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A “Talk” with Daddy

Who pays attention at school? There are a lot more interesting things to be done than homework : going to parties with boys, hiding and smoking cigarettes, wearing skanky clothes to get all the attention we deserve, me and my huge boobs. This time apparently I got in trouble with dad, he was so mad about my grades at school. Like I was saying, I don’t pay much attention to school, I patiently wait for the break to socialize with boys and maybe a short fuck in the toilet. But Dad is not so easy to convince, he want to make an example out of me. I was not shy at all, by wearing a short top (you could peek at my titties when I raise my arm even a little) so I started to tease him exactly how I tease the boys I wanna fuck because somewhere deep inside me I knew that he is attracted to me and this attraction was the perfect occasion to distract him from my school results. I even started to masturbate in front of him! After all this (he is a man, after all) he couldn’t resist and joined my game. Oh, daddy’s cock!. After this thought I wet myself! I guess he knows that I fuck around because he decided to administrate me a good correction by putting his huge cock in my little cunt.

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The Taboo initiation of innocent Daughter

Hello my darlings! I’m sure you want to know all about my little adventure! I was using my father’s tablet to browse my facebook last night and I noticed he left a strange tab opened! I go so curious that I checked it out immediately… I had heard about this “porn” stuff but I had never seen it before! I was both excited and horrified, it felt great! But just as I was being mesmerized by this strange new type of show my step-dad entered the room and caught me! I really thought he would yell at me but he didn’t. He was actually very understanding and offered to explain these things to me, and even show me some stuff.
He showed me how to suck a boy’s cock properly, even how to put it all in my mouth… he called it deepthroat! I enjoyed it very much, especially the part when he showed me how to fuck properly… I really liked that! My step-dad is a really great guy, he takes such good care of me!

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Daddy What Happened to My Sister?

SCENE opens inside a taxi cab, as it pulls to a stop. A young man named Rick (Small Hands) stands waiting on the curb, his backpack and a gift bag in hand. He has just arrived home from a trip across the US to ‘discover himself,’ as his father (Steve Holmes) puts it. He gets inside the cab. After giving the address and setting off, Rick and the driver small talk about his trip along the way: places he went, things he saw, and where he’s headed now — back home to his family before starting a job at his father’s company in the fall. The driver makes a joke about having to go home to mom and Rick laughs.

No, no mom. It’s just his dad, his dad’s wife, and his step-sister Josie (Jill Kassidy). He really missed her, and it was just her birthday, so he is excited to give her the gift he found on his travels! The taxi driver says that it’s always good to be a big brother while Rick stares off into the distance. When he enters his home, he is surprised to find it empty. He calls out to his dad, to Deena, his dad’s wife, and to Josie. But nobody replies. Mildly concerned, he walks through the house until he starts to hear sounds coming from his father’s bedroom.

Assuming it’s his father and step-mom, he makes a face and turns to leave when, suddenly, he hears his step-sister’s voice. ‘Daddy …. Daddy please,’ she moans from behind the door. Rick freezes. In horror, he slowly opens the door to reveal Josie bent over the bed being penetrated by his father! The father grunts and thrusts as Josie takes him all in, moaning with pleasure and calling him daddy. Rick can’t believe what he is seeing … yet he can’t look away. Where is his step-mom? What the fuck is his dad thinking? He spies on them for a few moments, trying to take it all in, when suddenly Josie makes eye contact with him. The step-siblings stare at each other. But, instead of reacting, Josie just keeps getting fucked until Rick feels so uncomfortable that he turns away and storms out of the hallway.

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Daddy cum in Daughter`s Mouth

Keilani Kitas mom and her stepdad are going through a nasty split up, and unfortunately, Keilani has to witness it all. According to her mom, Keilanis stepdad just needs to sign some papers and it will all be over. But when they show up at his place, Keilani and her stepdad have some things to sort out. Her mom gives them some privacy, and Keilanis stepdad tries to explain why he and her mom are breaking up. But one thing leads to another, and soon Keilani is cross examining her stepdads long, strong dick. She strokes his cock, telling him that she expected a different type of stepdaughter stepdad bonding before the break up. Then she uses her mouth to pleasure his big rod before letting him eat her tight little Asian cooter. She rides him until he lets his load loose all over Keilanis face and tits, just in time for her mom to come back in and catch them. That will put the stamp on these proceedings!

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My Small Daughter it`s my blowjob Queen

19 year old Alyce Anderson is House she Daddy very first Homecoming Queen and the youngest star we have ever made porn with so far. In this torrid fantasy, Alyce is called into the Vice Principal’s office because she is suspected of blowing the Lacrosse team. Vice Principal is well aware of Alyce’s ambitions about becoming Homecoming Queen and decides to use this opportunity to get a little piece of this young slut’s ass himself.

Vice Principal also knows that Alyce has a poor attendance record which technically disqualifies her from winning the highly coveted crown. With all this dirt on Alyce, she is sure to shut that smart-ass mouth and give him that tight young pussy in exchange for allowing her to win. If Alyce refuses …..well, she gets no crown and she also will have to face the consequences of blowing the Lacrosse team. She will probably be grounded for life, so she is sure to acquiesce. Alyce is NOT going to let that crown get away so she puts on her big girl pants and does what she has to do. She can barely handle it, but in the end she gets her crown…and a face full of Vice Principal cum.

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Daddy fuck High school student Daughter

Liv Revamped is called into her guidance counselor’s office to discuss how many sports games she has been missing. If she continues to miss her sports games she will be in danger of losing her scholarship to college. Liv explains that she wasn’t present at the game last time because she was bitten by a d0.g. My Fyre clearly does not believe her so Liv decides it’s time to prove it and pulls her pants down to show him the wound.

As it happens, Liv decided elected not to wear underwear today and when she shows Mr. Fyre the d0.gbite she also gives him a delicious view of her perfect little 18-year-old ass. Liv sees how distracted Mr. Fyre is by her young body and decides to use this opportunity to ask Mr’ Fyre if there’s any way he can help her. The temptation is simply too much he gives in and takes what Liv is offering. Liv notices his wedding ring and removes it with a smile… Welcome to Home Wrecker High School!

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Schoolgirl gets caught by stepdad

She was trying to get out of the house through her window but in her outrageous heels she just couldn’t manage and got herself stuck. just in time for her stepdad to walk in and check on her…..but she knows what will keep him quiet……

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Daddy Cums Inside His Good Girl

Daddy is welcomed home after a long day at work by his beautiful daughter….

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Dad Aggressively Fucks His Daughter Each Night

SCENE OPENS on an over-the-shoulder tracking shot of Lucy, a 19-year-old teen, as she reads aloud from a Spanish book, talking to her friend Emma through a closed bathroom door. When Emma doesn’t respond, she gets anxious and checks on her, seeing she’s not there. She must’ve left the bathroom using the other door. We follow her in an extended tracking shot as she heads out into the hall and starts looking for her friend – first in the nearby bathroom where Emma was supposed to be, then when she finds it to be empty, she searches the various rooms of her house. She moves at a fast, worried pace, and quickens even more as she gets more and more panicked with each empty room she finds. Every so often, she calls out Emma’s name with increasing panic and volume in her voice.

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My Santa Daddy fuck ME

I finally catch Santa at my house, but little does he know, he is in for one big treat!! I watch him putting presents by the tree, he then eats his mince pie and drinks his milk, so i then decide to walk in on him…
I tell him we are going to have lots of fun together and for him to hold my video camera , so i can watch it back and remember everything I then get on my knees and pull down his trousers and suck on his big hard cock! Mmmm its so big and juicy!! After making him so hard, he then gets behind me and fucks me on the couch, making me scream and moan so loud! He then sits back and lets me ride his hard cock, with my sexy ass cheeks shaking and me moaning loud whilst taking his cock deep in my pussy! After all that hard fucking, Santa finishes off by CUMMING in my mouth and over my face, so i lick and suck on his hard cock until he is nice and clean. I really loved emptying his sack.

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