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(Carolina Sweets) and her friend Sandra (Whitney Wright) are giggling and gossiping in Jenny’s room as they study for an upcoming text, textbooks sprawled across the bed and floor. Jenny comes across as much shyer than her friend, who is proudly listing off her sexual conquests – Jenny marvels at how experienced she is for being just 19 (even at times being shocked at the perverse things her friend is admitting to have done) and especially how nonchalant she is about it. Sandra asks, well what about her, surely she has SOME kiss-and-tell stories she can share? Jenny admits not really, she’s kissed a few boys but never anything more serious than some over-the-clothes fondling…
It’s about then that Dane (Lucas Frost) is walking past in the hallway and butts into the conversation. He remarks that it’s no wonder that nobody is ever going to have sex with Jenny when she looks so ugly, she’s unfuckable. Jenny tries to tell her older step-brother to stop, but clearly has trouble standing up to him, and Sandra looks on silently fuming as Dane takes advantage of his younger step-sister’s shyness to talk over her and continue to pick on her. He makes fun of her nerdy clothing, saying it looks more like what someone in their sixties would wear, not someone who’s barely 18. He makes fun of her glasses. He says that he’s glad he’s not really related to her because he’d hate to think if his future kids had a chance of looking anything like her. Finally, Jenny loses her calm and shrieks at him to leave. Dane ends the conversation with a final insult, telling her to go back to studying since books are the only thing that are as dull as she is. When he’s gone, Sandra stops holding her tongue and tells her friend that she can’t believe how horrible Jenny’s older step-brother is. How long has she been putting up with that? Jenny says ever since he moved in with them, two years ago. Sandra tells her that she would never put up with that kind of torment, and Jenny confesses she feels like she has no choice, he’s so loud and rude and she’s so quiet and reserved that he basically can walk all over her. Sandra tells her that he needs to be taught a lesson, she doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment and he’ll just keep doing it until he sees there are consequences for his actions. Besides, she says, what if he’s doing this kind of thing to other poor girls at school? Hearing this, Jenny starts to grow a backbone – her friend is right, she would never want anybody else to feel as shitty as he makes her feel. But what could she possibly do to make him so regretful that he would never think of tormenting her again? He obviously doesn’t feel bad when she cries or tells him to stop. No, Sandra agrees, bullies like that only understand one language, and that’s an eye for an eye. He’s been humiliating her, so she needs to do something to make him feel humiliated back.

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Stepbro Oils Up Stepsis

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The Family Reunion

Why are you hiding up here all alone? You should come back down. We’re actually having a lot of fun. You know… I was really looking forward to seeing you again. You’ve always been my favorite cousin… Don’t tell anyone, but I actually used to have a little crush on you….

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Sisters Edge the Best

Raylin is the sister that you always wanted to fuck. Her bright eyes, her smooth body. The way her hair hangs down in front of her face as she puts her lips around you. Her feet sway as her hands and mouth work up and down slowly. She enjoys this as much as you, savoring the feeling of being naughty. What if her parents come home and find you being sucked off by her. What will they say when they see her smile at the stream of cum she milks from you. Raylin sucks you clean and tastes your cum like the good girl you know she is.

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The Night Before Xxxmas

It’s a family Christmas as Crimson Morning Star joins her kids and niece around the Christmas tree. She tells Seth Gamble and Kacie Castle and her cousin Vina Sky that they can open one present each. They each open ugly sweaters from their grandmother. Seth is excited, but the girls are not. Crimson tells the girls to be grateful and try on their sweaters. They obey, returning to the room wearing the sweaters but nothing else, not even panties, which Seth discovers when the girls kneel before the tree right in front of him…
Seth tries chastising his stepsis and cousin, but they quickly figure out he has a boner and pull it out to start sucking him off even though his mom is right in the room on the couch. Vina is the first to sample Seth’s stiffie, but soon enough Kacie is persuaded to give him a try. That only encourages Vina to take things a step further, riding her cousin’s dick so it can be a very merry Christmas in her tight pussy. Kacie starts out trying to help Vina hold the moan, but once she realizes her nice Seth’s hardon is she decides to get on her knees to let him pound her doggy style. The girls are content to share Seth’s dick while fondling each other’s pussies with their talented fingers. Once Kacie climbs on Seth’s fuck stick to give him a stiffie, he can’t hold back from cumming inside her. They must have made some noise, because Crimson catches Kacie climbing off of Seth and cancels Christmas because they’ve been so naughty.

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Nerdy Sister Uses Bros Cock To Revenge

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18yr Old Latina sister With Huge Natural Boobs Fucks Her Sidepiece – Violet

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Sneak Fuck Sis

– Babe what are you doing! I’m trying to sleep..
– Doesn’t it feel good when I touch you?
– Yeah it does, that’s why you should stop! You’re going to make me horny.. I’m really tired, let’s just go back to bed
– I wanna have some fun with you …
– Omg take this pillow off! Lol babe you’re so crazy!
– I want you to touch yourself for me.. Keep the pillow on! It’s so hot that you can’t even see me..
– Mmm baby we’ve never done anything like this before! This is so kinky…
– It is babe, I want you so badly right now! Stay quite, wouldn’t want to wake anyone up…
– I can’t believe we’re doing it like this!! It’s so fun trying out new things with you

After my sister’s boyfriend goes into the bathroom, I decide to give her some company in bed… This is the first time I did something like this and it was such a turn on. I slowly undress my sister and put a pillow over her face.. She really thought I was her boyfriend back from the bathroom!! I had to hide that it was really her own brother groping her, and she was totally into it!! I squirt my load all over her thick bush and walk away before her boyfriend could catch me!

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Brother & Sister Exploring Each Other

Oliver caught his younger sister playing with herself in bed next to him, and he couldn’t resist the temptation to join her! Riley looks over at her brother’s big hard-on and knew that’s exactly what she wanted. Watch as these siblings use each other for some much needed sexual relief. See this natural petite blonde ride her brother in their shared hotel room. He slides his long cock in and out of her cunt, making her cum multiple times leaving him covered in her creamy juices! He fills Riley’s tight young pussy with his thick load while the rest of the family is completely unaware!

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My Sister, The Virgin

Khloe Kapri is lying on her bed, looking at her phone. Hearing a knock and inviting the visitor in, Bambino, her step-brother enters. He just wanted to see how she’s settling in back home after her semester at college. Inviting him to take a seat next to her on the bed, she tells him that she’s happy to be home, but she’s still super stressed out from her exams. Bambino is sympathetic. He offers to give her a shoulder rub. But he’s her brother, wouldn’t that be totally weird? Well, step-brother, he corrects her, but she knows he always tries to watch out for her and he can see she’s stressed and wants to help…

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