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The Competition For Brother Dick And Sperm

My sister Lyra is having her best friend, Adria, over for a sleepover. I try not to notice how obsessed with Adria that I am, but I can’t help it. Look at her stunning face, her soulful eyes, her tight body, and that ass..
Lyra is teaching Adria how to dance in the living room and I am trying to play it cool. I’ve got a major hard on watching my sister teach her how to seductively move her body to the music. Lyra’s got a lot of energy, and I mean a lot, she’s the extraverted type of person who always needs to be with company. She’s wants me to take her shopping, to play tennis, to go to the movies, she’s beautiful, my sister, everyone loves her, but she’s a stage five clinger, for sure. Oh no.. she’s looking at me.
“I need you to teach her how to slow dance,” she tells me. She wraps my arms around Adria and she shows us how to move. Adria looks up at me shyly, and my heart beats fast, I’m so close that I can feel the warmth of her exhale. Lyra leaves the room to grab a drink. Adria steps on my toe with her heel, and she’s embarrassed. “I’m so sorry, I’m such a klutz,” her face is flushed with embarrassment, and I smile. “You’re doing good, just move a little closer,” I pull her into my arms and my chest is touching her’s, her breasts, I can feel them right through my t-shirt. My heart is racing as I inch closer to her lips, she is moving closer to mine, closer, closer, and we meet with a kiss.
Lyra comes in, drops her water on the floor. She’s shocked and angry! “How could you, he’s my brother!” She orders her friend to leave the house, but I remind her gently that no one is around to come pick her up. Lyra shakes her head in frustration, “then go up to my room, I don’t want to see you until tomorrow morning!” Adria apologizes, “I’m so sorry, please.. don’t be mad at me.” She rushes up the stairs. I tell my sister that she was “out of line,” and my sister nails me down to the sofa. “Out of line?! Who are YOU to tell me that I am out of line.” She begins to list off the qualities that Adria has that are not compatible for me, “she’s not coordinated, nor ambitious, or smart enough for you!” She’s flustered, her eyes are filled with tears, and I grab her hand affectionately.
She kisses me abruptly. My sister kisses me passionately and I feel her tongue glide against mine, I taste her mouth, and I kiss her back.. my hands are paralyzed. I’m turned on. I’m terrified. She wants me all to herself. Adria sneaks down the stairs and watches, she touches her pussy as she watches my sister straddle and grind on top of my lap. Her heel makes a noise and we look at her. Adria is mortified and runs up the stairs, “wait,” I call out to her! Adria creeps down the stairs, hesitantly.
It’s a little strange to be kissing my sister. I mean, I was having a good time, sure, but Adria is obviously interested in me. I want my sister. I want Adria. Is it so selfish to have both. Lyra reminds me that I am out of Adria’s league, and Adria looks down in embarrassment. Her sweet and forgiving eyes look at Lyra, “can he, please, kiss me like he was kissing you?” I tell Lyra that she can’t have me unless Adria is here with us. Watch the story unfold..

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Fucking My Slutty Sister Best of 2015

These are the hottest slut sister Courtney clips of 2015! (Over a $10 discount when bought together!) This includes SIster Fucked After Party, Truth or Dare, and Lap Dance From Sister Goes Too Far. Individual descriptions can be found at my profile under those videos.

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Big Sister Takes Brother’s Virginity

My little brother thinks he’s so sneaky. I always catch him watching me in the shower and always find my panties come up missing. Well now he stole my favorite pair of panties. I’m going to surprise my virgin brother and take his virginity. I know I’m the only one he wants to lose it to anyway. I barge into his room and of course I catch him jerking off to my favorite pair of panties. I knew it!!! At first he’s totally shocked and embarrassed that I just caught him but then I make it known what I came here for. I want to take his virginity! I start off giving my little brother his first ever blowjob and then I climb on top of him. Damn, his virgin dick feels sooo good inside me!! Then I tell him I want him to get behind me and fuck me. With him being so inexperienced, I moved my hips and kept going back and forth on his dick in doggy. I told him I wanted him to spank me and to spank me hard and then I told my brother to cum all over my ass. I know my little brother will never forget th

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Sperm Stealing Sister

My girls and I have come up with an idea, a pact you might say to get pregnant all at the same time. We can watch our belly’s grow and have all the grow up together. It would be so perfect to see my lil bump and feel it kick. I call my other friend Stacey to see if she is down to get prego too. She seems hesitant so I’ll have to talk her into it at school. I didn’t get to talk to Stacey but she called me 2 days later and said Christina is pregnant! I’m so jealous, she slept with one guy…I’ve been with 2 guys…well boys I assume. Christina slept with an older guy and that’s what I need to do. You know what, I’m going to check out my porn addict brothers room and see if he has any info on how to get girls pregnant. Upon investigation I discover something even better than information, something more valuable, the most precious of all human substances, a jar of sperm! JACKPOT Holy my big bro has been saving a jar of his sperm next to his porn stash. I take the jar of jizz and quickly rush tomy room. quietly I put the sperm inside me and let it flow deep inside. Its such a rush knowing this time I will finally get to be knocked up. Oh my fuck! Are you serious??? I still can’t get pregnant…what is wrong? Test after test nothing is working. I need more cum. Fuck, Luke doesn’t have as much cum saved up as last time…I will have to find a way to shoot it up inside my pussy. Mmmm this will surely do the trick. Are you fucking kidding me? Days have gone by and still nothing. I need to go straight to the source. I break down to Luke, tell him all about the pact and how the other girls are already preggers. I tell him we need to fuck but he’s not going for it. I reach into his drawer and pull out a fresh clean jar and tell him to jerk off into the jar. I need that precious seed from my brother so bad. I offer to pull out my tits so he has something nice to jerk off too. While encouraging him to cum he busts a good sized load in the jar, I quickly run off with my precious. A week has gone by and not a damn thing. I need to fuck my brother. I prance in his room a lil dolled up and let him know I mean business. I caught him in his boxers so after I took my pants off his boner was…well poking out lol. I offer him my pussy and make sure that he fills it up with plenty of sperm. After I lay there with my ass in the air letting his sperm drip deeper inside me. Months have passed and I call stacey to tell her the good news. I bet she’s going to be so jealous lol.

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Brother and Sister POV Fuck

Paolo and I are brother and sister and we are left alone during the weekend. We like teasing each other and playing with each other, but nothing too serious. Until I catch Paolo masturbating with one of my pictures, how could my brother be such a pig! But it really turns me on and I’ve always wanted to touch him so I grab his already rock hard cock and start sucking it and enjoying it. Then Paolo takes advantage of the situation and fucks me really hard and rough, discharging all his heat on me. Then I let him fuck my throat really hard and cum.

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Public Sex with my Bro Sailing the Mediterranean Sea

This video was shot in a Cruise through the Mediterranean Sea, we were enjoying the view and started kissing, which immediately made us super horny. I propose my Brother Paolo to record the moment and it end up in one amazing BJ and Sex video with a big facial in the end.

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You Will Cum Whether You Like It Or Not

You can only blame yourself for the position you’re in now. If only you’d pay a little more attention to me instead of your oh so pretty, perfect little wife. Maybe then I wouldn’t have to slip something into your drink at the party. It’s only because you ignored me that you’re completely immobile now. But isn’t it better this way? We’re finally alone together… just us… exactly how it should be. Without her.
It’s the only way I could ween you from her. To show you how good I can be… how good I can make you feel. Even if you have no choice this first time, it’ll only take once. I’ll make you want me the way I’ve always wanted you. And don’t think that just because you say you don’t like it that you’re somehow remaining faithful to her. I know how to prove you wrong… and it’s right between your legs.  You can’t resist… it feels good doesn’t it, when I grind against your cock like this. I know what you need, and it’s not that petite, barbie wife. You crave a real woman… A curvy, soft, full bodied female on top. My big, heavy breasts filling your hands… Here, let me help you. Ohhhh, see?? A cock doesn’t lie.
We better tend to that before someone walks in. Someone like your wife. You’ll just have to trust me, I know what you need… and it’s my mouth swallowing your cock. When you look at my red lips all you can think about is burying yourself between them and blowing your thick, sticky load into my throat. Say it out loud. You want to cum in my mouth… and that you’ve always wanted to. Say it! Otherwise I may just tell your dear, little wifey what happened here today…

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Spiritual Siblings

Raquel is getting older, and her sister Camille has decided that it is time to enlighten her on a spiritual exchange that takes place between her and their brother Russell. Lighting an incense and covering herself in their ancestral cloak, Camille tells Raquel that the siblings are now ready to let her in on their “bond,” but that first the two sisters must intertwine in a physical spell. Placing her lips onto her sisters’, an energy begins to flow between Camille & Raquel, an energy that takes over their bodies and the desire for lust and sensation then begins pouring through them. Camille dives in and tastes her sister’s tight pussy, and Raquel returns the favor after the eldest shows her a thing or two. Just when the younger sister feels spent, Camille grabs hold of her hips and the two sisters mesh together in a gripping 69 which sends them both into a breathless climax. The more they cum, the deeper the bond grows between them, and the further the spell takes them down into the incestual rabbit hole. We wonder what Russell will have to say about the exchange when Camille returns back to him with the news of the start to Raquel’s journey into the family secrets and witchcraft
When Camille returns to her brother’s presence after the spell binding exchange with her sister Raquel, he is awaiting her arrival on the family sofa so that they may both venture into their own, spiritual bond. However being older and a bit more advanced in the ways of the family, Russell senses something has changed within his sister. When Russell questions Camille, she lies and claims that she has done nothing wrong; standing by these words. Russell however doesn’t buy it and uses his craft to place a hold upon his sister in order to make her confess her actions. The younger witch is unable to stand by her lies, and informs her brother of the spell she casted on Raquel; who’s quite displeased by her words. They were to wait for their sister to join them, and now that a new energy was brought into their circle; they would now have to strengthen this bond with something new. Before the two are to be entangled in the incestual union, Camille must get down on her hands and knees and venture down south to her brothers rose bud, before taking his hard cock into her mouth. Once the spell has been cast, the two then conjoin into the spiritual sibling fuck-fest they’ve come to know and love, Camille riding her brother’s cock, and Russell pounding into his sister from front and behind, gripping his hands at her throat to free more energy from her. With the conclusion of this tale, one thing is for certain where ever magic dwells, so does .

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Brother Puts Lotion On Sister And Makes Her Cum

My sister has a big date tonight but her skin is really dry. She jumps out of the shower and starts putting on her lotion. I want to help! She says it is okay!!! I can’t wait to touch her all over her body. She likes it when I massage her back and soak the lotion into her dry skin. She is going to let me rub her ass!!! OMG, it’s so fucking hot. I get to her inner thighs and her pussy is soaking wet! I can’t help it! I put my fingers deep inside her tight pussy. She likes it!! I start jerking my cock and I just can’t take it anymore! I have to put it inside of her! SHE LETS ME DO IT!!! OMG!!! Her pussy is SO fucking tight! I LOVE MAKING HER CUM! She is going to suck my cock and taste her sweet pussy…MMMMMMMM, I need to do this again! I pound that gorgeous cunt until I squirt my hot load inside of her!!! FUCK!! YES!!!!

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Brother don’t tell our Daddy

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