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Best Birthday My Daddy!

Alice lost her job at the bakery, and she doesn’t have a any money to buy her Dad a gift for his birthday. Alice has a “unique” idea for a birthday present. Alice goes to her Dad’s room…..wearing a shirt….but no pants!!! Alice says happy birthday to her dad…and then, offers him the unique Gift. “Sine I don’t have any money daddy…I thought I could sit on your face for your birthday…because I know you like Cunt….and I have a nice, tight young one”. Dad accepts the generous Gift, and eagerly laps away at Alice’s delicious Cunt!! After a few minutes…Dad points out that Alice also didn’t have any money to buy him a Gift on Father’s day….so maybe she could suck his cock as a late father’s day present! Alice thought that would be a perfect idea. Alice sucks her Daddy’s big cock. After a few minutes of that….Alice points out that Dad’s cock is big and hard….and her Cunt is wet……..so maybe she could give him an early Christmas present by letting him fuck her!!! dad loves the idea….and pounds Alice hard!! It’s so nice when families get along and work things out!!

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My Friends Dad Cums Inside Me!

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Punish Me Uncle

I have been a naughty girl Daddy! I’ve been acting really slutty lately and that’s not how a Princess should act! I need you to punish me by spanking my perfect little ass. But Daddy I see that you get a boner when you spank your Princess, don’t you think you should cum all over my red little cheeks?

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I Pledge Allegiance To My Father Figures Cock

Zoey Parker was not looking forward to her family fourth of July activities. She was going to try her best to get out of it, no matter what it would take. She cornered her stepdad but he would not budge. She figured if she got into the patriotic spirit, maybe he would change his mind. She grasped his cock firmly and recited the pledge of allegiance. Stepbro saw what was going on and told his stepmom Sarah Vandella. She could not believe it. Why should they get to have all of the fun? She laid her stepson down and started sucking him up too. This turned into a firework filled fourth of July with plenty of relative cum to go around. Happy 4th of July family strokers!

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Crazy Uncle Jack fuck his little Niece

Carly’s Mom and Dad are going out for the evening…and her regular babysitter, Jennifer, is not available, so…..Mom and Dad have asked Uncle Jack to come and stay with her. Carly calls him “Crazy Uncle Jack”….and for good reason!! As he is sitting with Carly….Uncle Jack has brought some reading material…that is….very “mature” in subject matter. Carly sees it….and, of course….wants to try everything she sees in Uncle Jack’s books!! Soon, Uncle Jack is seducing his well endowed 18 year old Niece!! He is shocked by the size…and BEAUTY of her unbelievable tits!!! Carly tells Uncle Jack to kiss her…in her…”private place”…..and Uncle Jack DOES!!! Young Carly has a powerful orgasm!! Then Carly tells her deviant Uncle that she wants to be a “cock sucker”…like her friend Sarah. Uncle Jack is only too happy to let his adventurous young Niece suck his big cock!! Then Uncle Jack plows the curious young girl, until he cums all over her…and in her hair!! Carly wants him to be her regular babysitter now!!!

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Incest Gangbang – Daddy, Uncle, Brother, Daughter

What’s better than seeing Alyssa Hart with one cock jammed inside her? Watching three dudes run a train on her! That’s exactly what happens in this very intense but fun video when her uncle and brothers decide to punish the petite teen for being such a brat.

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Old Father fuck small Daughter

Odette is a very practical, industrious young girl. When she needs things….and girls her age ALWAYS need something….she turns to Daddy!! During this week….Odette needed to call upon Daddy three separate times!! On the first day, Odette wants a new iPhone, because all her friends are getting one…and her phone is 3 years old. Daddy tells her that iPhones are way too expensive…..so Odette offers to give her Daddy a Handjob, in exchange for a new iPhone. Odette pulls down Daddy’s pants…Whacks him Off quickly. Done deal. A few days later, Odette approaches her Daddy again. This time, she wants money for a trip to Mexico for Spring Break. Again…all her friends are going….so Odette desperately wants to go too. Since this is a bigger “favor”…Odette offers to give a bigger “favor”…and she offers to give Daddy a Blowjob!!! At the end of the week….Odette comes to see Daddy again. This times, she is in need of a GIANT favor!! Odette’s car has quit on her…and she wants a brand new car. Odette offers to let Daddy Fuck her really hard, in exchange for a brand new car!!! Tiny, little Odette takes a very hard Pounding from her Daddy!! Her tight cunt is shown no mercy….as Daddy’s big cock almost splits Odette in half!! She will be walking funny for a few days….but doing this “favor” for Daddy earns her a new car

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Daddy, I’ll be your Valentine’s present

You were the only one to remember your special girl’s on Valentine’s day. You got her a cute little stuffed toy, but her boyfriend even forgot her! She wore a sexy set of red lingerie for her boyfriend, but he won’t get to see it on her. Instead, your little girl is going to make sure you’re treated right. Her mom isn’t romantic, but she is.
Your sexy young daughter can’t wait to get your cock out of your pants, and as soon as she takes it out she has it in her mouth. You’ve never felt a mouth as soft and warm as your daughters around your cock. She wants more though.
She asks you if you want to stick it in, and you can’t wait to feel how her wet little pussy feels around your shaft. “Does my pussy feel good Daddy?” she asks as you slide your fat cock in. She’s wet and shiny and you feel like you might cum right away. You love the way she rubs her little clit as you fuck her on the couch.
She flips over for you so you can fuck her from behind. You love watching her tiny little ass bounce up and down on your shaft, and you fuck her harder. You know you can’t cum in side of your girl, so she gets down on her knees and takes your hard cock in her mouth once again. Pumping it with her , she strokes every last drop of cum out of your balls and into her eager mouth. After you cum, she opens her mouth to show you what a good girl she is before swallowing your hot load.
Happy Valentines Day Daddy!

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Daddy Spanks

Some Daddy’s Spank…..some don’t. Sky’s Daddy DOES Spank!!! When Dad finds out that Sky skipped class, he tells his rebellious young Daughter that her punishment shall be….in his words…..”The Spank & Fuck”!! Sky begs Daddy NOT to invoke the Spank & Fuck…..”Please Daddy NO!! Not the Spank & Fuck….anything but the Spank & Fuck!!”. It’s no use, however, as Daddy has made up his mind. Sky is ordered to strip naked and Daddy alternates back and forth between ramming his cock into her tight, young vagina…and Spanking her. Back and forth he goes…Spanking….Fucking…..Spanking….Fucking, until finally Daddy tells Sky that he is going to cum on her. Through her tears Sky says “I don’t like it when you use me as a cum dumpster Daddy…” as she receives Daddy’s semen on her face. Maybe this will teach her a good lesson.

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Dad with Benefits

Dillon and her Dad have come to a little “agreement” as they call it. Dillon has really blossomed into a large breasted, sexy girl….and her Dad can’t help but have sexual feelings for her. When Dillon got suspended from school, and her dad got the phone call from the Principal….Dillon and her Dad made a deal. If Dad agrees not to tell Mom that she is suspended from school….Dillon will let her Dad use her for sex….whenever he wants!!! “Dad With Benefits” they call the arrangement. Tonight, Dillon is just out of the shower…doing her hair and make-up……dressed in some sexy black stockings…and getting ready to go out on a big Date with her boyfriend. Along comes Dad….at the worst possible moments as far as Dillon is concerned….and dad announces that he is horny, and wants receive some “benefits”. Dillon rolls her eyes….and reluctantly agrees to honor the arrangement. She begins to suck Dad’s cock….she lets Dad have a good, long lick of her sweet young pussy…..and then she lets Dad have a nice hard Fuck!!! dad finishes by soaking Dillon’s big tits, and thanking her for honoring the arrangement, and tells Dillon to have fun on her Date.

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