrage him as much as I thought, and I really convinced him to give me a chance to show to him my skills and my affection. I licked his cock with obvious pleasure, tickled it with my tongue, put it in my mouth, gently, with care and love. He moaned. Then I started to really suck it like the little whore I am! He was amazed and wanted more! So I DeepThoated his cock multiple times and even let him fuck my Tight Throat! He told me that this never happened to him… I thought, obviously, it’s about the DeepThroat, but no, he was saying to me that he never received a blowjob from my mother! When I heard this I really wanted to offer him the best experience of his life. He wanted it rough, pulling my hair and literally shoving his cock into my throat. It was such a pleasure for me to be used by Daddy like this!

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Doctor Visit Turns Explicit

Conor calls in for a doctors home visit. He can’t walk, and he is in a lot of pain. He hangs up the phone, and grabs his cock. If his boner doesn’t go away soon… his dick may explode! Theres a knock on the door, and Conor tells the doctor to come in. Dr. Erica Lauren begins checking on Conor, she checks his temp, and starts asking question. “Where are you having pain?” Conor explains he is having pain in a certain area of the body. Dr. Erica asks, “Is it above the waist, below the waist…What are we talking here?” Conor pulls down the covers and shows Erica his hard cock, and tell her his boner will not go away.
Dr. Erica thinks she can take care of that… And begins to suck Conor’s cock. She works her tongue all around the tip of his cock. Dr. Erica starts removing her dress suit, “I think a little more therapy will help..” She removes her blouse.. “I wasn’t expecting this, but this is great!”, Conor lays back and enjoys himself as Dr.Erica continues to suck his cock. Now in only a matching salmon-colored bra and panty set, Dr. Erica rubs Conors balls and works her mouth all over his dick. Dr. Erica suggests that Conor may need a little “advanced therapy”.. She leans over to the side, and tells Conor to shove his cock right inside of her pussy. He glides in, and fucks Dr. Erica from the side. She gets back on her knees, and sucks his cock gain, before Conor bends her over and fucks her from behind. Dr. Erica moans out as Conor plows her pussy from behind. Conor lays back and relaxes as Dr. Erica gives him more head. She climbs on top and rides him, until Conor flips her over and is on top… He cums all over Dr.Erica’s stomach. It looks like Conor’s issue was resolved.

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Mom’s Protein Diet

Over the last two months my Mom has been perving on a hot blonde milf at the gym named Cory Chase. Mom watches from a distance and writes down every exercise Cory does but the results are never the same. Yesterday Mom works up the courage to ask Cory the secret to ripped muscles and toned skin.

Cory has a weakness for hot blondes herself and breaks it down simply…Young guys cum…To stay strong and healthy, Joslyn must drink cum from a young strong man…”It has something to do with the DNA in the sperm…” said Cory…Mom thanked Cory and hurried home to drink her first dose of young cum.
Later that morning…I am sitting at the kitchen table and mom walks in…She has an odd look on her face…as if she was about to ask to jerk me off and drink my cum…That was exactly what she was thinking…Somehow she convinces me to let her jerk me off and drink my cum..I have never touched a boob and never had a girl touch my dick…She pulled my shorts down and started…This continued for three days until Mom’s hands stopped doing the job…

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Stepson Works With Sex

Super hot MILF Ariella Ferrera gets upset at her stepson who spends a lot of money shopping online. He begs after being confronted and saids that he’ll do anything she saids so he doesn’t get in trouble. Ariella Ferrera shoves Juan’s face into her big tits and pussy before she tit fucks him. He pounds her pussy hard from multiple positions until he gets to cum all over her big tits.

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