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Older Sister Teaches Younger Sister

Kelsie has been a daddy’s girl for years. She is moving out to attend college. Kimmy is upset that her big sister is leaving her. Their stepmother Rachel is a bitch and Kimmy is afraid once Kelsie is gone she will take over. Kelsie explains to Kimmy all she has to do is keep their dad happy. Kimmy does not understand. Kelsie takes her to their dad’s room and shows her what to do. Dad is always lonely because his wife is gone shopping all the time and ignores him sexually. Kelsie learned this early and realized she could satisfy he father sexually and have whatever she wanted. Kimmy was a bit reluctant at first but knew she wanted her dad’s attention. She stroked his cock and sucked it. Dad loved that his other daughter was going to do this for him. Kelsie sat on the bed masturbating, coaching her little sister. Dad bent his girl over and slid his cock deep in her tight little pussy. Kimmy gave out a moan, she moaned for him to fuck her. Kelsie watched, biting her lip, hoping all went well. Dad flipped Kimmy over and fucked her missionary. Then Kimmy sucked his cock until he was ready to cum. Dad pulled it out and sprayed his load all over her sweet little face. Kimmy loved her father and knew she would be fine without her sister there.


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Sharing My Son

Rachel’s sister, Keri, called and told her that her husband filed for divorce. Keri being a housewife all their marriage had nowhere to turn. Rachel insisted Keri move in with her and her son Brent until the divorce was final. Keri arrived upset and distraught. It was late. Rachel sat her down and consoled her for a few minutes. Brent felt sorry for his Aunt. Rachel turned in for the night leaving the two of them alone. Brent and Rachel had a sexual relationship. Brent was used to it and did not think it was wrong. He began to rub his aunt’s leg, telling her he could make he feel better. Keri was a bit reluctant at his advances, but also turned on. He was all grown up now and quite handsome. Keri was not used to the attention and certainly did not feel attractive to such a young man. Brent made his move and Keri gave in. She pulled her panties to the side and got on top of him riding his cock. It felt so good to her. He came in her and she went off to Rachel’s room to sleep. Brent knew he could have both his mother and his aunt now. He waited until morning when he had the biggest hard on and crawled in bed with them. Rachel woke and whispered to him to get out; she did not want her sister to know about their relationship. Keri woke up smiling. Rachel looked at them and asked what was up. They just grinned at her. Keri confessed how Brent made her feel the night before. Rachel smiled and knew it was OK with her sister. They both cuddled up close to him and licked his cock side by side. Rachel told her son to fuck her in front of Keri. He took his mother from behind. Keri sucked Rachel’s nipples. Rachel told her son to fuck his aunt, he took her from behind. Keri came fast. Brent fingered his mother and they kissed. Rachel came hard. Now it was his turn. They sucked and jerked his hard young cock until he came over their waiting faces. Keri was ready for her divorce and Rachel and her son were happy to have another family member with them.

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Famille Sans Tabou Italian

Real Italian Incest Movie!

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Chrissy – Daddy, Can I Make a Baby Today?

Hal lets his brother have a go on his daughter, Chrissy. Once her uncle’s done, Chrissy lets her daddy dump a dirty load up her cunt!!!

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Slut Sisters

Kelsie and her sister Kimmy had been little sluts for years. They had been fucking their dad to get what they wanted. Their big brother was home from school and they noticed how he had filled out. They had not had sex with dad for days, trying to hide their secret. Both of them were horny and decided to see if they could coerce their brother into some action. They called him to their room. He told them it was bed time. The girls asked him to sit. They started touching him. Kelsie brushed her hand over his cock. He pushed it away. She laughed. Kimmy got close to him and ran her finger up his leg. He looked at them in shock. They told him about what they did with dad. He did not know what to say. Before he knew it they pulled his clothes off and began sucking his cock. Joshua was in shock but as a young horny man he did not stop them. After a while Kelsie got up and said she had a surprise. She returned with her father. Joshua and his father lay next to each other while the girls sucked and fucked them. Dad fucked both of them and came all over Kelsie’s face. Kimmy and Kelsie then finished off their brother.


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Dahlia Sky – Kinky Wedding Day

After Randy (Alec Knight) lectures his promiscuous niece (Dahlia Sky) about the importance of celibacy, he begins to rethink his values ​​when he finds himself falling for her seduction and balls deep in her tight ass.

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Nephew to the Rescue Incest

Rachel had been widowed for years. She had a huge farm to keep up and it was just too much for her. She called her sister for help. Kevin her nephew, came to Rachel to help her. He had not seen her in years. Kevin arrived and was shocked at how stunningly beautiful his aunt was. Rachel showed Kevin around the farm and he went to work fixing the barn. He had been having sexual thoughts about her. Rachel was so happy to have him there, she was very lonely and had not realized how nice it was to have a man around again. One afternoon Kevin saw Rachel crying on her bed. Rachel was missing her husband and Kevin’s presence reminded her of him. Kevin entered her room and asked her what was wrong. Rachel tried to wipe away her tears and act like everything was alright but it came out how lonely she had been. Kevin knew she was venerable and began to console his hot lonely aunt. Rachel was reluctant when he made his move. She fell into his arms and could not resist. Before she knew it, he was removing her clothes and kissing her. Rachel’s passion got the best of her and she went for it. He was a grown man so she let it happen. His cock was huge and fully erect. Rachel eagerly sucked her young nephew until she was soaking wet. Kevin straddled her and tit fucked his horny aunt. Rachel sucked the head of his cock as it slid in between her voluptuous breasts. He came hard as Rachel opened her mouth to catch all of his hot load. They both smiled. Kevin asked Rachel if there was anything else she needed fixed.

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Children rape they mother!

Rachel is a devout Christian and a pillar of the community. She dresses modestly and is strict with her son and daughter. Lately they have been rebelling against her. Chris has started dressing like a goth and mocking her. Rachel is afraid Kelsie will follow in her older brother’s footsteps. She decides it’s time for The Talk. Having approached them in the living room, Rachel lectures them on their bad behavior. She is particularly concerned about their casual attitude to sex; she warns them against the sin of masturbation and promiscuity. Chris and Kelsie endure their mother’s preaching as best they can. Rachel finishes by telling them to read their bibles in preparation for a test later in the day. She then excuses herself and goes to her room for her afternoon nap. With their mother out the way, Chris puts on a porno movie to spite her. Kelsie is unsure about watching it. She knows their mother would disapprove. Chris does not care. He talks his sister into giving it a chance and she is soon turned on. He convinces her to change into something sexier. Kelsie complies and dons a PVC skirt and a see-through top. Chris is impressed. Kelsie feels excited and liberated in her new outfit. She has discovered that it is fun to defy her mother. She wants to take her rebellion further by giving her brother a blowjob. Chris happily takes out his cock and Kelsie sucks him off. Suddenly, they both get an urge to shock their stuffy mom. Chris calls out to her. Rachel stirs from her nap and enters wearing a long red nightie under a black gown. Before she can ask Chris what he wants, she sees the porno movie playing on the T.V. She shrieks and storms towards her son and daughter, demanding an explanation. As she comes closer she sees what Keslie is doing is doing to her brother. This is too much for Rachel. She becomes hysterical and runs to her room. Chris and Kelsie laugh then grab some sex toys and head after her. They are determined to turn her prissy world upside down. Rachel is sobbing on her bed when they enter. She barely has a chance to say anything before Chris grabs her arm and cuffs it to the headboard. Rachel begs them to stop. She tells them it is not too late to repent of their crazy actions. Chris and Kelsie are not listening. They get onto the bed with their mother. Chris lifts Kelsie’s top to show Rachel her daughter’s pretty breasts. Rachel groans and covers her face. The siblings close in on her. They rip her gown and nightie down to her waist, exposing her beautiful big breasts. Rachel looks on helplessly as Kelsie gives her brother another blowjob; she nearly wretches. She attempts to tell them how depraved they are, but Chris leaps up and shoves his cock in her mouth. Rachel tries to pull away. Kelsie grabs her head and makes her give him a thorough sucking. They then uncuff her and force her on to her knees. Rachel pleads with them in vain. Chris tears off her panties and makes her suck his cock again while Kelsie puts on a big strap-on and slides it into her pussy. Rachel is fucked hard from both ends until Chris cums on her face. Afterwards, she is lying exhausted on the bed. Her son and daughter continue to taunt her. Rachel wipes her mouth and holds herself together. She is going to have them reading their bibles until their heads spin!

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Mom, I Want to be Like You!

Rachel is a single mom and knows how to use men to get what she needs and wants. Her daughter Kelsie is a studious type and very nerdy. She looks at her mom and sees all the men she dates. She sees all the expensive gifts Rachel gets and becomes more depressed. Kelsie heard her mom come in late and peeked in the kitchen. She saw her mom sucking off a 22 year old. Kelsie began to think. If she could be like her, she would be popular and have a lot of nice things. But how? After a date Rachel sat with Kelsie and her son Anthony to show off the ring she got. That was the final straw; Kelsie snapped and told her mom she wanted to be like her. Rachel calmly explained that she would never be quite like her since she is her own person. She got angry as Rachel belittled her and her brother laughed at her. He sneered she could never be as hot as their mom. Rachel even had the attention from her own son. He knew she was a bomb shell and encouraged her to use it as long as she can. Rachel kissed her on the forehead and said good night. Anthony poked fun at Kelsie again. Later that night, Kelsie woke up and snuck into Rachel’s closet to find the sexiest slut dress she could. She put it on and a pair of black lacy thigh high stockings. Kelsie wobbled out of her room in high heels. She put on heavy makeup and headed to her brother’s room. Kelsie was determined to prove to him she could be just like mom. Anthony lay sound asleep. She moved the covers and started to play with his cock. She saw her mom do it so she knew how. As she started to suck it he woke up. He was shocked to see her dressed and sucking him. Kelsie smiled and told him she wanted to do it with him. Anthony a horny young stud of course agreed under a condition, he would tell her what and how to do what men like. She agreed. Kelsie sucked and stroked him. Anthony told her it was time for fucking, she got on all fours and he slid his cock into her pussy. She loved being a slut just like mom. He fucked her in several positions then he made her suck his cock before her came all over her face. She liked everything but the facial, she thought it was nasty. Anthony laughed and told her mom loves facials! Kelsie was still not quite like Rachel but very close.

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My Stepmom The Control Freak

Stella Cox’s new step mom Leigh Darby has some serious control issues, and it’s starting to drive her nuts. She can’t even masturbate in peace without her stepmom popping in to show her how it’s really done! So it was no great surprise when Leigh decided to join in on the action when Stella was hooking up with her boyfriend Danny. Stella proved herself to be a great student, quickly grasping the lessons Leigh was giving her about how to give blowjobs, titty fuck, and taking huge cocks deep in her tight pussy. Eventually, Danny fired off a huge cumshot all over those busty sluts faces and big tits!

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