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Supportive Stepdad

Tommy is sitting with a book minding his own business when his step-daughter Keisha Grey is heard pacing back and forth preparing something behind him. This behavior is not common for Keisha, so he knows something is up. After all the money he’s given Keisha to start up her own business, Keisha isn’t doing so well with the usual massage, and found a more lucrative alternative to the standard treatment, a treatment we are all very familiar with: Nuru Massage. Keisha is eager to show her daddy exactly what Nuru is. Tommy thinks his eyes are playing tricks on him turning around seeing his daughter in a silky bathrobe and a hot pink bra exposing her huge nubile boobs. Nonetheless, Tommy is supportive of her daughters dreams, but this clueless daddy never thought that taking off all of his clothes would lead to a field day of cock sucking and realizing his daughter’s ultimate fantasy of having her daddy fill her pussy hole with his hard cock!

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Cali Sparks in Daddy Issues

Daughter comes home at night from a dance. She is wearing a nice dress. Dad is buzzed. He asks her how the dance was. She says it was nice. He tells her she is as beautiful as her mother was at that age. He drunkenly asks her if she can dance. She laughingly agrees. She begins to slow dance. He nuzzles her butt, strokes her legs, etc. She acts a little nervous but doesn’t resist. He reaches up under her skirt and rips off her panties, she looks up at himself lustfully, and pulls up her skirt, he unzips his pants, pulls out his pecker, and they have sex bent over the couch. She cries out when he first enters her, she is losing her virginity. Afterwards she collapses into his arms and he picks her up and carries her into his bedroom. Very slow, gentle, and romantic.

Scene Two: I Love You Too Daddy

He lays her on his bed and very slowly and gently undresses her and then himself. He gets on top of her and tells her how much he loves her and she says, “I love you too Daddy.” They make love in the missionary position for along time; lots of gentle kissing and “I love you.” He guides her into the doggy style position and have sex until she comes with a small cry and him with a loud grunt. Again; very slow, gentle, and romantic until the last part.

Scene Three: Punish My Pussy Daddy

The next morning Daughter wants rough sex. She smacks her Daddy to wake him up and demands sex. Mom never let Dad fuck her this way and he could not refuse. Dad flips Cali over and fucks her hard in multiple positions.

Scene Four: Almost

Mom is in the other room when Daughter walks in. She is hungry for cock and force’s her Daddy to fuck her. Dad points at the other room, but Cali does not care. She pulls off his shorts and begins to ride Daddy. They hear Mom walking into the room. Before they could separate, Daddy covers his naked daughter with her skirt. Mom notices something is up and asks Daughter if she wants to go shopping later. Daughter says “yes” as Mom walks away.
Daughter does not waste time and continues riding Daddy. This time Cali wants Daddy’s cum in her mouth and begs for his cum.

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Cum In Me Again Daddy

Dear Diary
Since Daddy and I had those amazing nights I’ve been taking advantage of every moment we get. Even if it’s only a quickie when mommy runs to the store thats enough. Since we’ve had so many encounters it’s even gotten to the point where I want Daddy to cum in me. Something about the possibility of Daddy getting me pregnant is really turning me on.
Love Kate


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Daughter Unbound

Daughter comes home late at night. Dad confronts her and she mouths off about not having to listen to him. He slaps her across the face sending her flying on the couch. He gets on top of her, his knees pinning her shoulders down, slaps her a couple of times more across the face. Undoes his pants and she gives him head. He rips her shirt open and pulls his pants down while calling her names like, bitch and ungrateful bitch throughout the sex.
Brooke is walking down the hallway at night. Father blocks her way, she tries to go around him but he pushes her up against the wall pinning her there with his body weight. He grabs her face in with one hand and tries to kiss her while he roughly squeezes her boobs and between her legs with the other hand. She starts to cry and he clamps his hand over her mouth, she continues to cry through his hand. With his other hand he unzips his pants and pulls out his pecker, he grabs her hand and she gives him a blow job. He then throws her to the couch and continues the sex. Afterwards he walks away and she collapses to the floor sobbing.
Brooke is asleep on her side in bed, under the covers, wearing modest white panties and a top. Dad comes in and takes his shorts off. VERY slowly he pulls the covers back, eases her on her back taking great care not to wake her, he lifts up her blouse and exposes her breasts, he pulls her panties off and pulls her legs apart. Her eyes pop open and she opens her mouth to scream. He jumps on her and clamps his hand over her mouth and starts screwing her, slamming in and out of her very hard. She flails her arms and legs about and tries to push him off while he is screwing her. Afterward he leaves and she curls up into a ball and cries.


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Daddy’s Sex Ed Lesson

Dear diary
I don’t know what’s come over me but I’m glad it did. The other day we were covering reproduction in my sex ed class and I started feeling like I wanted a baby. When I got home nobody else was there but Dad and my hormones got the better of me.
I told daddy about my desires and he tried to resist but I wouldn’t let him. Before he could stop me i had his cock in my mouth and rock hard. I finally got him the fuck me just like my fantasy. He tried to stop before he came but I insisted he filled me with his seed and he did. Hopefully we’ll have a baby soon.
Love Lila

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Drinking With Daddy

Dear Diary
Living with 2 sisters is really difficult sometimes so when Daddy offered to take me to the beach house I was happy for the break. The first evening there I went in to thank Daddy and watch some tv. We started talking and I asked him for a sip of his drink. Daddy let me have quite a bit and then things got strange.
My own father started hitting on me and groping my breasts. I tried to resist but in truth it turned me on. Daddy was so different from my other boys and made my body tingle at his every touch.
Between being tipsy and really horny Daddy soon had me naked and sucking his cock. It was much bigger than I expected so I was a bit afraid but when I sat on Daddys lap it slid in my pussy just fine. Daddy did things to me no other boy has and it was very orgasmic until daddy blew his cum inside me not realizing I wasn’t on the pill. This could be very bad. Wish me luck.
Xo Lilith

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Help Me Stretch, Daddy

Oh, thanks for helping me Daddy! It’s so important to squeeze in a post-workout stretch, right? Ohh that feels so good… Okay, I think just one more stretch will do it–Ah, Daddy, you’re hard! Right in the middle of the living room? Daddy, what if Mommy walked in on this? What we’re doing is bad. I shouldn’t allow this.. YOU shouldn’t allow this! … I promise not to tell Mommy, though. And your cock always feels so good in me. I guess it’s okay if you tie my legs. I’ll use my free hands to stretch my pussy wide for you. That’s what you want to do, right Daddy? You want to help stretch me out?

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Little blonde daughter jumping on her daddy

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Kate England is Obsessive Compulsive Daughter

Over the past few weeks I’ve been strangely obsessed with balls. I catch myself spending lots more time playing with them… especially daddy’s! The other night I came home and went straight to daddy’s room. I pulled back the covers and I played with his balls before he woke up. My licking sucking and teasing did the trick though cause daddy was rarin to go. I straddled his cock and played with daddy’s balls while I rode him. He even came all over my pussy which turns me on too but not as much as balls.

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Skinny Daughter Want to be a Nudist

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