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Son tied-up Mother and rape her ass

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Mom Spanks Sam in Front of His Crush

I should have known there was more than studying going on up here. Ella, do you care to explain what you are learning while topless and straddling your tutor? Maybe seeing his bare bottom spanked by his mom will help you both keep your minds on academics. Don’t think you two are getting off with just a spanking, though…

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Mother Betrayed

It’s early Sunday morning and Cory is softly woken by her husband feeling her tits. He just can’t get enough of them. She opens her eyes to have a frisky morning only to see it’s her son. Before she can scream he puts a rag over her face and knocks her out. Quietly he picks her up and brings her to his bedroom.
Cory wakes tied and gagged by her son. She can’t scream or plead as he enters her pussy. If only her husband would wake up! Her son fucks her and presses her, face first, into the covers. His big cock drills her hard and fast, using her for his sick pleasure. Grunts and moans escape the gag as a disgusting orgasm builds inside of her. She’s forced to get on top of him and ride him as if she likes it. Just cum, she begs him in her mind as she’s made to orgasm on his cock. He pulls down the gag, not to let her talk but to shoot his hot load into her crying face. “Son, please untie me” Cory begs as she’s left alone, cum dripping down her face.

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Never Shower Alone Mom

Her son is away and for the first time Cory feels like she can move through the house freely. She’s trying to forget what happened to her, how she was used, how she came from the fucking. She goes to take a shower when her other son bursts into the bathroom. “What are you doing?” She shouts as her towel is ripped from her body. A cold dread fills her, this can’t happen again!
He forces her to the floor and shoves his dick into her mouth. God both of her son’s have massive cocks, and both of them want to fuck her mouth. She has no choice but to suck him and she prays he gets off before anything more can happen. But he’s not going to let her get away that easy. He pins her against the bathroom door and fucks her tight warm pussy. She moans against her will and pleads with him. Her hair is pulled back and she is drilled until she feels her orgasm coming. God what a slut she is as she cums on her son’s violating cock. He presses her face into the wall and cums deep inside her and shoots his load all over her spankable ass. She feels like a shower will never get her clean again!

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Squirting Step-Daughter Punish Fucked

Angel Allwood is a hot busty MILF wth it all: A mansion and a younger boyfriend on the side. It all comes crashing down when her cute little piece of ass step-daughter comes to visit. Angel’s Dominant boyfriend grows tired of playing butler and takes both step-mother and step-daughter on a squirt filled bondage and sex training. From Angel’s brutal take down with rough anal, pussy clamps, a serious belting, and orgasm denial to Zoey’s seduction with the zapper and cattle prod, hot squirting sex, and belt bondage, Seth keeps both these hot blond bitches under tight control. Bringing both blond sluts to heel in the master bedroom, Seth trains his new sex slaves, teaching Zoey to ask her Mommy for each squirting orgasm, training Angel to slurp up his cock after it comes out of her step-daughter’s ass. Using all four hot wet holes for his pleasure, Seth torments his new toys with zippers, candle wax, floggers, and orgasm denial until he is good and ready to serve them a meal of hot cum.
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Madisin’s Very Bad Son

PART 1- Madisin’s Son Takes her At Work- Madison is hard at work at the office when her son Justin comes in. He is angry that there is no food in the house and that want’s her to give him money. When Madisin tries to explain that she doesn’t have cash on her Justin decides she can take care of him another way. Spanking, Tearing Pantyhose, Hard Sex

PART 2 Madisin’s Son Makes her A Special Dinner – Justin has dressed nicely and made a special dinner to make up to his mom Madisin for the way he has been acting, But after finishing dinner mom feels almost like she has been drinking all night. Justin helps her to the couch, and helps himself

PART 3 – Madisin Dominated by Her Sex Crazed Son.- Justin has had enough of his mom not giving it to him every time he wants it. He has her tied up and fucks her until she admits that he has the only cock she needs

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Ruined Orgasm From Strict Mom

You are such a naughty, perverted boy! I’m tired of catching you masturbating when I’m home. You could at least wait until I leave. Well, I have a way of sorting you out. I’ll work you up & then ruin your orgasm. I think you’ll find that extremely frustrating & hopefully you’ll learn your lesson young man!

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When her eldest Son Jack doesn’t fill the car with gas after borrowing it….Josey decides to try out her new paddle on Jack’s backside!!! Mom puts her forgetful Son over her lap and gives him a good old fashioned spanking!! Jack cries out as Mom spanks him….but Mom discovers something happening between her knees…..a big boner!!! Apparently the spanking is turning him on!! Mom is horrified at the effect of her attempted Discipline….and is worried about Jack leaving her bedroom with a boner. “What will your Brothers think if you walk out of here with a big erection” she says. Mom’s solution is simple and practical…..she has sex with her aroused Son to get rid of the evidence!! Mom starts by ordering Jack to “service” her….and the red bottomed Son goes to work eating his Mom’s cunt. Mom instructs that he keep licking until she cums! After Mom gets hers….she sucks on her Son’s big cock and then lets him take a ride on her!!! Jack pounds away at his well endowed Mother…and shoots a giant load of cum all over Mom’s Tits. His boner should be gone now…….

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Dommy Mommy

Your mother is so uncool. Sure she does things like bake you cookies for school, but she won’t let you go out with your friends on Sunday night. You talk back to her & tell her that the other boys can go out, and she gets mad & send you to your room.
You decided to wait in another room instead, just to spite her, and you think she’ll come in to scold you, but when she walks in wearing leather & carrying a whip, you can’t believe what you’re seeing. You think maybe you’ve driven her over the edge. “You think I don’t want to send you for a sleepover tonight? I love when you leave the house. You have no idea how much fun I have.” You’re getting nervous, as it’s apparent you mother has been doing some things you don’t want to think about. “I’ve tried to hide my kinky side from you, but I think it’s time you see another side to me other than your nerdy, overprotective mother.” She says she knows you like the naughty girls at school who wear short skirts & too much makeup, “But it’s amateur hour over there. I’ve been naughty since before you were born.” You’re horrified to find she’s right… she’s whipping your dick & it’s so hard. “I’ve been doing all the things a good mother should do, but you disobey me. Turns out all I need to do is beat you a little bit.”
She reaches down & unzips the crotch on her catsuit, then she reaches for your cock. She strokes it a bit. “You’re not thinking about those naughty girls at school anymore; now all you’re thinking about is how much you want me to control you.” Her pussy hovers over your hard dick & she flogs it. Then she sticks you inside of her. She rides you cowgirl style, amazed that she found a way to make you obey her. She plays with your cock with the flogger. “From now on if I need you to study for a test, I’ll whip you. If I want you home from a friend’s house in time, I’ll just tell you what I’ll be wearing until you get home.” And she’s right, your mother owns you from now on.
She bounces her round ass on your cock. “This is a good day for me too. I finally get to let my inner freak out. I don’t have to walk around in those stupid dresses and pearls.” She rides you reverse cowgirl, then she turns around & props up her feet on your leg. “Now you know that mommy gets what mommy wants.” She tells you that she realizes why you have discipline problems. Those girls at school that you like aren’t naughty ENOUGH for you. They haven’t been making you cum, and all that tension has built up. She turns around again & orders you to do her doggystyle. Then she orders you to cum all over her catsuit-covered ass. “I’m finally getting some respect around here and all I had to do was be myself. I have a feeling things are going to go much more smoothly from now on.”

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Mother Dominates Son

Dana bought her young son a GoPro camera for Christmas and finds out that he hid the camera in her bedroom so he could take naked videos of his mommy. Dana calls her son into her bedroom and scolds him for being such a naughty boy.

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