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A Taste Of Father Testicles

My step dad is always concerned that I do not spend enough time with my friends. But all I want to do is spend time with him. Maybe if I taste his cock, he will let me hang out…

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If You Don’t Fuck Me Daddy…

Your manipulative daughter has 4 objectives: 1. Seduce Daddy (or blackmail him if need be) 2. Lose her virginity 3. Replace Mommy 4. Get Pregnant with Daddy’s Baby. Who are you to deny her? She’s planned it all out…even the part where you gave into your lust for her.
I know you and mommy are trying to have another baby. You’re trying to replace me. But daddy don’t you see… I can give you everything you want. I’m so much better than her. I’m ready, I want you to take my virginity… If you don’t I’ll tell everyone you did bad things to me. Is that what you want? Please daddy I want you to do it to me. I want us to be together. I know it will hurt a little… hurt me daddy… hurt me with your cock.

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I love lick Daddy`s Ass

Lyra Lockhart is a hot brunette with a bubble butt that ate her mom’s BF’s asshole before she rode his cock like a mechanical bull!

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Bunny is desperately in love with her father (4K)

Bunny is desperately in love with her stepfather. She wants him to make love to her again the way he did the other day. He’s told her that their encounter was a mistake, but she wants to feel him inside her again. “I know you’re my stepfather, but haven’t you felt the bond between us growing stronger? I think you really enjoyed what we did,” she says as she kisses him, “and I think you’d like to do it again.” She slowly strips for him. Bunny may be misunderstood, but her stepfather is willing to make another mistake.

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My Smoking Hot Stepdaughter

Walked in on stepdaughter masturbating to porn and fucked her like she wanted

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Cheating my Daddy

Hey Daddy. I’m doing well. I heard that you have been having a hard time with some stuff though. Yeah, mommy kind of let the cat out of the bag. She said you have to see a sex therapist now because you have urges you can’t control. I know, she probably shouldn’t have told me that. Is she overreacting? How bad is it? You can’t control yourself at all around a pretty girl? That’s probably why I’m not allowed to have friends over! You know…it’s all starting to make sense now…

It just seems so strange to me. So like…if you are turned on enough… you just don’t care about the consequences anymore? That seems like a tough thing to deal with daddy. You don’t want to discuss this with your little girl any more huh… I’m just curious about it Daddy. I’ve never heard about anyone with this condition. For example, what if I was to offer to take my shirt off? Would you be able to tell me no? Daddy, I’m just asking a hypothetical question.
Seriously, what if I offered to show you my tits?That isn’t a “no” Daddy! You really aren’t able to refuse are you! So lets say I let this slip off a little bit… I can tell you’re starting to get turned on daddy. You want to see more don’t you… you want to see how much your little girl has grown. I know we shouldn’t be doing this, but you can’t help it right? It’s just part of your addiction… you look so conflicted right now… how about we go to my room, and I’ll let you explore the rest of me Daddy…

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Putting My Party Girl to Bed

Ever wonder what it would be like to experience your petite college age daughter? She dresses like a slut, so she must love being fucked like one. You grab a hold of your bulging cock and imagine her pulling her white cotton panties to the side. Vina rubs her clit and begs you to fill her tiny hole up! Your big cock stretches her young cunt to the limit as she bounces up and down on your shaft! Watch her gag on your thick cock and beg to taste her daddy’s load!

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Mommy help Daddy fuck his Daughter

Naomi Blue is acting out and her parents have had enough. All the stress she has been causing them has been keeping them from being able to get frisky in the bedroom. So, when they catch Naomi after she sneaks out of the house, her mom comes up with a punishment. She tells the young rebel to strip down and make it up to her step father by spreading her legs for him. Naomi agrees, and soon has her thick step dad deep inside her young, pink pussy. He thrusts hard, showing her the consequences of her bad behavior while her mom coaches her on how to properly take a fat dick. Well, at least they do not need to go to family therapy anymore!

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Wild Husbandry

Scene One: Breeding

Cory has gone baby crazy and she thinks Bella would be a good name for a daughter. Her husband just rolls over saying they already have a daughter. “I’ve got these big titties, don’t you want to suck on them?” Cory teases. “I’m going to get a beer” he says and leaves before she gets what she wants. “If anyone is going to get a baby it’s going to be me” Michele says, peeping through her parents door.

“You’re going to fuck me and put a baby in me not mom, fuck that bitch” Michele says cornering her dad in the living room. Her hot young body drops to the floor and she puts her dad’s big cock into her warm wet mouth. She can feel her pussy ache with the need for her daddy’s cum. The big cock opens her up and rams her from behind, her tits bouncing to the beat of her dad’s powerful thrusts. Michele breaks under her daddy’s grip and cums as her pussy is filled. As The cum drips out of her Michele is certain that got her pregnant.

Scene Two: Stealing Mom’s Thunder

Cory has been working out and getting her body as hot as she fucking can. There’s no way her husband can resist her now. Putting on some tight fuck me clothes she stands over him while he’s on his phone. She takes off her top and presses her tits into his face but he still ignores her. “Why don’t you just suck my dick” He says angrily.

With a smile Cory goes to work. She’s going to suck his dick so hard that he will have no choice but to fuck her and give her a baby. As she bobs up and down on his cock her daughter Michele walks into the room in her bra and panties. “What’s she doing here?” Cory gasps. He just shoves her head back down on his cock as he plays with his daughter’s tits. “He’s going to get me pregnant mommy” Michele moans as Cory is pushed away and his hot daughter bounces on his dick. Cory can only watch in horror as she’s cucked by her own slutty daughter. “Watch!” Michele demands as her pussy is filled with her daddy’s cum. Throwing some cum into her mother’s face Michele just laughs. “Stupid bitch” Michele giggles.

Scene Three: Double Breeding

Not being able to sleep that night Cory goes into her daughter’s room to confront her. “You need to stop fucking your father!” She demands. “You’re just jealous” Michele screams. They begin to fight as dad walks into the room. “You two stop being little bitches” He says, telling them to pleasure each other for him to watch.

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Like Father, Like Son

They thought you were dreaming away…but the sounds of their lovemaking woke you up. You didn’t know what to think as you saw your daughter slip her brother’s cock in her mouth. You wanted to shout at them to stop, but you couldn’t. They saw you for a second and stopped, but as soon as you went back to pretending, they were back at it. You felt sick to your stomach as your son slipped his cock into your daughter’s pussy. But your dick got so fucking hard watching them fuck… you felt so ashamed for wanting to fuck your daughter just as much as your son did.

The image burns in your mind all through the night after they go off to bed. Watching your daughter fuck and suck cock is driving you insane. You long to feel her pussy on your cock just as her brother did earlier in the night. So you go to her. Her naked body sprawled out on the bed is so gorgeous. She’s a woman now…a woman who knows what to do with her body. You touch her softly…then you slip your cock inside of her. She giggles thinking it’s her brother again back for more of her sweet pussy… but she opens her eyes and sees you. Her Father… She couldn’t be more happy.

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