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Innocently watering my plants when a masked Son breaks in ties me up and feeds me his cock then pounds me hard over the couch. Huge load to the face

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Schoolgirl gets caught by stepdad

She was trying to get out of the house through her window but in her outrageous heels she just couldn’t manage and got herself stuck. just in time for her stepdad to walk in and check on her…..but she knows what will keep him quiet……

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She tells him he can have sex with her pussy if he will help her out, but “don’t cum in my pussy” she says. but, of course he does cum in her pussy.

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Dumped My Latina Sister Again

Kylie Page can’t believe it, but she’s been dumped again! She can’t understand why the boys keep leaving her high and dry, so she turns to the one man she knows won’t lie to her: her stepbrother. Approaching Tony wearing just a bra and underwear, Kylie asks if he can tell her what’s wrong with her body. Tony offers to give an unbiased opinion, but first he must feel Kylie’s breasts and ass so he can give the best assessment possible.
Finding herself unbelievably turned on by her stepbrother’s hands on her body, Kyle lays eyes on Tony’s erection and realizes that he feels the magnetic pull, too. She pulls out his hard dick, opening her mouth to wrap her puffy lips around Tony’s dick. After she’s done lapping at him like her favorite lollypop, Kylie peels off her underwear and climbs into bed on her hands and knees so Tony can make sure there’s nothing wrong with her pussy. He slides his fingers inside and pronounces her okay, leaving Kylie naked and horny with a hard dick right there to satisfy her needs.

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Daddy is welcomed home after a long day at work by his beautiful daughter….

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Leaning to Respect My New Mommy

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Dad Aggressively Fucks His Daughter Each Night

SCENE OPENS on an over-the-shoulder tracking shot of Lucy, a 19-year-old teen, as she reads aloud from a Spanish book, talking to her friend Emma through a closed bathroom door. When Emma doesn’t respond, she gets anxious and checks on her, seeing she’s not there. She must’ve left the bathroom using the other door. We follow her in an extended tracking shot as she heads out into the hall and starts looking for her friend – first in the nearby bathroom where Emma was supposed to be, then when she finds it to be empty, she searches the various rooms of her house. She moves at a fast, worried pace, and quickens even more as she gets more and more panicked with each empty room she finds. Every so often, she calls out Emma’s name with increasing panic and volume in her voice.

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How to Fuck Your Daughter

Scene One: Silence

Alex is so behind on her school reading, so she snuggles into bed and opens her book. Her father walks into her bedroom and without a word pins her to the bed. “Daddy what are you doing?” Alex asks over and over, her terror growing as her fathers strong hands tighten around her. Holding her arms he lifts up her shirt and sucks on her perky nipples. Alex is on the verge of tears, her heart racing as she’s stripped naked. Why is this happening! She thinks as her father’s big cock roughly pushes inside her tight little pussy. Screaming and moaning she holds on tight to the bed as her father has his way with her. He’s like an attacking her, using her until he grunts and cums inside of her. Silently he gets up and leaves her to curl back up into her bed and cry.

Scene Two:After Shower

Alone in the house Alex decides to take a nice hot shower. Trying to forget yesterday she stands naked in front of the mirror fixing her hair. Suddenly she hears a noise and wonders if there’s anyone else in the house. She wraps herself in a towel to hide her naked body as her father walks into the bathroom. He stands so close to her that she can feel his hot breath on her neck. If only she could get around him, but he pulls the towel off her and gropes her young perky tits. He turns her around, pressing her tight ass against his cock, and holds her arms behind her back. His free hand slides down her body and touches her most sensitive pussy. She gasps and cries in frustration, forced to touch his cock and spread her legs for a daddy fuck that she will never forget. Her skin pressed against the cold sink and her dad’s hot dick ramming into her until she’s filled with his disgusting cum.

Scene Three:It’s painful daddy.

Alex has been trying to avoid her dad for the past few days. With the house quiet she sits in the kitchen to finally read her book for school. Her dad walks into the kitchen seemingly out of no where and rubs her shoulders as she reads. She tries to ignore him as he pulls up her shirt and takes off her bra. If she just keeps reading maybe he’ll go away. Slowly and forcefully he pulls her head down to his cock, fucking her cute little mouth. Her mouth is hot and humiliating but it’s really her tight wet pussy that he wants. He slides down her tight panties and bends her over the counter. “Daddy” She pleads with him as he fucks her rough and makes her moan in pain and pleasure. Just when she thinks she can’t take anymore of him, he tells her to get to the floor. She doesn’t understand why until his load of cum shoots all over her face, humiliating her and making her feel so dirty and slutty. He leaves her to whimper as cum drips off her face.

Scene Four:First time with daughter

Alex’s sister Kadence is unaware of what’s been happening around the house. Unaware of dad’s deviant sex with his daughter, his unsatisfied lust for control. Kadence slips into bed unaware of what’s about to happen to her. She sleeps so peacefully as the covers are pulled off her young body. She doesn’t even wake up as her shorts are slipped off her perfect hips. But when I rub her pussy she wakes, her eyes wide with shock. I put a hand over her mouth and get on top of her. My big cock pressing into her and splitting her open. Her hot pussy so welcoming as I fuck her. She tries to look away and she pleads with me, but I just keep fucking her and grabbing her tits by the handful. I give her a pussy full of cum to go to sleep on. “Let’s just keep this between you and me” I whisper to her.

Scene Five: Family Therapy

The next day I sit down with her and explain what a good girl she’s being. “I think this is weird, I don’t think this should be happening.” She tells me with her innocent little voice. I tell her that if she wants to stay in this house she’s going to have to do what I say. I tell her to strip for me and she looks at me with her big eyes. “Do I have to?” she pleads as she slides off her tiny panties. I touch her body with my cold hands and make her shiver with embarrassment. Like a good girl she gets to her knees and I make her take my cock into her mouth. “Dad this isn’t ok” She says but I quiet her complaints with my dick. I lay down and make her get on top of me. She very hesitantly and slowly rides on my cock and it just makes me harder. I push her down onto the couch and have my way with her tight little body, fucking her hard and using her like a sex doll. Kadence tries not to look at me as I fuck her and shoot my big load of cum all over her humiliated face. She’s going to be a perfect daughter sex toy. “I hate you dad” She yells, cum dripping down her body.

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