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Mom Comes First

After Alex goes on his second date with a pretty girl; his mother asks him all about it, and shows him what to do on his next date…

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Wrestle Fucking Mom

You’re already exhausted from your sexual experience in the bedroom, so you barely move when stepmom slides up into a schoolgirl pin and then into a reverse facesit. Once you’re out of breath, she says, “Time to end this,” and applies the ferocious reverse headscissor.

You awaken, completely exhausted, with your mom’s face hovering inches from yours. You look down to realize she’s removed your shorts and is riding your cock. She flips around into reverse cowgirl and in a soul-crunching revelation, you realize you’re back in exactly the position you were in when you were tied up in the bedroom. She rides you a few seconds at a time, using her kegels to prevent you from releasing your orgasm. She edges you for minutes, aggressively riding, until she finally lets you cum. She cums with you, savoring the power.

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One Day in our Family

Blonde Mommy Gets Her Pussy Licked and Fucked in the Bedroom

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Stacked Mommy Gets Nailed by a Hung Son

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Son Help Mom Get Pregnant

I’m not sure if you know this about your father, but he really wants to have another son. The older he gets, the more he wants to preserve his legacy. We’ve tried getting pregnant but it’s not going well. You know what happens when men get older… they have trouble in the… erection department. I know you want your father to be happy, don’t you? This is really hard for me to ask, but will you help me get pregnant?
Obviously your father doesn’t know I’m talking to you. I know you find me attractive. Maybe you could take the love for your father & the sexual energy you feel for me & find it in your heart to do us this favor. If you just take your pants off, I’ll do the rest. I know this is weird, but I have to give you a blowjob to get you hard. And it’s okay if you enjoy it. I hear that if both parents are happy at conception, the resulting progeny will be happier. Just relax & let mother ride your cock. What if I turn around & ride you the other way? I bet you’ll like that; your father sure does. As much as I love him, it’s been a while since I’ve had a young cock. Do you think you can come inside me? Do it for your daddy. Oh my! I didn’t expect to orgasm but I guess I enjoyed it more that I thought I would. What?! You’re ready to go again. Well that would increase my chances of getting pregnant. We’ll probably have to do this again tomorrow too. You okay with that son? You do want to please your father don’t you? And if we both enjoy it in the process, well that’s better for everyone.

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Busty Asian Step Mom Gets Creampied

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Mothers & Sons

Blonde Mommy Love Rides Son`s Big Dick

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Hot Mommy fucks her big cock Stepson

India Summer’s stepson has a problem, he can’t get it up for his girlfriend. He confides in her, but discovers he can get rock hard for his gorgeous stepmom. She hasn’t been fulfilled by her hubby recently, so why not? His fat cock makes her cum again and…

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Taken by Her Jealous Son

Ariella comes home from working late and is surprised by her son Nathan. He is acting so strange, almost like a jealous husband. He starts accusing her of sleeping around and Ariella realizes he is very serious and she has lost all power in the situation
Ariella is working late at her office. She is trying so hard to balance work with her demanding son, but then Nathan shows up at the office and demands she submit to him right then and there

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Start Taking Over For Dad

Nina comes in to talk to her son about how great he has been helping dad out down at the shop, and a lot of the other things dad needs more help with, Now she wants him to start taking over for dad in the bedroom, or even right there in the living room. It’s totally ok, it’s natural for a son to take over.
Nina comes in to talk to her son about how great he has been helping dad out down at the shop, and a lot of the other things dad needs more help with, Now she wants him to start taking over for dad in the bedroom, or even right there in the living room. It’s totally ok, it’s natural for a son to take over.
Nina’s son went on a date and got lucky, it seems every since he started filling in for his father with mom, girls just seem to know he’s not hard up, and he has confidence that he knows what he is doing. But mom comes in to let him know that she wants him to put her needs ahead of other girls.

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