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Mom the Jack of All Trades

Mommy came in my room last night because dad was snoring really loud again and she couldn’t sleep… I was also having trouble sleeping because I hurt myself recently and I’ve been in a lot of pain. Mommy wants to help me get rid of the pain but I am not sure if I want her help. She takes her big, natural tits out from underneath her black nightgown and then she starts rubbing her hands over my pants… I can feel my cock getting hard but I don’t understand why!! She tells me that I can grab her tits, so I do… but this is my mom and I don’t think that I’m supposed to be getting hard!! “Mommy helped you when you were little and she can help you now,” she tells me as she slowly puts my cock inside of her mouth. She sucks my dick for a while, until I tell her that I want to see what her pussy looks like… she slips off her black g-string so I can rub her clit, while she jerks my cock up and down. Mommy has gotten me so turned on that I can’t hold back any longer… she puts my cock deep inside of her mouth and sucks my cock until I explode in her mouth! Now she is ready to go back in to the bedroom that she shares with my dad; I ask her to please kiss my dad on the lips before she brushes her teeth, because my dad is such a dick!! Hopefully she listens to me…

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Fan Favorite Scenes

These three previously-released clips were so popular that I decided to release them all again in this compilation!

Controlling the Cock
My favorite part about giving a handjob or blowjob is the control that I have over the cock. Watch me as I stroke up and down at the speed I desire. I taunt you with how good it would feel to receive a handjob from me. You know that my expert touch would bring you to the brink. I tease with my tongue, flicking & gesturing but not actually licking or sucking the cock until the very end. You see, I have complete control over when he cums. You would like to know what it’s like for me to have that kind of control over you. Then right when he reaches the point of no return, I take my hands off, wrap my lips around the cock, and stare right at you while he blow his huge load in my mouth. Then it dribbles back out onto the shaft, and I continue sucking him, as he writhes in sensitivity beneath me. I love to know that I can force a man to cum in my mouth.

Enslaved by My Mouth
Since we’ve been together, I’ve noticed you get uncomfortable when I put my mouth on your cock. You’re avoiding ejaculating. I think you’re afraid of giving yourself to me. Today you have no choice. I’m going to keep using my mouth to work your cock until you cum, and then you will be mine. Once you know the pleasure of my mouth bringing you to orgasm, you will be completely in my control. You will worship me, knowing the pleasure it gives you, that no one else can give you. I can tell you’re afraid that you will no longer have any say in things, that you will be in my complete control, but that is the price you must pay to feel my mouth on your cock. Poor darling, you are about to explode. And now I’m going to give you what you’ve always wanted & always feared. I’m going to make you cum & not stop until I’ve drained you. Now, my slave, to take you past the point of no return, I will take your cum-covered cock back into my mouth & you’ll be mine forever. Now that you know this intense pleasure, you will do anything to feel it again. You will never be able to orgasm any other way. You are mine! Now you will worship me & beg at my feet to give you pleasure.

You try so hard to resist me because you know that as soon as you cum you’ll be mine. The precum dripping out betrays you. Your cock is desperate to know the pleasure of my control. You’re willing to give up so much to feel my mouth on your cock. After you cum I’m not going to stop. You need a little post-cum torment to really understand how powerful I am. I’m going to keep licking & sucking, reminding you that your cock is mine. You’ve been holding your cum for so long, trying to keep it from me, that when you finally orgasm it’s too much cum for my mouth & explodes out in a cum fountain & cum bubbles. Your cock twitches & you just want to enjoy the afterglow of the orgasm, but you only get to enjoy it if I say so. Now it’s more important for you to understand who’s really in control.

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Mom Needs Content

That’s right baby, just hold the camera, it’s already rolling.. No, we can just start. I’ll edit the video later. Just lay back and relax son, this is Mommy’s job. I know exactly what to do… You’re doing great sweetie, Mommy can already tell this is going to be an awesome video….

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Two are Better Than One

“Haven’t you always wanted to do this?” Aunt Cory asks me, as she leans back on the bed with her legs spread towards me. I stick my hard cock inside her right away, and she asks me how her pussy feels. “Tight and warm!” I exclaim. She asks me if those photos she sent me the other day ended up helping me, but I explain to her how my mom ended up walking in on me while I was jerking off.
Aunt Cory tells me that I am doing a fabulous job of fucking her when all of a sudden mom opens the bedroom door!! Mommy is pretty mad at me for fucking Aunt Cory because I wasn’t supposed to fuck her unless my mom was involved too! I really wanted to fuck my aunt by myself, but now that mom is here I guess I will have fun fucking both of them at the same time. Cory strips my mom out of her red dress and her matching gold bra and undies. Aunt Cory takes the initiative and throws my mom down on the bed and starts kissing her body.
I walk up behind my aunt and stick my cock inside of her pussy while she eats my mom’s pussy! I fuck my mom next, while my aunt and mom lick each other’s tits… this is starting to be even more fun than I imagined! I even get to choke my mom while I fuck her, as Aunt Cory masturbates next to us… When I get close to cumming, I have my aunt and my mom suck my cock for a little before I cum right in my mom’s mouth… some of my cum ended up getting on my mom’s face but Cory licks it off mom’s face!! Time for me to go take a shower…

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Time sex lessons with My Teacher and Mom

You are a student in Ms Fyre’s class. Today she caught you playing with your phone in class, so she took it away. The school rule is to call the parents to have them come pick up the phone, but Ms Fyre discovers the phone is unlocked & starts going through the photos. She finds naked pictures of your mom, Cherie, who she recognizes from parent night. She realizes she’s going to have to call Cherie anyway, but now she has the difficult task of telling her about the photos. While contemplating how to best handle the situation, she gets turned on by the photos, but she quickly pushes it out of her mind.
Leave it up to your super sexy mom to convince this hot little reluctant redhead that having sex with her student is a good idea. Plus, your cock is just too nice to resist.

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Mommy Hot Fucking Lesson to a young Son

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Be Careful What You Dream For

Extremely sexually frustrated after watching the latest stud-filled vampire show, big boobed MILF Charlee drifts off into slumber, just wishing for an intimate encounter with a sex-crazed -sucking man-whore of the night. Just as soon as she falls asleep, she feels as if she’s entered an alternate fantasy reality, awakening to hot young long-haired stud sensually groping all over her perfectly curvaceous physique. Should dream more often… This is exactly how I envisioned it!a€? Charlee states as the duo begin passionately making out before she whips out his monster cock, sensually sucking on his massive member and taking it all the way down to the balls. The man-whore of the night then proceeds to fuck her brains out until climaxes, screaming aloud in orgasmic ecstasy. Charlee then asks her new lover to lay down and give her a kiss, but instead of locking lips he sticks his once hidden fangs directly into her sweet neck! Turns out this vampiric experience wasn’t a dream after all!

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Mom Gets Stuck While Sneaking Out

She was sneaking out to see her lover…she had sent her husband away with the boys so she could get away un-noticed. ok, she was all set, but wait she just needed that bra that was behind that shelf……..oops, stuck, again. well at least her son was around. She could handle two dicks tonight. she was super horny after all!

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Mom’s House, Mom’s Pleasure

“What are you doing.. Watching more television?” She complains how Conor does nothing but rest all day, and does none of his chores. “Mom, I don’t know if you know this… But you’re looking at the future legend of rock!” His band is about to be signed. His mom demands that he does the dishes..

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Latina Mom Makes You Cum

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