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Giving Mommy What She Needs 2

Makayla knocks on Rion’s door to see if he’s still awake. When she comes in, she’s only wearing a light tank top and panties on and asks if she can climb into bed with him. While she’s laying next to him, he starts to mention the night they had together. Makayla quickly puts her finger over his mouth and says they don’t need to talk about it while sliding her hand onto his dick over the sheets. Makayla has made up her mind: she doesn’t want to date anymore, and from now on, she wants her son to give her what Mommy needs.
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Mom Natasha gets her boy sperm inside

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Mom and Son Had sex after watching porn

Mother has a surprise for you. she’s wearing a sexy mini turtle neck sweater dress on with thigh high silk stockings and sexy black high heel boots on and a pair of black satin silky panties that she reveals to you when she sits on the edge of her bed and spreads her legs open wide while she tells you that before you get your surprise, you first are going to have to get down on your knees and lick some mommy pussy real good before you get it…Son goes all the way down on mother with passion and lust and licks and eats her sweet wet pussy through her silk thong and around it and when she has had enough, she tells him to get up, pulls out his cock and starts sucking on her son’s big fat dick for a goods work down. After some delicious mother son blowjob fun, she tells him to stay and wait for her to get his surprise he has so hardly earned. Mother comes back after a short while and lays on the satin covered bed. I remembered your fetish son, from the first time we had fun together…Now son what do you think about this?… is this what turns you on?… A mother always knows what her son loves and wants the most. A night fucking mommy in her sexy silky black satin slip with a sexy satin white robe, sexy nylon stockings with a pair of black satin high heel sandals and her best pearl neckless around her neck running down the middle of her satin covered breast. Tonight mommy will let you put your hard cock inside of her and if you want she will let you cum wherever you want and after that you can stick your cum wet cock back inside of mothers juicy silky pussy and full it up some more. Sounds like fun son?incestual sex, taboo dialogue, satin & silk fetish, boots, nylon stockings, panties,silk robe, pearl neckless, high heels, cfnm, cumshot
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Blackmailing My Slut Mother

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Using Mommy’s Mouth

You can’t sleep either baby? I just it’s just us again all alone in this big house… I was thinking about the other night. You did so well helping me cum, but Mommy didn’t make you cum. I think Mommy should teach you a few new things….

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Mother’s Secret Lessons – Making Love

Son, I feel so naughty having you in my bed, but I guess you belong here more than your Father… You’ve been learning so much, Mommy is very proud of you… I don’t know baby… Mommy wants to do that too but I’m worried it would be wrong… I know you’re curious and you should learn, it’s just… Well maybe we could just go slow… I think you’re ready….

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Son like Mommas Games

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Stop Cumming In Mommy’s Bras

Uh-oh, you’re in trouble! Mom discovered her favorite bra covered in a mysterious, white, sticky substance, and she knows exactly who to blame! Mom gets mad at first, then feels bad for yelling at you and decides a better solution is to personally help you drain your balls.

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Let Mommie Handle It

Wake up son, mommies finally off work. I’m sorry daddy caught us, I should have been more careful but I can’t help myself. I’m so attracted to you it’s scary but you don’t seem to mind. I’ll figure out someplace for you soon and in the meantime I’m gonna make you feel better. Mmm I can tell you really need this too from the way you’re watching me undress. Your cock is throbbing with anticipation as I wrap my lips around it gently. You’re so hard I need you inside me now son. You like when mommie rides you don’t you? My pussy is so wet and I can’t stop cumming. Thats it son take me from behind and pound mommies pussy til you give me a big creampie. Thats mommies good boy, I’ll handle everything soon so we can do this more often.

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Daddy Is Never Home Son

So son I’ve been noticing you staring at me quite a bit. Is there something you want to tell me? I know I’m just your step-mom but you can talk to me. Well maybe if I share something it will help us both!!. Your dad doesn’t stay home enought to please me anymore and I know you don’t have a girlfriend. I’ve watched you a bit too and I know you’re better endowed than your father. So what do you say, wanna have some fun with your step-mom? It’ll be our little secret.

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