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Children rape they mother!

Rachel is a devout Christian and a pillar of the community. She dresses modestly and is strict with her son and daughter. Lately they have been rebelling against her. Chris has started dressing like a goth and mocking her. Rachel is afraid Kelsie will follow in her older brother’s footsteps. She decides it’s time for The Talk. Having approached them in the living room, Rachel lectures them on their bad behavior. She is particularly concerned about their casual attitude to sex; she warns them against the sin of masturbation and promiscuity. Chris and Kelsie endure their mother’s preaching as best they can. Rachel finishes by telling them to read their bibles in preparation for a test later in the day. She then excuses herself and goes to her room for her afternoon nap. With their mother out the way, Chris puts on a porno movie to spite her. Kelsie is unsure about watching it. She knows their mother would disapprove. Chris does not care. He talks his sister into giving it a chance and she is soon turned on. He convinces her to change into something sexier. Kelsie complies and dons a PVC skirt and a see-through top. Chris is impressed. Kelsie feels excited and liberated in her new outfit. She has discovered that it is fun to defy her mother. She wants to take her rebellion further by giving her brother a blowjob. Chris happily takes out his cock and Kelsie sucks him off. Suddenly, they both get an urge to shock their stuffy mom. Chris calls out to her. Rachel stirs from her nap and enters wearing a long red nightie under a black gown. Before she can ask Chris what he wants, she sees the porno movie playing on the T.V. She shrieks and storms towards her son and daughter, demanding an explanation. As she comes closer she sees what Keslie is doing is doing to her brother. This is too much for Rachel. She becomes hysterical and runs to her room. Chris and Kelsie laugh then grab some sex toys and head after her. They are determined to turn her prissy world upside down. Rachel is sobbing on her bed when they enter. She barely has a chance to say anything before Chris grabs her arm and cuffs it to the headboard. Rachel begs them to stop. She tells them it is not too late to repent of their crazy actions. Chris and Kelsie are not listening. They get onto the bed with their mother. Chris lifts Kelsie’s top to show Rachel her daughter’s pretty breasts. Rachel groans and covers her face. The siblings close in on her. They rip her gown and nightie down to her waist, exposing her beautiful big breasts. Rachel looks on helplessly as Kelsie gives her brother another blowjob; she nearly wretches. She attempts to tell them how depraved they are, but Chris leaps up and shoves his cock in her mouth. Rachel tries to pull away. Kelsie grabs her head and makes her give him a thorough sucking. They then uncuff her and force her on to her knees. Rachel pleads with them in vain. Chris tears off her panties and makes her suck his cock again while Kelsie puts on a big strap-on and slides it into her pussy. Rachel is fucked hard from both ends until Chris cums on her face. Afterwards, she is lying exhausted on the bed. Her son and daughter continue to taunt her. Rachel wipes her mouth and holds herself together. She is going to have them reading their bibles until their heads spin!

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Get ready to meet the Johnsons!!! They are the Modern Family!!! In this household, they have outrageous sexual appetites….and they satisfy them on each other!! Mom introduces her Family….her oldest Son, Colin….her youngest Son, Steven…..her Oldest Daughter Christelle….and the bay of the Family….youngest Daughter Sindy. Mom explains that they believe in using each other as sex objects. Brothers Fuck their Sisters…Sisters Fuck each other….Mom Fucks the Sons….Daughters Fuck Mom……you name it, this Family does it!! “The people at school think what we do is weird” Steven says as his Sister Christelle fondles his penis. At Mom’s direction…the Modern Family begins a Fuckfest. Mom sucks both her Sons to get them hard, then Both Sisters mount both Brothers, and go for a ride. Mom tells Sindy not to be a “cock hog”…and Mom takes over riding on Colin’s cock, while Steven Pounds Christelle from behind as Christelle kisses Sindy. When all pussy’s have been Pounded….Mom suggests that the two Brothers close out the proceedings by cumming all over their Baby Sister Sindy. One at a time, both Brothers soak young Sindy with their semen. Mom tells everybody to get cleaned up, and get their chores done…..as Dinner will be ready in an hour.

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My Sister’s Panties

Rachel and her daughter Leihla are very laid back about sex and their bodies. They think nothing of walking around the house half naked. Rachel’s son Brandon sees them like that every day and is constantly being turned on by them. One night, he is in his room. He has a pair of Leiha’s panties that he swiped so he can sniff them and think of her while he jerks off. She’s such a cute sister: blonde and curvy, with big almond eyes. Brandon is in the middle of things when Leihla walks in to ask him something. He panics and tries to cover himself up. Leihla immediately grasps the situation. I did not tell you to stop, she says to him. Coming closer, she recognizes her panties in his hand. Brandon admits they are hers. Leihla surprises him by telling him that she thinks it is hot he is jerking off with them. Having broken the ice, it is not long before Leihla is stroking and sucking her brother’s cock while Brandon fondles his sister’s breasts. Meanwhile, Rachel wakes from a nap she had been having on the couch. She hears unusual sounds coming from her son’s room and goes to investigate. She gasps when she walks through the door and sees her daughter sucking her son’s cock. The startled siblings try to think of something to say to say. Rachel approaches the foot of Brandon’s bed. She wears a tight black negligee and gown. She asks her son and daughter how long they have been playing around. Leihla says it is their first time and mentions how Brandon stole her panties. Rachel smiles and tells them she thinks that it is good that they are so close. Brandon can now see a lot of his beautiful, big breasted mom. He is still gawking at her in amazement as she walks to the side of the bed, kneels, and takes his cock in her mouth. Brandon thinks he is in dreamland. Mother and daughter take turns sucking and stroking him. They break off only to kiss and play with each other’s breasts just when Brandon ends up shooting a huge wad of cum on their faces. They smear it over their mouths. Afterward, Rachel and Leihla are glad of what happened. Brandon is delighted. He’ll never need his sister’s panties again. Now he has the real thing!

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Dillion Carter, Cory Chase – My Family Doctor

Scene One: Getting a sample

You and your mom go to your aunt Betty’s office. Aunt Betty is your doctor but your unsure about asking her your personal questions. When she comes in you explain to her that you have a pain in your groin area even though you’ve never masturbated. “We’re going to have to strip you naked” she tells you to examine you.
You can trust me” she says taking off your pants. She examines your cock and balls with her hands. You don’t mean too, but your cock gets hard as she touches you. “I’m going to have to jerk it for a little bit, just to get a sample” she tells you. Your eyes go wide as your aunt jerks you in front of your mother. “Just trust me” she tells you again. Taking out lube you sit down as your doctor jerks your cock with a loving hand.

Scene Two: Trying a blowjob

“I don’t think this is working” you tell your aunt. “There is another thing I can do” she tells you putting your mouth around your cock. “Just relax sweety” your mom says. Aunt Betty sucks your cock working your shaft with her hands and makes you feel funny inside. Mom helps her by unbuttoning her shirt to expose Betty’s large tits for you to look at.
Seeing that this is not working your mom comes over to help. She knows exactly how to get her son to cum. Taking off her shirt she plays with Betty’s tits and encourages you to cum while rubbing your leg.
It looks like so much fun” your mom says as she starts to suck on your cock as well. “oh yeah get that sample out” Aunt Betty moans.

Scene Three: Trying Sex

“What are we going to do?” Cory asks her sister as you haven’t cum yet. Betty says there is only one way left to get your sample. To have sex with you. She strips down to her stockings and glides her pussy onto your cock. Cory reaches from behind her and rubs her perfect tits as she bounces on your cock.

Mom can you try too?” you ask. “You just have to understand you can’t tell anybody” Your mom tells you striping naked for you. She rides on top of you fucking her son and shaking from the naughtiness. “Does that feel good?” she asks you.

Scene Four: Sample ruined

They lay down next to each other both horny and ready to get fucked by you. You fuck one than the other, telling them to kiss and touch one another so you can cum for them. Betty bends over the couch so you can fuck her from behind, your cock going deep inside her.
Fucking your aunts and your mom’s tight pussies your cock is ready to explode. With smiling faces they get to their knees and wait for you to cum on them. Tongues sticking out you cum in their mouths. “Oh no!” Betty tells you. The sample is ruined, guess we will just have to try tomorrow.

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Taboo Family Album


This might be the most Twisted…..most Taboo Family Album ver assembled!!! This little Girl, CHRISTELLE not only Jerks-Off her Brother….she goes all the way with her Brother!!! If that’s not enough….CHRISTELLE also Jerks-Off her Uncle Mickey….and she Licks her Aunt Michelle’s Cunt!!! In this Bizarre/Twisted Family Album, you get the scenes : “Taboo Handjob” “Aunt Michelle’s Pussy” “Brother Fucker” “Fuck You Sis” “My Sister’s Ass” “Aunt Michelle” “My Sister’s Feet” “Sisterly Handjob” & “Uncle Mickey”.

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Mom, This is Important!

Rachel regularly provides oral relief to her son prior to his big sports events he participates in at school. But she is away on a business trip and cannot perform this duty. This is his most important game of the year as talent scouts will be there. The son calls her and pleads with her to do something about it. Rachel asks him to put his little sister Penny on the phone at which point Mom explains that she needs her to do a favor and suck off her brother. Penny is shocked and reluctant but eventually agrees. Rachel also explains that it is important to let him cum in her mouth and that she needs to show her brother the cum in her mouth before she swallows it. Rachel masturbates while talking dirty to her son on the phone. He blows his load in Penny’s mouth and leaves for his game. He does great. A few days later Rachel returns from her trip and the son has another final game he is very nervous about winning. He asks mom if both could help relieve his tension. Rachel agrees and starts with her son first. Penny is called into the room to help. Rachel and daughter suck him together. Rachel instructs her daughter to fuck her son until he is ready to cum. She does so because she knows if he wins this game they will be financially set for life. The son cums all over mom and sister’s face. They share the load in front of him. Now he is ready for the big game!

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Auntie Bella Fucked Me

When I was growing up my mom had a close friend we all called Auntie Bella. I got in a bit of trouble and mom sent me to live with her and Uncle Steve while I went back to school. When I arrived Auntie Bella laid down some ground rules including keep my hands off Uncle Steve (apparently she heard I had a thing for older men). Auntie Bella had to go to work for a bit and left me alone with Uncle Steve and that’s when the fun began.

I convinced Uncle Steve to let me watch one of my favorite shows and then teased him by showing him I had the same lingerie as one of the girls. The sight of my 19 yr old body got Uncle Steve hard as a rock and he couldn’t say no to my lips on it. Uncle Steve fingerfucked me while I sucked his cock but I needed more. I sat on his lap and rode his cock hard til he made me cum a few times. Uncle Steve bent me over the couch and fucked me hard til he came deep inside me. When I realized what he did, I freaked out cuz I’m not on the pill.

A few days later Auntie Bella left for the whole day and Uncle Steve came home early. I called him into my room and sucked his hard cock then begged him to fuck my tight little pussy. He fucked me for quite awhile and suddenly I noticed Auntie Bella watching us. All I could do was grin and moan as her husbands cock pounded my pussy. Auntie Bella left without saying a word and Uncle Steve cluelessly fucked me until he came in my pussy again.

A few days later I came home from a party and crashed pretty hard. Next thing I knew Auntie Bella had me bound to a bench and was wearing a huge strap-on. She confronted me about fucking Uncle Steve then began fucking me with her strap-on for punishment. As odd as it seems Auntie Bella pulling me hair and fucking me got me really hot. She fucked me so hard I came all over the place which I think frustrated her a bit so she left me tied up awhile.

Now here it is 6 months later and I’m pregnant with Uncle Steve’s baby. I’m living here permanently now and really enjoying the fuckings I get on a regular basis


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Molly Jane in What To Do for a Job

Scene One: Ask Mom for money

Molly has started working at her fathers business. Even though she was just hired she goes to her daddy and asks for a raise to go on a trip with her friends. Frustrated her father tells her to asks her mom.

“Hey mom, I need some money” Molly says. Cory tells her she will just have to earn the money. She asks her daughter “Why don’t you strip out of those clothes”. Molly hesitantly strips naked for her mom. She is embarrassed when her mom asks her to lick her pussy. Getting to her knees Molly licks her mom’s pussy. Cory moans and throws her head back as her daughter grabs her tits and makes her cum. Coming down from her orgasm Cory tells her to get a fifty from her wallet and get dressed before she goes to work. Molly leaves angry that she didn’t get enough.

Scene Two: I need a raise daddy

Molly goes into work and asks her dad for a raise again. Her dad tells her the bad news. The company is downsizing and that they will have to let her and all the new hires go. “You can’t do that” Molly says. “I will do anything” She looks desperately into her daddy’s eyes, needing this job and raise badly. She starts to take off her clothes in front of her shocked dad.

She desperately sucks on her dad’s cock knowing this is her one chance to keep her job. Hard, he licks his daughter’s pussy making her wet and horny. Molly moans loudly as her daddy fucks her,. Her tits bounce and her body is fill with his cock.

Scene Three: How bad do you want that raise

Daddy bends her over doggie style and with his hand grabbing her ass he fucks her. She cries out as he grabs her hair and drills her. He slides his finger in her ass, making her want to explode from so much inside her. “Ow” she says “You haven’t earned the job yet” her dad says having her get on top of him and ride on his cock.

Scene Four: Daddy’s cock in my ass

Her dad instructs her to get on her back and spread her legs. Molly’s confused look goes to one of pain as she cries out “Ow ow ow” when her daddy puts his cock her her ass. He grabs her perfect tits and makes her scream. Straight from her ass he has her suck him off making Molly both disgusted and turned on from being used.

Fucking her until his cock is ready to explode, he has her get to her knees and take his huge load into her moaning mouth. She shows daddy the load before swallowing it all down. “Good news and bad news” he tells her “You get to keep your job but you will have to do this every Friday, Now get back to work” “Yes sir” Molly replies in a weak voice and leaves to tell her friends the bad news.

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My Mesmerized Daughter – Fuck Your Daughter

They next morning I quickly put my wife and daughter under to dress them in something a little less comfortable. “yes daddy” they respond, putting on lingerie for me. I make Cory put on a strap on cock and watch Dillion suck her mom. I have to get in on this. “Suck both of us” I tell her and her head bobs from one cock to the other jerking and sucking. Cory moans like her cock were real as Dillion works both like a pro.

I bring them to the Couch and have them both strip naked. I fuck Dillion while she sucks of Mom. Her body getting rammed from both ends. “I love your cock daddy” Dillion cries as she gets fucked. I fuck Dillion relentlessly until I cum inside her. I wake them both up. They can’t believe what they were just doing and yell in anger before I leave the room.

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Crazy Family – Mother forcing her children to fuck!


Poor John is about to experience the most embarrassing moment of his life….the loss of his Virginity!!! John’s Mom is concerned that her 18 year old Son will continue to have problems over-coming his shyness with girls…if he doesn’t lose his Virginity immediately. John doesn’t like the idea of having such a conversation with his Mother….but things get even worse for John, when his Mom offers to Deflower him!! Mom strips off her clothes, and tells John that she is going to have sex with him, to show him how to do it. John is almost in tears as he is forced to get undressed……and prepares to have sexual intercourse with his own Mother. Just as they are about to start….his Sister Katie arrives home….and is shocked to see her Mother and her Brother naked in the Living Room. Mom explains to Katie what is going on…and then Mom has an idea. “Katie….you are younger….closer to John’s age…..I think you should be the one to Deflower your Brother….and as a thank you… I will buy you a new iPad if you do it”. Katie, who has been wanting a new iPad, quickly peels off her clothes…and the two females walk John through the process. First, John is told to lick his Sister’s Pussy….to get it nice and slippery….then his Sister sucks his cock to induce a nice, big erection….and then it happens…..Katie lowers her big, beautiful ass onto her Brother’s cock….and you should see John’s face at the moment he loses his cherry!!! Katie proceeds to bounce up and down on her Brother, as Mom watches intently. Mom tells Katie to show John the different positions….Cowgirl….Doggie-Style……Missionary….and then as John is approaching orgasm, Mom instructs him to withdraw his penis from inside his Sister’s Vagina, and ejaculate onto her Breasts. John does exactly that!!! A Massive, Virgin Cumblast all over Katie’s Big Tits!! Mom tells John how proud she is of his performance….and then Mom and Katie are off to Best Buy!!!


John is having a full on fight/argument with his Mother, when he drops the “F-Bomb”!!! John’s Mother does NOT tolerate foul language….and she is determined to punish John severely. Since washing John’s mouth out with soap does not seem to teach him a lesson….Mom has a new idea. Mom tells her Daughter Katie to take off her shorts. Mom forces John to LICK HIS SISTER’S ASSHOLE!! Katie laughs as she sticks her big, sexy Ass out for her Brother to eat. Mom shoves John’s head right up Katie’s Bum and Forces him to get deep up his Sister’s Ass. Katie is taunting her Brother as he does it…but unfortunately….Katie calls him a “Fucking” Loser. Uh-Oh!!!! As soon as Katie drops the “F-Bomb”….Mom gets mad at her! Now Katie must be punished too. Mom decides that Katie’s punishment shall be……getting POUNDED by her Brother!!! John is ordered to Fuck his Sister really hard…..and then use his Sister as a cum dumpster!!! Katie is revolted and disgusted completely after being Pumped by her Brother and soaked in cum. John has the taste of his Sister’s Asshole on his tongue. They both promise to never swear again!!!


John’s Mother has completely had it with his chronic masturbation!! His grades are slipping at school…his chores are not being done….he masturbates all day every day!! When Mom walks in and catches him yet again….it’s time for drastic measures. Mom puts John’s cock in a Chastity Device, and tells him he must remain in Chastity for three days while she goes out of town. John is ashamed….and angry….3 whole days without masturbating…..how will he survive???? To make matters worse….much worse….Mom leaves the key to the Chastity Device with his Baby Sister, Katie!!! Every day after Mom leaves…John tries in vain to ejaculate…but the Device will not permit his cock to get hard. Every day…his Sister Katie Teases him by dangling the key in front of him….and wearing short shorts, and bending over in front of him. On the third day…while his Sister is Teasing and Taunting him yet again…John breaks down…and cries and begs his Sister to release him.Katie begins to feel sorry for her Brother…and after all….she did make things worse by Cock-Teasing him….so Katie makes a deal with her horny Brother. “OK…I’ll open the lock and let you out…but you have to promise that you’ll Jerk-Off quickly…and then I’ll lock it back up….and Mom can’t know that I let you out”. John readily agrees….but as soon as Katie lets him out….instead of masturbating…he attacks her!! Poor Katie is mauled by her Cock-Teased Brother as he Violently shoves her down on the bed…and before she knows what is happening…..her Brother’s rock hard cock is inside her Pussy…and Pumping her hard. As John Pounds away at his Little Sister…Mom walks in and sees the Siblings engaged in sexual intercourse. Katie screams for Mom to help her…but when Mom finds out that Katie had Cock-Teased her Brother…and had let him out of the Chastity Devise….Mom tells Katie that because she was such a Cock-Tease…that she must lie there and suffer….and let him finish!!! With Mom watching, John Fucks the Stuffing out of his Baby Sister until he cums. Katie is in tears after being Brutally by her Brother…but her Mom tells her that she got what she deserved!

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