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Daddy fill my pussy up with your sperm

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Daddy You Make Me So Wet

Daddy’s Girl caught masturbating to you while wearing your shirt. She begs for your cock and loves getting fucked before taking your big load in her mouth.

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I Blackmailed My Uncle

Dear Diary,

After graduation I went to stay with my Uncle while checking out colleges. I was bored one day and went into my cousins room looking for something to do. I stumbled across her diary and things got really interesting but thats another story. I was so turned on I had to find out for myself what my uncle was like. I grabbed my cousins diary and went to my uncles room and confronted him. He was totally shocked until I told him my demands. Within minutes I had his hard cock in my mouth just like I wanted. Uncle Jay did things to me no other man had ever done. He made me cum so many times it was insane. When he finally exploded we pinky promised to keep it a secret from everyone including my cousin. It’s going to be hard but uncle Jay is well worth the risk.

Dear Diary,

After that first time with my uncle I just couldn’t get enough. I wanted to be with him again so bad I waited patiently til everyone left for the day. As soon as I heard Anastasia leave I went in and sat down next to him. My uncle told me that he had knocked up his daughter and suddenly I was even more turned on. I started stroking his cock through his jeans and pulled his lips to my perky young breasts. I pulled out his cock and stroked it even harder as my uncle fingered me to a wild orgasm. I couldn’t wait any longer and shoved his cock deep in my mouth making it nice and wet. I straddled my uncle on the couch and rode his big cock til he made me cum again. My uncle laid me on the couch and entered me from behind. He slowly buried his cock to the hilt and fucked me to another leg shaking orgasm. My uncle pounded my pussy harder and faster til I heard him lose control while still inside me. He pulled out and finished cumming all over my ass but hopefully he got enough inside me to do the trick.

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Don`t Cry Daughter Daddy will help you

After being confined to bed for months after spinal surgery my baby girl is concerned that she will never be able to have sex ever again without breaking. I’ve never cheated on her mother but she pleads with me to help her recover properly because no one else loves her the way that I do. We start out slow with fingering but she still wants more so I reluctantly begin to have sex with my baby girl! She loves it and even though she’s fragile and still in recovery I love helping my baby girl feel better! We change positions so that she can see she isn’t limited to missionary her whole life and she can’t help but cum. Her pussy is so tight I can’t help cum deep inside her and cream pie my own daughter! Starring SmartyKat and TheCockNinja, shot in stunning

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I Was Only 18 – When Daddy Made Me A Mommy

Dear Diary,

Ever since my 18th birthday I’ve been having all sorts of fantasies. They started out simple sexual dreams that made me really wet. Soon though they progressed to visions of older men like teachers and eventually my Daddy.
Sitting here writing this is making me think about him even more so I just have to touch myself. Imagining his hands on my body gets me so turned on it doesn’t take long before I’m cumming. It’s even more intense when I dream of him fucking me. Oh my what am I going to do to get through these desires? Would it be wrong to seduce my Daddy? I started having some pretty intense dreams not long before my 18th birthday. At first I was imagining an older man taking me sexually. My fantasies were so vivid I could almost taste his precum and when I woke up my pussy was so wet. Soon after my birthday my fantasies became clearer and I realized the man was my daddy. I tried to control my urges but my dreams kept getting more intense. One night when mom was gone I woke from a dream and decided to embrace my desires. I went into the bedroom and told Daddy I had a nightmare so he let me crawl into bed and snuggle.
Within minutes Daddy was breathing heavily so I threw caution to the wind, pulled back the covers and started playing with his cock. Daddys cock was even better than I imagined as it grew in my hand. I was nearly drooling by the time I took it in my mouth. Daddy was still snoring so I took it even further and slid his cock inside my tight wet pussy.

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Mommy Doesn’t Know

Scene One: Fully developed daughter

“What are you wearing?” Cory asks her daughter. She may have just rolled out of bed but Britt needs to wear something more than a tight thin t-shirt over her huge tits and a tiny pair of lace panties barely covering her pussy. Britt doesn’t mind and it feels comfortable wearing clothes like this. “You need to change your clothes!” Cory yells and makes her husband deal with it while she gets ready for work. “You better get dressed for school” Dad says, trying to keep his eyes on the newspaper in front of him. “Do you want to see them?” Britt asks her nervous dad. She loves doing this to boys at school and seeing her father act like this makes her happy. She presses her big tits against her father and makes him grab them. Her hands run up and down his body and it’s not long before she’s pressed against the kitchen table and fucked. No man can control themselves around Britt and her hot body, and fucking her dad proves it. She moans happily as she feels herself fill with her father’s cum. Something to keep her warm and smiling all day at school.

Scene Two: In plain sight

He’s been stressing out about fucking his daughter all day. He nervously sits in front of the TV and tries to distract himself. Britt sits down next to him and says “I don’t have any underwear on” He looks at her confused as she giggles to herself. She puts her head on his lap and they watch a movie. Britt can feel his dick getting hard under her and her pussy twinges with excitement. Dad protests as Britt pulls his cock out of his shorts and begins to suck him as they watch. Mom comes into the room and she hides what she’s doing quick. But the moment she leaves his dick is back in her mouth. They begin to fuck, unthinking lust for one another taking control. They don’t even stop when mom walks in on them, Britt hiding and riding her father while they chat with mommy. She’s so clueless as dad shoots another hot load in his daughters young pussy.

Scene Three: Family Business

Britt is helping daddy fill out some paperwork at work. Bored she sits on the couch and waits for him to finish up. With nothing else to do her hand slides down to her pussy and she starts to rub one out. Her moans get louder and louder until dad has to stop what he’s doing and check on her. “What are you doing!” He demands. Britt just gives him that loving fuck me smile and entices him with her body. She’s in complete control of her daddy, getting him to fuck her whenever she wants. She sucks his cock and it makes her feel so fucking hot. Spreading her legs Britt makes him fuck her around the office, plowing her on his desk like a sexy secretary. She cums and loves being fucked so hard. Dropping to her knees she looks up at her daddy with her tongue out as he shoots a big load all over her beautiful face. What a happy daughter daddy makes her.

Scene Four: Family Arrangements

One early Saturday morning Cory wakes up first and goes to take a shower. “You’re not going to join me?” She says to her husband, but he goes back to sleep leaving Cory pissed. “I heard the shower turn on” Britt says to her sleeping father. This is her one chance today to get fucked by her dad’s dick and Britt is going to take it. Dad can’t say no to her big tits and tight sweet pussy. They fuck like rabbits. Britt’s big tits bouncing to the rhythm of her dad’s thrusts. She moans softly unable to stop herself from cumming even if mom overhears her from the bathroom. “Oh yes” She screams as a big load of her dad’s cum is sprayed all over her face. “I see you got your father up” Cory says with a smile. Cum drips off Britt’s face while mom looks at them. “What am I going to do with the two of you” Cory says as they run out of the room.

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Grandpa Be My Boyfriend

Eighteen year old cutie Anastasia Rose has previously gotten sex lessons from her old grandpa Matt to improve her sex skills at college. Apparently she liked her grandpa’s cock so much that she broke up with her boyfriend and came home from college to get more old cock! After sucking grandpa Matt’s cock well she climbs on to ride it before he takes her to the bed and pounds her good doggystyle and missionary before blowing his load all over her 18 yo. tummy. Every grandpa needs a young slut like Anastasia Rose to stay young!

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Mother watch how Dad Took My Virginity

When is the last time you saw a landline phone? The 90s? Well, Jane Wildes family has one, and they just found out her date cancelled on her. Luckily, her thoughtful stepdad consoles her in her bedroom and Jane perks right up.
They go for an ice cream cone in the backyard together, and Jane licks her scoop seductively for her stepdad. Then she drops the bomb. Before she goes to college, she wants to have sex with him! Her stepdad is a little flustered, but when he tells Janes mom, she is into it! She figures, if my daughters going to be fucking, better for her to do it in the house! So Janes mom sets up the video camera and watches as Jane cutely asks her stepdaddy to fuck her mouth.
Her stepdaddys curved cock fits perfectly in her young, inexperienced throat, and then slips perfectly into her tight hole. He breaks her hymen and takes her virginity while her mom tells her not to fight it. Then she sucks her stepdaddys dick like it is the ice cream cone they had earlier. This is one weird family! Do you want to see Jane Wilde back soon? Let us know in the comments!

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Our Family Situation

Dad confides a Family “situation” to Nadia. Mom and Dad have been wanting to have another baby…but Mom isn’t able to conceive. Dad explains the options…adopting etc…and then he tells Nadia that Mom suggested the possibility of Nadia carrying the baby….as a surrogate…since Nadia is young and strong. Dad asks Nadia if she would be willing. Nadia points out that no Doctor would inseminate her with her dad’s semen…since they are biologically related!!!
Dad agrees….but suggests that maybe they just do it the “old fashioned” way!!! Nadia is caught off guard by the thought of having sexual intercourse with her own Dad….but agrees to do it….for the benefit of the Family. Nadia asks if they should just go right to penetration….for the sole purpose of procreation….or whether they should “do it all”. Dad suggests they do it all….that a good licking would make the intercourse more pleasurable for Nadia. The two suck and fuck each other hard….until Dad unloads all his baby batter inside Nadia. Hopefully that does the trick!!!

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Doing What I Want With Stepdad

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Cleaning Out Stepdad!

Hot babes Blair Williams and Samantha Hayes decide to fuck Blair’s sexy stepdaddy. He’s loaded with money so these beauties fuck this guy real good, ride his face and suck him off like crazy. In the end, Derrik Pierce gives these babes a load of cum and a huge load of cash to keep quiet.

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