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Fatherhood Privileges

Some credit cards may have membership privileges but they’re nothing like Fatherhood Privileges!
Logan is taking a shower when her dad comes in wearing only a towel. Slightly startled she turns off the water and asks her father what he wanted. “I wanted another payment for taking my credit card” he tells her. He laughs and tells her “Fatherhood has its privileges”. Logan smiles and tells him she wants to please her daddy. She gets her father hard and climbs up the counter so he can bang her young pussy.
He tells her that she’s earning how much she can spend on his card. “Don’t go over what I tell you or I’ll have to charge you interest” he chuckled. He pounded his cock hard in her making her scream “DADDY, DADDY, DADDY, DADDY…” a dozen times as she came over and over. Her father continued to please himself with his daughters fuck hole and cums inside her giving her a gooey surprise..

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Daddy Daughter Dynamic

Vanessa has stolen her mom’s phone and, being the evil person she is, decides to text daddy some naughty things. I’ll give him a picture he wont forget she smiles and pulls her panties to the side with a giggle. A picture of her boobs and Vanessa starts texting him sexy messages. What are you doing with mom’s phone! I thought that was her! Her dad shouts walking into her room. Just pretend I’m mom Vanessa replies getting to her knees. Dad tries to argue with her but she sucks his dick and shushes him. He cums into her laughing mouth, making her so happy as she swallows him all down. Give me mom’s phone He tells her. Super giddy and giggly daughter Vanessa is a must see.

Scene Two: Mom sleeps daughter fucks

Dad and mom are sleeping soundly, when Vanessa slides her naked body into bed. Dad she whispers. I just want to have some fun Mom is on sleeping pills and doesnt hear Vanessa take off her daddy’s shorts. Oh my god! He says when his daughter sucks and deep throats him on the bed. Daddy’s being naughty Vanessa giggles as she wiggles her ass in the air. Oh daddy that feels so good She moans as her dad slides inside her little tight pussy and fucks her. Her tits bounce up and and down as the bed shakes from his thrusts. This is what Vanessa has always wanted and now she gets to be fucked by her dad.
They decide to have fun with the sleeping mom and Vanessa licks her pussy while dad fucks her from behind. It drives them both crazy fucking between her legs. Dad finishes in his daughters mouth but Vanessa doesn’t swallow. She slides on top of her mom and spits the cum into her mouth with a devilish laugh. Super giddy and giggly daughter Vanessa is a must see.

Scene Three: Cumming home from school

Mom’s wearing a tight red dress when Dad walks in and starts feeling her up. She quickly pushes his hands away from her. God really, must you! She yells at him. He leaves frustrated. Vanessa walks in and Cory has an idea. She just can’t deal with his horniness anymore and asks if Vanessa can take care of him for a little while. Vanessa is shocked, You want me to take care of daddy? she giggles. If that’s what you want Dad is told of the situation and commanded to go to the living room. Vanessa pulls down her top and pulls up her skirt as dad walks in. She toys with her father before getting to her knees with her happy attitude and sucks on her dad. He takes advantage of the situation to fully fuck his daughter. She screams and moans calling out for her daddy to fuck her. Mom walks in to see her daughter being fucked so hard and gets turned on. Wow this is hot, she thinks as she rubs herself to the live porno in her house. Hi Mom Vanessa says as Dad fills her pussy with his cum. Cory doesnt know how she feels about all of this and asks for a family meeting. Super giddy and giggly daughter Vanessa is a must see.

Scene Four: Family threesome

Cory knows all about when they had sex while she was sleeping. Dads idea Vanessa immediately shouts out, throwing her dad under the bus. It’s ok though, Cory loved it. She moves her body on top of her daughter and begins to kiss her. Vanessa shivers as her mom licks her body. With his cock getting hard, Dad watches them as they pull out his cock and suck on it mother daughter style. You like both of us daddy? Vanessa asks. He fucks his daughters tight pussy as she eats out her mom. With daughter in the middle, Mom and Dad take their pleasure from her. The wrongness and naughtiness of what’s happening make Vanessa cum and open her mouth wide for her dad’s load. He shoots all over her and she giggles. I’ll clean that up Mom says and they kiss, sharing his load. Just wait until Alex comes home from college next week Cory says with a smile.

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Thank You, Daddy For Fucking Me

Tomi got home from a party at 7am the next day and her step dad was awake waiting for her! He was pissed that she came home so late and told Tomi that her mom had to be told about this. Tomi told her step dad she’ll take care of him with her mouth so he doesnt tell her mom. Tomi went in for the kill, taking off the blankets and revealing his cock – she licked it and sucked his balls, making sure he wouldn’t tell her mom! Then she rode her step dads massive dick while he had a great view of her round ass bouncing up and down! Tomi got bent over and pummeled into until her step dad dropped his seed on her phat ass!

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Her Stepdad Will Teach Her A Lesson

Does your hot stepdaughter do nothing but make a mess around the house and show you no respect? Fed up of paying the bills and putting up with bullshit and you don’t event get laid? These step daughters have been getting it too good and it’s time they realized whose house they are in. And guess what – it’s stepdad house rules and if you don’t abide by them prepare to get some pussy punishment! These young stepdaughters take a much needed pounding from stepdads that have been looking for an excuse to penetrate their teasing stepdaughters. Looks like these stepdaughters like a bit of tough love.

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Stepdaughter Gets In Trouble

Does your hot stepdaughter do nothing but make a mess around the house and show you no respect? Fed up of paying the bills and putting up with bullshit and you don’t event get laid? These step daughters have been getting it too good and it’s time they realized whose house they are in. And guess what – it’s stepdad house rules and if you don’t abide by them prepare to get some pussy punishment! These young stepdaughters take a much needed pounding from stepdads that have been looking for an excuse to penetrate their teasing stepdaughters. Looks like these stepdaughters like a bit of tough love.

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Daughter Promise

I couldn’t believe it when she called and asked if she could come home. I hadn’t heard from my daughter in months… Lily was back at my door the next day. I knew something was different about her, but I tried to ignore those thoughts. I was just so happy. Alex and his Mother were long gone. I expected to be alone until I sold the house, but Lily was back, and I knew anything was possible again… Lily was always my favorite, she grew up to be so beautiful, and with so much promise. And maybe that’s gone now, I’m not sure of anything anymore… It wasn’t long before I found out why she really left. I could have never guessed the real reason why my family had fallen apart, and the things I would do with her… And now I don’t care. What matters is that I have my daughter again, and she’s all the family I’ll ever need.

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Foxxy Daughter Fucks Her Dad

Foxxy Daughter Fucks Her Dad Story I was at home today, not really doing much, just watching some tv, got comfortable, took my pants off, my daughter, Zoey, wasn’t coming home for a few hours, but I fell asleep right on the couch I woke up to my little girl sucking my cock, I didn’t know what else to do but fuck her face. I pulled her up on top of me and let her ride my cock, then laid her down and started fucking her tight pussy. She took my cock so well, I took her down to the floor and fucked her there in doggy style until I came all over her.

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Fuck My Daughter Tiffany

Tiffany comes home to find her daddy taking a nap on the couch.
She tries to wake him up and starts rubbing his cock through his pants, Tiffany loves her daddy’s cock and takes it out of his pants and starts to stroke and tongue it. She takes her daddy’s cock deep into her mouth and sucks it long and hard.
She starts to take off her clothes so her daddy can see her amazing tits and body. She leans back and starts to rub her pussy, then hops on his cock and starts to pump up and down on it.
Tiffany takes her daddy’s cock well and fucks him hard and fast and squirts all over him. Her daddy fucks her back making her cum, then pulls out and cums all over her face!

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I’ll tell Mom: Father’s day taboo with Mandy Flores

Father’s day and Mandy was expecting to have some daddy daughter time. She is bugging her dad who is trying to watch porn in his office that he needs to take her somewhere and do something fun. He says that hell be done with work soon and for her to go get ready. Some time passes and Mandy comes barging back in. Dad, I’m ready lets go. Dad quickly shuts off monitor again. OK honey, just give me a few more minutes please. Just lock the door please i need some privacy. Mandy confused and now a little curious. Why do you need privacy? What were you looking at? He makes up an excuse and tells her just 5 more minutes please. Mandy pretends to lock door….She comes back after only a couple minutes and this time her dad had his pants pulled down and panics to turn off the monitor as she is coming to see what hes really doing. What were you looking at, why cant I see? She turns on screen and starts giggling at the image on the computer. He turns it off and asks her to please leave. Dad I’m not stupid, I know what youre doing in here. He tells her even more reason for her to leave. Either you show me what youre looking at or Ill tell Mom how you’re “spending time’ with me. She turns it back on knowing he has to show her or else. Her eyes widen and mouth drops at the video that is playing. Dad says this part is pretty good but I was actually watching this. The video changes to a blowjob scene and Mandy is glued. This is HOT! Dad says, OK, that’s enough and goes to turn it off. No dad, I want to watch. She notices his pants are down and teases him about it. Dad tries to explain that this is his private time and this what he likes to watch and yes he masturbates to it. He doesn’t get a lot of this kind of private time when Mom is home. Well, can I watch it with you? I don’t care if youre touching yourself. I wont look, I just don’t want to be alone and bored and this is very interesting. She promises she wont tell if he lets her stay and watch. As they watch the erotic blowjob scene together dads state of mind takes a bad turn. He starts asking her inappropriate questions. Are you shaved down there? Have you ever done that before? She says no and he asks if she wants to try. Um…..I would love the learn how to do that. Can I practice on you? She begins to imitate on her daddy what she is seeing on the video. She looks at the computer and its a different scene now. Daddy, I want to do what theyre doing. Hes licking her down there can you? He helps her pull her pants and panties off. He kisses and spreads her soft legs and eagerly tastes her. She lays back and enjoys her dads tongue and fingers all over her wet swollen pussy. I want it daddy, give me your cock. Points at the screen and demands he does the same.. Give it to me, give it. Or Ill tell Mommy. Make me cum Daddy. She smiles at him, she knows he has no choice but to give in to her demands. Hes rubbing his cock up and down between her pussy lips. I wont tell she promises him. He cant fight the temptation and he penetrates her virgin pussy. She gasps out loud, Oh God!! It feels so good. Make me cum daddy. He glides in and out of her pussy. Don’t stop daddy, I’m gonna cum! She begins to scream out in her first orgasm and its to late to try to pull out now, he fills and sprays her pussy with cum. His jizz is oozing out of his daughters pussy and hes at a loss for words for what hes just done. Don’t worry daddy, I wont tell anyone. This was really fun we should do this more often. I’m going to really enjoy having our secret daddy daughter time from now on.

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Daddy’s Monkey Business

Daddy had some weird people come by the office for a meeting last week and I kindof fucked him right there in the middle of the meeting! Haha! They totally didn’t even know what was going on! Only thing is I know daddy didn’t cum so I decided to go back for him and finished him off. Any good daughter would right!? I surprised daddy in his office after his lunch break and gave him a really good blowjob before I layed him down and started riding him until he came deep inside me.

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