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Dad Bangs Asian Stepdaughter In The Shower

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Angry Daddy fuck Mom and then Me

Nancy (Elena Koshka), taking a home pregnancy test. She’s impatiently holding the stick in her hand. She taps her fingers against it with nervous anticipation as she mutters to it to come on and work faster. Her breathing is quick, panicked and shallow, and she even starts hyperventilating for several seconds and has to calm herself down by taking deep, controlled breaths…
Once she’s calmed herself down, she looks back down at the stick and sees two lines appear on the small display. Pregnant. Suddenly she’s interrupted by a knock on the door, and the voice of her step-father, Frank (Steve Holmes). He asks if anyone’s in there. Nancy’s eyes widen and she quickly tries to hide the evidence of the test as she says that yes, she’s in here — she grabs the stick and the small cardboard box it came in and hides them behind her back, and flushes the toilet. It’s just in the nick of time, as Frank tells her that he’s late for an interview and he hopes she’s done in there because he’s coming in. The door opens, and Nancy tries to act like everything’s normal. She and Frank awkwardly brush past each other, his hands accidentally grazing against her body, as he moves towards the sink and she moves to get out of the bathroom without him seeing the test in her hands. He fidgets with his hair in front of the mirror and asks Nancy how he looks. Nancy looks away from him, the question clearly bothering her, and she mutters ‘You look fine.’ He tells her he has a good feeling about today, this is his first 2nd interview for a company. This could be the end of their troubles. Nancy sneaks a look at the pregnancy test in her hand. ‘Yeah, Frank,’ she says flatly, ‘sure it could…’ Frank gives his step-daughter a quick kiss, then exits the bathroom — he’s off to get this job. Once he’s gone, she has flashbacks to when she had sex with both her step-father and her step-father’s ex-boss. She clutches the pregnancy box test in her hand so hard it starts to crumple in her hand as she sinks down along the wall and starts crying. TITLE PLATE CUT TO a little later that day, Nancy is curled up on the couch with her laptop. She’s looking up articles on what to do when you find out you’re pregnant through a search engine. Her mother, Kate (Sarah Vandella), walks into the living room and Nancy quickly closes the laptop. Kate says bitterly that she just heard from Frank, he’s on his way back already, there won’t be any second interview after all.

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Spying my Daughter in shower

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Dad, see what I can do…

My stepdad is so supportive of me when it comes to my education. He is proud that I am going to be going off to college next year. He really wants me to be popular. He says I should try flashing the football players to get a leg up on the other girls. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to practice with him before I get to college…

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Dirty Stepdad Creampie

Jane comes home early and finds her stepdad Rob jerking off to her nudes! She is furious, but also curious. Her dirty stepdad’s cock gets her so horny! Rob worships Jane’s big, sexy ass, and she sucks his thick cock. They fuck hard all over the room in an intense, sweaty, dirty scene. Now Jane sees why her mom married him! Starring Rob Yaeger and Miss Jane Judge Filmed and edited by RickyxxxRails

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Dad and I take a naked swim?

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Daddy teaches me how to fuck

I’m wearing one of my favorite dresses and a pair of red socks. Before we go out for a bite, Daddy convinces me to show him my princess parts and slowly begins to lick me until I’m very wet and begging for his hard cock. I climb his bearded face and give that dick all the love it deserves. I kiss it and lick it and put it all inside my tiny mouth until he can’t hold it anymore. Then Daddy decides to show me all of his favorite positions and uses me every way he wants… REASONS TO BUY: 1) I can ride a cock like a true amazon. 2) My ass is beautiful. 3) You missed me

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Hi Daddy, how are you?

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Daddy Gave Me A Magic Necklace

This new boyfriend of my mother’s, who insists to call him “Daddy” even if he is in his early 30’s, is kind of weird. I always liked the guy, I have no idea how my mother made things work between them, he is so handsome… Well, my mother might be hot too, a Milf maybe but I never think about my mother like that, gosh. Because I kinda have a crush for the guy, so I didn’t mind to call him “Daddy” as he wished. This evening that we’re talking about, he came home with a present for me, a good Daddy has to spoil his little bratty princess, don’t you agree? It was a necklace, not an ordinary one, but one that I would later find out that had magic properties. Don’t laugh, it’s 100% real!

The proof: I didn’t know that the item was special somehow, that it would do something to me. It seems that “Daddy” after all had some dirty thoughts, I wasn’t alone, indeed. After I put that necklace I felt how my deepest desires, my best hidden wishes come to surface, modified my behavior while I relaxed, and I did not panic or feel ashamed of what happened after I put on that necklace: the sexual tension between me and my step father simply broke like a huge transparent wall and we started touching each other, unstoppable, insatiable like a Romeo and Juliet where Romeo is Juliet’s Daddy. I had an old curiosity, to see how long his cock is… I happily noticed that it was pretty big (what luck!) and I put it in my mouth in order to do what I’m doing best: DeepThroat BlowJobs! Extremely submissive, I moan in pleasure when the guy pulls my hair. Of course, I give without expecting something in return, but Daddy was so kind that he pounded my pussy until I came for real. In that condition, bewitched and dizzy an orgasm felt like ten times stronger than a normal one. Well….I don’t get fucked by daddy every day, so his cock in my cunt is a big gift. Big, you got me?:)) I made Daddy cum on my beautiful lips while I was stimulating him with my long tongue. Pretty, huh?

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Daddy Made Me Cum

My Daddy always makes me do things… nasty things, sexual things! I know it’s wrong, I keep telling him to stop, trying to make him understand that I don’t want it anymore, but he always manages to convince me to do it again, and again! And the worst part is that every time I end up liking it, loving it! Maybe it’s because the whole thing is so dirty and forbidden, so taboo! I’m all “I don’t want it daddy!” and “stop doing this to me daddy!” at first, and of course, he doesn’t listen… he makes me drop down on my knees and shoves that big cock of his into my mouth! Sometimes it’s not even hard and I feel it growing and stiffening in my mouth while I reluctantly suck it! He pushes it deep, down my throat, fucking my mouth until I break and cough, tears in my eyes, but he just laughs at me and pushes harder. And by the time he wants more and tells me to lie down so he can fuck me, I fucking want it too! That big daddy cock fucking my throat, choking me, makes me so wet, just I can’t help it, so I spread my legs and take him inside me, my nipples get hard and I start moaning. He fucks me hard and fast until I start screaming and cumming, so loud that he can’t hold it anymore either and shoots his cum on my belly! Yes, most of the times we cum together, and I feel so guilty afterwards… but I do it again, and again.

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