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Lilly Ford is enjoying herself to the fullest while dancing in her bedroom with her headphones on. She’s clearly into the music as she sways to it, her movements relatively innocent in the beginning. Eric Masterson, her step-father, arrives home and calls out to his step-daughter to let her know that he’s home. When he doesn’t get a response, he’s curious and concerned, calling out for her again as he goes to investigate.
He approaches her bedroom and sees that she’s in there, dancing with her back to him, and says ‘There you are!’ Lilly doesn’t hear him because of her headphones and continues dancing. Eric realizes this, shaking his head and making a fatherly comment to himself about how she’s going to make herself deaf listening to the music that loud…
At first, he is amused and watches Lilly with fondness as she bounces up and down to the music, showing off how youthful she is. But then the dancing becomes more sexualized as she dances slower while rubbing her hands all over her body. Eric’s expression turns from amusement to arousal as he stares, but then catches himself doing it and shakes his head. He’s ashamed of his momentary attraction. Eric starts to turn away from the door when Lilly suddenly gasps after trying a sexy ‘drop it low’ dance move. She’s in some pain as she touches her lower back, having stuck her cute butt out too far. Eric goes straight back into dad mode when he hears his daughter in pain, hurrying in. Lilly is startled that Eric is suddenly right there with her, taking off her headphones. She asks him when he came home but Eric dismisses it and instead asks if she’s all right. She tells him that she thinks she’s pulled something in her back. Without hesitation, Eric picks Lilly up and carries her to her bed. Lilly is surprised at first, her eyes lingering on his strong arms after she’s set down. Lilly giggles once she’s comfortable, commenting on how STRONG he is.

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