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Phyllis has called Rachel over to tell her about the problems she is having with her son Joseph (a star student and jock). He has been spending too much time with the school slut and his studies are reflecting that. Phyllis said if he was not her son she would fuck him herself to keep him focused. Rachel is shocked at her. Phyllis asks Rachel the ultimate favor, to seduce her son and make him forget about the slut that is ruining his life. Rachel thinks of him as a nephew, in fact he calls her aunt Rachel but being the kinky bitch she is and her sex life has sucked for a while she agrees. The scenario is set for Rachel to seduce him. She invites him over to help her with cleaning the pool. They sit on the couch and she offers him a beer. She tells him that she knows he has pictures of her on his computer his mom found. He blushes. Rachel rubs his shoulders and comments on how big he has grown. She slides her hand down his thigh and across his cock, she feels a bulge and pulls his shorts down she starts to suck his cock. He cannot help himself because he has always found her hot. She slides his cock in between her tits and slowly moves up and down. Rachel sucks him some more to tease him. She stands up and tells him to take all his clothes off. She unties her bikini bottom and lies down. He mounts her missionary; she loves the feeling of that young hard cock in her. She flips over and tells him to fuck her doggystyle. He does and then he sees her asshole. He shoves his finger in her ass and pounds his finger in and out of her ass. Rachel has never done anal and does not like it at first but she tells him to stop but he cannot. It feels too good for him so he slides his cock in her ass. Rachel screams out his name telling him to stop but he would not. She gives in because it feels so good; she is cumming on his cock, begging him to fuck her harder. When he is ready to cum she wants to swallow it so she takes his huge cock in her mouth and lets him shoot his hot gooey load down her throat. She knows know this is not over.

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Part two of a two part video. Billy and his mom Jillyann had finally given in to their wildest dreams. After a lot of sexual foreplay, Billy took his mom over the table and slid his throbbing cock in her wet pussy. She screamed out his name as he pounded her. Billy made her admit out loud that he was a better fuck than his dad. She said it. Billy fucked her fast and hard. He was ready to cum but he wanted to cum on her. He pushed her to her knees again and she sucked him deep. They lay on the floor together and he jerked his cum on his mom’s pretty face and tits. Jillyann looked at the time and realized her husband was due home. They jumped up and frantically got dressed. Her husband walked in just as she was pulling her jeans up. He did not suspect a thing. Things would never be the same again.

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Scene One: Making sure my son is awake

Jayden dressed in tight yoga pants wakes her son up for the day. When he does not want to get up she sits right on top of him and bounces on his bed to get him to wake up. “You can’t sleep while I’m jumping on your bed?” she asks teasing her son. Her tight ass on his cock makes him get hard and she pulls back the sheets to see what she is bouncing on. Jayden is embarrassed when she sees her son’s cock and quickly covers him back up.
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Scene Two: Revenge of the wake up call

Still dressed in her outfit from this morning she goes into her son’s room to collect his laundry. She reaches under the bed to get a T-shirt and gets stuck. Her bracelet has gotten attached to the frame of his mattress. On all fours with her butt in the air she calls downstairs to her son playing video games to come help

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The next day Jayden finds herself bound on the floor of her sons room begging to be let free. Her son threatened to tell everyone about fucking her unless she does what he says. The son walks into the room with a pair of scissors and slowly cuts her clothing off her struggling body. Striped naked her son fucks her, making her moan with pleasure.
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Jayden dressed in tight lingerie, stockings, heels and bright make-up wakes her son up for the day. She sits on top of him and bounces on his cock. She tells him that she needs to feel him inside her again, that she wants his large cock to fill her ass and fuck her like a porn star.
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Vanessa has taken her son for a business trip but leaves him in their hotel room all day long. When she returns from work she only wants to go down to the bar and drink, telling her son to find something else to do. Vanessa wakes up to find herself tied with her hands above her head.
Vanessa calls out to her son to help her down, not knowing that her son was the one who her and tied her up. He gropes his moms breasts and pulls them out of the top of her dress. With whip in hand he smacks them. “honey stop” she protests. Turning her around he pulls up her dress, removes her skimpy thong and whips her ass with smooth strokes. She yelps in pain asking why her son is doing this to her. He unties her from the door and pulls her to the ground.
She tells him no and shakes her head when the son slides his cock into her mouth. Forced to suck her son’s cock, she lets him have her mouth, only able to wrap her lips around him and hope this is over soon.

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He brings his mom to the couch and bends her over the side, hands still tied together. “what are you doing” she moans in desperation. He thrusts himself inside his mom and fucks her. Vanessa talks to him and tries to get him to stop between her unwanted moans. “Stop it, you’re so sick” she tells him.
Flipping his mom on her back, he sticks her legs in the air and continues to fuck her. Vanessa’s face goes into a permanent wince wanting this whole ordeal to be over. “I’m so repulsed” she spits at him. He stops and lets her have some beer, hoping it loosens her up.
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He drags his mom into the bedroom and re-ties her hands sucking on her tits. He fucks her ass again, making her ruby red lips part in pleasure and pain. He looks right into her defiant eyes letting his cock humiliate and destroy his mom
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Vanessa begs him to tell her what he wants and her son replies that he wants her to “swallow all his cum”. A look of horror crosses her face and he fucks her wet pussy. She closes her eyes and tries to imagine that this is all a dream.
Pulling her on top of him, he makes his mom unwillingly bounce on his cock. Dragged to the floor Vanessa opens her mouth for her son, agonizing over the facial she is about to receive. The son forces her to say “I want your cum” over and over and he shoots his hot load all over her face. “Go have fun at the bar now” he says and leaves her covered in cum.


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Angie’s son is back after six months of working at an oil exploration site in Northern Alaska. The day he got back he found out his girlfriend had been cheating on him and they broke up! He was faithful the whole time and came back expecting non stop fucking for days and days! After the bad news, Mom tried to cheer him up by giving him lots of hugs, back rubs and love. Unfortunately, all that did was make things worse! He got so horny and hard it was unbearable for him. Angie could not overlook his very thick, 10 inch cock growing in his pants! Words are not enough to describe the intensity of the hot sex that occurred between the desperate son and his mom! You HAVE TO SEE IT!

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