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Fucking My Super Flexible Mom

Gina West is laying on the bed, playing with her pussy. She rubs her clit, with her giant tits hanging out..and moans in pleasure. Gina decides this is just not working for her… She needs dick. Gina gets out of bed, and decides to do some yoga. Gina does yoga in the living room, trying out all these poses that are turning her on…making her want dick even more.

Gina calls her son, Conor… and at first…Conor ignores his Mom. Gina has to go in the other room, and drag Conor in the living room with her. Mom tells Son to hold her tight as she tries a new move. Gina grabs Conor’s hands..and puts them on her ass..and she starts to kiss Conor and rub his cock. Gina sucks her Son’s cock, and he sucks her nipples. Gina sucks Conor’s cock more…then Mom bends over the couch as her Son eats her out. Gina tells her Son how much she loves his tongue. Gina lays back on the couch as Conor penetrates her, and fucks her hard. Gina clubs on top of Conor, and rides his hard cock. Conor bends Gina over, and fucks her hard from behind until he cums all over his Mom’s ass.

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Juicy Hot Mommy

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Brother and Sister Sinful Secret

Nathan Bronson is pretty into his stepmom to the point where he makes the questionable call to sneak into her room and start sniffing mommy’s undies while he jerks off. His stepsister Daisy Stone catches Nathan in the act. She tapes him for a while, but eventually confronts him. Nathan is horribly embarrassed and tries to put his dick away, but Daisy insists that he keeps on masturbating as she taunts him…

Whipping out her small tits, she teases Nathan with a peek of what he can’t have. Then she shows off her firm bottom as Nathan keeps beating the meat. When Daisy lays on the bed and flaunts her pussy, Nathan doesn’t ask permission before he just sticks it in! Daisy decides she likes the way her brother’s dick feels buried inside her, so she goes with the flow and lets him keep fucking her. They shift to Daisy giving Nathan a reverse cowgirl ride, then turning around so she can stick her mom’s underwear in her mouth as she keeps riding Nathan’s dick. On her hands and knees, Daisy moans in delight as Nathan keeps the good times going. When he gives her a creampie for his finishing act, though, Daisy freaks out that Nathan would take their sex play that far.

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Ella wants to go to Las Vegas and has to convince her stepdad anyway possible to let her go!

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My Family Tree

Ricky Rascal knows he is distantly related to Lady D., but when he meets his distant relative, he’s unprepared for how hot she is. He shows the family tree he’s working on to Lady, who is horrified at the photo he has of her. She offers to get him a better picture if he will come home with her. Lady isn’t prepared for the attraction she feels for her cousin, but she knows just what to do: she goes into the kitchen and hikes up her miniskirt so she can peel off her panties. Bringing beer and a photo album, she rejoins Ricky…

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Everything began to make sense after I saw a picture of my cock on my sister’s phone.. As she attempted to explain the dick pic, she grew more embarrassed. It was too cute honestly and impossbile to be mad at her! Apparently her friends had put her up to it. ButA I think she seemed to enjoy her big brother’s cock..Earlier in the day, I peered into her room after hearing her passionate moans.. And I noticed herA phone in hand as she rubbed her delicious pink pussy. Seeing my little sister play with herselfA had me so excited, I didn’t even care about the unwarranted picture she took

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When Alec Coal finds out her stepbrother forbids him and his friends to hang out with her and her friends because she is fucking hot and Tyler doesn’t want his friends hitting on her, she finds it extremely flattering. And one thing flattery does to a slut, regardless of her being your stepsister, is she’ll put out like its the last time she’ll ever have sex again. Furthermore, Alex is pleasantly surprised by the huge package her stepbrother had zipped up.

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Teen stepdaughter Lily shows her dad her favorite spot.

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My Sons MILF Porn Obsession [4K]

Conor’s mom, Andi, comes in the house after running some errands before she heads to the beach with her friend Lexi. She is not expecting Conor home until later that night as he is working late. She finds Conor’s laptop on the table. Being a curious mother she takes a look. To her shock she finds on his hard drive a large library of taboo mom son fantasy porn.
She plays a few videos to see if it is really fauxcest porn. Completely surprised and confused, she calls her best friend to discuss it. However to her surprise, Lexi says that not only are Conor’s urges normal, but that Lexi has actually fucked her own son, Stevie! And it was the best sex she ever had, and Andi becomes very intrigued by this notion.
Later that day, Andi returns home in her bikini to find her son Conor in the kitchen on his phone. Mom approaches her Son about what she finds on his computer, and he immediately tries to deny the smut he viewed. However Conor is caught red-handed as Andi snatches his phone to see that he was scrolling through sexy pictures of her – his very own Mom! Taking her friend’s advice from earlier, Andi grabs ahold of her son’s cock and puts the large johnson in her milfy mouth. She strokes and sucks and slides her’s son’s cock in between in big titties. Mom continues vigorously fellating her son until he releases his thick white load all down her mouth. Andi wipes up her mouth and walks off telling her Son that she’ll be getting ready for dinner, leaving him there in a complete state of utter bewilderment at the taboo passion that just occurred…

Conor is lying on the couch watching TV when his mom comes in from dinner. She walks over, and sits down next to her son to talk about her night. Mom casually mentions how her and Aunt Lexi kept getting on by all these younger guys, and Conor appears to get a little jealous. “Aw, my baby boy is jealous of his Mommy. That’s actually pretty cute.” Mom then continues to tease her to her Son about still being horny after the blowjob and wanting to still fuck his Mom. “Hmmm… Mommy could use some satisfaction. Your Dad sure as hell can’t do it any longer!” Andi grabs her Son’s hard dick as she directs him to start sucking on her big MILF titties and eating her pussy, but not before she gives Conor a nice little lap dance. “Damn, baby! That feels so good! Lick Mommy good!” “Mom, your pussy tastes so good!” After a few minutes taboo 69 pleasure, the mother-son duo commence to finally fucking. Conor gets on top of his Mom, and sticks his big cock in her tight pussy and begins to fuck in her in missionary. They fuck for awhile, switching from missionary to cowgirl to doggystyle. While fucking his Mom in doggystyle, Conor decides to stick his finger in Mommy’s tight ass. “You’re a bad boy, Conor!” Despite his mother’s hesitations, Conor gently shoves his massive cock in her ass. “Please go easy, Conor! I’ve never had anything that big up my ass!” Conor vigorously fucks his Mom in two different anal positions. “Fuck Mommy’s dirty ass, Son!” The sensations become too much and Conor unleashes a sweet cum-filled creampie deep inside Mommy’s ass. “I hope you won’t need those nasty videos anymore, baby!” “The real thing is much better! I love you, Mom” “Mommy loves you and will always take care you!”

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Uncle Is A Bad Sponsor

I called my niece into my office the other day. She told me that everything is going very well for her. It all sounded great… But there was one small discrepancy that I needed to clear up before her treatment could continue…

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