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Robo Slut Aunt

Julia had a spending addiction. She lost her house, car and husband due to her bad habits. The only family member that offered to help her was her loving nephew Jeremy. After several months living with him she still had not found a job. She was spending his money on fur wraps and clothing. Jeremy was at his wits end. When Julia came home from a shopping spree, he gave it to her. She rolled her eyes at him laughing. Julia reached for a smoke when Jeremy said that was not allowed in his home. He put up with enough of her and smoking in his house. It was an insult. Jeremy had arranged for a session with a for her. Julia knew she had to go or he would throw her out. Dr. Steele was the best, she met with them and assured Jeremy all would be fine. Julia was put under in a deep state of meditation. Then Dr.Steele made the mind altering suggestions to her about smoking. She told her the trigger phrase was, “I am in control”. Just as she told her Jeremy was spying and heard. When they returned home Julia went back to her spending. Jeremy wondered if he said the code she would obey him. He said it and Julia stopped in her tracks. He tested by asking her to go change into sexy lingerie for him. She returned wearing garter, stockings, and heels. WOW! It worked like a charm! Now, Jeremy had always loved his Aunt but he was also sexually attracted to her. To see her standing before him helpless and him in control was a huge turn on. She was like a robot all for him. He took advantage of it quickly as he did not know how long it would last. He pulled his cock out and told her to suck it. She dropped to her knees and lapped it up. Jeremy fucked his aunt reverse cowgirl on the couch. He put her on her back and fucked her hard. When he was ready to cum he had her get on her knees and take his cock deep in her throat. He made her swallow the last bit of cum that dribbled out of her mouth. He told her to get into the bedroom. He was young and had not got any pussy for a while so he was ready to fuck her again. He took her to the bedroom where she sucked his cock off until he came in her mouth. Julia sucked like a wild whore. Jeremy then told her to go make his dinner. She obediently did. His plan was to continue the sessions with Dr. Steele to keep his fembot. She would never remember a thing.

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Liberty and Justice – A sister’s sacrifice

Part 1 – Lexx Luther is confronted by the Superheroine sister team Liberty and Justice. He attempts to use use photo-tronic mind-control device but the sisters are prepared with protective goggles. But Luther is able to use another device to put them out

Now Luther experiments on the sisters and finds they have a psychic bond that allows them to feel a small amount of what the other is feeling and also gives them the strength to resist his mental domination device. He forces them to cum over and over, each feeling more and more of the others orgasm on top of their own. They try to resist and get control back but in the end they succumb totally and Luther experimtns a bit more

Part 2 – Liberty and Justice wake up, not knowing how long Luther has had them, they use their now super-powerful bond and give one sister all their combined strength and after a mighty struggle they break free of the shackles
Confronting Luther in his office, Liberty takes the entire stun blast and Justice gets the upper hand on Luther, but, the sisters start feeling oddly weak, and unable to focus. The flowers on Luther’s desk are from Poison Ivy and the smell makes the girls the weak and aroused. Luther traps then in the room and slowly the flowers over power the sisters and they give in to the unthinkable

Part 3 Luther returns and neutralizes the effects of the flowers. the sisters wake up and when Justice insults Luther he uses his mental domination device and commands her on her knees to suck his dick. Once more Liberty sacrifices herself to protect her sister from being shamed she willingly kneels to suck the villains cock. Justice is commanded to be turned on by what is happening and goes back and forth from aroused to disgusted. Luther then uses the device and the sisters are mindless cock sucking slaves. Luther fills Liberty’s mouth

Part 4 – Now Luther is going to use the sisters as sex slaves, starting with Liberty, but Justice feels every thrust and the sisters are made to orgasm and are switched back and forth from aware but helpless to resist, to mindless and obedient. Luther makes the sisters even use the device on each other and finally he cums inside Liberty and then puts both sisters out

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My Sisters Fucked Me!!!

These Triplets know how to push each other’s buttons!!!! When Sister’s Ashley & Summer are on their way out to a Club to meet up with their boyfriends…….and Ashley’s car won’t start….they have no choice but to go to their Brother Lucas for help. The girls ask their Brother Lucas to borrow his car….but he turns them down….saying that he needs it. The girls, however, won’t take no for an answer….as they are desperate to get to the Club. The two Sisters offer to give their Brother a Handjob….in exchange for use of his car. Lucas turns his Sisters down….telling them “Why would I want to be Jerked-Off by my Sisters…..”> After consulting with each other…the girls decide to up the offer to a Blowjob…..but Lucas has the same response. The desperate Sisters huddle one more time to discuss strategy….and ultimately tell their Brother Lucas that if he will let them take his car….each Sister will Fuck him!!! NOW Lucas is interested!!!! The two Sisters reluctantly get naked….and proceed to let their Brother have his way with them!! The two Sisters suck their Brother’s cock to get it hard…and then Summer goes first….she straddles her Brother and rides up and down on his cock….while Ashley sits on her Brother’s face….while he eagerly licks her Pussy and asshole. After he has Fucked his Sister, Summer….Lucas begins to Fuck his Sister Ashley. Lucas Pounds Ashley VERY hard…..and as he Fucks Ashley….he tells his Sisters that the deal is not complete until he cums in somebody’s mouth!! The girls play a game of Rock/Paper/Scissors (while Ashley is being Pounded) to decide which Sister must take a mouthful of their Brother’s semen. Ashley loses….and grudgingly lets Lucas ejaculate in her mouth. The girls…..Fucked….and cummed on…are now free to go visit their boyfriends at the Club.

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Taboo Game Night With Brother and Sisters

The cable is out at the Sullivan household, and Triplets Ashley, Summer & Lucas are left with nothing to do. Lucas, however, has a VERY mischievous idea…..He invites his two Sisters to play a new Board Game he got at Costco. It’s called “Taboo”. Ashley & Summer agree to play the Game…but what they don’t know is….Lucas has replaced all the original Game Cards….with cards that support his own twisted agenda…to have sex with his two Sisters!!!! The Girls are very competitive….according to Ashley….” I NEVER lose at board Games……” so despite the fact that the Game seems….”Odd….” the girls keep playing because they want to win!! Summer goes first and the card she draws says “Lick the Pussy of the player to your left”. Both Sisters are stunned of course…and they question Lucas about the “weirdness” of the Game…but their desire to win is too strong….so Ashley pulls down her pants….and Summer goes down on her….while Lucas watches with a sly grin on his face!! After Ashley actually cums from her Sister’s tongue…she puts her pants back on…and it’s her turn to roll the dice. Ashley’s card says “Suck the cock of the player to your left…”. Lucas, of course is to Ashley’s left….and Ashley is faced with a predicament…..suck her Brother’s cock…or lose the Game. Her competitive streak is too strong…Ashley pulls down her Brother’s pants and begins to suck. To her horror, however….Lucas cums in her mouth without warning!!! Ashley is disgusted by the sticky surprise….but the Game continues!! Lucas rolls the dice…and right on cue….he gets the “Mega Fuckfest Card”…which he explains to his Sisters….”It means I have to Fuck everybody at the table…but I lose the Game”. The Sisters high five each other….HOORAY!!! Lucas loses!!! That means they win!! The girls remove their clothes and let their Brother Poke both of them….culminating with a Cumblast that soaks the tits of both Sisters!! The girls clean their sticky bodies….and leave. Lucas scrambles to put the proper cards back in the Game box before Mom gets home. With a big smile on his face……

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Little Sister Gets airtight

Last night Vixxen had seen her Littler Sister sucking their Dad’s cock and decided to confront her about it. At first the Little slut denied it until Vixxen showed her a pic of that depraved act! Jessie told her big Sister that she was just jealous because Daddy likes her more! Vixxen grabs her Little brat of a Sister and throws her on the ground and telling her what her punishment should be. Since Mom is not around anymore her big Sister has to be the enforcer which is a role Vixxen enjoys very much. She begins by slapping her and pulling her ponytails. Then it’s on to her spanking. Vixxen then forces her to lick her pussy which Jessie does not want to do. Vixxen says since Dad did not fuck you last night, I will. She puts on her strap-on and makes her gag on it. Then fucks her in a few different positions making Jessie say that she like her Sister fucking her more then sucking Dad’s cock. Just as Jessie was having yet another orgasm, their Dad walks in. Vixxen tells her Dad what she saw last night and if he was going to treat Jessie like a slut then so would she. She tells him to get his cock out and start gagging his younger Daughter with it. Jessie is in heaven. Her Dad’s cock down her throat and her big Sisters strap-on in her tight cunt! When Daddy’s is ready he unleashes his warm load into her awaiting mouth! She finally feels like an important part of the family.

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My Uncle Made Me Do It

Dear Diary
I’m finally going to spend a weekend with Aunt Caramel and my uncle just like sisy did last year. I really think it will be great to get away a bit and my sister seemed to have had an awesome time. I think this will be my best vacation ever.
Dear Diary
You’re not going to believe this, the other night my uncle came in my room and started talking to me then things got weird. He started touching my leg and I started getting slightly aroused so I asked him to stop. He started playing with my tits next and before I knew it I was naked and sucking my uncles cock.
His skillful tongue made me cum hard in a hot 69 and my inhibitions were no more. We made love with wild abandon and I rode him pretty hard. I lost track of how many times I came until my uncle did the unthinkable and came inside me. I was so freaked out it ruined the mood for the night but I’ll be back. I’m really glad my uncle made me do it.

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Father watching his daughter get fucked by BBC!

The shit nearly hits the fan when Brooklyn Rose’s father gets THE phone call of all phone calls. A nosy neighbor has called Mr.Rose informing him that his daughter has been seen associating with a black guy. Isiah and Brooklyn are headed back to her place where they think they’ll have complete privacy. Wrong. Mr.Rose walks in on his daughter sucking Isiah’s big black cock in their kitchen. You see, ever since he caught her sister with a black guy he’s been addicted to interracial porn. Mr.Rose turns into Mr.Creepy by having a front row seat to his adult daughter getting down and dirty with black cock. Isiah’s meaty member slithers its way into her pussy as her daddy watches. In fact, he yanks his cock out and goes to town like it’s going out of style. And the old fuck cheers her on. Wow! There isn’t much more to say except this: We’ve taken interracial porn up to the next level.

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Taboo Stories, Corrupting Cousin Jessica

Cousin Jessica came to visit. Rachel and Brycen had to hold off on their sexual relationship while she was there. Jessica would definately expose Rachel to the rest of the family and that would mean Rachel and Brycen would be cut out of the family Trust. Brycen’s lust for his mother was uncontrollable and Rachel was in her sexual prime. Brycen lasted one day before he was sneaking kisses and copping feels with Jessica in the next room. She saw them kissing from upstairs but they heard her and acted innocent. Rachel became more relaxed with her there and let her guard down. She gave in one evening when Brycen came into her room. She wanted to send him back to his room but ended up naked with him licking her pussy. After an excellent tongue lashing Rachel takes his cock deep into her mouth. She blows him until they are ready to fuck. As he is fucking his mother from behind she reminds him to not try to slip that condom off like the time he got her pregnant. Brycen had just that in mind. When he was close to cumming he pulled out and whipped the condom off and threw it over his shoulder. He shoved back into her and shot his load. They collapsed afterward. Brycen did not intend to fall asleep but he did. The next morning Jessica wandered into Rachel’s room. Right before she walked up to her bed she stepped on a used condom. Brycen and Rachel quickly provided a questionable excuse. Jessica saw many odd situations that Rachel and Brycen gave excuses for, it was all adding up in her head. One sunny afternoon Jessica was alone and looked for a book to read, she found Rachel’s diary. The stories were about Rachel and her son! They were erotic and sexual in nature. They were stories about the years of the two of them and their love making, even a pregnancy. Jessica confronted Rachel with the diary and told her she would need to tell the family. Rachel needed to stop her. Brycen was her only tool. Rachel and Brycen devised a plan to have Brycen seduce Jessica. Rachel would take some pictures and then she would be blackmailed into keeping her mouth shut. The plan worked, Brycen made an excuse to bunk with Jessica and turned over the charm. Jessica had not been laid in a while and Brycen was able to seduce her. He slid her nightgown down as he kissed her. Her panties came off next and he fingered her pussy. Pretty soon the were naked and Jessica was sucking his cock. He grinned as he watched the older woman suck him. Brycen slid down and licked Jessica’s pussy. She made him promise not to tell Rachel as he went down on her. Brycen started fucking the daylights out of her. She was so absorbed by the fucking that she did not see Rachel watching from the doorway. She barely noticed when the lights came on. But she heard the camera shutter when Rachel started taking pictures. He held her down and kept fucking her. Jessica knew that she was screwed. She figured since she was already screwed she might as well enjoy it. He slid back into her and resumed his fucking. Rachel dropped the robe and joined in. Brycen put her on her hands and knees and had her lick Rachel’s pussy while he fucked her from behind. They all sucked and fucked until Brycen exploded on their faces.

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Mother Forced her Son to fuck her and her Daughter

Brycen is picking on his sister Hayden again… Mom has to break up the fighting… As punishment Mom makes her son lick his sister then lick her.. Since he does a good job she will let him fuck his sister then blow his load all over her tits.

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Timestopped By Uncle! Dakota Skye

Dakota Skye, Jenna, Brock and Eric – Dakota and her friend Jenna are hanging out when Dakota’s Uncle Rico and friend come in, they sit down on the couch with the girls and start to get really close with them, touching their legs and inviting them out to go drinking with them. The girls don’t like this, and try to leave, but Uncle Rico activates his timestop watch, freezing them in time. They start to mess with the girls, and strip them, then they lay them down to fuck them. Rico slides his cock into Dakota’s pussy and fucks her tight little hole while Eric fucks her friend Jenna. The two older men fuck the girls till cum, then leave them posed on the couch. *Explicit Sexual Content

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