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Doing It Right – Daughter make blowjob

Sexy Red Head, Violet Monroe, feels confident in all her sexual skills except for giving handjobs. “There’s nothing to a handie.” Daddy tells her, “But, like with all things, practice makes perfect.” She asks her experienced Daddy MaX to give her some pointers and proves herself to be an eager and attentive pupil. He guides her through the important variations and subtleties that can turn one’s tug job from an uninspired fumbling with the pink joy stick into a handy-gram that’ll make someone see stars.

Guiding her through all the fine points of the procedure, from the initial dick extraction (watch the zipper!) to pertinent anatomy (don’t forget to cradle the balls!) to whether it’s still a handjob if it goes in her mouth (Who cares, just suck on my damn dick!), she passes every lesson with flying colors. After this crash course in happy endings, she’ll be known as Tuggy Ruxpin, as folks come from miles around to beg Daddy’s little slut to churn their butter.


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I Will Be Nice To Daddy

Daddy sits down and starts to talk to his Daughter. She immediately stands up and starts yelling at him “You are ruining my life!” She storms out and Dad sits there with a confused look on his face. This was happening more and more lately. Ever since he told her she couldn’t redecorate her room the way she wanted to. Cindy comes back in and sits down next to her mean Daddy. She tells him that Mom says if she is nice to her Daddy he might let her do what she wants to her room. Daddy agrees that if she tries to be nicer then he might consider letting her do some things to her new room. Cindy tells Daddy she can be nice, very nice! She starts to play with her phone and opens her legs to let Daddy see her cute panties. Daddy tries not to look but can’t help himself. Just then Mom comes in and asks him if he going to take out the garbage. When she leaves his little girl moves her panties aside to show Daddy her pretty pink pussy. He asks Cindy not to do such things and she yells at him again! “I am being nice! Do you want me to start being a bitch again??” Daddy tells her not to yell and yes he likes it better when she is nice to him. She stands and takes off her pretty panties and drops them in his lap. Mom comes in as Dad fumbles to hide his daughters undies! Mom leaves and she asks Daddy if he wants to touch her little girl pussy. Daddy reluctantly does. She helps his hand play with her little clitty. She starts to moan loudly and Dad tells her to be quiet so Mom doesn’t here them. Cindy tells Daddy the best way to make her quiet is to shove his big cock in her tiny mouth! In then end Daddy cums all over his little girls pussy!

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Daughter Dreams of Daddy

Daughter (Jane Wylde) enters into her quiet and dark bedroom wearing only a towel and changes her sleepwear. Nothing fancy. She lays there for some time and cannot fall asleep. Eyes open, she puts one arm behind her head and reaches under the covers and starts playing with herself. Eyes closed, she plays with her pussy with one hand while using the other to play with her boobs. She doesn’t speak during this and only makes hissing noises while playing with herself and moves around a little bit including arching her back. The next few mini-scenes make up the montage dreams of her and Daddy…

A) Filmed from an overhead position. The Father is on top of the Daughter having sex with her. Dad is kissing her but she does not respond and she acts like it is not happening.
B) She is being held up and off the floor and against the wall. She is wearing a skirt or dress. Her arms and legs are wrapped around the Father holding her up and off the ground.
C) She is lying on the floor face up. The Father is sitting straddling her shoulders rubbing his dick all over her face.
D) Back to Daughter masturbating. She starts saying in high pitched voiced, “Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy. Fuck me, please fuck me.” She cums, collapses, and just lies there.

Daughter is on the couch almost naked. The Father comes into the room; sits beside her, plays with her boobs and then finger fucks her for a little while. He then flips her on her stomach and fucks her from behind, her eyes tightly closed, red faced, and crying. Dad then tosses her to the kitchen table, eyes closed, palms flat on the table, face almost extremely calm. He screws her from behind hard!

Jane is sitting on the couch, Dad is sitting next to her feeling her up and kissing her all over. She is silently crying. This goes on a while. Then Dad gets on top of her and starts grinding against her. She sobs, “Please Daddy…” He grabs her by her hair and says, “You little bitch. I haven’t even gotten started with you.” He bends her lengthways, makes her spread her ass cheeks and fucks her from behind. After various forced sex positions he puts Jane on her knees and cums in her mouth…

Daughter wakes up with the Father on top of her with his hand over her mouth. He reaches down and RIPS off her panties and stuffs them in her mouth. He rips off her top and forcefully ties her face down with a rope he has with him. She struggles strongly and forcefully during this. He again cums in her mouth and walks away, tied up and covered in Daddy…

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Uncle forcing his creampie inside Niece

Jack just got into town for some meetings, he was tired after a long trip. He got his key from the front desk then went up to his room looking forward to just throwing himself into bed and doing nothing for a while. He opened the door and when he walked in he realized there was someone in the room, it was a gorgeous woman, naked and pleasuring herself. Obviously, she was in need of pleasure. Jack was tired but not that tired, he would be happy to help out that gorgeous woman and besides, in some of these hotels, service is a big deal and maybe she is one of those services. Jack wrestled with Helena a little, she was fighting him but not really, just enough to make it look like she was fighting but not enough to make Jack feel her heart was really in it. When Jack started going down on her she really got into it and came in his mouth. As Jack was licking and sucking her pussy, she was grinding on his face, that is one horny lady. Jack was getting so excited he just wanted her so much. When he turned her around it became apparent she wanted it too, she came some more on his dick and when he stopped stroking she stroked. Jack shot a big load in Helena and when he finished, she was dripping and throbbing. Jack stuck his dick back in her to push his cum deeper and Helena took it all. Now that everyone had their orgasms, Helena tried to tell Jack in English that this was her room. Well, she was close, she was supposed to be 317 but she was in 417 and how her key worked makes you wonder. Jack kept a souvenir of Helena’s visit. Wonder what will happen next time, you can bet Jack will stay at that hotel again. (This shouldn’t need to be said but these characters were playing roles, this was fiction. Jack would never force himself on anyone and neither should anybody else.)

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Stepdaughter Takes My Breath Away

Two hot Incest scene father fuck daughter, daughter suck big dick, father rape Daughter`s sweet mouth and pussy

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Uncle cumming deep inside his niece

Gisele was hanging out at the house. Poor girl was horny and well, she could take care of that and got out her favorite toy. It was feeling really good but it just wasn’t quite doing it. About that time Uncle Jack happened to walk in. He saw what she was doing and, always willing to help, Uncle Jack offered to see if he could take a little stress off her. Uncle Jack started massaging Gisele’s clit. It seemed to be working pretty well but Gisele wanted more and Uncle Jack is so helpful. Gisele reached under Uncle Jack’s robe and started stroking his dick. The hand just wasn’t enough, Gisele wanted more and she really wanted her orgasm, Gisele really enjoys her orgasms. Gisele instructed Jack to fuck her. By that time Gisele was already really wet. Uncle Jack bent Gisele over the couch and slid his dick in her, Gisele took it all and wanted more. Jack stroked that soaking wet pussy. The harder he stroked the more she wanted. Gisele was getting wetter and wetter then as she came she slid off Jack’s dick and squirted. Uncle Jack loves it when she squirts and rubbed her clit really hard and she kept on squirting. but neither she nor Jack were done, they both knew they both wanted more. Gisele sat Uncle Jack down and licked and sucked all her juice off his dick and when she was ready she climbed on his dick and rode it like a wild girl. Gisele hammered away on Jack and then squirted some more, she soaked Uncle Jack and Jack was loving it. Gisele slid Jack’s dick back in and started hammering away again. Jack was so ready to cum and he wanted Gisele to cum with him. Gisele took Jack’s load and came on his dick as he came deep inside her. Oh ya, she had her orgasms. Toys are nice but there’s nothing like the real thing.

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Daddy’s New Whore

Daddy notices his little girl is home early from school and tells her that she better not be skipping last period. Before Daddy can start to lecture her she tells him that she’s not going to last period any more because she doesn’t like the teacher. Dad lets her know that is unacceptable and she better start… She cuts him off and tells him she has been skipping all week and saw him yesterday with that whore. She asks him if that’s why he switched his work schedule to get home early so he can fuck that girl before Mom get’s home? “She is almost the same age as me!” his daughter screams at him! Dad is embarrassed and tells her he will do anything to not have Mom find out. She agrees but has some demands first. Like doubling her allowance and he is going to have to buy her a new car. Dad said they can’t afford that.

She tells him that maybe he can work longer hours instead of fucking that bitch! Dad hangs his head and agrees and says he doesn’t mind that she is blackmailing him. But since he won’t be having sex with that whore anymore that she would have take care of him. She didn’t know what he meant. Dad explains that Mom and him don’t have sexual relations anymore so she would have to service him if she wanted everything she is asking for. “You will have to become Daddy’s new whore” he says. He puts her on his lap and tells her that they love each other so it’s only natural she has sex with him. He feels her pert young breasts and admires what a woman she was becoming. They kiss and Daddy asks her if anyone had ever touch her little girl pussy. She said a few boys had. He then inquires if that had stuck any fingers inside of her. She says no. He then proceeds to shove a finger in her tight pussy.

She says it’s so big so Daddy then put another finger in and said he would have to stretch her pussy out to fit Daddy’s big penis. He finger fucks her pussy hard. He then opens her up and tells her to stick her own finger in there as well. He then put’s three fingers in. She screams with delight! She asks Daddy if she can cum. Her loving father says she may. He asks her if she had ever touch a boys penis before. She shyly admits she had but had never put one in her mouth. Daddy makes her stuck his cock. But it’s too big for her tiny mouth. That’s ok your pussy will do. He makes her try to put his large cockin her virgin pussy but it won’t fit. He lays her down and says Daddy will get it in. His little girl is screaming with pleasure saying how big it is but how good it feels. Daddy asks her if she likes being Daddy’s whore. She looks at her Daddy says yes she wants nothing more then to be his whore. Daddy cums all over her pussy and then tells her that Daddy’s cum always belongs in his little girls pussy. She fingers her Daddy’s sperm inside of her as she cums again and again.

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Don’t Leave us Daddy

I know mom doesnt fuck you anymore daddy. But it’s ok I’ll help you. I dress myself up in mommies lingerie and tease you with my body. I don’t want you to leave us so I’m going to do everything I can to make you stay.
Just look at my big breasts and tight body as I stroke you. Your cock is getting so hard daddy. Please I’m desperate for you to cum. Please cum all over my tits daddy. Shower me with your love and never leave me.

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My Stripper Daughter

Daughter comes home, dressed slutty, the Tipsy, red-neck Father meets her in the hallway. He yells at her about being a whore and a stripper, yells about her tattoos. She yells back, he cracks her a good one, she crashes into the wall, he pulls off his belt and whips at her legs while calling her names; whore, slut, tramp, etc., she cries/screams/begs. He stops and grabs her throat she grabs his hands and tries to pull them away, he kisses her hard, she struggles, he shoves her to the floor and starts insulting her again, he stops, yanks her shorts down, and gets on top of her, unzips his pants and makes love to her on the floor while she protests! After he is finished; he gets up, zips his pants up, and walks off while she lays there in a state of shock, staring straight up.

The Father is sitting at the kitchen table drinking a beer. The Daughter walks into the kitchen dressed slutty like she is going to work, acting like she is terrified of her Father. He says, “You going to work you little whore? You going to show them your tits and then fuck them later?” Terrified, she says, “I just dance Daddy, I just dance topless. I don’t have sex with them.” He strikes her and yells, “You lying little whore, I know what a whore you are. You’re a whore just like your mother! If you are gonna fuck every man in the town, then I’m going to get some of that pussy!” He slams her over the table, yanks her shorts down and has sex with her from behind while she begs him… He then forces her to her knees and has her give him head, he says, “You know I know you’re whore like your mother? Because you suck dick just like her.” He catches his breath, grabs her by an arm and shoves her out the door and yells, “Git whore! Git out!”

1) Bent over the Washer Machine, putting Karma thru the spin cycle.
2) Bent over the table being fucked from behind by the Father, his hands are on her hips, Daughter lets out a cry with his every thrust.
3) POV She is on her back, Dad is kneeling on her shoulders; pining her down, and fucking her hard!
4) She is pulled into the bedroom by her arms and tossed to the bed, naked and afraid… He alternates between grabbing her face and kissing her….Fucks her in various positions and cums in her mouth forcing her to swallow!

Early the next morning Karma is counting the cash she made from working in the back room of the Strip Club. Fresh out of the shower, she recounts what each guy was like as she stacks her cash. Dad walks by the bathroom and see this and watches his half naked Daughter count all that money. He is furious and busts in and wraps his hand around her throat! She did not find another job and is only striping and escorting even more!!!

Dad is in too deep to stop and pounds that tight pussy till he finishes…Like the slut Karma is, she opens her mouth and begs for his cum. Daddy fills up her mouth and walks off almost disgusted with himself for what he as done…He drags her into the bedroom and throws her to the bed as her towel flies off! Dad holds her down and he munches her shaved pussy. Karma refuses to quit her job and taunts her Father as he fucks her. She laughs and says, “The Guys at the Club fuck me harder than that Daddy!” This pisses off Daddy and he fucks her harder and holds her down by the throat. The harder he pounds the more she talks…As if she is enjoying this!

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Christmas Creampie And Diapers

All you want for Christmas is to fuck her. That sweet little body and tight holes are screaming to be touched. You come in to put her in a diaper, but she wants to you to fuck her in tight little pussy. She begs for your cock and so you slide your dick into her tight little pussy. Deep in and out. She moans with pleasure. She wants your cum inside her. So you shoot your load deep in her pussy. you pull out and put her diaper on her. So the cum will drip out into the diaper. But first you see the cum drip a little out of her. She wanted a creampie for xmas and you give her one, and then diaper her. SO HOT! Odette Delacroix loves cummies in her pussy and being diapered
The actor is walking in and Odette Delacroix is laying naked on the floor in front of the christmas tree. He has a diaper and a teddy bear with him. She is really happy to see him and shakes with her ass up and down. She does not want to put on her diaper and starts sucking his dick and licking his balls. Afterwards she lies back on the floor stroking her pussy while making baby noises. The actor inserts his dick and starts fucking her pretty hard. Then they start fucking doggystyle and after that sidewas. After cumming in her pussy Odette Delacroix starts putting on her diaper while tasting his delicious cum. She ends up cuddling with her teddy bear and falling asleep.

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