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Mom Make Her Son Cums in Shorts

A smoking hot MILF is standing in the kitchen scantily clad in a very short satin robe and taking about all the things she needs to get done. She still has to get dinner going and she almost immediately runs into trouble as she can’t reach something in the cupboard. So, she calls in her 21 year old son.
He comes in and asks what’s going on. Mom says how she needs to reach something and as she does this she is moving around the kitchen and bending over. Her ass and tits are hanging out of the tiny robe and her son takes notice.
Mom tells him it is not appropriate to check out his mother. He says sorry and then says he can help with the item. He goes behind her and as he reaches she brushes the font of his shorts where his cock is with her nice ass. This gets him hard and in no time at all he is grinding his mom’s sweet ass.
She keeps saying it is not right but he keeps grinding away. He asks if they can fuck and she says absolutely not, but she finally relents and tells him he can grind until he cums in his pants.
She still needs that item so he lifts her up and the grinding really gets intense. He stops for a moment to take her robe off and lifts her again grinding her ass and grabbing her big tits as he does. It isn’t long before he is shooting a huge cumshot his boxers.
He finally gets what she is wanting in the cupboard and says he is off to shower. Mom is left in the kitchen with a sly smile on her face but still needing to make dinner.

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Mother-Son Secrets

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Giving Mom Anal Stockholm Syndrome

Leena was never satisfied with her status in life. So she engaged in an affair with a rich investment banker, seduced him to marry her after she divorced her first husband. With financial backing for her new man, she railroaded her previous husband during the divorce proceedings. Receiving a bulk of their possessions in addition to full custody of their son. Due to the stress of the divorce and his pre-existing health problems, the dad died shortly after. The son’s hatred for his mum’s and his step dad’s part in his dad’s made him obsessed and somewhat unstable when it came to his thoughts about his current parents. He bottled up his hate for both his current parents for a decade, putting up a front, biding his time, while he secretly dug up dirt on both of them; trying to devise a way to get back at them. He hired multiple PIs during the years to investigate his parents, especially targeting his stepdad to find if he was involved in white collar crime. The investigations didn’t pan out on his stepdad, but revealed two key things about himself and his mum. Firstly, his dad had a trust-fund set up in his name before his for a good amount of money, which could be claimed after the age of 18, thus he could claim it at any moment. The lawyers had contacted him before, but his mum being his guardian and proxy, got the news and kept it to herself all these years. Secondly, his mum had been in many affair with other men during the last couple years. Using these two circumstances he devised a way to finally get back at his mum, and indirectly, at his stepdad.

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Six CreamPies and a Surprise for Rachel

Rachel was a sexy and horny housewife suffering from boredom and loneliness. Her husband was always away on business, and her son Steve was attending college in another city. She was in the livingroom reading a magazine one day when she heard a ring tone from the cell phone that Steve had accidentally left behind. Unable to fight down her curiosity, Rachel picked the phone up and read the text message. It was from Steve’s best friend, Jeremy. He was inquiring about a wild party the pair had planned for his 21st birthday. Rachel could not help feeling turned on by the idea of young Jeremy coming-of-age and looking forward to getting some hot action with a woman. Suddenly a wicked plan occurred to the bored housewife. Pretending to be her son, she sent Jeremy a return text to come over and bring plenty of condoms. Jeremy arrived soon after, full of excitement at what his friend might have organized for him. He was surprised and confused when Rachel greeted him and told him she would be home alone all night. However, as he sat next to the sexy MILF on the couch, he suddenly felt that might not be a bad thing. Rachel was wearing nothing but a short, sheer robe. Every time she shifted on the couch, the flaps would part to give Jeremy a fantastic view of her big-titted cleavage. It was exactly what Rachel wanted. With her son’s best friend suitably turned on, she confessed that it been her instead of Steve who had sent him the recent text. The truth was that she wanted to get her hands on Jeremy – to enjoy some nice hard young cock while giving him a birthday present to remember. Jeremy could hardly resist the smouldering brunette‘s advances. Before he knew it, she was all over him. The stud and the MILF French kissed passionately for a long time. Then Rachel suggested they go to her room where they could really fuck. Her only request was that Jeremy wear a condom. Since she was not on the pill, there was a high chance Rachel could get pregnant. A short while later, Jeremy was laying naked in Rachel’s bed. Rachel herself then came into the room wearing sexy white lingerie and with her hair elegantly pinned back. Soon she and her young lover were making out with a passion. Jeremy eagerly fondled Rachel’s tits and sucked upon her long nipples. Following more French kissing, Rachel gave Jeremy a long and sensual blowjob that had him rock hard and ready for riding. She handed him a condom and he rolled it on. She stroked his condom covered cock and told him that she had a different birthday present for him. Although Rachel had insisted Jeremy use condoms, she decided to make his birthday surprise even more special by letting him fuck her bareback so that he could enjoy the feel her hot tight pussy. She figured there would not be much of a pregnancy risk provided the young man pulled his cock out at the end. Getting on her back, she then parted her legs wide and invited Jeremy to take her missionary style. In an instant the young man had his cock buried deep inside the delicious MILF. Rachel moaned loudly as her son’s best friend pumped into her again and again. When it came time for him to cum however, he lacked the will power to pull out. Instead he shot all his hot creamy cum deep into Rachel’s fertile pussy. It was a confusing moment for the MILF. The feel of the cum flooding her womb had been fantastic, but she was worried the young man might have impregnated her. He had definitely filled her up a lot. Rachel could see it all dripping out of her. With the knowledge that the damage might now be done, and the fact that she was lusting for another fuck, Rachel suddenly decided to throw caution to the wind. Getting on her hands and knees, she had Jeremy pound her pussy doggy style. The young man’s condomless cock penetrated her deeply, and this time Rachel smiled as he again blasted his hot seed into her pussy and increased the chance of her falling pregnant. Again she loved the sensation of Jeremy’s cream pouring into her, and it was no time before she wanted to feel it again. Continuing their passionate, all night marathon fuck-session, Rachel got on top of Jeremy and rode up and down on him until he let loose his third wad of cum inside of her. By now Rachel was addicted to the risks and sensations of unprotected with her young lover. Even though her womb was already drenched with cum, she insisted on Jeremy taking her bareback yet again, this time with each of them lying on their sides. The lingerie clad MILF was in ecstasy as she worked her slick pussy over Jeremy’s cock for the umpteenth time. She started begging him to fuck her as deep as he could and to pump her womb deep with more of his impregnating cum. The young man duly gave her all he had. And still the couple were not finished. Jeremy’s youthful stamina allowed him to fill Rachel twice more, first as she straddled his lap, then in the missionary position. Even the next day he had such a strong case of morning wood that he could not resist fucking his friend’s mother once more. He exploded on her face the first time in 24 hours. By the end of it all, Rachel’s pussy was left saturated with young man cum. Six months later, when Jeremy paid Rachel another visit, he could see that he had been firing live rounds and that she herself was indeed very fertile. Fortunately, she was far from mad about their situation. In fact, the first thing she did was lead her young lover up to her bedroom. She hoped he would enjoy his next surprise of fucking her bareback while she was pregnant.

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Mother With Her Son In Laundry Room

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Mommy love young dick in the ass!

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Mom’s fucking yoga lesson

A young boy’s beautiful mommy is doing yoga in the morning. He walks into his mommy’s room and cannot help but notice how the yoga has firmed up his mother’s legs, ass and belly. He compliments his mother on how good she looks and says he would be interested in learning how to do yoga. His mother offers to teach him and positions her son behind her to teach him the Warrior Pose. Standing behind the beautiful MILF excites the young boy and his mother feels his hard cock poking into her ass through her yoga shorts. Instead of embarrassing the young boy, she suggests they try naked yoga. It doesn’t take long before the young boy’s rock-hard cock accidentally slips into his mother’s moist pussy and he starts fucking her from behind. He ends up giving a creampie to his own mother, who scolds him for being such a naughty boy.

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Your Deal With Mommy

Are you sure you still want to do what we agreed upon? I could buy you a brand new car instead. Alright sweetie, I understand that you’ve been looking forward to doing this with Mommy for a long time, and I keep my promises. But you cannot show this tape to anyone, and be sure to keep your face out of the frame. My life would be ruined if someone saw me sucking my own son off.
Oh wow, you really are my big boy aren’t you? No no, I’m flattered that you’re already hard for me. Does it feel good to have Mommy’s lips against your cock, honey? Mmm I didn’t expect to get so aroused from this, you feel so good in Mommy’s mouth. You know, we could go a little further….but this is your last chance to stop before we take this little game too far honey.
Good boy, Mommy needs pleasure too. Ohhh yes, wow your swollen cock feels so good filling me up, sweetie. Keep going, why did you stop? Oh, you were about to cum, my poor baby – did Mommy turn you on too much? I know honey, doing such naughty things with my own son is so arousing for me too. I had no idea it’d be this good…I need to cum sweetie, I need to cum on your cock. Then Mommy wants you to cum on her face.

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Cum deep inside me Son. That’s what Mommy want!

Scene One: Spin the bottle

Melanie’s son has been masturbating a lot lately, and she needs to have a talk with him about it. Dad is leaving for a business trip and hopes that the problem is taken care of before he gets back. “Just do what you have to do” he tells her.
Reading online Melanie finds a question game she can play with her son to help him open up about his problems. It’s like truth or dare but you spin a bottle to pick who goes and it’s supposed to be a very helpful conversation tool.
They spin the bottle asking each other questions about sexuality. On one spin her son surprises her and mom has to take off her dress. “I guess you’ve seen me in my bathing suit” Melanie says as she reveals her striped underwear. “Ummm, can you take your bra off?” Her son asks. He’s just curious she thinks popping off her top and revealing her large breasts. His pants tighten at the sight of his mom. They talk about dirty secrets before it lands on him again and he asks his mom to get naked. She pulls down her panties and watches her sons eyes take in every inch of her. He asks to touch her breasts and nervously gropes her.
“Are you asking if I would put your penis in my mouth?” Melanie says at her bold sons question. It’s ok she thinks, he’s just learning about sex so she does as he asks. He can’t believe it as his mom puts it in her hands and in her mouth. He can’t control himself never having a blowjob before and quickly cums with his mom holding her head down over him. It feels so strange cumming in a girls mouth, and mom swallows it all down. “Oh my god that was so much” Melanie says.

Scene Two: Coast is clear.

A noise from downstairs wakes Melanie up in the middle of the night. Dreams of her son’s cock in her mouth have been running through her head all night. She goes to check and finds her son trying to make some coffee. “We had some fun playing spin the bottle” She tells him, “But I think you wanted more” She sits down and spreads her legs for him begging him to take off his shorts.
She sucks his penis hard and tells him to put it inside her. This is the first time he’s ever put it inside of anyone and it feels strange and wonderful. He naturally bucks his hips, letting his body control him and loosing himself in the pleasure of his mom’s warm pussy. He can’t help but cum inside her and desperately asks if she’s on birth control. “Maybe” she whispers, enjoying the feeling of the warm cum deep in her.

Scene Three: Apologies

Her son’s sleeping when Melanie wakes him up “I wanted to apologize for last night, lying about the birth control”. “What if dad finds out?” he asks. Melanie reassures her son by pulling down his pants and sucking on his cock.
His wet hard cock in her hands and mouth make her so wet. She has to have him inside her again. She gets on top of him and fucks her son like she was 20. As she bounces his balls tighten and he yells “I’m going to cum again!” “No no no, I’m not on birth control” she yells at him as her womb fills up with his cum.

Scene Four: Mom begs for a Creampie

His cum feels so good that she doesn’t care about anything else but him filling her up. Dressed only in a bra and panties she calls him into the living room. “I was thinking we could have some more fun, I will do whatever you want me to do” She tells him. She’s addicted to him and the way he makes her feel. He tells her to strip and rub herself, drinking in his naked mom’s hot body.
She puts his cock in her mouth and sucks him as only a mom can. Without hesitation now she puts him inside her and fucks him. Her moans and screams ring through the house when he cums deep inside her and all over her pussy. “That’s what I wanted.” She tells him.
After he leaves she talks to herself “He’s not going to be happy when I get pregnant.”

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Dad’s at the pool, so fuck me son!

Alexis comes into the house from sitting by the pool with her husband to find her son at the table on his laptop. She tells him she is annoyed with his Father for not noticing how hot she is anymore, he never compliments her or tells her how she looks. She asks her son if he finds her attractive and he says yes. She has him touch her beautiful ass and lets him touch her big tits. She wants him right now! She does not care that her husband is right outside the door, she needs her son’s cock now! She sucks his cock right there and then rides him on the bench. Now her son takes charge and flips her onto her back on the bench and fucks her hard. He turns her around so he can fuck her from behind. She begs him to cum inside of her pussy, she wants his cum inside of her! He does as he is told and Mom is happy. Now to get dressed quickly before Dad wonders where she is.

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