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Slutty Mother I Had to Fuck

Newly widowed R@chel $teele cut an elegant and lovely figure as, dressed all in black, she stood quietly mourning her husband at his funeral. No one seeing her then could ever have imagined how she would look a short time later. The change that was to come – the unwanted and depraved spectacle in which Rachel was to be involved – was not of her doing. It was the result of coercion and intimidation by a shady casino owner looking to collect on the debts of her late, closet-gambler husband. This owner’s name was Tom, and he did not mince words or waste time. Neither did he care that the tears were barely dry on R@chel’s face. When the demurely dressed R@chel answered the door to him, he invited himself in proceeded to shatter a bunch of illusions she had about her husband. Contrary to what she had believed, he was not the clean-living, church-going man she had thought him to be. She listened in horror and disbelief as Tom laid out – with proofs – her husband’s history at his casino. Aside from lavish gambling, he had drunk heavily and gone with hookers. Present at this conversation was R@chel’s strapping young son, Kyle. He could no more stomach this news than his mother could. But Tom was remorseless. He was interested in one thing: getting back the $75,000 worth of debts that her husband owed him. When R@chel heard that figure, she could have feinted. The amount was staggering to her, and there was no way she could ever raise it. In vain she appealed to Tom for mercy. One way or another, he was going to get the money – or something of equal worth. It was then that he fully noticed R@chel’s intriguing blend of wholesomeness and sexiness. She was, as they say, a MILF. Following a train of thought, Tom turned and looked at Kyle. R@chel’s son was perfect for what Tom was considering. He was tall and virile, and looked to be packing in the crotch of his pants. Thinking of his business side-line in the pornographic DVD industry, Tom now had an alternative to offer R@chel. She could get rid of the debt, he announced casually, by shooting three thirty-minutes hardcore videos in which she fucked her own son. Such videos sold like hot cakes, and were guaranteed to make a fortune. However, his comment may as well have been a bombshell. R@chel and Kyle were horrified. At first they flat-out refused even to hear the suggestion repeated. But, the seriousness of their situation sinking in, they began to see it as their only possible chance to avoid ruin – or worse. As Tom helpfully pointed out to them: those who did not pay his debts were liable to suffer an unpleasant and messy end. Presently, he left the mother and son alone for a few minutes to talk over their options. A tense R@chel and Kyle ran through all the pros and cons, and eventually found themselves agreeing to the unthinkable: they would have ncestuous sex on camera. As soon as Tom learned of their decision, he got straight to work preparing the shoot. He called upon one of his trusted men to operate the video camera, and told R@chel and Kyle to go slip into something more appropriate. Soon enough, everything was ready. The movie was to be shot in R@chel’s bedroom; the scene of the fucking was to be her big double-bed. It was the one she had shared so long with her husband – the only sexual partner she had ever had. Sitting in a director’s chair to one side was Tom. When he hollered for the performers to step forward, they did so with the utmost nervousness. Kyle sported nothing but a towel about his waist. R@chel wore a sheer nightgown over which her modestly led her to cross her arms. Mother and son sat down on the bed. They were hesitant and full of second-thoughts. At last, assured by Tom that he would keep the bargain, they were as ready as they would ever be for their taboo performance. At the camera man’s instruction, R@chel removed her son’s towel, knelt before his naked cock, and proceeded – reluctantly – to suck on it. Gradually, in spite of herself, she found herself getting into the swing of things. Of her own accord she shrugged loose her robe to reveal herself in skimpy red lingerie worthy of her deliciously shaped, big-boobed figure. It was, indeed, a drastic change from her refined funeral attire of that morning. As to the sucking of her son’s cock, R@chel kept at it for the longest time. Ever more sensually and skillfully she fucked her tight-drawn lips fully up and down its thick, long length. Her raven-haired head bobbed gracefully from the effort. With the cameraman chipping in from time to time, she made herself add hand-stroking, kissing, licking, ball-sucking and deep-throating to the mix. Already she was serving up an unforgettable treat for her future viewers. By the end of it, she had her son’s cock thoroughly bloated and rock-hard. There was no question then of Kyle being able to perform on his debut. When his mother lay back on the bed and pulled her panty’s crotch aside, he knelt between her parted legs, lined his big cock up with her forbidden pussy, and fucked into it – deep, clean and hard. Mother and son emitted a gasp at that moment. They were now committing ncest for sure. Although the realization seemed to trouble them, they did not let up for a moment. In fact, they went on to fuck with an ever-increasing intensity. Kyle became more passionate in his cock-thrusts, and R@chel became louder in her moans. It was the mother’s first fuck in what seemed like an eternity. Moreover, it was better than anything her husband had ever given her. The cameraman had little need to instruct the pair further. Momentarily forgetting themselves and the camera pointed on them, the taboo-breaking pair fucked on lustfully and willingly. Once Kyle praised the tightness of his mother’s pussy. Meanwhile, R@chel begged him to fuck her harder. To her immense shame, she even came on his cock. For the future viewers, the whole scene was graphically captured. There was the Apple-Pie mother: lying back, big tits bouncing from the force with which she was being fucked. Right in the camera’s line of sight, big and clear, was the image of her own son’s cock plunging into her pussy again and again. Incredibly, the action that followed it was even more impassioned. R@chel was on her hands and knees with her son dominating her from behind, fucking her with all the energy of a young man at the height of his lust. Tom smiled as he watched the scene. He had lucked on a couple of great performers. Yet it was a complex experience for both mother and son. Even as they thrilled with tremendous excitement and pleasure, they still to show signs of guilt and uncertainty. Nevertheless, that did not stop Kyle from continuing the relentless fucking of his mother until she couldn’t help but moan and gasp her satisfaction at the top of her voice. A second cum on his cock confirmed her body’s ecstatic approval. Last of all, at her insistence, Kyle came in her face. R@chel had leaned close for that – eagerly opening her mouth to accept as much of her son’s hot creamy juice as she could. Afterwards, when the intoxication of their lust had left them, mother and son were mortified by what they’d done. But Tom was a very happy and amused producer. Gleefully, he reminded R@chel that she had further scenes to do. Ten, in fact. On top of that, he mentioned that he heard R@chel had a hot daughter and another son. When he started telling her about the future things she might have to do – including a full blown incestuous orgy – R@chel screamed and lunged at him. Tom merely laughed, brushed her aside, and strode cockily out of the room. He was smug in the knowledge that her husband’s debt was well on the way to being laid off. R@chel, on the other hand, was crushed with despair and humiliation. She slumped to the floor of her room and sobbed her heart out. What had started off of as a bad day had somehow grown into a nightmare. Almost naked, disheveled from sex, showing cum on her face – she was indeed a different sight to the one she had been that morning

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Smoking mother get her son dick inside her

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Young Mother get creampie and second cumshot!

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Mommy want to cum inside her Son!

Melanie’s son has been masturbating a lot lately, and she needs to have a talk with him about it. Dad is leaving for a business trip and hopes that the problem is taken care of before he gets back. “Just do what you have to do” he tells her.
Reading online Melanie finds a question game she can play with her son to help him open up about his problems. It’s like truth or dare but you spin a bottle to pick who goes and it’s supposed to be a very helpful conversation tool.
They spin the bottle asking each other questions about sexuality. On one spin her son surprises her and mom has to take off her dress. “I guess you’ve seen me in my bathing suit” Melanie says as she reveals her striped underwear. “Ummm, can you take your bra off?” Her son asks. He’s just curious she thinks popping off her top and revealing her large breasts. His pants tighten at the sight of his mom. They talk about dirty secrets before it lands on him again and he asks his mom to get naked. She pulls down her panties and watches her sons eyes take in every inch of her. He asks to touch her breasts and nervously gropes her.
“Are you asking if I would put your penis in my mouth?” Melanie says at her bold sons question. It’s ok she thinks, he’s just learning about sex so she does as he asks. He can’t believe it as his mom puts it in her hands and in her mouth. He can’t control himself never having a blowjob before and quickly cums with his mom holding her head down over him. It feels so strange cumming in a girls mouth, and mom swallows it all down. “Oh my god that was so much” Melanie says.

Scene Two: Coast is clear.

A noise from downstairs wakes Melanie up in the middle of the night. Dreams of her son’s cock in her mouth have been running through her head all night. She goes to check and finds her son trying to make some coffee. “We had some fun playing spin the bottle” She tells him, “But I think you wanted more” She sits down and spreads her legs for him begging him to take off his shorts.She sucks his penis hard and tells him to put it inside her. This is the first time he’s ever put it inside of anyone and it feels strange and wonderful. He naturally bucks his hips, letting his body control him and loosing himself in the pleasure of his mom’s warm pussy. He can’t help but cum inside her and desperately asks if she’s on birth control. “Maybe” she whispers, enjoying the feeling of the warm cum deep in her.

Scene Three: Apologies

Her son’s sleeping when Melanie wakes him up “I wanted to apologize for last night, lying about the birth control”. “What if dad finds out?” he asks. Melanie reassures her son by pulling down his pants and sucking on his cock.
His wet hard cock in her hands and mouth make her so wet. She has to have him inside her again. She gets on top of him and fucks her son like she was 20. As she bounces his balls tighten and he yells “I’m going to cum again!” “No no no, I’m not on birth control” she yells at him as her womb fills up with his cum.

Scene Four: Mom begs for a Creampie

His cum feels so good that she doesn’t care about anything else but him filling her up. Dressed only in a bra and panties she calls him into the living room. “I was thinking we could have some more fun, I will do whatever you want me to do” She tells him. She’s addicted to him and the way he makes her feel. He tells her to strip and rub herself, drinking in his naked mom’s hot body.She puts his cock in her mouth and sucks him as only a mom can. Without hesitation now she puts him inside her and fucks him. Her moans and screams ring through the house when he cums deep inside her and all over her pussy. “That’s what I wanted.” She tells him. After he leaves she talks to herself “He’s not going to be happy when I get pregnant.”

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Pristine Edge in Mom Lends a Hand

Scene 1: Sneaking A PeakPristine’s son Bruce loves Cory Chase porn, she is his favorite. He starts stroking his dick to a porn and Pristine walks in on him, she is completely surprised. Of course she takes a couple of peaks at his huge dick! She ends up in the shower and her son can’t help but try to see his hot mom in the shower. Pristine has to help her son shower because of his wrist injuries so she gets him in the shower and cleans every inch of his body. He can’t help that his dick is getting hard but it is only natural. Pristine rinses him off from head to toe and then dries him off as well. She has to address this erection problem and figures he needs help relieving the tension in his cock. She makes him sit down and applies the lube to his cock and strokes him until he is completely hard. Pristine uses both hands to handle his massive dick and enjoys every minute of it. She realizes he is about to cum and grabs a towel to catch his load.

Scene 2: Mothers Helping HandPristine wants to make sure her son is healing and offers to relieve his discomfort once again. Two days in a row and she is massaging that huge cock all over. Bruce gets too excited and shoots his load on his mothers chest and chin. Before too long, Pristine offers to help her son release his tension because she knows that he is helpless with his injured wrists. She lubes his dick up and strokes him on the couch. Her son looses control again and he shoots his load all over her blouse. This routine has become a regular seen at the house and Pristine can’t keep cleaning all of these clothes. Time after time she lubes his dick up and strokes him to completion. Pristine is so tired and wants to get this over with, she takes her top off so he doesn’t get it sticky like the others. Her son can’t stop starring at her tits. She has to use two hands to get him off and he blows his load in her hand.

Scene 3: Sneaking A PeakPristine finds her son laying down and knows that she needs to help him out and he warns her to take her night gown off. He keeps starring at her sweet tits and they make his dick hard. She enjoys making him cum now and knows how to make sure that it only ends up in her hand. Bruce wants his mother to blow him but she is not happy with this request. Pristine finds her son in the kitchen and feels badly about how she reacted to his last request. She gets on her knees, grabs his dick and shoves it in her mouth. Licking and sucking his dick, she really knows what to do with a cock in her mouth. Trying to deep throat his cock, she gags several times untll he shoots his load right in his moms mouth! She has to swallow it!

Scene 4: Games With Mom:Pristine is blowing her son again and he wants to touch her more, she gags on his huge dick but is able to deep throat it all the way down. With his dick down her throat, Pristine’s son explodes and launches his load right down her throat. After a quick game of strip poker, Prestine has her sons dick in her mouth and is working it over. She really loves making her son cum in her mouth. She keeps loosing at this game and has to suck her sons dick until he blows another load in her face like a fire hose! Pristine now deserves the biggest and best mothers day card ever!

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Jealous Son – You’re Mine

Cherie DeVille – Jealous Son PART ONE – No Dates for Mom – Cherie comes in to tell her son she is going out, but when he sees she is dressed for a date he goes into a jealous rage. He takes his mom hard. She has never been afraid of her son but she sees how strong he has grown and angry he is, and she submits as he makes her his slut.
Cherie DeVille – Jealous Son PART TWO – Working Late – Cherie’s son is angry that she is working late and not home with him. He wants to know if she is fucking her boss, Cherie is so scared someone will come in, but her son treats her like a slut, telling her she is his and fucking her hard on her desk.
Cherie DeVille – Jealous Son PART THREE – No Escape for Mom – Cherie really needs to spend some time with her friends. She thinks her son is out and decides to try to slip away, but he confronts her. Cherie’s son uses rope and a powerful vibrator to remind his mom that she belongs to him.

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Momma Needed More

Then Just Her Son Could Give Suzanne,As I mentioned in my last letter my clock was ticking even harder. It’s gotten to the point I seduced my brother in law too. Even that wasn’t enough though, I really needed to get pregnant again.A few days later I planned a special surprise for Jay and my son too. I invited Jay over for dinner when my husband was on a business trip. I led Jay to the bedroom for an appetizer and came back in nothing but my apron. I called my son in after I got Jay hard and both of them double stuffed me for what seemed like hours. I should wind up pregnant really soon after that. Wish me luck.

Xo Helena

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Incestuous massage for mother

Mother asks her son if he could come to her room and give her a back massage…but when he agrees he finds his mother waiting for him on top of her satin covered bed just wearing a mini satin victoria secret nightie and a pair of silky thigh high stockings…”is that all you’re going to wear while I massage you mom?”…”you dont mind do you?” replies his mother with hidden intentions in the tone of her voice… The son is still a virgin and has never seen a woman pose in such a sexual way in person and knowing its his mother teasing him makes the situation so much more taboo and exiting to him…he slowly and nervously starts to massage her back slipping his strongs fingers and hands across her exposed back and at the same time sneaking a few gentel soft touches around her smooth satin covered thighs and bum…he gets so aroused by doing this that he pulls out his cock and touches himself while he touches his mother… this only leads to an incestuous situation where both mother and son let go to their most taboo fantasies with each other leading to an amazing taboo sexual encounter. OH SON! MOM I KNOW WE SHOULDN’T BUT…I REALLY WANT TO FUCK YOU MOM? (lots of verbal dirty incestuous comments towards mother and how she loves her son and that he must fuck mommy and if he wants to cum on mommies satin lingerie?..-Cum for mommy!)

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Oral Creampie From Mother Fucker

This ungrateful little bastard is mad that he has to share a bed with me! Maybe this will convince him that Mother knows best!

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Mom’s Blind Date With Son

Cherie has been feeling very lonely. She even decided to use an online dating service that sets up “perfectly matched” blind dates. Her son is gone for the weekend so she takes her time getting in the mood for her date. Making herself feel sexy and confident. Her date is secretly watching her the whole time, when he suddenly reveals himself Cherie is shocked to find out her son is home, even more shocked to find out he s her blind date, her “perfect match”
Cherie’s son wants her all to himself, she doesn’t need to go on dates. He shows her that he can take care of her needs. Cherie is shocked at how forceful he is, as if she couldn’t say no if she wanted to. She never knows for sure because even though she makes protests she still surrenders and is taken hard.

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