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Taboo Mommy Creampie

I had lunch with a client today and after we went to his car and started making out. This led to me giving him a blow job and as I was sucking on him his cock got so hard. He then lifted up my dress and pulled my panties to the side and was fingering my pussy. I got so turned on that we headed to the back seat where I could pull off my panties and pull up my dress so I could sit on his big cock. His cock felt so good inside my wet pussy! I moved my hips up and down and rubbed my clit until I came on his cock. I told him not to cum inside me; so instead he pulled out at the last minute and shot it on my black dress. When I got home I went to the laundry room to clean myself up. I was bent over by the dryer getting a clean wash cloth when Billy came looking for me. He asked me what I was doing as I was trying to get the stain out. I told him what happened earlier with my client and he instantly got turned on. He knows what a nympho I am and that I need to get fucked every day. I could see how turned on he was getting so I asked him if he wanted his mommy to make him cum. He nodded his head yes, so I teased him by showing him my body and telling him all about the fun I had while he was at school. I then sat on the stool with my ass hanging off the chair and teased him by wiggling and spreading my ass for him to see. I then told him to pull out his dick so I could see how hard he was getting. I then sat back on the stool and spread my legs and pussy for him to see. I then asked him if he wanted his mommy to stroke his dick for him. He nodded yes and came over to me. I put his dick in my hand and stroked him while he fingered my pussy and fondled my breasts. I then asked him if he wanted to fuck mommy’s pussy and he said yes. I got up on the counter and spread my legs and pussy for him to enter me. I told him to rub his cock head on my clit and pussy first and then he pushed it in. His big dick was throbbing inside me and it didn’t take him long to cum. He wanted to cum in my pussy and though I don’t usually let him I really wanted his creamy load in me. So he pumped me a few more times and then let out a moan and came inside my pussy. It was a huge load and was dripping out of me for the rest of the day.

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Taboo Mommy Talk

I have a new client that I’m seeing tonight and I really want to impress him so I bought ordered this really pretty lingerie from England to wear for him. He told me how much he likes garter belts with multiple straps and how he wants to see me dressed very elegantly and feminine. I am a bit nervous about meeting him because he sounds so sexy and such a gentleman on his emails and phone calls. When I feel anxious like this I know the only way for me to relax is for me to get a load of cum in my mouth so when my son Billy comes into the room I ask him if he will do me a favor and let me play with his dick. I explain to him how I’m seeing a new client this evening and that mommy is nervous and needs to relax before her date with him. He says he understands and smiles and says yes. Of course he wants his mommy to make him cum, after all I am the best at it. I show him my sexy lingerie and do a strip tease for him talking naughty the entire time. I then ask him to pull out his dick for mommy so she can get nice and wet while she watches him jerk it for her. I then ask him to bring his dick over to me so I can stroke it for him. I take his big dick in my hand and run my fingers on his balls and up his shaft. I take my time feeling every inch of his dick and running my fingers and hands up the length of it. Once I see his pre-cum starting I take his head in my mouth while continuing to slowly stroke him so I can coax lots of pre-cum out of him and build up a big load in his balls. While I stroke his dick and give him a blow job I tell him about how I’m going to play with a new man tonight and how I’m going to stroke his cock and that I’m going to let him fuck all my holes. I then tell him I’m going to let him fuck me all night and then when I’ve emptied his balls completely that I’ll be coming back home. I will then come into his bedroom and slide up next to him with my dripping wet panties and that mommy will then fuck him. Once he hears this he is so excited and shoots his cum all over my face. The cum is just dripping everywhere in my eyes and running down my cheek and into my mouth and tits. I love it when my son gives me such a huge load!

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Cum On Mommy’s Feet

When Billy came into the living room I was putting on my stockings and getting ready to play with myself. I really like to wear sexy lingerie and stockings to put me in the mood to play. Billy asks me what I’m doing and as I’m talking to him I notice his boner is poking out his pants. I ask him if he wants to watch me play with myself but he seems shy and resistant but I tell him that I know he wants to because his hard on is getting bigger and its leaking through his shorts. He’s embarrassed now but decides he does want to stay and watch me. I tell him to sit down and pull his dick out for me while I strip and tease him. He doesnt hesitate and is stroking his meat for me. It’s really getting me excited so I’m undressing, showing him my breasts and rubbing my hairy pussy while I see his cock get bigger and bigger. I take out my big kong dong and start sucking on it, getting it real wet so I can fit it in my pussy. I tease him even more by getting on my back with my legs spread open, I slide the big kong dong inside me. Taking it in as far as it will go and pulling it out again to show my pink pussy hole. After I cum I lick all the cum off the dong and I tell Billy to come closer to me so I can stroke his big cock. I then begin sucking on his cock talking it all in my mouth. I keep sucking on him until he gets ready to cum and then I tell him to cum on my pink toes and feet. He lets out a huge load all over my feet. They are all covered in cum!

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Threesome with mom and her nurse friend

Rachel was concerned about her son Timmy. The young man had recently inherited the family estate after the of his father. But Rachel felt he was not up to handling it yet. Timmy had been behaving strangely for a while. He seemed to have emotional problems, stayed in his room all the time and never went out with any girls. Most troubling of all for Rachel was the fact that she had spied Timmy taking her worn panties from the laundry hamper and sniffing them. Later the same items would turn up again – smeared with cum. Realizing that Timmy might be fantasing about her, his own mother, Rachel felt it was time to take action.

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Repeated Ass to Mouth With Mother

This is the sequel to Puppy Mommy our best selling top 20 site wide clip! The son has now taken full control of her mother’s life through through his subliminal mind control for his extreme sexual desires. He has also relegated her to a kids room and has overtaken the mast bedroom. In constant fear she wont be able to control herself the mother is paranoid and on pins and needles doing everything for her son in hopes she will appease him and he won’t take control and use her body.It’s Valentine’s Day, and the son wants a treat, a dirty incestuous ass to mouth experience. No matter how much Mommy fights it, she gives in. This scene is very hardcore.

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My Son always gets what he wants

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I’m all mom needs

Cherie DeVille – I’m all Mom Needs – PART 1 – Mom’s Date Cancels – My mom is all set to go out on a big date with some jerk that she thinks is great. Of course the asshole cancels last minute, after my mom spent so much time getting ready to look good for him. She does look good too. She asks me to help get her dress unzipped, and then…
Cherie DeVille – I’m all Mom Needs – PART 2 – Mom Works out at Home – Things have been a little weird since that night with my mom. I am not sure what she is thinking, but I can’t take my eyes off her. Now she is working out at home, probably worried about looking good for some other asshole that doesn’t deserve her. She sees me watching her…and lets me know what she has been thinking.

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Hot MILF Gets Anal With Stepdaughter

Cherie is is a sexy stepmom with a even hotter stepdaughter, Samantha. They are both blonde, beautiful and sexy. They’ve always got along well, but Cherie has a feeling Samantha is hiding something from her. She gets home early to find Samantha enjoying a steamy session with a much older guy. At first, she can’t believe her eyes, but after a while finds herself getting really turned on by what she is watching. When she confronts them, he spends no time at all showing Cherie what she is missing, and before long she is finding herself doing things she couldn’t possible have imagined. This threesome recipe is about to get spicy – hot and spicy.

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Knocking Mother Up

Michael is a very alert step-son, and when he sees that his step-mother Rachel is home unexpectedly he’s got a LOT of questions! She hadn’t expected Michael to be home herself, and acts very cagey, dodging his inquiries and trying to turn it around on him. It doesn’t work, and Michael is persistant. He asks her repeatedly why she’s home (but nicely dressed), and who the guy in the car out front waiting is. Rachel has a hard time stalling him or coming up with an answer that doesn’t sound like a cop-out, but she still refuses to admit any wrong-doing. She tells her step son that he’s going to tell his father, and get him all worked up over nothing! They’ve barely been married three months, and it’s just not a good look. Rachel had, of course, noticed Michael checking her out from time to time, and so she turns on her seductive charm and asks if there’s…anything…she can do that just might make him forget about all this silliness. Michael confirms that yes, there certainly is! Rachel leads him up to her marital bedroom, and seduces him further (not that it’s all that necessary at this point!). They touch each other, and Micheal begins to touch her pink pussy, fingering and pleasuring her. He then continues to undress her and performs oral sex on her, listening to his step-mother’s moans of pleasure. She returns the favor and gives him a slow, sultry blowjob, and then before either of them know it, they’re passionately fucking raw. Rachel tries to mention using a condom – she’s very fertile – but Michael ignores her and thrusts in and out of her, enjoying the forbidden fruit of his step-mother! They change positions, and again, and then he pulls out of her and shoots a huge load all over Rachel’s body and breasts. Rachel mentions how thankful she is that he didn’t come inside of her, but without warning Michael enters her again and continues to fuck her! Rachel is stunned, and soon after Michael cums AGAIN, this time inside his stepmother’s pussy! She asks him what he was thinking – doesn’t he know how easy it is for her to get pregnant? As we cut to months later, we see that actions have consequences!

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Mom smokes while Son fucks her big ass

Leann is in the kitchen cleaning things up. She lights up a cigarette and has a smoke. About that time her stepson comes home from school. Leann tells him how lonely for him she’s been and asks him to come outside with her. Once outside she continues to smoke and Leann tells him how horny for him she is. Her stepson takes out a camera and begins to take photo’s of his mother. Leann flashes him and then takes out some of her bedroom toys that she brought with her. She smokes and masturbates herself in front of him.

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