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Help Me Stretch, Daddy

Oh, thanks for helping me Daddy! It’s so important to squeeze in a post-workout stretch, right? Ohh that feels so good… Okay, I think just one more stretch will do it–Ah, Daddy, you’re hard! Right in the middle of the living room? Daddy, what if Mommy walked in on this? What we’re doing is bad. I shouldn’t allow this.. YOU shouldn’t allow this! … I promise not to tell Mommy, though. And your cock always feels so good in me. I guess it’s okay if you tie my legs. I’ll use my free hands to stretch my pussy wide for you. That’s what you want to do, right Daddy? You want to help stretch me out?

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Before Daddy Leaves

After Daddy hired that sexy houseboy I knew he would be leaving soon on another trip. While he was getting stuff done that morning I curled up in his bed. Daddy came in, yanked off the covers and spanked me hard. I told him I wasn’t leaving til he gave it to me before he left. Daddy was already a bit hard so it was easy to get him ready to pound my pussy. Daddy and I rolled all over the bed fucking and he ended up cumming inside me. After he did I clung to his bed not wanting to leave. Daddy tickled me to loosen my grip and dragged me off the bed.

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Daddy fuck me and my girlfriend

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It’s bath time Daddy

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Daddy stop talking and Fuck Me!

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Fuck my pussy Daddy

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Cum back here Daddy

Daddy, where are you going? Come back here! Stop being so shy. I like it when you touch me daddy. Don’t make it so awkward. Just feel up your stepdaughter. Yeah, you know you like it daddy. Why don’t stick your finger in my pussy? While you’re at it how about you stuff it inside your step daughter? Now blow a huge drunk daddy load all over my face! MMMM thank you daddy!

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Don’t Pull Out, Daddy

Daddy and I like to play when mom is at work! It started off as just a little teasing here and there, but now he fucks me every single time! This time he bends me over and fucks me in my knee high leather boots. I always beg him to give me his load of cum in my pussy but he never does! He says “we can’t risk getting me pregnant…” Well, my pussy must have been hugging daddy’s cock just right because he couldn’t stop fucking me & filled my tiny pussy full of his cum! I made sure to let daddy get a really good look at all of his cum dripping from my pussy after like a good girl

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My Daughter Demands Attention

My daughter Alyssa asked if I could come up to her room to talk to her. I am sure it is about her mom moving out. It’s only supposed to be temporary but who knows.  Alyssa is being her usual sweet self, wanting to see if I am ok, but I can sense something going on, she is rubbing my leg, her hand getting a little too high. Alyssa tells me she can be there for me, and she knows things with her mom and I haven’t been “romantic”.  Oh god! I am getting rock hard, what the hell is happening? She notices, I can see she notices! And then…she offers me a blow job, to make me feel better. I immediately start to say no, but, I just can’t and then…

I am working late, like I have every night since my daughter and I, I can’t even think about it. I just need to figure this out. Then my door slams shut. It’s Alyssa, looking angry and dressed, god! She looks like a little slut and she came to my office like that! She starts complaining that I have been avoiding her, and she is home waiting for me, to be there for me. She gets aggressive, she takes off her clothes. She isn’t giving me a choice. I fuck her so hard on my desk, trying to keep her from moaning so loudly. I don’t dare cum in her pussy again, I don’t know what comes over me but I grab her head and fill her mouth. She seems so happy now, and she apologizes for coming to my work. She just tells me she needs my attention. I won’t be working late again for a while.

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I’m Here For You Daddy

Karly goes into her Daddy’s room and wakes him up to talk about “guy issues”. She’s really into this guy, but she doesn’t know if it’s inappropriate because he’s older. She doesn’t know if she should be feeling like this since the person she’s talking about she’s related to. Karly’s Dad says it’s normal for girls to have crushes on their dad’s, but he thought it would’ve happened when she was much younger. Karly mentions that she’s noticed that her Mom hasn’t been that affectionate toward him lately, and that she’s here for him. When he doesn’t realize what she means by that, she says it again more suggestive while she starts to take her clothes off.

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