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Knocking Mother Up

Michael is a very alert step-son, and when he sees that his step-mother Rachel is home unexpectedly he’s got a LOT of questions! She hadn’t expected Michael to be home herself, and acts very cagey, dodging his inquiries and trying to turn it around on him. It doesn’t work, and Michael is persistant. He asks her repeatedly why she’s home (but nicely dressed), and who the guy in the car out front waiting is. Rachel has a hard time stalling him or coming up with an answer that doesn’t sound like a cop-out, but she still refuses to admit any wrong-doing. She tells her step son that he’s going to tell his father, and get him all worked up over nothing! They’ve barely been married three months, and it’s just not a good look. Rachel had, of course, noticed Michael checking her out from time to time, and so she turns on her seductive charm and asks if there’s…anything…she can do that just might make him forget about all this silliness. Michael confirms that yes, there certainly is! Rachel leads him up to her marital bedroom, and seduces him further (not that it’s all that necessary at this point!). They touch each other, and Micheal begins to touch her pink pussy, fingering and pleasuring her. He then continues to undress her and performs oral sex on her, listening to his step-mother’s moans of pleasure. She returns the favor and gives him a slow, sultry blowjob, and then before either of them know it, they’re passionately fucking raw. Rachel tries to mention using a condom – she’s very fertile – but Michael ignores her and thrusts in and out of her, enjoying the forbidden fruit of his step-mother! They change positions, and again, and then he pulls out of her and shoots a huge load all over Rachel’s body and breasts. Rachel mentions how thankful she is that he didn’t come inside of her, but without warning Michael enters her again and continues to fuck her! Rachel is stunned, and soon after Michael cums AGAIN, this time inside his stepmother’s pussy! She asks him what he was thinking – doesn’t he know how easy it is for her to get pregnant? As we cut to months later, we see that actions have consequences!

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Mom smokes while Son fucks her big ass

Leann is in the kitchen cleaning things up. She lights up a cigarette and has a smoke. About that time her stepson comes home from school. Leann tells him how lonely for him she’s been and asks him to come outside with her. Once outside she continues to smoke and Leann tells him how horny for him she is. Her stepson takes out a camera and begins to take photo’s of his mother. Leann flashes him and then takes out some of her bedroom toys that she brought with her. She smokes and masturbates herself in front of him.

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Rachel Is Best Mom

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My Mom Only Wants Me POV

Britney Amber – My Mom Only Wants Me PART 1 – Mom Stays In – My mom is heading out for happy hour, but she sees me laying around feeling down. She wonders why I am not out with on a date, but the truth is, I would rather be home with her. I don’t want her to feel bad, so I don’t say anything. But mom has always been able to tell what I need, and the way she sees me looking at her tells her that maybe I can give her what she needs. She doesn’t need to go out to get the attention she deserves. I am so nervous when she starts to show herself off, enjoying the way my eyes are glued to her. She comes over to me, and, well, I am glad we both decided to skip going out.
Britney Amber – My Mom Only Wants Me PART 2 – Mom Teaches Me Control – I can’t stop thinking about the other night. I have been hard almost all day, every day, no matter how many times I jack off. My mom catches me. She knows what’s been going on. And she doesn’t just want to help take care of my 24/7 boner, she wants to teach me to hold my load longer, so I can give her more of what she needs. She teases and edges me before using my cock to cum over and over. Finally she wants to me to cover her with my huge built-up load.
Britney Amber – My Mom Only Wants Me PART 3 – My Special Night with Mom – My mom is continuing to teach me how to give her what she needs, how to totally turn her on and satisfy her. She leads me in to the bedroom so I can massage her amazing body. God my mom is GORGEOUS! I try to take my time, but she feels so good! She starts wanting it as badly as I want it. I am getting better and better at fucking her and now she needs it as much as I do.

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Mother’s Sticky Stockings

Rachel’s son Chris has had secret taboo fantasies about her for a long time. Her looks, her body, her scent, her sexy outfits – everything about her drives him wild with desire. Often he sneakily takes photos of her in various personal situations such as when she is stripped down to her lingerie or masturbating in a fit of horniness. Later, running sexy-slide shows on his computer, he has plenty of inspiration for jerking off. On other occasions he steals stolen pairs of her stockings so he can smell and feel them and think of her all the better while he relieves himself in his room. Rachel herself has no idea of this – until she happens to make Chris’s bed and find some stockings hid under his pillow. Instantly she is filled with shock as she detects the tell-tale stains of his cum upon them. Investigating things further, she checks out his computer and discovers his explicit photo collection. Her first intention after that is to give Chris the scolding of his life. But when she confronts him in his room, a funny thing starts to happen. As she sees him lying naked in bed, the sheets bulging around his cock area, a forbidden urge of her own rears up. In addition it occurs to her that she is actually flattered at the effect she has been having on her young man. When she brings up the subject of her cum-covered stockings, he becomes shy and denies having anything to do with it. But Rachel confronts him with the evidence – drawing them out of her sexy cleavage. It leaves Chris with no choice but to own up about his actions. Having heard his confession, Rachel smiles sympathetically. She tells Chris that she understands his fetishes and fantasies and will even take care of them for him. The next thing he knows, she has removed her sexy dress and climbed onto his bed – clad only in her lingerie, stockings and garters. Taking the idea of a loving mother to new heights, she grabs hold of her son’s cock and proceeds to stroke and suck it. He is so excited that it does not take long before Chris’ mom is jerking his cum onto her pantyhose. The action is long and sensual with Rachel knelt so that her perfect butt sticks sexily into the air. Meanwhile, Chris gratefully runs his fingers through her hair. Hot on the heels of the that comes some passionate fucking. In the doggy and missionary positions Chris fucks his moaning mother, pounding sweetly deep into her hungry pussy. Taboo comments flow from her lips while she spreads her legs as wide as they will go and he fondles and cups her big, fuck-shaken tits. Finally, Rachel sucks his cock again, draining his blasting cum load into her mouth before dribbling it out all over her stockings. From that moment on, it is clear that she will do anything for her son. Never again will he have to rely on her stockings of her photos to get off. Instead she will come to him and give him the real thing!

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Lady Fyre – The School Bully’s Mother

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StepMother fucked in her perfect ass!

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Russian Mother get fucked in ass trough pantyhose

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Mean Mommy

Sally D’angelo is one mean BITCH , especially when she just caught her youngest son jacking off in her panties , so motherfucker, you like panties do you , drop to your fucking knees and smell this (forces him down andrubs her pussy and ass in his face) does it smell good, …huh does it? Strip down panty boy as I stuff my ass in your face , ohhhhh look at this panty boy has a hard cock, fuck me with my panties on your head, and you better fuck your mommy right, “y’all hear me son” or else, then cum in my pussy and get the fuck out of here

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Son banged beautiful German Mommy in kitchen

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