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One Day in our Family

Blonde Mommy Gets Her Pussy Licked and Fucked in the Bedroom

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Start Taking Over For Dad

Nina comes in to talk to her son about how great he has been helping dad out down at the shop, and a lot of the other things dad needs more help with, Now she wants him to start taking over for dad in the bedroom, or even right there in the living room. It’s totally ok, it’s natural for a son to take over.
Nina comes in to talk to her son about how great he has been helping dad out down at the shop, and a lot of the other things dad needs more help with, Now she wants him to start taking over for dad in the bedroom, or even right there in the living room. It’s totally ok, it’s natural for a son to take over.
Nina’s son went on a date and got lucky, it seems every since he started filling in for his father with mom, girls just seem to know he’s not hard up, and he has confidence that he knows what he is doing. But mom comes in to let him know that she wants him to put her needs ahead of other girls.

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Crush on Stepmother

Your stepmom Brooke is quite a hottie. She loves to wear stockings, and she knows that you love when she wears stockings. Lately, she’s been trying extra hard to get your attention because she needs something from you.
“Your dad is away on business so often that he doesn’t have time to appreciate me the way I deserve. He doesn’t even have time to get me pregnant. Did you know we’re trying to get pregnant? He got this idea in his head that he has to have another son. He’s going to make me keep trying until I give him one, I just know it. But he’s never home. I really wanted to surprise him when he gets home from that board meeting in China.”
She asks if you want to help her. You’re like this sneaky little pup following her around, spying on her while she showers & changes clothes. You didn’t think she noticed, but she has. It’s fun taking advantage of your little crush on stepmother.

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Son shared Mommy`s pussy with Friend

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Mother Knows Best

Nathan Bronson is supposed to tutor his friend Alex More, but he is just so awkward that his stepmom, Alana Cruise, can’t stand it. She decides to give him a quick makeover by urging him to take off the glasses and change his clothes. While Nathan is changing, Alana notices that he’s definitely a shower and should be very proud of what he’s showing. She supervises the study session once Alex arrives and sees Nathan hitting on his friend, but she can’t get Nathan’s big dick out of her head! She realizes she can kill two birds with one stone: Enjoy Nathan’s hardon while loosening him up for Alex…

As soon as she has the opportunity, she sneaks underneath the kitchen table and tugs his dick out of his pants. She starts sucking, trying to be as discrete as possible, but unfortunately Alex eventually looks over. Alana ducks out of sight before Alex notices her, but Alex thinks Nathan has been masturbating under the table the whole time. She freaks out, calling Nathan a creep and storming out of the house. Alana senses her opportunity to pounce, so she tells Nathan that it’s time he figured out how to be good with girls so he could get plenty of pussy. When Nathan agrees, Alana peels off just enough of her clothes so her tits can bounce free and her pussy can slide down onto her stepson’s fuck stick. She rides him for a bit, then sucks him off before turning around and continuing to impale herself on Nathan’s dick. Then she leans forward so he can practice banging her doggy style. When Alana hops onto the table, she instructs Nathan in thrusting in and out of her hairy pussy until he pulls out just in time to cum all over her twat. Smiling and pleased, Alana lets Nathan know that she thinks he learned something today.

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Reverse blackmail anal creampie for my Mother

When I discover Johnny’s numerous parking tickets I am angry! However, it’s my perfect opportunity to get the dirty nasty butt fucking I’ve been craving for so long!! Lots of LOUD yelling and moaning with a BIG creampie dripping from my butthole!!

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Government is Shutdown

Scene One: Mom is Escorting

The Government is shut down and Mom has not received a check in 4 weeks…We are about to get kicked out of our apartment and Mom is desperate. Her friend told her about a Dating site where guys pay women to go out on dates. Dates are okay…right??? She took me with her to Las Vegas and had several dates lined up…I don’t know how my Mom is going to eat all that food, but it’s okay…She was talking for ever putting her make up on and I was getting hungry…Mom told me how important tonight is and for me to watch some TV…About a hour later Mom calls me into the bedroom…She looks nervous but looks very pretty…She tells me she wants to try a date with me first and if I would be willing to pay her to have sex…Mom strips for me and then pulls my shorts down and begins to suck me off…I begin to like this and she asks if everything is okay…I wonder what is next???

Scene Two: All the Way with Mom

Mom has been doing a great job of sucking my dick! I think that she will make a lot of money from escorting if she keeps giving great blowjobs like this… She decides that she wants to finish me off by putting my hard cock inside of her pussy. Mom climbs on top of me and slides my cock inside of her. “It’s so tight!!” I tell her. “Does it feel good, sweetie? Or does it hurt?” she asks me. But of course mommy’s tight pussy feels good on my cock!! I don’t want her to stop, and luckily for me, she has no plans on stopping any time soon! I watch mommy’s big tits bounce up and down as she continues to ride my cock. I ask her if we can try it the other way, so I can see her tight little ass and pretty butt hole bounce up and down as her pussy rides my dick. Then I ask her if I can go on top, so I stand up and fuck mommy as she lays back on the bed. Mom can’t stop moaning and I can tell that she is really enjoying this!! I think she is going to make a great escort… I finally get close to cumming and mommy gives me 2 options “You can cum inside mommy’s pussy or you can cum inside of my mouth!” but I decide that I want to cum in her mouth and watch her swallow it, so that’s exactly what I do…

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Blackmailing Stepmom Into Anal

This is now the MOST taboo roleplay video I’ve ever done. It contains VERY rough sex with lots of blackmail; not for the faint of heart. It is also my very first boy/girl anal vid. I was unable to use proper lighting due to the positions so the quality is a bit lower than desired. To compensate for the aforementioned quality issues the price has been slightly reduced.

Please, enjoy! — Your stepmother has been up to some very naughty things while her husband is away on a business trip. You were fumbling through her phone looking for any nudes she might have of herself and discovered she’s having an affair with a coworker! Instead of being a good stepson and keeping it to yourself, you decide on a more rewarding option: use it against her to get a blowjob. Things really get out of hand and not only do you end up fucking your stepmom’s throat, but you double dip in her ass and pussy until you leave her with a giant creampie to squirt out of her loose asshole. She was an anal virgin before you and now she’ll owe you her ass forever… unless of course she wants you to spill the beans… ultimately ruining her marriage to your father.

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Mom teaches Son to avoid Cumming too soon!

Mommy is mad at you for not practicing your “stamina”… and by stamina she doesn’t mean endurance running, no, you actually know very well what she is talking about! It’s your sex endurance! She was adamant about it: you have to learn how to delay ejaculation otherwise no girl will even consider you for a long time partner! But you’ve been slacking off and now she insists on you starting practice immediately! She’ll help, of course, she’ll give you a “hand” at first, and if you do well enough she’ll give you the advanced training! Fucking her open mouth, shoving your cock down her throat and, let’s not forget, Mommy’s Pussy needs work too! You’d better not cum to soon, Mommy really hates being let down like that… And now it’s time to show what you can do! Mommy’s waiting!

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Mommy Hot Fucking Lesson to a young Son

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