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Sister Fucked by Older Brother

Vince sees his sexy little sister sleeping in her bed, passed 0ut from a night of partying, he knows she is really exhausted and will need some extra encouragement…he’s been secretly fucking his little sister for a while now, and he knows that every night she goes out drinking she always comes home alone, she doesn’t want another man’s cock, only his even though she pretends to say it’s not okay and that they shouldn’t be doing something so naughty together.
He ties her wrists together gently and lifts up her shirt to expose her soft supple breasts and nipples. He gently licks and sucks them while she lays sle3ping. He slowly slides off her shorts and moves her little thong panties aside so he can kiss and lick her sweet pussy until she orgasms in her sle3p. He enters her and she slowly starts to stir, and tries to fight against the pleasure she is feeling only very briefly before completely giving in to her desire, she needs her brother’s cock to fuck her. He fucks her hard until he cums on her pussy and panties…maybe one day he will surprise her and cum inside of her instead, she is old enough to get pregnant now.

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Brother Payback In The Ass!

A little while ago….you may remember……in a scene called “A Family Loan 2″….Susanna wanted to buy an expensive Gucci Purse, and when everyone…including Mom and Dad turned her down….she went to her mean older Brother Stewart and asked him for a Loan. Stewart granted the Loan to his diminutive Baby Sister….but in the fine print at the bottom of the Loan document he made her sign….it clearly states that if she misses a payment…..he is allowed to Fuck her….in her asshole!!! Well…..here it is…….Friday afternoon….payment is due today….but Susanna doesn’t have the $25 Loan payment, because Mom held back her allowance for skipping school!!! Stewart shows up in Susanna’s bedroom, looking for money…..and when she doesn’t have it….he reminds her (and shows her) the “asshole clause” in their contract…and demands “payment”!! Susanna begs him to overlook the Loan agreement….claiming that she is just a tiny little girl…and that a hard cock in her asshole would be very painful…..but mean older Brother Stewart insists on collecting on the debt….and pulls his pants down, and forces Susanna to suck his cock. When he is hard, and ready to sodomize her…Susanna asks for a “warm-up” period first, in which she can “take it in the cunt”. Stewart agrees to her request, and lets her ride his cock for a few minutes, before flipping her onto her side, and ramming his cock up her ass!!!! Susanna cries the whole time as her Brother pounds her little asshole. As Stewart nears ejaculation, Susanna makes a deal with him….”If I let you cum on my face….can I skip next week’s payment???” Stewart figures soaking his Baby sister’s face is worth at least $25….so he agrees….and unloads all over Susanna’s face!!!!

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Step-sister suck off

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A Family Loan

SUSANNA MAKES A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL!!! WHEN SHE WANTS A GUCCI PURSE…SHE TAKES OUT A LOAN FROM HER BIG, MEAN BROTHER BRAD THE TERMS OF THE LOAN INCLUDE HIM MOLESTING AND DEFILING HER!!! When Susanna wants an expensive Gucci Purse she saw online…she Dad to ask for an advance in her weekly allowance….and they turn her down. With nowhere else to turn….she ends up asking her big Brother Brad to Loan her the money. Susanna promises to pay him back….$25 per week from her allowance. When Brad finds out that the Purse costs a whopping $600 (!!!)…he declines the favour….figuring it will take Susanna forever to pay the money back. However….since his little Baby Sister is SMOKING Hot…..Brad comes up with an alternative. He will lend her the money for the purse….if she pays back $25 a week towards the “principle”….but has to pay “interest”. The interest he demands is……licking her cunt….and Fucking her!!! Desperate to make a deal…Susanna agrees to the terms of the perverted and twisted arrangement. To make sure they are both clear…Brad forces her to sign a Loan Agreement….complete with a “default clause” that states that if she misses a weekly payment….she must take it in the Ass!!! After the paperwork is all signed…Brad starts to lick and defile his poor Baby Sister…eventually unloading all over her, using her as a cum dumpster!! At least she will have a nice purse…..

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Piper’s Brother takes advantage

PART 1 – Caught in Dad’s office. So, I am working late at my dad’s office, and I see my lazy sister trying to get in his desk. She must have taken his keys and snuck in. That little bitch has been the one stealing the petty cash, and my dad is been ready to blame everyone that works for him. I decide to teach her a serious lesson, She is so pissed, but, being a little whore she cums from a hard fucking, even if it is her brother pounding her pussy
PART 2 – Sister busted Sexting – my sister is sprawled out sleeping on the couch. I check out her phone and see she has been sexting a bunch of guys. She always tries to act like she is dad’s innocent little princess, well I wake her up and make her do ALL the dirty things she was texting. Or I will show dad her phone. She is such a little slut, she can’t help but moan and get wet while I fuck her, all I have to do is get my dick in her and she totally gives in
PART 3 – Piper’s Friend Sleeps over – My slutty little sister has an equally slutty little friend. They like to walk around in tiny little shirts and shorts, practically prancing around. I decide I am going to fuck Jade senseless, I am just going to slip it right in her little pussy, she will be too embarrassed to have her friends brother fucking her to make a fuss. But my little slut sister wakes up, she can tell what I am going to do and she doesn’t want to make a scene to stop me, so I make her take the hard fucking I had planned for her friend, She is worried about waking up Jade, but she can barely keep in her moans- what a horny slut my sister is. I didn’t get to fuck her hot little friend, but There is always next time

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Blackmailed sister get two loads of sperm

Your new step-sister snuck out last night to bone her boyfriend and you happened to find out…and you have proof. Instead of keeping quiet, like a good brother would, you blackmail her into giving up a little pussy. She starts off by reluctantly sucking your cock before sliding her panties to the side and squatting on your rock hard dick. You blow your load quickly but she doesn’t stop. She sucks your rod clean and sticks it right back in her tight little pussy. Finally she dismounts to finish you off with her mouth, the nasty little slut even rims your asshole before jerking your second load right onto her face.

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Brothers Whore

Part One – Dakota’s Brother makes her have a Wet Dream – My slutty fucking sister is walking around in a little shirt and panties as if I don’t even notice. Well I do, and when she lays down on the couch and closes her eyes I make sure she has the best wet dream ever. I feel her up, even stick my tongue in her pussy and just a little licking and she is cumming like a sleepy little slut. She gets dripping wet and I have to fuck her. I finish by filling her open mouth, I wonder what she will think she was dreaming about
Part Two – Dakota is forced to strip for her brother – I went to a strip club a few towns over and what do I see, my slutty sister shaking her ass on the stage. Dad would her, but I see just how good she knows how to work it, and how many horny idiots she takes in the back room, so I confront her, with her stripper shoes in one hand and the pictures on my phone in the other. She is PISSED but I make her a deal, she can give me the VIP treatment, and a cut of her money, and I will keep my mouth shut AND help cover for her. Of course I want the full VIP and even though she is so mad she still gets wet, and still cums on my dick. What a whore, but she’s “family”
Part Three – Dakota forced to give her brother a private show – So, My sister stopped stripping, but, it didn’t take me long to find out why. I found the site she is web camming for, and even got a private show without her realizing it was her won brother, she did every dirty thing I said. Now I want an even more personal show, and she is going to keep giving me a good cut of her money. No matter what she says, or how mad she gets, she always cums from a my dick in her. She should just accept what a total whore she is, but until she does I will keep reminding her.

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Brother blackmailing sister for sex


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My Sister Likes It Rough

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Sister Fucks Her Brother


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