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Dear Journal, So we went on a family vacation with Grandpa last week and I had an AAAmazing time. It all started when I was hanging in Grandpas room trying to avoid More »

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Molly is excited. She was finally able to track down her real father. The moment he opens the door she can’t contain herself. “Daddy” she squeals in delight. “Who are you” he More »

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Angie’s son is back after six months of working at an oil exploration site in Northern Alaska. The day he got back he found out his girlfriend had been cheating on him More »

Nasty Taboo Comic

Busty Mom fucking with little boy like a big slut that she is! She love his dick but she doesn’t want to get pregnant, so she screems –  “Pull it out! Quickly! More »

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Scene One: Son’s hormones Molly is doing dishes in her robe when her son Alex walks into the room. He watches her as she bends over to put dishes in the dishwasher. More »

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18yr old girl is forced to suck daddy cock!

18 YEAR OLD Candy is in trouble! She disrespects her MOM and STEP-DAD and always TALKS BACK ! MOM & STEP-DAD have had enough, it’s time for DRASTIC MEASURES! Mom starts by pulling the girl’s pants down and SPANKING HER YOUNG ROUND ASS but she still won’t capitulate! STEP-DAD decides he’s had enough and PULLS OUT HIS LARGE MEMBER and orders the girl to PUT HER LITTLE HAND ON IT and START RUBBING MOM thinks this is a great idea and, GRABBING HER LITTLE DAUGHTERS HAIR she FORCES HER to SUCK HIS PROTRUDING PENIS to learn some respect! MOM’s LOVING IT! She hold’s little Candy’s head down and FORCES HER TO GAG on HIS MASSIVE MANHOOD until she can barely breath! After she says SORRY he BLASTS HER CUTE LITTLE FACE with a parental portion of GUY GOO, which DRIPS OFF HER CHIN while she keeps WANKING HIM OFFlike a GOOD LITTLE GIRL!

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Blowjob Lesson for Daughter

Every young girl should know how to suck a dick. And who better to teach them except dear old Mom and Step-Dad. Dillion has a big date on Friday night and she’s a little nervous because she doesn’t know how to properly handle a mans manhood. She confides in her Mom her doubts and Margo assures she will teach her the proper way to satisfy a man. She enlists Joe to lend a hand or a cock as it were. Joe whips out his giant schlong and Dillion goes to town slurping and sucking on his meat pole like a champ. Great cocksucking must run in the family because Dillion doesn’t need much instruction from Mom to become a great dick sucker.

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Molly is going to keep fucking her daddy forever!

Molly is excited. She was finally able to track down her real father. The moment he opens the door she can’t contain herself. “Daddy” she squeals in delight. “Who are you” he responds. “Remember Kim from high school? She’s my mom and you’re my dad.” Molly tells him. “That’s impossible” his heart races. It all makes sense. Kim breaking up with him and leaving school… She gives him a big kiss before they go to the couch to talk.
She’s a ball of energy. So happy to finally meet her dad. “You look just like you did in the pictures” Molly giggles. Rubbing her dad’s leg, she needs to make him like her. She just wants her dad to be a part of her life. She does the only thing she can think of and takes off her shirt. “I’m married you know” He tells her “I guess that would be your step-mom”
I don’t care”. It took so much courage and a few pills to get to this point. She will have a dad in her life no matter what. She reaches up and grabs his cock. “Whoa” he tells her as she strips off her pants. “Isn’t this what good girls do?” she asks. “My wife might come home at any time” he tries to tell her but she puts his cock in her mouth anyway.
Is this a dream? What the hell is happening, he thinks as he puts Molly on the couch and licks her sweet tight pussy. She moans at her dad licking her. This is what men like, she thinks and she bends over for him to fuck her. His hard cock drives deep inside her making her cry out. Molly gets to the edge of cumming and he stops thrusting. “I think I just heard my wife. Quick get dressed” What the fuck she thinks…. Molly wants her dad all to herself……

Scene Two: I cannot sleep daddy

One thing she didn’t explain.. Molly’s mom’s in jail. She needs to stay with him. And after fucking her he can’t say no.
A few months pass and Cory and her husband are just getting used to the idea of having a daughter in the house. Late at night, dressed in her PJ’s Molly jumps into bed with them. “There is thunder and lighting and it’s scary” She tells them. “You’re 20 years old and you’re afraid of lightning?” They groan. She snuggles in next to her daddy and closes her eyes.
She gets closer to him, giggling softly as she touches him. Quiet as a mouse she takes off her PJ’s and lets her dad push inside her. She looks at him with love as they fuck right next to his wife. She keeps herself from moaning as she fucks him until he cums inside her. He leaves her naked and filled with cum on the bed so his wife doesn’t catch him.

Scene Three: Don’t tell daddy

Cory wakes up in the night and asks “Where’s your father and why are you naked” groggy from sleep. “He said he had to clean up after having sex with me” Molly responds. What the fuck did I just hear Cory asks herself. “You’re hot too” Molly tells her and slides her hands over Cory’s body. “Am I dreaming” Cory asks in disbelief.
Molly touches her step-mom and they begin to make out, Molly rubbing Cory’s pussy. The last of their clothes get pulled off and Cory licks Molly’s sweet pussy. With Cory’s mouth around her nipple she knows she has Cory right where she want’s her. “Remember, Don’t tell daddy” she giggles.

Scene Four: Out of control

Molly comes home wasted. “Daddy” she calls out. “What are you doing!” He yells at her coming to the house so late and wasted. “Come on daddy” she giggles and reaches out to touch his cock. “No” he yells at her and pulls her over his knee. “This is what you need” he tells her and spanks her ass. “Ow” she yells at his hard whacks.
His fingers reach inside her and make her moan after her screams. “Oh yeah” she says. Taking off her dress he pushes her to the floor and fucks her mouth with his cock. If she’s going to be coming home like that she’s going to have to pay for it. He fucks her around the room. Her ass red and her body shaking. Molly moans and her dad pumps her full of cum. “Now go to your room” he yells at her.

Scene Five: The first time

“We need to talk” Her dad tells her. Molly walks into the room naked “What… I said I was busy”. He tells her that she can’t keep going around the house naked and that they can’t keep having sex. “That’s not fair” She tells him. He explains that it’s not right for a father to fuck his daughter. “Just one more time then?”
Looking at her tight naked body he agrees. Just one more time. He rubs her pussy and she sits back in pleasure. She lets her dad fuck her and then gets on top, riding him like it was her first time. She rubs herself as she fucks him and has a huge orgasm from his pounding cock. Molly wants his cum and gets to the floor, sucking him. He cums in her sweet mouth and Molly drinks it all down like a good girl.
Molly doesn’t care what he says. She’s going to keep fucking her daddy forever.

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Incest Slut Trance

Scene One: Mother traps daughter

Dava is having a heart to heart with her mom Cory. Sitting on the couch she talks about how she likes sex but can’t relax enough to cum from sex. Cory suggests that she get to the bottom of her feelings through a simple trance. Nervous but hopeful Dava lets her mom put her in a deep sleep. As soon as she goes under Cory tells her, “You will get over your fear of sex because you are a slut” “I am a slut” Dava repeats. “You love cock and you love sucking cock” Cory says. “I love cock and I love sucking cock” the daughter says. They talk back and forth Dava’s eyes glossing over from the commands.
You walk in to see your daughter in a stooper sitting next to your wife Cory. “Look what I did for you master” Cory says with a happy smile. “I love sucking Cock” Cory says and Dava repeats. Your girls pull down your pants and begin to suck your cock. “I love your cum master” they say and Dava sucks your load into her mouth. She lets the cum drip from her lips onto her tits. They look at you with vapid smiles the perfect mother daughter bimbos.

Scene Two: Daddy I’m a slut

You go up to Dava’s room to see how she is doing with her new training. You ask her how she it and she responds “daddy I’m a slut”. You tell her that she is not a slut but that seems to be all she can say. She pushes you down on the bed and starts dancing for you “Daddy I’m a slut” she says getting more intense as she strips and plays with herself in front of you.
She takes out your big cock and softly whispers “Daddy I’m a slut” as she licks and sucks you. You lay down on the bed and let her get on top of you. As she rides you her moans and cries of “Daddy I’m a slut” get louder as she gets closer to orgasm. She cums hard screaming “Daddy I’m a slut” so loud the neighbors can hear and you cum inside her unable to control yourself. I think Cory needs to train her again.

Scene Three: The real slut video

You want your daughter Dava all to yourself so you make her put on a pair of thigh high stockings and call her boyfriend Mark up. She has been fucked before while calling her boyfriend but this time it’s going to be different. She sucks and jerks you while she is on the phone talking about her next date but that’s the thing, there won’t be a next date.
Dava is breaking up with her boyfriend and tells him all about it as you plow her. “I’m a slut and I love my dads hard cock” She describes to him every dirty detail and tells her boyfriend what a worthless man he is compared to you. You cum inside your daughter. Goodbye Mark.

Scene Four: Making a virgin

Dava has been convinced fully that she is a slut. It’s time to bring back your innocent daughter. You trance her to be a virgin again, shy, bashful, and totally new to sex. She walks into your bedroom dressed in the sluttiest lingerie you can find and she covers herself up. Mom then reminds Dava about the slut training and snaps out of the trance.
Getting to her hands and knees she asks you “Like this daddy?” as she reluctantly sucks your cock.
You put her on the bed and slide your cock inside her. You fuck her as she moans, being deflowered. As you fuck her she gets more into it going from innocent to slutty begging daddy to fuck her harder. You bring your big cock over her face and she tells you she has never had cum on her face before. Cumming over her she looks shocked. You can convince someone they’re a virgin but it doesn’t make them less of a slut.

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My Sisters Fucked Me!!!

These Triplets know how to push each other’s buttons!!!! When Sister’s Ashley & Summer are on their way out to a Club to meet up with their boyfriends…….and Ashley’s car won’t start….they have no choice but to go to their Brother Lucas for help. The girls ask their Brother Lucas to borrow his car….but he turns them down….saying that he needs it. The girls, however, won’t take no for an answer….as they are desperate to get to the Club. The two Sisters offer to give their Brother a Handjob….in exchange for use of his car. Lucas turns his Sisters down….telling them “Why would I want to be Jerked-Off by my Sisters…..”> After consulting with each other…the girls decide to up the offer to a Blowjob…..but Lucas has the same response. The desperate Sisters huddle one more time to discuss strategy….and ultimately tell their Brother Lucas that if he will let them take his car….each Sister will Fuck him!!! NOW Lucas is interested!!!! The two Sisters reluctantly get naked….and proceed to let their Brother have his way with them!! The two Sisters suck their Brother’s cock to get it hard…and then Summer goes first….she straddles her Brother and rides up and down on his cock….while Ashley sits on her Brother’s face….while he eagerly licks her Pussy and asshole. After he has Fucked his Sister, Summer….Lucas begins to Fuck his Sister Ashley. Lucas Pounds Ashley VERY hard…..and as he Fucks Ashley….he tells his Sisters that the deal is not complete until he cums in somebody’s mouth!! The girls play a game of Rock/Paper/Scissors (while Ashley is being Pounded) to decide which Sister must take a mouthful of their Brother’s semen. Ashley loses….and grudgingly lets Lucas ejaculate in her mouth. The girls…..Fucked….and cummed on…are now free to go visit their boyfriends at the Club.

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Karinne and Peter Corrupt Their Mother

Karinne is still worked up after sucking her brother’s cock. Their mother’s early arrival home had kept her from her ultimate goal, a good fuck. She resumes her litany of complaints about how square their mother was. She suddenly decides that she is going to take charge of the household and make her mother loosen up. She tells her brother that she has an idea. She undresses him and then leads him by the hand into her mother’s bedroom. Rachel sleeps like a rock and never hears them enter the room. Karinne knows from her sneaking out that her mother will sleep through just about anything. After they enter Rachel’s bedroom, Karinne pulls down the covers. She is surprised to see that Rachel does not have any panties on under her nightgown and that her pussy is shaved bare. Karinne starts feeling her mother’s tits and teasing her brother. She rolls her onto her back and spreads her legs. She tells her brother to get down there to resist Karinne’s orders. Karinne pulls off Peter’s boxers while he is going down on his mother so that she can feel his cock. Rachel is moaning in her sleep under his ministrations. He slides two fingers into her pussy and she wakes up as he hits her G spot. Karinne holds her down so she cannot get away. Rachel is so horny that she can barely resist with her daughter sucking her tits and her son jamming his fingers deep inside her pussy while licking her clit. Karinne is completely in charge by this time. She shows her mother how she sucks her brother’s cock and then tells her mother to do the same. Rachel kneels in front of her son and starts sucking his cock while Karinne caresses her tits and her brother’s balls. Karinne is tired of just watching so she directs Peter to fuck Rachel from behind. Karinne lies on her back in front of her mother and makes her suck her pussy while she is getting fucked from behind. Karinne instructs Peter not to cum because she is going to jerk him off onto his mother’s face. Peter cannot believe what is happening. He finds himself kneeling in front of his nude sister and mother with his mother’s cock in her mouth. Karinne pulls his cock from his mother’s mouth and jerks him off all over Rachel’s face and in her mouth. With cum dripping off her face she tells her they are grounded.

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Taboo Stories, Corrupting Cousin Jessica

Cousin Jessica came to visit. Rachel and Brycen had to hold off on their sexual relationship while she was there. Jessica would definately expose Rachel to the rest of the family and that would mean Rachel and Brycen would be cut out of the family Trust. Brycen’s lust for his mother was uncontrollable and Rachel was in her sexual prime. Brycen lasted one day before he was sneaking kisses and copping feels with Jessica in the next room. She saw them kissing from upstairs but they heard her and acted innocent. Rachel became more relaxed with her there and let her guard down. She gave in one evening when Brycen came into her room. She wanted to send him back to his room but ended up naked with him licking her pussy. After an excellent tongue lashing Rachel takes his cock deep into her mouth. She blows him until they are ready to fuck. As he is fucking his mother from behind she reminds him to not try to slip that condom off like the time he got her pregnant. Brycen had just that in mind. When he was close to cumming he pulled out and whipped the condom off and threw it over his shoulder. He shoved back into her and shot his load. They collapsed afterward. Brycen did not intend to fall asleep but he did. The next morning Jessica wandered into Rachel’s room. Right before she walked up to her bed she stepped on a used condom. Brycen and Rachel quickly provided a questionable excuse. Jessica saw many odd situations that Rachel and Brycen gave excuses for, it was all adding up in her head. One sunny afternoon Jessica was alone and looked for a book to read, she found Rachel’s diary. The stories were about Rachel and her son! They were erotic and sexual in nature. They were stories about the years of the two of them and their love making, even a pregnancy. Jessica confronted Rachel with the diary and told her she would need to tell the family. Rachel needed to stop her. Brycen was her only tool. Rachel and Brycen devised a plan to have Brycen seduce Jessica. Rachel would take some pictures and then she would be blackmailed into keeping her mouth shut. The plan worked, Brycen made an excuse to bunk with Jessica and turned over the charm. Jessica had not been laid in a while and Brycen was able to seduce her. He slid her nightgown down as he kissed her. Her panties came off next and he fingered her pussy. Pretty soon the were naked and Jessica was sucking his cock. He grinned as he watched the older woman suck him. Brycen slid down and licked Jessica’s pussy. She made him promise not to tell Rachel as he went down on her. Brycen started fucking the daylights out of her. She was so absorbed by the fucking that she did not see Rachel watching from the doorway. She barely noticed when the lights came on. But she heard the camera shutter when Rachel started taking pictures. He held her down and kept fucking her. Jessica knew that she was screwed. She figured since she was already screwed she might as well enjoy it. He slid back into her and resumed his fucking. Rachel dropped the robe and joined in. Brycen put her on her hands and knees and had her lick Rachel’s pussy while he fucked her from behind. They all sucked and fucked until Brycen exploded on their faces.

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Mother Molested By Son And Daughter

I am home from spring break and it’s time to get nasty with my mom and sister!

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Cinderella Syndrome – Incest Story

Poor Misty, her years with Rachel had been horrible. Rachel married her wealthy father for his money and ruled the roost. Her father was gone all the time so Rachel and her stepson began a sexual relationship. They worked Misty like cinderella. She would clean the house, cook the meals and be forced to watch her brother fuck Rachel everywhere in the house. Misty was punished and forced to pleasure Rachel by licking her cunt, getting it wet and ready for brother to fuck. Misty was trapped, she could not tell her father since he put Rachel in charge of the entire estate in case something happened to him. Fury grew inside her day by day. Rachel became very ill. She required a nurse and was on oxygen. Bedridden, she relied on Misty to care for her since father was away. One day Aaron was not home, Misty went to Rachel. Rachel told her to turn up the oxygen tank. Misty turned it off. Rachel demanded her to turn it on. Misty remembered all the degrading acts she was forced to do for the step monster and she walked out of the room. Rachel sadly passed away in the night. After the funeral her father was distraught. Misty had a plan, she knew her dad was faithful so that meant he was not having sex for months when he traveled. With Rachel gone it was her chance to rule the roost. She went to dad’s room during his nap. She wasted no time pulling his pants down and sucking his cock. He slowly awoke to see his topless daughter deep thrusting his hard on into her mouth. He told her to stop. He was confused. She told him she was going to make him feel like a man again. It felt so good he could not hold back. After months of abstinence he unleashed a huge load of cum down his daughter’s throat. He was horrified at what he had just done. Misty swallowed all of his cum, licked his cock clean and smiled. She knew that her plan was succeeding. Later that week Aaron and his father were doing some yard work. Misty sat on the porch in her little short skirt with her panties peaking out. Her guilty father looked away and focused his attention on his son. He was conflicted with his feelings. He had just buried his wife and he was feeling attracted toward is daughter. He was overwhelmed and said he had to go lie down. Misty slipped back into the house and changed clothes. She walked quietly into her father’s room. She pulled down his pajama bottoms and started sucking his cock again. He thought he was having an erotic dream only to wake up and see his dauther with his cock in her mouth again. He tried to resist but he was weakening. She looked him in the eye and told him it was OK as she sucked his cock. She also told him how cruel Rachel and Aaron had been to her. Father let her pleasure his huge hard lonely cock. Soon she was letting him play with her swollen clit. Father then mounted his little daughter of only 19 years. He fucked her tight pussy slow to watch it go in and out. Misty moaned. Aaron was just outside the French doors sweeping when he heard a moan he looked in and saw them. He was furious. He knew what that little gold digging bitch was up to. Aaron owned her and he would take her back. Dad was ready to cum, he climbed up on her chest and came in her open mouth. Misty swallowed his hot load to show him how she loved him. Her father collapsed on the bed from exhaustion and went back to sleep. She played with his softening cock and told him to sleep tight. Aaron waited for her in the living room, dad was asleep. Aaron was waiting in the living room as she sneaked out and confronted her. He threatened to tell his father that Misty was only interested in the money, so if she really just wanted him sexually she would not need money. Misty was stuck. Aaron made his demands clear, she was to sexually please him as well whenever he wanted. Misty was disgusted, it was gross enough to have sex with her dad but now her brother too. He told her to strip. He pulled down his pants and forced her mouth down on his hard cock. He made her suck him until he was worked up. He told her to get on her hands and knees because he was going to fuck the daylights out of her. She told him to put on a condom. She did not want to get pregnant, particularly by her brother. He pushed her down on the floor on her back. He had her pinned to the floor. He reached between them and pulled off the condom. He jammed his cock into her and held up the condom for her to see. She told him not to cum in her but it was too late. He knew that this was her fertile time and there was an excellent chance she would get pregnant. Now she would have his son and would be in his control forever. Poor Cinderella.

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Vanessa Vixon in the New Normal

Back Story – Vanessa and her husband are a very open couple. They frequent nudist resorts and are world travelers…They also love to record themselves having sex and often trade videos with friends. This year their son Lance turned 18 and they want to introduce him into the life style. Vanessa typically walks around the house wearing next to nothing as a test to see if Lance was interested in her. She could see the bulge in Lance’s boxers when she would walk by…

Today Vanessa will spring her trap. She set up a secret video camera to record the seduction of Lance…
Vanessa walks into the living room wearing only a robe. It is time to pick up Dad from work and she must get dressed…Her bra and panties are on the couch but before she can drop her robe, she asks Lance to leave the room…He is sitting on the couch watching Mom…Lance asks he could watch Mom get dressed…Just then, Vanessa knows he is hooked…Vanessa acts a bit timid and coy but drops her robe anyway…She slides her panties on and then her bra next…She asked Lance for help to snap her bra…Lance immediately jumps off the couch to help Mom…Vanessa notices he has a boner…
Next Vanessa needs some lotion on her back…Lance again offers his services and rubbed some lotion on Mom’s back…Now Lance’s cock is throbbing and Vanessa wants some…She asks he needs Mom to take care of that boner in his boxes…With little hesitation, Lance pulls down his shorts and lets Mom begin to suck. No need to warm him up, Lance was rock hard…They only had a couple minutes before leaving to pick up Dad so Mom hoped on his cock and rode him till he came…Just as he was about to finish, Vanessa jumped off and sucked him till Lance finished in her mouth…Vanessa sucked him dry, cleaning off every inch of his still hard cock…They quickly dressed and left to pick up Dad…
Tonight is movie night. Vanessa and her son return from picking up Dad from work…Vanessa sits down with the family and quickly jumps off the couch and says tonight she can select the movie…Dan and Son complain that Mom will chose a “Chick Flick” and protest the DVD…Vanessa promises Dad will love the movie and starts up the DVD player…After a quick intro the video begins to play…Vanessa is undressing and then fucking her Son…Lance is horrified!!!
His father is watching what happened earlier in the Day…He covers his face in embarrassment as Dad congratulates his Son…His is so proud of his young son…Just then Mom notices a bulge in Dad’s Jeans…Mom leans over and blows Dad…Dad encourages his son to explore his mothers body…Son is reluctant at first but slowly pulls off Mom’s underwear and touches her wet pussy…Dad is paying full attention to Mom and blows his load in her mouth…
Dad pulls up his jeans and tells his Son to have fun with Mom…Mom turns to Lance with a laving grin and goes down on her Son again…
Dad returns from a quick energy drink, recharged and ready for round two with Vanessa…Son has is deep into Mom’s pussy and unaware of Dad’s return…Vanessa looks up to find Dad’s cock in her mouth while her Son is fucking her from behind…This is now the new normal and Mom is really starting to enjoy herself…
Father and Son sat side-by-side taking turns riding each cock…Vanessa has no preference but loves both…Mom’s pussy throbs and cums on each cock
Mom lies down on the couch and asks for Son to take her pussy…He starts to fuck her…They fuck in various positions and Mom talks dirty to her son…She begs for her Son and Dad to cum for Mom…She goes to her knees as they jerk off on her face…Mom Sucks her boys off one last time before her late night cum blast…Dad and Son blast in Mom’s mouth and all over her face…She continues to suck them off and says thank you…Mom Sucks her Son’s cock clean and walks off to clean herself…

File size: 1.29GB
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