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Farah Faucet – Filthy Farah

Bobby was so turned on by the sight of his mother’s tight hot body wearing nothing but a thong, he fingers, licks, and sucks his mother’s pussy making her squirt over and over! He fucks her deep and hard, making her cum all over his cock…Bobby pulls his rock hard cock out of his mother’s cunt and tells her to see how her cum tastes…she loves it and sucks her son’s cock harder and deeper until he empties his load down her throat…Farah swallows every drop of her son’s hot jizz!

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Mother is Vulnerable so she take her son dick inside her!

Rachel fell into a bad depression after her husband passed away. In her grief she seemed to forget that he had been a bastard who treated her very badly. For weeks she did nothing but lay in her bed and drink until her son loving Dylan helped her get back on her feet. Then came a period where Rachel went out almost every night, drinking hard, flirting with men at clubs. On one occasion she stumbled home and found Dylan waiting up for her. When he appeared to disapprove of her behaviour, she playfully taunted him by assuming provocative poses that showed off her swelling bustline, deep cleavage and shapely butt. She then planted a more-than-mother kiss on his lips before going to bed. Little did she know how much passion her antics sparked in Dylan. He had always wanted to be a better man to his mother than his father had been. Now he wanted to be her lover as well. While she lay asleep on her bed, he entered her room to see how she was doing. Rachel’s dress had hiked all the way up to her thighs, and her aroused son could not resist touching them – all the way up to her butt. He then covered her with a blanket, kissed her cheek, and left. The next day Rachel encountered Dylan in the kitchen. She seemed bright and happy, but when she poured a drink and tried to take a pill, Dylan stopped her. He was clearly concerned that such habits were not helping his mother. As Rachel was hysterically protesting his intervention, he took her into her arms, hugged her tight, and told her he loved her. The next thing she knew, they were kissing passionately. Even as Rachel hesitated with guilt, he son lifted her on to the counter, running his hands up her thighs and over her breasts. The sensation felt so good that a taboo desire for her son suddenly took over. It had been a long time she’d been truly loved by a man. Now Dylan was giving her what she needed. Her recent grief seemed to evaporate in the pleasure of the moment. Later, in her room, the forbidden fun began in earnest. Stripped down to her lingerie, Rachel lay kissing and fondling with her son in the marital bed. After the young man had played with her naked breasts and suckled the nipples, he dropped lower and licked her pussy. In her arousal, Rachel moved to straddle his face. Panting, she ground herself down on his mouth, trying to get his tongue as deep into her as possible. She then returned the favor by giving his big hard cock a deep and loving sucking. Finally, the pair fucked up a storm in the doggy and missionary positions. Possessed with ecstasy, Rachel begged her son to cum inside of her. He did, heavily. Afterwards, she held him in her arms. In just a few hours he had brought her back to life, made a new woman of her. She looked to the future now. With him as her special man, she might even start family. It was certainly possible now that he had shot so much potent cum into her fertile,
unprotected pussy.

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Stepson’s little blue pill problem

All I was looking for was something to take this headache away. I thought the bottle of blue pills were aspirin or something equivalent but no, I had to stumble upon my dads Viagra. I instantly got a perma boner that wouldn’t go away no matter that I jacked off four times. I was reading on the internet that if my boner didn’t go away in a certain amount of time I would have to go to the ER. Desperate, I went to my stepmother for help. I had no idea she would offer her hole for me to try to get a good nut out and hopefully make this boner go down. She said she would do for me what she does for my dad. After a few minutes fucking her mature mound I nutted so good I could immediately feel my boner going down. She didn’t like that I accidentally left my spooge inside her but hey, she’s the one who offered her hole for my release.

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Breeding My Son With Gianna Phoenix

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Staci Loves Her Morning Son

“You can’t cum in me, your Dad would know. I’ll have to swallow the evidence”

Staci Fallon is the trophy wife of a local, wealthy businessman. Well, this businessman has a lazy son who has been in college going on 10 years and Staci hasn’t been getting the amount of cock that she bargained for from her old man. Well, on this morning Staci’s new stepson has decided that he’s not going to class and she knows exactly how to put his lazy ass to work. She gets on her knees and sucks on his dick until he’s completely talked into it. Then he places her up on the counter and licks her pussy until she can’t take it any more and they end up on the couch with her bent over taking his dick. All the while she’s telling him what a good boy he is for giving Mommie all that cock. After she’s had two or three orgasms she lays back as he pounds her tight cunt while she begs for his big load in the mouth. And when she finally gets it she shows it to him before swallowing the evidence.

This is a true Mother/Son clip. Lot’s of hot taboo dialogue.

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Cory Chase – Training Mother

Morning Protein shake

Mother is in full training mode, dressed in her gym clothes she is ready for a good workout. As part of her normal routine she would suck off her boyfriend in the morning get super turned on then use that to push her work outs. But she broke up with her boyfriend so she could focus 100% on her training. As she walks by her son, sitting on the couch, a wicked idea goes through her mind. She sits next to him and starts rubbing her body. She slowly pulls off her clothes as she moans in pleasure. Her son does not know what to do as he watches his mother. She turns to him and explains that she needs some protein for her workout and starts to suck his cock. He explodes into her hot mouth, and she swallows it down. She thanks him for his help and leaves for the gym.


Mother is working out on the floor when her son walks in. “I can’t stop to talk I’m right in the middle of my set.” “Who said anything about talking?” the son replies. He pulls off her shorts and pulls up her top as she protests. He guides his cock inside of her and begins fucking her. She keeps lifting and moans with every rep, barely holding on. As she finishes he pulls out and leaves her a sweaty, exhausted mess.


The Mother is stretching after a long workout. She asks her son to help her hold some more difficult poses. He gets close to her and feels her up as he helps her stretch. She swats his hand away as she wants to focus on the stretches. But she may have worked out a little too hard this time. With her feet over her head she realizes that she is stuck. She asks her son for help but he has other things on his mind. He fucks her ass as she pleads with him to get her unstuck. After he has his way with her he leaves her to struggle out of her predicament by herself.


The Mother is strong and lean, her workouts have paid off and she is ready to let loose and relive some workout stress. She is ready to teach her son why it pays to work out. She flexes for him showing off her fit body. When the son is not impressed she wrestles him to the ground pulling off his clothes. She then forcefully fucks his hard cock. She drops to her knees and jerks his cock with her strong arms asking for his cum to cover her face. She smiles at her son, that was a good workout.

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I Blow My Son In The Garage

Angie knew she needed to talk in private with her son Peter. So mom surprised her son by picking him up from a buddies house. Once they were in the garage with the door down and the engine off she asked Peter what was wrong. Her son hesitated but finally explained what was bothering him. He is aggravated that even though girls in his school like to give blowjobs to him the problem is that they suck at sucking dick! Peter explains to his mom that only she knows how to properly lick and suck his cock and he knows mom loves swallowing cum! (We all know Angie is a CUM SLUT!)

Well! Angie is pleased to hear that she is being a good slutty mom but offers her son some advice. She pulls Peter’s pants down and starts giving him an amazing SUV blowjob in the garage! While she licks his shaft and sucks on his hard cock head she explains that Peter must help the girls get the job done right! Give them tips on how to suck cock! Make sure they act and talk like sluts! Tell them to spit on dick to lube it up then deep throat the whole man meat! Don’t forget to play and suck on the balls!

Poor Peter! His mom is so good at this and is driving him right to the point of no return! Mom knows her son well and continues to suck and moan on his hard cock and Peter lets loose a huge load of jizz into mom’s mouth! One final lesson for the amateur bitches that Peter fucks…Play with the cum! Let it flow out of your mouth all over your cock and then lick it all back up! Don’t forget to open your mouth and show off the hot cum! Good Luck Son! I hope you teach the bitches well!!

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Fucking at Mom’s House

We’re like a couple of horny brats – fucking like crazy while Mom’s out of town! He fucks me hard on the couch & shoots cum everywhere else except on my tits – DAMMIT!

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Mother Satisfies Me Better than My EX

Now my older son has his head on straight and is such a loving young man… which is why when Steven had been moping around since his girlfriend dumped him 6 months ago it was time to intervene. I know the rest of the family was tired of hearing the depressing music coming from his room being played all day, as well as his seriously unnaturally poor attitude that had seemed to consume him. Something has to give! So, when he came into the den reading her text messages that he’s saved to his phone for the umpteenth time, I had to do something for my poor son. “Mom, she’s the best I’ve ever had, no one can ever compare to her!” Well, I had to show him that mommie was just as good as his ex was in satisfying him; if not better.

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Mum Uses Son For Her Pleasure

This is a very special vid (at a very special price!) for all my MILF’s boys and special fans. If you turn the volume off, you have just HOT FUCKING action. Amazing visuals! If you listen too, the story line is that I’m training my boy to be my perfect lover and plan to cuckold my husband with our boy! Filthy dirty fam fantasy!

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