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My Mom Would Never Expect This!

Danny hasn’t been super excited about his Mom getting married. Now he has to deal with his new stepsister Lovita moving in. She has a different perspective on their new living situation, and it involves a whole lot of fucking and sucking. In fact, Lovita can’t contain herself and her #1 priority is to suck down on Danny’s dong, even if his Mom is in the next room. Danny decides to give Lovita a covert deep dicking – he’s sure they can have a little fun if they just keep quiet!

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The Claiming of Her Stepbrother

Carmen’s been having insane fantasies ever since her stepbrother, Damon moved in. However, unable to act upon her desires, she takes to the internet and writes down her most deviant thoughts in a blog called TheDirtyStepsister.com. The blog becomes Carmen’s online diary which she assumes is only for her eyes, until she starts receiving emails from other stepsisters that share similar fantasies and before long – they’re encouraging Carmen to pursue what she wants most – her stepbrother.

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Ultimate Sibling Seduction

Carmen’s been having insane fantasies ever since her stepbrother, Damon moved in. However, unable to act upon her desires, she takes to the internet and writes down her most deviant thoughts in a blog called TheDirtyStepsister.com. The blog becomes Carmen’s online diary which she assumes is only for her eyes, until she starts receiving emails from other stepsisters that share similar fantasies and before long – they’re encouraging Carmen to pursue what she wants most – her stepbrother.

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Brother/Sister Bad Stretch

Alex can’t take it any longer. His little sister Jenny has been doing yoga in the living room after she gets home from school everyday for the past month. She always wears really slutty booty shorts that show of her huge tight ass. Alex has become convinced that she wants him to watch… After weeks of silently watching her from his room, Alex finally decides to ask his little sister if he can join her….

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Lonely Brother and Sister homemade fucking

It’s New Year’s Eve again. Great. I’m all alone. My sister comes into my room and tells me that she and her boyfriend broke up? We are both feeling like losers! I suggest a little kiss at midnight to break the bad luck curse. She says OKAY??? I kiss her. One thing leads to another, and now she wants to fuck!!!! OMFG, she is so tiny and perfect. Her pussy is a dream! I can’t believe I get to pound her hard on her tummy. I am going to cum all over her beautiful face!!! YES, FAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I LOVE MY FUCKING SISTER!!!

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Fucking sister and cousin

I love going on our yearly family vacation to the beach! And when I found out my cousin Dakota was coming too, I was even more excited. I’ve had a crush on her for years. On the second day Dakota and I stayed behind in the hotel while the rest of our family went to the beach. Finally I got a chance to hang out with my cousin alone. She got in the shower and I couldn’t resist watching her and quietly jerking off by the bathroom door. She caught me when she was drying off, but she was only freaked out for a second. I told her nobody would be back for a couple hours and we could keep it a secret. I couldn’t believe it, but it worked!! My little cousin started sucking my dick! I needed more, so I bent her over and fucked her in the shower. It was going great until my sister Cherry came barging in. My sister and cousin both started yelling at each other and asking me what was going on. Looks like I really fucked up this time….My Sister Cherry ended up getting more upset with our cousin Dakota than she was with me. She kicked her out of the bathroom and asked me what we would do if she told the rest of our family. I’ve been sleeping with my sister a while and she’s paranoid that everyone will find out. I reassured her that everything would be ok and that her big brother would make it better. I told my little sister that Dakota made me fuck her and that it wouldn’t happen again and that sucking my cock would make her feel better. And thankfully, it worked!! Then I sat her on top of the toilet and fucked her little box. I turned her around and started slamming her pussy– MY SISTER’S ASS IS SO BIG!! I almost came inside her, but at the last second she told me to pull out and cum all over her little asshole. MY SISTER IS SUCH A DIRTY SLUT!!! I love her so much– I think I’ll really try to not cheat on her again….

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Big Sister’s Girlfriend Experience

My date last Saturday night didn’t go as well as I had planned… He wouldn’t even put his hand on my lap in the movie theater. It was really weird, maybe he was gay. I don’t know what was wrong with him but I never have any problems with boys. Basically everybody at school wants to date me, or at least fuck me… After that loser dropped me off at home I was bored and decided to see what my lame little brother was doing. He was being even more pathetic than usual. I made fun of him for awhile, but then I actually started feeling sorry for him. All alone on a Saturday night.
And I knew he was lying when I started asking him why he never went out with any girls. My little brother is kind of cute in a nerdy way and I wanted him to feel better… I was only going to let him touch my boobs a little, I just wanted my brother know what having a girlfriend was like… I didn’t mean for things to get so carried away, but I’m not worried, I know my little brother can keep a secret….

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Irresponsible Little Sister Needs Brother Cum

My hot little sister is an irresponsible cunt! She overdrew her bank account AGAIN! I tell her to ask one of her boyfriends she keeps around all the time but she says they are pieces of and have no money! She knows I get paid tomorrow. WTF???? I tell her if she wants to get paid she is gonna have to WORK for it. I make her strip for me. She isn’t happy! I make her touch her tits and I feel her tight little pussy with my fingers. She gets SO wet! I knew she liked it. She jerks my cock and sucks it until I can’t take anymore. I am going to fuck my sister from behind and shoot a HUGE load all over her tight little pink butthole!!! I LOVE MY SISTER! She was worth every penny!!! FUCK YEAH!!!!

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Brother please don’t tell Boyfriend

I fuck my bimbo sister promising i want tell boyfriend

My sister Cherry is such a bimbo sometimes. The other I day I watched her take selfies on the sofa for about 5 minutes. I walked in the living room and sat down next to my sister and told her she should let me help. I started taking pictures of my sister and then I told her we should take some naked ones. Our parents would be at the store for a few hours so I figured why not see if she’d do it. I saw cherry getting out of the shower last week and I couldn’t stop thinking about how hot she is.
My sister reluctantly agreed but she made me promise not to tell boyfriend about it. Before I knew it MY SISTER WAS NAKED AND SUCKING MY COCK. I couldn’t believe this was happening, but I didn’t want to stop at just a blow job. I told her to bend over and I slid my cock into her tight snatch. FUCK!! MY SISTER’S PUSSY FELT SO GOOD! I kept slamming Cherry’s pussy as hard as I could! I WANTED TO CUM INSIDE MY SISTER’S PUSSY SO BAD! But I knew Dad would me if I knocked up my sister. Then Cherry rode my cock and came twice! WHAT A SLUT! Finally I blew my load all over my little sister’s face. Don’t worry sis, I won’t tell boyfriend or anyone else, this can be our little secret.

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Sister Needs More Cum Tonight

Sister went out on a date with some older guy who was hardly able to bust a load for her. Still horny, she decides to milk her Brother’s cock dry and get her DDD breasts coated in young hot cum.

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