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Carly and Her Father try it Out

It’s a rainy day…and Carly and Her Daddy are home alone. Dad is surfing for something to watch on TV…and Carly is surfing on her iPad. Carly comes across an “interesting” website….and shows it to her Dad. According to the site….in “some” cultures….it is customary for the Parent to have sex with the eldest offspring! Carly shows the site to Dad…and they are both shocked at the graphic pictures!!! Since it’s raining, and there is nothing on TV anyway….the two decide to try it out!! According to the website…this behaviour is called “Basic Instinct”. Carly strips off her pants…and Dad gives her young cunt a good licking! Carly returns the favour by sucking on Daddy’s big, fat cock…and then Daddy really gives it to her!! Carly is fucked….and HARD!! Dad uses her as a rag doll….and pumps her until he cums. Basic Instinct is a powerful thing!!

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Center Pocket Might Get Me Pregnant

Dear Diary

Before I headed off to college I got to spend some time with my uncle Jay. For some reason I started developing strange desires towards him and soon I just had to act on them. One night I went by his place to “learn to play pool” and thats when it happened.
He leaned over to help me hold my stick right and I ended up holding his!!
Uncle Jay has such a nice cock and it fit so well in my mouth I was in heaven. When he pulled me to my feet and stripped off my shorts I almost came before he even stuck it in me. Uncle Jay fucked me hard and fast on the pool table before exploding inside me. He kinda freaked out that I’m not on the pill but it should be ok.

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Leia Sucks You Off in ULTRA HD

It’s about time you had a proper blowjob. A sloppy, wet deep throating. I want to gag on you and swallow every last drop of your hot cum. I won’t tell anyone, promise. Your cock in my mouth is all I want. Draining your balls is so much fun. I love sucking your cock!

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It’s Been Too Long….

In this sexy GFE clip I give you a taste of what it is like when I’ve gone too long without seeing you. Welcoming you at the door in a tight red dress, I invite you in and relentlessly tease you with my body. I am so excited that you’re finally home and quickly drop to my knees once you are as hard as a rock. It does not take long before I’m tasting your precum and want to feel you in my throat. I get so wet and horny with your cock in my mouth. I need you inside me! Your cock feels twice as big to my tight, aching pussy and it doesn’t take long before you are ready to explode. I drop to my knees once more to suck you off and jerk you onto my pretty face. I’ve missed your cum on my face almost as much as I missed you!

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Daddy ends up fucking his own daughter

Dad has a fool proof plan on how to get the sexy divorced lady next door to have sex with him, while his wife is out of town….he has purchased a powerful Magic Potion!!! All he needs to do is get her to drink the wicked elixir….and she will crave his cock! He has the Potion all mixed up, and ready to go…when his wife calls him on the phone. while he is distracted by the call…his Daughter Sara arrives home…and drinks the Potion!!! Sara goes crazy and starts to pull off dad’s pants, and start sucking his cock!! The good news is….the Potion works like a charm!! The bad news is….instead of fucking the hot lady next door….Dad is now fucking his own Daughter!!! Sara takes a pounding from Dad…and then gets a gigantic semen facial!!!

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Uncle pool in Niece`s pussy

Uncle Jack and I were playing pool one night and I wasn’t doing so good so I asked him to help me. Uncle Jack started showing me how to hold my stick and pressed up tight against me. I started getting all tingly and started missing even more shots which made him get even closer. My butt rubbed against his crotch and I could feel him getting hard. Before long Uncle Jacks cock was buried deep in my pussy and he was demonstrating his slow stroke.
He started pounding my pussy harder and I came really hard. Uncle Jack moved me onto the table and started slow stroking again which made me squirt all over the table. Uncle Jack pounded me even harder after that until finally he exploded inside me and we collapsed on the table. Uncle Jacks stroke really drives me wild but if he keeps dropping his balls in my pocket I’ll end up pregnant for sure!!

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Daddy I Still Won – Even though I technically Lost

Dear Diary,

I am so bad some times, especially when it comes to Daddy. I talked him into a game of pool the other night and sure enough started to lose. I started teasing Daddy by grabbing his cock and showing my boobs but it didn’t distract him quite enough. Daddy beat me just like I planned. Of course that meant I was going to have some fun with him right there on the table. Daddy teased my wet pussy and took me right there on the edge. Before long he moved me to his hog and fucked me til the alarms went off.
We moved back to the table and Dasddy took me from behind again. I did a split on the edge of the table and he pounded me til we both came together. Of course he came inside me just like I wanted so I still won.

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Daddys All Mine For The Hurricane

Dear Diary,

Last weekend Mommy was still out of town and Hurricane Irma kept her from flying home. As soon as I got the news I went in to the bedroom to tell daddy. As soon as he found out I noticed his cock getting hard which is just what I needed……. All through the storm. I pulled down Daddys pants teasingly and before long his hard cock was deep in my throat. Daddy peeled off my panties and next thing you know we were locked in a hot 69. Daddy ate me unti I came really hard which made me want even more.
I straddled his cock and rode him slowly savoring every thrust. We made love like that for a long time then Daddy took control. He pounded my tight wet pussy til he exploded all over me. I’m so glad Mommy didn’t make it so Daddy and I can do this for days!!!

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Husband Caught Me With His Father

My worst fears have come true and things are pretty crazy. A few days ago my husband had an interview out of town so he was supposed to be gone awhile. I invited my father in law over against my better judgement but I couldn’t help myself. We made wild passionate love all night long and after he came deep inside me we fell asleep together. Next thing I knew my husband was pulling the covers off the bed and found us together. My husband came home early and now he knows the truth. What a mess I’ve gotten myself into but it’s kind of a massive turn on cuckolding my husband.

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Father fuck little Daughter in the pool

Today I wanted to tell you the story of when my daddy fucked my ass… At first I didn’t like it, but eventually he taught me to be a good girl and take it whenever he wanted 😉

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