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Slut Training By Her Brother

PART ONE: Sweet Dreams Slutty Sister – I don’t really know how wrong this is, but lately every time I see my little sister my dick gets HARD. I mean she isn’t that little anymore, I actually heard her making noise in her room one night and of course I looked in, she was having some kind of intense sex dream. moaning, moving her hips. I me. I had to go jerk off like three times. But then I thought, maybe next time she is sleeping, I could help her have a REALLY good wet dream.
PART TWO: Slutty Sister’s Helping Hand – Fucking my sister has made things so much worse. I can’t even be in the room with her now. So I decide to tell her I need help, I need her to take care of my raging hard cock. She says no at first, but I push and push and finally whip it out, and that does it, she starts off like she is doing me a favor, but she starts getting horny, and it goes better than I could hope with her moaning and cumming all over my cock. I think that first sleepy fuck got something going in the back of her mind.
PART THREE: Slutty Little Sister needs it too – Kelly got really weird around me after we fucked like wild. She won’t really talk to me and I am feeling . But still, thinking about that tiny tight pussy so hot and squeezing on my cock while she kept cumming over and over, it is all I can think about. I am in my room, starting to jack off, and Kelly comes in. She has been thinking about my cock. and she wants to take care of me…My sister is now totally trained to want to take care of my cock all the time!!

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Sister Back From College

My slutty sister is back from college and as she sits with her legs all spread in front of me, she notices that I have grown a lot since the last time she saw me. She even asks if I still masturbate as often as I used to, making me feel really uncomfortable, but she reassures me that it’s completely normal. Besides, she masturbates all of the time. In fact, she was just doing it upstairs. She is still really horny because she can’t get off without toys and she wants me to help her. This is really weird for me, but once she removes her shorts, I have a very hard time resisting her. Especially after she tells me that she could really use something inside of her, like my finger. Nobody will know and she is just so wet! As she is fucking my fingers, she thanks me for doing this for her and she starts rubbing her clit. Soon she wants me to stick a third finger inside of her as she moans and cums, squeezing my fingers with her tight pussy. Next, she decides that it’s my turn to get off. She offer to lick my balls while I jerk my dick and I can’t help but let her…it just feels so good! She wants to help even more as she puts my hard cock in her mouth and slides her mouth up and down it, getting it dripping wet. Sucking my dick has made her even hornier and saw wants to cum again by having my dick inside her. She starts bouncing up and down on my dick as she moans and she tells me again how much I have grown up. After a while I start fucking her as she lies back with her legs spread wide open for me, rubbing herself and moaning how deep inside of her I am. I start fucking her harder and faster with her legs pinned back, making her cum with just my cock. I can’t help it and I cum inside of her as I watch my cum slowly drip out of her pussy and she tells me to go get a towel for her.

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Family Valentine

It has been almost a year since I have been home to visit my family. I decided to stop by this weekend to spend Valentines with the family. My little sister will be surprised. She is obsessed with my cock, ever since I popped her cherry. I am just going to have to keep my distance from her. As, soon as I walked in the door my sister was all over me, kissing me and grabbing my cock. I tried to tell her no, but I could not resist her in her uniform. She looked way to hot. She grabbed my cock and started sucking it and then I bent her over doggie style. She grabs my cock right before I am about to cum and swallows it. , mom walked in just as I was pulling up my pants. Damn, that was close. During dinner my sister would not stop grabbing my cock so I played with her pussy all while mom was sitting there playing with her own MILF pussy. After dinner I went to my room to relax and sister came in wearing a sexy nightie and we start fucking again. Mom walks in and catches us, but instead of scolding us, she encourages us and even instructs us. This has been one hell of a Valentines Day!

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Brother in Charge

What started as a lazy afternoon watching TV turned into a nightmare for poor little Anya! She was a bit suspicious when her Brother sat down next to her. He changed the channel and waited for her to say something. When Anya told him to change it back her Brother smiled and said no. Then stood up and presented her his cock. She knew her mouth was going to be used as her Brothers fuck hole. And she knew she couldn’t do anything about. If she yelled for Mom all she would do is ground her for not doing what her Brother wanted her to do. He was in charge now and he could use her anyway he wanted to. He grabbed her hair and shoved his cock in her mouth. When she didn’t suck hard enough she started to gag her until all she could do is just sit there on her knees and let him use her. The more he used her dirty mouth the more Anya started to enjoy her Brother treating her like his slut! By the end she couldn’t help begging him for all of his cum!

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Jerk It In Pregnant Mommy’s Kitty

With her pregant belly in full bloom Ms. Johnson and her step daughter compare each other’s clitoris to see who’s is bigger. One thing is for sure, they both have sensitive plump clits and anything or anyone can trigger an intense sexual response from either. When Vicky’s brother Rick brings him closer he too gets caught up. With Ms. Jonson’s blessing, Vicky starts to suck her brothers cock and strokes his manhood into her mom’s wet pregnant pussy. Rick soon explodes a hot load of cum deep in his mom’s pussy, much to her please and Vicky’s discontent.

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Sister In Law Fun

Your sister-in-law has been staying with you and your wife while her husband is deployed. You always remember her being a show off and a sexual creature since she was in school. You’ve always flirted and she has looked up to you since you were dating (and married) her big sister. She hasn’t had a sexual outlet in some time, and has noticed you checking out her fit tight body while she has b sen staying there. It isn’t until she catches you looking at her ass and up her dress while she cleans up the dishes that she realizes it is ok to show off for you even more. She bends over the counter and hikes up her dress exposing her tight little ass hole and plump moist pussy. When she sees that you are turned on, she finger fucks her self right on your kitchen counter. What is your next move?

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Nasty Little Sister

Ashlynn asks her older Brother Justin for a favour. She wants to borrow his car to go to the Mall….and being the big meanie that he is….he tells his little Sister to take a hike!! Ashlynn begs her Brother to please let her use his car…but he refuses. Ashlynn, however, is resourceful…and a smart cookie. Ashlynn returns to her Brother’s room a few minutes later. This time…She has removed her glasses….let her hair down….and instead of frumpy pajamas…she is TOPLESS, with white panties, and white knee high socks!! Justin’s eyes almost burst out of his head!!! He had NO idea that his Little Sister was such a Goddess!! Realizing that with her Brother’s eyes bulging….and his pants bulging…that she now has ALL the Power…Ashlynn goes for his pants and tells him that she is going to Fuck him, in exchange for him letting her use his car ALL weekend! Justin tells her that he needs his car for work…but when Topless Ashlynn starts to leave…Justin, of course, can’t resist his Baby Sister…and begs her to come back and Fuck him. Ashlynn lets her Brother enjoy her sweet, young snatch….she sucks his cock…and then Little Sister takes a hard Pounding from her Brother. As she senses that big Brother is about to spill his load….resourceful Ashlynn tells him that is he fills the tank with gas for her….she’ll let him cum inside her!!! Powerless to resist his sexy Little Sister……Justin cums in her. Oh well….looks like a weekend of taking the bus for him……

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Cumming inside sleeping sister

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Stepsister fucked for stealing

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Mommy and Brother House Rules

Ive always fancied myself a loving mother; Im traditional and old fashioned. When a ruckus is heard suddenly from across the house (where my Son and Daughters bedrooms are), I storm into my daughters room only to catch the whore has stolen one of my sex toys! The reason behind all of the yelling and fighting! Shes such a bad little girl; she lies and tells me that he put it there but I know my little boy, he wouldnt do that! I cant believe how this little slut immediately blamed her sweet, innocent brother instead of taking responsibility for her own disgraceful actions. Her ruthlessness towards him didnt end there with the accusations either; the little bitch kneed my poor boy right in his precious manhood causing him to cry out in pain! Not Mommys baby! Its time to teach this little slut how to properly treat a man. I order her onto her knees before him, scolding her for injuring him and not doing as he says in the first place. I tell her that she must make it up to him by to worshipping his beautiful cock with her mouth until he feels better again. Once Im satisfied my baby boy has received a sincere and worthy apology from his awful sister, I force her to remove her panties and lie on the bed so that I can prepare her tight fuck hole to be penetrated by his young, hard and eager cock. Like any good mother would, I start by inserting one finger at a time into her, then another; the little whore is wet! My faith of raising a classy, obedient lady such as myself has been restored! I give my little girl a few gentle, motherly licks before I step out of the way of my perfect boy to have his way with his gorgeous sister. I remind him not to waste his cum on her face but to make sure he cums inside of her. She starts crying about how she is not on birth control and I tell her it’s the only way I will ever be a Grandma! Were such a wonderful family! My children are so lucky to have a mother who loves them like I do!

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