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Swallow the Load and Write the Check

Rachel and her son Josh had a cleaning business. They targeted the wealthy homes. Rachel was a single mother and struggled to provide for her son. They were tired of living in a trailer and being broke. Rachel and Josh devised a plan. They would have young Josh seduce Mrs. Love while Rachel took pictures. Josh worked hard for her that day. When he was finished she told him how much she appreciated his efforts. He sat next to her and told her he loved helping her. Josh poured on the charm, complimenting her. Mrs. Love’s husband traveled all the time so she was a desperate house wife. Josh slid his hand up her silky thigh. She did not resist. He laid her back and kissed her neck. Josh sucked on her tits and fingered her wet pussy. She moaned in pleasure. Rachel was sneaking pictures of them for blackmail. Josh began fucking her until she came. He stood up and she took his cock in her mouth. Rachel walked in and laughed. Mrs. Love was humiliated. Rachel showed her the pictures. She pushed her head on Josh’s cock forcing her to finish the job. Rachel pulled her tits out for Josh to play with. She coached her son and he shot his load in her mouth, Rachel snapped another picture and told her to write them a big fat check.

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Freya’s Son Takes Advantage

Freya got Tipsy. Mitchell is waiting for her mom to come hone, as he expected she has been out having a GOOD time. Well, ever since she gave him the special sex ed lesson he has been craving his mom’s pussy, but, she has told hm that was a one time thing. Well, no it looks like she isn’t likely to really make him stop, so he takes what he wants

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Vanessa Vixion – A Mother’s Comfort

Back Story: Mom (Vanessa Vixen) has been watching in agony as her son has been fighting with his girlfriend; she can see the distress it is causing him and wishes there is something she could do to make him feel better. Mom wants so badly for her son to be able to talk to his father but, as usual, dad is out of town on business which leaves mom to try and help her son through his time of distress…

Scene 1:

Mom is sitting at the kitchen table, drinking coffee and talking on the phone. “I don’t know what to do for him……that little bitch he’s seeing is giving such a hard time, it makes my heart….” Mom is suddenly cut off when she hears a loud bang in the living room. “I’ll call you back later, it sounds like he just got home.” says mom into the phone before the connection and walking into the living room to investigate the noise. Mom finds her son sitting on the floor, leaning against the couch trying to get up. “What’s wrong sweetheart?” asks mom as she approaches her son and gently touches his shoulder. “She left me mom; she said I wasn’t man enough for her and I didn’t satisfy her.” Sobs son as he puts his head in his hands. Mom leans down and helps him to his feet before guiding him to sit on the couch; she notices his shirt is partially unbuttoned, turning her on. “Have you been drinking all night?” asks mom concerned. Son nods his head then leans it back on the couch, exhausted from his drinking. “Don’t worry my love, she doesn’t deserve you, you’ll find someone much better and hotter than she was.” says mom with a smile as she lightly rubs her son’s chest and slowly works her way down to his crotch. “I don’t know mom, I just don’t know….” says son in a daze, begging to fall asleep. Mom smiles as she continues to rub his cock through his pants, feeling his cock becoming erect. “Do you want mommy to make you feel better?” she asks as she unzips his pants and pulls out her sons cock. Son moans a “yes” as he weakly puts a hand on his mother’s head.
Mom smiles as she gently strokes her son’s cock and proceeds to give him a slow, sensual blow job; she wants him to forget about that betraying bitch of an x. Mom kisses and gives every inch of her son’s cock the utmost attention as she moves up and down his shaft, gently playing with his balls simultaneously. Son begins moaning as his mother’s lips feel so good on his cock. After a few moments, mom stops for a moment to pull her son’s pants completely off before continuing to suck his cock. “Starting to feel better sweetheart?” asks mom with a smile as she jerks her son’s cock and looks up at him lovingly. “Yeah, feels so good mom….” whispers son, his eyes still closed. Mom smiles and continues to suck his cock; mom opens her robe and begins rubbing her clit and fingering safe, slowly at first then faster and faster as her son’s moans become louder and louder. “Mommy, let me cum in your mouth….please” begs son as he tries to looks down at her briefly before his head slumps over. “Please do… oh God cum for mommy!” moans mom as she pumps and sucks son’s cock faster and faster. Mom suddenly moans loudly with her son’s cock in her mouth as she fingers herself to orgasm. Son suddenly jolts his head upright and releases a loud scream; this mother’s moaning lips on his cock cause him to explode, shooting hot cum all in her mouth. Mom continues to jerk her son’s cock, milking every drop of semen out of it before letting it run out the sides of her mouth as she slowly moves up and down on this shaft, finishing him off. Son’s eyes quickly close and he dozes off to sleep, a smile on his face. Mom wipes her mouth and closes her robe before gently laying her son down on the couch to allow him to sleep; she walks away with a smile on her face, content this is the start of something wonderful.

Scene 2

Mom is sitting by the pool; she has a big smile on her face thinking about what she had done with her son earlier in the day. With her husband out of town so much she longed to feel close to someone and who better than her son in his current distraught state of mind?
Mom realizes her son is on the edge of the pool staring at her. â€oHi Sweetheart; how are you feeling?â€? she asks with a smile as she slowly approaches his edge of the pool. â€oI’m feeling better thanks; mom…….I need to ask you something…….God how to I even approach this…..the dream was soâ€?…..mom rises from the water slightly and holds up a hand cutting him off in mid-sentence. â€oSweetheart …..that was no dream; your mother comforted you when you needed it.â€? Son sits back, his mouth open as the reality of what they had did hits him. â€oMom……what if dad finds out?â€? mom simply smiles. â€oHe won’t find out my love, no one will as long as we keep this between us.â€?
Mom moves to a chair on the side of the pool, spreads her legs, seductively luring her son to her with a finger motion. Son rises from the pool and gets down on his knees between his mother’s legs. He slowly starts at his mother’s ankles gently kissing and licking every inch before finally arriving at her crotch. He slowly rubs her clit through her bathing suit, causing mom to moan louder and louder; mom opens her top and rubs her nipples and breasts, heightening the feeling. â€oOh son……stop teasing your mother, show me what you can do.â€? mom purrs seductively. â€oYes ma’am.â€? Smiles son before moving her bikini bottom to the side and begins to lick her clit. Mom moans loudly as her son skillfully moves his tongue from her clit to her pussy and continues to alternate; son begins jerking his cock as he lust for his mother continues to grow. Mom arches her back and begins to moan louder and louder as she approaches orgasm â€oOH GOD SON…..OH MY GOD MAKE ME CUM!â€? screams mom as her son drives his tongue deep into her pussy; mom suddenly grabs both arms of the chair and screams loudly as her son has achieved what his father never could do with his tongue. Mom grabs her son’s head and runs her fingers through his hair before taking his head and forcing him to look at her. â€oNow, mother wants you to fuck her long and hard; prove to me you know how to use that cock!â€? she orders sternly. Son nods before moving into position behind her.
Mom bends over sticking her ass in the perfect position for her son to fuck her doggy style; mom reaches back and gently guides her son’s hard cock into her wet pussy. â€oOh my god mom…. you are so tight.â€? moans son as hi grabs both of her hips and begins to fuck her. Mom grabs onto the chair for leverage and moans louder and louder as her son’s cock and balls slam into her body again and again, each time with a harder thrust. Mom enjoys the feeling of her son’s large cock when she suddenly hears him breathing heavier, approaching orgasm. â€oI want you to spray your hot cum in my pussy!â€? she moans loudly. Son is unable to speak when he suddenly screams loudly.
A moment later, son collapses on the ground, still breathing heavy. Mom curls up next to him and they gently kiss. â€oMom…â€? begins son â€ocan you teach me how to be a slave?â€? A devilish grin suddenly appears on mom’s face â€oOf course my love, I can you show you whatever you want.â€?

Son is my Sex Slave

It is the following morning and son is lying in his bed, sleeping. Mom quietly enters the room wearing a mistress outfit and his carrying a collar and chain. She approaches her son and puts the collar around his neck as he continues to sleep. Mom suddenly slaps son’s face to wake him up, pulling him by the chain to her face. “Wake the fuck up slave, it’s time for your lesson!” she says in a commanding tone. “Ye…..yes ma’am.” replies son who is slapped in the face again by Mom. “That’s yes Mistress.” she says sternly before pulling the chain, bringing her son to his feet. “Yes, sorry Mistress.” replies son sheeply. “You need a shower, I like my slaves clean.” says mom as she pulls her son behind her and leads him down the hall to the bathroom. Once inside the bathroom, Mom orders son to stand out of the way while she turns on the shower for him. “Slave, she Mistress how you jerk your cock.” orders mom who stands to the side and watches her son jerk his cock haphazardly. “No no no” begins mom as she approaches her son and takes his cock in her hand “You do it like this.” Mom begins jerking son’s cock slowly, starting at the base of his shaft and moving all the way to his head and continues the motion; son’s cock begins to get hard as his mother reaches up and kisses and bites his neck while continuing to work on his cock. “Are you enjoying this?” mom whispers seductively into her son’s ear; son smiles and nods when mom suddenly stops, removes his collar and points at the shower; “Wash yourself off and watch Mistress through the glass door.” Commands mom; “Yes mistress.” replies son as he enters the shower and begins to watch his mother outside as he washes his body.
Slave…” moans Mistress “Get in here and eat my pussy!” son quickly exits the shower and, as commanded goes down on his knees and proceeds to rapidly lick Mistress’s pussy and clit. Moments later Mistress screams and moans loudly as she pushes her son’s head harder into her pussy, causing her to orgasm all over her son’s tongue. “Taste it, taste your Mistress’s juices; taste it my nasty little slave.” she moans loudly as she arches her back and bucks her hips. Son continues to do as he is ordered until mom gently kicks him in his head away. “Give me your cock NOW!” commands mom; son quickly gets off the ground and slams his cock into his mother and begins to fuck her as she sits on the bathroom counter. “Harder, harder; fuck your mother harder!” yells mistress as she grabs her son’s hips and proceeds to slam him into her. “Mistress…..oh God….I’m going to” Mistress suddenly slaps son across the face as he continues to fuck her “You can’t come until I say you can!” she commands. Son continues to fuck mistress who moans louder and louder approaching her second orgasm. Mistress can hear her slaves breathing change as he can barely hold on longer. “OH MY GOD; SPRAY YOUR SEED IN YOUR MISTRESS!” yells Mistress as she orgasms and screams. Son collapses on top of Mistress who holds him in her arms and pats his back. “If you like that sweetheart” begins mom smiling “Wait until you see what I have for you next.”

Your Father Never Could

Son is sitting in the living room watching TV when his cell phone suddenly rings; he looks down at the phone and with a puzzled look, answers it. “Mom” he begins laughing “I’m in living room why are you calling?” son continues to laugh at his mother’s response. “Ok, I’ll be there in a minute.” he says before the connection. “What on Earth is so important she couldn’t just come get me?” he asks out loud as he makes his way towards his parents’ bedroom. Son opens the bedroom door to find his mother standing in the room very seductively wearing the hottest piece of lingerie he’s ever seen. “Mom…..you look……wow.” says son as his mother smiles and makes her way over to him. “Do you think I’m gorgeous?” she asks before giving him a passionate kiss. “I do mother…..you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and…..you are the only woman I want…I would do anything for you.” replies son as he kisses mom’s neck, causing her to moan and giggle. “I want you to show your mother how a woman should be treated; show me you all you learned.”
Mom quickly clips on top her son and guides his cock into her body before she begins to ride him. Son grabs his mother’s hips as she grinds his cock back and forth moaning louder and louder as she is quickly approaching orgasm. “OH SON…..OH MY GOD….YOUR COCK IS SO HUGE……YOUR FATHER COULD NEVER…..” Mom suddenly stops speaking and screams loudly as she orgasms; she shudders and quakes as her body grips her son’s hard cock inside of her. Son moans loudly “Oh God mom…..I’m going to cum!” he screams. “Cum insides me my baby; fill your mother with hot cum!” screams mother as she continues to ride her son. Moments later, son grabs his mother’s hips tighter than ever and screams loudly, his cock exploding deep inside his mother and filling her with cum. They both continue to moan as mother slows down and eventually stops, collapsing on top of her son. The both lay there for a few moments shuddering and holding each other as their breathing returns to normal. “Mom” begins son kissing her “What if you…..become……you know?” Mom kisses her son’s lips gently and laughs before putting her head back on his chest “Don’t worry about that baby, I took care of that problem a long time ago.” The two lie in each other’s arms and drift off to sleep happy they can continue to be lovers as long as dad never finds out; mother is content that her son will never need another woman other than her.

File size: 1.33GB
Resolution: 1280×720
Duration: 00:40;17
File type: AVI

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Madisin Lee in “SON – Let me teach you about the birds and the bees”

Brad is coming home to Mommy with great news! He has a girlfriend! His very first girlfriend. Problem is, he’s kinda shy, and he doesn’t really know where to take it. Like…. he’s never even kissed a girl! Mommy offers to give him a little kissing lesson. And that turns into a blowjob lesson. and a fucking lesson. And then little Brad blows a giant load into Mommy’s mouth, almost choking her!

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Duration: 00:23:16
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WifeCrazy – Hardcore Blackmail

My son is such a mother fucker! He blackmails me into sucking & fucking his cock – then he squirts a massive cum load all over my pussy & shoves his dick back in!! I just wish I didn’t enjoy it so much!!

File size: 176MB
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Vanessa Vixon in Moms Love Anal

Vanessa has taken her son for a business trip but leaves him in their hotel room all day long. When she returns from work she only wants to go down to the bar and drink, telling her son to find something else to do. Vanessa wakes up to find herself tied with her hands above her head.
Vanessa calls out to her son to help her down, not knowing that her son was the one who her and tied her up. He gropes his moms breasts and pulls them out of the top of her dress. With whip in hand he smacks them. “honey stop” she protests. Turning her around he pulls up her dress, removes her skimpy thong and whips her ass with smooth strokes. She yelps in pain asking why her son is doing this to her. He unties her from the door and pulls her to the ground.
She tells him no and shakes her head when the son slides his cock into her mouth. Forced to suck her son’s cock, she lets him have her mouth, only able to wrap her lips around him and hope this is over soon.

Scene Two: Better than watching a movie

He brings his mom to the couch and bends her over the side, hands still tied together. “what are you doing” she moans in desperation. He thrusts himself inside his mom and fucks her. Vanessa talks to him and tries to get him to stop between her unwanted moans. “Stop it, you’re so sick” she tells him.
Flipping his mom on her back, he sticks her legs in the air and continues to fuck her. Vanessa’s face goes into a permanent wince wanting this whole ordeal to be over. “I’m so repulsed” she spits at him. He stops and lets her have some beer, hoping it loosens her up.
Vanessa winces when her son fingers her ass getting her ready for his cock. “No sweety, please” she cries, her son slowly working his cock into her tight ass. She pleads with him, promising him anything he wants just as long as he stops painfully fucking her ass.

Scene Three: Spending time with your ass

He drags his mom into the bedroom and re-ties her hands sucking on her tits. He fucks her ass again, making her ruby red lips part in pleasure and pain. He looks right into her defiant eyes letting his cock humiliate and destroy his mom
Flipping her onto her stomach the son fucks his mom’s ass into the bed and she moans with frustration saying “please, stop”

Scene Four: Spending time with my cum

Vanessa begs him to tell her what he wants and her son replies that he wants her to “swallow all his cum”. A look of horror crosses her face and he fucks her wet pussy. She closes her eyes and tries to imagine that this is all a dream.
Pulling her on top of him, he makes his mom unwillingly bounce on his cock. Dragged to the floor Vanessa opens her mouth for her son, agonizing over the facial she is about to receive. The son forces her to say “I want your cum” over and over and he shoots his hot load all over her face. “Go have fun at the bar now” he says and leaves her covered in cum.


File size: 495MB
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Duration: 00:28:56
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Son Rapes Mother

Mother wake up her son, but this mothefucker decide to rape her like a bitch until he cum in her mouth!

File size: 66MB
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Duration: 00:17:33
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Rachel and Aunt Joey Teach Son

Rachel and her sister Joey were bitching about the lack of respect they get from their husbands. Joshua, Rachel’s son, is rolling his eyes at them. Rachel does not want her son to turn out like his father. Joey agrees. They tell him to sit between them so they can talk to him. His attitude is terrible. Rachel knows it is time for drastic measures. She and Aunt Joey take him in the bedroom to teach him how to please a woman. Joshua is reluctant. Rachel sits him on the bed and reminds him who is boss. She and Joey strip down. Now Joshua is quiet. Rachel and Aunt Joey slowly lick his hard cock side by side. Rachel tells her son to fuck his Auntie. Then she has her son fuck her. They tell him the right spots to get while he has sex with them. Rachel tells him to fuck his mother good, and he does. Both women cum fast. Now it is his turn, they suck and jerk him to orgasm. He cums over their faces. Now he knows what a real woman needs to be happy.

File size: 130MB
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Duration: 00:12:21
File type: WMV

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Primal’s Taboo Sex – Freya is Extorted by her Son

Freya is extorted by her son – Feya’s son has her tied up and unless she agrees to have sex with him one last time, he is going to tell his father everything. Freya has no choice but she makes Mitchell promise it will be the last time. After taking his mom exactly how he wants, he lets her know it WILL NOT be the last time

File size: 420MB
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Mommy Manipulates Son’s Punishment To Satisfy Her Sexual Needs

Mommy is timid and shy as she approaches to ask where her son is getting ready to go. He is always taking advantage of her kindness, and when she asks him to clean his room before he goes, he tells her that he will do it later. She insists that he does it before he goes out, but he refuses to do it until later even though she’s been asking him for a week. After countless times of asking him to clean it, she finally grounds him. “Okay, I didn’t want to have to do this, but you’re grounded.” Her son doesn’t it take seriously, and continues to try and leave, but his mom pushes him back. This time she is furious, and she becomes more dominant in her tone. She raises her voice, and demands him to turn around, so that he can be spanked. “I said you’re grounded! Pull down your pants right now. I’m not dealing with this!” As he stands in disbelief, his mom pulls down his pants and boxers, and makes him bend over the bed, as she spanks his butt. “Okay, over my knee right now! Now. Do it.” He gets over her knees, and she continues to smack his butt until it is red and stinging. “You’re going to start listening to your mom.” He apologizes and asks if he can leave now, but she doesn’t allow it, and instead tries to come up with a bigger and better punishment. “I don’t think that you learned anything from that. In fact, we’re going to try something a little bit different this time. You’re going to jerk off in front of me until your cock is hard. Now.” He tries to pull up his pants, but his mom keeps pushing them back down, demanding that he do what she says. “Jerk off until you’re hard! Right in front of me. And I’m going to watch EVERY stroke. You want to go out, don’t you?”

Her son strokes his cock, and she finds herself becoming more than interested as she watches. “Have… Have you always been that big?” She fans herself off, and admires his cock, becoming more flustered by the moment. “Yeah, let Mommy get a closer look… to make sure you’re doing it.” She gets on her knees, admiring his cock, and telling him to take off his jacket since he’s going to be there for a while. “God, is it hot in here, or something? Yeah, you’re… you’re doing a good job, honey.” She takes her shirt and bra off from how hot her son is making her. “So, you’re hard, um, you’re going to start listening to Mom. You’re going to put your cock inside of Mom’s mouth.” He questions if this is his punishment, and she demands that he do it without talking back. Now that Mommy is hot and horny from watching her son stroke his cock, she decides to take advantage of his punishment by fulfilling her own sexual needs. She manipulates the situation, continuing to make it look like this is a lesson in which her son will learn to obey her. He mentions that she looks flustered, and she demands he does what she tells him. Mommy puts his cock into her mouth, and begins to go up and down the shaft sensually. She deep-throats his cock, and sucks and runs her tongue on the head. Drool gets all over his cock, runs down her chin, and falls onto the ground. “Now be a good boy, and throat-fuck Mommy. Remember, you’re going to start listening to Mommy. Don’t talk back to me anymore, and do what I say.” He holds her head, and makes her choke and gag on his cock. She pants, and her son pushes her back on his cock, making her drool everywhere.

“Okay, that’s enough. Now you’re going, uh, you’re going to get behind Mommy, and you’re going to fuck her. You’re going to fuck Mommy, and don’t you say a damn word. This is the only way you’re going out tonight. You’re going to start listening to Mommy–everything she tells you.” She takes off her jeans, panties, and once again becomes flustered by her son’s cock. She gets on top of his bed, doggystyle, and moans as her son’s cock goes inside of her. “That’s a good boy. Fuck your Mommy!… My son has such a huge cock.” She continues to moan from pleasure, and tries to correct herself. “You’re being such a good boy making your Mommy feel good. I mean, listening to your Mommy.” She puts her head further down on the bed, as he continues to fuck her pussy from behind. “Fuck Mommy hard and fast. You… you do want to go out, don’t you? Show Mommy!” She demands that he pulls her hair, and smack her ass, as he fucks her.

“Time to get on top of Mommy. Mommy needs you inside of her right now!” She lays back on the bed, as she demands that he listens to her. He puts his cock inside of her, and she moans from pleasure. “What a good boy. Your cock feels so good inside of me. I mean, you’re such a good boy for listening to Mommy. You’re going to start listening to your Mommy.” Mommy’s eyes roll back, and her son fucks her hard and fast, as she pants and moans from pleasure. “Now you need to jerk off inside of Mommy’s mouth. Gotta do what I say if you wanna be ungrounded. Let Mommy taste your cum right in her mouth. Jerk off until you cum inside of my mouth.” She opens her mouth and her son cums into it. She lets it run down the side of her face, and then swallows the rest. “That’s a good boy. That’s exactly how you listen to your Mommy. Now, I’m sure your friend is waiting for you outside, so go ahead and clean up this mess.”

File size; 800MB
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