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Grandpa Helped Me In More Ways Than One

Dear Diary,
With all the stresses from school I figured Spring Break was a perfect time to visit Grandpa in Florida for some relaxation. My first night there I was watching TV with Gramps and going over my budget. Grandpa noticed something was bothering me and asked me to come sit on his lap. I timidly explained my situation and Grandpa took me by surprise offering to pay for it all as long as I helped him too. When I asked what he ment he pulled down my top and his intentions became clear. Grandpa seduced me and had his way with me right there in his chair. Surprisingly he took care of my needs too except for cumming inside me of course.

More Later,

Dear Diary,
The following day Grandpa came into my room and when he saw I was naked he was instantly aroused. We made love for what seemed like hours and I really enjoyed it. Grandpa is a very skilled lover.

More To Come,

Dear Diary,
Grandpa and I had many risky encounters on my break so on my last morning I did something special to thank him. I gave Grandpa an awesome blowjob at the breakfast table and let him cum in my mouth. Grandpa was soo great I can’t wait til my next visit, I just hope I’m not pregnant.

Xo Naomi

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Father can resist his daughter beautiful ASS!

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My Porn Addicted Daughter

Ava is looking at porn on the computer masturbating. She sneaks into dads room before he has gotten up in the morning and gives him a blowjob. He comes in Ava’s mouth,falls back asleep without knowing.
Ava watches her father take a shower and rubs herself thinking about him, he comes out of the shower and she fucks him.
Ava wears skimpy clothing around the house and teases her father. Dad breaks down and fucks Ava on the couch. Mom comes earlier but there is no time for Ava to get off dad. Mom sits down and asks if Dad has talked to his daughter about acting Slutty. Dad promises to have a talk with his daughter and mom leaves. Dad continues to fuck Daughter till he finishes inside her.
Ava gets naked in dad’s bedroom and ties her hands together and tells her dad to take advantage of her. Dad helps with the restraints and fucks Ava in every position he can. Ava begs for his cum in her mouth and makes Dad promise to always keep this a secret.

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Daddy Was Watching Me And It Really Turned Me On

Over the past few weeks I’ve felt like someone has been watching me in the shower. I know it’s kind of strange but I really think it’s my Daddy. Now I really should be shocked at the thought but to be honest it kind of turns me on a bit. I was so sure I was being watched I began to fantasize and masturbate in the shower. As I was playing with my pussy under the warm water I finally caught a glimpse of my watcher and sure enough it was Daddy. My fantasy kicked in to overdrive and I came really hard. I put on quite a show for Daddy in the shower but when I was done fingers just weren’t enough. I dried off and walked into Daddy’s room to confront him in hopes that my fantasy would come true. Daddy was shocked at my forwardness but when my hand gripped his cock and it was already hard he couldn’t protest any more. I took him in my mouth and sucked deeply making Daddy moan. Sucking his cock turned me on so much I had to feel him inside me so I straddled him on the bed. I rode Daddy hard until I came then turned around to get him deeper.I bounded up and down on Daddy’s cock for what seemed like hours before Daddy pulled my pussy to his face in a hot 69. Daddy pleasured me then took control and fucked me hard through 3 or 4 more orgasms. I was so happy I had to do something for Daddy so I sucked and stroked him til he exploded for me. Daddy and I are closer than we’ve ever been, I just hope mommy doesn’t catch us.

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Assfuck Me Daddy

Dear Diary,
Not long after my 18th birthday, I was a home packing for college, something got me really horny. I sat in the chair and started to masturbate when suddenly a vision of me sucking Daddys cock popped in my head. The thought of it got me soo hot I pumped my dildo faster and imagined him fucking me too. By This time I was really turned on and my pussy got soo wet. Moaning Daddy over and over I furiously fucked my little pussy until all of a sudden I squirted all over the place. Apparently thoughts of Daddy get me really hot now.

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Dear Diary
So last weekend Mom left to visit Aunt Dolly and I just couldn’t control myself. After Daddy went to bed I put on some sexy lingere and snuck in his room. I pulled down the covers and saw he didn’t have pants on….. Jackpot!! I took his cock in my mouth and my pussy quivered as it started getting hard. I sucked his cock for a bit when Daddy woke up and was completely shocked. After he heard how I felt It wasn’t hard to get his big cock in my little pussy which made me cum hard. He got me soo worked up I even begged him to fuck my ass. Daddy licked my tight asshole awhile then slid his cock in my ass. I came soo hard we nearly had to change the sheets. Daddy pounded my ass and pussy til he blew a huge load on my belly. God what a night.

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Dear Diary
So I was at school almost 2 weeks when Daddy dropped by for a visit. I was dying to feel his cock again but I had class soon so it had to be quick. He fucked me on my dorm counter and made me cum hard. Rushing made Daddy lose control though and he jizzed deep inside me. That wasn’t good since I’m not on the pill but at least if I wind up pregnant we’re not genetically related.

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Daughters Need Anal

Dear Diary, today i persuaded daddy to fuck me before school. It didn’t take much because once I started rubbing his cock thru his bathrobe it was rock hard and throbbing for me! I got to my knees and sucked daddy off to get it ready for my tight pussy and before I knew it daddy and I were fucking on the kitchen table! We fucked in a few positions until finally moving to the counter to bend me over and fuck some more!

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Little Teen Girl Serves Old Father

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Daddy Daughter Creampie

Tinytwat is laid on her bed doing her homework wearing her slutty school uniform after a hard days work her daddy needs some relief taking her homework off of her and replacing it with his cock Tinytwat is on all fours on the bed sucking his cock.
Tinytwat is laid on the bed her daddy pulls off her panties she is sucking his cock while laid back he has a quick play with her pussy change of position with Tinytwat pointing her ass at the camera and giving it a quick shake he gives her ass a quick smack a bit more cock sucking before he fucks her doggystyle some daddy talk he then cums in her slutty pussy Tinytwat then laid on the bed legs spread showing her pussy with cum leaking out video ends with her fingering her pussy.

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Daughter’s Naughty Shower Thoughts

Oh my god, I can’t believe her! She thinks it’s o.k. to tell me she wants to fuck my dad?! Of all people, she’s supposed to be my best friend! I can’t let her have him. He couldn’t possibly be interested anyway. I mean, I’m his favorite girl… right? Daddy loves me… *showering and soaping up*
Oh I really love Daddy.. He makes me feel like the princess I am! If only… Steamy dream sequence begins Oh Daddy, yes I need to be yours! I want to please you and show you just how much I want you. I’ll let you fuck my young pussy and cum all over my face. That’s what you want, isn’t it! I need to milk you and feel your hot cum all over my pretty face. Then I’ll really be all yours!

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