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Please fuck Momys ass, baby!

Scene 1: Wenona is in her bedroom, admiring herself in the mirror. She’s in shape, she looks hot, and she knows it. We’re looking at her through a crack in the door. She notices movement at the doorway and glances over, and we pull back. She walks out of her room, down the hall to her son’s room, where he’s sprawled out on his bed. “What the fuck?” she says. Her son expresses surprise. “You know what you were doing. You were spying on me, again, you little fucking pervert!” He tries to deny it, but she says, “look, I heard you, and here you are with that fucking hard-on.” Her nipples are hard, and there is a moment of silence as she takes in his cock in his shorts.

“What are you doing, Mom?” her son asks. “What, you don’t like it now that the shoe is on the other foot? Well, let me see it. Take off your shorts. Mommy wants to see your cock.” He continues to resist, but Wenona merely grabs his legs and pulls them to the side of the bed. She then crawls onto her son’s legs, and undoes his shorts. Then gets off of him, sticks her tits in his face, and slides her hand under the waistband of his shorts, grabbing his cock. “Jeezus… Did Mom do this to you? You know you’re going to have to be punished.” And she then straddles his face, forcing her crotch onto his mouth. She rubs her pussy and ass in his face, and pulls off his shorts. “Clean Mom’s pussy and ass, Luke and I’ll suck this hard cock for you.” She makes herself cum on his face, and blows him until he cums.

Scene 2: The door opens and junior comes in. We hear Wenona call to him, and he walks into her room with a bottle of massage oil next to her. She says, “Mom had a tough workout at the gym today, darling, and while I could have gotten a massage while I was there, I figured, why should I pay for it when I have you here to do it for me!” Her son balks, saying, “I don’t think we should.” And she commands, “get your ass over here to the bed and give mommy a massage, dammit!” He comes over, and starts giving her a half-hearted back rub. “The more half-assed you do this, son, the longer I’m going to make you do it.”

He starts doing it in earnest, rubbing her legs, her back, her shoulders, sliding his hands up and down the inside of her legs and ass. She says, “Get out of your clothes, I want you to use the full weight of your body against me.” He strips down and covers himself in oil, rubbing himself against her – and he can’t help but start humping her from behind. She starts moaning, “that’s it! That’s what Mom wants.” And she grabs his cock and guides it into her. Junior starts pumping Wenona, pulling himself into her hips. He stops, and starts massaging her ass cheeks, dipping his fingers between them, and full of massage oil and pussy wetness, starts fingering her ass. Wenona starts hunching back against his fingers, loving it… “You wanna fuck this ass, Baby? You wanna fuck Mom’s ass? Then be a man and do it!” He slips his cock into her ass and starts fucking her, finally feeling powerful… He cums deep inside her.

Scene 3: Junior is on the computer when Wenona comes in. She leans against the doorway, and thinking of her son’s thick cock, starts playing with herself. She says to him, sweetly, “Mother needs you, baby.” But Junior ignores her, since he’s now in charge, she needs him. “Please baby!” He turns towards her, and pulls down his shorts, motioning for her to come over and start sucking. As she kneels down in front of him, he starts talking dirty to her, “You love sucking your Son’s cock, don’t you Mom? You just can’t get enough of it!” She murmurs yes, and he pulls her off his cock, turning her onto her hands and knees, pressing her head towards the floor. He starts fucking her from behind, and she’s loving it, telling him how much she loves being her son’s fuckslut. He pulls out of her pussy and starts teasing her ass, telling her that she needs to beg him to fuck it. “Please fuck Mom’s ass, baby!”. And he does, softly, teasingly at first, but then roughly, just the way she wants it. He finishes by painting her tongue with his cum.

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Darling in Teaching My Son About Anal Sex

Scene One: Tied up at work

Mom is working on her laptop when her son comes into the room. Without a word he ties up his mom, hands behind her back. Darling asks him what he’s doing and yells to let her go. He responds by groping her breasts and shoving his hand down her panties.
He exposes his mom and forces his cock into her mouth. He makes her take all of him into her angry mouth. As she pulls on the ropes and yells he fucks her in the chair. He puts his cock back into her mouth and cums, holding her mouth shut until she swallows his load. Pulling out his cell phone he takes a picture of her ravished and tied up.

Scene Two: I hate my son

The next day Darling gains the courage to confront her son in his bedroom on his actions. The moment she goes into his room he shows her the cell phone photo. If he wants her to delete the photo and not have it sent to her workplace Darling is going to have to strip and show off her body for him. “I hate you, your the worst son ever” she tells him angry at being blackmailed.
Striped naked she gives him a blowjob. After a while he holds her head and face fucks her. He commands her to fuck him and makes her get on top of him. She mounts him and looks upset and angry giving him what he wants. But what he really wants is her ass. She yells at him when he puts his cock in her tight ass and fucks her. His now dirty cock is shoved into his mom’s mouth until he cums again and makes her swallow. He deletes the photo and she storms out of the room to clean off his cum.

Scene Three: Unwinding after work

Just getting home from work the son grabs Darling in the living room and ties her up to the wall hands above her head. Exposing her body he whips her, taking
pleasure from her cries of pain. She begs him to stop and that she will do what he wants.
He places a vibrator on her pussy, pulling a unwanted orgasm from her. Defeated and drained he fucks her ass on the dinner table bench until she is a puddle of a woman. Making her lick his cock clean he only puts it back inside her until he cums in the tight ass. He leaves her tied up to rest for a few hours.

Scene Four: Shattered

A leash and collar are put on at the last, letting the son pull her down onto his cock. Darling sucks him knowing her new place in life.
He pulls her to the floor where he fucks her hard, reaching the deep places of her soul with his cock. She lets out a shattering orgasm, removing the last bit of
resistance towards him. He pulls on her leash and cums over her smiling face.

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Cory Chase – Training Mother

Morning Protein shake

Mother is in full training mode, dressed in her gym clothes she is ready for a good workout. As part of her normal routine she would suck off her boyfriend in the morning get super turned on then use that to push her work outs. But she broke up with her boyfriend so she could focus 100% on her training. As she walks by her son, sitting on the couch, a wicked idea goes through her mind. She sits next to him and starts rubbing her body. She slowly pulls off her clothes as she moans in pleasure. Her son does not know what to do as he watches his mother. She turns to him and explains that she needs some protein for her workout and starts to suck his cock. He explodes into her hot mouth, and she swallows it down. She thanks him for his help and leaves for the gym.


Mother is working out on the floor when her son walks in. “I can’t stop to talk I’m right in the middle of my set.” “Who said anything about talking?” the son replies. He pulls off her shorts and pulls up her top as she protests. He guides his cock inside of her and begins fucking her. She keeps lifting and moans with every rep, barely holding on. As she finishes he pulls out and leaves her a sweaty, exhausted mess.


The Mother is stretching after a long workout. She asks her son to help her hold some more difficult poses. He gets close to her and feels her up as he helps her stretch. She swats his hand away as she wants to focus on the stretches. But she may have worked out a little too hard this time. With her feet over her head she realizes that she is stuck. She asks her son for help but he has other things on his mind. He fucks her ass as she pleads with him to get her unstuck. After he has his way with her he leaves her to struggle out of her predicament by herself.


The Mother is strong and lean, her workouts have paid off and she is ready to let loose and relive some workout stress. She is ready to teach her son why it pays to work out. She flexes for him showing off her fit body. When the son is not impressed she wrestles him to the ground pulling off his clothes. She then forcefully fucks his hard cock. She drops to her knees and jerks his cock with her strong arms asking for his cum to cover her face. She smiles at her son, that was a good workout.

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Mommy love her son dick in ass!

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Son is raping his mother asshole!

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