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My BFF and I Shared my Stepdad

Amara is spending the weekend at her friend, Kristen?s house. They are very close and do everything together. But there is one secret she has never told her. She is so attracted to Kristen?s stepdad and has been fantasising about him for some time. Kristen shocks her by telling her that for the last few months she has been sleeping with him herself behind her mom?s back. Amara is so jealous, so both the girls go to see him together. Needless to say, there?s room in this game for three.

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Family Friendly Sex

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Kate England – Pearl Father and Daughter

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Daddy Inside My Ass

My daddy and I are super close and always love spending time together. He takes care of me in every way possible and I always feel safe with him. Lately daddy has been explaining to me it’s okay for us to have intimate relations with each other and that there is nothing taboo about it. I trust daddy so we have beening with each other for some time now and I can’t get enough of his hard cock. He is going to fuck my ass next and I cannot wait!!

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Good Daddy Girl

Melissa has been spending a lot of time alone and is beginning to feel kind of lonely. She’s always had a thing for her dad, and today she came up with a plan to tamper with his morning coffee. When he comes down to drink it, he notices her cleaning the kitchen in skin tight yoga pants. He can’t help but look at her sexy figure. After he drinks his coffee, he decides to watch some TV on the couch- that’s when his “special coffee” starts to have an effect on him. Melissa comes over to curl up next to him and he tries to conceal it, but she knows he has a raging hard on, and she’s going to take advantage of him. Melissa and her Dad go away for a little while, but to his surprise, the hotel room he got them has only one small twin bed. He calls the front desk and it seems that is the only room available. As he’s trying to fall asleep, Melissa cannot keep herself from laying up next to him and rubbing his body. She asks if he’s having trouble sleeping and if he had any of the coffee she made him. He’s says he had 3 cups and she chuckles, knowing that it’s her “special” concoction. She comes onto him strong, and as he tries to push away, he cannot control his urges. She knows she can and will have him in every way she wants him.
Melissa sneaks into her Dad’s room to wake him up with a little surprise- an oral surprise..

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Passionate Latin Step Daughter

Muy sexy! These fiery little hotties strut around the house with their perfect tits and bouncing butts – how can Step-dad stay away? The temptation is just too much and besides, these girls are horny as hell! They`re gonna get their way no matter what, so what can a guy do but give in and get some seriously caliente hardcore action right here at home! Young, hot and Latina makes for one seriously hot fucking step-daughter!

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My Daddy Rape Me SD

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Better my Father big dick than dildo

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Family Picnic

Mom wanted a quiet day with the whole family at the park. They have all been so busy lately with school and work that they have not spent much quality time together as a family. But today would be different. A beautiful sunny day with a picnic basket filled with Mom’s homemade delicacies. It started out perfect but her little bitch of a daughter started complaining about the bugs and how she wanted to go to the mall. Then when her Brother just borrowed her phone she went crazy and started yelling at him. Mom told her to settle down and stop yelling at her Brother. Anya decided she had enough already and went for a walk. The rest of the family just shrugged and went back to what they were doing. Finally Dad said that he should probably go talk to her. Mom said that someone should and went back to drinking her wine. Dad found his daughter by the river looking very sad. He asked her why she was so upset. She explains how unfair Mom is to her and how everyone in the family hates her. Well besides Daddy of course. Daddy loves his little girl and would do anything for her. And his Daughter knows it. She tells her Daddy what she needs and even though he knows her Mother would not approve he agrees. However Daddy tells her she needs to show him how much she loves him. Anya drops to her knees and takes out Daddy’s big cock. He eyes widen with joy. She immediately takes it in her mouth and moans as she takes the whole thing. Dad worries about people seeing them but Anya could care less and begins to suck his cock with enthusiasm! She gets off her knees and hikes up her sun dress. She asks Daddy if he wants to fuck his little baby. She leans on the tree and sticks her ass out. He grabs her and thrust his hard cock inside her tight pussy. She starts screaming so much that Daddy has to cover her mouth so no one would hear her! When Daddy says he is going to cum so Anya drops back to her knees and opens her mouth for Daddy’s seed! She plays with his cum in her mouth and tells him how much she loves her Daddy. He helps her clean up and tells her they have to get back because Mom is probably wondering where they are.

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Anabelle’s Dirty Daddy Supercut

Over 80 minutes of blow jobs, deep throat, cum swallow, handjobs, titjobs, edging and more by Anabelle, the slutty stepdaughter. Anabelle takes care of her pervy stepdad in 4 awesome clips packed into one – including the hit clip “Anabelle Swallows Daddy”. This is one lucky daddy!

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