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Blind Family Love

Cory is laying on the bed with a blindfold on as her husband Luke has sex with her. Their daughter Vanessa sneaks in to the room and Luke tries to shoo her away, but she has another plan in mind: she wants to secretly join them, while her mother keeps the blindfold on! As Luke’s hard cock goes in and out of Cory’s pussy, Vanessa begins to grab at her mom’s tits and even kisses her mom, while Cory assumes that she is just having sex with her husband. Little does she know that she is really having a threesome with her husband and daughter…

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My Hot Step-Mom and Step Sister

Lucas has a problem. He can’t stop jerking off. He’s doing this so much that it’s disturbing the family dynamics. So much so, that his step mother, Cherrie Deville, and step sister, Chloe Cherry, came up with a plan to help him out. Instead of him jerking his dick next time he needed to, his step sister would assist him in unloading that load. At first he was reluctant, so every time they caught him in the act, his step sister would be called over to suck him off. Eventually Lucas got used to the normality of the situation, so he would just show up naked ready for his step sister to blow him. However, this particular day things escalated to the next level Cherie asked him if he would like to stick his cock in his step sister’s little pussy. He instantly agreed. As his step-mom watched on, she decided to join in the fuck and have her step son fuck her too. Lucas shoved his cock in both his step-mom and step sister’s pussies in several different positions before busting a giant load for both of them to share.

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Hot Mom Sex and Squirting Lessons!

Hormones are raging in the house, Mom caught his son sniffing his sister’s panties and also caught her daughter watching her brother while he comes out of the shower. She decides it’s time to end this obsession they have for each other, she calls a family meeting and explains them, she knows they are attracted to each other and the best way to handle this is facing it, they must have sex, after all, they are a family and have to support each other. Mom starts by teaching her daughter how to suck her brother’s cock, then he penetrates her sister’s pussy in many different positions while Mom supervises him and makes sure to end squeezing the last drop of his son’s cum into her daughter’s mouth.

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The Happy Family

Alex and Brianna have a loving and happy marriage, and a handsome intelligent son named Archie. Things are actually almost perfect… Except that Archie seems to have developed a very serious masturbation problem. Being the loving, responsible, and caring parents they are, Alex and Brianna decide it’s time to have a little talk with their son…

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Family Orgies – Fun For the whole Family

It’s Family Game night….and this unsuspecting Family decides to try out a new board game. Little do they know…..this game is twisted!!! Johnny is instructed to lick his baby Sister’s enormous tits. Uncle Jack is instructed to lick his Niece’s tight, young cunt. Carly is instructed to suck her Daddy’s cock. They all keep going, however….because Mom always said they should finish any game they start! Johnny wins the game by drawing the Taboo Fuckfest Card…..which means he must fuck an opposing player of his choosing. He picks his baby Sister Carly…and proceeds to pounds the living stuffing out of her!!! Family Game night will never be the same!!!

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Brother and Dad cum on Daughter`s Face

Phenec got into some legal troubles. She was caught stealing a car….and when her court date arrived…both her Dad and her Brother presumed she would be going to jail. In a bizarre twist of events, however….Phenec shows up back home, saying that the Judge sentenced her to 200 Community Service Blowjobs!! Dad and Brother Peter offer to let her begin by sucking them off…so she can get a quick 2 blowjobs under her belt. Phenec proceeds to suck Dad and Peter, until Peter cums in her mouth. Dad decides that Phenec’s delinquent behaviour deserves some “extra” punishment….so he orders Phenec to take off her pants…and take a hard pounding to her cunt!! Phenec cries as Daddy pumps her…and Dad makes her take his load all over her face. Hopefully she will learn her lesson…and she has 198 more Community Service Blowjobs to go!!

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Mom Sucks & Fucks Son & Brother

Alex calls his Uncle Tony to come over and talk about his Mom (Tony’s sister).Apparently her entire personality is different since her husband is away on business most of the time. She has become frumpy, wearing sweats everywhere and not being her usual cheery self. Uncle Tony has a solution, a cd that plays through headphones of ocean waves but with commands under the sound that only her subconscious mind can hear. Alexis listens reluctantly and soon is seemingly more relaxed. Tony takes away the headset and asks her how she feels. She says that she feels hot and horny. She needs cock now and she wants to be filled with cum! This is more than Tony or Alex expected as Tony has never actually used the cd on anyone before, but Alexis wants to get fucked right now and Tony and Alex give her what she wants. She sucks one while the other fucks her and then Alex fills her with his cum and then Tony follows up with his cum.
She is left with a pussy full of her son’s and her brother’s cum!
(MILF Alexis first B/B/G on film! Don’t miss out!!!) Scenario: Alex is asking his Uncle Tony for advise. He is about to have a threesome for the first time and he is not confident he will do well. Uncle Tony tells him that his Mom can help, and calls in his Mom Alexis. Alexis agrees to help her son by having a threesome with her son and her brother. She sucks their cocks and then lets them take turns fucking her while she sucks the other one’s cock. Her brother cums deep inside of her pussy, but she wants her son’s cum on her face, so when he is ready to cum he pulls it out of her pussy and sprays her face with goo.

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Family Group sex

Ms Paris Rose, the census taker, comes by a house for the census interview to find this family is a bit different. Everybody but the grandpa is going around the house completely naked and are headed to the bedroom for some fun. After a while, Ms Rose is convinced to go upstairs and check things out but as soon as she comes in the room she is seduced into joining everyone in the bed. From a girl going down to lick her pussy to a guy fucking her from behind, Ms Rose has so many orgasms she can’t count them all. Fully satisfied, she leaves as she plans to return another day and join in with this family again. Also available in the WMV format.

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Swapping Daughters – Parents Start Fake Family

Scene opens on a family of three, Mr. and Mrs. Valentine (Dale and Gina) and their daughter Becky, in the driveway of their house. To their side a parked ride-share car and its driver wait with the trunk open. The family is going over the final preparations for their daughter’s trip. The daughter is dressed to travel, with two suitcases and some travel bags at her feet, and is loading them into the trunk of the car all the while being fussed over by her attentive parents who are insistent on making sure she’s prepared.

While the father lectures her on travel safety tips, the mother sporadically asks about whether she’s remembered to pack this or that. Even after all the bags are packed and the trunk door closed, the chatter continues until the daughter insists that she’s going to miss her flight if she doesn’t leave soon, and her parents begrudgingly stop fussing over her and let her get moving. ‘But not until we get one last hug as a family,’ the father insists, and the daughter happily obliges. She’s going to miss them over the next two months, she says as she hugs them tight, but she hopes they have a good time with the new exchange student. The couple exchange a knowing glance, unseen by their daughter, and say they’re sure they will. The daughter says her final goodbyes, and hops into the passenger seat of the car. She waves to her parents through the window, and they back to her, as the car starts to pull away. ‘It’s really happening,’ the father says discreetly to his wife as he waves, ‘it still doesn’t feel real.’ ‘I know,’ the mother agrees, and wistfully asks her husband, ‘…do you think she’ll be okay?’ The father puts his other hand on his wife’s back and rubs it reassuringly. ‘We can’t think about that now,’ he says as he continues to wave, ‘what’s done is done. She’s not our problem to worry about anymore.’ With the car turning out of sight, he drops his waving hand and turns to his wife, clasping her hands. ‘Now come on, we have a lot to do before our new daughter gets here.’ As he says the words ‘new daughter’, they both look at each other with nervous excitement, the expression of two people about to do something they’ve never done before but are clearly looking forward to. They turn to head back to the front door together, holding each other at the waist with an excited spring in their step.

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Best Son`s Fantasy fucking Mom and Stepmom

My Mom and Stepmom shared my big dick and I creampie them both! I’m in heaven!

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