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My Aunt make me perfect handjob

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Sisters Become Lovers

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Mommie Cucks Jay With His Bully

Sometimes young men don’t understand that Mommie has certain needs that must be fulfilled…by a nice stiff cock. My little Jay gets so fussy when he walks in on me blowing his old friend, Sam. Jay says he was his bully, but Sam seemed so nice that I imagine Jay was just exaggerating. My pussy was way too wet to stop fooling around with Sam, but Jay just stands there whining, even after I climb right on top of Sam so that I can ride his dick. Even though Jay refused to give us some privacy, Sam was still so nice that he even offered Jay an entry level job at his company while we were fucking. Jay was not very grateful at all. There is only so much rudeness that I can tolerate before I have to punish him for treating our guest so poorly. The punishment will have to wait till after I satisfy my new boy toy, of course!

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A treat for you Uncle

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Aunt Sofi’s Babysitting Dilemma

Well… I’ll still need to call your Mother if you want to go out with your friends. Because I promised your Mom that I’d make sure you didn’t get into any trouble while she’s gon… Don’t get mad at me. It doesn’t matter that I’m not much older than you. I’m still your aunt and you have to do what I say… Okay good, I’ll let you know when dinner is ready….

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Mommy’s College Report

My little girl Strawberri and I were on a trip checking out colleges. So when Strawberri found the perfect one, she was so excited that she rushed back to the hotel room to tell her Mommy (me!); but her excitement changed into lust when she found me lounging on the bed in my babydoll.
What starts out as a simple back rub turns into an exploration of each others bodies. Mommy’s little girl knows how to please Mommy, that is for sure. And Mommy returns the favor!

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