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I Am Your Christmas Present Daddy!

I know that lately Daddy has been neglected and unhappy, his life governed by routine… Last week I heard the two of them, my mom and dad arguing about how rarely she is willing to have sex and how she never wants to take his cock into her mouth! Poor Daddy! He does everything for us, me and mom, he is working hard for all of us to have money and to have a happy smooth life and my mom is just outrageously ungrateful! She always opens that big mouth of hers screaming about something or another but never uses that mouth for good, king purposes, like to offer my Dad a blowjob… Sooo, I tough my Daddy really deserves a nice present this Christmas, so I put the sexiest clothes I found in mom’s closet, some good make up, and made sure I look exquisite then I called my dad, not offering him too much details, though :))

I didn’t want to seem suspicious, or something like this, I planned this “situation” to its smallest details: mom isn’t home, she’s shopping for Christmas, it’s the time when my dad reads the newspapers alone….perfect! He was amused and astonished when he saw me wearing such sexy clothes, he was staring and at the same time admitting that it’s wrong to stare at his daughter’s boobs! Things started to flow in the wrong direction because I’m his daughter and he’s saying he can’t do this! I showed him that he can, tease him gently at first, trying not to scare him off, I played with my boobs until his cock was clearly hard in his trouser. I carefully took it out and started to make Daddy understand the fact that I’m his present for this Christmas, and I’m the cutest present ever! My cheeks look like two smooth peaches when I suck cock, my thin swan-ish neck lets the cock in all the way, the cock fills my throat, thickens it. Daddy forgets about how wrong it is to fuck his daughter for Christmas and pushes his cock into my mouth, in and out keeping a hand on my head, directing my mouth, to suck cock the way he wants, he,he. I get wet from all this sucking and want him to fuck me. Oh, that would be really wrong Daddy? What? Going all the way? What did we do until five minutes ago? A half-blowjob? :)) Come on, stop being a coward and have some wet daughter pussy! Better? Thought so! ^_^ Daddy fucks me doggystyle pushing his hard cock in my cunt again and again, and again, like a mantra. I just can’t stay passive and move my ass around his cock, up and down like twerking. Unfortunately Daddy was so close! He told me to stop, but I was cumming too(it’s fuckin’ hot to fuck your daddy behind your mother’s back!) and didn’t stop… better said I couldn’t! So Daddy came inside me! Daddy’s cock splattering its hot cum on my vagina’s walls and then feeling it draining…. It’s just too hot, it’s taboo!

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Slurp And Sip My Nips

Going through puberty is a little awkward sometimes. Today, my stepdad walked in and caught me shaving some of my private areas. He said he could help me reach some of my sensitive spots, so I let him lend me a hand…

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Family Mindwarp

How did the free use family start with Vanessa Cage? At first he took what he wanted from his hot daughter but there’s a better way to fuck her.

Now that he has the free use family he always wanted, it’s time to live out his fantasy. His wife and daughter are frozen, awaiting his commands. He makes them strip and make out with each other. They worship each others tits and get ready to fuck each other. “Get your hands off of her, That’s gross” Cory tells him, upset that he wants to fuck his own daughter. He freezes her and has full use of Vanessa’s hot body, while his wife is frozen and cuckolded. He fucks his daughter’s tight wet pussy and she moans like it’s her first time. Vanessa can’t control her lust for her father’s big cock drilling into her. She opens her mouth like a good little slut for her daddy’s big load all over her perfect face. “Why don’t you help your daughter clean up?” He suggests. Wife and daughter kiss and share his load, his perfect free use family.

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Unwanted creampie!

I‘m soooo ashamed at what I’ve done. The other day after class I went home and Daddy was on the couch. I’m not sure if someone slipped me something to make me horny or what but I started seducing my dad. He tried to resist and even threatened to punish me which made me even hotter.

I started playing with his cock and when my top came off Daddy was unable to resist. I licked and sucked his shaft then Daddy flipped me on my back and ate my pussy til I came. He entered me slowly getting me used to his cock before he fucked me hard. After another orgasm Daddy had me get on top. I rode him til he came in me, both of us completely forgetting I’m not on the pill. Hopefully I’m not pregnant.

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Daughter’s Anal Punishment

Bratty little teen Lola Faye stays out late and gives her concerned dad Brick lots of attitude. When he tries to spank her she only gets turned on, so he decides to punish the petite slut with his dick. She’s quickly tied up, manhandled and brutally fucked like the whore she is. He hammers her tight pussy and asshole like a savage in several positions then covers her with a facial cumshot.


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Daughters First Love

Daughter is the bed asleep in a darkened bedroom wearing only t-shirt and boy-shorts. Wasted Father comes in and stands next to her bed. Startled Daughter bolts upright in bed and pulls covers up to her chin and asks tentatively and fearfully, “What’s the matter Dad?” Father slurs and says, “My little girl, my beautiful little girl.” and staggers towards her. He strokes her hair and leans over to kiss her. She pulls away and starts to look scared. He gets on the bed; unbuckles & unzips his pants, gets on top of her, pulls down the covers, while trying to kiss her on the mouth, when he gets to covers down, he pulls off her panties and t-shirt and screws her. A tear forms and runs down her cheek as she struggles and tries to push him off, and begs the whole time. The is her first time and it hurts when he enters her.

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Showing Off for Daddy

While Mom is busy at work, a beautiful young daughter spends quality time with her Father….

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Body’s nice, you’ll never pull out!

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Brown skin with creamy filling!

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She wants daddy’s creamy gift!

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