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No Time For Fuckery

Alexis has a busy schedule, and wished her stepson Brad did too. He chooses to lollygag around instead of getting shit done like finding a job and doing his homework. She would have never guessed that him being lazy would eventually save her ass one day, LITERALLY. Alexis somehow got stuck under the living room table while trying to move it. Luckily brads lazy ass was slothing around the house and happened to see her. He thinks about helping, but remembers how much of a bitch his stepmom has been to him lately, and decides to milk this for all he can. It boils down to Alexis offering to show Brad her ass in return for some assistance. Just one look wasnt enough for this sly step soon, so he took fool advantage of his stepmoms helpless position and made sure to lick that ass dry and fuck it as hard as he could. The next day, Brad needs another step mommy fix for the day. He barges in on Alexis while shes finishing the laundry and tries to see what he can pull. She keeps trying to shoe him away and says that she doesnt have time, but as soon as he whips out his young stepcock mommy can no longer resist. She gives brad a memorable suck and fuck right there in the laundry alcove, She even takes a huge squirt of jizz all over her face. It accidental drips onto her dress, but luckily the location was perfect so she was able to wash it right out quickly! She cant have her husband seeing random cum stains all over her clothes, thats just not lady like!

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Mom Stay with Me

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Mother-Son Fidelity

Of course I want to baby… But we can’t. Not right now. I don’t know what you’re thinking. Your Father is home… That doesn’t mater. He could still come up here any minute… Son, we have to be smart about this. What would happen if he found out?… I’m scared baby. I love you son, but I love your Father too much to let that happen….

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The Manchurian Son

Harlo had finally worked up the courage to stand up to his mother. He stormed into the room Im done, Mother, he said. I dont want anything to do with you anymore. Im leaving you and Im married too. There is nothing that you can do to ruin my Marriage now! She glared at him, her gaze was cold and without emotion, she lit up a cigarette. Harlo, why dont you entertain yourself with a game of solitaire? Harlo, completely entranced at the suggestion sat down, proceeded to pick up the deck of cards and began to play. As he came across the Queen of Diamonds he froze, his trance grew even deeper; he was now an empty vessel under her control. She stood, cigarette in hand, You are awaiting orders from a U.S. operative, she was the operative but she left that out, her son was a sleeper agent trained by the Communists to assassinate the upcoming presidential nominee. You are to shoot and kill him two minutes into his acceptance speech. She continued. Harlo had never known that he was a professional assassin and his own dear mother was his handler. She explained to him his target and how to go about the assassination with great detail, when I rise to power I will ground them into dirt for what they did to you! She exclaims. Before she sends him on his great mission she decides that it is time that she felt his cock deep inside of her, she hadwanted him for so long now. She orders him to stand up and take your cock out he is still under her control and does as she says First she teases him, sucking his big hard cock, looking up at him with her beautiful blue eyes, I want you to fuck me now! He bends her over and fucks her from behind before they end up in a multitude of hot positions. She cums again and again then starts sucking his cock; she loves the taste of her pussy on her sons big dick, I want to taste you, cum for me! Cum for your Mommy! Harlo cums almost immediately all over her pretty face, Now go make Mommy proud.

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Slutty Sister and Mother Pretty Pussy

I went into my moms room to ask her a question and I found her bent over with her huge ass up in the air and she had no pantys on. Damn! She has a pretty pussy. I know I should not have looked at her this way but I could not help myself. I instantly got so hard for her. I could not move and I could not take my eyes off of her pussy. She noticed me and noticed my boner. Instead of scolding me she asked to see. WTF? My mom wants to see my hard cock. I showed her and she got turned on. She told me to lay down and relax. She put her mouth on my dick and it felt so amazing. I cum all in her mouth and she swallows it and licks if off. She then gets on top of me and fucks me until we both cum together. I cant believe I just gave my mom a creampie! She is the best!

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Mommy Helps Him Study

In todays day and age getting a good education is very important. I felt so badly when I saw my poor, dear son studying away for his upcoming tests and getting all frustrated. Let Mommy help relax you and clear your mind baby Whats that honey? Mommys loving mouth and tongue all over your cock isnt helping to calm your nerves? You want to eat Mommys pussy? Ok, but only for a moment What are you doing sweetie? Weve never had sex before; Im not that kind of mother! I just want to make you feel good and oh, your tongue feels delightful in Mommys fuckhole! I guess you could make Mommy feel good too. What are you?! Ohhh! Oh my! Ok, if you insist I suppose you can fuck Mommy but youd better get into a good school!

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Mother wake up son for morning sex!

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My Scissoring Stepmom

Jordi has no idea his stepmom Leigh is part time lesbian! That is, until he walks in on her scissoring their neighbour, Mrs. Koxxx. But instead of snitching on his stepmom Jordi is going to join these two thick housewives in a secret fuck session!

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Taboo Mommy Talk

Yesterday I was sitting on the toilet about to pee when I noticed that Billy was watching me. I asked him if he wanted to watch me pee. He shook his head yes; so I told him that he won’t be able to watch me pee from where he was standing so I get in the tub to pee so he would have a better look at my pussy. I took off my lingerie so he could look at my tits and ass which always makes his cock hard. Then I spread my legs so he could have a good view of my pussy while I was peeing. I watched him as he rubbed his dick over his shorts while I pissed in front of him. He got really turned on watching me pee so I told him to pull down his shorts so I could see how hard he was. Then I told him that since I let him watch me go pee that now he has to let me stroke his penis until he cum’s for me. Then he stepped inside the tub with me and I grabbed his cock and began stroking it and putting my mouth on it. Then I stroked him harder and faster until he shot out a nice creamy load for me. I just love eating Billy’s cum!

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Spin Bottle With Son

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