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Sandy Thompson Family Album


Sandy and her twin Sister Violet have blossomed into sexually active….sexually curious young girls since they turned 18. This is Sandy’s journey into Womanhood captured in home movies!!! Included in this hymen breaking Family Album are full versions of : “Deflowering Sandy” “Grounded Together” “My Uncle’s My Boyfriend Episode 2” & “Sandy’s Homework”.

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Quality Family Coach Tim

Jennifer White is a MILF who is always looking to learn. Today, she finds out about twerking, and asks her stepdaughter Alina Lopez to teach her a thing or two. But when Jennifers horny stepson stumbles in on the lesson, his cock gets rock hard. Only one way to solve that problem! Later, Jennifer notices that her stepson has a massive boner while she is walking around the house in nothing but a towel. She gets down on her knees and sucks his cock until her stepdaughter walks in on them and joins in on the action! A couple days later, Jennifers stepson threatens to tell his dad what they have been up to if she and his stepsister do not fuck around with him one more time. This threesome just got personal!

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Father’s Day Gift

Lacy returns home from college and brings her friend, Scarlett, with her. When they arrive, they meet Lacy’s step dad, Charles, sleeping on the couch. After exchanging pleasantries, Lacy realizes it’s Father’s Day and she completely forgot! With no time to find him a proper gift, the girls come up with a better plan, offering him their tight teen pussies!

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Fathers Day Seduction – Family Threesome Porn

Chloe Cherry and Sophia Lux teamed up to seduce their stepdad Charles Dera for Father’s Day. Chloe starts the party by masturbating loudly in her room with a big fat dildo shoved balls deep in her hairy pussy. When Charles finally goes to see what the commotion is, he reprimands Chloe for being immodest. Chloe has her daddy right where she wants him, so she pulls out a Father’s Day card to butter Charles up and then goes in for a hug where she feels that his dick is nice and hard. Charles doesn’t like Chloe making a move on him so he bends her over and spanks her…

The commotion draws Sophia’s attention. She’s jealous of Chloe and doesn’t want to be left out of the fun, so she masturbates loudly while having phone sex in the living room to entice her dad to spank her, too. Charles delivers on Sophia’s wished-for spanking and then grounds his stepdaughter. She and Chloe join forces at that point to make a plan that will get the D for both of them. They wait until Charles is taking a nap on the couch, then lift up the blanket he’s sleeping under so they can start sucking and fondling Charles’s dick. When Charles wakes up, he tells the girls that if they want to behave like nasty little sluts then he’ll treat them that way! Once they’ve been told to peel off their clothes, Chloe and Sophia obey daddy and line up side by side on the couch so he can fuck them both doggy style. Then they roll over so Charles can bang Sophia while Chloe masturbates beside her sister. The girls take turns riding their dad, first in cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl. Then they finish Charles off with a dual blowjob that leaves them both happily licking the results of a BJ well sucked off their facees.

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Family Remote Control

Scene One: Found Frozen

Luke’s sister, Clover, is staying with him and his wife, Cory, for the week while she visits them! Clover walks in to the living room to find Cory sitting in a chair by the window and she seems to be frozen. Cory is sitting very still with her mouth wide open and she is completely unresponsive. “Cory?? Hello?! Where is your husband?! What is going on with you?!” Clover asks her, but she doesn’t get a response. She pulls Cory’s big tits out and starts to suck on her nipples, hoping to get her to respond… but she does not! Luke walks in to the room and explains to Clover that this is Cory’s punishment for not being a good wife to him. Any time she does something that he doesn’t like, he just freezes her with his magical remote. “You know… this remote can work on other people too!” Luke starts to tell Clover, as he points the remote at her and yells “freeze!” Now both Cory and Clover are under the remote’s spell. Luke pulls Clover’s shirt up, exposing her big tits. Then he takes Cory’s hands are places one over Clover’s breast and the other hand on top of her panties. He moves their hands again so they each have one hand over each other’s tits. He puts Clover down on her knees next to Cory. “Hey Clover, how do you feel about your brother putting his wiener in your mouth!?” he asks Clover as she is still unresponsive. He takes his already hard cock out of his pants and shoves it in Clover’s mouth for a blowjob. Then he decides to unfreeze them both to let them figure out what on earth just happened…

Scene Two: Programmed Sister

Luke walks in to his sister’s bedroom while she is taking a nap. He has the magical remote in his hand so he points it directly at her and chants the command “wake up!” She instantly sits up in her bed and stares straight ahead. He points the remote again and says “remove your top!” Clover lifts her t-shirt over her head, exposing her big tits in front of her brother. “I can’t believe my sister has better tits than my wife!” he says to himself. Then he orders her to remove her shorts and spread her legs. He points the remote at her again and demands “rub your clit until you have an orgasm!” She does exactly what she is told! He tells her to get in the doggy style position next, so he can fuck her pussy from behind. “You, me, Cory, and my little remote are going to have a lot of fun this week!” he tells her. He fucks her in the missionary position next and demands that she give herself another orgasm while he fucks her. He unfreezes her for a second and she yells “Luke! What are you doing?!” but he freezes her again a moment later. He ends up cumming deep inside of her pussy and leaves her to put her clothes back on and go back to sleep like nothing ever happened…

Scene Three: Ungrateful Sister

Scene Four: Horny Wife and Sister Programmed

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Fucking Her Stepfamily

Peter has received the new issue of Penthouse, he is really excited so he sneaks away to the bathroom to enjoy the magazine, once he gets to the centerfold, he cannot believe it, his stepsister Sloan is featuring it, so he decides to confront her, and storms into her bathroom, Sloan is shocked, to make sure their father will never find out she starts sucking Peter’s dick, but get caught by their mom Cory, they are speechless, but Cory gets horny with Sloan’s centerfold in Penthouse, so she decides to teach them how to do it, they both suck Peter’s cock simultaneously, then they take turns to fuck Peter, in every position they know until he cums on both of them.

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Crazy German Incest

My Mom and Sister shoots on the phone as Dad fucks me

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Stepdad Fuckery

Stunning babes Gina Valentina and Emma Hix decide to scam Chad White. This step-dad is an easy target for them! Gina seduces him, lets him finger and taste her pretty pussy then Emma joins the mix. They record the action and make it seem to Chad like they just want to keep the memory of this hardcore fuck fest. Just as he’s done banging them deep and blasts a full load all over their luscious lips, these sexy chicks reveal the real reason for this super hot threeway: blackmail. After all, beautiful girls like them don’t fuck for free!

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Stepmom Learns A Lesson

Redheaded stepmom Lauren Phillips and young stepdaughter Autumn Falls are chatting about Lauren’s recent honeymoon when sexy Autumn starts asking her new stepmom about her sex life. Conservative Lauren avoids the subject but she can’t get dark-haired Autumn…

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Son shared Mommy`s pussy with Friend

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