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Daddy fill my pussy up with your sperm

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Sister solving her brother Viagra problem with her teen pussy

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I Fuck My Son’s Huge Dick

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Nasty Taboo Comic

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Mom Affair With Pre-College Son

Lourdes plays cheating Amber Robinson, a middle aged MILFsick of her husband who has been carrying on an affair with a Son just out of high school in the summer before he is set to begin college. Using her cunning skills of seduction and fucking, she has the Son deciding not to leave her and skip college in the afterglow of a good fuck. A must watch for all fans of older woman, Son seduction fantasy

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Helping my Single Mom get Ready for A Date

Part 1 — My Mom’s been really lonely since Dad left, and it’s been a while. She’s been talking to some guy recently on Facebook, and I’m excited for her. She surprised me today saying she was going on a date and she needed my help picking her outfit. My Mom’s always been a free spirit, but when she changed in front of me I was SHOCKED. I feel weird about it but I really liked it. I’ve never seen my mom naked, and I was suprised at how big her tits are. I was even more suprised by how perfect and round her ass is. And her pussy is shaved!!! I’m kind of fucked up about it but she let me feel her up, and don’t tell anyone PLEASE, but I fucking LOVED it! I want to help her pick out clothes all the time now. I might even be a little jealous of her new boyfriend

Part 2 — Mom’s first date went pretty awesome, which is cool. She’s going out again tonight and seems really excited. She won’t stop talking about the guy. I was feeling a little jealous, but today, she came into my room and spend some time with me and gave me some motherly attention. I feel really weird about it, but my mom said she hasn’t touched a dick in so long that she just needed to feel one, and I was such a good little helper with her wardrobe the other day, that I could help her with this. She even rubbed her pussy while I watched and stroked my cock! And she let me cum in her panties. My mom’s been pretty cool lately I hope she keeps this up

Part 3 — Mom has been really anxious about her next date with her new boyfriend. I don’t think she’s gotten any dick from him yet and she’s really nervous. She was talking about it in the kitchen earlier and I thought nothing of it until she came in wearing some see-through stripper dress — SUPER revealing wow. Then she demanded I help her calm down by making her cum with my mouth. She blows off some steam, I learn to eat pussy from Mom. It’s a win-win

Part 4 — OMG my mom walked in on me jerking off!! I was so embarrassed but it actually worked out pretty good for us lol. She got to brush up on her dick sucking skills before her date, and wow she’s amazing. And I got to pump a hot load down her throat! Wow I love my mom so much

Part 5 — My mom rushed my room in a fucking fishnet bodysuit today. She was telling me her new boyfriend finally gave her some dick, but it was weak, and she needed to cum. I tried telling her no, cuz this is too weird, but she was taking what she wanted. I just want to be a good son, so I did my best. She said I was a good little helper by making her cum and she rewarded me by sucking my cock and letting me cum all over her giant tits. Wow I love my mom. This whole experience has brought us a lot closer

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It is a Mommie Thing

Rachel’s son is rubbing one out looking at a MILF magazine in the living room. The object of his attention looks just like his mother. He is fantasizing that the model is indeed her. He is getting close to getting one off when he hears her coming in the front door. He quickly slides the magazine between the seat cushions and zips up. She sits down on the couch and questions why he is home early and not doing anything. She is concerned that he never socializes. She tells him she is going to have an early night because she several patients to see early in the morning. She tells him to clean up and she will start dinner. He slips into the bathroom and grabs a pair of his mother’s panties. He wraps them around his cock and starts to relieve himself. He was getting close when Rachel calls for him. She said she needed help in the kitchen. Frustrated again. He goes into the kitchen and helps her set the table. She is busy preparing dinner so he takes advantage of her being distracted to get an eyeful of her tits and ass…

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Nephew Confused

Rachel and her sister Stacie were both divorced and lived together. They often had their nephew over to visit because his mother was very strict and he needed to get away during the summer. Rachel and Stacie kept their appearances up and their figures. Scott had a buddy over to shoot pool, Rachel and Stacie offered to make lunch for the boys. Scott’s friend made a comment on how hot his aunts were and how he would love to bend them both over and fuck them. Scott defended their honor and was disgusted with his friend’s comment. He quickly changed the subject. The next few days Scott began to notice how hot his aunts were. He masturbated to their images in his mind. He became depressed because he was confused. His girlfriend had broken up with him and he was becoming sexually frustrated living with the aunts. Rachel and Stacie noticed and became very concerned. They questioned him until he admitted he was lonely and he was attracted to older woman. Rachel and Stacie knew just what he needed. They lived the wild lifestyle so they figured out just what Scott needed. They stripped off their dresses and took turns sucking his young cock. He could not believe his aunts were sucking him off.

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Mommy`s Valentine Day saved by her Son

Ever get stood up or rejected on Valentine’s Day? Happens to the best of us really. But do you know who would never let you down? Your family of course! Or rather your Family. Except when it comes to the classic, out-of-reach, always working husband who neglects his poor wife even on the day of lovers. Alana Cruise is fed up with her husband always missing the important days of the year.
Crying and hopeless with the idea of her favorite day ruined, her son overhears her. Compassionate and sad for her, he tries his best to comfort her but he knows too well how his dad can be. All she wants is to get back at him and an idea comes to mind. What’s the best way to get back at him you ask? How about a good old fashioned revenge fuck? How about fucking her husband’s son, that’d show him, right? Nothing like a perfect young and capable man to fill the hole her husband left when he decided to ruin her day. Like any good son, he wouldn’t miss the opportunity to piss off his own father. He treats her to a 3-course meal, an entree of big cock, followed by a relentless pussy smashing, ending the feast with a delicious, creamy dessert. Who wouldn’t treat their mother on a day as important as this one? On this day dedicated to couples, how about you treat yourself and take the matter into your own hands. Happy Valentine’s Day from the FILF Family!

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Lingerie Mom series

I was in my bathroom getting dressed and putting on my sexy new heels that a client bought me when I noticed my son Billy standing in my closet. “What are you doing in there Billy? Are you watching me getting ready for work?” “You want mommy to play with you don’t you?” “I don’t have much time my client will be here soon. I then look at my watch and decide I may have a little time.” “Are you horny Billy? Mommy is too!” “I can make you cum while mommy plays with her pussy. Would you like mommy to make you cum?” I then put on some black crotch less pantyhose and slide on the heels. “These are real sexy heels, huh Billy?” I walk around in them talking real dirty and then slowly pull up my skirt and pull out my big tits.

I pull my skirt off and sit down on the seat spreading my legs and pulling my pussy lips apart. “You want mommy to play with her pussy?” I start licking and sucking on a black dildo and I get my pussy real wet before sliding it inside me. I take that big black cock stretching my pussy open real wide. It feels so good inside me. My son Billy then comes over to me and puts his big dick in my mouth. I suck and stroke it just the way my son likes it. I stroke and suck for a long time and then takes over while I fuck my pussy with the black cock. He loves to see a big black cock fucking me and making me cum! He then stroked it real fast and got a big load all over my tits. I licked and tasted his cum. I love the way my son’s cum tastes!

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Mom Does Weird Things

I love when Mommy comes near my bed and watches me falling asleep. We have this habit since I was little and it hasn’t changed at all in all these years, my mom’s soft silky palm on my forehead, her breath smelling of licorice, and the tickling sensation given by her hair touching my neck when she kisses me good night. She’s so motherly, and sometimes she’s like from a story or a novel, you see her from behind, staring somewhere out of the window, and think “Is this beautiful woman the woman who gave birth to me? But her hips are so narrow, her waist is thin, and she’s all etherical when she’s in the sun.
This night was a lot more special. After I fell asleep, I woke up feeling that someone is touching my cock. It was my mum (at least, was looking exactly like her, but less talkative) but different, she was sweating sexuality from every pore. Probably a dream, but I was sure of my awake-ness at the moment. She caressed my cock, licked it, even put it in her mouth and began to suck it hardly, just like in those porn shows. That’s impossible, that can’t be my mother. She is asking if I like it, but never discloses anything about herself, just urges me to enjoy it. Well….it’s an unique experience, I guess! My cock was feeling so good in Mommy’s mouth that I really stopped thinking if it’s wrong or right. There is no wrong or right if you feel awesome! Then she showed me a tiny pink hole, where she said it will be better than the mouth or between the tits. Oh, boy! That’s the real game! I started moving my cock in and out and she just loved it, was screaming and looking into my eyes begging for more, she even came, which surprised me: if a witch comes at you in your dream and fucks you, it’s supposed to be for your pleasure, not hers, right? I’m not complaining, she made me cum using only her hand and I came all over her, even on her lips. She told me my mother would never do this, that she looks like her, that’s all. Well, in the morning, when I woke up with a boner I wasn’t sure yet if it was a dream or it was true. I’ll never forget those sensations… The taboo feeling of being sucked by your own mother… ! This dream or whatever it was turned me into a pervert!

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Mom is my dream girl!

Finally, after lusting for years, you work up the courage to ask out the girl of your dreams. Not only does she agree to go out with you, but she also comes home with you. Once she sees how big your cock is, she’s unbelievably horny for you. She starts by giving you a blow job with her beautiful mouth. Then she rides your cock with her ass facing you. She’s driving you crazy in those crotchless pantyhose. That big gorgeous ass bounces up & down, and you can’t believe how lucky you are. She rides you cowgirl & it drives you nuts that she hasn’t taken off her bra yet. What a tease. But it feels so good. She gets off your cock for a moment & when she does, she keeps jerking you off. You know it’s coming, but you can’t do anything to stop it, and you bust your load.
Her face changes from pleasure, to disbelief, to disappointment. “Seriously? After years of pursuing me?” She resigns herself to going home to masturbate. “I *was* enjoying you cock, but it’s useless to me now.” You can’t believe you blew it. The woman of your dreams, and you know you’ll never see her again. You only hope she’ll leave quickly so you can sulk in embarrassment. But she doesn’t leave. She steps on your cock in utter disdain, squishing your cum around with her pantyhose-covered foot. Then she leaves.
Oh the shame.

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Lauren Phillips is My Stepmom

Lauren is trying is trying on some lingerie for her husband when her stepson enters the bedroom. Instead of getting him out of the room she wants him to stay so can demonstrate her new bought lingerie. She notices he gets a hardon. Surprised but aroused, she crawls to the bulge in his pants and unwraps her big present. She starts sucking his cock with great enjoyment. Then he fucks her in sideways, cowgirl and doggy. After the fucking he rubs his cock between her tits and when he finally needs to cum he jerks his load on her face and neck.

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Private sex lessons for my Nephew

Nephew Alex comes over for the weekend to spend some quality time with his incredible aunt Sue who he has always had a very close relationship with.
The night goes on and after a few drinks Both Sue and Alex become a bit more intimate together, Alex tells his Aunt about what had happened with him and his now ex girlfriend who broke up with him because he told her that he had a stocking fetish and wanted to endure in this sexual desire with her but she was not into it and thought of him as being some sort of sexual freak and wanted nothing to do with him.

Aunt Sue finds this subject very interesting and asks Alex more about his fetish and wants him to share more details with her about what exactly it is that turns him on about stockings and silky nylon…After listening to Alex Sue gets up and come up with an idea that she tells Alex will love. so they both head upstairs to her room and Sue pops out a pair of silky white nylon panties from behind her back and tells Alex to let go of his frustrations and have some fun with his fetish. Try them on I promise I wont judge you I too love the feel of the smooth nylon its totally normal that a young man like you would love them too there is nothing to hide…So come on go try them on for aunty sue and hurry also remember you have to try them on with out underwear on so that you get the real sensation.

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