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Mother take her son dick deep inside her!

Taking her son dick and sperm inside her

Rachel fell into a bad depression after her husband passed away. In her grief she seemed to forget that he had been a bastard who treated her very badly. For weeks she did nothing but lay in her bed and drink until her son loving Dylan helped her get back on her feet. Then came a period where Rachel went out almost every night, drinking hard, flirting with men at clubs. On one occasion she stumbled home and found Dylan waiting up for her. When he appeared to disapprove of her behaviour, she playfully taunted him by assuming provocative poses that showed off her swelling bustline, deep cleavage and shapely butt. She then planted a more-than-mother kiss on his lips before going to bed. Little did she know how much passion her antics sparked in Dylan. He had always wanted to be a better man to his mother than his father had been. Now he wanted to be her lover as well. While she lay asleep on her bed, he entered her room to see how she was doing. Rachel’s dress had hiked all the way up to her thighs, and her aroused son could not resist touching them – all the way up to her butt. He then covered her with a blanket, kissed her cheek, and left. The next day Rachel encountered Dylan in the kitchen. She seemed bright and happy, but when she poured a drink and tried to take a pill, Dylan stopped her. He was clearly concerned that such habits were not helping his mother. As Rachel was hysterically protesting his intervention, he took her into her arms, hugged her tight, and told her he loved her. The next thing she knew, they were kissing passionately. Even as Rachel hesitated with guilt, he son lifted her on to the counter, running his hands up her thighs and over her breasts. The sensation felt so good that a taboo desire for her son suddenly took over. It had been a long time she’d been truly loved by a man. Now Dylan was giving her what she needed. Her recent grief seemed to evaporate in the pleasure of the moment. Later, in her room, the forbidden fun began in earnest. Stripped down to her lingerie, Rachel lay kissing and fondling with her son in the marital bed. After the young man had played with her naked breasts and suckled the nipples, he dropped lower and licked her pussy. In her arousal, Rachel moved to straddle his face. Panting, she ground herself down on his mouth, trying to get his tongue as deep into her as possible. She then returned the favor by giving his big hard cock a deep and loving sucking. Finally, the pair fucked up a storm in the doggy and missionary positions. Possessed with ecstasy, Rachel begged her son to cum inside of her. He did, heavily. Afterwards, she held him in her arms. In just a few hours he had brought her back to life, made a new woman of her. She looked to the future now. With him as her special man, she might even start family. It was certainly possible now that he had shot so much potent cum into her fertile,
unprotected pussy.

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Angie Noir – Mother & Son’s More Than Taboo

My SON Walks into my room and finds his Mother spread eagled, on the couch, with my pussy exposed and a vibrator in my Mom hole and a dirty, Escort magazine flipped open! I had just pulled my dripping shorts aside and started to rub my hard clit while watching the photos of the Escorts! BAD TIMING?!?! MUST SEE MOVIE!

I have a secret… I want to lick and fuck pussy BUT not just any pussy… it must be “dirty,” “sloppy,” “used” ESCORT pussy while my Son fucks me! It is wrong for a MOM to have such erotic thoughts but, every time I take out my hidden escort magazine and “read” the advertisements, I become dripping wet! Edward sees Mother’s exposed pussy and turns hard instantly… he loves the hole he came from… he swiftly walks over, kneels down and licks his Mother’s sweet juicy pussy! We are both deeply turned on… I ask “can I bring an escort home for both of us to use?” “Yes!” “Will you fuck her Edward? …Can I lick her pussy? …Can we share her pussy?… Can you fuck both of us?” “Yes! I will fuck my little whores!” I am delirious with TABOO thoughts! “Edward, Can I lick her pussy clean after you cum in it?” “YES! You can eat my cum from her pussy!!” “Ohhh that it is so fucking hot!”

I need his rigid cock in my pussy but, first he puts a condom on (But does it stay on?) then slides his long thick cock in and fucks me like crazy! Edward is being driven to the edge by my moaning and grunting as he POUNDS my pussy in so many positions and making me cum all the while we are talking very dirty thoughts about the escort. Edward needs to erupt and tells me that he wants to cum inside my whore loving, pussy hole! “Yes! Yes! Yes! Put your load in my PUSSY!!” The hot sperm feels sooo good! As Edward wipes his dick up and down my dripping pussy and ass, I am feeding myself his jizz until Edward insists that we shove his sperm deep into me! I get roughly finger fucked and cum very hard again!

OHH!! YOU ARE SUCH AS NASTY BOY!! Maybe Mother should be a slutty Escort?!?

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Rachel Steele – Passion Payoff

Rachel’s son Jason offered fellow student Gavin a large sum of money if he could leak him the answers to an upcoming exam. Gavin managed his part of the bargain, but Jason never paid him for it. Instead, he went on a trip to Europe soon after. That was Rachel’s reward to him for getting an A grade. Gavin never knew that Jason had gone. One day, tired of waiting for his money, he headed out to his house and pounded on the door, demanding that Jason come out. However, Rachel was the only one at home. Tentatively, she opened up to the young man, and asked him what the matter was. Gavin duly gave her the full story, then added that he couldn’t leave without the money as he didn’t even have enough funds to get back to campus. It was all disappointing news for Rachel. But she promised to pay the young man herself – if only to buy his silence. Yet even that wouldn’t be straight forward. First, Rachel didn’t have any cash on hand. Second, it was the weekend, and the banks were shut. Therefore, bearing in mind that Gavin head nowhere else to go, she invited him to stay in her guest room till Monday morning. Gavin reluctantly agreed this. Afterwards, in her room, Rachel realized that she’d never actually be able to pay Gavin the amount of money that Jason had offered him. So a plan B was necessary. Guessing that Gavin must be a typically horny young man, Rachel wondered if she might be able to seduce him into forgetting the debt. It was certainly worth a try. Later, then, she played a game of pool with Gavin. She wore a tight, short dress that showed off her fish-net clad legs, her butt, and her cleavage. Pretending to be a novice at the game, she invited Gavin her with her cueing posture. This gave her many a chance to bend over in front of him and give him all manner of tantalizing views of her body. Gavin became increasingly turned on as a result. Following that, the paired played poker and then sat watching a movie together. They bonded more, and Rachel continued to flirt with her young guest After she’d excused herself and gone upstairs, she deliberately kept her bedroom door open while undressing. It was her hope that Gavin’s curiosity would lead to him trying to spy on her. This proved the case. Looking on, he got a real treat. Rachel first stripped down to her lingerie. Then she took off her shoes, slid off her panties, and unclasped her bra. Gavin got a great view of her big naked breasts and bare butt. The next morning, Rachel entered the kitchen where Gavin was already having breakfast. She wore a tight blouse and equally tight skirt that gave her a very elegant and sexy look. Now she was ready to go to work on Gavin – to pay him off with pleasure instead of money. On unbuttoning her blouse in front of him, she presented him with his choice. Gavin struggled to decide. However, his passions soon share an intense kiss with Rachel. Shortly after, he turned his attention to her breasts – fondling them and suckling on their hard nipples protruding over the top of her bra. Determined to keep Gavin under pressure to choose, Rachel got down on her knees and sucked long hard and sensually on his big cock. She tongued and licked and deep-throated with it the most exquisite deftness and skill. Further kissing and nipple sucking followed. Then Rachel lay back on the kitchen top and parted her legs. She wasn’t wearing any panties, and Gavin had easy access to her hot pussy. Hungrily he lapped it, making Rachel moan and writhe in ecstasy. Afterwards, she licked her juices from his mouth and lips. Here Gavin’s mind was made up. He didn’t want his friend’s money any more; he wanted his mother instead. All of her. With that, he and Rachel went up to her room and got things on with a vengeance. They eagerly helped each other out of their clothes, then came together, kissing and caressing wildly. Presently, Gavin wound up lying back on the bed while Rachel sucked his cock for a second time. A marathon of crazed fucking then ensued. First Gavin took Rachel in the missionary position. His passionate thrusts shook her body and her bed. Rachel gasped at the pleasure of it and cupped her own breasts, tweaking her nipples with arousal. Next came some doggy-style action. Taking charge of Rachel, Gavin held her hips and pounded her from behind as deep his he could. Rachel cooed in delight, and started to talk dirty to him. In time the action grew ever more intense. Then the pair fucked with Rachel on top. Again and again she bounced up and down on her young lovers big hard cock, arching her back, sticking out her naked breasts. The room was filled with her orgasmic moaning and panting. Finally, Gavin was ready to cum, and an excited Rachel quickly moved in to take every drop of his thick white cream into her open, welcoming mouth. Although she had started out merely intending to take care of a debt, she had ended up having the best of fucks with a young stud. As for Gavin, he was delighted at how things had turned out. Moreover, he had some great news for Rachel. Her son, so it happened, owed him other money besides. These would naturally have to be settled – Rachel declared. Best of all, since Jason wasn’t due home for another six months, she and Gavin could really take their time enjoying it.

File size: 259MB
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File type: WMV

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Rachel Steele – Breastfeeding Rachel

Rachel was spending a typically unsatisfying night at home with her boring husband. All of a sudden, the phone rang, breaking the monotony. Rachel answered it, and was delighted to hear the voice of her son, Julian. The young man had been working overseas for the past year, and she had missed him terribly during that time. But there was cheering news for her now. Julian had arrived back in the country and was coming to visit her right away. He was eager to see his mother again. In addition, he needed to talk to her on a troubling matter. A short while ago, his wife had sent him a letter in which she confessed to having an affair with another man. Rather than being sorry about it, she was bent on getting a divorce as soon as possible. Rachel was very upset for her son. Yet she was not surprised at his wife’s actions. She had never liked or trusted the woman. She thought her shallow and unkind and generally not good enough for Julian. A part of her was relieved to think she’d be out of his life. Nevertheless, Rachel was determined to ease her son’s situation by showing him all the comfort, support and affection a mother could provide. Her husband, listening in on the conversation, merely rolled his eyes and sighed. He had little time for his son, and he was far from pleased at having him back home to stay. As it happened, he was asleep upstairs when Julian arrived. Mother and son had each other’s undivided company. After a long and loving hug of reunion, they sat down and had an enthusiastic catch-up chat. Rachel expressed pleasant surprised at Julian’s change in appearance. He was taller and more filled-out than he had been when she’d last seen him. Moreover, he now had a bunch of tattoos. Rachel didn’t mind that. If her son liked them, she liked them too. Eventually, the subject of Julian’s wife came up, and Rachel duly consoled him. Then, during another mother-son hug, something strange happened. Feeling his mother’s big, firm breast pressed against his chest, Julian recalled the happy, long-ago days when he used to suckle on it. Eagerly, he reached out and pulled down the neck line of his mother’s pretty dress to reveal the breast in his white bra-cup. It was clear that he wanted to fondle it, and suck upon its nipple once again. Rachel gasped in surprise, but she was neither outraged or embarrassed. Her only concern was that her husband might come down and see what was happening. But a deep, forbidden began to overpower her. She too wanted a return to the time her son suckled on is her breast. She’d always considered it a beautiful act of bonding. On top of that she now saw that it could give Julian precisely the kind of comfort that he needed so much at this time. Thus, presently, the son pulled his mother’s breast from her bra, and hungrily pressed his face into its soft, warm flesh. For the longest time he suckled on the nipple, making it long and hard. Meanwhile, Rachel closed her eyes and sighed as she cradled her son and stroked his tenderly hair and revelled in the feel of his lips upon her. When it was finally over, mother and son felt no guilt at all. Indeed, each was having secret thoughts of even greater intimacy. But they parted for the time being: Rachel to her room; Julian to go eat a delicious pot-roast the his mother had lovingly cooked for him. Later that night, Rachel was in the bathroom, dressed in sexy lingerie with a robe over the top. Her big breasts spilled out of her bra; the nipples showed very erect. Breathlessly, she switched between squeezing and caressing her breasts and rubbing hot pussy through her panties. She had never felt so horny in her life. The incident with her son had lifted her spirits and awakened her sleeping lust. She was thrilled to the young man still loved and needed his mommie so much. His attentions towards her had been almost worshipful. He had shown such appreciation of her womanly charms. If only her husband could behave the same way! Thinking on that, she went to her bed and tried to rouse him for him such much-needed sex. But all he did was murmur in his sleep and turn over. No matter what Rachel did – what sexy pose she assumed or dirty comment she made – she couldn’t get him to respond. This, she thought, was the story of her marriage. In frustration, she strode out the room and down the hallway. At her son’s door, she stopped. The forbidden need came over her again. Sneaking on inside, she climbed onto Julian’s bed and gently woke him. When his mother said she wanted to comfort him some more, the young man gladly took hold of her breast for a second time. Once again he feasted upon it – sucking the hard nipple for all he could. He revelled in her all-embracing care; for her part, Rachel cooed happily at her son’s tender show of need for her. By and by, one thing led to another. Rachel’s moved a hand down to her son’s cock and exclaimed in admiration when she felt of its size and hardness. Moments later, the pair could were locking in an intense, open-mouthed kissed. It didn’t bother them that they rushing deeper into taboo territory. The knew they wanted each other, and they refused to think beyond this instant of their pleasure. In due time the ncestuous acts were coming thick and fast. They began with Rachel showing a mother’s ultimate love and devotion by giving her son’s cock a long, thorough, incredibly sensual sucking. Next, she removed her panties and closed the door so that her husband wouldn’t hear the noisy fun that ensued. She then lay back on the bed with her legs parted. Julian immediately took the hint. Burying his face in his mother’s horny pussy, he proceeded to eat it out with gusto. Rachel moaned and whimpered at the pleasure of her son’s skilled combination of licking, fingering-fucking and tongue-probing. Later on, she stroked his cock and sucked on it once again – breathlessly mouthing the piece of meat and joying in its taste. Then came a full-on, frenzied ncestuous fuck. In the missionary position, legs parted spread as wide as possible, Rachel welcomed her son on top of her. As he relentlessly pounded his cock deep into her maternal pussy, she gasped in delight and urged him on. She praised his performance and told him that his cock was so much bigger and better than his father’s. This dirty-talk made Julian all the more excited. Soon he was fucking his mother so hard that her body and the whole of the bed shook. Rachel herself moaned all the more from the increased intensity of son’s pleasuring. Suddenly, she was begging him to fill her with his seed – to flood her as deeply as he could. Julian obliged. And, as he did so, Rachel locked her legs tightly about him, willing him to let loose every last drop of his forbidden son-cum into her. Even now the horny pair weren’t finished. A quick, mutually-grateful kiss, and they were at it again. This time they chose the doggy-position. With her son mounting her, sliding his cock sweetly deep into her from behind, Rachel hit a new level of arousal that led to her dirtiest and most taboo talk yet. Again she praised her son’s big, expertly fucking cock – to the detriment of his father. She also asked him about his mother-fantasies, and assured him he could live them out by cumming inside his own mommie. As Julian had already experienced that treat, he choose to unleash his second load of cum on his mother’s breasts instead. It struck him as a fitting way to show his thanks for all the sweet comfort they’d given him down the years. Therefore, while Rachel squeezed them together to form a tantalizing target, the young man blasted off a huge wad of hot creamy man-juice that left them drenched and dripping from cleavage to nipple. In the aftermath, both mother and son lay together feeling blissfully satisfied. They felt no regret no regret about what had taken place. Quite the contrary. It had been a wonderful experience. Six months later, after being away again, Julian returned to visit his dear mother. He had willingly divorced wife and moved on. Finding Rachel in bed, he saw that she had a large pregnancy bump. Promptly she filled him in on some surprising details. First, she had split from his father and was now living alone in the house. Second, it was Julian himself who had gotten her pregnant. Rachel was therefore expecting a son by her own son. Rather than worry about the tricky situation, the two taboo lovers decided to make the best they could of it. They started with Rachel settling down and offering her milk-filled breasts for her son to nurse upon. The young man drank all he could, and Rachel moaned at the sweet feeling of the fluid being drawn forth by the needful sucking of her loving son. Finally, she had him share a mouthful of it with her. It was then agreed that Julian stay with his mother from now on, and suck on her breasts every night to relieve them of their burden of milk. Later, when his brother-son came along, he’d be getting some help in the job. Then Rachel would be a doubly happy mother.

File size; 491MB
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Mother And Son Are Happy Dad Left

Father has left the family after discovering Mother sucking his Son’s cock! Edward is very upset about Dad leaving but Mother has a newsflash for him! She wanted Father gone so she can “have” Edward without interruptions!

My Son, Edward is so very upset that his Father caught us together… naked… me sucking on his big cock! I explain to Edward that I am not upset… in fact, I am HAPPY that he has left us and now we can suck and fuck anytime and anywhere we want! Edward thinks about it for a moment and decides he can live with that!

“In fact, we can have sex now!” I decide to turn Edward’s frown upside down with a hardcore, Taboo blowjob and then spit his cum out of my mouth and rub it into my wet pussy hole! Ohhh! I love sucking his strong, big cock… deep into my throat… gagging, drooling, and spitting on his raging manhood! Edward gets so worked up and begins to dominate me… grabbing my neck, telling me I am his whore! I am his cum slut Mother! WOW my Son explodes a huge load of his seed into my mouth… overflowing and dripping out! He tells me not to waste it so I lay on my back and spread my pussy… and drool out his SPERM and rub it into my pussy hole! Edward goes crazy and helps me shove his cum inside Mother pussy hole! We both take turns finger fucking my gaping, sperm covered pussy then we agree to continue having FUN!

A final, passionate kissing ends our first day together – ALONE!!

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Angie Noir – My Son handcuffed Gagged and Forced Me to CUM

I tried to sneak out to the fetish sex party BUT my son caught me AND THEN BLACKMAILED ME INTO BECOMING HIS SEX SLAVE! I am being handcuffed, Gagged and Abused (and used) by my SON!!

I am addicted to being a SLUTTY SUB MILF and have enjoyed many wild fetish sex parties! I love being the one getting happily used and abused at the parties! BUT today I got busted by my suspicious Son… Maybe the black leather jacket and thigh high boots were a bad idea! He was not pissed at Mom but more inquisitive and (to my surprise!) turned on! HOWEVER! I knew I was in trouble when he refused to keep this a secret from his father and HE blackmailed me into doing whatever he wanted sexually! I was in shock, before it was my idea but now he is in control and I DESIRED it even more! I am DRIPPING wet knowing my Son is going to USE his MOTHER to get himself off! Within minutes, I was handcuffed to the bed and he began fondling AND complimenting my big tits and pussy while playing with them! Then he inspected the contents of my bag… discovering a vibrator, blindfold, mouth gag, handcuffs, nippple clamps and pussy clamps BUT he also discovered my F I S T I N G Dildo!

NOW My Son is my DOM! OHHHHH! He is fingering and rubbing my soaking pussy! THEN he FORCES the vibrator HARD onto my CLIT! My Body is shaking from the pain of the nipple clamps and the pleasure of the Vibrator! Oh !!! My orgasms are so intense I have trouble standing! My SON is making my CUM… each orgasm is a tidal wave of PLEASURE throughout my body!! Maybe he will let me suck his cock later today!!

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Incest Truth Comes Out

A REAL FAN‘S fantasy with Rachel. The model in this video came from Brooklyn NY to shoot a scene with me! This was his story. Rachel’s son Jake had been struggling with a deep dark secret. The secret finally got the best of him. He could not eat, sleep or work. Rachel saw the mood changes and finally confronted him. He turned red as he began to confess his twisted fantasies. Rachel had no idea what he was about to reveal. Jake told her he had a foot fetish and he was having sexual thoughts about her. Rachel tried to remain calm and told him it was normal for a son to think of his mother that way. She did not really know how to handle it but she knew he was conflicted. Rachel would do whatever it took to snap him out of it. He took her feet and moved them into her lap. Rachel went along. He rubbed her feet over his erection. Rachel began to blush. He apologized again. Rachel let him continue she felt so sad for him. After a few minutes of rubbing his cock with her feet. She sat up to ask him if that was enough. He looked at the floor depressed again. He did not want her to feel obligated but he wanted her so bad. Rachel knew it. She unzipped his pants to release his huge throbbing cock. It popped right out at her. Rachel was taken aback by her son’s big hard on for her. He was much bigger than his father ever was. She began to stroke him with her feet, and then she gave him her mouth. After a few moments of this pleasure she stopped and told him that was enough, he should finish himself. He was happy but still not satisfied. Rachel left the room in a hurry. She was confused about what happened but in her heart she knew it was best for him. The next morning Rachel was ready to leave for work when Jake came to her still upset and frustrated. His cock was visible through his pants pointing at Rachel. He told her he wanted more. Rachel could see the pain in his eyes. He was practically begging her. She could not refuse those big brown eyes. And she undressed. Jake lay on the bed as she stripped his clothes off. She said a few kind words and gave him a long slow deep kiss. Their tongues swirled around in each other’s mouths as Rachel’s hand wandered down to his erect cock. She made her way with her mouth sucking and licking him slowly. His eyes rolled back in his head. He then returned the pleasure fingering his mother deep until she came a few times on his hand. They kissed like first time lovers they had become. He made her feel incredible. Rachel and Jake knew this was going to the next level. He mounted her and after just a few minutes all his dreams came true. He came quickly. Rachel opened her mouth welcoming her son’s seed. Jake’s twisted fantasy was out and he was released from the torture.

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Cory Chase – First Incest Incident

Mom had an ugly divorce with dad just a year after her son’s birth. Ever since then mom had kept her son very close, making herself and her son a very cohesive family unit. However as her son aged, just like any other male, he started having “needs”. All mom wants is to keep her family unit together, but it seems like her son is growing further apart from her, especially now that he has a steady girlfriend…

First incident

Son comes home from a party and in his bed.
Mom comes to his room in the middle of the night to check up on him.
In the process of tucking her son in, she sees his boner.
It’s been years since she’s had sex, and been at least months since she’s even seen a cock.
Mom attentively starts stroking her son’s cock, looking at him to check if he’ll wake up.
She keeps checking while she starts to suck his cock.
She starts enjoying herself immensely, moaning and touching herself while she sucks her son’s cock.
She then goes on top of her son and mounts him, sliding his cock inside her.
She starts to ride him vigorously when her son becomes semi-awake (still pretty wasted).
He looks up at her and says questioningly, “Mom?!”
Mom replies and says “Yes honey?”
“Is this a dream?” says her son.
“Of course it is, you are after all fucking your mother” replies mom, taking advantage of his inebriated state.
Mom dirty talks to him freely, knowing he’ll write this off as a dream or even forget it by the time he wakes up
She continues to ride him vigorously until he says that his going to cum.
She tells him to cum deep inside mommy, stating that it’s just a dream to encourage the act.
He explodes inside her, as mom continues to ride him, gradually slowing down.
She comes off his cock and starts to suck it clean.
She tells him “Good night sweetie” and the son replies in grumbles as he falls back to sleep with a smile on his face.
Mom picks her clothing up and exits the room.

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Angie Noir in Mom Lends a Hand

Luke was late for school…He was trying to rub one out while alone in the bathroom. His first mistake was not locking to the door. Mom had to brush her teeth and was knocking on the door…Luke begged for Angie for a couple more minutes so he could finish…Angie waited for as long as she could and barged in…She briefly looked over at Luke and witness him jerking off…Mom Blew it off and proceeded to brush her teeth…Then it hit her…Luke was struggling to masturbate…

Angie did what any loving Mom would do and lent Luke a hand…Mom offered to help Luke finish but first showed off her beautiful body…Breasts first, then pussy and ass…At first Luke was shy to the site of his nude mother but he could see the love in her eyes…Just as Luke talked himself into touching his Mom, Angie dropped to her knees and swallowed his cock…Luke was deep into this, there was not going back…

Angie’s mouth was not enough, she was diligent and wanted Luke to finish…She bent over the tub and asked Luke to stick it in…Luke could not say no and began to pound his Mom from behind…

Angie begged for Luke’s Cum and wanted to look Luke in the eye as he finished…They moved to the counter top, Angie spread her legs and showed Luke where to place his cock…He had two minutes to finish and did not want to disappoint his Mom…Luke obeyed his mother and dumped his entire load deep inside…Angie thanked Luke and wished him a lovely day in school…She has him hooked now…Her lover and son…

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Step Mom Seduced By Her Young Step Son

Mike Adriano decides to make a play for his step mom and approaches her while she is doing the dishes and confesses his desire for her. He reveals his fathers secrets and offers himself as the sacrifice for her revenge. Right there in the kitchen she squats to the floor and grips his dick in her hand, sucking it into her mouth and down her throat. They move into a more comfortable room where she makes his cock throb with desire before letting him plunge it into her tight hole.

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Duration: 00:34:14
File type: AVI

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