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Slut daughter Gets a New Stepfather

Khloe Kapri arrived home from camp to discover that she has a brand new Step Father. She decided to surprise her mom by not telling her that she was returning. However, she was the one that received the surprise when she discovered her mom fucking who she later discovered to be her new step-father. After she introduced herself she left her mom’s bedroom. However, hours later she ran into her step-dad in the kitchen, where she decided to come on to him and see what made her mom settle down. She reached in his boxers and pulled out his cock. She then, shoved it deep down her throat. Not fully convinced her step father stopped her and went back to bed. While he was in bed, Khloe tipped towed her way in. After waking him up, they got down to business. Khloe’s new step father stretched her tiny little pussy while her mom slept on the same bed. They tried to be quiet as much as possible. Finally she got what she wanted, her step-father’s cum in her mouth.

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Father goes to prison for fucking daughter!

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Daddy`s Anal Slut

Emily Willis has been slutting around at school, and the teen hopes she can sneak past her stepdad Dick Chibbles to wash the sex-fueled writing off her body before he notices. He stops her in the hall and notices the writing beneath her miniskirt instantly. Furious, he tells Emily to go wash herself off. When he barges into the bathroom a moment later to check on Emily, he finds her mostly naked and with writing in even more intimate spots. If Dick’s stepdaughter wants to act like a whore, he decides he’ll treat her like a whore.

Pushing Emily to her knees, Dick pulls out his dick and pulls her head forward so she can start sucking. He has a marker in hand to write on her cheek as she gorges herself on his hardon. Her arms are next, followed by her forehead. When Dick tells Emily to get on the toilet so he can fuck her soiled pussy, she obeys by spreading her thighs. He continues writing on her belly as she smiles her enjoyment of their sexcapades.

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Daughter Slut-Shaming

SCENE OPENS on a vestibule in the early hours of the morning, where 18-year-old teen Veronica (Emily Willis) is trying not to make any noise as she sneaks through the door. After a night of partying, evident by her slightly disheveled look and party clothes, the teen is being careful not to wake her dad. She holds her heels in her hands to make less noise, and starts tiptoeing into the hallway. She makes her way into the kitchen, where she grabs some headache pills for her already developing hangover. Rounding the corner, she’s shocked to see her stepfather Hugo (Steve Holmes), holding a cup of coffee. He has a stern look on his face and a rigid posture. Veronica is embarrassed to have gotten caught but tries to play things cool — ‘hi daddy,’ she says sweetly, ‘uhh, how long have you been up?’ He says long enough to see that she didn’t sleep in her bed last night. She tells him that she was studying at a friend’s house and slept over. Skeptical, he picks up the bottle of pills, saying that apparently math gives her a headache. Veronica sticks to her story, but Hugo isn’t having it, and slams the pill bottle onto the counter angrily as he demands to know what’s going on. Reluctantly, Veronica admits that she was out late at a party. Uncomfortably, clearly not eager to say what she has to say next, she says that she needs a ride to the pharmacy.

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“Dad… Can You Help Me With This??”

My daughter needs help with something, but I’m not sure it’s something a father should help with.. But her sensuality was too much for me to resist.. I give her exactly what she needs – my thick juicy cock! Michele begs for my dick deep in her sweet pussy.. I grab onto her big natural DD titties as I slide my dick in and out of her. As I get closer to cumming, my daughter says “please daddy, I want to taste your cum!” Watch Michele suck me off till I blow my load in her mouth!

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Weekend at Grandpa

Dear Diary,

With my 18th birthday right around the corner I made big plans with my boyfriend. The night of my birthday I was getting ready when my grandfather called. He told me to cancel my plans and he was taking me out making me flush with excitement. My grandfather was a powerful man used to getting what he wanted and I had long hoped to get on his list of favorites.
I immediately called my boyfriend and canceled everything then imagined what it would be like later that night. The thoughts of grandpas strong hands on my body turned me on so much I came right there and had to change my outfit. Grandpa arrived not long after and took me to an amazing dinner.
When we returned to his place his intentions became apparent when his hand brushed my thigh. Next thing I knew grandpa and I were making out in his corvette. He got me so hot we had to go inside soon after and thats when all my fantasies came true. Grandpa was an awesome lover and soon I’ll be his only fuck.

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My Daddy my personal trainer

I met up with a Daddy earlier this week, and she couldn’t stop raving about her new personal Daddy trainer; she said he gave her the best work out she’s ever had! I decide to book Stirling for myself & see what all the fuss is about. He arrives with a couple of weights & we get down to it; however I couldn’t help but notice that he seemed a bit handsy, but he was so hot that I didn’t mind. While I’m lifting deadweights he presses himself up against me and I can feel his big, rock-hard dick. I realise this must be the work out my friend was referring to… I pull Stirlings’ pants down and start sucking his massive cock, before he eats me out & fucks me. We go through a bunch of different positions for oral & fucking before Stirling blows his load all over my face! I can’t help but be a dirty cumslut and lick it off my fingers & rub it in my face?.

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The Ultimate Daddy Compilation!

Daddy/Daughter videos are included at discounted price! This compilation contains: I Cum So Hard to Daddy’s Fingers, Daddy Gives Me a Horse to Fuck, Caught, Spanked And Punished By Daddy, I Swallow Daddys Cum Inside My New Tent, Seduced & Fucked By My Dad in Photoshoot, Daddy Cum To My Coundown JOI, Daddy Wakes Me Up And Fucks Me, Swallow Daddy’s Load as Punishment, Fucking My Daughter While She Plays, and I Sucked My Daddy’s Cock!

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Loves Her Stepfather

Everyone knows that young girls cannot keep their hands off of their stepfathers. That is exactly what happens here, when Lexi Lore starts to have sexual feelings towards her stepfather, Eric John. Lexi lives with the man, so of course, she knows what he likes. She may have even spied on him before. Eric uses his positions of power, and uses the young little vixen so he can be fully pleasured. He gives his stepdaughter his cum, just as she requests.

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Daddy Caught his Daughter Twerking

I am trying to be a YouTube star, and I feel like the best way to do it is to twerk for my webcam. That is what all the boys seem to like. But when my stepdad comes in to the room and catches me, he is pissed as hell! I try to explain myself, but all he wants to do is spank and discipline me. I guess it is not so bad…

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