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Deflower Your Little Brother!

Josh is at that awkward age for boys. He is masturbating constantly….and totally obsessed with sex and girls. Josh, however….is still a Virgin. Dad has had enough of Josh spending too much time in the shower….and in his bedroom….so Dad takes measures to solve the problem. Dad takes Josh into his big Sister’s bedroom….and Dad asks Ariel for an “odd” favour. Dad asks Big Sister Ariel if she will Deflower her little Brother!!! Ariel is grossed out at first…but Dad offers to increase her allowance….and get her a new iPhone…so Ariel agrees to take her Brother’s Virginity. After asking Dad to leave, Ariel tells Josh to take his pants off, and she starts to suck his cock. “How does it feel to have your cock inside a girl’s mouth?…even if it’s your Sister” she asks him. When Josh seems ready…big Sister Ariel mounts him and inserts his cock into her Cunt…..forever taking the little booger-head’s virginity!! Ariel rides his erect penis….then lets him have a turn on top of her….before he pulls out and sprays her with his semen. The little bugger then has the audacity to ask her “now that I know how to do it….do you have any friends that will let me do it to them?”.

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Big Sister Blackmailed

Ariel has been told over and over again by her Father NOT to have this bad boy, Jack come to the house. In fact….last time Dad caught Jack in the house with Ariel….not only did Dad kick Jack out….Dad Fucked Ariel to punish her for having that boy in the house!!! You would think that Ariel would have learned her lesson after that ordeal….but apparently not!!! With Dad away for the weekend on a fishing trip…..Ariel figured it was safe to have Jack back to the house, and have sex with him. After all….Dad was far away for the whole weekend…..what could go wrong??? As Ariel and Jack start to make out on the living room sofa…..annoying baby Brother Josh catches them!!! Josh threatens to call Dad if Jack doesn’t leave right away….and makes a big scene. Jack figures the jig is up…and he grabs his coat and takes off. Josh isn’t done yet, however. Josh tells Ariel that he will tell on her…..if she doesn’t let HIM have a go at her!!!! Ariel is repulsed by her Booger-Head Baby Brother….and the thought of him climbing all over her…and sticking his weenie inside her makes her sick….but she knows that if Dad gets wind of her bringing Jack back, after being told not to……she will be in really big trouble….so she gives in to the little goofball’s Blackmail…and allows him to Violate her!!! Baby Brother Josh really goes to town on his sexy older Sister, and gives her a good hard Fucking. After Fucking her….Josh requests that Ariel Beat him Off….and Ariel jerks her little Brother’s cock until he explodes!!! Little Brothers can be so annoying…..

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Banging My Brother

Sean likes the think of himself as a ladies man and a player. What he doesn’t know is his girlfriend Amber found out he cheated on her while she was out of town. Instead of just breaking up with him she wanted to teach him a lesson…Amber told Sean she had a special surprise for him when she came over last night. She helps him of with his clothes, tells him to get on the bed and ties him down. When she’s sure he can’t move, she slaps him on the chest and yells “YOU ASSHOLE, Did you think I wouldn’t find out you cheated on me?” She tells him she hopes his mom and step sister find him as she storms out of his room.
A couple hours later Sean hears the front door open. “Mom?” he calls. His step-sister Raven erupts in laughter when she walks in his room. “OMG Sean what douchebag thing did you do this time” she asked snickering. He tells her about Amber finding out he fucked her bf and that she tied him up and left. “Can you give me a hand please” he begged. Raven looked at her naked step-brother and grabbed his dick. “Like this?” she asked as she started to suck it. “Fuck me or I’ll tell mom and dad about this” she threatens as she climbs on his hard cock. Raven has watched him screw over girls and now she’s going to take advantage of him. “You like my tight high school pussy?” she asked as she grinded on his dick. Raven untied him so he could pound her twat from behind. Sean was totally into banging his 18yr old sibling now and pulled her pony tail as he thrust deep in her tiny hole. Now completely untied he flips Raven over and slams her with his college cock. Sean grabs her arms and bangs her shaved young pussy as hard as he can. She warns him not to cum inside her. He doesn’t and pulls out in time to cum all over her mouth and face. “See you ARE a douchebag” she complained.

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Payback For Sister With Creampie!

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18yr old Sister Catherine – CAUGHT IN THE ACT!!


Catherine is strapped for cash. She is supposed to meet her girlfriends…..but she doesn’t even have bus fare!!! Knowing that her Brother keeps spare change in his room….and he is not home (so she thinks)….Catherine goes into her Brother’s room to find some change. What she finds when she goes into his room will change her forever!!! She walks in on her Brother Masturbating!! He is Caught In The Act!!! It is very awkward for both of them….maybe even more awkward for Catherine…..”I can’t believe I saw My Brother’s cock….”. Seeing that she has her Brother, Anthony in a “compromising position”….and since she is flat broke….she makes an unusual offer to Anthony….”If you want….I’ll finish that for you….if you give me $20″. Anthony thinks about it for a second….”Well….I guess a girl’s hand is better than using my own….even if it’s My Sister….”. Catherine begins to Masturbate her Brother….and the horny little Booger-Head has the nerve to ask her to suck it too. Enterprising Catherine agrees…for $50!!! As she is Sucking her Brother’s cock….Catherine decides to “up the stakes”…..”If you give me $100….I’ll let you Fuck me”. Horny Brother Anthony agrees…even though it is costing him 4 weeks allowance…..and the two Siblings start to Fuck each other. As Anthony is getting close to cumming….he begs his Sister to cum in her mouth…..Catherine offers her mouth….for yet another $50….bringing the total to $150…..and to her disgust….Anthony unloads a Huge Load into her mouth!!! Catherine spits it out and calls him an asshole.

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Brothers and Sisters

Scene One: Sister Surprise
Your wife Cory has a special kinky surprise for you and you’ve been waiting for it all day. Dressed in sexy lingerie she walks in with your sister dressed in a matching slutty outfit. What the hell is going on! The girls are all smiles as they tell you how they fantasied about tag teaming you. They’re all about making you so horny that you can’t help but fuck your sister. You watch as they kiss and pull down their tops, moaning softly. Your wife is so kinky. your sister tells you licking her pussy. Their tongues are all over each other and with every inch of your being you try not to get turned on.

Scene Two: Controlled by sister
Are you ready your wife asks. They pull down your pants and worship your cock. Two beautiful girls doing something so wrong. You’re paralyzed as they suck you off. Why don’t you sit on his hard cock Cory tells her. Your sister looks you in the eyes as she slides you inside her tight wet pussy. Oh my god She moans. Her big titties bouncing in your face Cristi turns around and lets you fuck her from behind. You’ve fantasized about this and now you’re fucking your sister with her head buried in your wife’s pussy. Both girls are desperately sucking, moaning and becoming more turned on. I want to see my brother cum Cristi screams as she cums with high pitched squeals of pleasure. She opens her mouth wide and your wife encourages you to cum in your sisters mouth. They kiss, sharing your load and giving you the best surprise ever.

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Big Sister Fixes Brother’s “Virgin Problem”

Dixie CometHey Bro, why weren’t you in school today?Mom said you stayed home sick but I don’t think that was really the problem. I heard some of the older students talking and I know that a bunch of them were making fun of you for still being a virgin. They’re assholes and you shouldn’t even let them bother you… but on the other hand, maybe I should just help you take care of your problem so they can’t make fun of you anymore? I’m sure you’ve heard I’ve got kind of a slutty reputation around school, I’ve touched a lot of dicks already, why shouldn’t I touch yours? Have you ever had a girl touch your cock before? I can tell by the tent you’re pitching that the idea is turning you on, I’m going to just pull out your cock. Wow Bro, you’ve got a nice cock, I’m going to just put it in my mouth a little bit to see if you like that. But you know, none of this really counts, you’ll have to put it in my pussy if you really want to not be a virgin anymore. We have to be quiet though, I told mom we were playing video games to cheer you up.

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Sharing bad with sister end with creamepie

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Blackmailed Sister Into Submission

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Make Me Cum, Bro!

Not much description needed here! This is a very sexual (and taboo!) clip featuring the continued adventures of Miss Lydia and her perverted brother. Bro has already been blackmailed into being her slave, and despite all his best efforts, all Lydia can do is think about her boyfriend’s big black dick. But she is going to have to pleasure herself by proxy, and who can help best but brother dearest! She makes him strap a large dildo to his head, then orders him to pleasure her. Long, deep strokes just like the BF would deliver. Bro turns out to be quite adept at this humiliating task, and Lydia rapidly works towards an orgasm. She ends up cumming while riding him on top. Naturally, the second she has her much-awaited release, she kicks bro out and gives him some sissy task to perform instead.

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