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Our Brother’s Love

Kelsie is leaving for college. Anthony comes in her room for his goodbye present. Previously Rachel, their mother, had made the two have sex to control them from arguing. Kimmy, the younger sister walked in and saw Kelsie sucking her brother’s cock. Kimmy freaked out and screamed for her mother. Rachel came in and explained to Kimmy that now Kelsie is leaving, it is her turn to take care of her big brother. Kimmy was grossed out and Rachel forced her to sit and watch. Kelsie did not like sucking and fucking her brother either but she got what she wanted when she did. Kimmy was ordered to undress and masturbate while watching them. Anthony fucked his sister while Kimmy and Rachel sat. Rachel told Kimmy to kiss her sister and suck on her tits while her brother fucked Kelsie to orgasm. Kimmy masturbated as did Mother while Kelsie came. Anthony pulled his cock out and shot his brotherly load all over his sister’s tummy.

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Family Therapy – Slut Training Day

So…The other day I was having a blast with my girlfriend Roxanne. We went to the mall and flirted with a bunch of hot guys. Then we went back to my house to watch a movie and decided to get some pizzas. I went to go get some because delivery always takes too long and I left my best friend at my house and told her to pick out a movie. I wasn’t gone for even 15 minutes and I walk in on this whore BLOWING MY OLDER BROTHER!!! I thought I could trust her but I guess I was wrong. If my friend Roxanne wants to be a slut, I’LL SHOW HER HOW ITS DONE!!! I told that bitch I’m the the only one who gets to fuck my brother. She needs to watch what I do if she wants to fuck my brother right. I sat on my brother’s fat dick and told my ex best friend to watch. Then I made her suck his cock and lick my pussy off it. I kept making my brother pound my little snatch and shoved his cock in and out of that cunt’s mouth. She kept gagging on it and she was barely even taking the whole thing–ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!? THIS SLUT STILL HAS A LOT TO LEARN!!! I make my loser brother pound my pussy harder and harder. I can’t believe Roxanne thought she’d be able to handle his dick. WHAT A DUMB SLUT!! I make her lick my tits and keep sucking my brother’s dick. At least she’s getting better at sucking cock… Then I tell my brother its time for him to cum. He pulls out and blasts my slut best friend with his jizz. I tell Roxanne the lesson’s over and tell her she can walk home naked like the whore she is. Now I have to deal with my brother….

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Inzest Skandale – Verbotenes Familienficken

Nasty German Inzest Movie!

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Mother Daughter Milk Brother

Rachel caught her son Allen jerking his cock while peeking at his own sister changing. Rachel grabbed him by his ear and pushed him into Leihla’s room. Leihla was shocked that he was doing that. Rachel and her daughter had enough of his perverted thoughts and actions; it was time to take matters in their hands. Rachel pushed him on the bed and pulled his underwear off. Allen was hard as a rock. They both laughed at his weakness and began sucking his cock. Mother and daughter took turn jerking and sucking him while humiliating him verbally. Allen got hornier by all this. Leihla stripped naked and his mother whipped out her tits smashing them in his face. Rachel masturbated while she watched her daughter suck her son’s cock. Allen wanted to explode. Rachel knew this and quickly got face to face with her daughter and ordered her son to give them all of his cum. Now he is drained and will be obedient for them. Rachel told him he would wash all their used panties with his tongue.

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Power and Influence in Family

Rachel had been married for only a short time when her husband passed away. In the aftermath, her stepson unexpectedly granted her control of the family company of which his father had been boss. He also gave Rachel written authorization to transfer valuable company assets to her account. The step-son then took a leave of absence. No one had seen, or heard from, him since. Presently the auditor of the company came to see Rachel. He had noticed some irregularities on the books, and hoped she might be able to explain them. Rachel was all charm towards him. She made him a drink, and sweetly dismissed all of his concerns. Her look was most alluring – thanks to a sexy red dress that emphasized her shapely figure, and some stockings that showed off her sleek legs. As the meeting progressed, the auditor grew drowsy. This was Rachel’s doing. Sneakily she had spiked his drink to throw him off asking one too many probing questions. She had good reason for not wanting him to find out the answers. With his guard lowered, she set about getting some kind of control over him. She found out that he had recently married a pretty young lady. She learned, too, that he had the final say as to whether the irregularities would be properly investigated or not. Next she flirted with him – drawing his attention to her body – laying a hand on his lap or his leg. Slurring, the auditor commented that it must have been a shock for Rachel to lose her husband so soon after their marriage. Little did he know that Rachel was actually responsible for it. She had switched her husband’s heart-medication for a dangerous stimulant. The auditor next expressed surprise that her stepson had not taken over the company himself. It was common knowledge that he and Rachel had not gotten along. The comment caused Rachel to vividly recall an encounter between her and her step-son. She was wearing a tight pink sweater and an equally tight skirt. A hair-band added a touch of cuteness. She looked every bit a sweet and innocent woman. Meanwhile, her step-son was addressing her angrily – insisting that she would not receive anything that had belonged to his late father. In vain she tried to calm him down. But she did get him to have one of her specially mixed-drinks. From that point on, the step-son’s defiance quickly weakened. Rachel then saw herself coming on to the semi-awake young man – manipulating him with a woman’s ultimate weapon: sex. She was stripped down to some hot lingerie; her ample breasts were lifted out of the bra. After a moment of posing provocatively for her step-son, she drew close, giving him her nipples to suckle on. Then she started stroking and sucking on his big, hard cock. Sometimes, she broke off her sensual pleasuring to tell him how nice it would be if he signed the family company over to her. The step-son tried to resist this influence, but his will had grown weak. Rachel whispered, Mommy knows best, to him over and again until he came to believe her. The spiked drink had made him docile. Rachel herself made him utterly obedient – through the power of her siren voice and the magical touch of her hands and mouth. Soon she was able to make him sign the many legal papers that gave her control of the family company. The step-son was so far gone that he did not know – and would never remember – what he had done. Rachel had expertly manipulated him through his cock – like a puppeteer pulling strings. Her goal achieved, she was just about to cast the young man aside, when he suddenly offered further useful information in the hopes of extending his playtime with her. Rachel was intrigued at his mention of secret company accounts and hidden family assets. Immediately she attended to his cock again – subjecting him to his most awesome stroking and sucking yet. Eventually she succeeded in milking her step-son of all remaining details concerning his late father’s finances. This included all manner of passwords and codes for accessing the company’s secret funds. She continued to jerk and suck him until he exploded in her mouth and on her face. Shortly after that, the naked stepson slumped back and become motionless. Rachel then phoned a mysterious accomplice and announced that The Plan had worked. She said the step-son would not be a problem. He was going on an extended trip. No one would miss him, and no one would ever find him. Her mind returning to the present, Rachel saw that the auditor had just finished his drink. He was very light-headed, relaxed and mellow. His gaze fixed on Rachel’s hands as they moved rhythmically over her stocking-covered thighs. He lost his chain-of-thought as Rachel repeatedly cooed that he had nothing to worry about. Her hand movements and voice reinforced the subliminal message. Then she raised her dress to adjust her stocking clip. Fascinated, the auditor was unable to drag his eyes from it. Rachel behaved as if the surreal scene was normal. She told the auditor how lucky he was to have such a pretty young wife. He mumbled agreement, spellbound by her stockinged-legs – which had begun rubbing against him. All of a sudden, Rachel suggested they get more comfortable, and unfastened the top of her dress. The auditor looked on in wonder as she next pushed down her sexy bra to reveal her lovely big tits. Seconds later, the auditor had his face happily pressed in their delicious, soft, full warmth. He took the greatest pleasure in kissing and licking them. Then Rachel turned her attention to his cock and started to stroke and suck it. The auditor was too overwhelmed to feel guilty at this first ever act of adultery. Presently Rachel handed him his phone and suggested he call his office to tell them there was no need for any further investigation into the transfer of the company’s assets. While he waited for his assistant to note down his message, Rachel continued to slowly suck his cock, her tongue swirling, flicking and licking all over it. She even took his length deep down into her throat as a reward for his confirming that no investigation would be launched. She then mischievously removed her panties, spread her legs wide, and invited the auditor to take her. She wanted to keep as firm a hold on him as possible. Soon the auditor was passionately ploughing his cock into her hot tight pussy. The thrilling vigor of his performance tested even Rachel’s cool self-control. She encouraged him on, enjoying his enthusiasm and stamina and the sweet feel of every smooth, hard cock-thrust. For a long time the pair went at it: fucking twice doggy style, then once reverse cowgirl, and once regular-cowgirl. There was much groaning and gasping, and slapping of body against body; much sexy heaving and swaying of Rachel’s big tits. Finally, she kneeled before the auditor, eyes smiling. She jerked, rubbed and licked his cock while squeezing his balls. The auditor’s satisfaction was complete as he blasted a huge load over her tits. Rachel wiped it off with a pair of panties, then told him to go take a shower. While he was gone, she again called her accomplice. She announced that the investigation would not go ahead, and that all the assets were now safely theirs. There would be no more interference. With the auditor’s DNA on her panties, Rachel had plenty of compromising evidence to keep in permanently in line. She already had them in a sealed plastic wrap. She knew the auditor would do anything to prevent his pretty little wife from about his and Rachel’s sexual shenanigans. Boundlessly wicked and sly, she had succeeded in committing the perfect crime.

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Chrissy – Daddy, Can I Make a Baby Today?

Hal lets his brother have a go on his daughter, Chrissy. Once her uncle’s done, Chrissy lets her daddy dump a dirty load up her cunt!!!

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Brooklyn Daniels, Cory Chase – Bad Daughters Never Win

Scene One: Convincing dad
Brooklyn has just been grounded from spring break by her mom Cory, but she has a plan to get ungrounded. She invites her dad to her room and tells him how unfair it is that she’s grounded. She just bought all this new clothing and gives her dad a show of her new underwear. She shows him what she would do to all the boys and grinds on him in her lacy underwear.
Taking out his cock she sucks him, saying that he should talk to mom. A knock on the door and Cory bursts in the room. Dad quickly covers his daughter with a blanket as she continues to suck him. Cory asks if he has seen Brooklyn and reminds him about dinner that night. As soon as she leaves he cums in his daughter’s mouth. With a swallow Brooklyn tells him that he can have that every night if he lets her go on spring break.
Scene Two: Convincing mom
Dad did nothing to help her so Brooklyn goes to work on her mom. Cory is in her room reading when Brooklyn walks in dressed in lingerie. Cory asks her what she is doing but Brooklyn silences her with a kiss. Attacking Cory with her hands and mouth she makes her mom moan.
As Brooklyn licks her pussy a knock comes from the door and Cory quickly covers up her daughter. Dad comes in to talk to Cory about dinner that night. Brooklyn continues to lick her moms pussy, and as they talk Cory cums. Dad asks if she is feeling alright and goes to get her some medicine.
Scene Three: Tied up
Brooklyn sends her dad a text message with her sprawled out naked on the bed. Then going into the living room she tells him that if he doesn’t fix her problem that she is going to tell mom. Dad says fine and goes upstairs. Instead of talking to mom he comes back with rope and ties up his little girl.
Stripping her to her underwear he makes her suck his cock and spanks her ass. Cory comes downstairs and sees him spanking Brooklyn. She gives her a few good slaps for dressing like a slut and leaves. When Cory is gone he fucks Brooklyn like the bad little girl she is being. With one last thrust he cums deep inside her and leaves her tied up on the floor.
Scene Four: Who needs spring break
Brooklyn walks into her daddy’s bedroom with a sad look. Today is the last day of spring break and she has not even left the house. Dad tells her that unless she does as he says he will send that naked picture of herself to all her friends at school. He makes her strip naked and suck his cock.
“But mom” Brooklyn says catching her breath. Cory walks in and tells her that she knew all along and that this is Brooklyn’s punishment for being a bad girl. She commands her daughter to fuck her husband. He fucks her until she has one screaming orgasm after another. He shoots his hot load on Brooklyn’s face and Cory gives her a kiss. That’s that way to end a vacation.

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The (Fucking) Family

Rachel and her son Philip have been having sex for years. They thought everyone was asleep and began to fuck. Rachel’s daughter Paige heard noises and went to see. She saw her mother riding her brother and snuck a picture to show dad. Paige was upset; she showed her father the picture. He was not surprised; Rachel and he had slept in separate rooms for years. That was because Rachel had sexual desire only for her son. Brian (dad) held his daughter to comfort her. They began to feel a closeness they had never felt before. Dad began to caress his daughter’s body. She felt a sexual urge to please him. He gently pulled her strap off her shoulder and sucked her nipple. Paige closed her eyes and enjoyed it. Daddy pulled his cock out and asked his daughter if she wanted it, she did. Paige sucked her father. Brian pulled her pajamas off and got her on top of him slowly sliding his cock in his daughter. Paige really loved the way her father’s cock felt; it was so big and thick. Rachel and her son had finished, she came out for some water and caught them on the couch fucking. Rachel was actually relieved as the secret was out. She told them to bring it in the bedroom. The family took turns sucking and fucking away. It was quite the orgy. Daddy fucked Paige until she came. Rachel encouraged her to cum. Phillip enjoyed as his mother sucked his whole cock. Rachel fucked her son as dad fucked his daughter. They switched off and brother and sister fucked while mom and dad fucked. In the conclusion, dad came all over Rachel’s tits watching his fuck and sucks. Rachel with cum all over her; reached over to jerk her son and suck him off with her daughter. Dad told his son to shoot his cum all over mom and sister. Phillip shot it on his sister’s tits. They all kissed and Mom and Dad felt the relationship was healed.

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Anthony’s Wet Incest Dream

You asked for longer clips with more storyline and here it is. Anthony was peeking in on his mom and sister as they shared the bathroom. They were primping in the mirror with open robes. He was stroking his cock watching them. Anthony had a strong desire to be with them both sexually for years. Rachel and her daughter Kelsie tickled each other and showed off their boobs to each other. This playfulness really turned on Anthony. He returned to Rachel’s bed and jerked off. He started daydreaming; Rachel and Kelsie walked in on him. They did not act surprised to see him. Rachel dropped her robe and was wearing a hot sexy number just for him. Kelsie smiled and crawled on the bed next to him. Anthony looked at his mother and she did the same. They told them they knew of his desire and want to fulfill it. Mom started sucking his cock before he could say a word. His sister gave him long deep open mouth kisses. His sister took a turn sucking her brother’s cock. Rachel fed him her huge motherly tits. Rachel asked him if he wanted the ultimate, to fuck them both. He (of course) wanted that. Rachel knew he may be overwhelmed so she got on top and guided him in her. She let him thrust it in a few times then she got off to suck him some more. She wanted everything to be slow for his first time. Kelsie asked her brother to fuck her. Anthony opened his sister’s legs and drove his long cock inside her. Kelsie moaned as Rachel masturbated and kissed her daughter. Anthony watched his beautiful mother make out with his sweet sister. He watched his cock slide in and out of her pussy. Mother was next, this time Rachel let him fuck her harder, and Kelsie sucked on her mother’s tits while Anthony slid his cock in and out. Anthony pulled out and began fucking his sister again. Now mother and daughter had been satisfied, it was Anthony’s time. Rachel and Kelsie put their faces next to each other and told him to blow his load on them. Anthony came in his mom’s open mouth and on his sister’s face. This was too good to be true he thought. Just then Anthony awoke on the couch. He was fully clothed and a bit confused. He reached down to feel his cock. It was hard and his zipper was open. No one was home; he shook his head thinking what a dream that was! Too bad it was just a dream!

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Mother Collects Sperm Sample

Kelsie is very careful to not get pregnant. She always makes Anthony use a condom when they have sex. One afternoon he was fucking her particularly hard and the condom broke while he was inside her. He did not realize until it was too late. Kelsie quickly squatted and tried to squeeze all the sperm out of her pussy. She hoped everything would work out. Unfortunately it turned out that Anthony apparently had very potent sperm and she ended up pregnant. Once she found out she was pregnant Anthony would not have anything to do with her. He claimed the baby was not his. She tried to prove it to him by having him take a paternity test. He refused to give a sperm sample for the test. Months later when the baby’s birth was approaching she talked to her mother about what she would do. Rachel knew that the baby belonged to Anthony but she had to prove it in order to make him share in the responsibility. At first she thought that Kelsie could somehow sneak a sperm sample from him for a test but he would not even return her calls. She realized that she was going to have to take charge of the situation. She called Anthony on the phone and asked him to come over. She knew that Anthony was attracted to her. She had seen him looking at her. She concocted an excuse for why she called him over but then quickly admitted that she really just wanted to have sex with him. She led him into the bedroom and stripped off his clothes. She crawled between his legs and started sucking his long cock. Once he was good and hard she handed him a condom and took off her dress. She got on her hands and knees and had him take her from behind. Although she had ulterior motives she could not help but enjoy getting fucked by his long hard cock. She rolled on her back and he slid his cock back inside her. She put her legs as far back as she could and let him pound her pussy. It did not take long before he announced that he was ready to cum. She told him that she wanted him to cum in her mouth. He pulled his cock out of her pussy, took off the condom and slid his cock into her warm mouth. The first blast hit the back of her throat and then he pulled out and shot the rest of his load on her tongue. She pretended to swallow his cum and then excused herself. She went into the bathroom and spit the cum into a cup. She and Kelsie took the sperm to a lab the next day. A month later Anthony receives a letter from the State informing him that he had been named the father of Kelsie’s newborn baby.

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