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Sister Tries Anal with Her Brother

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Sister get her asshole fucked in fishnet pantyhose

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My Little Sister Needs Help With Her First ANAL SEX

My sister’s boyfriend Tyrone is a huge dick and HAS a huge dick. He wants anal. She is freaked the fuck out!!! What will she do? She doesn’t want her gravy train to end with this sugar daddy mothafucka! Well, she comes to me and I can’t believe it. I tell her that I will help. I grab my coconut oil and talk her into letting me finger her tight asshole. It turns me on so fucking MUCH!!! I can’t help getting hard while her tiny feet graze against my throbbing cock. She gets turned on and lets me break her ass in for Tyrone. I LOVE FUCKING MY LITTLE SISTER AND HER TIGHT BUTTHOLE!!!! OMFG, I give her the biggest anal creampie EVER!!!!

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Bad Brother Bondage Anal

Wake Up and Bondage Anal The sister is asleep curled up against her favorite pillow. Her brother sees an opportunity. He slowly pulls back the covers revealing her long legs and panties. He slowly pulls off her panties as to not wake her. As he gets on top of her and ties her hands behind her back. She wakes up, “What the fuck are you doing” she screams but it’s too late.. with one good thrust he starts to fuck her. Her protests are muffled by the pleasure she is feeling and she starts to fuck him back hard. Sister says Brother can cum wherever he wants. Brother quickly shoves his cock inside Sister’s ass and fucks her till he cum. Sister has her first creampie anal. She goes back to sleep with a smile on her face.

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My Stepbrother Sucks

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Susanna’s Family Album

BABY SISTER TERRORIZED BY BIG BULLY OLDER BROTHER!!! TINY SUSANNA EVEN GETS HER ASSHOLE VIOLATED & POUNDED!!! DON’T MISS THE FAMILY ALBUM OF FAMILY ALBUMS!!!! This little Sister is truly a “little” Sister!!! Tiny Susanna has a big bully of an older Brother….and Susanna actually takes his Virginity!!! Most of the time, however…..big Brother terrorizes baby sister….Fucking her hard….and even pounding her in her tight little asshole!!!

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Brother hard Fucks his Sweet Sister In Asshole

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Cory Chase in Brother Blackmail

Sister, dressed in a schoolgirl outfit, is talking on the phone with a friend. She is lying on her bed on her back, feet pulled up toward her butt, so we have a nice up skirt look at her thighs and cotton panties. Cory is looking forward to moving out on her own to get away from her creepy stepbrother, but she cant afford it yet. She quickly tells her friend she has to go when her brother walks into her room. She hurries to pull her skirt down to cover herself and angrily asks why he is in her room. He wishes her a happy birthday and says now that she is 18; he thought they could have some fun together. He blocks her escape. He pulls out his cell phone and plays a few videos for her. They are all of her, naked in the shower, masturbating on her bed, etc. He has been secretly recording her private moments for years. If she doesnt want the videos to go public, she will do what he wants. He pulls her by the foot to get her flat on the bed. He pushes up her skirt. He kisses and licks her panties. He pulls her panties off, and tongues her pussy and clit until she cums hard on his face. He removes her blouse and bra. He fondles and suckles her breasts and teases her nipples with his tongue and fingers. He fucks her in the missionary position, pinning her beneath him. He fucks her into another unwanted orgasm, and he cums inside her.

Scene Two: Lubing the Crown

Sister is home from school the next day. She has changed into some very short shorts and a clingy top that shows her midriff. She is not wearing a bra or panties. She turns around to exit her bedroom and bumps into her lurking stepbrother. Their parents wont be home from work for hours. She is alone with him, and afraid. He grabs her and holds her wrists in place behind her back with one hand. He pushes up her top and suckles her breasts, and gropes between her legs as she squirms. He whips the top up over her head and off. He yanks her shorts down her legs and off her feet. She is completely naked. He pushes her upper body flat on the bed, while her feet are on the floor. He holds her in place with one hand and works his way out of his pants so he is naked from the waist down. He pulls her upright by the hair. One arm wraps her tight against him. He fucks her from behind in the upright position, fingering her clit from the front at the same time, until she cums hard. He pushes her down so her upper body is flat on the bed again. He fucks her doggy style while teasing her anus until she cums again. He pulls out and begins to lubricate her butt hole. She stiffens and begs him to not touch her there. The lubing continues. He gradually works his way into her bottom, all the way to the hilt. He gives her a slow, steady butt fucking as she sobs and groans at her helplessness. Eventually, he shoots into her rectum and slowly removes himself from her bottom.

Scene Three: Under The Covers

A few nights later, Cory is lying in bed, under the covers. Her brother gently pulls back the covers. He covers her mouth to muffle her scream. He reminds her of the videos he has of her, and that their parents are asleep in the next room. She begs him quietly to leave her alone. He taunts her about wanting his cock and how quiet she will have to be when she cums for him. Cory whimpers and shakes her head softly in denial as he slips her shoulder straps down her arms, exposing her breasts and fondles them. He pulls her panties off. He stretches out on his side beside her. He fingers her pussy and clit, covering her mouth with his hand when she cums, to muffle her groans. Her brother strips her naked and rolls her onto her tummy. He mounts her, on his knees, his legs straddling hers. He gives her a slow, deep fucking until she cums again, muffling her own groans by pushing her face into a pillow. He props her butt in the air by placing a pillow or two under her hips and begins to lubricate her butt. She begs him not to take her butt again. He taunts her while greasing her bum. He pushes slowly into her bottom and gives it a slow, thorough shagging. He rolls her onto her side and pulls her thighs up toward her chest. Using the pillows again to adjust the angle, he pushes into her butt while she is on her side. He rolls her onto her tummy and dumps his load into her butt crack.

Scene Four: Under The Covers

A few days later, Cory has just come home from school. It will be hours before her parents are home. She is back in her schoolgirl uniform. She sees her brother sitting naked on the sofa, stroking his erection. He welcomes her home and motions for him to come to him. She immediately starts begging him to please leave her alone. He reminds her of the videos of her showering and masturbating when she was younger. He also informs her that he recorded every time the two of them have been intimate. She lowers her head and walks slowly toward him, stopping about a foot from her brother. He has her slowly strip for him. He pulls her closer. He slides his fingers into her pussy and finger fucks her until she starts getting wet. He stops, pushes Cory to her knees with her upper body flat on the sofa. He kneels beside her and fingers her from behind until she cums hard on his fingers. While she is recovering, he pulls out some lube and begins preparing her ass. She tries to get up, but he stretches his body across her back, pinning her to the sofa.. He continues a thorough coating of her rectum. He finger fucks her there, taunting her about how much he loves her ass. Once her butt is ready, he gets up and rubs the head of his cock around her sphincter to lubricate the crown. He pushes in slowly, pausing several times to give her opening time to adjust to him. Once fully in, he begins a slow steady rhythm as before. Cory sobs as he sodomizes her, until he shoots into her tight bottom.

Scene Five: Mom and Dad Are Sleeping

Cory’s brother is sitting on the sofa, wearing boxers and a t-shirt. Cory approaches him cautiously, naked under a long cotton nightgown, just as he ordered. She reminds him that he cant do anything too her here in the living room, because their parents are asleep in their bedroom. If they wake them, his hold over her will be broken, and her life will be ruined. He smiles and pats the sofa beside him, telling her to sit. They are going to watch some of the videos he has of her while he plays with her body to see how hard he can make her cum. He doesn’t seem to care about the risk, so it will be up to her to make sure things stay quiet while her sicko brother molests her in the living room. Reluctantly, she sits beside him. As she sits, he pulls up the hem of her nightgown to expose her thighs and pussy. He starts a video, and orders Cory not to look away. He strokes her inner thighs. His other arm pulls her tight and that hand begins to paw her breast and lightly pinch her nipple through the cotton gown. The hand between her legs gradually moves to her pussy. Fingers penetrate her, taking their time as they explore her. A thumb teases back and forth across her pubic curls. He leans close, whispering taunts about how wet she is getting and how hard she is going to cum for him. He stops the fingering long enough to strip himself and Cory completely naked. He plays with her ass as she continues. When she is getting heated, he slips a finger into her ass and fucks her with that finger in time with the movement of her own hips. Finally, she buries her head into his neck and shoulder to muffle the moans of ecstasy, as her body spasms with an intense orgasm. When she becomes limp from the climax, he rolls her onto her back on the sofa. He stretches himself out on top of her, again giving him full contact with her body. He fucks her hard this time, and she cums again for him. Soon after, he pulls out and deposits his semen onto her tummy and pubic mound. Brother stands over her, telling her she is the best sister in the world, as she lays there sobbing.

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Brother and Sister Leaked Holidays Sextape!

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Badass Stepsister Tries Anal

After her stepbrother catches her smoking, Audrey Holiday silences him by spreading her lips and gagging on his dick. Once this badass hottie gets a taste for being naughty, she decides to kick things up a notch and take a big dick in her tight ass.

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