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Its Her Birthday And She Can Fuck Son

I cant believe I forgot my stepmoms birthday. All that head must have scrambled my brains. Good thing she thought of her own present. She let me fuck her on her back, and couldnt stop telling me how much better I was then my dad. In the end, she got just what she wanted for her birthday, a steaming load from her stepson.

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I caught my stepson sniffing my heels

I finished the day with a great milfy shopping spree. When I arrived home, I walked in on my stepson jerking off in the living room while sniffing my high heels that I left there to air out from my feet being super sweaty in. He was embarrassed but I comforted him saying that I know exactly the life stage he’s in right now and offered to help him out by fulfilling his foot fetish desires. He was shocked but didn’t hesitate. He started licking my soles and sucking on my toes. It turned me on and made me wet. I fucked his big dick and jerked it with my feet until he busted his load all over my red pedicured toes. Hope he keeps it a secret but it was so worth it!

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Mom’s Masturbation Lessons

She remarks that the cum was all the way in the toe of the sock & asks if you’ve been masturbating with socks. That must be hurting your skin. She pulls out your penis, and it does look a little red. So she begins to apply lotion to your penis. “I can buy you your own jar of coconut oil, but don’t use the one in the kitchen. I’ve had enough surprises.” As she keeps rubbing, you of course get hard.
By the time she notices, your cock is throbbing & fully hard. She stares at it for a long time, getting more & more horny. “My hand feels a lot better than a sock, doesn’t it? You know, it’s been a long time since I’ve even seen a penis. I haven’t been on a date in a couple years. I wanted to focus on raising you & teaching you all the things you need to know. Apparently I’ve been lacking in some areas. Maybe I could make up for not teaching you about masturbating. Maybe I can show you a little something that you haven’t experienced yet. You know what’s even softer than my hand?…”

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My Mom Took my Virginity

Josh has a dilemma. He has a Date with Jennifer, a girl from his school….and after their Date, they are going back to her house….and her Parents are going to be away for the weekend. Josh is nervous….because he believes that Jennifer is going to want to have sex….and although he wants to….he also knows that Jennifer has done it a few times before…but he is a Virgin. Josh’s Mom questions him about why is so nervous….and Josh confides his predicament to his Mom. His Mom is concerned about Josh not knowing what to do with Jennifer…..and not wanting him to look “out of place”…..

Elaine offers to have sex with Josh…to teach him how to do it!! Josh asks his Mom if she feels such a thing would be appropriate…..and Josh’s Mom tells him that lots of young boys probably learn this way….it’s certainly better than learning it “on the street”. With his Mom’s encouragement….Josh begins to take off his clothes….and Mom gently and lovingly begins to caress Josh’s cock. Josh continues to ask his Mom if this behaviour is ok….and Mom assures Josh that all is well….to concentrate, and let his erection grow inside her mouth. When Josh’s penis is fully erect….Mom gets a condom, and gives Josh the “safe sex” talk. Mom tells Josh to climb on top of her….and insert his penis into her vagina. Josh is shaking and trembling as he awkwardly tries to put his cock inside his Mother. Mom is very gentle with Josh….and quietly encourages him to Pump her, once he has achieved penetration. Josh begins to hump away at his Mom…..”I’m doing it Mom….I’m doing it!!!”. Josh’s first experience with sexual intercourse doesn’t last very long….which his Mom lovingly assures him is normal…..and he ejaculates after a few moments. Josh removes the condom and empties it onto his Mom’s stomach. “Not bad honey….not bad at all” Mom says as she admires the large ejaculation. “I’m proud of you Son!!”.

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Mother Simple Solution

Baby this is the second Saturday in a row you haven’t left the house.. I’m starting to get worried. Talk to me. I’m your Mother, I love you. You can tell me anything baby.. You might be surprised how many different things Mom can fix….

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Mom Has Her Way While Dads Away

Jamie Foster is a hot cougar, who is unfortunately stuck living with her husband Eric, and his son Patrick. Patrick and Eric seem to be major dork’s. It’s quite obvious that Patrick is growing up to be just like his father. Jamie has other things planned for Patrick. One morning, Jamie decides she’s had enough. She hasn’t been satisfied in such a long time. She will not tolerate living in this kind of household.
Jamie has always been a cougar at heart, with an appetite for young men. She show’s Patrick how to become a real man. Patrick is nervous and scared at first. Soon enough, Jamie finds out that Patrick is packing, and he just needs to be taught how to use his cock. Patrick realizes how nice mature pussy really is. He thrusts his big cock in and out of Jamie with excitement. Jamie finally gets the proper fuck and load she’s been anxiously waiting for.

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Stop Looking At Stepmoms Ass

Natasha Starr is a freaky perv. She watches in secret while her stepson licks his Bailey Brookes pussy and can tell she is totally not into it. Natasha lets him know that she can be the light to guide him to pussy eating prowess. He munches on her hairy little thing and learns all the tricks in the book. Then he treats his Bailey to his new skillset. She takes a rest while his boner is still raging, and then Natasha, like a fairy godmother, comes swooping in. Natasha gets his attention and does Baileys job for her, slurping and blowing like shes been doing it for years. Finally, our Bailey catches our stud looking at his stepmoms ass. She gets jealous, so they have an ass comparing competition. Our stud cant choose, so he ends up jackhammering both of them into submission. Whos ass did you like better?

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Mommy Helps You Get Off

Mommy walks in on you jerking off. But, isn’t your girlfriend supposed to be coming over? Doesn’t she know how to please you? No? Well, don’t worry, mommy knows what a man needs. Just stroke your cock and cum for mom’s tits. Good boy.

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Better Play with you Stepmom

Busty Mother Ariella Ferrera can’t find a single pair of panties anywhere in the house, it’s like they’ve all disappeared – or got stolen! Turns out her new stepson Kyle Mason has a thing for her underwear and so far he’s got a pretty big collection. When Kyle walks in on his stepmom with a handful of panties, he thinks he’s in big trouble, but all she wants is a taste of his big dick! After putting her big fake tits to work titfucking his huge cock hard, Ariella wastes no time spreading her legs as Kyle slides every inch he’s got up her wet stepmother’s pussy! This hung stud can’t believe how tight Ariella is, barely able to hold back any more he glazes her huge boobs in a warm load!

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A Model Mother

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