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You Need A Massage, Daddy

Hi Daddy! Gosh, you don’t look so good. Did you have a rough day? Mhmm… Oh, I know just the thing Daddy. Let me massage you! Like I used to. It’s been a long time since you had a massagefrom your daughter. Here, lay down on my bed and relax. Let me take care of you. I even have some massage oil around here somewhere…
See, doesn’t that feel good? Do you feel better? I love you, Daddy. I want to do whatever it is that makes you happy. Even… hehe! Did I surprise you? I’m naked for you, Daddy. I think I know just the way to cheer you up. I’ve massaged your back and your legs… It’s time I massage your cock and balls. I’ll go nice and slow, edging you with my fingers and tongue. Let me milk your cum slowly into my mouth, Daddy. I want to taste you and feel you in my throat.

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Slutty Daughter Fucking With Her Parents

Energetic and happy Jenni goes to her dad’s study to show him something super awesome. Her and her girlfriends went pantie shopping. What does dad think of her new panties? She asks him as she spreads her legs wide. He tries to ignore her inappropriate behavior. I need a guys opinion…Dad! She yells at him to pay attention. What if I do this? Will that get your attention Rubbing herself for him he leaves the room saying I’m going to get your mother..
Finding quiet time to read his book he’s attacked by his daughters bubbly annoying personality. Jenni jumps on his lap and pushes his book out of the way. I want you to give me an honest opinion on my panties She tells him spreading her legs again. Oh I forgot them she smiles at him exposing her perfectly shaved little pussy. It’s really soft. Come on dad just one feel. You have such a boner right now! Grinding her pussy on his pants he picks her up and sets her beside him then leaves. Jennie sulks with a cute pouty face that her dad’s not into her.
Jenni hits on her dad again, finding him on the computer she spreads her legs and pulls down her top. This is telling me your really excited She says as she grabs his crotch. Dad we got to do something about this. You’re so hard. She plays with him. I got to go! he shouts leaving the room.
She has her father right where she wants him. As he lays on the couch to take a quick nap Jenni strikes. Dad…Dad She says quietly running her hands over his body. Pulling out his cock she softly sucks on it with her tiny mouth. He gets hard dreaming about his wife and Jenni gets wet living out her fantasy.
He wakes up startled that his daughter is sucking and stroking him. Chill out, your so excited She tells him as she continues to suck. He gives in, not thinking properly, as she pleasures him. Her cute little face and perky breasts look up at him while she sucks the cum out of him. With a mouth full of love she swallows him down like the best daughter in the world. Lets be cool dad, mom doesnt need to know She tells him

Scene Two:Confession to mom

A must see with cute, energetic, little new comer Jenni Bliss. She’s the perfect spunky daughter who always gets her way!
I need to confess something mom Jenni says curling up on her mom’s lap. Dressed in her new red lacy underwear and socks she tells her mom about what happened yesterday with daddy. Cory is understanding saying it’s ok she gave her dad a blowjob and that it’s kind of hot.
Jenni’s eyes light up Oh my god mom! she screams with joy. Cory tells her daughter how much she loves her outfit and snaps the bra loose. Jenni looks at her mom with shock and lust as her cute little tits are played with.
Her lacy panties are pulled off as her mom kisses down to her clit. Cory strips off her clothes and licks her daughter to moaning bliss. Oh mom! Jenni moans as she cums, her pigtails bouncing back and forth. Cory suggests to her daughter to have dad make a woman out of her. Thanks mom, you’re so cool Jenni tells her.

Scene Three:Just an average day

A must see with cute, energetic, little new comer Jenni Bliss. She’s the perfect spunky daughter who always gets her way!
Pulling up her skirt and rubbing her lacy panties Jenni tells her dad about her encounter with mom. I told her everything and she was ok with it, she tells him. Dad loses control feeling his daughters breasts and slipping off her panties. He pushes her back and spreads her legs licking her sweet pussy.
With her moaning he presses his hard cock inside her. He fills her to bursting and Jenni is so tight around him. Grabbing her pigtails he fucks her from behind, bending her backwards and making her squeal. Oh this is so good! Fuck yeah She screams. Cory comes in to see how dad and daughter are getting along. Jenni keeps fucking her dad as she talks with her mom. She gives her a kiss before Cory leaves. It’s too much for the little girl and she cums from her dad’s cock. Dad could have cum after 5 minutes of Jenni’s tight little pussy but now that she’s cum he releases inside her cream-pieing his daughter and filling her womb with warmth. Wow She says breathlessly.

Scene Four: Surreal life

A must see with cute, energetic, little new comer Jenni Bliss. She’s the perfect spunky daughter who always gets her way!
Are you going to wake up? We can take a shower together. Cory asks her sleeping husband. She goes to heat it up when Jenni comes into the room. Hey dad…dad she says touching his dick. Let’s have some fun She sucks on him and feels him get hard in her tiny mouth. Pulling her panties to the side she slides down on top of him and fucks him.
Oh fuck Jenni moans when her dad gets on top and fucks her into the mattress. Oh you’re so dirty He fucks her harder and faster than she’s ever been fucked before. With him holding her pigtails he fucks her from behind and she screams Oh yeah vroom vroom dad as she cums. She wants her dad’s cum so bad so she gets to the floor and sucks him into her mouth. Tasty treat! She screams in her cute voice as he explodes cum all over her. She looks at him with giggles and cum covering everything.

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Father fucking daughter with her boyfriend

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Grandpa cumming inside his granddaughters

Cousins Bailey Paige and Hope Harper end up having to share a room at grandpas one weekend.
Curious girls will be curious girls and soon they decide to cross the taboo line.
They touch each other’s young, tender bodies, and fill each other’s mouths with their wet tongues.
Things get really hot and then grandpa stumbles in.
He’s shocked to catch the young girls in each other’s arms but it’s what happens next that will shock you!
Before you know it they’re all more than kissin cousins!

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