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Mother/Daughter Yoga Lesson

When my sister moved back home a few weeks ago I was very worried… She was acting different and I was scared Mom would just kick her out again. My sister had changed a lot while she was gone and she convinced me to try a few things I never thought I would do… Of course Mom caught us… But the good news is we’re a happy family again, just a little different from before, but definitely very happy….

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Lesbian Incest Party

Well, this is just fucking fantastic. Huffed Anya as she reluctantly followed her mother into Aunt Ashleys house. Why do I have to go here? Couldnt I just stay home? She whined. That is MY sister and YOUR Aunt, you will stay the weekend and you will have fun. I need a vacation away from you. Her mother spat back at her as they entered the house and greeted her aunt. Mom was in a hurry to get away, she said hello to her sister, kissed Anya on the forehead and left. Aunty Ashley and Anya had Chinese takeout for dinner and watched tv. After dinner they were doing the dishes when Aunty started brushing up against Anya in a weird way. Aunty then yawned and suggested they go to bed. Its early, Im not tired! Anya protested, but Aunty just said they had errands tomorrow and that they could watch a movie from the bed. Anya walked into the bedroom where her aunt was already in bed. Aunty couldn’t believe what Anya was wearing! It’s 80 degrees outside! She playfully but sternly made Anya remove her PJ’s saying, Your skin needs to breathe! Its so hot in here anyway. Anya resisted, she just wanted this weekend to be over. Turn around she said annoyed. She got undressed and crawled into the bed. Aunty started getting touchy like she sometimes did. What is that? Anya removed the covers and shrieked, shed never seen anything like it; she knew what a penis looked like but Aunt Ashley was a ladyit was a sort of belt with a dick attached to it. Oh, this thing! giggled Aunty, its just my strap-on She said and grabbed Anya throwing her down Let me show you some things that you need to learn. Aunty told her as she made Anya put her big rubber lady dick in her mouth. Thats my good girl, she had her niece lie on her back, Im going to take your virginity, she told her. There was nothing Anya could do but it was ok because she was starting to enjoy herself. Aunty put her cock in Anya and started fucking her wildly, after a few minutes she had Anya get on her knees, she put her cock back into her and said This is called getting fucked doggy style. Suddenly Mom came bursting through the door, Anya, you little slut! What are you doing with your aunt? She screamed and started taking off her clothes. Mom stood over Anya, Youre going to learn how to eat pussy, she said, This is how your aunt and I learned Aunty Ashley and Mom started kissing, Do you want me to fuck you sis? Aunty said to Mom. Its been so long sis, yes! Turns out the entire thing had been planned! Mom and Aunty just wanted Anyas virginityand they got it; keeping it all in the family just they way they wanted it.

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Rachel and her nasty kids

Widow Rachel has two sons and a daughter. Their names are Nash, TJ and Paisley. She gives each of them a monthly allowance. While Ace and TJ spend theirs carefully, Paisley squanders hers at once. This leads to her asking her mother and her brothers for more money. All of them refuse her on the grounds that she needs to learn fiscal responsibility. Frustrated, Paisley resorts to black magic to get what she wants. She casts a spell of sexual-possession on her family. Instantly it turns her mother into a taboo-loving slut, and makes her brothers insanely horny. Paisley then sets about entrapping the trio in compromising situations. First up is Nash.
Paisley has no trouble at all seducing her spell-effected brother. After she has stroked and sucked his cocked to maximum hardness, her fucks her missionary, cowgirl and doggie style. The last position sees him cum deep in her pussy. Nash is so happily exhausted following the fuck, that he falls back on the bed asleep. Paisley takes that moment to take a photograph with him naked. Meanwhile, Rachel is taken a very naughty interest in TJ. The young man welcomes it. While he is soaking in the tub, his mother approaches wearing a silky robe. Sensually she shrugs it off to reveal herself in lingerie. Next she climbs into the warm water with her son and starts soaping his chest. Things quickly snowball from there. Having taken off her bra so that TJ can suckle and fondle her big tits, Rachel lovingly stroke his cock in exchange for him getting between her legs and licking her excited pussy. Made utterly shameless by the spell, the once-reserved mother revels in making taboo dirty-talk with her son. Following much erotic kissing, plenty of mutual caressing, and an erotic titty-job, Rachel climbs on top of TJ and rides his cock to orgasm. Afterwards the happy pair fall asleep in each others arms. Neither of notice when Paisley enters and takes photographs of the forbidden scene. Later that night, she finds her mother kissing and cuddling with both her sons at once. With a little movement of her hand she suddenly lifts the spell from all three of them. Returned to their normal states, finding themselves in such an inappropriately intimate situation, Rachel, TJ and Nash display equal confusion and alarm. Paisley then fills in the blanks by showing them her scandalous photographs. Coolly she explains that she will make them public unless her mother and her brothers pool their money to give her an extra big allowance every month.
The trio of unwitting taboo-committers can only gasp in horror. Paisley is a very wicked witch indeed.

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Daddy’s Bad Girls

Baby, calm down… It’s just me. I’m your Dad, you girls don’t need to hide anything from me. You’re both so beautiful, it’s natural that you want to experiment… Your old Dad just couldn’t resist watching his girls play with each other. Is that so wrong? C’mon baby, don’t be mad, just let Daddy stay and watch a little more….

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Family Picnic

The boys were relaxing on the couch after their exciting picnic in the park, Mom and Anya walk in with the picnic blanket and spread it on the floor. Mom said since the boys were so good at the park that they should get a special treat. She told her Daughter to lay across her Daddy’s lap and suck her Brother’s cock! Mom said this is what she wanted her picnic family day to be! All of them fucking and sucking each other! They have a total family fuck fest! With Mom fucking her Daughter and Son! And Dad fucking his Daughter! In the end Harlo cums in Mommy’s mouth and Dad cums in Anya’s mouth. Mother and Daughter swap the cum back and forth! Finally Mom spits both loads in her Daughters pussy and finger fucks the cum inside her while licking her! Her Daughter cums so hard with her Brother and Daddy’s cum inside of her while Mom sucks her pussy!

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Positive Parenting

Scene One: Out Groan
Cory’s daughter Pressley has been acting out, tormenting and teasing her mother. When Cory works out Pressley pushes her off her machine, when Cory has breakfast, Pressley walks into the kitchen naked taking her mother’s breakfast. “I’m 18 now I can do whatever I want now” Pressley yells at her.  “You need to talk to your daughter” Cory tells her husband. He sighs, knowing this day would come and just how to handle it. He tells her that he has everything under control.
He finds Pressley dressed like a slut chatting on the phone with her bitch friends. “Hang up the phone” he tells her. When she starts back talking him he slaps her across the face so hard that it knocks her to the couch. “Are you fucking crazy, what are you doing” She yells at him. He pulls off her tiny white panties and takes off her top as she struggles against him. “Dad please I get it” She pleads with him before he makes her suck his cock and fucks her silly. She promises to never disrespect her mother again as her dad fills her with white hot discipline and tells her to get dressed.

Scene Two: Punishment Bluff
Pressley is going to get revenge on her bitch mother for making her father fuck her. Cory lays down the law with Pressley telling her exactly how it’s going to be from this point on. “Fuck this shit!” Pressley yells at her. “I want to make you feel how dad made me feel!”  She roughly pulls off her mothers clothes stripping her naked before pulling off her own clothes. “I’ll show you what dad taught me!” She says shoving her mom’s face between her legs. “Do it!, how does it feel!” She yells.”This is so wrong” Cory tells her, sobbing into her daughters pussy while she makes Pressley cum.

Scene Three: Sweetest of dreams
Cory tells her husband all about what happened. She needs him to put his daughter in her place! “You have to fix this, whatever you have to do!”  He finds his daughter quietly sleeping and pulls off her covers. He strips her naked before waking her up with his cock in her mouth. “What the hell!” She manages to say before cock mutes her bitchy mouth. “Dad what are you doing!” she shouts.
“Dad please I promise I wont do it again!” She yells at him, his hard cock driving into her tight naughty pussy. His hard hands squeeze her breasts as he uses her like a fuck doll. The louder she screams the harder he fucks her. He holds her face and cums all over her rebellious mouth. Covered in cum she has a look of pure horror and promises to be good.

Scene Four: Common Floored
“Are you going to fuck me again daddy?” Pressley says as she’s thrown to the couch. She taunts him and he slaps her ass with his belt and strips her of her slutty underwear. She knows she has no choice but to suck her dad’s hard cock and be fucked like a whore.  Part of her even likes it. Closing her eyes she yells that she’s learned her lesson. “Dad!” She pleads with him, unable to escape his hard fucking. He cums all over her tight little pussy, covering her trimmed bush. “I’m going to be a good kid from now on” She tells him, disgusted, used, and properly disciplined.

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Family Game Night, Incantation

Rachel is upset at the breakdown in communication in her family. She goes to a consignment shop and buys a board game for them all to play. She hopes it will lead to everyone bonding. What she does not know is that the proprietor is an evil magician who put a spell on the game. When Rachel gets home and the family starts to play, each of them becomes possessed by a lust demon. Soon stepfather is making out with stepdaughter and stepmother is making out with stepson. The wild action escalates into a full blown orgy.

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My Fucked up Family

Twisted stories about their Secret Taboo Lifestyle.

-Daughters Initiation: “Mom and Dad decide to make a visit to their college freshmen daughter and talk to her about how important it is to please the new guys she is going to meet at school. That is why mommy teaches her how to be a good cock sucker slut and daddy will teach her how to take big dicks in her tight young pussy. And obviously to not let guys cum inside her and make her preggo and ruin her college career”
-Anal With Daddy: “Daddy was setting up things to have an erotic night with mom. His daugther showed up to his room with out notice. She found out that her daddy loves to fuck mom’s ass. Things got hot and daddy decided to pop my anal cherry with different toys and finish with his thick hard cock.”

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Mothers and Daughters

I convinced her Vanessa says, sitting next to her step-mom. Vanessa tells you to buy a car for her and a trip for her step-mom. You happily agree and they kiss and strip in front of you. Their huge tits and perfect bodies suck and worship your cock. Do you like the way I suck your cock daddy Cory asks. You fuck Cory like her husband never could and watch her lick her daughter. Vanessa wont be left out, fucking on top of you and letting you plow into her. Mother and daughter team up to give you everything you ever wanted. They even have something special planned for you. You cum into Vanessa’s mouth and she shares the load with her mom. Thank you daddy they say.

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Carly’s Family Album

SOMETIMES 18 YEAR OLD GIRLS HAVE TITS OUT OF THIS WORLD… AND WHEN THEY DO….WATCH OUT!!! EVEN THEIR OWN BROTHERS CAN’T STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!! Tits like this are RARE!!! Carly is just 18…and claims that her Tits may not even be finished growing yet!!! Her body is so Rock Hard, that her Brother Josh can’t keep his hands off her Tits…and his cock out of her Cunt!!! Here is Carly’s Family Album!

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