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Family Reunion

Reunited Starring Mona Wales, Lily LaBeau, and Rock Its been almost 20 years since Mona and Rock made the most difficult decision of their lives and gave up their baby for adoption. And now here she is, sitting in front of them, meeting her biological parents for the first time. They explain to their daughter why they had to give her up; their household was a volatile place and their parents didnt approve of them being together since they are brother and sister. So they gave up their baby for adoption so that she would grow up in a loving, safe household. Lily is just now finding out that her parents are also siblings, and she is horrified and shocked by this news. She tries to work it out in her head, how this could be possible. And even though her parents are obviously in a loving, happy relationship, Lily is just repulsed by her biological family. Her parents start making out in front of her, and then Mona invites her to fuck. Lily hesitates, unsure if she heard her correctly. But she did. Then she thinks about it. Why not? They fuck all the time and even had a kid together and she turned out fine. Okay, she says, a little unsure, but shes willing to try it. Mona shows her long lost daughter how she likes to suck her dads dick. He is her big brother after all, so shes really good at it. The girls suck his cock together and Lily really starts to get into it. The three move to the bed, where they really show their family values. They fuck in a variety of positions, switching off sucking Rocks dick, Mona eating her daughter out as she sits on her face while Rock fucks her. They fuck all over the room until Rock cums on his daughters tits.

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Daddy Daughter Dynamic

Vanessa has stolen her mom’s phone and, being the evil person she is, decides to text daddy some naughty things. I’ll give him a picture he wont forget she smiles and pulls her panties to the side with a giggle. A picture of her boobs and Vanessa starts texting him sexy messages. What are you doing with mom’s phone! I thought that was her! Her dad shouts walking into her room. Just pretend I’m mom Vanessa replies getting to her knees. Dad tries to argue with her but she sucks his dick and shushes him. He cums into her laughing mouth, making her so happy as she swallows him all down. Give me mom’s phone He tells her. Super giddy and giggly daughter Vanessa is a must see.

Scene Two: Mom sleeps daughter fucks

Dad and mom are sleeping soundly, when Vanessa slides her naked body into bed. Dad she whispers. I just want to have some fun Mom is on sleeping pills and doesnt hear Vanessa take off her daddy’s shorts. Oh my god! He says when his daughter sucks and deep throats him on the bed. Daddy’s being naughty Vanessa giggles as she wiggles her ass in the air. Oh daddy that feels so good She moans as her dad slides inside her little tight pussy and fucks her. Her tits bounce up and and down as the bed shakes from his thrusts. This is what Vanessa has always wanted and now she gets to be fucked by her dad.
They decide to have fun with the sleeping mom and Vanessa licks her pussy while dad fucks her from behind. It drives them both crazy fucking between her legs. Dad finishes in his daughters mouth but Vanessa doesn’t swallow. She slides on top of her mom and spits the cum into her mouth with a devilish laugh. Super giddy and giggly daughter Vanessa is a must see.

Scene Three: Cumming home from school

Mom’s wearing a tight red dress when Dad walks in and starts feeling her up. She quickly pushes his hands away from her. God really, must you! She yells at him. He leaves frustrated. Vanessa walks in and Cory has an idea. She just can’t deal with his horniness anymore and asks if Vanessa can take care of him for a little while. Vanessa is shocked, You want me to take care of daddy? she giggles. If that’s what you want Dad is told of the situation and commanded to go to the living room. Vanessa pulls down her top and pulls up her skirt as dad walks in. She toys with her father before getting to her knees with her happy attitude and sucks on her dad. He takes advantage of the situation to fully fuck his daughter. She screams and moans calling out for her daddy to fuck her. Mom walks in to see her daughter being fucked so hard and gets turned on. Wow this is hot, she thinks as she rubs herself to the live porno in her house. Hi Mom Vanessa says as Dad fills her pussy with his cum. Cory doesnt know how she feels about all of this and asks for a family meeting. Super giddy and giggly daughter Vanessa is a must see.

Scene Four: Family threesome

Cory knows all about when they had sex while she was sleeping. Dads idea Vanessa immediately shouts out, throwing her dad under the bus. It’s ok though, Cory loved it. She moves her body on top of her daughter and begins to kiss her. Vanessa shivers as her mom licks her body. With his cock getting hard, Dad watches them as they pull out his cock and suck on it mother daughter style. You like both of us daddy? Vanessa asks. He fucks his daughters tight pussy as she eats out her mom. With daughter in the middle, Mom and Dad take their pleasure from her. The wrongness and naughtiness of what’s happening make Vanessa cum and open her mouth wide for her dad’s load. He shoots all over her and she giggles. I’ll clean that up Mom says and they kiss, sharing his load. Just wait until Alex comes home from college next week Cory says with a smile.

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Brooklyn Daniels, Cory Chase – Bad Daughters Never Win

Scene One: Convincing dad
Brooklyn has just been grounded from spring break by her mom Cory, but she has a plan to get ungrounded. She invites her dad to her room and tells him how unfair it is that she’s grounded. She just bought all this new clothing and gives her dad a show of her new underwear. She shows him what she would do to all the boys and grinds on him in her lacy underwear.
Taking out his cock she sucks him, saying that he should talk to mom. A knock on the door and Cory bursts in the room. Dad quickly covers his daughter with a blanket as she continues to suck him. Cory asks if he has seen Brooklyn and reminds him about dinner that night. As soon as she leaves he cums in his daughter’s mouth. With a swallow Brooklyn tells him that he can have that every night if he lets her go on spring break.
Scene Two: Convincing mom
Dad did nothing to help her so Brooklyn goes to work on her mom. Cory is in her room reading when Brooklyn walks in dressed in lingerie. Cory asks her what she is doing but Brooklyn silences her with a kiss. Attacking Cory with her hands and mouth she makes her mom moan.
As Brooklyn licks her pussy a knock comes from the door and Cory quickly covers up her daughter. Dad comes in to talk to Cory about dinner that night. Brooklyn continues to lick her moms pussy, and as they talk Cory cums. Dad asks if she is feeling alright and goes to get her some medicine.
Scene Three: Tied up
Brooklyn sends her dad a text message with her sprawled out naked on the bed. Then going into the living room she tells him that if he doesn’t fix her problem that she is going to tell mom. Dad says fine and goes upstairs. Instead of talking to mom he comes back with rope and ties up his little girl.
Stripping her to her underwear he makes her suck his cock and spanks her ass. Cory comes downstairs and sees him spanking Brooklyn. She gives her a few good slaps for dressing like a slut and leaves. When Cory is gone he fucks Brooklyn like the bad little girl she is being. With one last thrust he cums deep inside her and leaves her tied up on the floor.
Scene Four: Who needs spring break
Brooklyn walks into her daddy’s bedroom with a sad look. Today is the last day of spring break and she has not even left the house. Dad tells her that unless she does as he says he will send that naked picture of herself to all her friends at school. He makes her strip naked and suck his cock.
“But mom” Brooklyn says catching her breath. Cory walks in and tells her that she knew all along and that this is Brooklyn’s punishment for being a bad girl. She commands her daughter to fuck her husband. He fucks her until she has one screaming orgasm after another. He shoots his hot load on Brooklyn’s face and Cory gives her a kiss. That’s that way to end a vacation.

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Mother teaching son how to fuck sister in asshole

Mom decides it was time for her baby to learn the joys of Anal sex! She was having sex with her Brother and her Dad for the past few weeks but Mom explains there is another way to please them! Mommy does it all the time with daddy and it is amazing! She looked scared but when her Brother Alex heard what Mom wanted to teach her, he was stoked!If he was excited then she felt like she should at least see what it’s all about. Mom told her to start sucking her Brothers cock. Get him nice and hard. Mom told her that they both had to be very aroused in order for this to be pleasurable. They take turns deep throating his cock! Then Mom instructed them to lick Mommy’s asshole. She wants it nice and wet so her brother could slid his cock in easily. Both of them take turns licking her ass. They kiss and taste Mommy’s sweet hole on their lips! She tells them she wants to watch them have sex now. As her baby is getting fucked, she lowers her butt on top of her face and tells her to lick her ass some more! Her daughter laps away greedily at her Mothers butthole! Both Mother and Daughter cum at the same time! Now it was time for her Son to fuck his Mothers ass! He rams her asshole hard and fast! Mom tells him to take it out and make his sister taste it! She sucks all of Mommy’s ass juice off her Brother cock! Mom asks her how she likes it? Her little baby said she loves it and wants more. He was in heaven, fucking his Mothers tight ass and having his Sister sucking off her Mom’s juices from his cock! Mom starts to cum and tells her Son that she want him to cum deep in her ass! He shoots his load inside her as they both orgasm. She squeezes his cum out from her butt and tells her Daughter to lick it up and share it with her Mommy! They kiss and swap his cum back and forth. She told her Mommy that she can not wait to have her Brother fuck her virgin ass next!

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Pervert Day With Family

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Mother Collects Sperm Sample

Kelsie is very careful to not get pregnant. She always makes Anthony use a condom when they have sex. One afternoon he was fucking her particularly hard and the condom broke while he was inside her. He did not realize until it was too late. Kelsie quickly squatted and tried to squeeze all the sperm out of her pussy. She hoped everything would work out. Unfortunately it turned out that Anthony apparently had very potent sperm and she ended up pregnant. Once she found out she was pregnant Anthony would not have anything to do with her. He claimed the baby was not his. She tried to prove it to him by having him take a paternity test. He refused to give a sperm sample for the test. Months later when the baby’s birth was approaching she talked to her mother about what she would do. Rachel knew that the baby belonged to Anthony but she had to prove it in order to make him share in the responsibility. At first she thought that Kelsie could somehow sneak a sperm sample from him for a test but he would not even return her calls. She realized that she was going to have to take charge of the situation. She called Anthony on the phone and asked him to come over. She knew that Anthony was attracted to her. She had seen him looking at her. She concocted an excuse for why she called him over but then quickly admitted that she really just wanted to have sex with him. She led him into the bedroom and stripped off his clothes. She crawled between his legs and started sucking his long cock. Once he was good and hard she handed him a condom and took off her dress. She got on her hands and knees and had him take her from behind. Although she had ulterior motives she could not help but enjoy getting fucked by his long hard cock. She rolled on her back and he slid his cock back inside her. She put her legs as far back as she could and let him pound her pussy. It did not take long before he announced that he was ready to cum. She told him that she wanted him to cum in her mouth. He pulled his cock out of her pussy, took off the condom and slid his cock into her warm mouth. The first blast hit the back of her throat and then he pulled out and shot the rest of his load on her tongue. She pretended to swallow his cum and then excused herself. She went into the bathroom and spit the cum into a cup. She and Kelsie took the sperm to a lab the next day. A month later Anthony receives a letter from the State informing him that he had been named the father of Kelsie’s newborn baby.

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Taboo Family Vacation An XXX Taboo Parody

Meet The Jizzwalls: Mark is a retired SEO consultant who spends lots of quality time with his daughters. Russell is the only son and has developed a very special bond with his sister Kate. Kate is an aspiring model who is very close with the men in the family. Hope has Daddy wrapped around her finger and other parts of her anatomy. Gramps still chases younger women like he’s 18. With his vast wealth it’s no wonder all his granddaughters fall for his charms. When young Hope uses her “talents” to encourage Daddy to take the family on a vacation you know he can’t refuse! This naughty girl knows just how to get what she wants from her father and promises she won’t let him cum until she gets her way! Of course she wins, and this sets in motion a series of unbelievable taboo sex acts that will leave you shocked but rock hard! Sister Kate takes turns with Daddy and her brother, but that’s not enough for her – she needs Grandpa’s big dick in her ass too! And while it’s a great way to go, Grandpa can’t handle the thrill and collapses in bed. It’s up to Hope to comfort the whole family in her special way, but Daddy looks to relieve his sorrow in the babysitter’s ass! This is one family vacation no one will ever forget!

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Brother Sister Prom Date

It’s Prom Night, one of the most important moments in a young girls life. But her special night has been ruined by her jerk boyfriend who decided to dump her the day before prom! That was also the night she would finally lose her Virginity! But Mom was going not to let some boy ruin her daughters life! She got another guy who take her. He was way better looking and came from the best family in town – hers! That’s right, her own brother would take her! It was almost time. Mom and Dad were on hand to take pictures and embarrass them even more. Mom with tears says how happy she is and what a beautiful couple they make. They will be the hottest couple there! She fixes her daughters dress and tells her to try to look happy. She tells her that she should be excited that her brother was willing to go with her. He’s so handsome and popular, all the other girls will be jealous! Her daughter starts to cry. She says this is going to be the worst night of her life and walks out the door. As her brother follows her Mom stops him and pulls him aside. “Now this is the night she was suppose to get laid so please look for a nice guy that she could hook up with!” Her son with the look of shock and horror said “No way I’m not going to do that” and leaves! The proud parents watch their darlings as they drive away. A little less then two hours later they returned home earlier then expected only to find Mom and Dad in a very compromising position! Seeing her parents this way just made this whole night a lot worse! “Thanks for officially making this the worst night of my life! I hate it here!” she screams,runs to her room and slams the door! Her son looks very disappointed and says “Really Mom? Come on Dad!!” Mom asks him not to go and she just wanted to talk with him. She tells his father that they need to go to plan B now. He agrees, gets up, and walks out of the room. She sits her Son down and tells him that if his sister goes off to college a virgin then she will have a miserable time. She lets him know that since he failed to get her laid that it’s really his duty as her older brother to have sex with her! He is beyond stunned and mortified by his mothers request. She knows he must of fantasized about her at some point. He says he has never thought about her in that way. Then come to find out he has been fantasizing about his own Mother! She takes out his cock and starts to jerk it. Letting know she would do anything for him if he just did this little thing for sister. Meanwhile Dad comes in to find his daughter holding her ex boyfriends shirt closely. He lets her know that there will be a plenty of boys that will want to be with her and she is the prettiest girl in the world. She is his princesses and always will be. She loves her Daddy and would do anything for him. He tells her about Mommy’s plan to have her Brother have sex with her. She is confused and doesn’t know why he would since he has always been mean to her. But her Daddy says that’s because he loves her and only wants to look out for little Sister. Of course he would want to have sex with you! Look at you! She is sort of open to the idea but is nervous. Daddy let’s her know that he is there to help his little princess. Mommy walks in on her little girl sucking Daddy’s cock. She tells her to lay back, get’s her pussy ready, grabs her sons cock, and leads him to her wet virgin cunt. The plan has worked. Once the family orgy was almost over she told her Son to cum inside his Sister. Knowing she was not on birth control but Mom wanted to lick it out and share it with her daughter! Then she told her she would now have to take care of Daddy! Before long Daddy came all over his little princesses face!Mommy smiled knowing how happy her family was and will always be from now on!

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My Brother Ate Daddys Creampie

Dear Diary,

As you know, Daddys been staying at the house while mommie has been on vacation. The other day after my brother blackmailed me for fucking Daddy he confessed it turned him on so much he wanted to watch the next time and clean up after Daddy. With his threats I had no choice but to set it up. With my brother hiding behind the curtains I laid on the bed and waited for Daddy to come in. We started messing around on the bed while my brother peeked from behind the curtains. Daddy fucked me all over the bed while he watched and I think he almost lost it when I asked Daddy to cum inside me. Daddy couldn’t resist my invitation and came deep inside me. As soon as Daddy left to clean up from our little fun session Miles came out from behind the curtain with like the biggest grin ever, but not bigger than my creampie! My brother buried his face in my freshly creampied pussy and licked up every bit. He even sucked out anything that was there! He really seemed to enjoy eating Daddys creampie so maybe I got lucky and tricked him into not blackmailing me anymore…… Then again I did enjoy it too, maybe this whole blackmail thing this family has going on isn’t as bad as it sounds.

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Step-Family Portait

A simple step-family photoshoot became extra spicy when Lullu Gunn’s glamourous looks got her boyfriend in the mood right then and there. He just couldn’t wait another second to have a private moment with Lullu. The second her step-mother stepped out of the room to adjust her looks, he had his paws all over Lullu’s body.

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