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Fucking at Mom’s House

We’re like a couple of horny brats – fucking like crazy while Mom’s out of town! He fucks me hard on the couch & shoots cum everywhere else except on my tits – DAMMIT!

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Now my older son has his head on straight and is such a loving young man… which is why when Steven had been moping around since his girlfriend dumped him 6 months ago it was time to intervene. I know the rest of the family was tired of hearing the depressing music coming from his room being played all day, as well as his seriously unnaturally poor attitude that had seemed to consume him. Something has to give! So, when he came into the den reading her text messages that he’s saved to his phone for the umpteenth time, I had to do something for my poor son. “Mom, she’s the best I’ve ever had, no one can ever compare to her!” Well, I had to show him that mommie was just as good as his ex was in satisfying him; if not better.

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Mum Uses Son For Her Pleasure

This is a very special vid (at a very special price!) for all my MILF’s boys and special fans. If you turn the volume off, you have just HOT FUCKING action. Amazing visuals! If you listen too, the story line is that I’m training my boy to be my perfect lover and plan to cuckold my husband with our boy! Filthy dirty fam fantasy!

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“Please son impregnate your mother – I want your baby!”

Grandpa Harry passed away last week and Mom asked if I could drive to the funeral with her…Dad had previous commitments and could not attend…Mom was not aware of the secret crush I Have had on her since I was a little peaking on her showers…I had ever intent to seduce her but I had no idea seduction was on her mind as-well.
After the three hour drive, we unpacked at the hotel and waited for the wake to begin…I undressed to my boxers and relaxed on the bed…There was nothing on TV as I flipped thru the channels…The room had two beds but Mom insisted on sitting beside me to watch TV…She was wearing only her Satin Robe, the same robe I jerked off with several times before…I could see her breasts thru the robe every time she moved…I prayed and hoped she would not see my boner growing in my boxers…She must have seen something as she inched closer and and closer and then put her hand on my leg…I was toast and my boner was rock hard…
She then dropped the bomb on me…She wanted another baby…Dad had a Vasectomy several years ago and is now sterile…Mom wanted to continue my bloodline and only had me to share my seed with…She thought she was seducing me but I had all this planned…
Mom promised to never mention this to Dad and if she were to get pregnant, she would say his Vasectomy must have not worked…This was a win-win situation…I get her pregnant and nobody will ever know I am the father…But back to the action as she is now placing my rock hard cock down her throat…I hope I do not cum too fast, her tight pussy is next…
Her pussy is so tight and could not hold out…I had her switch positions several times but mostly so I did not cum too fast…I took her from behind and she begged for my seed…I could not resist and filled her pussy with my cum…It was so hot hearing Cory say my cock was so big and got bigger while I came inside…I left to clean up in the bathroom and Mom keep my seed inside…I hope this was not the last time with Mom, now that she might be pregnant, I do not need to worry if she will get pregnant the next time…


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Son! Your Cum Is In My Panties!

My Mom is such a clean freak! She is yelling for me to clean my room because my Dad will be back home very soon with Grandma! All I want to do is to relax and text my buddies! First thing I need is some food…I will clean up later! Hmmmm…maybe I should have known she would come into my room and get pissed and start to clean up. I REALLY should have hidden the evidence of what I just did…
My Mom BUSTED ME! I am caught red handed…rather Pink Panties! I guess she found them in my bed and, even worse, she smelled the fresh load of cum I left on them! Mom confronts me when I come back into my room. I explain to her that she is hot and…well…you know…I get turned on by my Mom! At this point I have a huge hard on and she notices it! Mom opens up her robe and shows me her HUGE TITS and drives me crazy…and then we decide to have some hot fun before Dad and Grandma arrive.
I love it when my Mom gives me a quick blow job! Especially since she fucking rocks at sucking on dick! Dad is on his way back so we have to really hurry! Mom sucks and strokes me like crazy to get me ready! Soon it is time for me to cum so I jerk off into my Mom’s open and waiting mouth! Ahhhh… Nice hot load of jizz all over her face and tits and on her tongue! Mom is no longer pissed at me! Is that Dad’s car coming down the street?! Time to get ready!!

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Stepmom is my Valentines Day lover

She had a beautiful red lingerie ensemble on complete with stockings and sexy high heels. My girlfriend doesn’t wear anything like this for me. It wasn’t too hard a decision to stay home with my mom, look at her. She is definitely what one would call a MILF. Her skilled hands were gonna make my cock feel incredible. Not only did she stoke me beyond belief she was so damn horny she stuck me inside her. My dad is such an idiot for ignoring this sexy slut. She sucked and fucked me! This was turning into one helluva Valentines evening. My mom also introduced me to a stocking foot job and the unbelievable feeling of silk against my shaft. She gave my cock and balls so many sensations I had not experienced before. My head was reeling from her touch and I exploded with a stream of jizz that almost shot past her head! She thanked me for making her night so special and even called my cum shot sexy. I think my mom is the sexiest woman of all and my new mature lover.

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Momy take care of her horny son

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My Stepson Will Do What I Want

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