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Daughter Goes Anal

Scene One: Bad grades
“I need you to sign my report card” Holly tells her mom. Cory becomes furious at her daughter. Failing grades in every subject makes her lose all control. “I’ve got something that will help you with your anatomy grade” Cory yells and grabs her daughter, bending her over the table. “Mom what are you doing!” Holly screams as her mom strips her naked. She humiliates her. “You are going to be naked while you’re in this house” Cory tells her hoping the shame makes her study and raise her grades.
“Why are you naked?” Dad asks, walking into the kitchen. Cory makes her explain the situation to him. While she’s in this house she’s going to make her father happy, Cory demands. “Do you know what you need to do now?” She asks. Holly can’t believe it and is horrified to have to get to her knees and suck her dad’s cock. Cory instructs her daughter on how to service him until he cums in her hot young mouth. “Ewww” she says as cum drips from her mouth. “Mom that was so nasty”

Scene Two:just the tip
The next day Holly is doing her daily workout. Only this time because of her mom’s new rules she has to be naked. Her father walks in and compliments her on her body and her tight ass. She’s so tight he bets that she couldn’t even fit a cock in it.
“Let’s just try it, just the tip” Dad says. Holly bends over sure her dad won’t be able to fit. “I hope this doesn’t hurt” She says before her dad rams his massive cock into her tight virgin ass. She moans in pain and pleasure, shrieking. “Daddy! Oh my god! It’s so tight.” She screams. He cums inside her, filling her ass with warm sticky cum and making her orgasm from the feeling.

Scene Three:Anal Satisfaction
“I have to get to work” Dad says, but can’t leave. His naked daughter is under the table sucking off his big cock. Cory walks in and asks why he isn’t at work yet. The blowjob is taking too long he tells her. “Why don’t you fuck her in the ass” Cory suggests.
Holly is mortified that her mom is treating her like a cum dumpster. “Really mom” Holly says and bends over the table. Dad stretches out her tight little ass and fucks her. “Is that better for you daddy” Holly says, moaning and cumming. “Is that the way you want it!” she screams. Dad makes her get to the floor and take his big load all over her slutty little face. “Let me taste that cum, come on daddy give it to me. I will be a good little girl.” Holly begs him.

Scene Four: Daddy’s lit Whore
“Can I go to camp this summer?” Holly asks her mom. But her grades haven’t improved at all. “If you want to go you’re going to have to work for it” Cory tells her putting her on craigs list. “You want me to fuck for money!” Holly says in shock. Cory makes her put on a slutty little outfit before driving her to her first job.
Holly walks into a empty house and looks around for the man she’s meeting. “You little slut!” Her dad yells. He bends her over the couch and yanks her clothes off her tight little body. If she’s going to be a whore than her daddy is going to treat her like one. He fucks her ass hard, making her moan and scream around the apartment. “Oh yeah dad, fuck” Holly moans and cums as her daddy fucks her little pussy. He cums in her happy slutty mouth. “So I get to go to camp?” Holly asks with a cum smile.

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Dad Does Anal with Daughter and Her Friend

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Outwitting Bunnies

Scene One: Jail or tail
Bailey’s dad walks into her room pissed and angry. He shows her his phone with a picture of Bailey and her friends doing something very illegal. “Dad don’t send that to the cops!” Bailey says upset. He makes a deal with her she sucks him off he doesn’t send her to jail. This is the only way he’s going to keep his daughter out of trouble. Punish her so she doesn’t do anything bad ever again! Bailey’s forced to take off her shirt and suck her dad’s cock until he cums in her young virgin mouth. She looks disgusted angry and humiliated the entire time she’s sucking him. A big load creams into her face and he makes her not waste a drop.

Scene Two: Service me
“Dad are you almost done?” Bailey asks, annoyed at having to jerk her dad’s cock. She has no choice but to do as he says. Dressed in her bra and panties she strokes him trying not to think about what she’s doing. He makes her strip naked and bend over. If she’s going to give him a lifeless hand job than he’s going to have to take his pleasure out of her another way. He slides his cock into her and fucks her. “Oh my god dad, this is not ok” She pleads with him. Her tits bounce and she gives him a bratty attitude as she’s fucked like a little naughty slut. “Are you almost done” She says and gets her ass slapped. He holds her mouth closed and cums inside his daughter, leaving her to dress in shame as cum oozes inside her. “Gross” She says to herself on the edge of tears.

Scene Three: Phone call car crash fuck
It’s been weeks and Bailey is the good girl that he wants her to be. She runs into the house in a panic “I just crashed mom’s car!” Bailey says. Bailey wants him to help her to which he responds. “What do I get?” She looks at him with fear and disgust, Bailey thought this was all over with but it seems like it’s just beginning. He tells her call mom and explain that he wrecked the car not her. While she’s on the phone he pulls down her pants. Bailey looks at him with confusion as he begins to lick her pussy. She can barely keep her moans off the phone and fights to control herself. He fucks her tight pussy while she’s on the phone, making her gasp for breath. He pounds her ass painfully hard and cums inside her. “Yeah mom I’m just studying” Bailey says falling to the bed in exhaustion.

Scene Four: Divorce and punishment
“What is up with you two?” Bailey’s mom asks her. She suspects something sexual is going on between them. When Bailey doesn’t give it up she goes to her husband. She knows he’s fucking her now and asks for a divorce. Angry and humiliated dad comes back to Bailey asking why she told on him. “I didn’t tell her” She says with a whimper, his strong arms wrapping around her neck and pushing her down onto the counter. He roughly pulls off her clothes and bangs her against the counter. She pleads with him that she’s innocent and moans in pain and pleasure at the hard treatment. Her eyes go lifeless and her body makes her cum without enjoyment. He takes all his anger and humiliation out on her tight little body. He shoots his big load all over her face and leaves her destroyed.

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Daddy Issues With Joseline Kelly

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Cristi Ann in Family Vacation

Scene One: Daughter Voyeur

Have you seen your mother? Dad asks his daughter Cristi. He’s dressed in only a towel waiting for his wife to get back. Cristi looks at him and gets turned on by the older man, making a decision. I’m going to fuck him She says when he leaves. Cristi hears her mom in the other room being fucked and can’t help herself but peek inside. Cory is blindfolded on her back while her husband pumps into her. Cristi slowly and quietly enters the room. Her dad shakes his head at her to leave but Cristi isn’t going anywhere. She teases him by touching Cory, while he fucks, squeezing and licking Cory’s breast’s. Cory moans I want to swallow your cum baby and gets to her knees. Cristi watches as her dad cums into her mom’s mouth, leaving before Cory knows what happened.

Scene Two: Gone for an hour

Cory ties up her shoes to go to the gym, when Cristi asks how long she will be gone. About an hour Cory replies and Cristi gets a devious look on her face. She finds her dad just out of the shower checking emails on his phone. Mom will be gone for an hour, and I think we really should fuck dad She says kissing him. No He tells her trying to push her away. She keeps kissing him saying Come on dad, I can’t stop thinking of your cock. She whispers. Don’t worry it will be our little secret. She slides her dad’s dick into her mouth and sucks him for all she’s worth. He plays with her large breasts as she slides her hot wet mouth all over him. Taking off her shoes and socks he kisses his daughter’s cute little feet and has her slide them up and down his shaft. Cristi giggles. He licks his daughter’s pussy and she slides around him 69ing his large cock. So wet and horny she moans, sliding him inside of her and ridding her dad. Fucking him is better than she ever thought it would be.

Scene Three: First ass fuck

He pushes her down to the bed, and she trembles and moans. Oh fuck, Oh daddy, I love it daddy She screams as he plows into her. I can’t believe you’re finally fucking me, I always wanted this She tells him. With his cock wet and hard he pushes it into her tight ass. She slowly lets it inside of her, her daddy taking her sweet ass. The pain and pleasure of it is too much for her. I can’t believe your fucking my ass daddy. I’ve never done this before, I love it She whispers to him. Taking his cock out of his daughter’s ass he makes her suck him and taste herself. So lost in lust she greedily does as she’s told. He’s fantasized about fucking his cute athletic daughter after she comes home from the gym. So he tells her to put her socks and shoes back on to fulfill that fantasy. He thrusts into her ass again banging her hard and fast. I bet mom could never do this she says sucking him clean again. I love watching it go in She moans as her dad keeps fucking her ass hard into the bed. I want to have your cum She begs him getting to the floor. She’s seen girls do this online and wants the feeling of his hot cum to cover her. She opens her mouth and he dumps cum onto her face and tongue. Cristi swallows her daddy’s load like a good girl and goes to clean up before mom gets home!

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I Want to be a Good Girl Daddy

Scene One: Past curfew

Cristi breaths a sigh of relief as she quietly closes the door behind her. It’s 6 in the morning and she’s been out all night. Little does she know that her dad has been waiting up for her all night. Dad I just wanted to have fun. Everyone was at that party She tries to explain. He drags her to the living room for her punishment while she whines. Dad please. He begins by spanking her plump ass, but if she’s going to act like a slut he’s going to treat her like a slut. He slides his finger inside her and Cristi screams I’m sorry daddy, please! Stop dad. Pulling off her hot pink shorts he makes her spread her legs and rub herself while sucking on her fingers. Cristi is humiliated and embarrassed by her punishment, having to masturbate in front of her dad. I promise I’ll never do it again she moans.

Scene Two:Kicked out of school

Dad I need you to sign something Cristi says. Basically I’m suspended from school She tries to explain that her dress code violation really wasn’t a big deal. He yells that she’s dressed like a slut and tells her to take off her inappropriate clothes. I would really like my daughter to not get suspended from school He tells her as she strips naked. I hate to have to do this to you He tells her and takes her hand, making Cristi stroke him. Her eyes are filled with anger as he puts his hand behind her head and drives her mouth down onto his cock. You need to learn to keep your mouth shut. Do you understand? He asks her, grabbing her large breasts.

Scene Three: Punished for stealing
Cristi is bored being home all day after getting suspended from school. Just when she would have died from boredom she finds her daddy’s wallet on the couch. He wouldn’t mind if she went shopping she thinks. He walks into the room to find her going through his wallet and becomes infuriated. He makes her take off her clothes to check to see if she’s stolen anything else from him. Come on daddy, you don’t even give me an allowance She pleads with him, taking off her clothes.
He’s going to teach her exactly what it’s like in prison for hot girls who steal. Dad I’m too cute to go to prison She tells him before he pushes her to the couch and thrusts his cock inside her. Her face is pain and anguish while her dad shows her exactly what prison would be like for her. I don’t want to get fucked in prison daddy She cries. He fucks her around the room until he cums deep inside her tight pussy. Then you clean the cock like a good girl He explains making her suck him. Cristi is left to get dressed and think about why it’s wrong to steal.

Scene Four: Anal Virgin

I don’t understand why you’re dressed like prostitute. Cristi’s father tells her. She was just about to go to a rave when her dad stopped her. She explains that everyone dresses like this at raves. He’s so mad that he raised a little prostitute that he decides to show her how prostitutes get treated in the world. He bends over his little girl and fingers her tight ass. Cristi pleads with him I’m sorry, I wont go dad.He takes out his cock and thrusts it down her throat. She’s in so much trouble that she does as her dad says, sucking him like a prostitute. Get on your back He demands. I just wanted to go to a party dad. I promise I wont be a prostitute Cristi says desperately. He licks his daughters pussy, brutally fingering her ass. Just when she thinks her punishment is over, the fucking begins. Oh daddy stop She moans in pleasure and pain. He fucks her pussy and moves on to fucking her ass. What started out as punishment turns into something else. Daddy, I like being your prostitute Cristi moans. Please let me suck my ass off your cock
Cristi is on her knees her face pushed into the couch, her dad continuing her punishment for being a slut, his cock driving hard into her. Fucking her harder than she’s ever been fucked before. Taking her anal virginity and making her moan for more from her daddy. I like being your little prostitute She tells him. She closes her eyes tight from the pain and pleasure of the anal fucking.
Yes please, let me suck it again Cristi moans and sucks his hard cock clean and making feel like a whore. Cristi gets on top of him and bounces on the cock in her ass as she rubs her pussy. I love tasting my ass on your cock daddy. It reminds me of what a little slut I am. I’m your little slut Cristi moans. Please cum all over my face and make me lick it off She begs him. He cums all over her face and mouth letting her swallow and suck his cum off his hard dick. The perfect daughter.

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“Not in there daddy, I’ve never been assfucked”

Molly is getting ready for school in the bathroom when her dad comes in and slides his hand down his daughter’s panties. “Daddy stop” Molly moans but her resistance fades, moaning from his hands on her body. Setting her on the counter he fucks her stripping her of the last of her clothes. He bends her over the counter and fucks her tight ass. “Not in their daddy, I’ve never been fucked in my ass” she pleads with him. Her moans get louder and louder until she is almost screaming for her daddy.

Cory knocks on the door to see if everything is all right. Dad quickly hides in the shower and Cory walks in to see her daughter naked, sprawled against the counter with her fingers rubbing her pussy. “We are going to have a talk about this later” she tells her daughter. “now hurry up, you’re going to be late for school” Cory leaves and dad goes back to fucking his daughter until he cums. Pulling up her panties, Molly is going to have to go to school with her ass full of her dad’s cum all day… and she loves it.

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Family Anal Adventures

File size: 314MB
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Naughty Daughter Get Punished In Her Asshole!

Scene One: Telling secrets
Jenni dressed in her new cute little outfit is sitting on the couch when her dad comes in to yell at her. Jenni’s parents are getting a divorce because she told her mom that dad was cheating. Dad’s pissed off and begins to spank her. He pulls off her panties to find her wearing a butt plug. What is that! He screams. Jenni tries to explain but he thinks she’s a whore. He pulls up her shirt and takes off her panties before making her suck his dick. I’m sorry She says her mouth being fucked. He commands her on the couch and on her hands and knees as she sucks her dad. Holding her head tight he cums in her hot little sucking mouth. Swallow it He tells her and gasping for air she drinks him down.

Scene Two: Being honest
Jenni is told to stay on the couch and waits for her dad to come back for her. I’m sorry She says in tears. He takes out her whoreish butt plug and thrusts his dick inside her tight ass. Jenni cries out in pain and pleasure.He makes her get on top of him and fucks her in the ass. She bounces like a good girl letting him use her. With shuttering breaths, Jenni is fucked until her dad cums into her ass. Oh my god! She screams running to the bathroom, feeling the warm cum inside her.

Scene Three: Late night punishment
After a long day of being used by her brother and father Jenni is sound asleep. Her dad comes into her room and pulls off her tight panties and wakes her with his dick in her mouth. She moans at sucking him off. Oh daddy She breaths as he fucks her tight pussy. He holds her mouth so she wont scream and wake mom as he plows into her.He switches from her tight pussy to her tight ass and makes Jenni quiver. Please daddy, it hurts She moans. He brings her to her knees to suck his dirty cock and open her mouth for his cum. Daddy, do I have to? she asks as he cums onto her face with her blue eyes looking up at him. I’ve learned my lesson daddy She says.

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Putting lipstick in daughter asshole…WTF?!

Russian incest family hot young daughter woke up her sleeping father whereupon she gets good sex experience in her life …

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