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Daughter`s Panty Sniffer Problems

My stepdad works hard to provide for me and my mom. Sometimes he works so hard, he cannot get any rest. I think I should help him relieve some of his tension. Then he can dream of me?

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Daughter Stuck Daddy Fuck

It’s laundry day, and petite teen Maya Bijou is all out of clothes – the perfect opportunity for this naughty slut to seduce her new step-daddy, Jmac! She flirts and flashes her tight little ass at him behind her mom’s back, before heading to the laundry room…Until Jmac comes to offer his helping cock, of course! He fucks, spanks and licks Maya’s pretty pussy before pounding her fast and hard. Good thing she’s so tiny too, because when her mom comes to check up on them, this little Latina can hide in the dryer until the coast is clear…And then fucks her stepfather until he leaves cum all over her clothes and face!

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Daughter In law Has Spending Problem

I got a call from my daughter in law today, she said she needed to talk to me about something important. since my son is deployed me and my wife have been doing our best to help our daughter in law Hope as much as we could. when i got there Hope let me in and i could tell right away that she was upset, i asked her what was wrong and she just starred at the wall. i knew right away what it was. since Hope and my son have been together Hope has had a bit of a spending problem, it got so bad that the whole family had an intervention. we all thought she was doing better but i could tell to day that she was in trouble.

she told me that she didn’t have any money and the car payment was due, i knew if my son found out she was spending money like before he would leave her. when i thought of that i got a wicked idea, ive always thought Hope was hot but i would have never done anything but now she need my help bad. i told her i could help but that i needed something in return, when i told her a topless handjob she freaked. i reminded her that she needed me to save her and i would keep her secret. after a few minutes she agreed and went and grabbed a towel. i took my pants off and sat on the couch while my sexy topless daughter in law stroked my cock til i filled her hands up with my nut! This is part 1 of Daughter In-Law Has A Spending Problem, it stars Hope Harper and is a POV Handjob Scene. Last week my daughter in law called me and said she needed my help. when i got there she told me that she got her self in financial jam again, and with her husband/ my son deployed the stress was draining on her. my son said he would leave her if she kept spending and so she needed my help to keep her car from being repossessed. so after so back and fourth she gave me a handjob and i paid her car payment. today she called and said she needed my help again, when i got there she said she needed to cover her mortgage payment and that it was $1200. she said she was up for doing what we did last time and i told her that for $1200 it was gonna be a lot more. we went into the bedroom where she stripped and started sucking my cock. i made her straddled me and we started fucking, god my daughter in laws pussy felt so good. then i fucked her missionary style on the side of the bed, we finished with doggy and me filling her up with my nut. i told her just to let me know whenever she needs money!

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Father making his daughter pregnant!

Dear Journal,
My boyfriend and I were talking about taking the big step and I was a bit nervous. We had fooled around a bit so I knew his penis was larger than any I had been with. My mom was never good at discussions like this so I went to talk to Daddy. He seemed really sympathetic and understanding which made me feel a bit weird.
While we were talking I began to imagine being with a man like him. Before I knew it I was asking him to show me what he was talking about. Even though he was caught off guard I saw that it excited him too. He began to gently rub my breasts and pussy through my clothes getting me really excited.

After he warmed me up he pulld out his cock for me to suck while he stretched my tiny pussy with his fingers. I’ve never had one this big in my mouth but Daddy seemed to like what I was doing. When he was nice and wet he slid behind me and spooned me while he slowly eased his cock in. Once he was fuly in he increased his thrusts until we were fucking hard as hell. So hard in fact Daddy blew his load inside me before realizing I wasn’t on the pill. Hopefully I cleaned his cm out good enough.
Wish Me Luck
Love Jennifer

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Mom Shares Her Meal

Natalia is sitting on her bed, thinking out-loud about what she has been doing lately… what if her mommy finds out?! She would be so mad at her! But she really needs her daddy’s cum to get stronger and more muscular… what if she starts fucking her daddy?! Wouldn’t that be easier?! She calls her daddy in to her bedroom to ask him if he would be okay with this. He is unsure if he should give in and have sex with his daughter, but he DOES want his daughter to be healthier… and it would just be for fitness…
He starts to eat his daughter’s pussy, and then he sticks his cock inside of her. “This is my first time!!! It hurts, but it feels so good…” she moans. He fucks his daughter’s pussy nice and hard in missionary and then doggy-style, until she hops on top of her daddy and rides his cock. When her daddy gets close to cumming, she lays back on the bed with a fluffy pillow behind her head. She is eager for her daddy to give her his cum!! He ends up exploding all over her face and in her mouth…

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Help Me Cum Daddy

I went inside the hotel room to try to get away from my annoying wife to make a drink. When I walked in I heard a weird noise. It sounded like my wife’s magic wand. WTF! It was my daughter. What the hell is she doing in here. I tried not to look but it was too late. I tried to sound like the disciplinary and told her to go back to the pool but she caressed me and seduced me. I know its wrong, but my daddy’s girl needed my help, so I gave it to her!

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Busty Latin Teen Daughter

Ella wants to go to Las Vegas and has to convince her stepdad anyway possible to let her go!

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Nice teen creampie!

Teen stepdaughter Lily shows her dad her favorite spot.

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Threesome with father and teddy bear

DADDY’S GIRL wanks Teddy’s cock and is caught doing it by ‘Daddy’, but he doesn’t mind that as long as he can join in. Daddy’s Girl TABOO Special 30 mins of Daddy-Daughter taboo non stop sex with three , yes 3, CUM Shots for your viewing pleasure. Lots of POV and close-ups too…very taboo indeed.

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A Family Affair

You couldn’t believe what you saw… what you heard. She moaned “daddy”. You thought you were going to be sick. Your own father fucking your sister. You wanted to scream at them… then she saw you… you ran away. Later, you went back to confront her. You swore to tell mom. But your hard cock betrayed you. It was so easy for her to slide her mouth onto your cock. “You’re not gonna do that. You’re not gonna break up our happy family. If you keep your mouth shut, I’ll do all the things I do to Daddy, to you”

Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your sister easily wraps you around her finger with her sexuality. She plays you like a fiddle. You want to be the one to fuck her, not dad. You want to know if your cock is better than his. Well… Is it?

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