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The Cock Crazed Stepmom

Mommy walks in your room to discuss something very special. While she is talking to you, you can’t help but stare at her sexy legs in black sheer pantyhose, her big breasts….”Sweetie, I am always here to help you. You’ve grown up to be such a handsome young man. I see lots of girls looking at you but you seem very nervous. You need to start having your first sexual experiences”. Your hot mom tells you how she noticed you are looking at her in a different way. The moment she comes home and takes off my heels, you follow her around the house with hard-on in your pants. I know that being with a woman for the first time could be very scary, but NOT IF it’s your mommy. Don’t worry, i won’t tell daddy. You know that him and I don’t have much sex anyway. As your mommy comes closer and exposes her pantyhose crotch, you noticed she has no panties on. She teases you about your big bulge in your pants.

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Mommy’s Pussy Is Your First

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My Hot Latin Mom

Scene One: Montage – Hidden Camera

a) Mom exercising VERY vigorously; calisthenics, push ups & sit ups. In an exercise outfit.
b) Laying in bed asleep. Just a single sheet over her, nude under the covers. Close up of her shoulders & face while she sleeps.
c) Bent over the bathroom sink supporting herself with one arm; playing with her pussy, breathing VERY loudly and rapidly. Face buried into the crook of her arm.
d) In an exercise outfit, stretching out on the floor yoga style.
e) On bed naked. Legs spread very far apart. Spreading her pussy with one hand and finger-fucking herself with the other. Eyes closed, sweaty face, throwing her head from one side to another.

Scene Two: Do You Want to See Me Naked

Mom is sitting on the couch; wearing a closed bathrobe. The Son enters the room and sits near her. She looks directly at him and says, “I know what you’ve been doing. I know you’ve been spying on me. Do you like looking at me? Do you like looking at your Mother?” She opens her robe; pauses to stare briefly and opens her bathrobe. She asks, “Is this what you want to see? My cunt? Your Mother’s cunt?” She spreads her legs far apart. Again, coldly almost angrily says, “This is my cunt, do you like looking at your Mother’s cunt?” Brief pause. She starts playing with herself while still staring into the Son’s eyes. She says, “Your dick is getting hard, I can see it. Take you pants off.” Brief pause. She stares and continues to play with herself and says, “God damn you’ve got a big dick. Come here!” The Son approaches and she sucks his cock with the love only a mother can give.

Scene Three: I Want to Strip For You

Mom is standing in the living room doorway leaning against the doorway, fully dressed. She is staring at me with that same cold look. She says, “Do you want to fuck me ? Do you want to fuck your Mother? Then pull out your dick and play with it!” She then strips and crawls to him. She gets up on her knees before him and says. “Fuck I want to suck your dick. (slightly louder) I want to suck my Son’s dick. I want to suck my Son’s cock and fuck him! She then gives me a long luxurious blowjob and I fuck her how only a good son can…

Scene Four: Fuck Me Before Dad Wakes Up

Early the next Morning I am getting ready to watch Cartoons and Mom walks in only wearing a robe. She quickly opens it and tells me she wants something quick. Mommy wants me to fuck her before Dad wakes up. She hops on the table and spreads her legs. As I begin to fuck her she is already begging for me to cum in her mouth. Before Dad can wake up, I fuck her till I am about to cum. She does not want me to cum inside her so she goes to her knees and opens her mouth. I unload with a massive blast into her mouth. She thanks me and tells me to go get changed before Dad finally wakes…

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My Mom Seduced Me

You have a much bigger cock than your father does…

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Son plays the stunt cock

A confused and horny son asks mom for some firsthand masturbation guidance technics, because he still doesnt quite understand the complexities and enjoyments of self pleasure so maybe the best thing for now is to let mom show him and guide her frustrated son through the whole process of female and male sexual 4play and more…

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Stepmom’s Sloppy Blowjob

MILF hottie Mandy Flores catches her new stepson sniffing her panties, so she decides to punish him with a blowjob! Sucking his cock while he plays with her big natural tits, she’ll have his warm cum on her face before dinner is on the table! There is also pov blowjob, footjob, kneeling blowjob, pov footjob and a reverse footjob

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Son Creampie Lazy Mom

My dad has been on my mom for weeks to clean up around the house but all she wants to do is lie around in her robe and do nothing! I finally get a little alone time to play video games and she comes out on the couch to bother me. She lies down with her legs across my lap and refuses to move! Okay…Let’s see if she will move when I open up her robe. She doesn’t. I start rubbing her tits and pussy but she still won’t get off the couch.
Now I’m hard. I stuff my cock inside her and then she starts moving! She loves it! We go to the bedroom and I make her cum over and over. I stick my cock in her mouth so she can taste her pussy! Now it’s time for her to ride me. She rides me and cums all over me in reverse cowgirl. I am going to bend her over and fuck her so good! I finally throw her on her back and pound her sweet pussy until she admits I’m better than dad and that she’s going to clean up! I cum deep inside her and watch it all drip out. GOD I LOVE FUCKING MY LAZY MOM!!!

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Stepmother Appreciation Sex

Stepmom came home from work in a horrible mood. She went straight for a glass of wine and barely talked to me. I decided to go check on her. I really care about her. She apologized to me right away for what happened. She was feeling underappreciated at work and at home. Did she not realize how much I loved her? I reaffirmed that fact by drilling her pussy with my hard cock. That’s what stepmom really needed! Some good dick. My dad never fucks it so why shouldn’t I? I even came inside her so she could remember what it’s like to feel that warm sensation of being loved.

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Dad Will Never Know

Mommy knows her boy likes her feet and her tits, but she also happens to know that you’ve been dreaming about that nice round ass too. She shows you her ass and you can see all of her holes and her mature hairy bush. She instructs you to stroke your cock and cum all over her ass while it jiggles and bounces in front of you.

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Mother In law has one juicy pussy

Stephanie and I are staying at her parents place for the weekend, and its been great especially her mother who is just amazing she is always so attentive and always getting out of her way to please you as best she can. I wish Stephanie was more like her mother thats for sure. Her mother always dresses in such nice sexy clothing and is always so sweet and feminine, she always spoils me and has always looked at me as if I was her own son.
Something truly amazing happend this morning when I decided to wake up early and have a nice early start, I walked down stairs and into the kitchen to make myself and the others some coffee but was surprised to find Stephies mom doing the washing so early. Its incredible that even first thing in the morning this woman can look so god damn gorgeous and sensual in her silky robe and nightie, I wish she was my wife and not her lazy daughter…
I offer her my help and she agrees to let me help her separate the clothes in piles but when I do I find a whole bunch of satin panties that belong to her and find myself grasping them in my hand feeling them and imagining them pressed up against my mother in laws wet milfy pussy, my imagination goes wild and before I can think even more, she tells me surprised and embarrassed that I had found her underwear like this and that I didnt have to help her any longer, but I wanted to and more now than ever. I wanted to find out what more she had in the washing pile. She smiles at me and lets me get on with my doing and I tell her that I would love that her daughter would share the same taste in lingerie as her mother and stop wearing those ugly cotton hello kitty panties she wears all the time, I want her to wear real womans lingerie and not little girl panties. she laughs and teases me by saying that she feels sorry for me and that I should try and buy my wife the things I like but I let out that I would prefer to have her mother wear sexy lingerie for me…

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