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Modern Taboo Family

I hate being the last to know. There will be a price to pay, there always is. My revenge will be sweet. Exact and exactly sweet. I have dirt on everyone no one is safe. I will create dirt if I can not find it. Not even my family is safe from my need for leverage.I always get what I want. Always. This is a Taboo Clip where I enlist you as my accomplice in my revenge plot against my Daddy and my Sister. After they are both blindfolded and tricked in to a fantastic fellatio blackmail video that I plan to use for leverage.
The tables turn suddenly and so sways the need for leverage. Daddy is in control now. Plot twist. Daddy wants to see his little girls go at it and then daddy can no longer contain himself, it feels natural as he enters one of his daughters. He finishes splattering both of his daughters with the same seed that started their lives and then the daughters exchange a long lingering kiss. This is a “TABOO” Fetish clip.

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Daddy’s Slut Princess

Leila was in her favorite coffee house trying to hold back the tears. Dad surprises her with two of the yummiest treats known to man! He used to bring her here when she was younger and they would always get their famous macaroons! It was a happy place for Leila. But today was not a happy occasion. Her boyfriend had just dumped her and she never saw it coming. They were about to move in together and everything seemed great. She cried as her Father tried to comfort her. He hated seeing his little girl in such pain. And just as Leila started to compose herself, she realizes that she would still have to see him at work and began to breakdown again. Her Dad told her that wouldn’t be an issue, that he said he was going to quit so she didn’t have to see him at all! She smiles for a second and then asks her Dad how would he knew that.

Dad explains that he talked to him a few days ago and found out then. Leila starts to question why he is always trying to be friends with her boyfriends. Then becomes increasingly suspicious about his motivation with her boyfriends. She remembers all the heartbreaks. All of them very sudden and without warning. She accuses her Daddy of sabotaging all of her relationships! Every time they start getting too close or she may move out then they are gone! Her Dad tells her to lower her voice. He says he only wants the best for her and none of those guys were good enough her his baby girl! “Why Dad? Are you jealous? You didn’t want any other men touching me because you want me?” she yells in the middle of the cafe! “None of those guys are you? You want fuck your little girl is that it?” she yells even louder. Her Father is totally embarrassed and tries to calm her down. Instead she gets up and removes her panties right in front of the whole place and puts them on the table. She sits back down and grabs her Daddy’s hand and places under the table on her pussy. “There. Is that want you want Daddy? You want to finger fuck your baby girls pussy?” she said. Reluctantly her Dad starts to plunge his big fingers inside of his Daughter. “I bet you want my lips around your Daddy cock don’t you?” she asks. She gets on her knee under the table and begins to such her Daddy’s dick. He was afraid someone would see. They would know that his own Daughter was sucking his cock in public! But it felt so good there was nothing he could do. She kept looking up at him reminding his that his slut princess was sucking Daddy’s dick. “Fuck me right her right now!” she begged. They could only fuck so long before they are kicked out so Daddy tells her that have to go home. As soon as they get home the continue to fuck with wild abandonment! By the end she tells her Daddy to cum inside her slutty pussy and make her his. Make her his one and only Slut Princess!

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Two Hot Incest Scene

Dancing with My Daughter

All I wanted was a dance with my daughter. She came home from school all dressed in her school girl uniform. She was so cute and I had a couple of drinks before…She tried to run and I pulled her close, she pushed me away and I bent her over. She bit my lip and I pulled down her panties. I fucked her good and taught her a lesson…Never deny Daddy his first dance!!! In-case she was to forget, I put her on the floor and made her open her mouth…Just like her whore Mother…I flooded her mouth with my load. She will be Daddy’s little whore before she knows it!

Shutting My Daughter’s Mouth
I thought everything was okay until the phone rang…It was Maria’s Principal…Maria told her Guidance Counselor about our dance session and the Police were now on the way. That little bitch talked and had to pay…I crept into her room, pulled the sheets back and showed her how to keep her whore mouth shut…Just as I was about to shove my cock into her tight pussy, her eyes opened up…I covered her mouth with my hand and fucked away…She swore she did not tell anyone but I knew better…This would be my last fuck for a long time and wanted it to be special…I fucked her from the back, side and front and forced her to swallow one last time…She begged for Daddy to not leave but the authorities have something else to say about that…

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My Daddy so Storng

Little one’s grow up so fast. Certainly, darling Moka Mora has. When she comes looking for her big, strong daddy to protect her from her bad dreams, wearing an adorable, fuzzy, purple pair of footed pajamas, she seems every bit the frightened youngster. But when she curls up next to the older man, the weight and warmth of her curvy, sexy body causing his cock to twitch, she feels every bit a woman. Still, a daddy’s job is to comfort their little, so he begins to read her a story.

All is well, until the innocent girl feels daddy’s big, rigid pole, growing larger and harder by the second, poking into her and she reaches down to feel for what it could be. He knows he should be strong and not think of his little cherub in such a naughty way, but once her soft hands start to work on his neglected cock, his resolve vanishes. Knowing how the young scamp is always putting things in her mouth, it’s not hard to convince the naive girl to suck on his impressive manhood. Swept up in the intoxicating lust she inspires, he makes her a woman and awakens a pleasure and a desire she had never known. He also dumps a big ol’ ballsack of baby gravy into her mouth. Surprised by the viscous, sticky cream flooding into her mouth, she opens it, the copious man seed running down her chin and coating her tits and belly, making her a mess. They return to reading the story. I wonder what he’ll read next?

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Daughter love Father fat dick

Daddy fucks me and I fuck him POV many different ways. Lots of daddy dirty talk and moaning. Watch me get a hot load on my face.

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Family Album

Kassondra has a bed Wetting problem!!! Mom is away, out of town….and Kassondra Wets her bed. She wakes up Dad to find out where the clean sheets and linens are kept….but Dad doesn’t know where Mom keeps all that stuff. Not wanting to go back to sleep in a wet bed….Kassondra asks Dad if she can sleep with him. Dad agrees to let her bunk with him….but insists, of course….that she takes off her P soaked Panties first!! strips out of her urine soaked Panties….and immediately Dad’s eyes are drawn to her beautiful, trimmed pussy. Kassondra notices her Dad staring at her cunt….and asks him if he would like to lick it. Dad eagerly accepts the offer….and he really gives her young honey pot a good licking!!! Kassondra returns the favour by sucking her Dad’s big cock….and then Dad gives his little girl a good, long, hard Fucking!!! When Dad finishes Fucking Kassondra…the two fall asleep….but Dad notices a “warm sensation” in the bed after a few moments. UH-OH!!! Kassondra has Wet the bed again!

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Father Give Lesson To His Daughter

Loli gets caught online making fun of perverts. Daddy shows her a thing or two.

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Stepdad Let Me Make It Up To You

My daughter has always had a funny way of expressing herself, she has been acting out recently. Her grades have been slipping and I even got a call from the school saying she’s been skipping class. I admit, I do get upset with her when I hear these kinds of things, what father wouldn’t? She has been out of control and I can’t imagine where her head is at. Just from being with my wife after all of these years, I know women are sensitive and my daughter is still maturing. My daughter is a smart individual and I’m sure she will break out of this rebellious funk.
I let a few days pass before confronting my daughter, this time without my wife. To my surprise, my daughter is actually apologizing to me about her behavior! She knows what she was doing was inappropriate, but apparently her and her boyfriend were having some issues. That kind of explains the drop in grades and everything.
But she wants to give me more than just apology, and really wants to to make it up to me this time. Am I in daze here, or is my daughter coming on to me? Talk about inappropriate! Before I can even respond, I feel my pants stiffen a bit when she pulls her top off and assures me that her mother would never find out about this!! This will be our little secret…

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Anastasia’s Weekend at Grandpa’s

Ever since I turned 18 I’ve been finding myself attracted to much older men. My boyfriends don’t understand why I spend so much time with their Dads. I just really enjoy how they treat me.
After meeting my latest boyfriends dad things got even stranger. I started having fantasies about my own grandfather. I was so overwhelmed I made sure to become his next intern.
Before long I was able to get Grandpa to use me as one of his models and we got really close. So close in fact he invited me for the weekend. After we got home from a nice dinner things went better than I ever dreamed.
Grandpa seduced me that night right there in his kitchen. We kissed and pleased each other all over the house. I came so many times I barely knew my name. After what seemed like hours grandpa fulfilled my fantasy and exploded in my waiting mouth. I enjoyed the whole weekend and theres many more to cum.

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Female Viagra Overdose

Stevie was preparing for a big date with her boyfriend….by taking some Female Viagra!! In fact….She has Overdosed on Female Viagra!! To make matters even worse…her date has cancelled….and now she is horny out of her skull….and nobody to have sex with. With nowhere else to turn….Stevie goes to see her Daddy….and literally attacks him!! Stevie rips Daddy’s shorts off and sucks his cock…and then Stevie gets her Daddy to eat her asshole and her cunt while she is on all fours!!! Dad fucks Stevie hard…and she is so fucking horny that she squirts!!!! Beware the power of Female Viagra!!!

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