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Family Secrets Between Mom and Son

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Mother Son Breakfast In Bed

A loving mother wakes up her son for school….

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Unknown MILF get young boy creampie!

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Mom Knows Best

Rion’s mom is enjoying her morning coffee when he comes in to make a confession. He is SO nervous, but mom said he can tell her ANYTHING. He lied about hanging out with his friends, he was with his girlfriend, that his mom HATES. Rion confesses that him and his girlfriend had sex, THREE TIMES, and he wasn’t…responsible everytime. His mom composes herself, she doesn’t want to blow up so, she realizes she has to redirect her son’s…Energy. Now Rion is more nervous then ever in his life, but mom is really sweet and patient and guides him

Rion has not been able to stop thinking about the morning he has with his mom. Now, a few days later, she is in a sexy nighty and leading him into her bedroom. Mom explains that she has a lot to teach him, and she wants him to stay away from the girls his age until she decides that he is ready

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Caught Sniffing Mom’s Panties

I cannot stop fantasizing about my mom. I know I probably should not be looking at her in a sexual way, but I cannot help it. She wears such revealing slutty clothes and she has the biggest ass and soft sexy curves. These young girls just don’t do it for me anymore. I like older, mature woman. I went into her room today to get a pair of panties to jerk off to. I have been stealing her panties a lot lately. I figure if I cannot have her, at least I can smell her and jerk off to her. I was so intoxicated by her lace thongs that I did not even here her come in. OMG! I quickly denied everything but she knew. She threatened to call dad but I begged her and told her I would do anything, please I will do anything you want, but just do not call dad. And then, the craziest thing happened. She propped her thick thigh up and shoved my face in her pussy. Fuck! I cannot believe this is happening! She told me as long as I can make her cum, she will not tell dad!

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My Three Sons Double Penetrate Me

Aaliyah is so fucking horny and having her youngest son in the house rekindles all her fantasies about him. She decides to finally make it happen between them like she always dreamed about. With some shots in her hand she puts on her sluttiest lingerie and walks into the living room. When he asks why she’s wearing the blue nighty she responds. You should enjoy your mother’s body. Not every mother looks like this and gives him his drink. He’s weirded out and pushes his mom away, as Aaliyah starts touching him. Oh honey don’t fight it. You know you want your mommie She tells him. We can’t be doing this. He responds to her as she brings his hand to her breasts. He feels her tight motherly body and jolts of electricity run through him. He shouldn’t be touching his mom’s pussy, he shouldn’t be licking her and making his mom scream. Look how big it is She tells him, bending over and sucking on her son’s dick. He fingers her as she sucks his cock rock hard in her mouth. She straddles on top of him and lets go any hesitation as she fucks her youngest son silly. You make your mommie cum She tells him. He fucks her on the couch her body being ravaged by him as she screams and moans to him I’ve never cum this much! Fuck your mommie I want to taste it! I want to taste that cum She gets on top of him and sucks. Cum for your mommie. You’re so close she tells him as she jerks and sucks his cock. Without warning he shoots cum like a geyser two feet into the air, showering his mom in hot cum. So yummy She kisses his cock.

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Mother Teaches Locked Son How To Fuck

Brianna wants to show her son how to pleasure a woman. It’s about time he finally learned. After today he will do this for his mother and sisters. Brianna’s son has already been locked into a very tight chastity cage. He won’t be pleasuring anyone with that little nub. Instead, Brianna straps a dildo into her son’s mouth. It will be one of her son’s responsibilities from now on to make mommy cum. Brianna’s son does not like the gag, but mother straps it on anyway.

The dildo is a nice decent size, unlike Brianna’s sons locked-up little parts. Brianna’s going to be so proud of her son when he finally learns how to get a woman off. Brianna has her son lay flat on the bed and sits on his face while riding the dildo. Mommy climaxes on her son’s face while he remains locked in his little cock cage. Brianna then teaches her son another position. This position, the one with him kneeling at the foot of the bed, is the position his sister favors for her orgasms. Brianna enjoys a second climax in this position. Very satisfied with her son, he decides now is a good time to bring up some of his problems at school. Brianna’s son confides in her that one of the teachers does not approve of how he dresses. Brianna assures her son that she will go to the school and have a talk with his teacher about the feminine clothing she prefers her son to wear.

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Free To Use Mom

A world-wide plague has wiped out 90-percent of the population. The new President Signed into law the “Free-Use” Bill. This law allows for anyone man to have sex wiith anyone at anytime. This includes Family Memembers and complete strangers…

Mom is looking at herself in the mirror enjoying her look wondering if she is hot enough for her Son. She calls him into the room and talks about the new Free-Use Law. She quickly drops to her knees and begins to suck her Son’s cock. They move to the bed, fuck in various positions till she asks him to explode into and all over her pussy and bush. Mom reminds him to do his homework as he leaves to fuck his girlfriend and her mom.

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Spying On Mom

Alex gets caught spying on his mother once again, except this time she tries a new approach….

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Mom & Aunt Mallory Play a Family Game

You hear some noise coming from your mom’s room so you walk in to see what’s going on. Your Aunt Mallory is there with no panties on, and your mom is licking her privates. Aunt Mallory tells mom that you just walked in, and mom explains that they’re playing a game. It’s kind of like the game mom plays with you but a little different. Mom says, “I wouldn’t want you to feel left out,” so you lie down & get ready to play.
Mom starts off as she usually does, with a blowjob.. Aunt Mallory takes off her dress & her boobs are awesome. You can’t believe your luck when she wraps them around your cock & titfucks you. Then they take turns riding you & giving you a sloppy blowjob. This game is so much better with two women. Just when you think it can’t get any better, they start making out while riding you. Then they line up & tell you to take them both from behind in doggystyle. This is so awesome. Aunt Mallory surprises you by telling you to cum in her mouth, and you can’t help yourself… you give her a huge load. You decide this is the best game ever.

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