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Horny Daughter Veronica Combo

Who will be the dad?
Veronica is waiting for Uncle Joe to come over. She is hot for him after the last time she fucked him and her dad. Uncle Joe arrives and is surprised to see his niece laying there naked. She starts seducing him by sucking his cock. Then she gets on her back and lets him fuck her. She is so horny, she lets him cum inside of her even though she is not on birth control! Dad comes home and is not happy at what he sees. Veronica starts to seduce her Dad while Uncle Joe leaves. She sucks Daddy’s cock and then lets Daddy fuck her hard! Dad cums in her pussy too! If she gets pregnant, who would the dad be?

Fucking daughter next to Uncle Joe
Uncle Joe sits Veronica down for a talk. He wants Veronica to stop fucking her Dad and anyone else except him. She is reluctant because she loves to fuck but she eventually agrees. To ensure that she does not sneak out and fuck someone, he has her sleep in the bed right next to him. As soon as he is asleep, Dad sneaks in and tells Veronica he wants to fuck her. She tells him Uncle Joe forbids it, so Dad says let’s fuck right here on the bed next to him while he is sleeping! He starts fucking her and Veronica is so worked up, that she grabs Uncle Joe’s cock and starts to suck it. Uncle Joe is having a dream about hot girls and starts talking in his sleep but never wakes up! Dad finally shoots his load on his daughter’s pussy and quickly sneaks back out of the room!

Daughter, Dad and Uncle Joe
Tony and Joe are hanging out at Tony’s house when Tony’s daughter veronica comes into the room to show off some new outfits that she bought at the mall. She gets her Uncle Joe all worked up and he starts to fondle her. Then Dad gets into the act and starts to feel her up also. veronica sucks her Uncle’s dick while Dad fucks her from behind. Uncle Joe cums in veronica’s mouth and then she gets on top of Dad and fucks him until he cums!!

3 loads – (Pussy, tits, and mouth)
Tony brings his daughter in to have a talk with her about rumors he has heard about her being a slut. He decides to punish her by grounding her. No going out, no computer, nothing. He leaves the room. Soon after Uncle Joe walks in, Veronica tells him about how she has been grounded and cannot get out to fuck her boyfriends. Uncle Joe says he can help her, he can fuck her. He proceeds to suck her pussy and she sucks his cock. He fucks her and shoots a load in her pussy. He lies on the couch to take a nap and dad walks in and sees her getting dressed. How dare she disobey him! Now she is gonna get it, he will tell Mom. She will get the most severe punishment from her Mom. Veronica begs him not to tell her, she says they can work something out. She strips down and drops to her knees and sucks her daddy’s cock. Then she bends over the bench for him to fuck her from behind. They end up on the floor with Daddy on top. He fucks her hard and then pulls out and cums on her tits! As he is cumming, Uncle Joe walks in and dad says, hey, you already did her, you may as well do her again. Uncle Joe fucks her again and he ends up cumming in her mouth this time! She has now had cum in her pussy, in her mouth and on her tits! She is starting to love this punishment!

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Daddy’s Discipline for Bad Daughters (Compilation)

Daddy is My Anti-Drug

I like to party. Actually I REALLY like to party. But I don’t mess with the hard stuff anymore. Just herb. I don’t think it’s a big deal. I’m a big girl now, I’m 19, I can make my own decisions. My Dad thinks differently though. He freaked out the other night when he came home early from work and caught me raiding the fridge because I had the munchies. I told him I wasn’t high, but then he saw my glass pipe sitting on the counter, and I was busted! Dad is so old fashioned, he said he won’t have his daughter smoking that stuff under his roof, and that he had to punish me. My Dad has a strange way of punishing me, but his house his rules, I guess. After my Dad finished pounding my little pussy and came all over my face, I realized maybe he was right after all. But I’m still going to smoke, it’ll just give Dad a reason to punish me again;-) ***Staring Marina Angel***

Only a Whore for Daddy

I don’t know whats gotten into me lately but I’ve started to really like boys. I used to hate them. I thought they were all smelly and dumb. But I’ve started to think some of them are really cute. I even started sending them naked pictures on my cell phone. My Daddy caught me the other day and he was really mad. He said I was too young to be doing things like that. Daddy sat me on his lap and told me sex is only for people you’re in love with. He said that I didn’t know anything about it but he said it was time for me to learn. Daddy told me I still had to be punished so he put me over his knee and spanked me. Then Daddy taught me what oral sex is. Daddy took off my panties and spread my legs, it felt really good to get licked down there! Then Daddy pulled out his big cock and told me to suck it, I got almost all of it my mouth. Daddy said I did so good with oral we could go on to the next lesson. He bent me over and fucked me me from behind, it hurt at first and then it felt Awesome!!! Daddy fucked me all kinds of ways — just like I’ve seen in the magazines Daddy keeps under his bed. Finally Daddy put me on my knees and came on my face. It tasted great — a little salty though. I’m so glad Daddy took the time to teach me about sex. From now on I won’t be flirting with any more boys, I only want to be a whore for my Daddy:-) ***Starring Esmi Lee***

Dad Helps Me Quit Smoking

Hi, its Molly:-) My Dad is such a crazy asshole sometimes..Lol. I’m a big girl and I can make my own decisions!!!! Like the other night my Dad was pounding beers and he kept making me sit on his lap and listen to his dumb stories- just so he could grab my tits btw. So I got up and went to my bathroom to smoke a cigarette and get some peace for a minute. I only get a few drags and my Dad barges in and throws my smoke in the toilet!! He starts yelling at me that this is his house and I’m not allowed to smoke inside. I LIVE HERE TOO!!! And Mom said she didn’t care as long as I opened the window. Anyway, my Dad is so dramatic sometimes! – he bent me over the sink and started spanking me. And if that wasn’t bad enough he made me get on my knees and HE PULLED HIS COCK OUT!!! What a perv… He made me jerk his wiener and kept telling me what a bad daughter I was and even kept slapping me when I talked back. But it gets worse- after I wouldn’t suck it he made me sit on the sink and started grabbing my tits and pussy. AND THEN MY DAD PUT HIS DICK IN ME!! IT HURT!!! He kept telling me it was to teach me a lesson- but I think he’s just looking for any excuse to do me because he’s tired of screwing Mom… My Dad somehow thinks putting his fat dick in me is going to make me not smoke anymore… I just know I have to do what he wants if I don’t want to be punished even worse. Dad kept slamming his dick into me and making me promise to be good. I guess it started to work. My Dad’s dick started to feel REALLY GOOD!! I didn’t want too but I started getting really turned on and I CAME ALL OVER DADDY’S COCK!!! I guess he is kinda good at sex… Then He made me get on my knees and jerk his dick until he came on my big tits. I still think I should be able to smoke because I’m a big girl and I get stressed out sometimes…but I guess I’ll try asking Dad for help next time I want a cigarette….or not Wink

Dyke Daughter Punished With Cock

My Daughter is totally out of control! She doesn’t have a job, she stays out all night getting stoned with loser hipsters, and to top it off — SHE’S A LESBIAN!!! I didn’t raise my daughter to act this way. So when I got home from work and saw that my daughter STILL hadn’t cleaned the kitchen, I decided to try a new kind of discipline with her. I bent my daughter over and spanked her ass red, something I should have been doing all along, then I pulled my cock out and told her to suck it. She’d never even seen a cock up close before! She said I was crazy and asked if I’d started drinking again — I told her that wasn’t important. What was important was that she was going to start following my new rules if she didn’t want to get kicked out of the house. I think I did a pretty thorough job of face fucking my daughter. She almost seemed to like it by the the time I was done. It’s good to know my daughter is back on the right track.

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Dirty-talking daughter get fucked hard!

Noelle is a voluptuous delinquent who loves ditching class, so to keep her stepdad quiet she gladly gave up a piece of that ass!

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Please daddy fuck my ass!

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Happy Father’s Day, Daddy

Jodi Taylor – A Special Father’s Day Surprise: Every year, my daughter and my wife get me some cheesy tie for Father’s Day. But with my wife out of town for this year’s special day, my little girl has decided to take the gift giving into her own hands. I find her sprawled out on my bed, wearing nothing but one of my work shirts and a tie. She tells me how badly she’s been wanting to do this, and her Mom being gone is the perfect time. She slowly strips and teases me, showing off her gorgeous young body. Then she starts playing with her pussy, never taking her eyes off of me. After she cums, still wearing my tie, she tells me she did it to get herself nice and wet for Daddy’s dick…Jodi – Daddy’s Girl Has New Curves: Jodi is running late for dance class. I’m paying a small fortune for her to take these lessons, so there’s no way she’s just going to lay in bed all day. But when I insist that she get up, she tells me that the other girls make fun of her for how big her butt looks in her tights. I reassure her that the tights are appropriate, and that the other girls are just jealous of her new curves. I help her out of her clothes so she can change into something she feels more comfortable in. But when she starts grinding her ass against me, I just can’t hold back any longer.

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Family Reunion

Reunited Starring Mona Wales, Lily LaBeau, and Rock Its been almost 20 years since Mona and Rock made the most difficult decision of their lives and gave up their baby for adoption. And now here she is, sitting in front of them, meeting her biological parents for the first time. They explain to their daughter why they had to give her up; their household was a volatile place and their parents didnt approve of them being together since they are brother and sister. So they gave up their baby for adoption so that she would grow up in a loving, safe household. Lily is just now finding out that her parents are also siblings, and she is horrified and shocked by this news. She tries to work it out in her head, how this could be possible. And even though her parents are obviously in a loving, happy relationship, Lily is just repulsed by her biological family. Her parents start making out in front of her, and then Mona invites her to fuck. Lily hesitates, unsure if she heard her correctly. But she did. Then she thinks about it. Why not? They fuck all the time and even had a kid together and she turned out fine. Okay, she says, a little unsure, but shes willing to try it. Mona shows her long lost daughter how she likes to suck her dads dick. He is her big brother after all, so shes really good at it. The girls suck his cock together and Lily really starts to get into it. The three move to the bed, where they really show their family values. They fuck in a variety of positions, switching off sucking Rocks dick, Mona eating her daughter out as she sits on her face while Rock fucks her. They fuck all over the room until Rock cums on his daughters tits.

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Fatherhood Privileges

Some credit cards may have membership privileges but they’re nothing like Fatherhood Privileges!
Logan is taking a shower when her dad comes in wearing only a towel. Slightly startled she turns off the water and asks her father what he wanted. “I wanted another payment for taking my credit card” he tells her. He laughs and tells her “Fatherhood has its privileges”. Logan smiles and tells him she wants to please her daddy. She gets her father hard and climbs up the counter so he can bang her young pussy.
He tells her that she’s earning how much she can spend on his card. “Don’t go over what I tell you or I’ll have to charge you interest” he chuckled. He pounded his cock hard in her making her scream “DADDY, DADDY, DADDY, DADDY…” a dozen times as she came over and over. Her father continued to please himself with his daughters fuck hole and cums inside her giving her a gooey surprise..

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Daddy Daughter Dynamic

Vanessa has stolen her mom’s phone and, being the evil person she is, decides to text daddy some naughty things. I’ll give him a picture he wont forget she smiles and pulls her panties to the side with a giggle. A picture of her boobs and Vanessa starts texting him sexy messages. What are you doing with mom’s phone! I thought that was her! Her dad shouts walking into her room. Just pretend I’m mom Vanessa replies getting to her knees. Dad tries to argue with her but she sucks his dick and shushes him. He cums into her laughing mouth, making her so happy as she swallows him all down. Give me mom’s phone He tells her. Super giddy and giggly daughter Vanessa is a must see.

Scene Two: Mom sleeps daughter fucks

Dad and mom are sleeping soundly, when Vanessa slides her naked body into bed. Dad she whispers. I just want to have some fun Mom is on sleeping pills and doesnt hear Vanessa take off her daddy’s shorts. Oh my god! He says when his daughter sucks and deep throats him on the bed. Daddy’s being naughty Vanessa giggles as she wiggles her ass in the air. Oh daddy that feels so good She moans as her dad slides inside her little tight pussy and fucks her. Her tits bounce up and and down as the bed shakes from his thrusts. This is what Vanessa has always wanted and now she gets to be fucked by her dad.
They decide to have fun with the sleeping mom and Vanessa licks her pussy while dad fucks her from behind. It drives them both crazy fucking between her legs. Dad finishes in his daughters mouth but Vanessa doesn’t swallow. She slides on top of her mom and spits the cum into her mouth with a devilish laugh. Super giddy and giggly daughter Vanessa is a must see.

Scene Three: Cumming home from school

Mom’s wearing a tight red dress when Dad walks in and starts feeling her up. She quickly pushes his hands away from her. God really, must you! She yells at him. He leaves frustrated. Vanessa walks in and Cory has an idea. She just can’t deal with his horniness anymore and asks if Vanessa can take care of him for a little while. Vanessa is shocked, You want me to take care of daddy? she giggles. If that’s what you want Dad is told of the situation and commanded to go to the living room. Vanessa pulls down her top and pulls up her skirt as dad walks in. She toys with her father before getting to her knees with her happy attitude and sucks on her dad. He takes advantage of the situation to fully fuck his daughter. She screams and moans calling out for her daddy to fuck her. Mom walks in to see her daughter being fucked so hard and gets turned on. Wow this is hot, she thinks as she rubs herself to the live porno in her house. Hi Mom Vanessa says as Dad fills her pussy with his cum. Cory doesnt know how she feels about all of this and asks for a family meeting. Super giddy and giggly daughter Vanessa is a must see.

Scene Four: Family threesome

Cory knows all about when they had sex while she was sleeping. Dads idea Vanessa immediately shouts out, throwing her dad under the bus. It’s ok though, Cory loved it. She moves her body on top of her daughter and begins to kiss her. Vanessa shivers as her mom licks her body. With his cock getting hard, Dad watches them as they pull out his cock and suck on it mother daughter style. You like both of us daddy? Vanessa asks. He fucks his daughters tight pussy as she eats out her mom. With daughter in the middle, Mom and Dad take their pleasure from her. The wrongness and naughtiness of what’s happening make Vanessa cum and open her mouth wide for her dad’s load. He shoots all over her and she giggles. I’ll clean that up Mom says and they kiss, sharing his load. Just wait until Alex comes home from college next week Cory says with a smile.

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Thank You, Daddy For Fucking Me

Tomi got home from a party at 7am the next day and her step dad was awake waiting for her! He was pissed that she came home so late and told Tomi that her mom had to be told about this. Tomi told her step dad she’ll take care of him with her mouth so he doesnt tell her mom. Tomi went in for the kill, taking off the blankets and revealing his cock – she licked it and sucked his balls, making sure he wouldn’t tell her mom! Then she rode her step dads massive dick while he had a great view of her round ass bouncing up and down! Tomi got bent over and pummeled into until her step dad dropped his seed on her phat ass!

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Her Stepdad Will Teach Her A Lesson

Does your hot stepdaughter do nothing but make a mess around the house and show you no respect? Fed up of paying the bills and putting up with bullshit and you don’t event get laid? These step daughters have been getting it too good and it’s time they realized whose house they are in. And guess what – it’s stepdad house rules and if you don’t abide by them prepare to get some pussy punishment! These young stepdaughters take a much needed pounding from stepdads that have been looking for an excuse to penetrate their teasing stepdaughters. Looks like these stepdaughters like a bit of tough love.

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