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Mom’s Blind Date With Son

Cherie has been feeling very lonely. She even decided to use an online dating service that sets up “perfectly matched” blind dates. Her son is gone for the weekend so she takes her time getting in the mood for her date. Making herself feel sexy and confident. Her date is secretly watching her the whole time, when he suddenly reveals himself Cherie is shocked to find out her son is home, even more shocked to find out he s her blind date, her “perfect match”
Cherie’s son wants her all to himself, she doesn’t need to go on dates. He shows her that he can take care of her needs. Cherie is shocked at how forceful he is, as if she couldn’t say no if she wanted to. She never knows for sure because even though she makes protests she still surrenders and is taken hard.

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Mothers Forbidden Romances

Tales of Forbidden Romances between people who should never have come together! Blended families going very wrong!

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Mother Fucker Make Up Sex

The twins have a big fight when Robby finds out I’m fucking Johnny! But I find a way to make it up to Rob & the make up sex is fucking HOT!

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Mother Bad Medicine

My son can’t sleep, but he has a very important day tomorrow. Once in a while, I will give my over caffeinated son one of my sleeping pills. I know I shouldn’t, and so I hurry and sneak one from the medicine cabinet. “Hurry, take it and don’t tell your father, there’s just a few hours before you have to wake up, and this will help you sleep heavy and sound.” My son takes it gratefully.
I let him sleep in as long as possible before I wake him. I cheerfully tickle him awake, “rise and shine young man!” I see that the sun isn’t the only thing that’s risen, he has quite the erection in his pants. I realize that I gave him Daddy’s viagra by accident. I was in such a hurry that I grabbed the wrong medicine bottle. I can NOT allow him to go to school like this. I need to fix this right away.
I make him turn his head so he doesn’t see the sinful thing that I do to him. I stroke him up and down, and my goodness, that cock is so hard, young, and throbbing under my hands. He’s not cumming with me using my hands, and I certainly will NOT take the boy’s virginity. I tell him that he is to put it in Mommy’s bum instead. He cums inside of my bum, deep, but not a lot of cum.. his cock still needs to be drained. I suck him. I look my son in the eyes and practice the effective technique that I picked up in my college “party girl” days. He cums in my mouth. I let his cum roll around inside of my mouth, I adore the taste of him, so sweet and masculine. His cum spills out of my mouth and I wipe my chin, look down, and he is still hard as a rock. I can’t deny that I am wet, my pussy is aching to feel my son inside of me. “Please, please let Mommy… please fuck me…” I let my instinct take over as I take him deep inside of me. He thrusts inside of me, “deep, deeper!” He cums inside of me, what a man he has become. Things will be a lot different in our home from now on, my son and I have a very, very special relationship. Don’t judge me.

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Mother Fucker Bad Boy Handjob

I simply will not tolerate my son’s bad behavior & he needs to be taught a lesson! Obviously, he only learns the hard way! So I spank him, stroke him, & make him shoot cum!!

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Just fuck me son!

First Week With Mom – Dad would never talk about her. Sometimes I would ask what she was like or if he knew where she was now. My Dad would always say something like “Your Mother was a Whore,” or “She doesn’t care about us, that’s why she left.” Dad’s really got a way with words… I always felt I was never getting the whole story. A few weeks ago I finally tracked her down after searching online for over a year. My Dad and I had been fighting constantly, so a week ago I finally called my Mom for the first time and asked her if I could move in…. pt.2 I Know You Want Me – Son, You’ve been here for a week and you think you can just lounge around in your boxers? Why don’t you help me with this stretch, it’s hard to do by myself. I just have to wrap my legs around you… Thanks, that’s so much better… Son, I know you’ve been watching me. I know you want to fuck me. It’s OK, I want the same thing. Your Father was right about me, I am a whore… But he doesn’t matter anymore, you’re home now son, let me be your Mother….

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Step Mom Uses Me For Sex (Incest Movie)

Son walks in and finds step mom on the phone having phone sex with dad. He tries to walk away but step mom gestures him over to her. She covers up the phone and tells him. “Not a sound” and winks at him. She unzips his pants and starts stroking his cock. She tells dad through the phone that she’s taken a dildo out to use it as a surrogate for his cock. She tells him to listen to her suck that hard cock, and then starts to suck off her stepson. She stays vocal so it can be heard through the phone, and dirty talks to her step son, which in turn, dad would think it’s for him. During the BJ, dad tells mum he’s about to cum so she vigorously sucks stepson’s cock to make noise. Dad thanks her and mom states she can’t wait for him to come home tomorrow.

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Mom Has Hot Threesome With Her Very Pregnant Daughter And Son

Payton’s Husband has had a fantasy of banging his daughter as his wife fucks and blows his son, but as the video starts, he is nowhere to be found but Payton is busy giving her son Mike a good old fashioned blowjob and licking his asshole. Mike starts fucking his Mom Doggie Style and has her moaning with pleasure quickly. Very quickly Mom starts sucking his cock again, it’s what she really loves to do. Mike tells his Mom how good she is, to which she replies how glad she is his Dad got her started on this. Mike’s very pregnant Sister walks in on the two of them, wanting to know what is going on. Nicole confesses she is getting horny and even her moms question about even so she is pregnant, has her wanting in on the action. Just don’t tell Dad she says, but Payton tells her that all of this was his idea already anyways, even so he now hates it. Nicole gets undressed and onto the bed and both Mom and Brother start rubbing her lactating titties. Payton has Nicole give her brother a blowjob and quickly takes her turn again sucking Mike’s dick and rubbing her daughters pussy. Nicole is ready for a cigarette now as is Payton and they start talking smack about her dad. Payton doesn’t even think her kid’s are his, but he doesn’t know, to which they all start laughing. Mike just loves squeezing his sister’s tits and sucking the sweet little milk out of them as Payton continues blowing Mike’s big cock. Finally Payton decides to ride his cock cowgirl style as she continues rubbing her daughter’s pussy. She soon has a big orgasm and now Nicole is having a turn at her brothers cock. She rides him hard and fast, her pregnant ass just flopping up and down, but now she wants to get fucked doggie style and her brother happily fucks her fast and hard. As Mike bangs his sister, Payton touching herself for pleasure and moaning loudly, Nicole decides to finger her a bit to help. Mike wants to fuck his pregnant Sister in the ass, but first Mom want’s to have another go of it. As Mike bangs his Mom one more time, Payton eats her daughters pussy and then Nicole rubs her Mom’s tits as Mike rams his cock up deep into his Mother’s pussy. After yet another orgasm, Payton rubs oil on her son’s dick, so that he can now bang Nicole in the ass. Nicole helps guide her brothers dick into it and it doesn’t take long to have her moan with pleasure. As he fucks her tight little asshole, Payton starts licking his. While he continues to fuck his sister in the ass, Mom and Daughter share a kiss and Payton tells Nicole how lucky she is to have them for her kids. Just as Mike has his Sister on her back and fucking her ass some more, Dad storms into the room, all upset that they started without him. He wanted to be a part of it all. Payton tells him that he is going to ruin everything and to get out, she will explain everything later. Very pissed off he leaves the room. As Mike finishes banging his pregnant sister in her ass, he pulls out his dick and shoots his come on Nicole as Mom helps rub it all over her pregnant belly. Finally Mom and Daughter get to smoke a cigarette on the bed and as Nicole appreciates her brother’s cock, they make a little more fun of poor old Dad and have a good laugh.

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My Step Mom Likes To Fuck Me

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MILF Has Her Boy

Hot, horny MILF finds her boy napping in her bed. He’s grown up so much & she’s heard him in his room late at night with girls he’s been sneaking in. Those girls sure sounded like they were having a good time…& better time than his worthless father ever gave her. They haven’t had sex in years & she’s still a sexually enthusiastic woman. One thing leads to another & they lose themselves in the naughtiness of the act. It’s so wrong but it feels so good… (Includes TABOO FAMILY SEX, bad mouthing her husband to the boy/comparing how he’s better & a CREAMPIE!!! with a little talk about potential pregnancy.)

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