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Do Not Cum in Me Son!

This is part two of a two part video. After Rachel had been discovered on a MILF porn site by her son, she was blackmailed by him into giving him a blowjob. She was upset and felt guilty, she ran into her bedroom. He soon followed her in. She sat up and asked him what he wanted, he told her he wanted to fuck her and cum in his mother. She begged him to please leave her alone. He said no. She had no choice. Rachel took off her clothes and her son pushed her down spreading her legs he mounted her and forced his cock deep inside her tight pussy. Rachel screamed when she felt him inside her, he was so much bigger and harder than her husband but she knew this was so wrong. He fucked her hard while she whimpered. She jumped off him and said she would just suck his cock again, she grabbed his cock and sucked it but he wanted to fuck so he pulled her on top of him, she was wet so he slid right in, he held her tight so she could not get away. Then he came in her, she got off and said, we are done!. He was not done. He forced her on her knees and fucked her doggystyle. She begged him to hurry up and whatever he did, she pleaded with him not to come in her. He talked nasty to her, telling her how good it felt to fuck his mom. Rachel felt him ready to explode, she yelled at him to cum on her ass not in her. He pulled out and jerked off to his sweet mom’s ass then when he was ready to cum he shoved his cock back inside her and let it all go. Rachel screamed out in a mix of anger and pleasure. She had never been fucked like that before but the guilt was overwhelming. She pulled away and spread her pussy open to see a cream pie, her son had filled her with cum and it was dripping out of her. She was very upset and did not know what to do. She lay back in his arms and looked him in the eyes. Please do not tell, she said. He held her tight and promised he would never tell of the passion they shared that day.

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Dirty Young Man Fuck His Mother

Rachel’s son had slept late. She went in his room to get him up. She sent him to the shower. His room was a disaster, she began to pick up his clothes, she pulled the sheets down to freshen up his bed and found a porn magazine. She was furious; Rachel is a very straight laced woman and she was disgusted at what she saw. She stormed into the bathroom to question him. He was already naked and in the shower. She tried not to look at his penis but it had been along time since she had sex. She did not realize how big her son’s cock was and it secretly turned her on. She tried to distract those thoughts by yelling at him for the magazine. He saw her looking at his cock and he became erect. She turned to walk away and he grabbed her pulling her into the shower, her white dress was soaked and transparent. He pulled her dress down and began soaping up her huge tits. Rachel fought back and his cock grew harder. He turned her around and pushed her up against the shower wall. She felt his hands pull her panties down to her ankles, then he spread her legs and slid his cock in her sweet pussy. This was the most amazing feeling for them both. Rachel’s husband worked so much he had a hard time getting erections and her son was jerking off to porn while fantasizing sexual thoughts of his mother. Rachel felt several hard thrusts and stopped him. He pushed her to her knees and his cock was so big and pointing right in her face, she gave in and slowly, lovingly took his cock in her hot mouth. He moaned in pleasure. Rachel had known she had gone too far so she pulled him down on top of her and he entered her again, this time she did not fight back. She loved the way his cock felt, she raked her nails down his back and thrust her hips forward to get every inch he had. She came so fast and she wanted him to cum so she sucked his cock and played with his balls, jerking, sucking, tits in his face, she spread her legs open and masturbated for him. He sat down next to her and she sucked his cum out of him. He blew his load all over her. When they were done, Rachel confessed she felt guilty, her son did not.

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Taboo Stories, Corrupting Cousin Jessica

Cousin Jessica came to visit. Rachel and Brycen had to hold off on their sexual relationship while she was there. Jessica would definately expose Rachel to the rest of the family and that would mean Rachel and Brycen would be cut out of the family Trust. Brycen’s lust for his mother was uncontrollable and Rachel was in her sexual prime. Brycen lasted one day before he was sneaking kisses and copping feels with Jessica in the next room. She saw them kissing from upstairs but they heard her and acted innocent. Rachel became more relaxed with her there and let her guard down. She gave in one evening when Brycen came into her room. She wanted to send him back to his room but ended up naked with him licking her pussy. After an excellent tongue lashing Rachel takes his cock deep into her mouth. She blows him until they are ready to fuck. As he is fucking his mother from behind she reminds him to not try to slip that condom off like the time he got her pregnant. Brycen had just that in mind. When he was close to cumming he pulled out and whipped the condom off and threw it over his shoulder. He shoved back into her and shot his load. They collapsed afterward. Brycen did not intend to fall asleep but he did. The next morning Jessica wandered into Rachel’s room. Right before she walked up to her bed she stepped on a used condom. Brycen and Rachel quickly provided a questionable excuse. Jessica saw many odd situations that Rachel and Brycen gave excuses for, it was all adding up in her head. One sunny afternoon Jessica was alone and looked for a book to read, she found Rachel’s diary. The stories were about Rachel and her son! They were erotic and sexual in nature. They were stories about the years of the two of them and their love making, even a pregnancy. Jessica confronted Rachel with the diary and told her she would need to tell the family. Rachel needed to stop her. Brycen was her only tool. Rachel and Brycen devised a plan to have Brycen seduce Jessica. Rachel would take some pictures and then she would be blackmailed into keeping her mouth shut. The plan worked, Brycen made an excuse to bunk with Jessica and turned over the charm. Jessica had not been laid in a while and Brycen was able to seduce her. He slid her nightgown down as he kissed her. Her panties came off next and he fingered her pussy. Pretty soon the were naked and Jessica was sucking his cock. He grinned as he watched the older woman suck him. Brycen slid down and licked Jessica’s pussy. She made him promise not to tell Rachel as he went down on her. Brycen started fucking the daylights out of her. She was so absorbed by the fucking that she did not see Rachel watching from the doorway. She barely noticed when the lights came on. But she heard the camera shutter when Rachel started taking pictures. He held her down and kept fucking her. Jessica knew that she was screwed. She figured since she was already screwed she might as well enjoy it. He slid back into her and resumed his fucking. Rachel dropped the robe and joined in. Brycen put her on her hands and knees and had her lick Rachel’s pussy while he fucked her from behind. They all sucked and fucked until Brycen exploded on their faces.

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Quiet Kitchen Incest Fuck

Rachel was all dressed up in a new dress. She was ready to go to her friend’s party with her husband. When she walked out in the living room he was still sitting in his chair, not dressed for the party. She asks him why he was not ready and he replied that he was not going. She had been excited about this party all week. He said he did not like the people having the party and was not going. She was very disappointed and walked into the kitchen. Her son came into the kitchen and said he heard the whole thing and said he should not treat her like that. She just smiled, gave him a hug and turned to leave for the party. He grabbed her arm and whirled her around against the kitchen counter. He buried his face in her neck and started kissing her. She was overwhelmed by the fact her son was doing this and her husband was in the next room. He reached up behind her neck and untied her dress. The top of her dress dropped down to reveal her huge boobs. Rachel moaned as her son caressed her boobs. He lifted her leg up onto the counter and pulled her panties to the side. Her pussy quickly got wet as he slid his fingers in and out. She struggled to stay quiet as he worked her towards orgasm. He put her up on the counter and put his face in her crotch. She moaned quietly as he licked her pussy. She covered her mouth to muffle her cries as she orgasmed. Once she calmed down she returned the favor. She dropped to her knees and pulled out her son’s cock. She slid the cock all the way to the root, giving her son his first deep throat. Sucking her son’s cock got her so turned on that she was ready for another orgasm. She leaned over the counter and lifted her dress. He slid his hard cock into her pussy and fucked her from behind. He had to cover her mouth because his father was the next room. She quickly had another orgasm. This time she was ready to finish him off. She got back down on her knees and started sucking her son’s cock again. She could taste her pussy juices on his cock. When she started licking his balls it sent him over the edge. He grabbed his cock and jerked a big load all over her face. She cleaned up and left for her party with a smile on her face.

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Carmen Cucks You With Your Own Son

All you’re good for to Carmen is an ATM. You pay her bills and on those rare occasions when you can actually get it up, she fucks you. But she recently found out that you’ve been fucking your secretary. It’s not that Carmen cares as this is one less time she has to fuck you. But she’s a little hurt. She married you for you money but that doesn’t mean she can’t get jealous. She decides to come clean, she’s been fucking your son when you’re not around and decides to let you watch while he fucks her. Carmen calls him over and doesn’t tell him who’s on the other side of the cam. He figures you’re just one more of her “guy friends”. He takes out his dick and you watch helplessly as your young, hot wife fucks her face and tight pussy until she takes a big load in her mouth. Now that you know your place, everyone is much happier.

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You should never be peeping on your mother!!!

I’m so..so sorry my son!!! That’s something you should never..never see! But..tell me…what the hell you were doing there?! You were peeping you mom?…You can’t be angry! You know …I’m married to your father and there are the things I have…I must to do! Or..would you like that you father find out the ,,thing,, about us?!!! NO..me too! My baby…you know that I love only one man!!! Yes…you are the one…you’re the love of my life my son! Come on…forgot about what you see tonight…let mommy apologize….the way you like it! Come here baby…taste mommy’s lips…mmm…so soft…I love to kissing you son! Go on the bad darling…mommy will ride your swollen cock! To make you happy again…..ohhh…yes…is so hard….I can’t believe my son has such a beautiful cock! How that feels?…Is it good how mommy plays with your cock? Are you ready baby?…Feel mommy’s juice….so hot…mmm…I love to feel you inside me!!! Sit on your hard cock and feel you so…so deep in me!!! ….You know what mommy wants now! Yes my baby….your hot cum!!! Inside me….you’re the only one how mommy let cum inside her wet…worm pussy! Come on baby! Cum inside our mommy!!! Good boy!!! Now are you feeling better?Good….then sweet dreams honey!

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Mother Forced her Son to fuck her and her Daughter

Brycen is picking on his sister Hayden again… Mom has to break up the fighting… As punishment Mom makes her son lick his sister then lick her.. Since he does a good job she will let him fuck his sister then blow his load all over her tits.

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Madisin’s Very Bad Son

Madisin’s Son Takes her At Work- Madison is hard at work at the office when her son Justin comes in. He is angry that there is no food in the house and that want’s her to give him money. When Madisin tries to explain that she doesn’t have cash on her Justin decides she can take care of him another way. Spanking, Tearing Pantyhose, Hard Sex
Madisin’s Son Makes her A Special Dinner – Justin has dressed nicely and made a special dinner to make up to his mom Madisin for the way he has been acting, But after finishing dinner mom feels almost like she has been drinking all night. Justin helps her to the couch, and helps himself
Madisin Dominated by Her Sex Crazed Son.- Justin has had enough of his mom not giving it to him every time he wants it. He has her tied up and fucks her until she admits that he has the only cock she needs

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Naughty Nighttime Visit by my Mom

Rachel’s son’s friend is spending the weekend with them. She has seen him stare at her all day. Rachel saw his hard cock when they were at the pool. She went to his room after her son fell asleep. She dressed up sexy for him. Rachel pulled the sheet off him and his cock was huge. She laid down next to him and put it in her mouth. He awoke shocked to see her. Rachel told him to be quiet. She took her robe off to show him how sexy she was. He felt her body. Rachel sucked him some more. He asked her to take everything off so she did. He was amazed at her body and wanted her so bad. Rachel sat on him and put the tip of his cock in her wet pussy. He wanted to fuck her so bad. They both did sexual things to each other. He licked her as she sucked him. He fingered her until she came. Rachel finally oiled him up and demanded his cum. He blew it into her mouth. Rachel kissed him and snuck back to her room for the night.

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Ass To Mouth & Deepthroat My Nephews Dirty Cock

My Young Nephew lance is HOT! I mean super sexy… and he does not know that I heard him tell my son that I am a MILF!! My pussy is non stop wet with a secret desire for him! And he is here in my house for the month… I will seduce him!
I wasted no time and explained to him that there is a new rule in the house… He has to fuck me to stay here and today was his lucky day… He gets to fuck my ass! lance wastes no time and lubes up his big cock and slowly enters my dark naughty hole! I am in TABOO heaven and soon he pounds away at my ass! I nearly fainted from 3 explosive orgasms! The final orgasm started off with; sliding my ass back and forth on his hard dick… then I knew I needed him DEEP! I reached back and pulled him closer… telling him I need it DEEP! I came again! I think the dirtiest part was when he pulled out and left me with a nice gaping butthole!
But I realized my Nephew had not cum yet so I turned around and told him how I am going to lick my dirty ass juices off of his beautiful, rigid cock! I got on my knees and licked the big dick and sucked myself right off of him! He knows I am his Auntie Anal Whore! But the best is yet to cum… I slid his full cock all the way down my throat till my lips touch his balls and my nose is pressed onto his rock hard stomach. I continue pumping his cock with my throat and hands till it explodes DEEP in my throat!
Gushes of steamy, salty Nephew Sperm flow down my throat! YUMMY! This is going to be a very NAUGHTY Month!

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