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Latina Stepmom Cums To The Rescue

I caught my stepson masturbating, so I decided to give him a hand!

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My Sexy Stepmom teaching me sex

Jessa Rhodes has just scored a big contract at work, and the horny milf wants to celebrate with her stepson Lucas Frost, who has helped her every step of the way. Pulling Lucas in for a hug, Regan hangs on for a little bit longer than is really appropriate. Lucas lets his stepmom caress him for a few moments, but ultimately retreats to the living room. Reagan ends up joining him, taking a seat on the couch that’s a little bit too close for Lucas’s comfort. She realizes that he’s got a stiffie from being so close to her, and decides that a handjob is just the thing.When Lucas keeps reminding Reagan that she’s his stepmom, she shuts him up by kneeling between his legs and tasking his fuck stick.

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Bad Mom, Good MILF

Dani Jensen is a good mom. She listens to her daughter while she tells her all about her new boyfriend, how great he is, and how excited she is to be having him over for dinner. But when our stud finally arrives, Dani is not so sure she can continue to be good. Especially as she watches him stare at her tits all through dinner. So, she decides to be bad. She takes her shoe off and plays footsie with him under the table while her daughter has no idea…

Our stud is so flustered, he has to excuse himself to use the bathroom. That is when Dani springs into action. She meets him in the bathroom and swallows his cock faster than she could swallow a mouthful of the food she made for dinner. Her sexy red hair bounces back and forth as she gets pounded by some young beef. They even almost get caught by her daughter! Dani may not win mom of the year, but she wins MILF of the year for sure!

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Empty Nest Mom

Zac Wild stands in the entranceway of his family home. He is excited, holding a couple sheets of paper in his hands. ‘Hey, Mom! I got accepted into college!’ he calls as he runs through the house. He finds his step-mother, London River, in his parents’ master bedroom, her back to him while lifting her shirt over her head. Zac doesn’t want to make an awkward moment even more awkward, so he calls to her to let her know he’s there. She turns around, mostly naked but not embarrassed as she greets her step-son. He apologizes for barging in and she dismisses it, telling him that it’s fine. She curiously comments about and gestures to the papers in Zac’s hands. He excitedly tells her that he’s been accepted to college that fall and they hug in celebration.

Although they have hugged plenty of times before, Zac is flustered when her large breasts press against his chest. After a brief moment, he hugs her a little tighter with a dreamy smile, his hands rubbing her back slightly, almost sensually, though pulls back abruptly when London winces. He is both flustered and worried that he’s being creepy, which isn’t his intention.

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My Hot Step-Mom and Step Sister

Lucas has a problem. He can’t stop jerking off. He’s doing this so much that it’s disturbing the family dynamics. So much so, that his step mother, Cherrie Deville, and step sister, Chloe Cherry, came up with a plan to help him out. Instead of him jerking his dick next time he needed to, his step sister would assist him in unloading that load. At first he was reluctant, so every time they caught him in the act, his step sister would be called over to suck him off. Eventually Lucas got used to the normality of the situation, so he would just show up naked ready for his step sister to blow him. However, this particular day things escalated to the next level Cherie asked him if he would like to stick his cock in his step sister’s little pussy. He instantly agreed. As his step-mom watched on, she decided to join in the fuck and have her step son fuck her too. Lucas shoved his cock in both his step-mom and step sister’s pussies in several different positions before busting a giant load for both of them to share.

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Hot Mom Sex and Squirting Lessons!

Hormones are raging in the house, Mom caught his son sniffing his sister’s panties and also caught her daughter watching her brother while he comes out of the shower. She decides it’s time to end this obsession they have for each other, she calls a family meeting and explains them, she knows they are attracted to each other and the best way to handle this is facing it, they must have sex, after all, they are a family and have to support each other. Mom starts by teaching her daughter how to suck her brother’s cock, then he penetrates her sister’s pussy in many different positions while Mom supervises him and makes sure to end squeezing the last drop of his son’s cum into her daughter’s mouth.

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Mom Finds Out Dad is Gay On Halloween

My mom and dad have been looking forward to their costume party for Halloween since September. I like using their bathroom when they are on dates or out of the house, so when I came out of their bathroom to see my mom sitting on the bed…sad and disillusioned, I needed to find out what was wrong. She was reluctant at first but eventually told me she saw my dad making out with a guy at the party.

She asks me if she thinks that SHE turned him gay? No, my mom is SO fucking hot, especially dressed up like a slutty witch. I can’t stop staring at her tits. She is perfect. I tell her she is beautiful and if anyone could turn a gay man straight, it’s her.

I touch her and tell her it’s okay. She is noticeably turned on and frustrated. She hasn’t been fucked in a long time. I hear her masturbate all the time. I know this is my chance. I touch her more and she says no but I know she needs this. Eventually she sees my cock getting hard and gives in. I can’t believe I’m fingering my mom! She is so tight and wet. She sucks on my cock and let’s me have my way with her! She cums over and over! I want to get her pregnant! She always talks about having another member of the family and this time I am taking matters into my own hands. I cum deep inside her and hope that it works! It could be the best trick or treat ever!!!

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Family Trap

Mommy stuck over the couch gets good sex from Son

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It is a Mommie Thing

Rachel’s son is rubbing one out looking at a MILF magazine in the living room. The object of his attention looks just like his mother. He is fantasizing that the model is indeed her. He is getting close to getting one off when he hears her coming in the front door. He quickly slides the magazine between the seat cushions and zips up. She sits down on the couch and questions why he is home early and not doing anything. She is concerned that he never socializes. She tells him she is going to have an early night because she several patients to see early in the morning. She tells him to clean up and she will start dinner. He slips into the bathroom and grabs a pair of his mother’s panties. He wraps them around his cock and starts to relieve himself. He was getting close when Rachel calls for him. She said she needed help in the kitchen. Frustrated again. He goes into the kitchen and helps her set the table. She is busy preparing dinner so he takes advantage of her being distracted to get an eyeful of her tits and ass…

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Nephew Confused

Rachel and her sister Stacie were both divorced and lived together. They often had their nephew over to visit because his mother was very strict and he needed to get away during the summer. Rachel and Stacie kept their appearances up and their figures. Scott had a buddy over to shoot pool, Rachel and Stacie offered to make lunch for the boys. Scott’s friend made a comment on how hot his aunts were and how he would love to bend them both over and fuck them. Scott defended their honor and was disgusted with his friend’s comment. He quickly changed the subject. The next few days Scott began to notice how hot his aunts were. He masturbated to their images in his mind. He became depressed because he was confused. His girlfriend had broken up with him and he was becoming sexually frustrated living with the aunts. Rachel and Stacie noticed and became very concerned. They questioned him until he admitted he was lonely and he was attracted to older woman. Rachel and Stacie knew just what he needed. They lived the wild lifestyle so they figured out just what Scott needed. They stripped off their dresses and took turns sucking his young cock. He could not believe his aunts were sucking him off.

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