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Taboo Family Affairs

Don’t be afraid to go there. You know you want it and you know how hot it will get! Keep it in the family.

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Photos with Daddy

Scene One: Mom the photographer

Mom just got fired from her job. To make ends meet she decides to become a professional photographer. She has a client who needs some photos and who better than her own daughter to be the willing subject. As they take photos they become more and more sensual. Britt’s body working perfectly for her mom’s camera. She’s in her bra looking into the camera with no shame at all. Just then dad walks in to an awkward situation. “Can I use you for some photos?” Cory asks. It starts slow but Cory knows what kinds of photos her client wants. Britt takes off her pants and has her daddy hold her. Cory telling him to touch his daughter’s big ass. He’s never felt so embarrassed in his whole life. When Cory asks Britt to take off the rest of her clothes, it goes to far for dad and he puts a stop to the whole thing.

Scene Two: Just the tip

The client loved the buxom babe Britt. Mom dresses her up in a tight bikini and takes some photos. The money is just too good and she convinces her husband to pose with their naked daughter. He has so many problems with this but he would rather it be him than some guy off the street. Cory is getting so turned on by this. Forcing her husband to act sexually with his daughter. Cupping Britt’s large tits and shamefully pulling down her tight panties. They even pose with the tip of his cock in his daughter’s mouth. A part of him hates this and a part of him is excited by it. When Cory suggests just putting it in her pussy for the photo he has already come this far…Both Britt and her father are grossed out and shamed. “I think the client is going to like these” Cory says.

Scene Three: Sex for art

You wont believe what Cory got paid for those photos. The client is in love with Britt and the chemistry between her subjects is undeniable. He’s ordered a lot of new photos. Cory explains that it won’t be wrong and that she’s going to be taking the photos of them. It’s not sex, it’s art. Nervously dad does as he’s told. Touching his daughter’s big tits and wet pussy. They don’t want to do this but they know they have to for Cory’s business and all the money she’s making. Britt takes out her father’s cock and sucks it. Dad spreads his daughter’s legs and licks her wet pussy. They put on faces for the camera and try to fake it. But soon they’re not faking anymore. Dad fucking his young slutty daughter around the living room. He even gets off on the fact that his wife is watching him, taking photos of him, telling him what to do. The best photo of all is a big cum shot all over his daughter’s innocent face.

Scene Four: Mom is gone

The photos are done and mom has made a career for herself. But Britt can’t stop thinking about her dad. A line has been crossed that can never be taken back. She lusts for him day and night. When her mom leaves for a photo shoot Britt puts on her sexiest lingerie and walks into her parents bedroom with her dad sleeping soundly. She wakes him up and asks him to fuck her. Sleepily he looks at his hot daughter and a feeling rushes through him. She presses her big tits against his face and begs him to fuck her. Lost in lust he pushes her down on the bed and pulls her lingerie out of the way. Her fresh young pussy tastes so good and Britt moans at the feeling of her daddy’s tongue. Shaking and licking her lips in anticipation. She’s never done anything like this before and she is completely lost to her dad’s hard dick inside her, fucking her silly. Her big tits bounce and her pussy tightens as she makes him cum all over her ready face. She loves the taste of her daddy’s cum and wants it every day from now on.

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Stepdad seduces teen Daughter

Stepdad sees her daughter doing her homework but he has other things in he’s mind since mom is not home at the moment…

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Mom Is Not Pleasing Dad…

Things have been a bit rocky in our household lately. My wife has been stressed about a lot of things lately, money, work, etc….which has definitely been affecting our sex life as she hasn’t let me fuck her in almost 3 months. Unfortunately I also think all the tension has been affecting our 18 yr old daughter, who normally is sweet and innocent, but lately has been very bratty and disrespectful. She and her mother just got into a heated argument because she wants more money to go out with her friends, but doesn’t want to do any of the choirs that she is responsible for. Her mom got upset, said a few mean things…and then left the house. So I went up to my daughter’s room to see if she was ok… What I didn’t know is that my daughter has been overhearing our fights, and knows how sexually frustrated I have been lately. She uses this knowledge to weaken me and to make a deal with me. I get to let out some of my built up sexual urges, and she gets the money she wants to go out with her friends.
I know this is wrong, but as my 18 yr old daughter starts to slowly strip off her clothes right in front of me, I can’t help but to want to see her expose her perky all natural breasts to me. Watch as what used to be daddy’s little princess turn into daddy’s little slut, as she talks dirty to me, and weakens my moral judgment into saying yes to feeling and filling up my daughter’s most private parts…the one’s that fathers should never get to touch.

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Old Creepy Gift

Cherry is at Daddy his home for cleaning services.. ..She’s waiting for a present promised by Daddy.. The Old creep Sugar Daddy is not ready to give something before getting his dick sucked!

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Daddy Fucks Hard My Innocently Ass

Little German Daughter today lost anal virgin with her Daddy.

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My Daughter want to sleep with Me

Carly is terrified of Thunder Storms. Whenever there is a storm, she always bunks with somebody else in the Family….for comfort. Tonight….Mom is away….and the only one that Carly can sleep with is….Daddy!! It quickly becomes apparent why Dads and Daughters should NOT sleep together!! Carly is very scantily clad….and, as Dad is reading in bed….it doesn’t take long before he develops a massive erection!! Carly feels guilty about having “caused” Daddy’s big erection…so she offers to help him get rid of it!!! Dad licks, and Fucks his hard bodied young Daughter…and ultimately uses her as a cum dumpster!!

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Daddy love for his whore daughter

Jess has got some new sexy lingerie ready for her date tonight but first she shows it off to her daddy to see what he thinks and he likes it a lot so much that his cock is hard and ready to be sucked so jess is ready to tease and suck her daddys big cock and before long shes getting fucked hard and then her daddy finished by cumming all over her wet cunt.

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My Uncle Came For Breakfast And Inside Me Too

Dear Diary,
When I woke up the next morning my uncle was gone and there was a note on the door. I threw on my robe and started putting away dishes so I could make breakfast. My uncle knocked on the door not long after I was done and my heart started racing.
I let him in and we started messing around right there in the kitchen. He laid me on the counter and ate my pussy for breakfast then bent me over the counter. Uncle Jay pounded my pussy and pulled my hair making me cum hard.
My pussy clenched in orgasm and my uncle exploded inside me again. There was so much cum dripping out I’m sure he filled me enough to get pregnant. What will I do then?

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Emma Hixx Play for Daddy

You are a naughty Daddy going through my stuff… I come home to find you in my room, I ask you what you are doing. I discover that you were invading my privacy and going through my panty drawer where you found my toy… Well now that you found my toy I am sure you want to watch me play with it… You have been waiting for a long time to watch your daughter play with herself for you and now your dream is going to come true! Watch as I dildo my sweet pussy for you Daddy while I encourage you to stroke your rock hard Daddy dick! My pussy gets nice and wet and creamy for you as I slide my dildo in and out as I rub my clit!!

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