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Fuck Your Brother Before He Leaves

Roxanne’s Dad and brother come into her room. Her Dad tells her that she needs to let her brother practice sex with her before he leaves for college.

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First Time Sister Blowjob

Late one night my sister brings me into her room. She lays me down and rubs my PJ pants. She tells me to keep quiet, Mom and Dad are sleeping. Her robe comes off exposing her huge boobs and she smiles as pulls out my pecker.
She asks if I was okay and then began to suck. Licking and kissing all with a smile on her face. She rubs my head with her thumb and I explode in her hand. What my sister does not know is, I wanted this more than her!

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Wrestling My Sister

Scene One: Crazy wrestling sister
“Can you do that somewhere else?” he asks his sister Cadence when she sets up her yoga mat right in front of the TV. “Come on show me some of those wrestling moves of yours” Cadence asks him, bouncing on his lap. He pushes her off and she giggles, wrapping her legs around his head. “Is that all you have?”
The more she taunts him the angrier he gets. “What is that? Do you have a boner from that?” She thinks its hot that he has a boner from his sister. Grabbing his cock she takes off her cloths asking if it turns him on. “Are you sure you don’t want to show me any of those wrestling moves?” she teases him.
He puts her in a headlock and squeezes until she begs him to let go. Turned on she strips him naked and lets him throw her to the couch. He fucks her from behind making her squeal with pleasure.

Scene Two: Crazy sister fucked up
“Get off of me” She yells pushing him off her and choking him with her legs. He begs her to stop but she loves being crazy and in control. “What’s wrong, having trouble breathing?” She asks jerking his cock while she chokes him. He gets on top of her and fucks her again as she giggles in crazy pleasure. Until she holds his arm and keeps him from her sweet pussy. Pinning him to the couch she jerks his cock and brings him to the edge of unconsciousness, getting off on the power and control. She leaves him fucked up and blue balled on the couch.

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Ooh Brother…

Whoa you scared me walking in like that, were you watching me in the shower? Thats funny your hard cock tells a different story bro. You want me to suck it don’t you? Well we don’t spend enough bonding time together anymore so I’ll make this really special. Mmm I just love running my lips across your shaft and making you twitch. Your cock goes al the way to the back of my throat and fills my mouth so well. You’re so hard it’s time for you to cum all over your sisters pretty face. Ooh brother, we need to spend more time together, come to my room later!!

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Sister Slave

Call me an ass, but there is nothing better than having something over someone. And it’s even better when that someone is your sister….and you know she has to do everything and anything that you tell her to do! Just recently I caught my sis lying to our Mom and Dad. She told them she was going to sleep over at her girlfriend’s house, but really she was sleeping over at her boyfriend Brad’s house….which our parents would NEVER approve of.
I overheard her phone conversation with Brad earlier that day, so I knew this was the perfect opportunity for me to fuck her….I mean….with her lol. So that night I recorded on my phone, her going into Brad’s house….and was even able to peek through a window to catch her being a little slut with him. Unfortunately before she got too naked, they moved to a different room. But I got enough on tape to get what I wanted out of her. Of course my 1st course of action was to have her do all of my chores. Things that I hated to do like wash and fold my laundry, vacuum the house, wash the floors, and empty the dishwasher….etc. But to be honest, as much as it was fun to make someone else do my work….I was getting kind of bored. I wanted to get something more out of the blackmail that I had over her. I wanted something more exciting. To be honest….I wanted what Brad got that night.
Watch as I forced my sis to do things. Things you could tell she didn’t want to do, but knew she had to in order to stay out of trouble. Things like strip out of her clothes, let me touch her in places a brother shouldn’t touch a sister….and I also made her spread her ass cheeks wide apart, so I could see her exposed holes. Then I had her crawl on her hands and knees over to me, and told her to suck and fuck my cock like how she sucked and fucked Brad’s dick.
I’ll give my sis credit, she did everything that I ordered her to do….just like a good little slave is supposed to do!

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Desperate Sister Gets Blackmail

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Older sister with the cover eyes waiting to get fuck

And once again….you had fight with your parents …they never understand the young guy like you! But you already know where you can find someone who will! Your older sister is not living far away and you are always very welcomed in her house! Yeah…you will stay there for a couple of days….just to make the atmosphere home calm down…….But this time you miscalculate the situation!!! You didn’t calculate that your sister’s boyfriend will be present and they will completely fuck up their morning sex paly! When your sister open the door, she is not really happy to see you this time…but of course, she makes you stay. Now your sister and her boyfriend have to chatting with you…instead….!!! When your sister leave and getting back to her room, her boyfriend get the call from work and he has to leave immediately! He asks you a favor…to tell to your sister that he has to go urgently to the work. You get to the bedroom door, you open and see your sister laying on the bed with her eyes covered……at the moment you was hesitated…..but you didn’t!!! You take your chance! Your sister is so sexy and you get so hard in the moment!!! She would never let that happen…..but now when she things you are her boyfriend……you can do practically what ever you want to!!! What you were always fantasies of!!! You can put your hard dick into your sister mouth and make her blow you like a slut should do!!! You can feel how wet her pussy is getting feeling your cock!!! It is so exited…..for the very first time you will fucking your own sister and she does not have any idea!!! She just goading with your cock….you make your sister scream by pleasure!!! And she wants more and more…..in this moment you don’t even thing what the end will be….when she uncovered her eyes and realize she just get best fuck by her own baby brother!!!! You just enjoying that pussy and then, your first cumshot with your sister!!!

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Brother and StepSister Fucking In The Jacuzzi

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How I Fucked My Brother

Dear Diary

A few years back my gold digging mom married this rich guy and adopted his son. Mom did good at getting some of his money but not the entire fortune and for some reason I was never put in the will. Recently he wound up in the hospital and when his rich prick of a son found out he rubbed his fortune in my face. It upset me so bad I devised a plan to get the entire fortune for myself and it worked out great.

That night my step-brother did a bit too much celebrating so I snuck in his room and tied him to the bed. When he realized what was going on he tried to protest so I gagged him with a pair of my pantyhose and told him what was coming. I pulled down his pants and sucked his cock for a bit then climbed on top and started riding it. The taboo of screwing my step-brother turned me on immensely and made me cum several times. My step-brother tried to resist giving me what I wanted, his hot load in my pussy, but the loser couldn’t hold out long enough.After he shot his load in me I blackmailed him into silence with threats of calling the cops, stupid bastard believed me too.

Dear Diary

The next night I crept into my brothers room and tied him down again. I taunted him for being such a loser and teased him with my big tits. This time when I pulled down his shorts he was already kind of hard so the taboo must have turned him on too. I sucked his cock til it was rock hard then slid it in my dripping wet pussy. I rode his cock slowly and teased him even more so he would give me another massive load. I turned around and rode his cock hard so he could watch my hot ass bouncing and soon he blew another load in my pussy.

Dear Diary

Today was my most fertile day so I have a really good feeling about my plan. This time after I tied my brother down he seemed to be really enjoying the thought of his sister because he was rock hard. I couldn’t help myself and had to suck his cock which really got me going. Within minutes I had to get his cock in my wet pussy. His cock felt much harder than it ever had before and soon he was blowing another huge load in my pussy. He came soo much it even leaked back out a bit. I’m sure tonight did the trick.

Dear Diary

My plan worked perfectly it seems since I’m 7 months pregnant and with a DNA test I was able to take my brother for every penny his dad left him. Who’s laughing now loser?

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Army Sister

Scene One: Long deployment
Daisy has had her pick of men while in the army, but coming home for leave she’s horny and out of options. Maybe teasing her brother would make her feel better? She accidentally grinds against him and smiles at what she’s doing to him. “Do you know I wrestled when in the army? I could show you some cool moves” Daisy says convincing her brother to wrestle her. “Scared of a little girl? Scared I might hurt you?” She asks. He tells her that he’s too strong and that he’ll hurt her. They get to the mat and Daisy schools him on how strong position and holds are over pure power.

Scene Two: Sister brings the pain!
He can’t believe his cute little sister is destroying him. She holds him tight and forces his face into her crotch. It feels so good controlling him and holding him tight. He rarely gets the upper hand on her. She puts him in a headlock and drains away all his strength. “You just got lucky, let’s go again!” he demands. Turned on having a strong man in her control, Daisy reaches down and starts jerking him. They both moan in frustration and pleasure, stripping each other naked.

Scene Three: Are you going to use that?
They keep wrestling, their hot naked bodies grinding against each other. He puts his sister on all fours and fucks her from behind, unable to stop himself. They both know this is wrong but they fuck harder. They wrestle and fuck for dominance. Using each other to get themselves off. They fuck each other hard, back and forth, Daisy on top and bottom until he shoots a big load all over her chest. Satisfied and exhausted they think about what they’ve just done.

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