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Catching Mom Alone

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Cum for mommy!

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Mom Gets What She Needs From Me!

PART ONE: Mom Comes Home from Happy Hour – My Mom decided to slip out for happy hour and comes home feeling pretty good . She is dressed like such a slut!! What is she looking to do? Find some guy in a bar to fuck her?. She wont admit it, but she needs attention, like being rammed by a hard dick. Obviously I am the only man in the house that can give her what she needs. She can act like she doesn’t want to, but she never really makes me stop, because she wants it.
PART TWO: Mom’s Rude Awakening – I cant stop thinking about my moms amazing pussy. The best I ever imagined. And the way it squeezed my cock when I made her cum! She is in bed, sleeping? I decide I have to have more, I feel her all over and then take off her panties. I start licking at her sweet pussy, and she moans. Is she awake? Maybe thinks it is a wet dream? Well she is definitely awake when I slide my dick into her soaking pussy. She asks what I am doing, like she doesnt know. Once again no matter what she wants to pretend, she doesnt really try to stop me. And her moans don’t lie about how she really feels.
PART THREE: Mom is Slippery When Wet – Now I really cant go a day without needing to fuck my mom, I know she is loving it more and more. She says it needs to stop, that it never should have happened, but I know what she wants. She thinks I am out of the house, but I am watching her shower, she looks so good. I want to see her touch herself, I know she gets horny now whenever I am around her. She wants my dick in her all the time, I know she does.

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Fine, I’ll Fuck Your Son

It ain’t easy living with a boyfriend who doesn’t ever want to fuck you! Even with a tiny G-string on, and a bra that showed off her tits, Courtney couldn’t get Marcus to give her the D. In desperation, Courtney walked down the hall to her new step-son’s bedroom to see if he’d give her the wild hot sex she craved so badly! When Courtney rolled down his boxers, the surprise of her life awaited her in the from of a foot-long dick that made her wet and eager for a cunt-stuffing. Courtney hopped on and rode Danny all night, savoring every sweet inch of Danny’s big dick in her Milf pussy!

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Mother and Two Sons

Widow Rachel stands to lose her home if she cannot pay the bank $40,000 within 60 days. When she tearfully explains the situation to her two sons Ace and Nash, the young men try to come up with a get-rich-quick scheme. This leads to them finding an ad online from a porn company called Red MILF Productions. They offer huge amounts of money to young men and MILFs to shoot sex scenes. Interested, Ace and Nash decide to check it out. They also tell their mom to go in for it. Rachel is a little taken back, but not really outraged. The next day, then, she meets the producer of Red MILF Productions. He stuns her by saying she will get paid $20,000 for her shoot with a couple of virile young studs. Nervous about what she is getting into, yet won over by the huge financial incentive, Rachel goes straight from the interview to sign a contract with the company. Later, Ace and Josh come to see the boss. They two are offered $20,000 each – for fucking a MILF. Little do they or Rachel know that the unscrupulous producer intends to trick them into filming a genuine incezt scene: a taboo threesome between a hot mom and her two stud sons! The frenzied fucking eventually leads to Rachel getting a load jerked onto her face. But things do not end there. The director wants a creampie scene! Keeping herself together as best she can, Rachel draws Nash on top of her again. The young man fulfils his part perfectly – fucking his mother until his potent cum blasts deep into her unprotected pussy. Afterwards, Rachel and both her son’s huddle together, shaken, seeking each other’s support. They are not sure if the director is joking when he talks about doing a follow up video in which the two sons fuck their pregnant mom.

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Mother Behaving Very Badly – Jade Jamison

Boundaries get crossed in these stories of mature women making bad decisions with the ones who should trust them the most!

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Drunk mother gets fucked by her own son

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Planting seed inside his mother

The Holidays have been tough for the past few years. It’s just Mom and I now, but at least we’re here for each other. And we’ve grown very close… Last week we were decorating the Christmas tree and all of a sudden we kissed. I don’t know how it happened but my Mother and I started fooling around and then she stopped. Mom said it was was wrong and told me to go to my room. The next day she told me I had to go stay with my Uncle for the next month because she couldn’t risk something like that happening again. I couldn’t believe what she was saying. I wasn’t going anywhere, and I was determined to finish what I had started with her the day before. A few days later I had a plan. I found an audio reprogramming track online that was supposed to leave anyone who listened to it in a completely mindless obedient state, open to any suggestion. I wasn’t sure if it would work, but I had to give it a shot. I lied and told my Mom to listen to this new EDM track from a group she likes. She was confused at first, but I reassured her to keep listening until it took affect. My Mother was completely transformed! She followed my every command. Needless to say I took full advantage, and it looks like I won’t be going to stay with my Uncle after all. My Mother and I will be at home, spending a very special Christmas together

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Drunk Mother’s Wedding Gift to Son

It’s your wedding day, and your mother pulls you into the coat closet at the reception hall. She starts talking about what a beautiful wedding it was, and how your bride is beautiful– also with fair skin & red hair. Mother is a little tipsy & keeps taking swigs from her bottle of wine. She asks what you’re going to do on your wedding night. Sure you’ll have champagne & rose petals… but what she means is: Do you really know how to please your new wife?
All the sudden she’s undoing your belt buckle, and you’re not sure what’s going on at first, but she explains that she wants to show you how to please your wife. You try to fight her off, but you don’t try very hard. Mother has always wanted the best for you, you remember. She kisses your penis, and then to your surprise she starts giving you a blowjob. She tells you to lie down, and she climbs on top of you, putting your hard cock inside of her. It feels so good that you don’t even try to resist. She turns around & rides you backwards, then she fucks you doggystyle. Mommy is so hot. You can’t even believe how good it feels to be inside her wet pussy. Finally she titty fucks you, and tells you to cum for mommy. This is mother’s wedding present to her son: teaching you some tricks, and then making you cum. She says her motivation is to help you last longer on your wedding night.
You cum all over mommy’s tits, then you hear an announcement over the PA system that they’re looking for the groom. Mommy helps you into your underwear, shoves your swollen, wet cock into your pants & buttons up your shirt. It’s time to go dance with your new wife. Lady Fyre

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Making a baby with my son!

My son has been begging incessantly for a new little brother to play with. He’s finally gotten on my last nerve & I blow up at him. I can’t make him a new little brother with his father because father had a vasectomy. But I finally relent & tell my son that if he REALLY wants a little brother, he’s going to have to help me make him.
I order my son to sit on the couch & I show him how to start making the baby by getting his penis hard with a blowjob. Then we undress & I climb on top of him. He seems to enjoy me riding him cowgirl style, so I turn around & ride him the other way. He says that it feels good but it hurts a little & feels like his penis is going to explode. That’s how I know he’s about to come inside me & make his little brother. Lady Fyre

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