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Family Knows Best

Nickey finds her sister Lily and brother Miles making out on the couch. Shes upset because her boyfriend broke up with her, so her siblings help her feel better. Nickey’s skeptical at first, but Lily and Miles convince her that family is best because they already love each other. She soon understands and they all show their love for each other in a passionate threesome. Lily fingers herself while Miles licks Nickeys pussy and then fucks her in several positions as he continues to make out with both of his sisters.

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I sneak into my Mother’s bedroom while my Mother and sister are out shopping. I should have plenty of time to check out naked pics of my Mom on her tablet that she left on the bed…
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Uncle and Father fucking big tits Daughter

Veronica walks into the scene to see an inflatable baseball glove on the floor with a note saying it is from Uncle Joe and dad. She is confused at first. Why would they get her a glove and no balls? They know she loves balls! Then Uncle Joe and her dad walk in and ask how she likes the inflatable, they tell her that they are providing the balls for her glove! She starts to suck on Uncle joe’s cock while dad fucks her. Then they switch, she deep throats their cocks and begs to get fucked harder! As they are fucking, the glove starts to break and lose air. Will they finish before it is completely flat? Uncle Joe cums in her mouth as she swallows every drop! Then dad cums on her tits. Dad, Uncle Joe and the glove were all drained!

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Molly Jane in My First Concert (witm Mom and Dad)

Molly is listening to her music with her eyes closed, losing herself in the sound. Her hand slides down to her pussy and she starts to rub. Her brother walks in and tries to get her attention. Seeing her completely dazed and masturbating he takes a chance, pulls down his pants and slides his cock in her mouth.
Molly keeps her eyes shut and pretends that she is sucking on the cock of the lead singer. She doesn’t care about anything except the music. Laying down she spreads her legs wide for that large cock to fuck her. The music plays in her ears and her tits bounce as the cock fucks her to the beat. She lets him cum all over her face, and sucks the rest off this throbbing cock. “That song was really awesome”

Scene Two: After the concert with mom

Molly and her mom Cory have just come back from her favorite bands concert. She is ecstatic about the lead singer, non stop talking about him. Cory leans in and gives her daughter a sensual kiss, reaching into her dress. The girls kiss, Molly thinking about being a groupie for the band.
Cory gets on the floor and smiles, licking her daughter. Moaning and stretching she releases her emotions. Molly returns the favor to her mom, licking and fingering her until she cums on the bed. “This is wrong” Cory says quickly leaving the room. Molly just puts her headphones back on and looks at her signed photo from the concert.

Scene Threeay Dreaming

Molly is daydreaming what it would be like to suck and fuck Bobbie from her favorite band. As Bobbie you walk into the room of your biggest fan. She sees you and ravenously pulls off your pants. “You have no idea how long I have wanted to do this” she tells you sucking on your cock.
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Scene Four: Dad fills in

Molly is listening to her music looking at her photo and masturbating on the couch to it. Her dad walks in to see her with her legs spread and her hand rubbing. He runs his fingers into her pussy and helps her. She gets turned on by his strong fingers and, imagining it’s Bobby, straddles on top of her dad.
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Horny Daughter Veronica Combo

Who will be the dad?
Veronica is waiting for Uncle Joe to come over. She is hot for him after the last time she fucked him and her dad. Uncle Joe arrives and is surprised to see his niece laying there naked. She starts seducing him by sucking his cock. Then she gets on her back and lets him fuck her. She is so horny, she lets him cum inside of her even though she is not on birth control! Dad comes home and is not happy at what he sees. Veronica starts to seduce her Dad while Uncle Joe leaves. She sucks Daddy’s cock and then lets Daddy fuck her hard! Dad cums in her pussy too! If she gets pregnant, who would the dad be?

Fucking daughter next to Uncle Joe
Uncle Joe sits Veronica down for a talk. He wants Veronica to stop fucking her Dad and anyone else except him. She is reluctant because she loves to fuck but she eventually agrees. To ensure that she does not sneak out and fuck someone, he has her sleep in the bed right next to him. As soon as he is asleep, Dad sneaks in and tells Veronica he wants to fuck her. She tells him Uncle Joe forbids it, so Dad says let’s fuck right here on the bed next to him while he is sleeping! He starts fucking her and Veronica is so worked up, that she grabs Uncle Joe’s cock and starts to suck it. Uncle Joe is having a dream about hot girls and starts talking in his sleep but never wakes up! Dad finally shoots his load on his daughter’s pussy and quickly sneaks back out of the room!

Daughter, Dad and Uncle Joe
Tony and Joe are hanging out at Tony’s house when Tony’s daughter veronica comes into the room to show off some new outfits that she bought at the mall. She gets her Uncle Joe all worked up and he starts to fondle her. Then Dad gets into the act and starts to feel her up also. veronica sucks her Uncle’s dick while Dad fucks her from behind. Uncle Joe cums in veronica’s mouth and then she gets on top of Dad and fucks him until he cums!!

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Tony brings his daughter in to have a talk with her about rumors he has heard about her being a slut. He decides to punish her by grounding her. No going out, no computer, nothing. He leaves the room. Soon after Uncle Joe walks in, Veronica tells him about how she has been grounded and cannot get out to fuck her boyfriends. Uncle Joe says he can help her, he can fuck her. He proceeds to suck her pussy and she sucks his cock. He fucks her and shoots a load in her pussy. He lies on the couch to take a nap and dad walks in and sees her getting dressed. How dare she disobey him! Now she is gonna get it, he will tell Mom. She will get the most severe punishment from her Mom. Veronica begs him not to tell her, she says they can work something out. She strips down and drops to her knees and sucks her daddy’s cock. Then she bends over the bench for him to fuck her from behind. They end up on the floor with Daddy on top. He fucks her hard and then pulls out and cums on her tits! As he is cumming, Uncle Joe walks in and dad says, hey, you already did her, you may as well do her again. Uncle Joe fucks her again and he ends up cumming in her mouth this time! She has now had cum in her pussy, in her mouth and on her tits! She is starting to love this punishment!

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