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Buried Alive Under Mommie’s Tits

You will appreciate, love and worship Mommies Big Tits. They make your dick hard like nothing else can or ever will. They make your balls tighten-up until you are begging to cum on Her TITS. THAT’S ALL YOU SHOULD EVER THINK ABOUT, JUST M0MMIE. YOU WILL CRAVE HER BIG BREASTS ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT .

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Mother I Demand to Know!

Rachel had been divorced, her husband left her. He thought she was routine and boring. Rachel decided to change that for herself and began dressing slutty and going out to bars. Her stepson stayed to live with her. He loved her and was worried about her being all alone. Anthony wanted her to stay the way she was when his dad was around. He could not stand her acting like a slut. One of his buddies gave him a call and told him he saw her out at a bar. She was dressed in a short black latex tube dress and high red heels. He saw her dancing like a stripper and sneaking into the mens room for hours at a time. Anthony was furious; he had been up all night waiting for her to come home. He was sick with worry. Rachel came stumbling in at 2:00 am. Anthony drilled her with questions about what she was doing and with whom. Rachel became angry at his controlling attitude and snapped. She told him if he really wanted to know what she did she would show him. He was silent. Rachel had a mischievous grin on her face as she sat close to him. She ran her finger up his chest and whispered, do you want mother to show you? Her lips were dangerously close to his. He looked confused; he was not used to her behaving so seductively. Rachel did not hesitate; she pulled his pants off and got on her knees. Rachel took his cock in her hand and gave one long sultry glance as she opened her mouth and slid him inside her hot mouth. Anthony did not say a word, he could not believe his sweet, domestic step mom was on her knees with his cock in her mouth and it was the best feeling he ever had. Rachel continued sucking and stroking him then she looked him in the eye and asked if he wanted to see what else she did. Anthony followed her to the bedroom. Rachel stripped him and continued sucking his cock. She pulled her tits out and told him she would fuck him like she did the others. Rachel wanted to fuck the respect out of him. They fucked with Rachel riding; he fucked her missionary and sideways, finally blowing his load deep inside her. Rachel sat up satisfied with the dirty deed and ordered him to hang up her dress and put her shoes away. Anthony obeyed and left his stepmother to sleep.

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Please fuck Momys ass, baby!

Scene 1: Wenona is in her bedroom, admiring herself in the mirror. She’s in shape, she looks hot, and she knows it. We’re looking at her through a crack in the door. She notices movement at the doorway and glances over, and we pull back. She walks out of her room, down the hall to her son’s room, where he’s sprawled out on his bed. “What the fuck?” she says. Her son expresses surprise. “You know what you were doing. You were spying on me, again, you little fucking pervert!” He tries to deny it, but she says, “look, I heard you, and here you are with that fucking hard-on.” Her nipples are hard, and there is a moment of silence as she takes in his cock in his shorts.

“What are you doing, Mom?” her son asks. “What, you don’t like it now that the shoe is on the other foot? Well, let me see it. Take off your shorts. Mommy wants to see your cock.” He continues to resist, but Wenona merely grabs his legs and pulls them to the side of the bed. She then crawls onto her son’s legs, and undoes his shorts. Then gets off of him, sticks her tits in his face, and slides her hand under the waistband of his shorts, grabbing his cock. “Jeezus… Did Mom do this to you? You know you’re going to have to be punished.” And she then straddles his face, forcing her crotch onto his mouth. She rubs her pussy and ass in his face, and pulls off his shorts. “Clean Mom’s pussy and ass, Luke and I’ll suck this hard cock for you.” She makes herself cum on his face, and blows him until he cums.

Scene 2: The door opens and junior comes in. We hear Wenona call to him, and he walks into her room with a bottle of massage oil next to her. She says, “Mom had a tough workout at the gym today, darling, and while I could have gotten a massage while I was there, I figured, why should I pay for it when I have you here to do it for me!” Her son balks, saying, “I don’t think we should.” And she commands, “get your ass over here to the bed and give mommy a massage, dammit!” He comes over, and starts giving her a half-hearted back rub. “The more half-assed you do this, son, the longer I’m going to make you do it.”

He starts doing it in earnest, rubbing her legs, her back, her shoulders, sliding his hands up and down the inside of her legs and ass. She says, “Get out of your clothes, I want you to use the full weight of your body against me.” He strips down and covers himself in oil, rubbing himself against her – and he can’t help but start humping her from behind. She starts moaning, “that’s it! That’s what Mom wants.” And she grabs his cock and guides it into her. Junior starts pumping Wenona, pulling himself into her hips. He stops, and starts massaging her ass cheeks, dipping his fingers between them, and full of massage oil and pussy wetness, starts fingering her ass. Wenona starts hunching back against his fingers, loving it… “You wanna fuck this ass, Baby? You wanna fuck Mom’s ass? Then be a man and do it!” He slips his cock into her ass and starts fucking her, finally feeling powerful… He cums deep inside her.

Scene 3: Junior is on the computer when Wenona comes in. She leans against the doorway, and thinking of her son’s thick cock, starts playing with herself. She says to him, sweetly, “Mother needs you, baby.” But Junior ignores her, since he’s now in charge, she needs him. “Please baby!” He turns towards her, and pulls down his shorts, motioning for her to come over and start sucking. As she kneels down in front of him, he starts talking dirty to her, “You love sucking your Son’s cock, don’t you Mom? You just can’t get enough of it!” She murmurs yes, and he pulls her off his cock, turning her onto her hands and knees, pressing her head towards the floor. He starts fucking her from behind, and she’s loving it, telling him how much she loves being her son’s fuckslut. He pulls out of her pussy and starts teasing her ass, telling her that she needs to beg him to fuck it. “Please fuck Mom’s ass, baby!”. And he does, softly, teasingly at first, but then roughly, just the way she wants it. He finishes by painting her tongue with his cum.

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Krissy Lynn – Were You Spying on Me?

I had a feeling you have been spying on me when I come home from work and undress. Ever since your father and I married I sometimes feel like an object on display in this house the way you stare at me. Your lingering looks don’t make me uncomfortable at all. I love the way I look in my own skin and from that bulge growing in your pants it appears you like what you see as well. The only thing I can’t quite understand is why you aren’t out spying on girls your own age. There must be voluptuous girls in your college that you can secretly stalk. I never imagined my stepson would be so enamored with me. Since you got quite the long show of me in the shower, I feel I should get a show in return. I want to see you pull your erect penis from your pants and stroke it for me. I may or may not decide to intervene and finish the stroke job myself. I’m not quite sure yet what to do with you but, start stroking stepson!

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Fucking His Sister

Kelsie was depressed. She raided her mother’s cabinet and went back to her room. She changed into her little red slip, got on her bed, and starting knocking it back with a vengeance. Not knowing her own limits, it was not long before she fell asleep. Her brother Anthony had just got in from a night out with friends. He saw his sister’s door open and peeked in. She was sprawled on her bed, the hem of her slip hiked up and showing a lot of thigh. Right or wrong, Anthony was turned on. He slipped inside, checked his sister was okay, and started taking a closer look at that body of hers. After peeling aside the slip to get a look at her breasts, he slid her panties off and ran his hand over the smooth skin of her legs. Kelsie barely stirred. Anthony liked how his sister was built. He began playing with Kelsie’s pussy while he sucked on her breast. Anthony felt wicked, but he could not help himself. He got off the bed, removed all his clothes, and got back onto it with his head between his sister’s legs. He started licking and her pussy, and when Kelsie showed no sign of waking, he decided to go all the way with her. Turning her hips to one side, he entered her. Kelsie was silent as he pumped his cock in and out her pussy. Anthony was enjoying himself more and more. He slipped down till he was spooning his sister and he could fuck her and suck on her pert breasts at the same time. He was having so much fun that he did not notice his mother standing at the door. Rachel had gotten thirsty during the night and gone to the kitchen for a drink. On the way back down the hall she had heard strange sounds in her daughter’s room and decided to look in on her. She stayed calm when she saw what Anthony was doing. Rachel was every bit as wicked as her son. Her pussy throbbed as she watched Anthony turn his sister onto her front so he could fuck her from behind. Unable to stand by any longer, Rachel walked in. She practically smoldered as she asked Anthony to explain himself. Her hands rubbed at her hips and thighs and her big breasts heaved in the tight, scant silk of her black negligee. Anthony knew there was no use in trying to justify himself. His mother saved him having to bother. You want me to join in? She asked. Anthony nodded, and Rachel wasted no time in taking off her robe and getting on the bed with her son and daughter. As she slid Kelsie’s slip down and started caressing her breasts, Anthony got between his sister’s legs again and resumed eating her out. By the time Kelsie began waking up, Rachel was sucking her son’s cock to make it hard and ready to go back into her pussy. Together they worked to bring her pleasure. Anthony fucked his sister in the missionary position while Rachel fed her breasts to suck. Soon they had Kelsie groaning through her daze. Anthony gave his sister’s pussy no rest. He licked her and fucked her spoon-style while Rachel rubbed her clit. It was not long before Kelsie was wide awake. She gladly obeyed when Rachel told her to give her brother a blowjob. The two women sucked and jerked Anthony until came hard and fast in his mother’s mouth. Rachel was surprised by her son’s hair-trigger, but she forgave him. It was all such fun.

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Mommy make me cum!

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Aaliyah Taylor in Mother Must Quit Smoking

cene One: Doctor’s Orders

Son gets a phone call from his mom’s doctor, he says it’s very important that she stop her smoking habit. The son confronts his mother about this and she says she has tried to quit in the past but it never works. She makes the joke that the only time she doesn’t smoke is when having sex. The son puts his hand on his mom’s pussy and starts rubbing. If this is the only way to get her to stop smoking he will do it. She tries to move his hand but he pulls off her pants and underwear. He starts licking his mom’s pussy as she pulls off her top and plays with her tits. He gets her to the brink of orgasm and she pushes his head into her pussy and wraps her legs around him and has a shattering orgasm. He gets up and reminds her, no smoking.

Scene Two: Light up by the Pool

Mom is out by the pool and she decides to light up a cigaret. The son comes storming out of the house and throws the cigaret in the pool. He grabs his mom and pulls down her swimsuit bottom and spanks her. He rips off her top and fucks her. After he cums inside her he throws her into the pool. Stop Smoking!

Scene Three: Night time Smoke

Dressed in her nightgown mom is reading a book before bed. Out of habit she takes a cigaret out and lights it up. Hearing the sound of the lighter the son bursts into the room. He is more pissed off than ever and decides to fuck her fuck her from behind to teach her a lesson. She protests but takes her son’s punishment.

Scene Four: Cravings

Mom’s cravings are too much for her. She puts on her sexiest clothes and calls her son into her bedroom. She pulls down his pants and sucks on his cock. She fucks him slowly and seductively talking about how good a boy he is and how much he cares for her. She then makes him cum hard onto her face. The son is spent and flops over and onto the bed. Mom, with the cum still on her, lights up a cigaret and asks “Do you want one?”

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Zoey Holloway – I need my son hard cock

Isn’t it nice to be on vacation as a family? You father is playing golf all day and has left me here alone. I am so horny I just had to call you in from the pool. You know what your step mother needs. I saw all those cute college aged girls at the pool, staring at you. Before you ruin your vacation with some random slut, why don’t you share your hard cock with me? I need to get fucked and your dad certainly isn’t going to take care of me. I only need your penetration for a few minutes. I’m so horny I could have multiple orgasms in hardly any time. You are such a good son for understanding my needs. All you have to do is lie down and I will use your cock to fill my pussy. Now don’t’ worry, you took care of your mom right now but I will soon return the favor. I have a feeling we will have a lot of time together this week without your father in the way.

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Phil Takes Mom and Aunt Julia

Rachel had her sister Julia staying for a visit. She lived out in the country and there was not much to do besides work on the farm. Rachel was divorced and both woman at their sexual prime. Julia’s husband was always busy with work and did not give her the attention she needed. Rachel had hired hands working the farm. She also had them working her. Julia and Rachel were in the barn with one of the hands. Her son Phil came home early from work. He called for his mom but no one answered. He walked outside to find her and he heard moaning sounds coming from the stables. As he got closer, he saw his mother and aunt half-naked sucking a farm hand’s cock. He snuck up and watched as they took turns sucking and finally fucking the hired help! He was pissed. He took his cell phone and recorded the whole thing. Rachel and Julia finished up and went back to the house to clean up. Phil snuck around to the front of the house to pretend he had just got home. Rachel and Julia greeted him and asked how his day went. After some small talk, he asked what they did all day. Rachel flipped through a magazine and told him the usual. Julia also kept her head in a magazine trying to change the subject. Phil laughed at them telling he saw everything in the stables and had it on tape. Rachel yelled at him to mind his own business. Phil had the upper hand. He was bored with farm life too and had serious sexual fantasies to be fulfilled. He wanted his mother and aunt! They had no choice. Phil had Julia lick Rachel’s pussy first, and then Rachel had to lick Julia’s pussy. Phil stroked his cock through his jeans watching them. He ordered his aunt to suck his cock and Rachel was to watch. Julia did and Rachel sat there mortified. Phil told Rachel to suck him off and share with Julia. They winced the entire time, sucking off her son and sucking off her nephew! Phil wanted more; he ordered them in to the bedroom. They got doggy style and Phil fucked his aunt first. Julia clutched at the bed sheets as he pounded her furiously. Rachel covered her eyes in shame! He then took his mother from behind banging her hard. Rachel covered her mouth almost in tears. Phil got his fill switching back and forth. When he was ready to blow, he lay back and made them suck together until he creamed both their faces. Rachel adjusted her clothing and demanded the tape. Phil smiled and said, nope.

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Unconditional love for his mother!

Calling Eric into her room, she immediately set about seducing him. This time her son could not resist. He went crazy for his mother after seeing her strip down to her see-through lacy nightie. On the bed the taboo twosome began making out. Frank laid on side, but Rachel gave him unceremonious shove. His limp body rolled onto the floor with a heavy bump. Mother and son had it all to themselves from then on. And they made the most of it. Laying on top of his panting mother, Eric hungrily kissed and fondled her big breasts. Then the pair moved into the 69 position. Here Rachel feasted on her son’s thick hard cock while he ate out her wet pussy. The could not get enough each other, and ended getting pretty gymnastic in their enjoyment of one another’s bodies. Then came the full-on fucking. Rachel started out riding her son on top, switched to some hard doggy style action, and finished up in the missionary position. Eric’s cum-filled condom she emptied over her breasts so that they looked glazed. Wantonly desiring to taste her son’s youthful essence, she ran her tongue along the inside of the condom. Then she lay down beside him. Together they agreed to set Frank up and catch him cheating. That way, Rachel could get a divorce and live happily ever after with her son. Frank himself was just feet away, oblivious of his wife’s and his son’s plan for him – or the fact that they had just fucked each other’s brains with torrid, taboo abandon.

File size: 485MB
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