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Dillion Carter in Thanking Daddy

Scene One: Back from school.

Your daughter Dillion has just graduated college but can’t find a job. After weeks of looking she finally found one, but it doesn’t have anything to do with her degree. She calls you into the living room to thank you for everything you have done for her. Paying for college, letting her live with you. But she needs to start making her own way through the world and being a stripper is a good way to start making money.
Your not happy about your daughter stripping and grinding on strange men. Dillion starts to dance for you to show you how good she can strip and to ask for you to give her pointers. She takes off her cloths leaving you speechless. “Do you like it? Daddy are you getting a boner?” she asks unzipping your pants. “Oh Daddy” she giggles as she puts your cock into her mouth. Your daughter sucks you, begging for your cum until you explode in her mouth. Drinking it all down she tells you “Thank you daddy”

Scene Two: Daddy’s Fantasy

Her dad’s hard cock has been on her mind all night long. Dillion can’t control her thoughts and her pussy aches with need. Standing naked outside his room she rubs herself debating going in. She’s so horny that she takes a chance and sneaks in.
So she slowly pulls down his shorts, careful not to wake him and begins to suck on his cock. It gets hard in her mouth as he dreams of his daughter. Rock hard, she slides onto him and rides him. She loses herself in fucking him getting off. Suddenly he jerks and cums inside her.

Scene Three: Dillion’s Fantasy

Dillion’s father has been dreaming of her non-stop. He has been having the most intense sexual dreams about her. He can’t help but sneak into her room to find her naked on top of her sheets. He reaches out a hand to touch her warm body and he is driven with need.

He pushes his cock into her and thrusts. He fucks her faster and faster. Dillion has fantasized about fucking her dad as her dad fucks her. Her hand softly touches her breasts as she’s fucked. With one last thrust he cums inside her and quickly leaves. Dillion’s eyes flutter as she feels herself. “Why am I so wet?” she asks. Looking around the room she finds her fathers shirt.

Scene Four: The talk

Dillion wants to talk to you about what happened last night. She found your pants on her bed and knows you fucked her while she slept. But what you don’t know is that she did the same thing to you. That dream you had wasn’t a dream but your own daughter fucking you silly. With all the emotions out in the air, father and daughter come together.
You take off your daughter bra and play with her large tits. She strips out of her clothes and sucks you hard before she rides on top of you, right there on the living room floor. You push her up against the couch and fuck her from behind, thrusting deep inside her tight pussy. As you get to the edge of cumming she gets to the floor and you shoot your cum into her mouth. Drinking it, with cum covering her lips, Dillion tells her that she will fuck you any time you want.

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Homemade Incest Video – Father fucking his Teen daughter

Now that this girl are 18, she desperately want to feel a dick deep inside he tight teen snatch. So she call upon their own father to give her the hard fucking she deserve!

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Little girl take her daddy in ass and lick his asshole

Nubile brunette cutie Tanner Mayes lays on her bed and reads from her diary while dressed in a skimpy outfit. She gets horny as she remembers her sexual exploits with her boyfriend, so she strips naked before going to take a shower. While she enjoys the hot water, her step-father enters her bedroom and finds her diary open on her bed. He’s angry by what he reads.. but strangely aroused as well. And he decides to punish the little slut when she gets back in the bedroom. He makes her suck his cock and give him a rimjob, and he fucks her doggy style, missionary, and cowgirl before he finally gives her a facial.

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My StepDaughter Ate My Ass

Naughty little Latin whore, Eve Evans accidentally let her step-dad, John Strong read her private diary entries about her absolute love for ass-licking. Threatened with the idea of her real mom knowing her taboo secrets, she unbuckles John’s pants before he can protest. This knee-high socked cutie gobbles down his dick and sweetly hums while doing it. Then, John lifts his legs high in the air like he’s doing yoga and gives his hottie step-daughter full, unrestricted access to lap up his bunghole! Watch perverted, but adorable Eve get her teen pussy smashed all to hell!

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Nikki Mae in Daddy My Ass is Yours – Dinner Time Anal

Nikki had two surprises for her Daddy tonight. First was to cook his favorite meal, Spaghetti with Meatballs…Grandma passed down the recipe to Nikki and Daddy loved Spaghetti with Meatballs.. Dad was driving home from work and could not forget that amazing blowjob Nikki gave just before he left…His cock was raging all day and he had a difficult time hiding his boner from co-workers…Now if his coworkers found out why there was a bulge in his pants, his career would be over…Dad pulled into the driveway and could smell a familiar aroma coming from the kitchen…He walked in to find Nikki Cooking…He quickly smacked her on the ass startling Nikki…He then smacked Nikki on the ass again…Nikki thought Daddy was upset but he calmed her nerves by rubbing down her smooth and round ass…Nikki smiled at Daddy and said dinner was the first surprise of the day…But there was one more big surprise…Tonight Nikki’s ass truly belongs to Daddy… Nikki only wanted to make Daddy happy and agreed to give up her precious ass to Daddy…Tonight Daddy would fuck Nikki in the ass…

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Following Dad to the Gym

In the living room Daughter is dressed to head out and meet up with her friends. She tells her Mom her plans. Dad walks in and tells Cory he’s going out to the gym. On his way out, the dad is brought into the garage by the daughter. She wants another go at it before she heads out. They start fucking in beside the car. Cory abruptly walks in during the action to get something in the garage, while they hide for a moment. Cory cannot locate the item for which she entered garage. Mom the leaves the garage and they once again freely engage in dirty talk and sex. Since the Daughter is short on time to meet up with her friends, and it would look suspicious if she comes back home for some reason, she does a swallow finish. She cleans off her dad’s cock and goes on her way, while the dad enters the house, sweaty and worked up like he DID just go to the gym.

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Daddy fill my pussy up with your sperm

Ok” Anabelle says hanging up the phone. Her boyfriend just told her that he’s been seeing another girl. Anabelle is crushed and calls her dad to her. Her father is a famous psychologist, dealing in self improvement, trance and mind control. “I can’t stand it thinking about him, help me forget daddy. Take every thought from my mind. I want to be blank completely”
Reluctantly he agrees putting her under, removing every thought she ever had. She looks at her daddy saying “I want to be your mindless slut daddy” He is shocked, where the hell did that come from. Anabelle’s subconscious is speaking, letting her say what she has always wanted to say. “I want to suck your cock daddy” She sucks on his cock getting him hard before laying down and begging him to fuck her.

Scene Two: I want to be mindless all the time

The trance slowly wears off and thoughts flood back into Anabelle’s head. It felt so good being a mindless object she doesn’t want it to stop. “Tell me what to do and what to say daddy I want to be yours”
She obeys his commands forgetting everything she ever thought as her daddy fucks it out of her. He cums inside her tight pussy and she thanks her daddy for helping her forget.

Scene Three: I can’t stop cumming

The next day Anabelle is so horny, more than she has ever been in her entire life. She rubs herself moaning for daddy and looking at porn. She cums hard, but instead of relieving her it makes her more turned on. She has to get some cock now!
Daddy is the only one around and she begs him to fuck her. Something must have gone wrong with the mind control because she sucks and fucks him with almost endless orgasm.

Scene Four: You own me

Waiting for daddy to get home dressed in lingerie Anabelle’s legs are spread and her big tits are spilling out of her bra. “Welcome home daddy, I’m your slutty little girl” she says. She only lives for his cock, her mind full of thoughts of him.
She degrades herself to turn him on. “Fuck me daddy, fuck your little whore” She desperately wants his cum in her pussy and begs him for it saying over and over “Daddy cum in my pussy, I want your baby Daddy.” Alora tightens her pussy just as Daddy is about to cum, he cannot pull out or stop. He fills Alora’s pussy until he is completely empty.
Alora finally releases her grip leaving Daddy in shock but Alora now has everything she ever wanted.

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Daisy Gets A Taste (Daisy’s Daddy Desires)

After that special night with Daddy I really started craving his special attention even more. Last night Daddy was in the shower and I stripped naked and joined him. His hands on my body made me shiver and his cock got really hard. I knelt down and sucked it for a bit then Daddy pulled me to my feet. He bent me over against the glass wall and entered me from behind. My pussy was still really tight but he managed to get inside me. He slowly fucked me til my first orgasm then he started going faster. Between the hot water and Daddys cock I was cumming like crazy. After cumming several times I asked Daddy if I could taste his cum and he blew a huge load in my mouth. Surprisingly it tasted pretty good too.

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Pregnant Sister Fuck Her Little Bro

Alyssa Hart Pregnant Slut  – When we last saw Alyssa she was fucking her daddy so she could have a slumber party. She was shocked when he came inside her unexpectedly and worried she might be pregnant. Alyssa didnt become pregnant that time but she began fucking all of her family members from that point on. She became such a slut her mother started escorting her out. Alyssa eventually became pregnant and such a popular hooker that a producer wanted to shoot a documentary about her whorish life. This is the story about a horny slut that became the most popular whore in town

Day 3

Yesterday Alyssas brother told his friend to go to the house to have his sister give him a blowjob. She was a little upset about it but she told him hed have to make it up to her. This is how he did it
Alyssas brother Huff was watching TV when she came out of their dads room asking Guess what? He brother asks and she tells him their Dad has left to take his fuck from last night home. Lets go play on the new bed she says. They jump on the bed and Alyssa shouts Look its a cum stain! She tells her brother they should make their own stain. He agrees and she tells him to get undressed. She sucks her brothers cock and he tells her shes does it really good. I practice on dad she tells him.
Once she has his midget dick hard she climbs on top and slides him into her tight young pregnant pussy. Alyssa bounces up and down on his cock until the baby kicks and she changes to doggystyle. Smack my ass brother she tells him. Huff gives her a swat and then grabs her pigtail and pulls them back like reins. This is better than cowboys and Indians she laughs. He fucks her hard from behind making her belly jiggle. FUCK MY PREGNANT PUSSY she shouts.
Alyssa lies on her side so she can relax while he pounds her. Think dad would be mad if he knew we were fucking on his new bed? he asked. She laughed and said I dont care if he gets mad but youre going to pound the baby right out of me. He grabs the lube and jerks off onto her enlarged tits and pregnant belly. I know youre not a virgin sis but youre pregnant pussy sure is as tight as one!

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Stepdad Timestop to Fuck Daughter

Lumin and Torro Bravo – Lumin is home from school, reading a book in her living room when Torro, her new step-dad comes in to see how she’s doing. He starts to touch her, and she tries to get away, but Torro timestops her before she reaches the door. He picks her up and puts her in the middle of the room and pulls her top down, then restarts her, she pulls her top back on and Torro stops time again then strips her completely. Torro then holds her in his arms and starts to kiss her and unfreezes her again, she pulls away from him, but he stops her again before she can get away. He pulls out his cock and puts her hand on it and continues to tease her by unfreezing her and freezing her again, then he puts her on her knees and puts his cock in her mouth, he fucks her timestopped face, then unfreezes her, she see’s her step dads cock in her mouth and tries to get away, but he freezes her and lays her down and fucks until he cums.

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