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Mother’s Female Anatomy

Rachel had the body of an athlete; she worked hard at the pool! Rachel came out of the water, skin glistening in the warm sun, nipples erect and hard. He could see her mound of bush through her bottoms and a slight shape of her pussy lips. Rachel sat next to him flirting and showing off her body. Michael ran off angry and embarrassed at his erection. Rachel knew it was time for a chat; she sat him down on the lanai and gave him a little speech. She told him about her needs and that woman’s bodies are to be appreciated and desired. She decided to make him feel that way while looking at her. Rachel pulled her son’s cock out and gave him a long slow tease jerk until he exploded. Rachel saw how easy that was to train him and knew that she’d do it again. The next morning Rachel searched for her watch; she was clad in stockings, garter, a push up bra and sexy heels. Her robe was open as she flew into the living room where Michael sat. He quickly scolded her for the inappropriate attire in front of him. Rachel reminded him a woman’s body is for pleasure and to honor, and she sat next to him making him nervous and erect. Rachel told him to make her pussy cum. She guided him through the steps, showing and telling him how to make her cream on his hand. Rachel came HARD. She then left for work leaving Michael hard and blue balled. As Rachel dressed for work she found a dildo, and with a few minutes to spare she took advantage and began to pleasure herself. Thoughts of Michael flooded her head, so she called out for him. Michael didn’t know what was in store for him. Rachel reminded him to worship her body, with that she had him stripped and ready to fuck. They fucked like rabbits, and Michael pulled out a few times so not to cum to fast. Rachel instructed him how to fuck her good. She came several times as he hit her G-spot. When he exploded Rachel was satisfied. Rachel finally had Michael comfortable with her anatomy.

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Mother’s Regrets

Pastor Rachel Steele receives a call from a member of her congregation. He wants her to talk to his son Tyler. The young man has been behaving very badly of late. When Pastor Steele calls round, she arranges for her and Tyler to be alone in the house for a couple of hours. Such privacy, she feels, will encourage him to open up about his feelings. The pastor’s instincts prove correct. Immediately she hits it off with Tyler and soon learns what is bothering him. The young man is troubled that he was adopted and does not know who his mother is. Feeling a kind of emptiness inside, he cannot focus on school or form meaningful relationships with others. Often he daydreams about his mother – wondering what she is like. He has even developed a MILF fixation. Every time he sees an attractive, busty, hot-assed woman over 35, he gets turned on. This leaves him feeling especially attracted to Pastor Steele herself. For her own part, Rachel can relate to Tyler’s sadness at being separated from his mother. She suffered a heart-breaking separation of her own when she was younger. Back then she had fallen pregnant and was forced to give up her son just moments after he was born. Although she recalls the heart-breaking episode while listening to Tyler, she does not tell him about it. Instead she puts a compassionate arm around his shoulder – giving as much comfort to herself as to Tyler. The consequences of Pastor Steele’s action has unexpected results. Aroused to boldness by the nearest of her alluring body, Tyler cannot help but make a pass. Pastor Steele is taken aback yet strangely unable to resist his advances. She feels an uncanny electric thrill as Tyler touches her breasts and legs. For some reason she feels incredibly drawn to him. It as as if there is a special connection between them. Years of religious self-discipline and thinking suddenly count for nothing to the long-celibate woman. Nervously at first, then with ever-increasing horniness, she begins returning Tyler’s passionate attentions. She gasps excitedly as he exposes her nipple and sucks on it while he guides her hand down to cup the huge cock-bulge in his pants. What if his father comes home? – Pastor Steele asks Tyler in a last moment of hesitance. Seconds afterwards, she recalls that he won’t be back for a long time. The last psychological hurdle is passed. From then on, the mad, wild encounter gets going in earnest. Tyler pulls out his big cock and eventually convinces Pastor Steele to wrap her pretty lip around its girth and fuck her mouth deep and sensually along its length. Much exquisite oral pleasuring later, the young man helps her to strip off. Stood only in her garters and stockings, Pastor Steele welcomes having Tyler finger her pussy and kiss her naked breasts before laying her back on a couch, parting her long sleek legs, and thrusting his cock far into her hot, clenching depths. A series of loud, torrid, sweaty fucks ensue in the missionary, cowgirl and doggy-positions. At the same time, Tyler and Pastor Steele slip into a kinky a piece of roleplay. They become mother and son – addressing each other as such during their wild, taboo-filled dirty-talk. It is therapeutic for both of them. It is their way of striving to have the ultimate connection with the loved ones whom they have been separated from for so long. When Tyler is at last ready to cum, Pastor Steele kneels worshipfully before his spurting cock, her tongue outstretched. Her lustful, fuck-dishevelled appearance is a million miles from the reserved look she is known for in her community. This is more the case than ever when her mouth is filled, her face is coated, and her breasts are splattered with Tyler’s massive load. Later, however, she and Tyler clean themselves thoroughly and get dressed so that his father will never guess what has taken place. While they are waiting, Pastor Steele asks out of curiosity if Tyler has any adoption papers. Upon seeing them and reading their details – the hospital where he was born, etc – she exclaims in amazement. All of them prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that pastor Steele herself is Tyler’s mother – and that he is her long-lost son! Both of them are filled with joy and awkwardness at the news. Their mother-son reunion must be one of the craziest in history!

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Mother’s Lesson

Loving mom Rachel became concerned about her son Dylan after she overheard him on the phone with his girlfriend. The young tramp was giving him a hard time, complaining that he did not please her sexually because he kept cumming too soon. Later, Rachel went to his room where he lay moping on his bed. Although she knew what was bothering him, she persuaded him tell it to her in his own words. Dylan responded by shyly confessing to her that his girlfriend had shaken his confidence and made him feel bad about his sexual inexperience. Being an ever-supportive mom, Rachel tried hard to put Dylan’s mind at rest. Among other things she admitted that her own sex-life with his father was not great. It had been over two years since they had last done it. Following the talk, when she was alone, Rachel fumed aloud about the way her son’s girlfriend had treated him. She considered her nothing but insensitive trash. Now Rachel had to rebuild her son’s damaged self esteem. Her plan for doing so was very unusual and taboo, but she believed it would be good for Dylan and herself. She had gotten the idea after her pussy had gotten all wet from hearing him talk about his sex life. The mere recollection of it caused her to run her hands hornily over her shapely body. Afterwards, Rachel paid another visit to Dylan. This time she wore a sexy robe that caught his eye with its plunging neckline. Sitting herself next to him on the bed, she told a little fib about trying to find him some sex-education material. Unfortunately, none of it was satisfactory. In any case, Rachel believed that the best way for a person to learn something was by actually doing it. She then made her wild suggestion to Dylan. She herself would teach him how to fuck and please a woman, and also how to control when came. To further persuade her son, she flashed him her awesome cleavage, then opened up her robe to herself in a tight-fitting nightie. Dylan took one look at his mom and knew he was going to accept her offer. She was cute, sexy, and utterly irresistible. From that moment on, slowly, at first, mother and son began their special taboo lesson. Tentative kissing and touching became passionate kissing and fondling. Off came Rachel’s nightie, then her bra and panties. In just her stockings and garters, she told her son to kneel behind her and play with her big, naked breasts. She then lay back, parted her legs to expose her pussy, and instructed him on how to lick and pleasure it. Baby, you just made your mom cum! she murmured happily after the young man has succeeded at his task. She then sucked his cock until it was hard and fuck-ready. The first taboo penetration came in the missionary position – son holding mother’s long, hose-clad legs open as he thrusts deep into her. Next up was some intense action in the doggy-position. Alternately reaching around to cup his panting mom’s tits and hold on to her hips, he fucked her tight, clenching pussy over and over, making her gasp and moan. I cannot believe my own son is doing it to me! – Rachel says with delight. Dylan himself was having the time of his life. Nor was the fucking over. He still got to have his mother ride his cock from on top. Thanks to her instructions and encouragement throughout the lesson, he managed not to cum early. However, relief finally arrived when he got to blow his load right into his mother’s sucking mouth. She presented a wicked picture dribbling the white stuff onto the tops her tits. The lesson over, Rachel turned to her son and informed him that he had proven himself a wonderful lover. She had no idea why his girlfriend had been critical of him. Indeed, he would be better of without her. Rachel wanted her son all to herself now. There were still plenty of sexual things she wanted to show him. Dylan could be with any time he wanted. He only had to promise one thing: never to tell his father!

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Six CreamPies and a Surprise for Rachel

Rachel was a sexy and horny housewife suffering from boredom and loneliness. Her husband was always away on business, and her son Steve was attending college in another city. She was in the livingroom reading a magazine one day when she heard a ring tone from the cell phone that Steve had accidentally left behind. Unable to fight down her curiosity, Rachel picked the phone up and read the text message. It was from Steve’s best friend, Jeremy. He was inquiring about a wild party the pair had planned for his 21st birthday. Rachel could not help feeling turned on by the idea of young Jeremy coming-of-age and looking forward to getting some hot action with a woman. Suddenly a wicked plan occurred to the bored housewife. Pretending to be her son, she sent Jeremy a return text to come over and bring plenty of condoms. Jeremy arrived soon after, full of excitement at what his friend might have organized for him. He was surprised and confused when Rachel greeted him and told him she would be home alone all night. However, as he sat next to the sexy MILF on the couch, he suddenly felt that might not be a bad thing. Rachel was wearing nothing but a short, sheer robe. Every time she shifted on the couch, the flaps would part to give Jeremy a fantastic view of her big-titted cleavage. It was exactly what Rachel wanted. With her son’s best friend suitably turned on, she confessed that it been her instead of Steve who had sent him the recent text. The truth was that she wanted to get her hands on Jeremy – to enjoy some nice hard young cock while giving him a birthday present to remember. Jeremy could hardly resist the smouldering brunette‘s advances. Before he knew it, she was all over him. The stud and the MILF French kissed passionately for a long time. Then Rachel suggested they go to her room where they could really fuck. Her only request was that Jeremy wear a condom. Since she was not on the pill, there was a high chance Rachel could get pregnant. A short while later, Jeremy was laying naked in Rachel’s bed. Rachel herself then came into the room wearing sexy white lingerie and with her hair elegantly pinned back. Soon she and her young lover were making out with a passion. Jeremy eagerly fondled Rachel’s tits and sucked upon her long nipples. Following more French kissing, Rachel gave Jeremy a long and sensual blowjob that had him rock hard and ready for riding. She handed him a condom and he rolled it on. She stroked his condom covered cock and told him that she had a different birthday present for him. Although Rachel had insisted Jeremy use condoms, she decided to make his birthday surprise even more special by letting him fuck her bareback so that he could enjoy the feel her hot tight pussy. She figured there would not be much of a pregnancy risk provided the young man pulled his cock out at the end. Getting on her back, she then parted her legs wide and invited Jeremy to take her missionary style. In an instant the young man had his cock buried deep inside the delicious MILF. Rachel moaned loudly as her son’s best friend pumped into her again and again. When it came time for him to cum however, he lacked the will power to pull out. Instead he shot all his hot creamy cum deep into Rachel’s fertile pussy. It was a confusing moment for the MILF. The feel of the cum flooding her womb had been fantastic, but she was worried the young man might have impregnated her. He had definitely filled her up a lot. Rachel could see it all dripping out of her. With the knowledge that the damage might now be done, and the fact that she was lusting for another fuck, Rachel suddenly decided to throw caution to the wind. Getting on her hands and knees, she had Jeremy pound her pussy doggy style. The young man’s condomless cock penetrated her deeply, and this time Rachel smiled as he again blasted his hot seed into her pussy and increased the chance of her falling pregnant. Again she loved the sensation of Jeremy’s cream pouring into her, and it was no time before she wanted to feel it again. Continuing their passionate, all night marathon fuck-session, Rachel got on top of Jeremy and rode up and down on him until he let loose his third wad of cum inside of her. By now Rachel was addicted to the risks and sensations of unprotected with her young lover. Even though her womb was already drenched with cum, she insisted on Jeremy taking her bareback yet again, this time with each of them lying on their sides. The lingerie clad MILF was in ecstasy as she worked her slick pussy over Jeremy’s cock for the umpteenth time. She started begging him to fuck her as deep as he could and to pump her womb deep with more of his impregnating cum. The young man duly gave her all he had. And still the couple were not finished. Jeremy’s youthful stamina allowed him to fill Rachel twice more, first as she straddled his lap, then in the missionary position. Even the next day he had such a strong case of morning wood that he could not resist fucking his friend’s mother once more. He exploded on her face the first time in 24 hours. By the end of it all, Rachel’s pussy was left saturated with young man cum. Six months later, when Jeremy paid Rachel another visit, he could see that he had been firing live rounds and that she herself was indeed very fertile. Fortunately, she was far from mad about their situation. In fact, the first thing she did was lead her young lover up to her bedroom. She hoped he would enjoy his next surprise of fucking her bareback while she was pregnant.

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Mother’s Mouthful

Mom has been getting increasingly stressed at work, especially since she is now unable to leave for lunch and having to work late all the time. Son shows up un-expectantly at her work to surprise her and hopefully spend a little “time” with her…….

Part 1: Pleasant Surprise
Mom is in the reception area, talking on the phone and getting stressed when Son enters with a smile, carrying a bag; Mom finishes her conversation and greets him with a surprised smile. Son tells mom she forgot her lunch this morning and didn’t want her to go hungry; mom thanks him and looks around deviously revealing she is the only one in the building and that he should get a reward for being so sweet. Mom guides son into her chair before going down on her knees and pulling his cock from his pants. She slowly kisses and licks the head of his cock before slowly sucking and jerking his entire shaft in her mouth; son moans loudly and talks dirty to mom, revealing how he’s missed her warm mouth the last few nights. Mom laughs and moans as the feel of her son’s cock makes her wet; Son’s increasing moans cause mom to giggle and laugh as she knows he is close to coming. Mom tells son she wants to suck him in the remaining rooms of the building and instructs him to follow her

Part 2: Photo centric
Mom guides son into shoot room and explains the room’s use; mom also instructs son to sit in the chair and pull his pants down. Mom moans and licks her lips, seeing her Son’s hard member as she pulls her breasts out and rubs them commenting on how Son’s cock is very photo centric; the site causes Son to begin jerking his cock, only making mom wetter as she approaches and goes down on her knees, taking his cock into her mouth. Mom sucks on son’s cock slowly at first, moving faster and faster, guiding his cock further down her throat; Mom moans as she gags herself with Son’s cock, knowing it drives him wild. Mom continues jerking and sucking Son’s cock until his moans get loud again, signaling he is close to cuming. Mom laughs and kisses the head of Son’s cock before telling him to put it back in his pants and follow her to the last room so she can get her relief……

Part 3: Anal Relief
Son follows mom into the make-up room where mom quickly goes down on her knees and begs for son’s cock in her ass. Mom begins rubbing her clit as she continues to service Son’s cock with her tight ass; her moans become louder and louder until she moans loudly on Son’s cock as she orgasms. Mom suddenly flips over and asks Son to pound her ass from the front, bringing son closer and closer to orgasm as he rubs her breasts. Son moans loudly and tells mom to open her mouth; mom continues rubbing her clit as son pulls his cock from her tight asshole, jerks his cock and suddenly explodes hot cum in her mouth. Mom moans loudly again as she brings herself to orgasm as she swallows Son’s semen. She sucks the head of Son’s cock clean before smiling and thanking him for the relief and promises to spend more time with him at home soon…..

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Taboo Stories, Corrupting Cousin Jessica

Cousin Jessica came to visit. Rachel and Brycen had to hold off on their sexual relationship while she was there. Jessica would definately expose Rachel to the rest of the family and that would mean Rachel and Brycen would be cut out of the family Trust. Brycen’s lust for his mother was uncontrollable and Rachel was in her sexual prime. Brycen lasted one day before he was sneaking kisses and copping feels with Jessica in the next room. She saw them kissing from upstairs but they heard her and acted innocent. Rachel became more relaxed with her there and let her guard down. She gave in one evening when Brycen came into her room. She wanted to send him back to his room but ended up naked with him licking her pussy. After an excellent tongue lashing Rachel takes his cock deep into her mouth. She blows him until they are ready to fuck. As he is fucking his mother from behind she reminds him to not try to slip that condom off like the time he got her pregnant. Brycen had just that in mind. When he was close to cumming he pulled out and whipped the condom off and threw it over his shoulder. He shoved back into her and shot his load. They collapsed afterward. Brycen did not intend to fall asleep but he did. The next morning Jessica wandered into Rachel’s room. Right before she walked up to her bed she stepped on a used condom. Brycen and Rachel quickly provided a questionable excuse. Jessica saw many odd situations that Rachel and Brycen gave excuses for, it was all adding up in her head. One sunny afternoon Jessica was alone and looked for a book to read, she found Rachel’s diary. The stories were about Rachel and her son! They were erotic and sexual in nature. They were stories about the years of the two of them and their love making, even a pregnancy. Jessica confronted Rachel with the diary and told her she would need to tell the family. Rachel needed to stop her. Brycen was her only tool. Rachel and Brycen devised a plan to have Brycen seduce Jessica. Rachel would take some pictures and then she would be blackmailed into keeping her mouth shut. The plan worked, Brycen made an excuse to bunk with Jessica and turned over the charm. Jessica had not been laid in a while and Brycen was able to seduce her. He slid her nightgown down as he kissed her. Her panties came off next and he fingered her pussy. Pretty soon the were naked and Jessica was sucking his cock. He grinned as he watched the older woman suck him. Brycen slid down and licked Jessica’s pussy. She made him promise not to tell Rachel as he went down on her. Brycen started fucking the daylights out of her. She was so absorbed by the fucking that she did not see Rachel watching from the doorway. She barely noticed when the lights came on. But she heard the camera shutter when Rachel started taking pictures. He held her down and kept fucking her. Jessica knew that she was screwed. She figured since she was already screwed she might as well enjoy it. He slid back into her and resumed his fucking. Rachel dropped the robe and joined in. Brycen put her on her hands and knees and had her lick Rachel’s pussy while he fucked her from behind. They all sucked and fucked until Brycen exploded on their faces.

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Quiet Kitchen Incest Fuck

Rachel was all dressed up in a new dress. She was ready to go to her friend’s party with her husband. When she walked out in the living room he was still sitting in his chair, not dressed for the party. She asks him why he was not ready and he replied that he was not going. She had been excited about this party all week. He said he did not like the people having the party and was not going. She was very disappointed and walked into the kitchen. Her son came into the kitchen and said he heard the whole thing and said he should not treat her like that. She just smiled, gave him a hug and turned to leave for the party. He grabbed her arm and whirled her around against the kitchen counter. He buried his face in her neck and started kissing her. She was overwhelmed by the fact her son was doing this and her husband was in the next room. He reached up behind her neck and untied her dress. The top of her dress dropped down to reveal her huge boobs. Rachel moaned as her son caressed her boobs. He lifted her leg up onto the counter and pulled her panties to the side. Her pussy quickly got wet as he slid his fingers in and out. She struggled to stay quiet as he worked her towards orgasm. He put her up on the counter and put his face in her crotch. She moaned quietly as he licked her pussy. She covered her mouth to muffle her cries as she orgasmed. Once she calmed down she returned the favor. She dropped to her knees and pulled out her son’s cock. She slid the cock all the way to the root, giving her son his first deep throat. Sucking her son’s cock got her so turned on that she was ready for another orgasm. She leaned over the counter and lifted her dress. He slid his hard cock into her pussy and fucked her from behind. He had to cover her mouth because his father was the next room. She quickly had another orgasm. This time she was ready to finish him off. She got back down on her knees and started sucking her son’s cock again. She could taste her pussy juices on his cock. When she started licking his balls it sent him over the edge. He grabbed his cock and jerked a big load all over her face. She cleaned up and left for her party with a smile on her face.

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Naughty Nighttime Visit by my Mom

Rachel’s son’s friend is spending the weekend with them. She has seen him stare at her all day. Rachel saw his hard cock when they were at the pool. She went to his room after her son fell asleep. She dressed up sexy for him. Rachel pulled the sheet off him and his cock was huge. She laid down next to him and put it in her mouth. He awoke shocked to see her. Rachel told him to be quiet. She took her robe off to show him how sexy she was. He felt her body. Rachel sucked him some more. He asked her to take everything off so she did. He was amazed at her body and wanted her so bad. Rachel sat on him and put the tip of his cock in her wet pussy. He wanted to fuck her so bad. They both did sexual things to each other. He licked her as she sucked him. He fingered her until she came. Rachel finally oiled him up and demanded his cum. He blew it into her mouth. Rachel kissed him and snuck back to her room for the night.

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Resolution: 640×480
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File type: WMV

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My Slut Mother

Eda´s parents are rich and run their own real estate company. Eda is prudish and raised a devout churchgoer. When she was 18 she meet Mark, a good for nothing. Soon she became pregnant from him. Her parents forced her to marry Mark ASAP. Because Mark did not had any money to feed a family Eda´s parents endowed their daughter with an apartment house and the house they are living in. Since that they live from the rental fee of the 4 apartments and regular money they get from Eda`s parents. Eda works half days at the family real estate company as a realtor. Mark never tried to find work. He get used on living from the money of his wife. He enjoys parties with his friends and had continuously affairs with different women during the years. 6 month ago he left and moved in with his new girlfriend. Since that day Eda lives alone with her son. Finally two month ago she filed for divorce. If that will happen Mark will lose everything. He decided to hire Christian to solve this problem. Christian is a criminal who is an expert in hypnotherapy. The Idea is to bring Eda under and force her to take back her divorce petition as well as to sign over the house and the apartments to Mark to secure Mark’s living standard in the future. In a careful plan, Christian befriends Eda’s son Gregor at the gym. Gregor is an introvert so he is thrilled to have a worldly friend like Christian. In four short weeks Christian has Gregor’s complete confidence. Gregor invites Christian back to the house for a drink and to meet his mother. She greets the young men when they come in and offer them a beer. After some small talk Eda confides in them that her separation and impending divorce from Mark is depressing her. This is the opening Christian has been waiting for. He tells her that he is working as professional medical and helps people with depressions. Eda does not believe in at all but after some discussion she agrees to try it. Christian promise Eda that she will feel much better and happy when she wakes up. Christian start to her. When she is in trance Gregor asks him if he is really sure that she in trance now. Christian orders Eda to stand up and to turn around 2 times and to sit down again. Gregor is really impressed. Christian tells him that she will do anything he tells her. Gregor still cannot believe it. Christian tells Gregor that if he likes really all his fantasies can come true now. Christian reminds Gregor that when they were drunk last week at the disco Gregor confessed to him that he has dreamt since he was 16 to get a blowjob from his mother and to fuck her. Gregor is unsure. Christian tries to convince him that this is his chance to have his dreams come true. Gregor is still hesitant. Christian ups the states by telling Eda to remove her blouse and skirt. Gregor devours his mom with his eyes. He gets turned on and finally agreed to Christian´s idea to use the situation to fullfill his dreams. Christian orders Eda to strip all clothes and to lap dance for her son. Then he orders Eda to kneel down in front of her son, unzip his pants, pull out his cock and give him a blow job. Christian takes a camera out in the meantime and tells Gregor he is taking some souvenir pictures just for Gregor to remember the great day. Gregor is so horny in the meantime that he agrees on everything. Finally Gregor and shoot his load over his mother’s face. Christian became real horny watching Eda and Gregor. He tells Gregor that he got really hot watching his mother giving him a blowjob. He really want to get off as well. He tells Gregor that he wants to fuck Eda. Gregor hesitates a little but finally he agrees to it because Christian is his best friend and Gregor also is still horny. Christian tells her to stand, cum still dripping from her face. He gives her a -suggestion. He tells her that she will sign over all her assets to Mark. Additionally, whenever she hears the words, robo slut, she will do whatever she is told. Whenever her son calls her, slut mom, she will do whatever he says. Gregor takes his mother to her bedroom and picks out some lingerie to wear. She returns to the living room with her new outfit on. Christian instructs her to masturbate for them. She leans back on the couch and rubs her crotch. Christian takes her out of the trance but the post–suggestion is still in effect. She is horny and wants to get fucked. She begs them both to fuck her. They undress and she kneels in front of her son, sucking his big cock. She kneels on the couch and her son enters her from behind while Christian slides his cock into her mouth. They rock her back and forth as she is serviced on both ends. Gregor continues to fuck her until he cums again. Gregor pulls out and sits down to watch. Eda kneels between Christian’s legs and continues to suck him. She thoroughly deep throats him as he leans back to enjoy a great blowjob. He tells her to kneel over the end of the couch. He enters her from behind and Gregor rejoins them. Now Eda is getting fucked from behind while sucking her son. Christian announces that he is going to cum. He tells her lie back on the couch. Christian jerks his cock onto her stocking covered thigh. She lies there as Christian takes some more photos. Gregor holds his mother’s legs apart so they can get some good closeups. They clean up the mess before she regains consciousness. She wakes up not remembering a thing. Later that week Eda is in the kitchen and is cooking dinner. Gregor comes home and loudly announcing himself. Eda freezes and then removes and dress, not realizing that she is even doing it. Then she continue with preparing the lunch as though nothing had happened. Gregor enters the kitchen, says hello to her and takes a beer out of the fridge and sits down at the kitchen table. He smiles and watches his mom while she prepares dinner. Gregor starts rubbing his cock through his trousers. Finally he stands up steps behind her and starts groping between her legs. Eda turns around and shouts, what are you doing there? He smiles and says, you are my slut mother. Eda freeze again for two seconds. Then she turns around and start kissing her son. Gregor pulls out one of her tits from the bra and fondle and licking her nipple. Eda starts moaning and beg him to make love to her. He starts stimulating her pussy as well. He moves Eda over to the kitchen table. She lays with her back on the kitchen table with spread legs while Gregor is licking her pussy. She drops to the floor and sucks him until he is rock hard. She stands up and bends over the table. Gregor fuck her from behind. They continue to fuck until they both cum. Gregor tells her she is a dirty whore. She kisses him and resumes her cooking duties. The next evening Eda is in the living room. She hears the front door. Eda thinks it is Gregor but all of the sudden Mark stands in the living room. She starts yelling on him. She ask him what the fuck he is doing here. He just smiles and tells her that she really looks hot in her sexy clothes. She cries that if he does not leave she will call the police. She grabs the telephone and starts to dial. Mark says to her, robo slut. Eda freezes. She stands still with the telephone in her hand. Mark is really surprised that it works that good. He orders her to hang up the telephone. She follows his instructions. He his humiliating her verbally and orders her to undress her skirt and unbutton her sheer blouse. She stands now immobile in front of him. He goes around her and fondles her body while he whistled appreciatively. He tells her that he has completely forgotten how hot she is. Mark calls her a dirty slut and that it is her own fault that all this happens to her. If she would not have started the divorce petition nothing would have happened. At the beginning he had planned to just ask her take back the divorce petition. But after he had thought a while about it he decided to that he wants to be 100% secure. If she dies he will inherit the apartments and the house. He takes out two rubber gloves of his backpack and slips them on. Then he takes out a clear plastic bag, dildo and a little egg timer from his bag. He puts all on the table. Then he takes the gloves off and stores them in his backpack. He starts to give her instructions. He tells her he is going to set the timer for two hours. That will give him ample opportunity to be far away with a well established alibi. She will remember nothing until she hears the timer go off. When she hears the timer she will prepare herself. She will take the bag and put it over her head securing it firmly with one of her stockings. She will bring herself to orgasm over and over until there is no air left in the bag. Before he sets the timer he decides to have one last good time with his soon to be departed wife. He tells her to masturbate for him and then use the dildo on herself. She unknowingly cooperates with his every command. He calls her a dirty whore while she plunges the dildo into her pussy. The sight of her fucking herself gets him turned on. He tells her to get over and suck his cock. She crawls between her legs and blows him. He talks about knowing that Christian and Gregor both had their cocks down her throat too. He tells her to take off her panties. Mark is going to fuck her one last time. She bends over the chair and looks over her shoulder at him. He slides his cock into her pussy and drills her from behind. She moans in pleasure until he unloads in her. She sits as he dresses and packs his bag. He sets the timer and bids her farewell. She snaps out of it and walks out of the living room. She dresses and starts to clean the house. The timer goes off and she goes back into a trance. She picks up the bag and dildo and goes into her bedroom. She undressed and laid back on the bed. She removed one of her stockings and laid it next to her. She grabs the dildo and starts to push it in and out of her pussy. She takes the bag and puts it over her head. She ties the stocking around her neck so it is airtight. She resumed masturbating as her air supply diminished. The self enforced brought her to orgasm over and over. She continued until everything got dark.

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Mother I Had to Fuck

Newly widowed R@chel $teele cut an elegant and lovely figure as, dressed all in black, she stood quietly mourning her husband at his funeral. No one seeing her then could ever have imagined how she would look a short time later. The change that was to come – the unwanted and depraved spectacle in which Rachel was to be involved – was not of her doing. It was the result of coercion and intimidation by a shady casino owner looking to collect on the debts of her late, closet-gambler husband. This owner’s name was Tom, and he did not mince words or waste time. Neither did he care that the tears were barely dry on R@chel’s face. When the demurely dressed R@chel answered the door to him, he invited himself in proceeded to shatter a bunch of illusions she had about her husband. Contrary to what she had believed, he was not the clean-living, church-going man she had thought him to be. She listened in horror and disbelief as Tom laid out – with proofs – her husband’s history at his casino. Aside from lavish gambling, he had drunk heavily and gone with hookers. Present at this conversation was R@chel’s strapping young son, Kyle. He could no more stomach this news than his mother could. But Tom was remorseless. He was interested in one thing: getting back the $75,000 worth of debts that her husband owed him. When R@chel heard that figure, she could have feinted. The amount was staggering to her, and there was no way she could ever raise it. In vain she appealed to Tom for mercy. One way or another, he was going to get the money – or something of equal worth. It was then that he fully noticed R@chel’s intriguing blend of wholesomeness and sexiness. She was, as they say, a MILF. Following a train of thought, Tom turned and looked at Kyle. R@chel’s son was perfect for what Tom was considering. He was tall and virile, and looked to be packing in the crotch of his pants. Thinking of his business side-line in the pornographic DVD industry, Tom now had an alternative to offer R@chel. She could get rid of the debt, he announced casually, by shooting three thirty-minutes hardcore videos in which she fucked her own son. Such videos sold like hot cakes, and were guaranteed to make a fortune. However, his comment may as well have been a bombshell. R@chel and Kyle were horrified. At first they flat-out refused even to hear the suggestion repeated. But, the seriousness of their situation sinking in, they began to see it as their only possible chance to avoid ruin – or worse. As Tom helpfully pointed out to them: those who did not pay his debts were liable to suffer an unpleasant and messy end. Presently, he left the mother and son alone for a few minutes to talk over their options. A tense R@chel and Kyle ran through all the pros and cons, and eventually found themselves agreeing to the unthinkable: they would have ncestuous sex on camera. As soon as Tom learned of their decision, he got straight to work preparing the shoot. He called upon one of his trusted men to operate the video camera, and told R@chel and Kyle to go slip into something more appropriate. Soon enough, everything was ready. The movie was to be shot in R@chel’s bedroom; the scene of the fucking was to be her big double-bed. It was the one she had shared so long with her husband – the only sexual partner she had ever had. Sitting in a director’s chair to one side was Tom. When he hollered for the performers to step forward, they did so with the utmost nervousness. Kyle sported nothing but a towel about his waist. R@chel wore a sheer nightgown over which her modestly led her to cross her arms. Mother and son sat down on the bed. They were hesitant and full of second-thoughts. At last, assured by Tom that he would keep the bargain, they were as ready as they would ever be for their taboo performance. At the camera man’s instruction, R@chel removed her son’s towel, knelt before his naked cock, and proceeded – reluctantly – to suck on it. Gradually, in spite of herself, she found herself getting into the swing of things. Of her own accord she shrugged loose her robe to reveal herself in skimpy red lingerie worthy of her deliciously shaped, big-boobed figure. It was, indeed, a drastic change from her refined funeral attire of that morning. As to the sucking of her son’s cock, R@chel kept at it for the longest time. Ever more sensually and skillfully she fucked her tight-drawn lips fully up and down its thick, long length. Her raven-haired head bobbed gracefully from the effort. With the cameraman chipping in from time to time, she made herself add hand-stroking, kissing, licking, ball-sucking and deep-throating to the mix. Already she was serving up an unforgettable treat for her future viewers. By the end of it, she had her son’s cock thoroughly bloated and rock-hard. There was no question then of Kyle being able to perform on his debut. When his mother lay back on the bed and pulled her panty’s crotch aside, he knelt between her parted legs, lined his big cock up with her forbidden pussy, and fucked into it – deep, clean and hard. Mother and son emitted a gasp at that moment. They were now committing ncest for sure. Although the realization seemed to trouble them, they did not let up for a moment. In fact, they went on to fuck with an ever-increasing intensity. Kyle became more passionate in his cock-thrusts, and R@chel became louder in her moans. It was the mother’s first fuck in what seemed like an eternity. Moreover, it was better than anything her husband had ever given her. The cameraman had little need to instruct the pair further. Momentarily forgetting themselves and the camera pointed on them, the taboo-breaking pair fucked on lustfully and willingly. Once Kyle praised the tightness of his mother’s pussy. Meanwhile, R@chel begged him to fuck her harder. To her immense shame, she even came on his cock. For the future viewers, the whole scene was graphically captured. There was the Apple-Pie mother: lying back, big tits bouncing from the force with which she was being fucked. Right in the camera’s line of sight, big and clear, was the image of her own son’s cock plunging into her pussy again and again. Incredibly, the action that followed it was even more impassioned. R@chel was on her hands and knees with her son dominating her from behind, fucking her with all the energy of a young man at the height of his lust. Tom smiled as he watched the scene. He had lucked on a couple of great performers. Yet it was a complex experience for both mother and son. Even as they thrilled with tremendous excitement and pleasure, they still to show signs of guilt and uncertainty. Nevertheless, that did not stop Kyle from continuing the relentless fucking of his mother until she couldn’t help but moan and gasp her satisfaction at the top of her voice. A second cum on his cock confirmed her body’s ecstatic approval. Last of all, at her insistence, Kyle came in her face. R@chel had leaned close for that – eagerly opening her mouth to accept as much of her son’s hot creamy juice as she could. Afterwards, when the intoxication of their lust had left them, mother and son were mortified by what they’d done. But Tom was a very happy and amused producer. Gleefully, he reminded R@chel that she had further scenes to do. Ten, in fact. On top of that, he mentioned that he heard R@chel had a hot daughter and another son. When he started telling her about the future things she might have to do – including a full blown ncestuous orgy – R@chel screamed and lunged at him. Tom merely laughed, brushed her aside, and strode cockily out of the room. He was smug in the knowledge that her husband’s debt was well on the way to being laid off. R@chel, on the other hand, was crushed with despair and humiliation. She slumped to the floor of her room and sobbed her heart out. What had started off of as a bad day had somehow grown into a nightmare. Almost naked, disheveled from sex, showing cum on her face – she was indeed a different sight to the one she had been that morning

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