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Misti Taboo Geek Sex

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I Know You’re My Cousin

Dearest Paricia
Later that week I invited my cousin Ted over to make sure I got enough seed to make me pregnant. Ted has always had a crush on me so it was easy to get him to have sex with me. He was so excited to fuck me his cock was hard before his pants came off.
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Love Vanessa

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Hot Tubbing With Uncle Miles

Loni is visiting her cousin Willow and uncle Miles, they are about to go get into the hot tub, when Willow pulls her aside, she tells her that she has been seeing someone, someone who fucks her brains out, and it’s her dad. Loni is a little taken aback by this, she admits he is hot, but it seems a little weird. Willow tells her that if she’d like to have some fun, she’s willing to share her daddy. Loni tells her that she isn’t sure, and will watch from the window and decide from there.
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Forcing Grandma To Fuck Her Grandson

Home Invasion”Granny Loves Pie, Especially Her Grandson’s Cream Pie” Sally D’angelo and her Grandson are having a nice quiet visit (Sally’s husband & Grandfather) had just passed away recently , and the grandson is just making sure all is well and if there is anything she needs to have done etc , when all of the sudden there is a knock at the door and things turn ugly quickly , an armed intruder has shown up to loot Sally knowing she’s alone now, but there is no money or jewels to be found, so he decides to play an evil game for his entertainment, he’s decided to make the grandson FUCK granny , makes her do a strip, suck his young virgin cock, and then fuck the young guy until he explodes in her pussy, all while he torments, laughs and films them ….but the prank just might be,….. maybe they have always wanted to fuck each other? maybe they get so involved they forget there is an intruder? ” Granny loves pie ,especially her grandson’s cream pie”

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Filling grandma full of cock

Sally D’angelo’s Grandson comes by for the weekend, just before he gets out of bed he decides rub one out real quick. Unfortunately, he bends his dick and yells out loud enough for Grandma to hear it. She investigates (like a good attentive grandma should) and finds him in quite a predicament. Of course she offers her wisdom and experience on how to clear up the problem, one thing leads to another and grandson and grandma are in a HOT FUCK session. So hot that the grandson cums on Grandma twice, he said he’s always wanted to fuck her , so it looks like he will be visiting often.

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Give It To Me Grandpa

Dear Diary,
After the first time with Grandpa I decided to sweeten the pot and seal the deal even further. I went into his room later that night and we started messing around again. Grandpa made me cum with my hitachi a few times then he went down on me.
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Chelcee Clifton fucked by Uncle Matt

Chelcee Clifton has just turned 18 and comes over to see her old “Uncle Matt”. He hasn’t seen her since she has grown into a full developed young lady. He also doesn’t understand why she is wearing such a skimpy little school girl outfit. She confesses that her old uncle has always made her “tingly down there” and now that she is old enough she wants his old cock. She wastes no time in getting his cock hard and showing how cute she looks sucking cock. After taking his cock cock in her tight young pussy and making him blow his sperm all over fertile cunt she wants more. She hops on and rides his cock before he finishes off pounding her doggystyle. Everyone should have a naughty niece like Chelcee!

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