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My mom and dad have been looking forward to their costume party for Halloween since September. I like using their bathroom when they are on dates or out of the house, so when I came out of their bathroom to see my mom sitting on the bed…sad and disillusioned, I needed to find out what was wrong. She was reluctant at first but eventually told me she saw my dad making out with a guy at the party.

She asks me if she thinks that SHE turned him gay? No, my mom is SO fucking hot, especially dressed up like a slutty witch. I can’t stop staring at her tits. She is perfect. I tell her she is beautiful and if anyone could turn a gay man straight, it’s her.

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When Nina Kayy and her man get home after a night out on the town, they overhear her stepson telling someone on the phone that he does not like dancing. Ninas man gives her the idea of teaching her stepson some of the moves they learned earlier that night, and Nina is all about it. She heads upstairs to give her stepson some family dance lessons.
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I walk in to my room to find my step brother laying on my bed, he tells me that he has seen all my naughty videos. Which i denied to him. He then shows me, my naughty pictures of me from videos i have done, which i then ask why does he have them on his phone. He then says he wants me to be naughty with him, exactly like i am on my videos, which i said no it would be totally wrong as he is my step brother. He then blackmails me in to doing it, else if i don’t he will tell mum and dad everything.

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It’s a nice sunny day outside as fitness milf Mandy is catching some rays and lounging around, sipping on her mixed drink and puffing on her mixed drink. Then all of a sudden she catches a glimpse of her son Conor jerking off while staring at her through the window. Mandy quickly gets up as Conor rushes to the living room, hoping to pretend like nothing happened.
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Daughter Slut-Shaming

SCENE OPENS on a vestibule in the early hours of the morning, where 18-year-old teen Veronica (Emily Willis) is trying not to make any noise as she sneaks through the door. After a night of partying, evident by her slightly disheveled look and party clothes, the teen is being careful not to wake her dad. She holds her heels in her hands to make less noise, and starts tiptoeing into the hallway. She makes her way into the kitchen, where she grabs some headache pills for her already developing hangover. Rounding the corner, she’s shocked to see her stepfather Hugo (Steve Holmes), holding a cup of coffee. He has a stern look on his face and a rigid posture. Veronica is embarrassed to have gotten caught but tries to play things cool — ‘hi daddy,’ she says sweetly, ‘uhh, how long have you been up?’ He says long enough to see that she didn’t sleep in her bed last night. She tells him that she was studying at a friend’s house and slept over. Skeptical, he picks up the bottle of pills, saying that apparently math gives her a headache. Veronica sticks to her story, but Hugo isn’t having it, and slams the pill bottle onto the counter angrily as he demands to know what’s going on. Reluctantly, Veronica admits that she was out late at a party. Uncomfortably, clearly not eager to say what she has to say next, she says that she needs a ride to the pharmacy.

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