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Son Is Late for School

They are laying together on their backs. Mom says, “We need to get up. I have to get to work and you need to get to school.” They stagger to the Kitchen. Before long he drops his pants and Mom opens her robe and they fuck on the kitchen table. He cums on Mom’s belly and she tastes he seed. Mom then says, “To Hell with Work, let’s stay home today…”

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Mutual Sexual Assertion With Stepmom

I got involved in a road rage incident and almost ended up in jail. Good thing my stepmom is a social worker and vouched for me with the judge. All I would have to do now is sit down for counseling sessions with her and I’m basically off the hook. Stepmom insisted my aggressive nature stems from not knowing how to assert myself, especially with women.
She made me refer to her as Dr. Skye and began to undress in front of me. I attempted to touch her bare tits, but she shooed me away and instructed me to pull my cock out and masturbate. We pleasured ourselves mutually and separately. My stepmoms pussy was so hot. I think we both came at the same exact time. When it came time for my second counseling session with my stepmom, I was more excited than nervous this time around.
As we sat in the living room my cock automatically became hard from the sight of her. Her voice made my dick throb. She was happy with my progress, and pretty much read my mind about wanting a blowjob. The only catch was I would have to convince her to do it. I started by ripping her blouse open and squeezing her massive mammaries. Before I knew it she was neck deep on my erect penis. Watching my cum explode out of her mouth was so hot.
Mature women really are more experienced! My final session with my stepmom was a rough one. I have been feeling super angry since I have not been able to fuck her yet. Dr. Skye suggested that I just take what I want. I had my stepmom naked in minutes and was jamming my long cock up her mature cunt in no time. She was tighter than most of the girls I have been with around my age. I stimulated her asshole with my thumb as I continued to thrust my cock in and out of her moist pussy. The moment I came on her face was the moment I no longer felt angry or upset. This woman works wonders!

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Interrupting Stepmoms Phone Sex

I caught my stepmom having phone sex so I decided to join in on the fun from the hallway by playing with my cock. Stepmom caught me, but that did not really distract her from her call. She stayed on the phone and started to please me while she was still on the phone with my dad. I felt pretty guilty, but also pretty awesome. My stepmom was an outrageous cock sucker. I loved the way her pussy felt too. I came all over her ass and my dad will never know that all the moans he heard on the phone were meant for me and not for him. Am I a bad son, or am I just that fuckable?

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Craving My Stepsons Cum

I was trying to make my stepmom happy by fixing the sink that my dad never did. She was so proud of me! I was really becoming the man around the house, and she recognized that. Besides giving me warm words of praise she also teased me and pleasured my cock with her mouth. I then started to fuck her MILF pussy until she moaned with the purest joy. She swallowed my cum again since she really missed the taste. What stepmommy wants stepmommy gets!

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Son cum in Mommy`s mouth

Your mother Melanie Hicks wants to prepare you for your first blow job. She wants to be sure you can last when you start having sex. She would hate for you to embarrass yourself so she is going to give you some hands on training. She knows how you like it sloppy with lots of popping sound because she has gone through your porn stash. She brings you close several times with her hands and mouth but you manage to hold out until mom is ready for you to cum in her mouth. She swallows and tells you how proud she is of you.

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My Stepmom The Horny Housewife

That night stepmom went out all night and did not come home until morning. I confronted her about it asking her what my dad would think about that. She said she did not give a fuck. She was trying to get hit on the whole night, but did not have any luck. That was hard to believe considering she was not wearing any panties! I saw her exposed pussy again for the second time in one week. This was starting to get overwhelming. Stepmom could see I was getting nervous so she sucked my cock to calm me down. I even got to fuck her velvety pussy this time. I felt so dirty and so amazing. My dad would kill me if he ever knew about this. Good thing stepmom sucked my load down again to hide the evidence.

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Mother’s Huge Tits Drive Son Insane

Alex has a problem. A BIG PROBLEM. He can’t stop thinking about his Mother’s beautiful big boobs. When he’s in the same room with her, he can’t take his eyes off them. He’s not sure when it started, but he knows it’s wrong and has to stop. His Mother seems to be taunting him lately, asking him to adjust her sports bra and leaving the door wide open while she showers.
After yesterday’s incident with his Mother in the bathroom, Alex is determined not to give into his sick desires again. Alex’s Mother is not so worried. She knows her boy is just growing up and that it’s perfectly natural for him to be obsessed with her breasts. She decides to sit down and have a talk with Alex and insists there is only one solution to his problem…. ***Starring Alexis Rain & her Big Beautiful Tits***

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Son fucking Mom when Sister play

Bambino was pissed because his girlfriend did not want to fool around. His stepmom Laura Bentley was also pissed because her husband was giving her the same shit. She confided in her stepson and before they knew it they were releasing their sexual frustrations on each other family style. Laura began to ride Bambino right behind his girlfriend as she was distracted by her game. Just as Bambino came all over Laura, his girlfriend had lost her last life and caught them in the act. Talk about bad timing!

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True Romance: A Mother and Son’s Love

It all started out so innocently. I never knew this would become something more…something else. My stomach filled with butterflies every time I thought about him…my own son. He was always there for me, and he always made me feel so good. I didn’t think society would ever understand, especially the boy’s father. He could never know. When my husband went to sleep, I’d often sneak into my son’s room. It made me feel alive. I was in love with him. Yes, I was in love with my own son. I couldn’t control my feelings anymore…I didn’t want to. I gently shook him in his sleep, and his eyes opened, “No, no, no. Mom…Mom, we can’t do this.” Oh, I knew that’s not how he really felt. I whispered, “Yes, we can. One more time,” and kissed him on the lips. My heart felt like it was pounding out of my chest. He pushed me off and my heart sank, “Dad’s going to find out. We can’t do this anymore.” But I knew we could. We could make this work. I spun him around and pinned him against the wall, “We can…” I kissed him on the lips, and I felt him kiss me back. The boy loved me…I know he did. I softly kissed his neck, and then worked my way down, unbuttoning his shirt, and kissing his fit, young body.

I unfastened his pants and pulled out his hard cock. He wanted me just as much as I wanted him. “I’ve been thinking about this all day,” I softly purred. I put his cock into my mouth, and just…let myself go. It was just me and him now. “Okay, maybe just this one night…” he smiled. I fell in love with my son all over again. This clip includes: Leilani Lei, Aiden Valentine, mom has a secret affair with son, mom and son are in love, romantic, intimate, forced kissing, kissing, kissing on neck and chest, blowjob, POV, clit rubbing, love making, missionary sex, doggystyle, riding, cowgirl, cumshots, cum on body, cum in mouth

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Mommy Locked in the Basement

Sophia calls for junior to follow her down into the basement. She starts looking around the shelves, and asks him to prop the door open, just as he turns around letting it slam shut behind him! She frantically reaches for the door as he tries to apologize, he heard her to late. As she yanks the handle she tells him to call your dad and have him leave work early to get us out! He tells her that he left his phone in his room. Sophia is pissed! She is supposed to be getting ready to go for a date with DAD! They haven’t had a minute to themselves! Upset, junior explains he’s was supposed to be playing video games with his Friends online, now they are going to start with out him! Sophia yells at him that he needs to quit paying those damn video games and go get a girlfriend. Taken back, he tries to explain that he doesn’t want or need a girlfriend. He has her, she’s such a great mom what more could he want? Sophia is touched to hear her son say that. She gives him a kiss on the lips and apologizes for yelling at him. She’s just so upset, she has been looking forward to this date with their date, she needs that alone time. He says sorry again and asks if maybe they can try and get the door open. Sophia grabs and yanks the handle, trying to get the door open. As she yanks her heavy breasts giggle and wiggle as junior offers to help her. She orders him to grab her around the waist and pull her.

As he slides his hands across her plump belly and presses up into her even bigger ass. He pulls and yanks with her trying to get the door open. It won’t budge and she yells for him to try harder! He pulls on her hard but he starts to get distracted by how much of his mom there is. He feels her breasts bouncing on top of his arms, and the weight of her big ass pressed up against him. She just feels so warm and soft that he starts pressing into her more, enjoying the way she feels in his arms. Sophia wails miserably and says its not working. She was so looking forward to tonight. Junior in attempt to cheer her up calls his dad stupid, he should never leave her alone all the time, she’s beautiful. Sophia smiles, her son can be so sweet! One day he will make a girl so happy. She leans over to give him a quick kiss and asks him to try something else to get this door open. He grabs her lower this time and promises to really put his weight into. They pull and yank but junior starts to get that funny feeling again. He knows its bad to think about his mom in that way but being so close to her, smelling her perfume. Feeling her ass rock back fourth against his crotch is making him start to stiffen in excitement. He starts to really pull on her, and secretly start to hump her behind. She is so consumed with getting the door open at first she doesn’t notice him, but then she feels his hands creep up to her chest and hold her breasts. She lets it happen, its no big deal he’s just trying to help his mom get the door open right? He pulls her harder and tighter against him making everything on her jiggle and wiggle. They pull and pull and when she feels him try to reach inside her dress she knows she has to stop him, but his hands feel so good against her, its been so long since she has been held like this, she almost thinks about it. Sophia knows she has to stop her son, but she can feel his warm hands cupping her breasts and a wave of arousal washes over her. Her pussy throbs with want but she knows fucking her son would be so wrong. But she feels his dick pressing into he with a need that matches her own. She loves her son and always wants to make him happy, maybe its ok if she just sees it, touches it Little…. But when she see’s it, she is overcome with desire…Its looks just like his dads but bigger! Her mouth waters and before she knows it shes wrapping her big lips around it and swallowing it down.

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