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Forcing Grandma To Fuck Her Grandson

Home Invasion”Granny Loves Pie, Especially Her Grandson’s Cream Pie” Sally D’angelo and her Grandson are having a nice quiet visit (Sally’s husband & Grandfather) had just passed away recently , and the grandson is just making sure all is well and if there is anything she needs to have done etc , when all of the sudden there is a knock at the door and things turn ugly quickly , an armed intruder has shown up to loot Sally knowing she’s alone now, but there is no money or jewels to be found, so he decides to play an evil game for his entertainment, he’s decided to make the grandson FUCK granny , makes her do a strip, suck his young virgin cock, and then fuck the young guy until he explodes in her pussy, all while he torments, laughs and films them ….but the prank just might be,….. maybe they have always wanted to fuck each other? maybe they get so involved they forget there is an intruder? ” Granny loves pie ,especially her grandson’s cream pie”

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Mum Uses Son For Her Pleasure

The story line is that I’m training my son to be my perfect lover and plan to cuckold my husband with our son!

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My Stepson Will Do What I Want

Gay son get used by his crazy mother! Making him to lick her lover sperm and be sissy looser!

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Please fill mommy with your cum

The Black Widow, aka Mistress Sally, is preparing to bury another husband and put his fortune into her bank account. But just before helping him to his demise and unknown to her, he changed his will, giving everything to his son instead of his wicked wife who had enjoyed making a cuckold slave out of him before planning his end. Now, she’s preparing to attend the funeral and has made plans for her son to drop by and escort her there…little does he know she is hatching another plan, this time to seduce him into fucking her and then soon after to make her son another slave just like his father was, and make him eventually meet the same fate as his father, leaving her wealthy and on the prowl for yet another to seduce down the aisle and into the grave. We see The Black Widow brushing her hair, touching up her makeup, erotically drawing the seductive black stockings up her long legs, slowly donning a pair of black leather elbow length gloves up her arms only to change her mind after trying them on in favor of a pair of dainty, but , black nylon gloves, then sliding her sexy feet into the tall stiletto heels that she knows few men can resist, and then the coup de grace as she lowers the black nylon veil over her face and pirouettes in front of the mirror. Basking in her corrupting wickedness before the mirror, there is a knock at the door and she says to herself…”Mmmmm, there’s my future cuck husband now…..cum to mommy little boy!” and then laughs, enjoying how evil her plan is and how much she’s going to enjoy seducing her own son to make him into a slave. After that, the action is non stop as she loudly encourages him to fuck her more and harder while at the same time thinking to herself all the wicked sex she’s going to force him to experience, corrupting and perverting him into a worshiping slave who will become….expendable, when she tires of him and disposes of him. This video is a classic study of the totally evil and completely sinister Black Widow who hunts, marries, disposes of husbands, and moves on looking for more irregardless of who it might be….even her own son if he stands between The Black Widow and her goal. A uniquely developed video that you won’t see anywhere else as we look into the thoughts and mind of the seductive and evil creature we all know as The Black Widow. This video features femdom, taboo mother son sex, floor length see through dress, black stockings, extreme high heels, black leather elbow length gloves, black nylon gloves, fucking, black funeral veil, hair brushing, erotic dressing for seduction, intensely wicked thoughts and intentions hidden from her victim while being verbalized for the viewer, and instructions to the viewer to stroke and jack off during the action. creampie taboo mother step son cum shot fucking.

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Madisin’s Son Becomes Addicted to Mommy’s Pussy

Part 1 – Mommy Just Needs Some Help Madisin is so horny and wants to treat herself a night of orgasms. Her very over-used vibrator gives out on her and she is too far into trying to cum to stop so she calls in her son Mitchel to help her. He’s always been a good boy and always done whatever mom’s needed. He is a little shy and unsure when she tells him what she wants be, being a good son he does his best. Madisin coaches her boy and he is a very fast learner and soon is giving her mom exactly what she needs
Part 2 – Madisin Cheers Up Her Son Madisin is about to go out for the night but she sees her son Mitchel sulking on the couch. He doesn’t want her to go out. Madisin doesn’t understand why her sweet handsome boy doesn’t have a girlfriend and she realizes he is just too shy and lack confidence, She decides give him that confidence and show him what a young stud he really is
Part 3 – Madisin’s Dominated by The Good Son Things have gotten out of hand. Instead of her son going out and getting a girl his age, Mitchel has become completely addicted to his mom’s pussy He has her tied up and demands she give him what he wants. He spanks mom’s big firm ass and uses her new vibrator to force her to cum over and over until she relents letting him take her every way he wants

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Hogtied Mommy Has Her Mouth Abused By Son

Mommy is all tied up and blindfolded when her “friend” gets a phone call. He steps out of the room, and Mommy calls after him, telling him to hurry back. A few moments later, her son walks in cautiously, as he checks to make sure that no one is around. He is jealous of all the time that Mommy has been spending with all of her new friends, and decides that he’s going to make sure her friend doesn’t get back into the room by locking the door.
Once he has locked the door behind him, he begins to get turned on, as he notices that Mommy is bound with rope and cuffs, hogtied, and blindfolded, wearing only a gray thong. Thinking that her son is actually her friend, Mommy tells him to pull down his pants, and let her taste his cock. “Oh, honey–I’m so glad you’re back. Why don’t you go ahead and pull down your pants, and let me taste your cock. You know I love the taste of cock. Come on, give me your cock! I need it.” Her son decides to play along, tricking his mom, by pulling down his pants, and putting his hard cock into her mouth. Mommy sticks out her tongue eagerly, and he slides it into her mouth, as he holds her head. She begins to sniff the air, recognizing the smell, but he puts his cock back into her mouth. Drool begins to cover his cock, and she pants for air, but he continues to mouth-fuck her. She gags on her son’s cock, and drool drips from her mouth onto the bed. Mommy sniffs the air again, immediately recognizing her son’s cologne. “Oh, that’s my big boy. I can smell his cologne from anywhere. Aw, honey, were you jealous Mommy was spending all this time with all these strangers? Aw, honey, and your cock is so hard inside Mommy’s mouth! You know Mommy will take care of that for you. She loves the taste of cock.” She asks her son to take off her blindfold, so that she can watch her big boy get pleasured. “She wants to see her big boy enjoy himself.”
When he takes her blindfold off, she immediately starts smiling. “Oh, honey. I knew that was you. Mommy will take good care for you. You know she likes a nice, hard cock inside of her mouth–especially back inside of her throat. It’s okay to throat-fuck Mommy. Come on, let Mommy taste your cock.” Mommy is a cock whore, and she wants to give her son’s cock some special attention. He slides his cock back into her mouth, and she gags and coughs, as drools runs down her chin and onto the bed. “Come on, back in Mommy’s throat–that’s where she likes it best… Mouth-fuck Mommy!” Her son holds her head, as he shoves his cock back into her mouth. He grips onto her head harder, holding her hair, and drool runs all over his cock, down her chin, onto the bed, and falls onto the floor. She pants, gasping for air, as she tells him that she needs more. Bubbles form from her drool, and she encourages him to keep going. She spits huge amounts of drool on the floor, and her mascara runs all around her eyes. He flips her to her side, and he begins to jerk his cock. “Mommy needs your cum inside of her mouth. Come on! Let Mommy taste a little bit of it. Mommy loves a nice, hard cock!” She sticks her tongue out, waiting for him to erupt his load all over it. As he cums, it shoots into her hair, across her face, and into her mouth. She lets the cum drip down the side of her face, into another part of her hair, and swallows the rest of it. “Such a good boy, you are! You know, if you need Mommy’s mouth, or you need a little…special attention, all you gotta do is tell Mommy. Now be a good boy, and untie Mommy.”

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Son Forces Mother to Fuck

Rachel knows she does not have any choice but to suck her son’s cock. She says she will do it this one time and then they are done. He knows he has her just where he wants her so he tells her to start sucking. He does not waste any time grabbing the back of her head and forcing her mouth deep onto his cock. She begs him to hurry up and cum so it will be over. As he pulls out of her mouth she thinks it is all over. While he was watching his mother suck his cock he decided he was going to fuck her. He did not care what he agreed to. He stands her up and bends her over the bed. He unties her bikini bottom and easily slides his cock into her pussy. He does not know if she is wet from the excitement or from her webcam show lube. He does not care; all he knows is that he is balls deep in his mother’s hot pussy. Rachel protested and moaned as her son fucked her hard from behind. Eventually her protests changed to words of encouragement. She had not been fucked like this in years. She wanted to look into his eyes while he fucked her. She turned over on her back and spread her legs for him. She felt like she was on her honeymoon as she changed from position to position. This was the best sex she has had in ages.

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Step-Mother Knows Best!

Miss Julia Ann catches her step-son red handed jerking off to porn in the living room which is completely unacceptable behavior. If he doesn’t want his Father to find out then he will have to accept a lesson in masturbation coming from the love of a mother’s touch.

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Mommy Manipulates Sons Punishment To Satisfy Her Sexual Needs

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Rachel Domination Time

Secretary Rachel returns home from a long day at work to show you the unique way she unwinds of an evening. On her bed lies a masked man. He is Rachel’s pleasure slave. Now watch as she strips down to her lingerie and proceeds to play with him. First she strokes his cock while mischievously pressing her foot in his face and inviting him to stroke her satiny, hose-clad legs. Then she smothers him with her big tits and her shapely butt. After sensually kissing him, she straddles his cock and fucks him from on top. Finally, she gets him to take her from behind. The slave is so obedient that he even cums over her butt cheeks on command. With the day’s hardships now a distant memory, Rachel stretches out looking relaxed and happy. Nor does she have any more time for you. Now that you have seen all that it takes to be her slave, you can run along.

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