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Stepdaughter can resist

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Naughty Daddy’s Girl Gets Punished

I was really nervous and shy at first but Daddy helped by telling me how I was being such a good, big girl. I loved every second of it and how it tasted, and how daddy finished all over my face at the end. It was much better than my lollipop! I can’t wait to do it more and more and get better every time

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Mom Catches Husband with Their Daughter

Daughter comes home very early in the morning and wakes daddy who is asleep on the couch. She is hot and horny and didn’t get what she needed from the club and wants daddy to help her out. So after a blowjob and some pussy eating, daddy fucks his daughter hard missionary right there on the couch. Just as the two are finishing, Mommy walks it to confront them and the family secrets are all out in the open.

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Fucking my Daughter Fresh Out the Shower

I interrupt my step daughter Sophia in the shower, I really need to talk to her. Her mom and I have been having some serious issues, My wife is not giving me the attention I need. Sophia is so beautiful, I tell her she can help me get over her mom. At first Sophia is appalled that I would even mention something like that but I convince her that it would be such a huge help to me. Sophia is such a caring step daughter she drops to her knees and starts blowing me while she is still soaking wet from the shower. I fuck Sophia’s sweet tight pussy right there on the bathroom floor till I cum all over her face.

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Get Out Of My Room And Into My Pussy

My stepdaddy is a little bit of a handful sometimes. I tried to get him a good birthday present, but he was not happy when I showed him the socks I picked out! I was so disappointed. But he said I could make it up to him another way. He asked me to take off my top off, and to do some other stuff too…

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Cali’s Family Album

Cali is one HOT little girl!!! Cali has a rock solid body, and the greatest pair of tits you can imagine….and Dad just can’t resist!!! dad’s cock ends up inside Cali’s Cunt time after time after time after time!!! This is Cali’s sweaty Family Album! Included are full versions of : “Women’s Liberation” “Robodaughter” “Daddy I’m A Cocksucker” & “Sound Sleeper”.

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Trailer Park Daughter Returns

I open the door early one morning to be greeted by my daughter. “I don’t have a place to stay” She tells me. I thought she was living with her loser brother but it looks like she left. If she’s going to finish college she needs a place to live. I show her to brother’s old room angry that she’s not acting like an adult. Where did I go wrong raising her? She explains why she left, that her brother was making her do things. Gross things…Later that day I walk in on her changing and tell her that she’s going to have to pay rent. She pleads that she has nothing to pay rent with. I respond that if she has no money she’ll have to put out. When at Dad’s house she’s going to have to be naked and rent this week will be sucking my dick. Luna has no other choice, no other place to live other than the street. She gets on top of me and sucks my cock until I cum in her dirty little mouth. “That’s so gross” She cries and leaves to wash the cum out of her mouth.

Scene Two: Daughter forced to pay rent : It’s the next week and the rent is do again. “What the fuck!” Luna yells as I barge into the bathroom. I ask her if she has money. When she says no, I take out my dick. “Again?” She pleads before wrapping her lips around my cock. She tries to hold onto whatever dignity she has left as she sucks like a good little whore until I cum in her mouth. The next day Luna is doing dishes wearing a pink top. I tell her to take it off and that she has to be naked around the house. “Don’t make me” She whines. I tell her to touch herself while I watch. I pull her hair as she masturbates and she looks at me with her desperate eyes. “I don’t want to like it” She says and agrees to never wear shirts in the house again. I tell her tomorrow morning you better wake up to her sucking me off. Scene Three: Trailer Trash : “Good morning” You say as Luna’s mouth is around you, sucking your cock. She sucks quickly trying to get this over with as soon as she can. But with your dick so hard and her naked body at your disposal you have other plans. “What are you doing?” She cries as you make her get on her back and spread her legs. Your dick slides into her tight little pussy and you grab her breasts as you use her. She just wants it to be over, her face a mask of pain and humiliation. You make her get on top of you and ride your dick. She looks like she’s about to cry, not enjoying the dick she’s getting. But her soft little moans tell you otherwise. You cum deep and hard inside of her as she grinds on you.“I hate you! She screams as your cum oozes out of her. “You’re on birth control right?” You ask as she storms out of the room.

Scene Four: Rain washes away pain : Another rainy week and it’s time for Luna to pay for her rent again. I walk into her room to find her naked on the bed sleeping. Grabbing her tits I wake her up by putting my cock in her mouth. She closes her eyes tight and sucks. I push her to the bed and fuck her harder than I ever have before. She holds onto the sheets tight as I take out all my frustration on her little body. I look into her eyes as I make her get on top and fuck me. “Are you almost done” She asks in anger as she’s desperate for Daddy to cum and for this to be over. She doesn’t appear to be enjoying herself. I push her on her back and make her masturbate as I fuck her. I tell her to let go and cum. She tries to hold back, to not give me the satisfaction but her young little body betrays her and she orgasms on my cock. I reward her by shooting a hot load all over her terrified and humiliated face.

Scene Five: Sophisticated daughter : It’s time my daughter stopped looking like trailer trash. I wake her up and make her get dressed to take her to the salon. I am going to make her just the way I want her. On the ride over I talk about her brother and what he would make her do and what she will have to do to keep living with Daddy. Two hours later Luna’s hair is just the way I want it. I bring her home and make her strip again. Make-up on she looks like a sophisticated whore now. “You know what to do” I tell her and she gets to the floor to test out her new lipstick on my dick. I make her call her brother as she sucks my cock and tells him how much better it is living with daddy. At my command she snaps a picture with my cock in her mouth and sends it to him. I tell her to call him back. As I fuck her she taunts her bastard brother. “He’s fucking me from behind and it feels so good” Luna moans on the phone. Something inside of her mind breaks as she is fucked and she gives into it. She looks at ,e now, not with hate but with love as her tiny body cums on my dick. “I want it” She moans as I give her a hot load all over her face. She sends her brother a photo of the cum on her face to get her revenge.

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Leg’s Spread For Daddy

We open to the luscious Zoey Laine getting ready for her big night out on the town. With her red lipstick on, black stilettos laced up, and her party dress she leaves with a smile only to come home and pass out naked on her bed.
Her father hadn’t heard anything from her all morning and decides to check on her where he sees Zoey is laying ass up the way he likes her. He taps her on the face with his dick and she happily wakes up and deep throats his cock. They play through different positions, he is on top, she is on top, she rides him standing up and he gives her a final fuck from behind so he can see her sweet cheeks. He takes his throbbing cock out and cums all over her chest.

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Daddy You Make Me So Wet

Daddy’s Girl caught masturbating to you while wearing your shirt. She begs for your cock and loves getting fucked before taking your big load in her mouth.

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I Blackmailed My Uncle

Dear Diary,

After graduation I went to stay with my Uncle while checking out colleges. I was bored one day and went into my cousins room looking for something to do. I stumbled across her diary and things got really interesting but thats another story. I was so turned on I had to find out for myself what my uncle was like. I grabbed my cousins diary and went to my uncles room and confronted him. He was totally shocked until I told him my demands. Within minutes I had his hard cock in my mouth just like I wanted. Uncle Jay did things to me no other man had ever done. He made me cum so many times it was insane. When he finally exploded we pinky promised to keep it a secret from everyone including my cousin. It’s going to be hard but uncle Jay is well worth the risk.

Dear Diary,

After that first time with my uncle I just couldn’t get enough. I wanted to be with him again so bad I waited patiently til everyone left for the day. As soon as I heard Anastasia leave I went in and sat down next to him. My uncle told me that he had knocked up his daughter and suddenly I was even more turned on. I started stroking his cock through his jeans and pulled his lips to my perky young breasts. I pulled out his cock and stroked it even harder as my uncle fingered me to a wild orgasm. I couldn’t wait any longer and shoved his cock deep in my mouth making it nice and wet. I straddled my uncle on the couch and rode his big cock til he made me cum again. My uncle laid me on the couch and entered me from behind. He slowly buried his cock to the hilt and fucked me to another leg shaking orgasm. My uncle pounded my pussy harder and faster til I heard him lose control while still inside me. He pulled out and finished cumming all over my ass but hopefully he got enough inside me to do the trick.

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