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Daughter Gets To Wear Her Bathing Suit

Jessa Rhodes has a super skimpy Bikini and she wants to wear to the beach. Jessa is now all grown up and her big tits and tight ass are super enticing. She has also had her eye on her step daddy for a while now. Teasing him in her sexy bikini, she gets all the attention she ever wanted. she begs to take his cock inside her every night while her mommy sleeps. The two make plans to sneak into her room every night and fuck her tight hairless pussy after everyone else has gone to bed for the night. In the end, Jessa is guaranteed to wear anything she wants, whenever she wants.

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Daughter Comes Home For A Visit

Savanna Has been living with her Mother in Montreal for over 18 years. She comes for a visit sporting a sexy french accent and an outfit to match. She is quick to show how much she has missed being home and all the new tricks she has learned with her big tits and tight pussy.

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Wake Up And Fuck Me

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Here To Cheer You Up Daddy

Cali came into daddy’s room to see if he was ok. Mommy and daddy have been fighting so Cali decides she wants to make daddy happy again. she makes daddy happy by giving up her mouth and pussy and taking daddy’s load in the face. one of the best daddy role-play scenes yet!

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Daughter Has Been Doing Slutty Things At Night

Brett was in her room and in trouble. She has been going out late with friends and getting in trouble. Her Mom sends in a man to scold her, but Brett has different ideas. She maybe the step daughter who grew up in the same house as the man, but she isn’t taking no for an answer. Brett puts on the moves to make sure she can stay out late doing slutty things and never get told on again. She is a pro at servicing cocks and makes a deal to be available to make any cock cum harder than her Mommy every could.

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Punished For Having Bad Grades

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A Blowjob For Silence

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Caught With Mommy’s Toy

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Raising Her Responsibilities Daddy fuck Daughter

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