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Fucking her Dad for higher Allowance

Melanie learned of a new “trick” from her friend Nicole. Nicole has been giving her Dad Topless Handjobs….in exchange for a higher Allowance. Melanie wants to try it out on her Dad…so equipped with a bottle of baby oil, and a box of Kleenex, Melanie goes to see her Dad. Melanie bounces the concept off her Dad….who is somewhat reluctant to go along…..so Melanie takes her shirt off, to show her dad that she has BIG….BEAUTIFUL TITS!!! After seeing the spectacular natural breasts of his well endowed Daughter, Dad agrees to the Topless Handjob for a raise in Allowance. After Melaniestrokes him for a few minutes….Dad gets into the spirit of the exercise…..and offers Melanie another $50 in Allowance…if she’ll put it in her mouth!! Enterprising Melanie immediately scarfs down her Daddy’s cock. After some good cock sucking….Dad ups the ante again….offering his busty Daughter $100 raise in Allowance….if she’ll let him fuck her!!! Melanie agrees….and climbs on top of Daddy’s hard cock and rides him. Dad finishes by using his little Pumpkin as a cum dumpster….as he soaks her in sperm!! Dad feels better….and Melanie has a nice raise in her Allowance!!

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Daughter have Attitude problem

Melanie has an Attitude Problem. No doubt about it…..a BIG Attitude Problem!! Dad gets a phone call from the Principal saying that…..once again….Melanie skipped school today. dad is furious….and tells the Principal that he will take stern action when Melanie gets home. When she arrives home…..chewing bubble gum…..blowing bubbles….full of Attitude…..Melanie is confronted by her Dad about skipping class. Angry Dad tells her that she is Grounded for two weeks for her actions….effective immediately. Melanie tells her Dad that Grounding is….in her words….”unacceptable”…..and she simply takes off the shirt from her school uniform to unveil her Giant Tits. Melanie points to her Tits….then caresses her Daddy’s crotch…..and tells him that there “must be another solution”. Dad is putty in Melanie’s hands….staring at her Big Tits with his jaw open. Melanie quickly puts Dad’s cock in her mouth, and begins to Suck away her Grounding!! To cinch the deal…..Melanie sits on Dad’s face, and lets him taste her sweet young cunt $ asshole, before letting him give her a good, hard Pounding. Needless to say….Dad is spent….and Melanieis free to come and go as she pleases. Girls with Big Tits don’t get “Grounded”.

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On Daddy’s Desk – Daddy I Wasn’t Sleepwalking

Dear Diary,
I went to the Dr the other day because I’m about a week late, sure enough I’m pregnant. I went by the office to tell Daddy the good news but we were so hot for each other I never had the chance.
He fucked me all over his desk and when we were done he remembered to pull out and aim all over my tummy. I didn’t have the heart to tell him then but I have to soon, He’s gotta divorce mommie so we can raise our family. The courts may think its a bit weird but at least we don’t share the same DNA.

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Kissing her Daddy in Nasty Way

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Father preparing Velma for Job

Velma has finally gotten an interview as a calendar model. She is dressed nicely and asks her dad to help her prepare by pretending to be the interviewer. He asks her some uncomfortable questions about her sex life like how many times does she masturbate a week and if she looks at porn. She answers then tells him that they will not be asking these types of questions and the father replies that they will. He asks her to model for him. Velma strips off her clothing to her sexy tiny swim suite underneath. She models her hot body for him not quite sure of herself. He tells her that if she really wants the job than she will have to do more than model. She gets on her hands and knees and crawls to him and begins to suck on his cock. “Like this daddy?” she asks as she works his shaft and balls with her hands and mouth. He takes off her swim suite and fucks her on the couch. She is very vocal as she fucks him begging him to give her the job, and telling him he can cum inside her if she is hired. The dad can’t handle his daughter begging him to cum inside her and explodes. His creamy cum is warm inside her pussy, and she puts the swim suite back on her cum filled pussy shaking her ass getting used to the squishy feel. I think she will get the job.

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Father using his sleeping daughter

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THE COMPLETE FAMILY ALBUM OF A BEAUTIFUL 18 YEAR OLD GIRL!!! SKYLA GETS WHATEVER SKYLA WANTS!!!! Skyla knows how to get whatever she wants…..by being “nice” to her Daddy!!!! Here is her Stunning Family Album!! Included are : “Breaking Curfew” “Wrapped Around My Finger ” “Louis Vuitton Purse” “Daddy Sleepwalks” & “Daddy Called Me A Slut”.

Scene 1: Breaking Curfew – Skyla has returned home….VERY VERY late at night….well past her Curfew. Her Dad is waiting up for her, and he is furious!!! It is past 3:00 AM!!! To make things even worse….Skyla is Relaxed!!! VERY VERY Relaxed!! Skyla’s Dad tells her that she is Grounded for two weeks for Breaking Curfew…but she is so tipsy, that Shyla decides to “seduce” her own Dad…to convince him to let her off. Before he can protest her advances….Skyla has his pants down and his cock in her mouth!!! When he is hard…the Relaxed Skyla bends over the bar….and her Dad shoves it into her from behind!!Skyla screams in pain because her Dad’s cock is so big!! they Fuck hard until Skyla takes her Dad’s load right in the mouth!! Dad promises that the Grounding is off….as long as Skyla Breaks Curfew again the next night!!! Ha Ha Ha!!

Scene 2: Daddy Called Me a Slut – Skyla’s Dad is furious with her for two reasons. He found her Report Card……and she is failing EVERYTHING….plus…..he is NOT impressed with the way she dresses for School…a Catholic School no less…..and he calls her a Slut!! Skyla cries, and tells her Dad that boys won’t notice her unless she dresses sexy. Dad has heard enough….failing Report Cards…Dressing like a Slut….boys…..he tells Skyla that if she is going to act like a Slut……she is going to be treated like a Slut…..and he brings out his cock and tells her to Suck it…like a Slut!! Skyla is very upset, but obeys her Father….and begins to Suck on his big penis….stopping briefly to declare how “disgusting” it is that she is being Forced to Suck her Dad’s cock. Things will get worse for her before they get better, however….as her Dad instructs her to get on top of his big cock and insert it into her Slutty vagina!! Poor Skyla must ride her Daddy’s cock while he Fucks her very hard until he cums. Skyla is then dismissed….and told to go to her room and clean up for Dinner.

Scene 3: Daddy Sleepwalks – Skyla was just out of the shower….talking to her girlfriend, Jennifer, on the phone….when something bad happened! REALLY, REALLY BAD!!! As Skyla is on her bed, wearing nothing but a towel….her Dad walks in…..problem is….he’s not awake….he’s Sleepwalking!!! Skyla tells her girlfriend how terrified she is….as her Dad sits down on her bed, and begins to caress her leg…and then starts to lick her cunt!!! Panic-Stricken….but knowing that it is dangerous to wake up a Sleepwalker….Skyla can only hold her breath in terror as her Dad licks her Pussy. “Oh No Jen!!!….he thinks I’m Mom!!! Mom always said that Daddy gets horny when he’s tired……”. Skyla hangs up the phone…and her nightmare only gets worse, as her Dad shove his penis inside her mouth, and Forced her to Suck it!! Afraid to wake him up….Skyla lets her Dad shove his cock in and out of her mouth. When his cock has grown to a MASSIVE size….Skyla’s Dad…calling her “Evelyn (her Mom’s name)…bends Skyla over…and begins to Fuck her very hard. Calling her Evelyn over and over….Skyla’s Dad gives her a real Pounding, before he ultimately shoots his load all over Skyla’s stomach. Poor, young Skyla is in tears as her Dad calmly Sleepwalks back to his own room…leaving her covered in sperm!!!

Scene 4: Louis Vuitton Purse – Skyla is a very spoiled young girl….who is used to getting what she wants ALL the time. Skyla has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger, and she usually just needs to smile and pout….and Daddy gives her whatever she wants. Today, however, Skyla’s “wish-list” spirals a little bit out of control!! When she returns home from the Mall, and finds a whole in her purse….Skyla decides that she wants a brand new purse….a LOUIS VUITTON PURSE!!! Problem is…they start @ $1200!!!! Skyla calls in her Dad and tells him her “predicament”, but Dad tells her that there is NO WAY she is going to get a $1200 Purse. Skyla whines for a while and tries to convince her Dad to spoil her….but no luck this time. Dad tells Skyla that for a Present this expensive, she is going to have to earn it.Skyla is about to discover that her Dad is a Pervert…a real SICK Pervert. When Skyla asks how she can “earn” the Purse….her Dad confides to her that he has a Foot Fetish…and he has always admired her feet…so if she’ll let him lick her feet…then “maybe” he’ll consider buying the Purse. Skyla tells her Dad that her feet are stinky…but agrees to let him suck them. Dad devours her feet (they are SPECTACULAR btw)….but then Dad makes an additional demand…he wants to lick her Pussy too!! Skyla is disgusted by the request…but she wants the Purse so bad…she peels off her jeans and cringes as her Dad goes down on her. To make matters even more difficult….and to disgust Skyla even more…Dad wants to eat out her Asshole!!! Skyla can’t believe it!! Her Dad attacks her Asshole….sticking his tongue all the way up inside…and drooling over it!! Skyla tells her Daddy that what he is doing is “gross and disgusting”…but he is enjoying it immensely!! In order for her to get her Purse…Dad has one more inappropriate demand for his Daughter…he wants to Fuck her!!! Skyla makes him promise that if she allows him to do that…that she will get the Purse for sure. dad makes her the promise…and Skyla is crying as her Dad Pounds away at her….Fucking her very hard…and leaving a Giant pool of cum on her young stomach!!!

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Molly has come to a decision. She WANTS A BABY!!! She is explaining her decision to her Dad……she explains that she wants to have a baby while she is young….so that she and the baby will be close in age….and will be best friends some day. Dad is against the idea, telling her that she is not old enough or mature enough to be a Mother. Dad is angry when he finds out that Molly has been having sex with every single boy she can find….in an effort to get Pregnant! Dad comes to the conclusion that, if Molly is adamant about becoming Pregnant….maybe it’s best that he is the one to knock her up….rather than some random stranger. Molly is thrilled with that idea…..convinced that Daddy making her Pregnant will ensure that the baby looks like her!! Molly takes her dress off, and lets her Daddy lick her Pussy, in preparation for intercourse. Molly sucks her Daddy’s cock, and then mounts her Daddy….only to discover that her Daddy’s cock is HUGE….and it hurts!!! Molly cries as Dad tries to shove his big cock into her tiny cunt….but Dad tells her that giving birth will be even more painful….so Molly perseveres. She manages to let Dad pound away at her with his Giant cock, until he fills her up, with what she calls “Baby-Makers”. Molly is careful to keep all the Baby-Makers inside her as she holds her knees to her chest.

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Step dad forces himself inside his daughter

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A new toy for your favorite little 18yr old girl

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