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Magic Beans – Mom and Son

Those Damn Magic Beans strike again!! The World’s most powerful aphrodisiac is a dangerous thing! 1/4 of one Bean is a “mega” dose. Conor is planning to use his Magic Beans on a hot girl at school…but when he carelessly leaves them unattended in the living room…his Mom sees them…and not knowing what they are…she eats a whole handful!!! Mom has seriously overdosed!!! Conor freaks out when he sees his Mom chomping down a whole mouthful of the Magic Beans…and as soon as she swallows…Mom goes crazy!!! She pulls down Conor’s pants and starts sucking his cock. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me….I’ve never been so horny in my life” Mom says as she sucks her Son’s cock. Then Mom orders her Son to lick her cunt…and boy oh boy….does Mom ever cum!!!! Mom gets Conor to fuck her hard….and this is a fucking you don’t want to miss!!! Mom absolutely gets pounded….and she cums a dozen times!!!

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Exclusive Mom-Son For Fans

Up until junior year of high school my life was relatively privileged. I was raised in an upper middle class home, went to private schools, vacations were spent in Venice and Paris. The only real hardship I had was when my parents divorced when I was eight. My father and I were devastated so when Astrid came into our lives it was a blessing for both of us. My classmate Mike always say “Damn Sean! How do you not have a constant boner with Astrid walking around?”

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Home Education – Sex Addiction Therapy

Rachel Steele is a very broad-minded when it comes to helping her son Chris to pass his biology exam. One evening she comes into his room while he is studying and announces that she is going to personally teach him all he needs to know about sexual intercourse and the female body. Young Chris has always idolized his mother. Far from being shocked at her proposal, he welcomes it as a dream come true. The next thing we see is lesson one with Rachel stripped down to red lingerie, sitting on her bed, instructing Chris in the art of foreplay.
After showing him how to fondle and suckle her naked breasts, she parts her legs and invites him to rub his fingers over her panty-clad pussy. Last of all she spends a long time French-kissing him to help him perfect his technique. Chris learns so well that several days later he aces his exam. Rachel is delighted. But there is yet more that she wants him. In lesson two, she shows Chris how to skilfully take off her dress, bra and panties before stripping off himself.

All the while her manner is that of perfectly loving and understanding mother. Some days later, as a reward for Chris cleaning the pool, Rachel decides to give him his third – and most important – lesson. This is the one where he is to learn how to go all the way with a woman.
It begins with Rachel getting Chris to show her all that he has previously learned. Once he has undressed his mother to just her stockings and garters, he hugs and kisses her, then joins her on the bed where she lies back with her legs widely parted. There the young man fingers and licks out her pussy – exciting her and gaining her praise. Rachel then gives her son a long and sensual blowjob as prelude to slipping a condom over his cock and giving him his first-ever fuck. In a variety of positions – including missionary, doggy and cowgirl – she moans and gasps and talks taboo as he pounds her pussy with an expertise that exceeds her highest expectations. Afterwards, having Chris has blasted her face and chest with cum, she hugs him tight. The young man has proved himself a star pupil. Rachel could not be a prouder – or more satisfied – mother.

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Brother/Sister A Wicked Game

Mom is concerned that Eva and her Brother Ryan aren’t spending enough time together….so she found a board Game….and when Mom goes to work…Eva and Ryan decide to play the Game that Mom got for them. Almost immediately they realize that there is something “sinister” about this weird Game called “Taboo”…so Eva calls Mom at work.
Mom is too busy to talk long…but she is clear that she wants the two Siblings to continue to play!! Figuring Mom knows what she’s doing…the Brother Sister duo continue to play. After some French kissing….some oral sex on Ryan….some oral sex on Eva….Eva draws the coveted “Taboo Fuckfest Card”….which means that she wins the Game…..as soon as she fucks her opponent, that is!! Eva climbs on her Brother’s cock and fucks him for all he’s worth…until the little booger-head cums all over her face and hair!! This is one Evil…Sinister….Manipulative…..Fucked Up Game!!!

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Snacks For My Stepson

Stepmom was making muffins when I asked for cupcakes. She was doing this to get my nerves up. She was even dressed in her sexiest lingerie too which made me extra hard. Before long we forgot about the muffins and remembered how to get down and dirty. I fucked her motherly pussy right there in the kitchen and came all over her caring face. I think the muffins got burned.

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Mother & Son’s Morning After

Mother and son wake up and come to terms with what happened last night…

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Mom Cured My Viagra Boner

Poor Brad! One of his friends at school had some Viagra. Brad took a pill…..and thought that it wasn’t working….so he took two more!!! Panic stricken….with a raging, relentless Boner that is approaching 4 hours….Brad has a dirty magazine, and he is masturbating furiously trying to ejaculate, so the painful erection will go away. Unfortunately, his efforts are not working…..and he can’t seem to cum no matter how hard he tries!! The grunts and groans coming from his room make his Mom come in….concerned….and wondering what all the noise was. An embarrassed Brad confesses to his Mom that he overdosed on Viagra…..and that he has had an erection for almost 4 hours. Mom goes into emergency mode….and Mom’s first instinct is to call Brad’s Sister in to Fuck him fast, so he can cum….but turns out that she is at Cheerleading practice!! Left with the choice of hospital….or Mom….Mom decides that she will “take one for the team”…..and let Brad Fuck her so that he can finally cum!! After a good Motherly cock sucking…Mom sticks her ass in the air….and invites Brad to go to town on her. Brad Pounds away at his Mom from behind….and then Mom gets on top….and literally Fucks the cum out of Brad!! Mom’s Cunt fills up with 4 hours of supressed boy semen!!! Hopefully Brad has learned his lesson. Never take 3 Viagra pills….unless you have a Cunt, other that your own Mom’s, to exert your energy upon!!

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Driving Mommy Wild

All Ariella wants is some private time alone, but she can’t catch a break. While she plays with her favorite toy, she’s interrupted by a call from her stepson Kyle. He begs for a lift and Ariella gives in. Ariella picks up Kyle, but he won’t let up, taking pleasure in pranking his new stepmom. Instead of losing it, Ariella takes it all in stride and decides to give Kyle a ride.

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Weekend at Auntie’s

When recently divorced Melanie Hicks nephew shows up to stay with her for the weekend, he gets more than he bargains for. Apparently Aunt Melanie has been at the gym non-stop since her divorce this past summer and her nephew has grown to be quite the man. Her nephews fantasies come true when she invites him over to the shed, only to confront him about his attraction towards her. It doesn’t take long for these two to take the party to aunties bedroom..

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Mother’s Little Helper

I need your help.. Don’t play dumb. I know you were watching me, son. And I know this isn’t the first time… Don’t worry about your Father. Just do what Mommy says and everything will be fine…

File size: 1.42GB
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Duration: 00:19:43
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