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When I was growing up my mom had a close friend we all called Auntie Bella. I got in a bit of trouble and mom sent me to live with her and Uncle Steve while I went back to school. When I arrived Auntie Bella laid down some ground rules including keep my hands off Uncle Steve (apparently she heard I had a thing for older men). Auntie Bella had to go to work for a bit and left me alone with Uncle Steve and that’s when the fun began.

I convinced Uncle Steve to let me watch one of my favorite shows and then teased him by showing him I had the same lingerie as one of the girls. The sight of my 19 yr old body got Uncle Steve hard as a rock and he couldn’t say no to my lips on it. Uncle Steve fingerfucked me while I sucked his cock but I needed more. I sat on his lap and rode his cock hard til he made me cum a few times. Uncle Steve bent me over the couch and fucked me hard til he came deep inside me. When I realized what he did, I freaked out cuz I’m not on the pill.

A few days later Auntie Bella left for the whole day and Uncle Steve came home early. I called him into my room and sucked his hard cock then begged him to fuck my tight little pussy. He fucked me for quite awhile and suddenly I noticed Auntie Bella watching us. All I could do was grin and moan as her husbands cock pounded my pussy. Auntie Bella left without saying a word and Uncle Steve cluelessly fucked me until he came in my pussy again.

A few days later I came home from a party and crashed pretty hard. Next thing I knew Auntie Bella had me bound to a bench and was wearing a huge strap-on. She confronted me about fucking Uncle Steve then began fucking me with her strap-on for punishment. As odd as it seems Auntie Bella pulling me hair and fucking me got me really hot. She fucked me so hard I came all over the place which I think frustrated her a bit so she left me tied up awhile.

Now here it is 6 months later and I’m pregnant with Uncle Steve’s baby. I’m living here permanently now and really enjoying the fuckings I get on a regular basis


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Rachel has been sucking off the young men in her neighborhood. One afternoon a young man who she had been with once, came back for more. Rachel told him she was married and was not doing that anymore. He insisted she not only blow him but she get her daughter to do it with her. Rachel told him no. He threatened her with some pictures he had. Rachel lived very comfy now with her new husband and her daughter was so happy to be out of the trashy house they lived in before Rachel married this rich man. Rachel started sucking his cock. He told her to go get her daughter. Rachel brought Jessica in to the room, she was only 18. Rachel did not want her to have to do this but explained to her they would lose everything. Jessica did what her mom asked. Rachel opened her blouse and climbed up on the couch smothering him with her tits. Jessica on her knees sucked and jerked him. The two women licked the sides of his cock together paying close attention to the head. Jessica pulled her DDD tits out for him to play with. They jerked him off in to Jessica’s mouth. Rachel told her to swallow it and she did. Rachel saw the look of disgust on Jessica’s face as she swallowed so she told her to give it to her in a kiss. Jessica transferred the cum left in her mouth to Rachel. They told him they were even, he laughed and said maybe.

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Tony is hanging out at home when his brother Joe shows up to hang out. Tony has just ordered an escort and is telling Joe about it. Joe wants to hang out and join the fun so they wait for her together. When the escort shows up, Tony is in shock to see that it is his daughter. He tells her that she must leave, but she tells him that if she goes without the money her pimp will beat her. She decides that maybe she can give them a little show so they feel like they got something for their money. She starts to do a little dance for her Dad and Uncle. She shows them her breasts and lets them touch them. Then she touches their cocks and asks them to remove their pants. Now she is sucking their cocks, one at a time. Dad and Uncle Joe are completely turned on at this point and as she sucks her Uncle’s cock, Dad starts to fuck her from behind. They take turns fucking and getting their cocks sucked until Uncle Joe shoots his load in Veronica’s mouth. She swallows every last drop. Now it is Dad’s turn. He gets her doggy style again and she tells him to cum on her ass, but he is so turned on that he cums inside of his daughter! Dad and Uncle Joe are exhausted and lie down to take a nap as Veronica gets her stuff together to leave.

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When Johnny Sins finds his step sister Daisy Summers flirting with his friend Jason, he tries to warn her that Jason just wants her for her tight teen body. But when she insists that all she’s looking for is a taste of some nice big dick, Johnny does the only thing he can to protect her from his horny friends and whips out his fat cock! As soon as she sees that massive member, she strips down and starts stroking, licking, and sucking it. After sucking that fat cock for a while, she starts fucking it just to see if it’ll fit in her wet teen pussy.

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