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Threesome With My Creeper Son

Juan keeps on spying on his stepmom she is hot and beautiful and he broke up with his girlfriend. The mom Nina keeps on noticing it and decides to talk to her new husband Marcus, they decide that she is gonna talk to his son. When she confronted Juan he admitted it and promise to try and stop spying on her. Later on, Juan hears some moaning coming from his parent’s bedroom and sees Nina and Marcus having sex, so he decides to spy on them. Mom again notices it and decides to give Juan some love in order for him to relieve himself. She brings Juan to join in on the sex so father and son can fuck her at the same time.

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Mother & Teen Educated in Anal Submission

Isabella Nice is a hot teen spinner failing her homeschooling exams, but instead of studying she follows the example of her busty MILF Step-Mom Syren de Mer, who thinks she can use her juicy tits and cock hungry holes to get whatever she wants. When Isabella’s new tutor Stirling Cooper arrives, he is expecting to find a willing pupil and instead finds that neither Isabella nor her Step-Mother are interested in her education at all…

When he confronts Syren about Isabella’s woeful study habits, she tries to bribe him into helping her daughter scam her way into college by getting on her knees and begging him to dominate her. Fed up with being jerked around by poorly read rich girls, Sterling roughly throat fucks and slaps Syren around the living room. Syren is loving every moment of it, gagging on his thick cock and crying out from the metal clamps on her swinging tits. Spanked and made to degrade herself by squirting on the living room floor, Syren still manages to be a mouthy brat and gets locked into painful metal bondage. Immobilized with her ass exposed, Syren’s curves are flogged by Stirling until her ass is bright red and she is screaming and begging to be fucked. When Stirling finally slides his massive cock into her dripping wet pussy Syren moans like a bitch in heat and bounces back against him, cumming on his dick with permission. Stirling pushes his cock into her whore ass and fucks both of her eager holes indiscriminately. Syren is a true anal slut, and begs to have Stirling fuck her mouth immediately after her ass so she can taste herself. Still panting from so many orgasms, she begs Sterling to try teaching her daughter again. Stirling gives it another go with Isabella’s studies, but when she responds like a spoiled lazy brat and tries to instigate sex with him, Stirling decides to teach her a lesson. Isabella gets bent over his knee and has her tight teenage ass savagely beaten with a book. He throws open her thighs and shocks her clit over and over with a zapper until he finally has her undivided attention. Isabella is put in tight bondage and has her perky tits and pussy covered in clamps. Thrown into a back bend, she is flogged and taught to ask for cock politely until she is given permission. Once Isabella has humiliated herself enough for his taste and learned her Ps and Qs, he bends her over and takes her tight teenage pussy from behind. Not satisfied she has fully understood her sexual education class, he pulls out and slowly works his huge dick into her tight asshole. Isabella screams into her ball gag as he fucks her tight ass and enjoys watching her eyes roll back in her head from all the anal orgasms. Despite Isabella’s willingness as an anal student, Stirling still decides it’s time to get some parental backup and drags a bare naked Syren into the scene, planting her surprised face directly into Isabella’s freshly fucked holes, demanding that she clean up her mess. As she licks at her step-daughter’s naughty clit Stirling gives her a proper caning to remember and then feeds her his cock directly out of Isabella’s ass. Stirlinga€™s cock is not the only this these slutty women will be sharing: He hooks both of them up to a set of electrical boxes, shocking their cunts and zapping their tits while they are locked in leather cuff bondage. Only once they have both learned to sexually serve in a proper submissive fashion does he turn to sexual pleasure, fucking them both to orgasm and rewarding them for an A+ performance with a thick cum load.

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Mommy`s Yoga Stretch

The vid starts with Madisin wearing really tight spandex/leggings and a tight top doing yoga stretches not knowing that her horny son is watching and admiring her ass. He walks up behind and presses himself against her ass which startles mommy. Madisin feels he is getting a boner as she tries to get away, but he puts his hand over her mouth and pins her to the floor. Madisin tries to struggle but . Her helplessness turns him on as he enjoys her body while she lets out sexy moans here and there. Freddie tears her pants open and fucks her. He makes sure he cums as deeply as he can inside of this MILF then decides Madisin would be more comfy in bed. The scene fades to her lying on a bed in a body stocking he dressed her in. He is on top of her thrusting hard as she groggily stares up to look at him with heavy eyes and ask what he is doing. He tells her that he will give her his baby and to go back to sleep, he puts his hand back over Madisins mouth as she tries to protest but loses consciousness. Again this motherfucker finishes his fun with a nice creampie. He admires his handy work as he leaves her to sleep off her forced impregnation.

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Mom’s A Hoe Hoe Hoe

Jane is decorating for the holidays when her brother in law knocks on the door. She is pretty behind on her rent since her husband passed away and she hasn’t been working. She knows it will be a small Christmas for her son. Her brother in law has come over to warn her that if she doesn’t pay up, he is going to evict her and tell her son that he can come live with his uncle. He knows his sister in law isn’t working and has a steady stream of strange men in and out of the house at all hours of the night. Jane begs him to reconsider and reminds him that they are family, but since his brother passed, he doesn’t consider her family, he considers her a hoe.
A week later when he comes to collect the rent, Jane doesn’t have it. She is sitting on the floor counting change to offer him as that is all that she has. She is desperate. Her brother in law says she needs to do ‘anything’ to pay the rent. He knows she’s still the same whore she was in high school. Knowing she has no other choice, she gets on her knees and offers to give him a handjob. He thinks she owes him far too much for just a handjob, but will let her do it as part of a payment plan and tells her to take her shirt off. Jane strokes him until he cums all over her hands. A few days later, her brother in law is back for more payment.

He lets himself in and Jane comes out of the bathroom in her robe. She has a date coming over. Her brother in law says that they can make it quick. Jane gets on her knees to stroke him, but he tells her that this time, she has to put it in her mouth.

She gives him a reluctant blowjob showing him her tits in a push up bra. He grabs her by the back of her head and makes her swallow his huge, creamy load. She knows that she has no other choice. A few days later, Jane’s brother in law is back just walking into her house this time as she is on the couch relaxing with her feet up. He tells her that her son is over at his house looking at new cars. She is mad that her brother in law promised to buy her son a car knowing that she can’t afford it. He hands her a bag and tells her to go put on what’s inside of it and then he’ll consider saying the car is from the both of them. When Jane comes back in the room, she is wearing slutty Christmas lingerie for her brother in law. She assumes he wants another blowjob, but she is wrong. This time he is going to fuck her and get what he wants. He has her on her back, then doggystyle, then back on her back to finish with a creampie inside of her.

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Say Yes Mommy!

I joined the Marine Corps a month after my Father left us. I hated that I was leaving my Mother all alone, but at least I knew I’d be home in a few months, Dad was never coming back… I joined the Marines because I wanted to become a man, and do something exciting, but mostly to make my Mother proud of me. I know she was disappointed in me the last couple years… After boot camp I had 10 days of leave before I had to go to North Carolina for more training. I was so glad to be at home with my Mom, I missed her a lot while I was away. I didn’t plan for what happened the first few days back. And I’m not entirely proud of everything I did. I was drinking a lot and there’s some things I don’t remember very clearly. What I do know is my Mother and I love each other very much, and that will never change no matter what happens from here on. The only truly important part of what happened is that she finally said yes….

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Son Cums of Age

Scene One: Don’t Say Anything
I am on the couch and Mom walks into the room wearing a skirt and blouse. She stares at me intently for a good literal thirty seconds. She says, “Don’t talk, don’t say anything.” Mom takes her shoes off and crawls across the floor. She gets on her knees before me, unzips me, and pull my dick out. She rubs it all over her face for a full minute. Mom then reaches under her skirt and plays with herself while you giving me head. When I Cum, she has a little trouble swallowing it and slightly chokes. When she is finished, she stares up at me for a few seconds, stands up go get her shoes, and walks out the room.

Scene Two: Fuck Me Don’t Kiss Me
I wake up to see Mom in a t-shirt PJ top standing over my bed in my bedroom. She looks at me grimly, removes her top and gets on the bed. I move in to kiss her and she says, “No, don’t kiss me. Just fuck me. Fuck your mother. Fuck her with your hard young cock.” Mom keeps her eyes closed and says, “That’s it, fuck me! Fuck me like a whore. Make your mother your whore.” After a few minutes of this, Mom says, “Pull it out and come in my mouth.” And I do so.

Scene Three: Treat Me Like a Whore
I am walking down the hallway when Mom (in skirt and blouse) steps out of her bedroom. She looks at me with the previously mentioned intent look. She says, “Your father’s asleep already. Of course.” She tells me to shove her against the wall and rip her blouse and bra open. She tells me to hold her by the throat with one hand while he feels her boobs with the other. I then force her to her knees and have her give me a blowjob. Lastly, she has me jerk off on her face and slap her cum filled face…I am getting into the rough side of things…

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Mom Wants Creampie For Christmas

Son, don’t freak out, Mommy just wants to sit with you. You’re about to play some video games? That’s silly why don’t you spend some time with your Mother instead. We never hang out like we used too. Son, I know you’re growing up and you get uncomfortable when Mommy touches you. It’s OK Son, no funny business, I promise. Mommy doesn’t want to do anything weird to you. I just want to show you this neat Christmas ornament I bought from the magic shop down the road. Isn’t it pretty? Let Mommy give you a closer look at it… That’s so much better Son! Now you’ll do just as Mommy says. Take your shorts off and let Mommy see that big cock you’ve been hiding from her. Son, you’re such a good boy now, Mommy can play with you however she likes. It’s going to be a very Merry Christmas!
The next day I was sitting at the kitchen table and my Mom walked up and started talking to me. I tried at first to deny that anything had happened the night before, I thought for sure Mom was in a blackout. But I was wrong! Mom remembered what happened. I thought I was in big trouble this time, then Mom said she realized she liked it! She said Dad never wants to cum in her anymore. Mom told me she wanted me to give her another creampie as her Christmas present. I was blown away, but Mom assured me it was ok and that if she got pregnant Dad would just think it was his anyway. So I fucked my Mom again and exploded inside her pussy just like she wanted. BEST. CHRISTMAS

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Like Daughter… Like Mother

After Johnny almost exposes mom’s special secret, Dani feels it’s only right to punish him by making him finish what he started. Dani rips Johnny’s pants off and starts sucking away. Johnny can’t resist his mom teasing his cock and puts her up on the counter to get a good taste. Dani tells her son to shove his cock in her waiting hot hole. He finally bends Dani over the counter to give her the pussy pounding she demanded and making her taste every drop of his cum.

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Family Holiday

Surprising her nephew (through marriage), Emma Hix shows up on Christmas morning in nothing but lingerie. Turned on by her sexy body, Tyler Nixon struggles to maintain his composure and resistance until Aunt Emma reveals that her husband, Uncle Shawn is actually gay and Emma is in need of a man’s cock. Tyler is shocked by the revelation but isn’t about to miss his opportunity at fucking someone as sexy as Emma and he quickly reaches between her legs and laps up her dripping wet cunt. It’s Christmas morning and Tyler cannot think of a more fitting gift than a nice huge load over Aunt Emma’s tits.

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Overfill And Impregnate Mommy

Im almost ready for the night out we have planned, you walk in and I ask you how I look…obviously I look a little too good because you cant help but turn my ass around and start pulling my dress up…I look at what iv’e done…Your rock hard…Oops…. I couldn’t let us leave for the night without satisfying you of course so I pull you close, and demand you give me your cock. Let me suck your Cock, Fuck me doggy, Ride you, And fill me with all your cum! But Wait….Did you remember we don’t have condoms left?? Fuck it, I want you to give me all your babies! Impregnant me and make me a mommy again! Don’t hold back your load, because I want it all! I promise ill have your cock throbbing and you’ll bust your nut all inside me as you watch all the different angles I get fucked in!

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