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Soon As My Cousin Left…

After that first time with my uncle I just couldn’t get enough. I wanted to be with him again so bad I waited patiently til everyone left for the day. As soon as I heard Anastasia leave I went in and sat down next to him. My uncle told me that he had knocked up his daughter and suddenly I was even more turned on. I started stroking his cock through his jeans and pulled his lips to my perky young breasts. I pulled out his cock and stroked it even harder as my uncle fingered me to a wild orgasm. I couldn’t wait any longer and shoved his cock deep in my mouth making it nice and wet. I straddled my uncle on the couch and rode his big cock til he made me cum again. My uncle laid me on the couch and entered me from behind. He slowly buried his cock to the hilt and fucked me to another leg shaking orgasm. My uncle pounded my pussy harder and faster til I heard him lose control while still inside me. He pulled out and finished cumming all over my ass but hopefully he got enough inside me to do the trick.

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Spying On Daddy

I’m a very curious girl and my favorite activity is to spy on Daddy, especially when he thinks he’s completely alone! I’ve spied on him before, while he was watching lesbian porn or in the shower, so Daddy’s body is no secret to me now. However, I never found the courage to act, I’m a shy girl and I knew Daddy would be upset if he would know that I invaded his privacy.
I waited for an occasion, for him to discover me! Even if I always took a lot of precautions and I’m as silent as a cat, today it happened, he discovered me staring at him while he was masturbating. I played the innocent card, asking him what it is that he’s doing and if I can touch it a bit. Daddy’s cock was stiff and so big! I caressed it with my delicate fingers before.

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Daddy’s morning wood

Moka loves it when mommy goes to work early; that means she gets to spend some special time with daddy. Padding into his bedroom, she calls out to see if he’s up, but he is sound asleep. That’s okay, she knows how to wake him up. Climbing onto the bed, she first pulls the covers down, then his pajama bottoms, allowing his big erection to pop up. Daddy always has a case of morning wood.

Smiling at how happy she’ll make her daddy, Moka grips the thick shaft and stuffs it in her mouth, slurping and licking at it like a lollipop. That wakes daddy up. He beams at his good, little girl and tells her to take her robe off, so he can see what a beautiful, young woman she’s growing up to be. Obediently, she shakes off the soft terrycloth, showing off her soft, full tits, curvy, smooth-skinned body and hairless pussy.

Daddy plays with her boobs, marveling at their firmness, and sucking her nipples until they’re hard and standing out from her pillowy mounds. Then, he stands up so she can work on his cock again with her warm mouth, even sucking on his nut sack joyfully. He lays back down and has his baby girl get on top of his stiff cock, his thick pole opening her tight, innocent folds wide, causing her to moan. After bouncing on her daddy’s lap, whimpering from his huge daddy cock shoving into places no one else has ever touched her, he lays her down. He laps at her fresh and tender pussy, before shoving himself back inside her tight snatch. Thrusting in, again and again, she gasps and groans, until daddy’s heavy ball-sack tightens, squeezing out a flood of cum that spatters all over her tiny tummy. Moka smiles up at her loving daddy, covered in his hot, sticky goo. She knows that mess means she’s been a good girl.

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Small Schoolgirl Daughter And Her Daddy

Angelina didn’t go to school today. Why is her stepfather at home? Shouldn’t he be at work? He just got laid off from his job. It couldn’t have came at a worse time. Will she keep this a secret from her mom? Well, she can, but something has got to happen. This horny school skipping teen wants to fuck her daddy. Well, her stepdaddy to be exact. It doesn’t take him much convincing to get face deep in her pussy. Just a few licks seals in the fate that will forever be locked in between the two. They will never ever have the typical stepfather and stepdaughter relationship. How can they after he splattered her entire cute teen face with a huge load of cum? It’s not possible and it won’t take them long to figure that out.

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Daughter Takes Daddy Big Dick

Young Blonde Scarlet Red Fucks Her Hung Stepfather

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Daddy Daughter Risky Business

Scene One: Thunder Buddies

“Daddy I’m scared” Michele says walking into her parents bedroom early in the morning. “Don’t wake your mother” He replies. Always the daddies girl, snuggling into bed with him is nothing new. But she’s an adult now and as she curls next to her father a feeling runs through her body. She takes the risk, reaches down and grabs his morning wood “Daddy what’s that” She whispers in his ear. He brushes her off and tries to get back to sleep. To horny to stop she takes his hand and makes him cup her big tits. Half asleep he thinks it’s his wife until he opens his eyes. Not thinking clearly he loses himself and sucks on her sensitive nipples. Michele’s mouth opens wide with shock and pleasure as her daddy silently licks her soaking wet pussy. She looks over to her mom hoping she doesn’t wake as her daddy makes her cum. Content she softly grinds her ass against her father and goes to sleep.

Scene Two: Hold me daddy

Michele is obsessed now. Every waking moment she’s thinking about her daddy. His arms around her, his hands grabbing her tits, his tongue making her break. The next morning she sneaks into her parents room again. “Daddy” she whispers and snuggles against him, guiding his hand to her tits again and melting at his touch. She reaches back and strokes his cock, getting him hard for her quivering pussy. She slides off her soaked panties and guides him into her from behind. Her mom on the other side of the bed stretches but stays asleep as her daddy fucks her. She can barely keep it together as she’s fucked, her body melting into a puddle of please fuck me harder daddy. It’s like having a never ending orgasm. Mom is so out of it she doesn’t wake when Michele pulls down her top and gently sucks on her mom’s tits. She opens her mouth and takes her daddy’s big load of love all over her face and down her throat. Blissfully she curls up against him and falls asleep, daddy’s little cum dumpster.

Scene Three: Movie night

Michele and her daddy are watching a movie together on the couch. Mom is going on a trip to her sisters and Michele can’t fucking wait for the fun to begin. Mom is barely out of the driveway when Michele reaches down and grabs her daddy’s cock. “Let’s just watch the movie” He suggests. “Mom’s not coming back for hours” She whispers and takes off her top. She loves that her daddy feels embarrassed, it makes pouncing on him all the more fun. She puts his cock in her mouth and he can’t say no to her. She spreads her legs and lets her dad taste her sweet young pussy. She can feel herself gushing with pleasure as her daddy makes her so happy. His hard dick inside of her, fucking her from every angle until she’s cumming is amazing.

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Today Daddy Is Our Sex Toy

Scene One: Dad is a pervert
Cory and her daughter Molly find dad in his bedroom masturbating. Wearing panties and smelling a dirty pair he rubs them on his cock. They leave him with their panties to go have some fun.

Scene Two: Get us off
Cory and Molly return with some long dildos for him. Straddling his face Cory shoves her cock into his grimacing mouth. “It’s so yummy, right?” Cory asks fucking his mouth. Using her big black cock Molly fucks her dad’s mouth hard.

Scene Three: Forced Milking
The girls jerk his cock, all four hands rubbing him. Cory takes her vibrator and rubs it under his balls giving him pleasure just like a girl. They tease him taking him to the edge or orgasm then stop.

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Daddy Fucks Alyce Before Sleepover

Alyce is talking to her friend about a friend coming over when daddy starts touching her. she feels the only way she can have the friend over is to please daddy and give him what he wants which she does taking load all over her

Mommy is out of the house and her teenage daughter Alyce Anderson is chatting with her friend on the phone. Alyce’s Father comes to sit with her and admire the sexy all natural teenager’s tight ass while it peaks out of the bottom of her pants. He begins to massage his daughter’s thighs. Alyce Anderson knows where this is going. She rushes off the phone with her friend and turns around to service her father. He promises that this will be the last time he asks his daughter to suck his cock, but they both know it won’t be. Alyce Anderson doesn’t mind. She loves to please him and is happy to drop to her knees and let him fuck her mouth or bend over so he can use her pussy from behind. Alyce opens her legs for her daddy to abuse her tight pussy. He pushes his dick deep inside her until he is ready to cum. He doesn’t want to get his daughter pregnant so he pulls out and sprays the teenage slut down with cum.

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Charli feels bad for her Daddy

Charlie is going to school to become a masseuse. She asks her daddy if he will let her practice on him. He is a little nervouse about getting massaged by his little girl but he agrees when she gets bratty. Little Charlie peeks as he gets undress and then once he lays down and Charlie sees he kept his underwear on she pulls them right off him. She has been fantasizing about fucking daddy again ever since the wild night they had when he had way too many drinks. Daddy doesn’t remember. but it is all she thinks about. She massages daddy nicely and her hands go under the towel more and more until she has her daddy’s cock rock hard. She starts to stroke it and insists that her lets her take care of it…
Charli feels bad for her daddy, He had another fight with her bitchy mom and now he has to sleep on the couch. She is watching and poor daddy is about jerk off since mom never takes care of him. Charli moves in and daddy gives in and lets her give him what he needs, and what she needs. She is totally addicted to her daddy’s dick

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Forgive Me Stepfather For I Have Sinned

I love going to church with my stepdaddy. I always like to rest in bed when I get home. I think he peeked at my privates last time I was resting. I hope he did. Next time hes feeling it, Im going to repay the favor. I just pray mom doesnt find out!

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