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Sleeping Surprise

Elsa, Hollie and their mom just got back and were talking amongst themselves about girly things. The girls told their mom they were gonna stay up all night when they had their first day of school the next day. Their mom told them if they went to bed early she would take them shopping so they went to go nap before their shopping sprees. While they were talking and getting dress into their new PJs, their step dad got his camera and spied on them! But thats not all he did, he snuck into the room and felt Elsa up, waking her up and telling her to suck his cock! She got really into it and then he returned the favor by eating her 18 year old pussy! Next it was Hollie’s turn, he woke up his step daughter who swallowed his meat before he filled her tight twat up! All while their mom was sleeping next to them! Hollies step dad finally dropped his load all over her mouth and told her to get back to bed and not tell anyone!

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Mother Supervision

Son, I’m not mad anymore. Calm down. Listen, your sister and I are here to talk to you. I’ve given it some thought and I know it’s wrong to try and stop you from experimenting… What the two of you were doing was my fault. I should have known it was going to happen. And I don’t want it to happen again… unless I’m here to supervise. Sex is a very serious thing, I hope you both can understand that. But because Mommy loves you both very much she has decided to teach you how to love each other the right way…

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Daughter Needs A Job

Brooke needs a job and a new set of boobs! She wants the same kind of boobs that her mom Cory has, they are amazing and Brook can’t stop touching them. Just pull your mom’s boobs out and have some fun with them. A little licking and sucking makes things very hot between mom and daughter. “I want to play with your boobs some more” says Brooke, “I love them”! Cory wants Brooke to go ask her dad about working for his agency to earn the money for her new boobs.

Scene 2: Asking Dad
Brooke gets all dressed up for her dad and asks him for a job. He has difficulty explaining to his daughter what they do at his agency but he finally tells her about the adult modeling and Brooke is completely fine with it. Dad needs some intimate shots of his daughter Brooke and has her strip down naked and compares her to her mom. Dad has his daughter masturbate in front of him and then asks her to perform a blowjob, she eagerly agrees! “Am I doing it right dad”? Brooke is extremely good at sucking cock! Dad is enjoying himself so much that he blows his load in his daughter Brooke’s mouth. Brook, your interview will be tomorrow and please bring lots of slutty outfits!

Scene 3: The Interview
Brooke shows up with some slutty outfits and performs a little show for her dad while he snaps some pictures. Sexy bras and panties, very short dresses, and a tiny little mini skirt to help her get the job. Brooke is willing to do anything that will help her get a job, including bending over and letting her dad play with her pussy. Her dad also needs to make sure that she knows what she is doing, he bends Brooke over and fucks her pussy on the casting couch. All different positions and Brooke handles every one of them, including her dad shooting his load deep in her pussy!

Scene 4: I want New Boobs Daddy

Brooke confides in her mom saying she is not comfortable having sex with strangers and would rather keep it in the family. Brooke only wants to be her daddy’s own little porn star and will do anything for her new boobs. Dad, mom and daughter are quick to get naked and start the family fun. Dad gets himself a double header and then it’s right into Brooke’s pussy. Mom can’t help herself and wants to sit next to them and play with herself while watching her husband and daughter fucking. Mom Cory wants to suck on those nipples while Brooke fucks her dad’s huge cock! Brooke moves over to her mom and licks and sucks her amazing tits and dad can’t take any more! He shoots his load all over his wife and daughters face so they care share it. Next step is a new set of boobs for Brooke

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Cousins Threesome

They are so much closer than just kissing cousins. When Emily visits her big-city cousins for spring vacation, she discovers Nathan and Jennifer’s sibling love runs deeper than she ever imagined. Catching them in several torrid incestuous acts, Emily struggles to understand their taboo relationship. But when they invite her to their unprotected debauchery, will virginal Emily be able to resist breaking such a risky taboo with her naughty cousins? Of course not!

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Fighting Over Their Step Bro

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Mother/Daughter Seduction Full Version

The Affair – Son, I’m not stupid. You didn’t come all the way across town in the middle of the night to tell me you want to stop seeing me. You don’t really want to quit… you want to fuck me. I know you think I’m some kind of evil whore because I left your Father, and that I somehow tricked you into sleeping with me. Well, I didn’t force you into anything. It was the other way around the way I remember… It’s just you and me in this big apartment, let’s do what you really came here for….
Lie With Us – Mom’s not here. And she won’t be back till late. Sit down brother, talk to me. I’m sorry Mom’s not here for you to fuck, you must be pretty upset. Shut up. I know that’s why you’re here. You don’t need to lie to me, I know you’ve been seeing her for awhile. She told me all about it. So what’s wrong with me? You can fuck your Mother but not your sister? No, you’re not leaving. Your going to stay right here with me. Don’t act like you don’t want this….

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Interracial Family Affairs

I always wanted to fuck a black girl… just never thought it would be my cousin!
Give Her What She Needs – Hey Sis, so things have gotten pretty intense with my step son. I can barely keep my hands off him whenever we’re alone and I’m worried his dad will catch on. The other day was pretty close. My son was on the couch relaxing and I immediately went for his big black cock. We stripped and started heating each other up until I had to have him inside me. We must have fucked in a dozen positions and I came more than I could count. Not long after my son coated me with his cum I realized his Dad should be home already. I hope he didn’t catch us but my son’s cock is worth the risk. Love Caramel. My Uncle Made Me Do It… And Now I Really Like It! – Dear Diary: I’m finally going to spend a weekend with Aunt Caramel and my uncle just like sissy did last year. I really think it will be great to get away a bit and my sister seemed to have had an awesome time. Dear Diary: The other night my uncle came in my room and started talking to me and then things got weird. He started touching my leg and I started getting slightly aroused so I asked him to stop. He started playing with my tits next and before I knew it I was naked and sucking my uncle’s cock. His skillful tongue made me cum hard in a hot 69 and my inhibitions were gone. We made love and I rode him pretty hard. I lost track of how many times I came until my uncle did the unthinkable and came inside me. I was so freaked out it ruined the mood for the night but I’ll be back. I’m really glad my uncle made me do it. Julie.

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Threesome Cousin Alina

Cousin AlinaStarring Alina Long, Penny Pax, and Rock Cousin Alina is here to visit!! Penny is super excited. They havent seen each other in a long time and shes never seen their new place. Penny and her brother just moved in together, which is really nice. They love it there. They sit on the couch and catch up. They get to chatting. Penny talks about how much she loves living with her brother. They can be naked around each other and its not even weird! What an extra bonus. Alina is a little weirded out about there. They keep talking. Penny reveals that she lost her virginity to Rock. Which is actually really great because they already love each other. Penny convinces Rock to show their cousin his dick. Shes just SO excited to play with it. She cant wait. So the two girls start to play with cock. Then they get down on their knees and start to suck him off. They take off their shirts. They really get into it. The three of them switch positions, all over the couch. Eating pussy, sucking dick, fucking. Then they switch to the bedroom and continue their sexcapades. Family does it best. They all have excellent sexual chemistry and they really let it loose. When theyve finished fucking they all cuddle in for a nice nap. Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Taboo, Threesomes, Pussy Eating, Blowjobs, Lesbian, Pigtails.Presented in 1280×720 High Definition MP4 Format

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Family Lies

After blackmailing her dad with sexual favors Camille discovers an affair between her brother and sister catching them in the classroom. After catching them she begins to fantasize about it to the point where it becomes an obsession and makes her masturbate frequently.
After being caught with her brother, Kate leaves for an appointment with her Grandfather the Dean. Kate makes use of her sexual prowess and gets Grandpa to give her just what she wants, passing grades. Kates affair with her brother takes on an even bolder position after school and Camille watches them secretly while masturbating in the hallway
Finally overcome by lustful thoughts Camille confronts her sister in the bedroom and they explore each others bodys. Their brother Russell walks in on them and joins them on the bed. Things get pretty intense and none of them hear Dad come in, lucky for Russell he’s already been fucking both Kate and Camille so he joins in the family moment too. Everything goes great until they hear mom come home and everyone scatters to protect their secret.

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German Inzest

Jedes feuchte Loch wird gestopft und wenn es der eigene geile Vater machen muss!!! Sensationell, wie die dicken Schwengel der Brüder in die engen Fötzchen der Schwestern reinpassen!

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