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I want fuck my new Stepmom

When Nina Kayy and her man get home after a night out on the town, they overhear her stepson telling someone on the phone that he does not like dancing. Ninas man gives her the idea of teaching her stepson some of the moves they learned earlier that night, and Nina is all about it. She heads upstairs to give her stepson some family dance lessons.
She starts off by putting both of his hands on her apple bottom ass and swaying like shes on the ballroom floor. Then she does a twirl and shows off her incredible curves for her gawking stepson to take in. But it is not until her stepsons dad leaves that the advanced part of the lesson starts. Nina whips out her stepsons disco stick and does a swan dive with her throat. Then her stepson takes her from below and shows her some of his moves. Looks like this stepson will be doing the disco inferno in no time!

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Son Fun In Mum’s Ass

It’s a nice sunny day outside as fitness milf Mandy is catching some rays and lounging around, sipping on her mixed drink and puffing on her mixed drink. Then all of a sudden she catches a glimpse of her son Conor jerking off while staring at her through the window. Mandy quickly gets up as Conor rushes to the living room, hoping to pretend like nothing happened.
She confronts her son, and after some awkwardness, he admits that he’s just really horny and couldn’t help himself while lurking at his sexy mother. Mandy then decides to turn the wheels, playing some music and giving her son a slow and seductive strip tease lap dance. Noticing that he’s all turned on, she pulls down her son’s pants, commenting in awe at just how much bigger her little man is than his father. Mandy then sucks her son’s hard cock until he finally shoots his hot load all in her mouth. But this family fun time is just beginning, as Conor fucks his mother on the couch and then in her bedroom. The action even becomes so hot that Mandy asks her sweet son to fuck her in her tight ass! Better hurry before dad gets home!

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Fucking My Hot Mom

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Stepmom Punishes Little Perv

Helena’s husband has been away for a while, she is horny and wants him back. so she decides to text him very hot pictures of herself, her stepson is spying on her, enjoying every sexy pose Helena does, when she gets into the shower, he sneaks into her bathroom to see the pictures on her phone but Helena is showering with the door open, so he cannot resist and starts jerking off. Helena caught him and decides to have her way with him, she shoves his face into her pussy and makes him eat it, next she grabs his cock and sucks the fuck out of him, then she forces him to fuck her over the sink, reverse cowgirl, on the floor, to finally take his load on her face.

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Son Fun In Mum’s Bum

Mom and Dad had started a new business several years ago. Unfortunately, the business struggles due to Dad’s mismanagement and they needed to borrow money to keep things going. Given their current financial situation they cannot borrow the money needed via normal channels. As such they turn to a “private firm” which was recommended by a friend. As the business venture continues to struggle they find themselves in more financial trouble. The firm they are dealing with is not very open to loan workouts. Mom (Erica) is already well aware of the situation and has spent many sleepless nights trying to figure out how to get out of their situation. Dad is away on business trying to find a way to raise the money. A representative of the “financial firm” pays Erica a visit to tell her he has a way to solve their problem. Given the nature of their business the firm has already evaluated Erica and her husbands assets. Unfortunately for Dad’s main asset at this point is his sexy wife!.

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Taboo Fucking with Big Ass Mom!

Conor is hanging out on his bed, watching porn and touching his cock. Savana lingers in the doorway without Conor noticing. “Is she hot?” She calls out her to son for watching porn.. and tells him that his dick is much bigger than his Dad’s. Conor is blown away that he is caught by his Mom… and Savana thinks they need to have a little chat. Savana tells Conor that he shouldn’t watch porn, and asks if he is a virgin.
He admits that he is, but he has fingered girls and got a blowjob once. She asks exactly what he likes in women, “Big boobs?” Savana jiggles her giant boobs. She grabs Conor’s cock.. and Conor suggests some “hands-on” experience may be helpful. Savana rubs Conor’s cock and balls, and strips off her shirt & skirt. “I think it’s time.” Savana grabs Conor cock as he sucks on her nipples. Savana lays back as Conor plays with her clit and pussy. He begins to slowly lick all over Savana’s pussy..and slips his fingers inside. Savana shoves Conor’s cock in her mouth, and sucks the tip of his cock.
“What is your favorite position in porn?” Conor tells his Mom that his favorite position is when girls are on top. Savana jumps top of Conor and begins to ride his cock. Conor gets on top of Savana, and fucks her hard. She bends over and Conor fucks her from behind, then in reverse. Savana then sucks his cock until he cums all inside of her mouth. Hopefully Dad doesn’t find out!

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Unloved Son

Episode One – Breaking Mom

Luke looks his mom up and down, blouse slightly open, breasts full and lively. She hasn’t changed much, she was older in the face but her body and attitude were the same. Mom and Sister Cory are deep into dept, credit cards are maxed out, cars about to be repossessed and their house is in foreclosure. Mom, Andi, is in Luke’s office to beg for help. She is willing to do anything for his help and Son, Luke, will test her willingness to do anything for help…

Episode Two – Testing Her Limits

With his mother naked and helpless in his office, Son decides to Test the limits of what his Mom is willing to do. Luke fucks his Mom and tells her to come by his house tomorrow after work…Later that day Cory meets with her Mom in the kitchen…She asks Andi if she got Luke’s money…Mom said sort of but not yet…Cory yells at her Mom and calls her names…”You better get his Money Mom or we are losing everything!!!”

Scene Three: The Contract

Luke and Andi meet with Luke’s attorney to sign some paperwork. “You can trust me,” he says, as she signs all the documents without reading them. “You just signed away your life, all your possessions. I own you now,” Luke says to his mother. He then proceeds to bring her in to a bedroom with a bed and lights facing the bed. He explains to her that she is going to have to work for her money by becoming a webcam performer for his company. Andi is shy, but Luke does not care. “Say hi to all your new fans, mom” he exclaims. Andi strips naked for her son and for the camera that he is holding in his hands; she then lays back on the bed and begins to masturbate. “It feels so good,” she moans at the camera. Her sons dick begins to get hard as he watches her.

Scene Four: Forgotten Brother

Andi meets up with her other son, Luke’s brother, Mike. She is in tears; she is a wreck from all that Luke has been putting her through lately. She begs for Mike’s help since he is a police officer; she makes the assumption that he will help her if she has sex with him too. “Your dick is so much better than your brothers,” she says while she begins to suck his dick. They have sex in several positions until Mike eventually cums all over his mother’s big, natural tits. Then she asks “So, you’re going to help me, right?” and Mike responds by telling her that he never planned to help her because he’s on his brother Luke’s payroll. Sorry, mom.

Scene Five: Breaking My Sister

Cory and Andi are sitting on Luke’s bed in party dresses… just as Luke asked them to. Cory is still not fully sure of what Luke has planned for them, since their mother Andi hasn’t disclosed all of the details to her yet. Luke comes in to the room and demands that they strip each other out of their clothes. “What?!” Cory states, “This is so humilating!” Cory is disgusted by both her mother and her brother’s sexual behavior, but she continues to go along with this plan simply because she is so desperate for money to keep her lavish lifestyle. Andi begins to have sex with her son Luke, and Cory is disgusted but desperate. Will Luke be able to break his sister too…?

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Dating Mom

Part 1
Ariella has always been close with her son. They have even been going out on mother/som dates and she has more fun with Rion than on any other dates she goes on. One night after a great evening out together Ariella and Rion have a conversation that changes everything.
Part 2
Ariella is getting ready for a date, but Rion makes her realize, she doesn’t need anyone else.

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Mommy`s Sweet Ass seduced my Big Dick

Later on, I tell her I am going on a date, and all of a sudden it is back to square one. She is pissed. She tries to keep me at home again, stealing my keys and hiding them like she is a little kid. I only put up with it because I have a feeling I know where this is going. She keeps bugging me until she rips my pants off and has my throbbing sword in her mouth. She licks and slobbers better than any date ever could. And her MILF pussy is as close to heaven as I will ever get. Hallelujah!

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Mommy Divorce Son`s Dick

My stepmom can be so crazy sometimes. I know she just wants me to stay at the house to be with her, but she does it in such roundabout, irrational ways. Like she steals my keys and makes me think I have a million chores to do. That is all kinds of fucked up. So, when I tell her I am going to my dads house, she is not happy about it. She makes a huge scene, but I tell her if she wants me to stay, she is going to have to prove it. She does, and boy she makes a convincing case. How can you say no when your cock is getting played with!

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