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Peer Pressure Incest

Kaley had pressure from boys at school. She had not had a sexual experience yet and went to her older brother for help. He was sleeping naked. She pulled the covers down to see his cock. It looked inviting, she began to touch it and he woke up. He was surprised at her. She told him she wanted some experience and she trusted him to teach her. He being a horny brother had no problem with the idea. His cock grew hard fast. Kaley stroked and sucked it. He took her nightgown off and told her guys love tits. He sucked them hard as she moaned at how good it felt. He told her he knew she had played with mom’s toys so he licked her pussy to let her fell how good it was. She moaned. He then told her it was time for him to fuck her. She was a virgin but was ready. He told her to relax; he slipped the head into her tight pussy. She clenched because it hurt but at the same time it felt really good, he slowly slid more in her as she tightened her grip on the sheets. He felt her get wet and began fucking her. Kaley loved it once she was used to the feeling. He fucked her harder; she screamed out for him to fuck her and he did in several positions. Kaley came on his cock. He pulled it out and told her guys love wet messy blowjobs; she sucked and jerked her brother’s cock until he exploded his cum shot in her mouth and on her face. Kaley was happy she had learned from the best, her big brother.

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Brother-Sister BEER BUZZ

This is why Brothers and Sisters should NEVER get Relaxed together!!! Especially young, horny Siblings with raging hormones!!!! Amber and her Brother Conor are home alone on a Friday night….neither with Dates….and decide to have a couple of beers….and watch TV. As it turns out…..there is a Brady Bunch Marathon on TV. They have a few beers, while watching episode after episode. As the empty beer cans begin to stack up….Amber & Conor begin to get more and more Relaxed. As they start to slut their words….the two Siblings keep making comments about how tough it must have been for all those Brady Siblings to keep their hands off each other!!! “Why wouldn’t Greg Fuck the stuffing out of Marcia????…..it doesn’t make any sense….he should definitely Fuck her!!!!” they say. Finally, after way too much Relaxing….and the sexual tension infused by the Greg/Marcia relationship….Amber & Conor turn to each other….and spontaneously kiss each other….righ on the lips….with open mouths!!! The two Relaxed Siblings ask each other if the other one wants to Fuck….and the answers are the same!!! Conor licks his Relaxed Sister’s pussy while she continues to Relax. Amber has the most powerful orgasm she has ever experienced…and then she returns the favor by not only sucking Conor’s cock….but deep-throating his enormous penis!! The two Fuck each other’s brains out until Conor unloads all over his Sister’s Tits. “Here’s to Greg and Marcia” they say. Extreme Taboo Warning

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Katie Cummings Sister Virtual Anal Sex

You sister Katie is on the bed and waiting for you. She thinks you are so sexy. She wants to fuck you so bad, but you are her brother. She can’t have you in her pussy. So, she decides you can fuck her in the ass. Anal sex should be find. She strips her bottoms and shows you her asshole. She assumes the position and you mount her ass and start to fuck her. She wants it slow at first, since its new and it hurts. But, soon she is begging for it. She switches to her back for a bit and then back to doggy style. You keep fucking her until you shoot your load deep into her ass.

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Sara Luvv – How Far Can We Go Without Fucking?

I can’t believe how bored I am tonight. Mom left us some money to order pizza if you want but I think I want to do something else first. We should play a game and then order some food. My girl friend told me of a weird game she played with her real brother. You’re just my stepbrother so I wouldn’t have any problem playing this game with you, that is if you want to. You aren’t chicken are you? The game is called chicken-cest. You know, like the game of chicken but with an incest twist. We have to see how far we can go without having sex. I know even though you aren’t blood related I still wouldn’t bang you. Let’s see how far we can go before you say chicken cause I have a feeling you would be the one to chicken out first.

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Brother Blackmails Sister to Fuck Her

Jinny owes the IRS $5000. Her older brother Robert is the only person she knows who could lend her the money. After calling him, Jinny goes over to his house. She enters in a smart beige business suit. Robert is waiting for her on the living-room couch. Jinny immediately explains the situation. She tells Robert she stands to lose everything if she does not pay up. Robert is unmoved. He and his sister have past grievances. Jinny never lent him any money when he needed it. Robert tells her he will only help if she promises to be his slave. Jinny agrees. She promises to do his dry-cleaning, give him a pedicure, whatever he wants! The siblings shake on it. Now Robert has his sister right where he wants her. He tells Jinny to stand up and take her top off. She hesitates. Robert asks her pointedly whether she wants the money or not. Jinny realizes she has no choice but to play ball with her brother. Reluctantly, she removes her top. Robert is just getting started. He makes Jinny strip completely. Once she is naked, he takes a moment to appreciate her body, then orders her onto her knees to suck his cock. Jinny grudgingly complies. Despite her reluctance, she does a good job of sucking off and deep-throating her brother. Robert then takes his sister into his bedroom. He wants to see what other skills she has. On the bed, he makes her suck his cock some more then forces her down into the doggy-position. He moves in behind her, lines his cock with the opening of her pussy, and thrusts in. Jinny is overwhelmed by her brother’s length. She groans and takes him as best she can. Robert loves it. He bends over and fondles his sister’s dangling breasts as he pushes deep inside her. Just when Jinny thinks her brother cannot defile her any more, Robert decides he wants to fuck her in the ass. Jinny knows there is no point in resisting. She allows him to take her hard. When he is done, Robert has his sister give him one last blowjob then shoots a load of cum over her face. Jinny hates it, but there is not a thing she can do. Robert tells his sister she will be doing the same thing every day until she has paid him back

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Nikki Daniels – Kinky Wedding Day

The morning of his wedding day, Kyle finds himself pulled back into a forbidden affair with his stepsister, Allison.

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Victoria and her Brother Richie have a predicament in common. They have both recently broken up with their “significant others’….and they are home watching TV together. The two Siblings engage in small talk….and somehow the conversation brings out the fact that both are….well…..HORNY!!! After a good laugh…Richie tells his Sister about a Documentary he recently saw about a culture….in Africa….where it is common for Siblings of the same Tribe to engage in….Sexual Intercourse with each other….in other words….TABOO!!! Victoria leans forward….her interest peaked…..”really!!! that is so weird…..I’ve never heard of that”. The two Siblings decide that, if other cultures can permit and tolerate such behaviour….and since they are SO Horny….why not??? They both vow to never, ever tell anyone…..and then they begin to….Fuck Each Other’s Brains Out!! Victoria Sucks her Brother’s cock….Richie eats out his Sister’s Pussy….they Fuck….and Fuck….and Fuck….until Richie unloads into his baby Sister’s mouth!! “I’m never gonna get another boyfriend again!!!” Victoria proclaims with semen dripping down her chin.

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Incest Squirtfest!!!!


It’s a rainy day…their Parents are away….and Shauna and Her Baby Brother, Josh are fighting over the remote (as usual)…..bickering about what to watch on TV. Shauna wins, of course…not only is She the oldest Sibling…She’s a Girl (and we ALWAYS win!!! lol). As it turns out, Shauna can’t find anything decent on TV, so She confesses to Her Brother that…it’s Her “horny time of the month”….and She suggests that, even though they are Brother/Sister…that they….in Shauna’s words…..”Jerk each other Off!!” Josh has no interest in mutual masturbation with his bratty Sister…but Shauna knows a secret about Josh…and She’s going to take advantage of it….”Hey Booger-Head….I’ve seen you around the house, checking out my Feet. I’ll let you suck my feet, if you’ll agree to Jerk each other off”. Josh is roped in….he really does want to kiss his Sister’s Hot Feet…so he agrees. Shauna lets her Baby Brother suck on Her Feet for a few minutes…and then She proclaims “Ok enough of kissing my Feet….let’s Jerk each other Off…I go first because I’m a Girl”. Shauna gets Her Baby Brother to play with Her Clit….then She makes Her baby Brother go down on Her and eat Her Pussy until She cums!!! After cumming, however…Shauna has a surprise in store for Her Brother…She grabs Her Vibrator and says “Watch this Bro….my friend Emily showed me how to do this…” With Her Brother watching intently…Shauna brings Herself to a MASSIVE MASSIVE SQUIRTING ORGASM!!! Shauna’s cum flies all over the Living Room as Josh watches in astonishment!! With the entire floor still soaked with Shauna’s cum….She grabs hold of Josh’s cock, and vows to uphold Her end of the bargain….and She Jerks Her Baby Brother to a MASSIVE MASSIVE ejaculation. The two Siblings bicker back and forth about who made the bigger mess. If their Parents only knew what went on…….

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Home Pregnancy Test


Brooklyn is on a mission. She desperately wants to have a baby!!! Her friend, Samantha just had one….and Brooklyn is possessed….she needs to have a baby asap. She has picked up a Home Pregnancy Test…and her choice of “Fathers”…or “Sperm Donors”….is a little out of the ordinary!!! To ensure that the baby will closely resemble her….Brooklyn wants her Brother Russ to Father the baby…since people always say that she and her Brother Russ look alike. When she approaches Russ with the idea….he, of course, is initially taken back….but he realizes that….Sister or not….Brooklyn is SMOKING HOT!! Russ agrees to do the dirty deed with his Hot baby Sister. It turns out that although Brooklyn is unbelievably HOT….she is also pretty naive…… Brooklyn makes her Brother Fuck her….cum inside her….and then she immediately runs to the bathroom and peees on the Test strip. When the result (of course) is negative….she insists that it “didn’t work”….and makes Russ Fuck her again. After the second Pounding she again peees immediately….and makes Russ Fuck her a third time!!! Russ eagerly Fucks his Smoking Hot baby Sister a THIRD time!!! When Brooklyn gets a third negative reading….her older Brother finally comes clean, and explains to her that it takes several weeks for Pregnancy to show up in a female’s urine. Brooklyn questions Russ….asking him, why he kept Fucking her over and over and over again, if he knew the results wouldn’t show yet. Russ confesses that he just liked Fucking her….because she is SO HOT!! Naive Brooklyn is furious with her older Brother for betraying her…..fooling her….and using her as a cum dumpster….but the story has a happy ending. A month later…..Brooklyn takes the Home Pregnancy Test again….and WOW….she is Pregnant!!! Knocked Up!!! Expecting!!! Mom To Be!!! A Bun In The Oven!!

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Sexy Sister, Psycho Brother

Gwen is sitting at home wearing tight leggings and high heels, with her legs crossed. After 20 seconds or so, her brother walks in. He looks at her in a very pervy way and tells her she looks sexy. They keep talking, then he tells her he wants to fuck her. She laughs at what he says thinking he’s kidding. It cuts to black, and later on we see gwen in the same outfit just walking around, when suddenly her brother (him being fully naked) sneaks up behind her and subdues her. She gets weak and falls into his arms, and as soon as that happens, he kisses her on the neck affectionately. He then drags her to the bedroom and lays her on the bed. He jumps on top of her and starts making out with her violently and in a very horny way. He then starts groping every inch of her body, with special focus on her legs and ass in the leggings, also kissing her feet which are still in heels. Then he decides its time for sex, but as he decides for that, Gwen begins to regain her strength. He quickly grabs her face, and kisses her neck aggressively. After she’s subdued, he strips her and begins to have sex with her. As he moves her for a doggy style position, she starts to move again, but he covers her mouth again while humping her from the back, which leads to her falling completely limp with her stomach fully on the bed, relaxed (no more doggy position), with him on top of her humping her ass. He fucks in her in that position one last time, and then cums on her body. Finally, the movie ends with the last scene being Gwen sitting again with her legs crossed, this time in a different outfit (but still a tight one). The brother walks in and she greets him with excitement, even though she has no idea what he did to her. He hands her a drink after because she just came back from work. She drinks it while sitting down, and then slips into dreamland. The brother jumps on her while she’s on the couch, and makes out with her one last time before the movie ends.

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