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Mommy teaches you

I’ve been teaching at the school for some time now, I hear all the gossip and all the rumors. Of coarse I was upset when I heard my son could not satisfy a girl. Hearing them laugh and snicker made my b.lood boil. It’s time you learn son, time you learn how to satisfy a woman properly. I didn’t think I would have to be the one to teach you but who else’s job is it. Lick and tease moms pussy, if you do a good job I might just reward you.

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Mommy son creampie

Son was home from college, he is not very experienced. He walked in on me one night when i was masturbating. At first I was startled and upset. Then I got turned on. I had to show him how to have sex. I also showed him what a creampie is.

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A Son’s Progress In The Dark

Mom, what are you doing up? It’s late. What if Dad saw you like this? Don’t say that, you don’t know that for sure… But I’m here for you no matter what. Mom, stop it. I didn’t mean it like that… That was a long time ago. I have a girlfriend now… Mom, you know we shouldn’t start doing this again….

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Mother’s Sacrifices

Rachel struggled to pay the bills after her husband passed away. Reluctantly she became an escort working from home. One day her son came back earlier than expected and spied on her having sex with a sleazy client. She clearly was not enjoying herself. To make matters worse, the client paid her less than she had asked. Later, Rachel was trying to forget the encounter when her son approached and told her that he had seen everything that took place. The mother had no choice but to come clean. She told her son that she was only being an escort to provide him with the best opportunities in life. Her son was very touched by this. He was also turned on by the sight of his mom in such a revealing dress. Suddenly he wanted to become her man. After declaring that he would take care of her so that she no longer had to be an escort, he lunged forward and kissed her on the mouth. Rachel was startled. But her body reacted favorably. Soon she was opening her dress so that her son could fondle and suckle on her breasts. She then slid her panties off, parted her legs wide, and invited him to lick her exposed pussy. Further foreplay followed in Rachel’s room. There she sucked hungrily on her son’s cock while in the sixty-nine position with him. Hot on the heels of that came a passionate missionary style fuck that ended with Rachel taking her son’s cum inside of her even as she had an orgasm around his plunging cock. Afterwards, the taboo twosome lay cuddling each other in happy exhaustion. Everything was different now. Rachel’s son had shown he could be the man of the house. She knew she could rely him in the future, and never have to work as a prostitute again.

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Son is Jealous Mommy fucks her Boss

By now your aware I’ve had several encounters with my Son and have decided to make him my travel partner when I’m gone on business. Mommy get so stressed and frustrated when I’m on the road!! This trip my son learns a BIT MORE about what Mommy does when she’s gone….and he DOESN’T like it! The JEALOUSY has begun to set in!!!

I have to get ready to go out for “dinner and drinks” with my BOSS. I want my son’s opinion on how I look….he loves the outfit and HATES that I’m going out so late, especially as he discovers the details.Now honey, exactly HOW do you think I am able to keep you in such a lavish lifestyle? Let me explain a few things about your father and I. We have a different kind of set up from most parents. No arguments Young Man…just LISTEN!!
Ok….. I Think I know what will make things better, you need some “Mommy Attention”! Here……let Mommy give you some kisses and licks….that’s it…..see…..I know what you need to feel better. Mmmmmmmm I just can’t seem to keep your COCK out of my MOUTH! I LOVE making you hard and feeling you grow inside me against my tongue and cheek!Now that your nice and HARD let me show you a little surprise I have for my Boss!…….(I climb on the bed and bend over to reveal something my son was MOST SURPRISED about…..). See honey, easy access!Get behind Mommy and I’ll teach you the benefits of wearing these….that’s it……Put your COCK in MOMMY’S HOLE!! Now….doesn’t that make you feel even better?? Yes baby FUCK MOMMY’S HOLE GOOD!!! You have me so sloppy wet….but remember you have to hold it! Stamina…we’re practicing stamina these days!
Mmmmmmmm God you feel SOOOOOOO GOOD in my HOLE! But THIS TIME I want you to fill Mommy’s hole with your warm cum….Mommy NEEDS IT! Fuck Mommy’s hole GOOD My Baby Boy…..Show Mommy what your going to do to those little girls once you are completely trained! That’s it…more….more Baby……That’s your MOMMY’S HOLE! No…Not yet…….feel how good it is to be inside Mommy again…….does that feel good My Angel? Look at my BABY BOY go…Fucking Mommy’s Hole like that…You make me so PROUD of you. Are you ready? Do you want to CUM? …………..Lets see what you can do to Mommy’s Hole now……….

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Mom smokes while Son fucks her big ass

Leann is in the kitchen cleaning things up. She lights up a cigarette and has a smoke. About that time her stepson comes home from school. Leann tells him how lonely for him she’s been and asks him to come outside with her. Once outside she continues to smoke and Leann tells him how horny for him she is. Her stepson takes out a camera and begins to take photo’s of his mother. Leann flashes him and then takes out some of her bedroom toys that she brought with her. She smokes and masturbates herself in front of him.

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Eat Your Broccoli Son

I want my son to eat healthy but he pouts. When his father has him during the week, he eats junk food, but I care about his young body. I want him strong, muscular, toned, just like his Mommy. He catapults a piece of broccoli at my forehead and I send him to his room.. NO, I’ve changed my mind, MY room! There are far too many distractions in his room for a time out. I finish off a bottle of red wine while I think about how to punish my son, he’s a good boy, just behaving naughty. I bend him over his knee and spank him but then I feel his boner! “Oh my!” It’s all coming into focus now. The boy is behaving badly because he needs to pop off. I teach him exactly how to do it. I didn’t mean to behave badly myself, things escalated so quickly! I saw his thick, throbbing erection, and my motherly instinct kicked in. I needed to relieve him of his tension, my poor baby needed to release, he was uncomfortable. I took his virginity, and I should feel bad about it, but I don’t. I’m his mother for Christ’s sake, it’s only natural for a mother to teach him how to please a woman. His hot cum exploded deep inside of me and every muscle in my body felt the throes of our powerful orgasm. Nothing will ever be the same with my son, I smile as he is fucking me on top now, sweating, wide eyed, eager little boy. A son should please his mother, and oh yes, he certainly does.

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Gorgeous Step-Mom Pristine Edge Bangs Step-Son

File size: 302MB
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Son fucking busty Mommy thighs

Molly is doing dishes in her robe when her son Alex walks into the room. He watches her as she bends over to put dishes in the dishwasher. His cock gets hard at the thought of her naked under her silky robe. He gets close behind her and rubs himself against her. “What are you doing? Why don’t you just go sit down.” Molly tells him, disturbed by his actions.
They sit down to have breakfast while Molly has her morning coffee. As she drinks her robe slides open and Alex can’t help but stare at his moms big tits. “Alex, I am your mother! You practically have a boner, what is wrong with you. Eat your cereal!” She yells at him. “Stop staring at my tits!” she yells tightening her robe.
As Molly rinses out his bowl Alex gets behind his mother and holds her grinding up against her. “Alex what are you doing! No. Stop, you’ve got to stop. I’m your mother, stop it!” He reaches under her robe and grabs her huge tits as he humps her. “You’ve got to stop, this has gone too far” She fights him off and runs out of the room.

Scene Two: Mom’s tight legs

He chases her into her bedroom unable to control himself. “Alex we can’t” Molly tells her son. He asks her just to stroke it. “This has gone too far” she begs him as she begins to jerk his cock. He gropes her breasts as she tries to get him to stop.
“I want to fuck your thighs” he tells her flipping her around and gliding his cock between them. It’s not if you don’t fuck her, Alex thinks and thrusts against his mom. “Alex no” Molly pleads. The feeling of her son’s hard cock thrusting against her pussy and clit is too much. She knows it’s wrong but can’t help but moan and enjoy her son violating her.
Pushing her down he fucks her thighs. He knows he shouldn’t but he takes his cock and pushes it inside her pussy. Molly screams and moans in pain, pleasure and embarrassment. She cries out as she is fucked by her horny son. He fucks her tight pussy until he cums, shooting his load all over the back of her legs. “Why don’t you go clean your room?” Molly suggests. “What the hell just happened?”

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Planting seed inside his mother

The Holidays have been tough for the past few years. It’s just Mom and I now, but at least we’re here for each other. And we’ve grown very close… Last week we were decorating the Christmas tree and all of a sudden we kissed. I don’t know how it happened but my Mother and I started fooling around and then she stopped. Mom said it was was wrong and told me to go to my room. The next day she told me I had to go stay with my Uncle for the next month because she couldn’t risk something like that happening again. I couldn’t believe what she was saying. I wasn’t going anywhere, and I was determined to finish what I had started with her the day before. A few days later I had a plan. I found an audio reprogramming track online that was supposed to leave anyone who listened to it in a completely mindless obedient state, open to any suggestion. I wasn’t sure if it would work, but I had to give it a shot. I lied and told my Mom to listen to this new EDM track from a group she likes. She was confused at first, but I reassured her to keep listening until it took affect. My Mother was completely transformed! She followed my every command. Needless to say I took full advantage, and it looks like I won’t be going to stay with my Uncle after all. My Mother and I will be at home, spending a very special Christmas together

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