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Son Forces Mother to Fuck

Rachel knows she does not have any choice but to suck her son’s cock. She says she will do it this one time and then they are done. He knows he has her just where he wants her so he tells her to start sucking. He does not waste any time grabbing the back of her head and forcing her mouth deep onto his cock. She begs him to hurry up and cum so it will be over. As he pulls out of her mouth she thinks it is all over. While he was watching his mother suck his cock he decided he was going to fuck her. He did not care what he agreed to. He stands her up and bends her over the bed. He unties her bikini bottom and easily slides his cock into her pussy. He does not know if she is wet from the excitement or from her webcam show lube. He does not care; all he knows is that he is balls deep in his mother’s hot pussy. Rachel protested and moaned as her son fucked her hard from behind. Eventually her protests changed to words of encouragement. She had not been fucked like this in years. She wanted to look into his eyes while he fucked her. She turned over on her back and spread her legs for him. She felt like she was on her honeymoon as she changed from position to position. This was the best sex she has had in ages.

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Step-Mother Knows Best!

Miss Julia Ann catches her step-son red handed jerking off to porn in the living room which is completely unacceptable behavior. If he doesn’t want his Father to find out then he will have to accept a lesson in masturbation coming from the love of a mother’s touch.

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Mommy Manipulates Sons Punishment To Satisfy Her Sexual Needs

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Rachel Domination Time

Secretary Rachel returns home from a long day at work to show you the unique way she unwinds of an evening. On her bed lies a masked man. He is Rachel’s pleasure slave. Now watch as she strips down to her lingerie and proceeds to play with him. First she strokes his cock while mischievously pressing her foot in his face and inviting him to stroke her satiny, hose-clad legs. Then she smothers him with her big tits and her shapely butt. After sensually kissing him, she straddles his cock and fucks him from on top. Finally, she gets him to take her from behind. The slave is so obedient that he even cums over her butt cheeks on command. With the day’s hardships now a distant memory, Rachel stretches out looking relaxed and happy. Nor does she have any more time for you. Now that you have seen all that it takes to be her slave, you can run along.

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Slutty Mom is Blackmailed

Naked, Melanie is giving a hot blowjob to your uncle when you walk in. “Why are you blowing Uncle Alex” you yell. “Don’t tell daddy, I was just having a bit of fun.” she tells you as Alex runs out of the room. “You can’t tell your dad. I’ll do anything.” she pleads with you telling you if he found out your father would leave her and she would have nothing. “I didn’t think you were home” she wimpers. You think about what she said. She would do anything… The thoughts quickly race through your mind and you have the perfect punishment for your hot mom. “Promise you wont tell dad?” She agrees to whatever you want, not having a choice.
Dressed in fishnet stockings, very tall high heels, a tight too short see through red dress, and her hair in pigtails, Melanie looks like the perfect slut. You make her pull on her nipples as hard as she can until her face shows pain and she says “Ouch” She tortures her nipples for your sick pleasure. “Oww” she says as she twists them. You command her to bend over and show off her big ass in her tight fishnets.

Scene Two: Suck punishment

She faces the wall and bends over as he pulls down her tight stockings exposing her ass. Her son begins to slap her ass hard. This is so humiliating being spanked by her own son. “Oh Oh mmm oww” she moans as the slaps come harder and harder. With long handcuffs he lashes her feet together and cuffs her hands behind her back. Completely restrained she can’t stop her own son from feeling up her large breasts.
She feels so shameful being exposed and forced to her knees for her son. He takes out his cock and grabs her pig tails shoving her mouth down his shaft. Her chains rattle against the floor as she gags on her son’s huge penis. “Choke on it mom” he tells her. She can’t believe her son is treating her like a whore, no one has ever treated her so badly. With a belt he hits her and she cries out in pain muffled by her son’s cock in her mouth. He uses a chair to further humiliate, spank and force his cock down her throat. She feels used like her son’s sex doll and less like his mother every second.

Scene Three: Fuck punishment

With her bent over a chair she feels him push his cock up against her pussy. He can’t want to fuck her she thinks as he forces himself inside her. He slaps her ass and pounds her pussy making her yell in pain and cry out. She bites her lip to control herself. Her son fucks her harder than she’s been fucked in years. She tries not to enjoy herself. Just let him stop fucking her.
With his cock wet from her pussy he moves to the front of her and makes her suck his cock again. She can taste her own shame on him. His hand on the back of her head forces her to pleasure him. What a whore she’s become.

Scene Four: Cheater forced to fuck

He removes the leg cuffs and heels from his mom’s long legs. He pulls off her fishnet stockings and makes her get on top of him. Still handcuffed she bounces her big ass up and down on her son. She has no choice but to fuck him.
He lifts her up with his cock still inside her and fucks her all the way to her bedroom. She’s re-cuffed hand to foot with her ass exposed and her hair pulled roughly by her son’s strong grip. He slaps her ass and fucks her from behind mercilessly. She’s been with a lot of men in her life but never before has she felt like such a used slut as she does with her own son fucking her. She cries out into the pillows when he slaps her ass with the belt.
She sucks her son’s cock wanting it all to end. “I want your come” she’s forced to say and sticks out her tongue. He jerks his big load into her mouth and she sucks him all down. He leaves her tied up, giving her a few last spanks with the belt. She shows the look of total destruction on her cum covered face. Melanie really is a slut now.

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Jealous Son Takes Mom over and over

PART 1 Jealous son- “Harmless Flirting”- Stephanie is laying in bed texting Roger, a friend from work. It is probably some harmless flirting, but when her son comes in while she is in the bathroom he doesn’t think it is harmless at all. She is surprise to find her son holding her phone and at first is annoyed but she begins to get nervous and even afraid when she sees how angry he is. She is suddenly aware of how grown up and strong her “Bambino” is and starts to back away. But her son doesn’t let her, he accuses her of being a whore, and she is overwhelmed when he just starts to take her. Even worse, she is aware of just how sexy her son is, and when she see his huge cock she feels desire, despite her fear and shame.

PART 2 Jealous Son- “Mom ,You’re dressed like a Whore” – Stephanie is nicely dressed in a cocktail dress and going to meet a coworker for drinks, but she didn’t realize her son was still home. When he sees her going out looking too sexy, and knowing it is the same friend from work she was texting, he gets angry. Stephanie tries to take charge, but he son has had her once and now their is no stopping him, he fucks her like she is his whore and fills her pussy with cum. If she wants to go see “:Roger” from work, she can do it with her son’s huge load dripping out of her hard fucked pussy

PART 3 Jealous Son – “I Know why you work late” – Stephanie is working late, and is surprised and a little nervous when her son shows up at her office. he knows she is working late to spend time with Roger, and when he finds out that Roger is actually her boss that is it. He demands to know if Roger has fucked her right their, in her office? On her desk? Stephanie tries to calm him, she doesn’t want anyone to know the secret of what her son has made her do, and worse, how part of her even now, in her office wants her son’s huge cock giving her all she can take. She tries to make him leave, tries to stop it from happening again, but she can’t really resist. he son leaves her gasping with a face covered in cum and an aching pussy.

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Mother abusing and punishing her son!…with different methods :)

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Strong Mom Vs. Lazy Son

Alex is lounging around the house again in his boxers like a lazy bum. His Mother comes in the living room and tells him to clean his room right now. Alex says he doesn’t want to, but says he’ll wrestle her, and if she beats him, then he will clean it. His Mom laughs at him and says he doesn’t stand a chance. She agrees to the wrestling match and goes to her room to change into workout clothes. Alex decides to catch a peek at his Mother’s butt while she changes, but is caught in the act. Mom chases him to the sofa and tackles him. They wrestle back and forth until finally Mom grabs Alex by the balls and gets him to submit. Unable to control herself his Mother begins sucking his cock. Alex begs his Mother to put her big beautiful ass in his face. Mother and son 69 until finally Mom sits on his cock and Alex cums deep inside his Mother’s pussy. No match for his strong and sexy Mom, Alex reluctantly agrees to go clean his room, but says next time she better not cheat!

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Mom Loves her Son and give him Birthday Bondage Surprise

It is her Son’s birthday, and Mommie Margo has promised him that he can have anything he wants. Mommie Margo is surprised and shocked when her own Son chooses a set of ropes and his mommie for his birthday present. Watch and see what happens next!

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Freya is Extorted by her Son

Feya’s son has her tied up and unless she agrees to have sex with him one last time, he is going to tell his father everything. Freya has no choice but she makes Mitchell promise it will be the last time. After taking his mom exactly how he wants, he lets her know it WILL NOT be the last time.

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