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Squirting Step-Daughter Punish Fucked

Angel Allwood is a hot busty MILF wth it all: A mansion and a younger boyfriend on the side. It all comes crashing down when her cute little piece of ass step-daughter comes to visit. Angel’s Dominant boyfriend grows tired of playing butler and takes both step-mother and step-daughter on a squirt filled bondage and sex training. From Angel’s brutal take down with rough anal, pussy clamps, a serious belting, and orgasm denial to Zoey’s seduction with the zapper and cattle prod, hot squirting sex, and belt bondage, Seth keeps both these hot blond bitches under tight control. Bringing both blond sluts to heel in the master bedroom, Seth trains his new sex slaves, teaching Zoey to ask her Mommy for each squirting orgasm, training Angel to slurp up his cock after it comes out of her step-daughter’s ass. Using all four hot wet holes for his pleasure, Seth torments his new toys with zippers, candle wax, floggers, and orgasm denial until he is good and ready to serve them a meal of hot cum.
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Perfect, Prude, Whore my Mother

Rachel and her son Jeremy were straight church going people. Rachel’s husband left her soon after Jeremy was born because Rachel believed sex was to procreate only, and she was unable to conceive again. He could not take the no sex policy and left. Rachel raised Jeremy in a very sheltered environment and he loved her dearly. He had not had any girlfriends all through high school as mother requested. As Jeremy had grown into a 21 year old man and he began to have urges that were of the flesh and very strong. He found himself looking at his mother and having sexual thoughts. Rachel came home from the church bake sale to find Jeremy‘s room a mess. She picked up his dirty clothes and pulled the sheets down on his bed revealing a Vegas show girl calendar. Rachel was appalled and worried for her perfect son that he was becoming corrupted. She had to address this with him as soon as possible. Jeremy and Rachel discussed the situation and he convinced her that it was not his calendar. Rachel trusted her son. The next day Rachel found a sticky hand towel, a Kama Sutra book and her panties in his bathroom drawer. She was shocked at the book but found herself looking at the images. The images entered her subconscious mind. Rachel felt her pussy ache a little. She became confused about her morals. Again she talked with Jeremy. This time she told him that she pulled him out of school, told the entire congregation about Jeremy’s lust problem, and told him he would not be going to social functions except with her to church. Jeremy respected his mother’s wishes but he knew he would not last a long time in this situation. She told him some of the ladies gathered their son’s college books for him. Rachel instructed him to get started on his home studies. Jeremy found a book that was about mind control. He saw his friend’s name in the book and called him to ask about it. His friend said he slipped it in on purpose so Jeremy could try to change his mother by power of suggestion. He could turn his mother from a church going celibate to a cock hungry whore. Jeremy was excited by the thought of her on her knees or bent over the couch screaming out in ecstasy with each pound of his cock. So he attempted it with her. He used every opportunity to use the power of suggestion over his mother. Rachel’s mind was already primed by the sex books she had seen. After all, she is only human. After a nap and Jeremy softly talking to her she was transformed. Rachel changed into sexy lingerie and found a bottle of wine. Jeremy was shocked at the change. Her personality was totally different. She was no longer wound up tight. She was drinking and acting like a lusty woman. He told her that he wanted her even more sexy. She agreed and went back to her room. She told him to close his eyes and she came out in a bra and garter belt. She lusted after him quickly, ready to please him. She stripped him naked and started stroking his big cock. She pushed him back on the couch and ran her hands over his body. That day was the beginning of a new life for Jeremy. He had her sucking and fucking like a dirty whore. Rachel came so fast and hard as she had gone years without. Finally Jeremy came into Rachel’s open mouth. Rachel felt liberated and loved every minute of it. So where is the harm?
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I love fuck my Stepdaughter

In Stepdad Seduction #3, Latin stud/director Toni Ribas focuses his camera on precocious, young girls thirsting for attention from father figures. Each kinky vignette starts with a spunky cutie teasingly discussing her taboo relationships and culminates in a heated affair. Adorable teen Latina Gina Valentina boldly sneaks up oning stepdad Toni and sucks his dick! The smitten slut plays with her asshole through a pussy pounding; gives choking, deep-throat fellatio; and tastes her sweet juice on Daddy’s fingers. Slim, long-legged blonde Tiffany Watson manipulates stepfather Steve Holmes into a debauched tryst. They share fierce anal fucking, sloppy, ass-to-mouth blowjobbery and lewd rimming. Schoolgirl Ziggy Star gives stepdaddy Eric John a lap dance while he helps her with homework! Eric carry-fucks her and splatters her adorable face with semen. When stepfather Toni aggressively manhandles athletic Asian Ayumu Kase’s twat, the oil-drenched doll squirts multiple gushers of girl cum!
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Do not tell anyone I want fuck my Mom

My mom once again going on a date. She’s so feminine and tender. This asshole does not deserve her, I know what she feels for him, but he just uses her. I know, I can not interfere in her life. But …. I’m so excited to watch her when she is engaged in what so. I especially like to watch when Mommy engaged in fitness and going out on a date. Her beautiful long legs! Oh, God, I’ll go crazy on them. When she wear pantyhose…. her ass …. mmmmm….. I can not restrain myself …. And today, Mommy catch me as I spied on her. oops … I have not managed to escape

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Frozen Family Threesome

I could hear them fighting in the other room. My mom and sister always got into heated arguments about stupid stuff. This time my sister wanted to go out rather than celebrate Dad’s birthday, and Mom wasn’t going to tolerate it. It was honestly ridiculous. I walked into the kitchen to try and soothe things a bit, but my sister shoved me, and they started arguing with me. When it started to get worse, I pressed on my watch, “Freeze.” They froze in place and had wide, unblinking eyes. Did they really have to fight every single day? Why couldn’t they get along? I think I actually liked them better this way–it was quiet for once. I started to pose and manipulate their limbs, making them do silly gestures to one another as if they liked each other. I was able to do whatever I wanted. Move them, pose them, bend them…and there wasn’t a peep from their mouths. I admit, I was having fun. My special watch froze them in place, but with just a push, I could easily unfreeze them. It’s almost as if it could stop time.
And that’s what I did. I unfroze them just long enough to see the humiliation and embarrassment on their faces. They had no idea what had happened, and before they could figure it out, I froze them again. I burst out into laughter; it was way better than I could have ever imagined. I wanted to have some more fun. Since I had already gotten them naked, I groped at their exposed bodies, and then began posing them in more inappropriate positions. I made them touch one another, and then began to explore their bodies. I would occasionally unfreeze them just to watch them panic at their nudity, but would always freeze them just moments later. Their wide eyes stared straight forward as I penetrated them, and I finally released inside of Mom. Unfreeze. My mom and sister were disgusted and horrified as they saw the cum leak out of Mom’s pussy. Freeze. You know what…I think I’ll keep them like that. I was just so sick and tired of them arguing all the time. Peace and quiet at last.
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Stranded Mom in Desert Rescued by Son

While on a hike out in the desert alone, Jodi has gotten lost and is running out of water. Jodi was supposed to have some friends join her, but they all stood her up, and now she is helplessly stuck. She finally gets a signal on her cell phone and is able to get in touch with her step-son Damon who happens to have a off road vehicle that can her to her quickly. Damon arrives a bit later with not only water but a whole picnic. Now that Jodi knows that she’s not going to die, they decide to make the best of the situation and enjoy the sun set. B0eing grateful, Jodi wants Damon to know just how much he has helped her out of a tight spot, so she invites him into her tight spot Wink.. Damon is a bit shocked to begin with, but rolls with it and makes the inconvenience of picking someone out in the desert into one hell of an experience. This taboo couple fuck like wild animals in the desert sun, proving that a rough beginning to an adventure can always take a turn for the awesome!!
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Best Mommy`s Sensual Blowjob

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My Mom’s Silent Lust For Me

Part One – My Mom and I are out at the movies. As I’m reaching over for popcorn, our hands touch. I thought it was an accident, but when it happens again, I realize she is looking at me and smiling like she wants me. I think this can’t be real, but she keeps biting her lip while she’s looking at me and opening her shirt up more and more. Before I know it, she starts rubbing her foot on my leg while her high heel is dangling off her toes. When she finally moves the popcorn away from in between us and puts her feet on my lap, I know I’m not just imagining this. My Mom wants me.

Part Two – I sneak into my Mom’s room while she’s sleeping. After our time together at the movies, I can’t get the thought of us being together out of my head. I start groping her all over and she doesn’t wake up so I keep going further and further. When I open her legs and slide my hand towards her pussy, she finally wakes up confused and whispers, “what are you doing”? I start touching her pussy and put my finger over her mouth and begin to pleasure her until she finally gives in.
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Weekly Chores Creampie for Mom

Your mommy, Tammie is in the kitchen, by the stove, prepping your dinner. She looks so prim and proper in her bodysuit, skirt, and apron. As mommy chops the vegetables, she asks you about your day, checking you have completed your chores, as she casually tells you about her plans for the week ahead. Mommy does not even flinch as you reach out and start to caress her breasts. In fact, when you try to grab her ass, mommy spreads her legs and hitches up her skirt for you. She snaps open her body stocking saying, “This might help”, as she provides you with access. As mommy casually discusses her yoga class, your fingers slide into her from behind. You finger fuck her vigorously as she tells you about the drinks night she has planned with the girls. When you push her down to her kness by her head, Mommy is nonchalant, taking hold of your cock and sucking, asking, “Does this feel good?” Of course, you and her both know, you still have one more chore to complete, you still need to give mommy her creampie.
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Funny Farm Incest Threesome

Michelle and her Family have a certain way of doing things down on the Farm! Her two young Sons, Jimmy & Johnny have chores they need to do every week to keep the Farm going….and rather than pay the boys an “allowance”….which is just not in the Family Budget…..Michelle gives the boys “special rewards” for doing their chores. Today, Jimmy & Johnny are working outside on the Farm…..Johnny is mowing the grass….and Jimmy is doing the trimming. Mom brings both boys a nice, cold glass of water…..and then offers to give them “reward” for their hard work. Mom bends down and starts to Suck both her Son’s cocks. The boys stand and enjoy the cock sucking from Mom. Johnny reminds Mom that he also painted the fence that morning….which should entitle him to “extra reward”. Mom removes a cock from her mouth long enough to tell Johnny that she agrees with him. Mom tells Jimmy to go ahead and cum in Mom’s mouth….after which she will take Johnny to the wood shed for extra reward. Jimmy obediently ejaculates in his Mother’s mouth….then Mom takes Johnny by the hand to the wood shed…removes her shorts….and lets young Johnny have a good poke at her!!! Johnny pounds away at his Mother until he unloads all over her!!! Life down on the Farm…
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