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Mom, This is America

Perfectly Normal – I’m so happy to be home with my baby boy again!!! It’s been ages since we’ve been together, but the past is over and I just want to make the most of the present with my son. I almost can’t believe that I actually found him again. I met his Father while he was on a business trip in Rio and we instantly fell in love and were married soon after, but a few years later all we did was fight. Then one night he left without saying a word and took our son with him back to the states… But I’m with my beautiful boy again and that’s all that matters to me now. I’m so proud of him, he’s so successful, and handsome too. And he’s so generous, paying for my flight and letting me move into his house. I just wish he could learn to relax a little, maybe spend some time catching up with his Mother by the pool. Oh well… I know it won’t take to long to loosen him up….
Slut’s Reward – To be honest I’m not very proud of what I did, she forced me into a corner, I had to do something… I love my Mom, but it was too much. I told her I didn’t want to do it again. I told her this wasn’t Brazil and a person just can’t fuck their Mother like it’s cool here. Yeah I mean, I think my Mom’s hot, and it did feel really good, but I’m not going to become some freak who fucks his Mother all the time… So I figured the only way to make my Mom stop was to give her what she was asking for. I love my Mom way to much to let her act like a slut….

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Mom Tells Me I Belong To Her

Part 1 – I am on my way out when my mom stops me. she doesn’t want me going ou at all. in fact, she says the only reason boys my age go out at all is for girls, and there is nothing those little girls have compared to her. She stands up and takes off her robe…
Part 2 – My mom calls me to her room. She explains that I belong to her, that she will take care of everything that I need. No one loves me like she does or will do the things she will for me. My mom shows me why she is the only woman I need.

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Rachel using her young boy

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Mommy Double

Mommy DoubleStarring Alina West and Rock Alina was home alone so she went through some of her moms things to try and find the photo album from when they went on a family vacation. She misses those times. She misses her mom. While she was going through, she found some really sexy lingerie, and put it on to feel closer to her. Her mother was so beautiful. Shes wearing the lingerie, dancing around her parents bedroom, when her dad walks in. Whoops, guess she wasnt home alone! Shes startled, trying to cover herself up with a blanket. They sit down on the edge of the bed and talk about Alinas mom and how much they miss her. Its really difficult for Rock to think about. That lingerie was a gift for her. They both just miss her so much. They comfort each other. She looks just like her mother. They cant get rid of her stuff, instead Rock wants his beautiful daughter to take it. They embrace each other, looking to one another for comfort. They feel so close. They start to kiss, deeply and passionately. She climbs on top of him, straddling him in her mothers lingerie. She grinds on him, rolling her hips as they make out. Then she takes off her dads pants and starts to suck his dick. She does more than look like her mother. She flips her body around so that they can 69, her favorite position. He eats her pussy while she sucks his dick. Then he fucks her. She fucks just like her mother. She moans and yells as he fucks her hard. She bounces on his dick, her perfect ass slapping his thighs.

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Mommy’s Creampie Cure-all

Son, you’re so lucky to have a Mother who loves you so much. Even though I’m very busy cleaning the whole house, washing everyone’s clothes, and making dinner for your Father and his poker buddies; I still take time to check on you. Look at you Son, you’re sleeping so soundly. Mommy’s going to take very good care of her sick boy. Let Mommy feel your forehead. Still a little warm… Luckily Mommy knows exactly what will get rid of that pesky cold. I’ll just pull back these sheets… Oh, Son! What a big cock you have. Mommy just wants a taste. Oh my goodness Son, you’ve gotten so hard, but you’re still sound asleep… Mommy could just sit on your big hard cock for a minute… That’s it Son, just keep sleeping and Mommy will make it all better with her pussy… Oh, you’re awake! Son, relax… everything is OK, your Mommy knows what she’s doing. Your Mother is just helping you get better. Don’t worry Son, this will be our little secret, your Father doesn’t need to know. That’s right Son, just do what comes natural. Fuck Mommy’s pussy. Oh my, you’re fucking Mommy so well, I can tell you’re starting to feel better already. Mommy knows what will really help you Son. Fill up Mommy’s pussy with your cum. Trust me Son, you must, it’s the only way you’ll get all the way better… Good job Son!!! Don’t you feel so much better now? I think you’ll be able to go to school tomorrow. Your very welcome Son, Mommy always knows best….

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Mother-Son Fidelity

Of course I want to baby… But we can’t. Not right now. I don’t know what you’re thinking. Your Father is home… That doesn’t mater. He could still come up here any minute… Son, we have to be smart about this. What would happen if he found out?… I’m scared baby. I love you son, but I love your Father too much to let that happen….

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Mother teasing and sucking her Son

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Cumming in Mommy Breakfast

I was in the kitchen making myself a snack when Billy came home from school. He asked me what I was doing while I was cutting up some fruit. I told him I was making myself a snack. He then told me that my bra was showing out of my blouse. I said it was getting warm in the kitchen so I unbuttoned my blouse. “Don’t you like seeing my breasts in my pretty bra?” I asked. “He answered yes; but what if I had come home with one of my friends? I wouldn’t like him seeing you dressed like that!”. I then said I’m sure your friend wouldn’t mind, ha, ha. I put in the last few pieces of fruit in the bowl and then sprayed the whip cream can but hardly anything would come out. “Darn I ran out of whip cream!” “I forgot to get more at the store today, I said.” I then asked if he would do me a favor and he asked me if I wanted him to look for more cream in the other fridge. I then said, “no honey I want you to jerk off for me and shoot your cum in my fruit salad.” He sounded surprised but said he would. I then did a strip tease for him- showing him my sexy outfit with purple bra and black thong under my outfit. I pulled out my breasts and played with my big titties and pinched my nipples. I then pulled up my skirt and showed him my thong and then pulled them off and showed him my hairy pussy. I got up on the counter and spread my legs open so he could see my tight pink pussy. I then got on the floor and bent over and showed him my ass and used my hands to spread my cheeks open. His dick was out by now and he was stroking it for me. I then asked him to let me stroke it and I began sucking on the head and stroking the shaft. His dick was dripping with pre-cum. I continued to stroke it, building up as much cum as I could and then when he was ready to cum I placed the bowl in front of his dick and the he shot out a huge load all over my fruit salad and some going past the bowl and onto the floor. I licked the cum drops off his dick and cleaned him up with my tongue and then ate some of my yummy salad with the cum dripped on top. It tasted so good! I then got up and undressed fully and said I’d be enjoying my fruit and cum salad on the couch in front of the TV.

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Fucking grandma

Chris stops by to see his Grandma Sally D’angelo. He’s always had naughty crush on her and he jacks off frequently thinking about pounding her pussy, he goes into the guest room, and just seeing her he has to relieve himself in the bathroom, unfortunately for Chris he grabs a bottle of GLUE (thinking it was lube) and applied it to his cock and starts whacking away until the glue starts to set and by that time it’s too late, naked with a hand now stuck to his boner and his Grandma coming down the hallway, what else is there to do but hide in the bathroom , soon Sally demands he opens the door and surprise there is the grandson with his hand stuck on his hard cock and granny getting mighty horny…

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Mommy Becomes My Bitch

Mommy has no idea that her son has perfected a mind altering device that will control her movements and sound via remote control. It’s the perfect way to take a strict, nagging mother, into a cum hungry bitch, well… almost perfect. The remote control has a little trouble switching her mind to “cum hungry bitch” mode and he slowly alters her mind. She first loses her inability to speak without yipping, she then loses control of her human urges, she is brought to her knees, and becomes insatiably horny and hungry for her son’s cum. Her son fucks her deep, hard, and Mommy’s blue eyes beg for more as he pulls her hair. He thrusts while he looks at her feminine face and cums deep inside of her. He snaps her out of the trance as she wonders why she is nude, and what is this hot white fluid running out of her?

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