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In The Beginning with Mom Previews Video

Scene One: After the Party

Mommy just got home from a party with my dad, and he got SO that he ! Mom came straight to my bedroom with her party shoes in her hand and wine in the other hand, and she starts to tell me how she is so horny! She continues to tell me that she met this really hot MILF at the party who had big, fake tits like my mom does… and when my dad , she started making out with this MILF! I’m not sure why my mom is telling me this, but it’s really starting to turn me on. Mom is wearing a little black dress and now she is spreading her legs right in front of me! She starts to rub her pussy, and I tell her to cover herself up but she is just getting more and more turned on.

She starts to rub my cock over my pants, and then she pulls her tits out from underneath her dress. “If I touch them, will you leave?” I ask her. I grab her tits, but she still won’t leave! She pulls her pussy out and I see that she has a dark bush… She keeps instigating and she just won’t stop! My cock is getting hard even though I know that it shouldn’t be… She pulls my cock out and tells me that she just wants to suck it for a little bit, so I let her. Mommy keeps sucking my cock and jerking it at the same time… she only stops for a moment to pull her dress and her panties off, but then she goes back to sucking me off. She eventually gets me to cum deep in her mouth and she swallows it all…

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Fucking Petite Sister While Mommy is Out

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Blackmailing Stepmom Into Anal

This is now the MOST taboo roleplay video I’ve ever done. It contains VERY rough sex with lots of blackmail; not for the faint of heart. It is also my very first boy/girl anal vid. I was unable to use proper lighting due to the positions so the quality is a bit lower than desired. To compensate for the aforementioned quality issues the price has been slightly reduced.

Please, enjoy! — Your stepmother has been up to some very naughty things while her husband is away on a business trip. You were fumbling through her phone looking for any nudes she might have of herself and discovered she’s having an affair with a coworker! Instead of being a good stepson and keeping it to yourself, you decide on a more rewarding option: use it against her to get a blowjob. Things really get out of hand and not only do you end up fucking your stepmom’s throat, but you double dip in her ass and pussy until you leave her with a giant creampie to squirt out of her loose asshole. She was an anal virgin before you and now she’ll owe you her ass forever… unless of course she wants you to spill the beans… ultimately ruining her marriage to your father.

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Cumming With Mom

Romeo Price has a condition that has left him wheelchair bound, and to make matters worse he things his hot wife Courtney Taylor is cheating on him. He tells his son Jake Adams that he has a plan to catch Courtney in the act of cheating. It starts with Jake spying on Courtney, who is showing off her new bra and thong for Romeo. The outfit hugs her curves from her enhanced boobs to her big ass. As Romeo and Jake planned, Courtney eventually notices Jake and plays to him without saying anything to her husband. As she slides her high heels on, Courtney rubs her pussy beneath her miniskirt to really entice Jake…

When Courtney wheels Romeo into the kitchen, Jake follows behind them where his dad allegedly can’t see. Courtney keeps on acting as seductive as possible, then makes an excuse to step behind Romeo’s wheelchair where Jake already has his hardon out. She does double duty, stroking her stepson off and sucking his dick between her puffy lips as she encourages Romeo in his efforts with drinking some water. Later, Courtney finds Jake in the living room so she parks Romeo’s wheelchair in front of the TV and then goes to the couch to seduce her stepson properly. After another BJ from his bigtit mom, Jake guides his stiffie into her crema filled fuck hole so she can ride him properly. Their coupling gets even hotter when Courtney turns around so she can continue her ride as Jake squeezes that big ass then bangs her doggy style. When she falls onto her back, Jake takes charge and finishes her off before cumming all over her belly. As she enjoys the afterglow, Courtney apologizes to her husband as she points out that she just needed a good fuck.

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Cum Filled Stepdaughter

After Gymnastics practice my daughter is sore. so daddy offers a massage. what she didn’t know was that daddy was gonna massage her with his cock. disgusted she jumps up and ask “What are you doing Daddy?” well with mom gone daddy needs love to and felling bad she gives up her body to him.

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Busty Nurse Dee know how Help her Son

Busty MILF Dee Williams knows how to take good care of her step-son who hurt his cock! She takes it in her mouth and sucks it like only a woman with experience can!

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Aunt Gives You A Special Birthday Surprise

Mom needed to get stretched out for yoga, so I offered her some help.. As I was on top of her, holding her leg to my chest, her tight spandex and beautiful body began to turn me on. She noticed my hard-on and said “looks like you could use some help yourself” Mom pulled my shorts down and took me down her throat. She ran her tongue up and down my shaft and teased my balls.. Watch as I tear her tight leggings exposing her ass and pussy. I shove my dick deep into my mother and fuck her in the backyard before I blow my load into her mature pulsating pussy!

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Aunt Addie is Cooler Than Your Mother

My Aunt Addie decided to check up on me, but on thing lead to another and next thing I know, she’s groping my balls! I had no control over what happened next, my cock grew bigger and she just wanted it in her mouth. Watch me fuck my Aunt deep inside her MILF cunt. She looks so good as she slides her wet pussy all over my big shaft. It’s so hot seeing her throw her head back and moan with pure satisfaction from juicy big cock.. I finally fill my aunt’s pussy up with my cum and make her promise not to tell my parents!

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Mom teaches Son to avoid Cumming too soon!

Mommy is mad at you for not practicing your “stamina”… and by stamina she doesn’t mean endurance running, no, you actually know very well what she is talking about! It’s your sex endurance! She was adamant about it: you have to learn how to delay ejaculation otherwise no girl will even consider you for a long time partner! But you’ve been slacking off and now she insists on you starting practice immediately! She’ll help, of course, she’ll give you a “hand” at first, and if you do well enough she’ll give you the advanced training! Fucking her open mouth, shoving your cock down her throat and, let’s not forget, Mommy’s Pussy needs work too! You’d better not cum to soon, Mommy really hates being let down like that… And now it’s time to show what you can do! Mommy’s waiting!

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Mommy Needs Your Cum

I want Bigger Boobs! I know, I know… everybody tells me mine are quite big, but just look at all my girlfriends! They have HUGE Boobs! I simply need, them to grow bigger! I am not willing to undergo surgery, I want my Tits to be Natural. I asked my doctor about it and he immediately came with an old folk solution! He said I should rub fresh Semen on my Boobies and they will grow Bigger in no time! He even offered his own special Semen right there on the spot, fresh out of his cock! I tried it but it doesn’t seem to work so well… and I think I know why!

I surely need the Semen of someone closer to me, a relative of sorts, so we can match genetically! My Son! He will definitely help his Mommy in need! Oh, sure, he will be reluctant at first, that’s normal, but I have my ways of seducing a man and I certainly know how to make a man Cum! If he’s too shy to Rub One Off in front of his own Mommy, I’ll give him a helping hand… rub it a little, maybe suck it, some DeepThroat might be required but he will be persuaded, I’m sure! And if all else fails, I’ll ask him to put it into my pussy and fuck me… God knows I haven’t had a good fuck in a while, I need it! I’ll make him Cum on my Titties even if I have to Titty-Fuck him all the way to the end! Yes… a good TitJob might do the trick! Oh, here he is right now! “Son! Can you come over here for a minute?”

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