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Love with Mother

Scene One: Mother’s comfort
“You’ll find another girl I’m sure” Melanie tells her son after a bad break up. She talks softly, comforting her hurt son. “You’ll be ok. Just tell a girl how you feel about them” She gives him a kiss. Vulnerable he reaches out and touches his mom’s breasts, showing her how he feels about her. “Woah woah, what are you doing.” Melanie says in shock.
You convince her that you just need a little comfort and she lets you touch her. Slowly you touch and talk her into having sex with you, opening her legs and letting you slide yourself inside your mother’s warm pussy. Melanie knows what she’s doing is wrong but it would be good for you, giving you confidence with girls your own age. She moans, her breasts bouncing and it feels better than either of you ever imagined. Melanie cums for the first time in a long time. She can’t believe that she just came from her son.

Scene Two:My first BJ with mom
It’s your birthday and Melanie doesn’t have a lot of money. “Is there anything you want?” She asks softly. You gather up your courage and ask your mother for a blowjob. Melanie is only to happy to suck you for the first time.
She hasn’t stopped thinking about her orgasm the other day and loves sucking your big cock. She takes off her robe and worships your cock. A crazy feeling comes over you and you cum inside someones mouth for the first time. “You could have warned me first.” Swallowing down his cum. “I can’t believe we just did that” Melanie says leaving the room.

Scene Three: Photos of mother
“Can you pose for my new camera?” You ask your mom. She smiles standing up for you so you can take some photos. You ask if she can show a little more and she tells you your father is upstairs. You convince her to take off her dress and model her underwear. Melanie becomes increasingly nervous as she’s told to take off her bra and then panties.
Now naked she poses for her son’s camera and finds herself getting turned on. You take a photo of her with her mouth around your cock before laying her down. You tell her you just want a photo of her pussy next to your cock but before she knows it you slide it in and fuck her. She moans at how good it feels. You fuck her warm wet pussy all around the living room, making her cum harder than ever before. Her soft fuckable body makes you cum inside, covering her pussy in cum. You take one more photo of your destroyed mother before leaving.

Scene Four: Fuck mommy like a teacher
“Fuck me harder, Fuck me harder!” Melanie screams. Naked on her desk you make her huge breasts bounce from your hard cock drilling into her. She can’t control herself orgasming again and again. Any time your father leaves the house Melanie is all over you, begging you to fuck her.
You bring her back to her bedroom and fuck her on the edge of her bed. “Fuck mommy harder” She yells. Her orgasms shout through the house and she loses all sense of herself. A crazy hard fucking of your slut mother until you cum deep into her pussy. “You fill mommy so good” She moans.

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Family Picnic

Mom was enjoying the sun and her time with her Son Harlo. They talked and laughed like they used to. Harlo showed her pics from Anya’s phone of her being a complete slut. Although Mom did not like Harlo going through his Sister’s phone, she did enjoy seeing her Daughter being a slut and capturing the moments on camera. Harlo asked what Dad and Anya were doing. They had been gone for quite a while now. Mom said she didn’t care and really just wanted to spend alone time with Harlo. She told him how much she had missed him. She went to kiss and her Son pulled away. He said he didn’t want to in public and was afraid people might see. Mom said she didn’t care and neither should he. She kissed him. They made out passionately. Mom said she needed his cock. It had been so long. She started to unzip his pants and Harlo suggested they find somewhere a little more private. They walked over behind the park bathrooms and Mommy dropped to her knees and took out her Son’s cock. She took her Boy’s beautiful cock in her mouth and started sucking it. She took it deep in her throat which always makes her pussy wet. She couldn’t wait to feel her Son’s cock in her dripping cunt. She stood up and told him to shove his cock inside of his Mothers pussy! He looked around, nervous that someone would see them. Then pushed her against the fence and started fucking her! She tells him to make Mommy cum! He fucks her hard and doesn’t care who see’s them! When he is ready to cum he pushes his Mommy on the ground and cums all over her face! Mom is very proud of her Man and starts to clean his cum on her face. Just then Dad and Anya peek around the corner. They smile and ask them what they have been up to? Mom and Harlo laugh and ask them what have they have been up to? Mom tells her Daughter to help clean up Mommy. Lick all your Brother’s cum off Mommy’s face! Anya greedily licks up every drop and then shares it with her Mommy.

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Exclusive Spanish Incest Video

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Mommy’s Ego

The basic premise of the video is that of a lecherous college-age son preying on the vulnerable ego of his prim and proper mother. I envision it as a POV-style video with just you speaking and in the camera frame like most of your other videos. However, while most of your videos have a static camera, I would greatly appreciate it if there was some way to incorporate movement at times as if someone’s eyes were wantonly scanning you and parts of your body. Ideally, Id like your hair up in a bun, wearing a skirt with bare legs and wearing the flesh colored peep-toe high-heels that you wear in some of your videos. As far as underwear, a sexy matching bra and panties would be great. At the end of the video, you would be nude except the shoes, and your hair would still be up in the bun. Refer to yourself as “Mommy” frequently, especially in the climax of the video. Junior would be coming home from a semester at college to find Mommy home alone in the living room appearing quite upset and uncharacteristically sipping wine. Junior and Mommy start with some small talk about college, but Mommy appears quite distracted, tipsy, and angry. Junior asks Mommy why she is so upset, but Mommy hesitates to share her concerns. However, with some cajoling, Mommy finally tells me that she fears that Dad is no longer interested in her as a woman. He’s been very distant lately, and to cap things off, she recently found a bunch of “dirty pictures” on the family computer that she automatically assumes belong to Dad. In short, Mommy’s confidence in her desirability to men is severely shaken. Mommy trusts Junior implicitly, and she would never think that those “dirty pictures” actually belong to Junior. Immediately, he crafts a plan to take advantage of her vulnerability. Through flattery and exploiting her trust and tipsy state, he convinces her that they can make Dad see her as a woman again if they surprise him with some pin-up style photos of herself. Mommy is somewhat skeptical at first but intrigued by the idea. Since Mommy has no idea how to pose, she asks Junior for explicit instructions. He guides her through a series of poses. He starts out focusing mainly on her legs and gets more suggestive and provocative from there. Junior convinces Mommy to remove her clothes piece by piece with some up-skirt, butt, and cleavage poses. As they proceed, Mommy’s confidence and boldness continues to build. Suddenly, Mommy can’t help but notice the giant bulge in Junior pants. She can’t help but feel proud of the possibility that she is the cause. She is compelled to ask Junior to show it to her. It’s the largest cock she has ever seen, and she is in awe of its size, girth, and hardness. Furthermore, she can’t help but compare it to Dad’s tiny, flaccid penis. In the heat of the moment, she is consumed with the desire to feel Junior’s giant cock inside her. As Junior enters Mommy, she is overwhelmed by its size and hardness. She almost feels like a virgin again and can’t help but belittle Dad’s cock in comparison. Mommy soon reacts theatrically to a powerful orgasm, but Junior has not climaxed yet. Mommy begs “please don’t cum inside of me” etc. and then when the son DOES cum inside of her, she has a look of sheer terror and shock and then comes the realization that she’s been duped. Junior confesses that the pictures on the computer are actually his. The video ends with a look of shock on Mommy’s face. Direct your own porn film starring Janey Jones by visiting my website. Thank you for your cum and attention. I love you!

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Mommy’s Asshole

From the POV perspective of Mommys special little guy. Mommy kisses and touches you all over then lifts up her pretty Mommy slip and spreads her gorgeous Mommy asshole, encouraging you to have an enormous emotional orgasm! Youve come home from school upset because you got a bad grade. But your pretty mommy knows that you are the smartest, most handsome and wonderful boy in the world! Ill make you feel all better with a nice long view of my most private parts and lots of up-close ASMR-style kisses. Mommy touches your soft hair and your handsome shoulders and your strong hands, then teases you and reaffirms everything is perfect by letting you cum to her pretty Mommy asshole! I love you so much, sweetie! Youll also love Mommy’s Anal Seduction and Mommy’s Baby Gets a Boner. Want to make a movie with me? Direct your own fetish movie starring Janey Jones! Visit my website for more info and free extended previews. Thank you for your cum and attention. I love you!

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Cheating Mommy Blackmail

You are my Mom and I am your Son XX years old. I came from school and saw mom was laying on the couch in very tight jeans. I was looking at her hot ass. Mom didn’t notice me and i went into my room. She cooked in the kitchen and i was sitting next to her and was looking at her ass. Mom asked me if i can help her to bring down some plates. I take this chance to grab Mom’s hot ass and rub myself on her ass. She tries to push me away but I keep doing it. I grab her big tits. Then she pushed me away and was angry and scolded me.
Mom brings me dinner in my bedroom but continues to scold me and make me jerk off in front of her to get it out of my system, but she is still angry with me.
Later I was in my bedroom and heard something weird coming from the living room. I went into the living room to see what happened and saw Mom and our neighbor having sex. Mom was riding him on the couch. I was looking at Mom’s hot ass from the side. Then they do it in doggystyle and Mom saw me and was shocked but kept cool and moaned louder so that the neighbor didn’t notice anything. She gave me hand sign to go away but i kept looking at her. After I saw that the neighbor was cumming, i ran back into my room.
Mom knocked on my door and went in. She was very nervous and wanted to talk with me about it. She begged me that i don’t tell anything to dad. She will do anything. So i take that chance. I was like really strong to her and say “okay stand up and show me in that tight pants your sexy sex!” She was really nervous and try to talk with me while showing me her ass. Then i lay down on the bed and say to Mom “come on top of me but with your ass to my face. Rub with your sexy ass on my dick in this sexy tight pants.” Then I say to her “Go change your clothes into some sexy clothes… like stocking, high heels …!”
After she was done, she asked me if was ready for her and came into my room. She was really sexy. I said to her “i need to take some good videos and pictures of that! So do some sexy now Mom!” After that all, mom was really horny and rubs her pussy in front of me. She pushed me on the bed and go on top of me and rides me really hard. I was cumming on her big tits.

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Mother/Son Talk

Son, have a seat. Did your Father talk to you yesterday?.. No, he didn’t sit you down and talk to you about something? I swear he’s worthless… Okay, that’s fine. Mommy will just have to do it. Now son, don’t be embarrassed. Mommy is going to teach you about sex, we’ve waited too long already, just make sure you pay attention….

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Get Me the Baby Oil

While washing dishes this housewife MILF`s(Madisin Lee) wedding ring gets stuck in the sink. She tries to get it out, instead she gets her hand stuck. She calls for her son and ask him to bring thebaby oil. Her son, Freddie Cee, brings the oil, but has other intentions. Since his mom is a damsel in distress, he sees this as an opportunity to take advantage of the situation. He lathers the babyoil on this PAWG ass and starts to fuck her doggystyle. He fucks her until he is about to cum, then gets in front of her and explodes a massive facial on her.

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Mom’s 21st Birthday Surprise Quicky

It’s my 21st birthday and I’ve gone on a camping trip with my family. The rest of the family is doing there own thing, so mom and I decide to go on a hike. She said she has something special for me. The only thing is that we have to be quick and quiet about it. What’s this, she is going down on me for a blowjob right in the outdoors. Dam this feels good. Getting some good head from mom out in public. Oh yea, she is going to let me put it in her. Fuck, we have to hurry up. I have the perfect idea… I’m gonna give mommy a facial in return as a way of thanking her for this great birthdaysurprise.

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Mom Lends A Helping Hand

Chris has been in the hospital from a bad accident and is paralyzed from the waist down. Because of his circumstances and it being so soon after the accident, the only way he can be discharged from the hospital is he has to have someone stay with him so he agrees to stay at his mother’s home. Ever since the accident Chris has had constant erections but no matter how hard he tries, he cannot ejaculate.Synopsis Chris is laying in bed at his mother’s (Carol) house when she comes in to tell him goodnight and leaves and shuts his bedroom door. A short time later she walks by his bedroom door only to hear him yelling something like this. “fuck me, why can’t I cum?! Fuck it hurts and won’t go down!”Not suspecting Chris is talking about his cock, his mother Carol rapidly knocks on the door and walks in only to get the shock of her life when she sees is large erection. He stammers and stutters until she asks him what’s wrong? After he finally explains the problem he is having, she’s extremely nervous and hesitant and explains while it is extremely wrong, she will give him a hand job but that’s as far as she can go. She’s extremely hesitant but finally start stroking his cock but when he still can’t cum, she decides to give him a blowjob but once again explains that’s as far as she can go. As she began sucking his cock, she begins to get highly excited and opened herself up to the possibility she might have to go farther than she expected.When he still doesn’t cum, she starts to disrobe and makes him promise he can never tell a soul what she’s about to do. She then climbs on top of him and begins riding his cock with her back towards him and when he still doesn’t cum, she turns around to face him and rides his cock vigorously all the time moaning about what a fantastic cock he’s wielding whereupon he begins to play with her breasts. She might even say things like. “Oh Jesus me Chris, your cock is so much bigger than your father’s. Oh my, mommy can’t get enough of your big cock! Oh Chris, it’s like your cock was made for mommy’s pussy!”His mother gets so lost in the moment, she starts to orgasm and without warning he starts cumming inside of her. Chris begins to panic but she quickly calms him by saying something like. “Don’t worry, I think it would be fantastic to have your baby. Don’t you think it would be wonderful for mommy to have your baby? Don’t worry Chris, if you didn’t get me pregnant this time, we can keep practicing until you do.”

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