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The Sweet Daughter

Scene One: Sweet surprises

Ivy is working on her family’s taxes. One more click and they are done! I walk in and am amazed that she did it all by herself. “Mommy showed me how to do it” She smiles. Now that her work is over she sits on the counter. “That’s not all mom taught me” She whispers as she unbuttons her shirt. I have no idea what’s happening until she’s naked and spreading her legs for me to fuck her. Happy giggly Ivy moans as my dick presses into her young pussy. She feels amazing, and I lose myself to the movement of her hips against me. Just then my wife walks into the room. I expect her to lose her mind and scream at us, but she casually checks over the taxes while we fuck. It makes me explode inside of my daughter and she thanks me for filling her up with warm cum.

Scene Two: Party time family time

Cory is sitting on the couch when her daughter comes in with a problem. Ivy’s boyfriend wants a threesome with another girl and she’s very nervous about it. What if she’s no good? She doesn’t want her boyfriend to leave her. Cory smiles and promises to show her exactly what her boyfriend wants. Cory slips off her robe and kisses her nervous daughter’s fear away. They strip and suck on each others tits, getting more and more into it. Soon they forget their mother and daughter as their lust takes over. Cory demonstrates just how a pussy should be licked and worshiped. When Ivy thinks she’s got it Cory presses her head down and cums all over her daughter’s face. “Mommy has one other trick to show you” Cory smiles. They lace their legs together and grind until Ivy is a quivering mess.

Scene Three: Familiar replacement

Ivy’s going to be bringing her boyfriend on a family trip. They are going to fuck all night long, every night while their parents sleep. Until he calls and cancels to spend time with his other girlfriend that is. Ivy is crushed. Her dad comes in to see if she’s ready to go only to have to comfort her. Even though Ivy feels better she’s still super horny. She hasn’t masturbated in days to prepare herself for her boyfriends cock. She asks her daddy to fuck her and make her feel better. “I hope my boyfriend regrets this” She moans as he fucks her from behind. Her big breasts bounce as all the sexual tension is fucked out of her. He fucks her in every position on the bed until Ivy cums like a good girl on her daddy’s cock. He rewards her with a big load all over her smiling face. This is going to be the best family trip ever.

Scene Four: Never stop learning

I’m spending some quality time with my beautiful wife. “I want it so bad” She moans and puts my cock into her mouth. While she sucks my daughter walks into the room to tell her mom all about the threesome she had with her boyfriend. “I’m glad it all worked out. Now let’s show daddy what you learned” Cory gives her a kiss. She strips her excited daughter and sucks on Ivy’s big tits. I tell them to move over and begin to fuck Ivy’s tight little pussy. As I fuck her she kisses her mother and the girls giggle in pleasure. I bring myself to the edge and tell them to put their faces together. My hot load shoots all over their smiling faces, bathing them in cum. They share the taste of me, spitting the load back and forth until its all gone. “I love you sweety” Cory says to her happy daughter.

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Brother Crashes Sisters Pajama Party

Elsa Jean has her friend Alana Summers over for a slumber party. They share some girl talk, and then Alana models a bra and panties for Elsa. Soon they’re snapping photos to send to the object of their desire, unaware that Elsa’s stepbrother Alex D. is peeping on them. Things heat up when Alana discovers Elsa’s hidden stash of sex toys and suggests that they practice together by sticking dildos to the mirror and then riding them. The girls take turns videotaping the other sliding down onto the dildos. Alana even shows Elsa some new tricks while Alex secretly whips it out to masturbate until he hits the door and gives himself away. Now that the gig is up, Alex walks into the room and steals Alana’s phone. To get it back, Alana offers to suck Alex’s dick and then volunteers Elsa to fuck her stepbrother.
Soon Alex finds himself with both Alana and Elsa taking turns wrapping their soft little lips around his stiffie. Alana goes first until Elsa warms up to the idea, but watching her friend deepthroat her stepbrother is incredible foreplay. Next thing Elsa knows, she has climbed on the bed so Alana can lick her bald twat and Alex can slide deep inside. Alex’s big dick is great practice for the boy Elsa’s been crushing on, and Elsa soon abandons herself to the sheer pleasure. When her stepbrother lays on the bed and lets her practice riding a real hardon, Elsa eagerly takes him up on the offer while Alana watches and masturbates. Getting up on her hands and knees, Elsa cries out her pleasure as Alex brings her off doggy style. Moments later, he reaches the end of his endurance and pulls out just in time to send a stream of hot jizz down Elsa’s smooth back for Alana to lick up and snowball with Elsa.
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Listen To Your Mommy – Family Threesome

Alix Lynx is unhappy that her stepson Kyle Mason has interrupted her during her yoga workout. As punishment for his bad behavior, Alix orders him to stay for the remainder of her workout. She soon discovers that Kyle is totally turned on by her, so she demands that he lick her pussy. Once he proves that he can make magic with his mouth, it’s not long before Kyle finds himself buried balls deep in his stepmom as they fuck standing up. He can only hold out for so long before pulling out to cover Alix’s back with jizz.
Later that day, Alix comes across Kyle and his girlfriend Elsa Jean making out. She reminds Kyle that in her house there’s no fucking unless she knows the girl. Moments later, Elsa is standing up for Alix’s inspection. Next, Alix tells Kyle to show her how he fingers Elsa and then demonstrates the proper technique. They follow the same pattern as Kyle shows his stepmom how he licks pussy. When she requests to see Kyle fuck Elsa, Alix has to remind her stepson that it’s her house and her rules, but he complies.
Once Alix gets a taste of watching Kyle bang his blonde teen dream, she wants in on the action. It’s not long before her instruction turns into full-on participation as she teaches both Kyle and Elsa new tricks while getting her own cum craving pussy pounded. As Kyle reaches the inevitable conclusion to their lovemaking, Alix has one last rule. She orders him to creampie Elsa’s tight fuck hole, leaving her dripping with his love.

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Son trained to Satisfy Mother

I come home to find my aunt and my mom sitting on the couch. When they call me in, my mom tells me she wants to talk to me about sex and since it’s a little awkward, she brought my aunt.

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Son trained to Satisfy Mother

My mom invites me into her room and says she knows it’s early, but my aunt isn’t here for my lesson yet. She says how she was jealous of all the attention I gave my aunt during our first “lesson” and that mommy needs attention too. I realize I am actually being trained to satisfy my mom and my aunt. It’s going to be my responsibility to satisfy the women in the family

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My Mommy Helping Daddy fuck Me

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Crazy Amateur Family Incest Threesome

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Free Use Family

A very Loving family spend the afternoon hanging out on the couch and watching tv….

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Mother’s Discovery

Don’t look so surprised son… You really thought your Mother wouldn’t find out you were fucking your sister? And I see you brought your girlfriend along… Quite the party you’re having… Son, if you wanted to have an orgy at home it would’ve only been polite to invite your Mom too….

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Family Threesome Mother, Son and Daughter

Shay Fox gives her home schooled darlings a hands-on education in the wide world of sex in order to prepare them for their switch to public school recently.
Lesson One – Hand Job:
Shay starts talking with her openly about how she wants to teach them about “the real world”. She explains using lube, what a hand job is, and gets down to teaching Violet how to make a man cum.
Lesson Two – Blow Job:
Shay teaches her daughter, Violet, how to give a blow job- by herself, and with another woman.
Lesson Three – Pussy Eating & Fucking:
Shay wraps up her Sex Ed lesson by teaching her son how to eat pussy and both of them how to fuck. She demonstrates a few different positions on Lucas, then has Violet try them out. She also teaches Lucas to never cum in a girl.

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