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My Son’s Big Boner

It’s been such a hectic morning, so much to do and we’re already late! Why aren’t you all dressed? Oh dear, you’ve just been standing there looking at Mommy getting ready this whole time. Fine, I’ll just have to dress you myself, come here. Oh! Oh… honey, you have an erection. It’s perfectly natural, it’s just… honey it was right in Mommy’s face. Just try to push it down into your pants the rest of the way. No no, let me do it.
Oh dear, your penis… it’s just SO big! I can’t zip it up anymore. You’ll have to make it go down, do you know how to do that? Ok I won’t look, but do it quickly because we just don’t have any time! Oh… honey you’re just not going fast enough. Here, Mommy knows how to do it quickly. That feels better doesn’t it? Just tell me when you’re going to cum sweetheart, I can’t let any of it get on your nice pants. Oh, oh!!
Good boy, ok lets put it back in your pants… just… oh dear. It’s still hard! We have to try something else, something faster. Mommy is going to suck on it for a little bit. Mmmmhh mmmph… Lay down now honey. All the way. Shhh we’re running far too late to worry about all of that, just let me put it inside… all the way inside of Mommy… Ooohhhh… Oh my… Honey, please… my job is on the line… Ahh… and we have to get you to school on time…. ohhh…. for the photoshoot. Just, when you feel it happening… just do it right inside of Mommy’s vagina…OHHH!!!
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Lonely Mom Seduces Son

I don’t know why he didn’t show up… Maybe because I’m too old, or because I’m divorced, who knows… Really? You’re probably just saying that because you’re trying to be nice. You really think I’m still hot?.. Baby, you always know just what to say to make me feel better… Well I guess that does make sense because I’ve noticed you watching me in the shower a few times… Don’t be embarrassed son. Is it really so crazy? I’ve thought about this too, maybe we can help each other, I think we both want the same thing….
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Son Prepares for College

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Taboo Condom Broke

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Knock Mommie Up Since Daddy Can’t

Vanessa has been desperately trying to get pregnant but her husband isn’t doing the job. One evening when her son is home from college her hormones take over and she decides to go after the younger stud in the family. She seduces her unsuspecting boy with her massive tits then unbuttons his pants and starts sucking his cock.
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I’m In Charge Of My Slutty Mother

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I like your mommie fantasy

I feel like I need an opinion from someone close to my generation. I’m not much older than you although it seems that way since I’m married to your father. He is kind of an old fuddy duddy but I do like older men, always have. The only thing I can’t quite understand is that he would rather I dress like an old church lady than show off my still sexy body. I don’t understand why he would not want to show me off when we go out. Isn’t that the whole point of dressing up and going out? I’ll show you what I am talking about. Stay here while I show you what your father would rather I wear to dinner than this cute top and skirt I have on now. See! Isn’t this so overdressing? I feel so old and covered up in this outfit he wants me to wear. What is that? Do you have a semi erection in your pants? Is this like father like son? Oh wow, I had no idea that wearing this old lady outfit would get a young guy like you excited. I’m sure I can do a little something about your obvious hard on. In fact, I would love to do something about it to make me feel like a young sexual woman again. I’m not that much older than you anyway even thought I am technically your stepmother. How does it feel to have my hand on your crotch? We can stop this at anytime if you feel uncomfortable. The fact that your erection is getting harder with each pass of my hand tells me you don’t’ want me to stop anytime soon. Look at my hairy pussy while I stroke your cock. Your father hardly lets me touch his cock with my hands so this is making me so wet inside my pussy to touch you like this. Would you make my pussy all messy with your stiff dick? Maybe next time I can slide myself onto your hard cock and wiggle until you cum inside me. For now I want to make your cock feel so incredibly good with my hand. Oh my! You unexpectedly came for me! Look at all that creamy cum you gave me! You’re such a good boy to give me all your creamy cum. Now you be an even better boy and go wash these cum stained sheets while I make you dinner. I guess you are like father like son. I think I’ll keep this conservative church lady looking outfit on the rest of the night.

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Getting Son Creampie Before Wedding

My handsome young man is getting married. I can’t believe it, it seems like I just got him back, and now I have to give him away to another woman. How they grow up so fast, if only I was there for him, to see him grow during his formative years.
My ex-husband, his father, worked with me at my architecture restoration business, and business was booming for us. The boy was just getting into middle school when we found a proper school for boys in France. We sent him away to Paris where he graduated high school, then college, met a girl, and came back to introduce her to us. I took one look at the girl, very plain, and knew it would be a boring marriage. I always thought my boy would end up with a woman who is a little more outgoing and driven, but this girl seems to want to find a simple 9-5 job, go out on a dinner date on the weekend, and have boring missionary sex once per month. She’s nice, sure.. but is she for my son? Is any woman suited for my handsome, intelligent, and now worldly son? Probably not.
I’ve been doing very shameful things since he’s been home with me. I find myself dreaming of seeing his grown cock, I dream of being with him, kissing him passionately, running my fingers through his hair as he thrusts inside of me. I am dreaming of him now, right now, as I confess this to you! It’s uncontrollable, and because I have these uncontrollable urges, I can not be blamed for what I did next. I took his phone and changed “mom” to his fiancee, “Annie.” I have a feeling he is reciprocating my shameless flirtations, and I will text him, no– sext him, and find out if he has a Mommy kink.

Watch the story unfold..

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All the World’s a Stage

In his words:
My hot mom is working out in the living room, putting on an ass show just for me. I know my mom has been horny as hell for me, and can you blame her? “I’m really coming into my own,” she says, which is basically my little boy dick isn’t so little anymore, and she can’t wait to drop to her knees for me. I know what you’re thinking, you think it’s pretty f’ed up to think about my mom in a sexual way, and it wasn’t always this way. I’m telling you the cause of my uous fantasies is completely the fault of my mother’s. I bet you’d get your dick hard if your 44 year old mother looked half her age, and she kept wagging her titties in your face with her low cut blouse, and swinging her ass from left to right. I caught her looking over her shoulder last time she did it, it’s like she wants to make sure I’m noticing. I’m going to make a move. I’ll prove it to you!

In her words:
My boy is a senior in High School now and I am feeling concerned for him. He’s withdrawn from all his friends, he doesn’t go out on the weekends, and all he wants to do is hang out at home. I talked with my psychiatrist about it and she told me that “it’s normal for boys to mature later than girls.” I even confessed that I think my son might try to make a sexual advance to me! It pained me to confess that to her; as if I didn’t speak it aloud then it would go away. He cupped my bum when he hugged me last week, even though there is more evidence to prove that it’s not just in my head, that was enough for her to agree with me. I am a good mother. I swear to you! I worry for my son. I want him to grow up normally, and I don’t want to cross the line. I have one more confession that I haven’t told anyone, not my psychiatrist, nor my sister, or my closest girlfriend, come in close and I will whisper it to you, and you alone. I feel sexy when he looks at me. I swear to you that I will not act on it. He is just a boy, my boy, and he will grow out of this stage. He will need me to help him through it.

Watch the story unfold..

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Mother interrupted my worst nightmare

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