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Making my big puffy ass sister my slut!

Sister’s Slut Training – Phase One: I have this plan, I just NEED to fuck my sister. But I know once won’t be enough. I need to train her to be my slut. Get her to just give it up willingly all the time. I watch her, walking around the house in tight skimpy clothes. I follow her up when shed goes to take a nap. Now is my chance… I touch her and make her wet and horny, she thinks it is a dream. I really take my time getting her turned on, and once I get her really warmed up It isn’t hard to make her horny pussy cum. She is having the best wet dream ever. Once she is ready I fuck her soaked little hole and cum all over her. Let her figure out what happened.
Jodi Taylor – Sister’s Slut Training Phase Two: So my sister, the “college girl” is totally failing her classes. I watch her for a while, savoring what I am going to do. I confront her and she tries to deny things, tries being bossy, but I tell her what I want, she acts like it is crazy, but I can tell some part of her really is getting turned on. She plays it off but soon she is moaning and cumming on my dick, looking up at me as the best fuck of her life.
Jodi Taylor – Sister’s Slut Training Phase Three: Now I know my sister has been thinking about my cock. She has been playing with herself so Much more since the the last time I fucked her. I watch and record her in the shower, she is such a horny slut now! I let her cum once before busting her. She is not nearly embarrassed enough, sure she gives in so much easier than last time. Now her pussy is desperate for a hard fuck, she is now totally my slut.

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Making My Geeky Sister Need My Cock

My sister Mandy is such a geeky girl. I try to get her to dress better and act cooler, but she is just a geek. Mom and dad are away so I get into dad’s cabinet and decide to let my sister have her first sip. It turns out there is a little bit of slut in her waiting to get out…
Mandy Muse – Sister’s Self Esteem – My sister catches me watching her drying off after the shower. She is mad and weirded out at first, but I start complimenting her, and she craves it so much that she lets me have a good look, and then a good bit of everything I want.
Mandy Muse – Sister Wakes Up and Catches Me – I haven’t fucked my sister is weeks. I can’t get her thick round ass out of my head. She catches me jerking off to her ass and gets mad, I had promised I would stop, but I know she misses my dick. I make her feel bad, make her watch me jerk off until I know she is wet then I make her admit what she wants.

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Mom decides it was time for her baby to learn the joys of Anal sex! She was having sex with her Brother and her Dad for the past few weeks but Mom explains there is another way to please them! Mommy does it all the time with daddy and it is amazing! She looked scared but when her Brother Alex heard what Mom wanted to teach her, he was stoked!If he was excited then she felt like she should at least see what it’s all about. Mom told her to start sucking her Brothers cock. Get him nice and hard. Mom told her that they both had to be very aroused in order for this to be pleasurable. They take turns deep throating his cock! Then Mom instructed them to lick Mommy’s asshole. She wants it nice and wet so her brother could slid his cock in easily. Both of them take turns licking her ass. They kiss and taste Mommy’s sweet hole on their lips! She tells them she wants to watch them have sex now. As her baby is getting fucked, she lowers her butt on top of her face and tells her to lick her ass some more! Her daughter laps away greedily at her Mothers butthole! Both Mother and Daughter cum at the same time! Now it was time for her Son to fuck his Mothers ass! He rams her asshole hard and fast! Mom tells him to take it out and make his sister taste it! She sucks all of Mommy’s ass juice off her Brother cock! Mom asks her how she likes it? Her little baby said she loves it and wants more. He was in heaven, fucking his Mothers tight ass and having his Sister sucking off her Mom’s juices from his cock! Mom starts to cum and tells her Son that she want him to cum deep in her ass! He shoots his load inside her as they both orgasm. She squeezes his cum out from her butt and tells her Daughter to lick it up and share it with her Mommy! They kiss and swap his cum back and forth. She told her Mommy that she can not wait to have her Brother fuck her virgin ass next!

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Little Sister’s Pearl Necklace

Alexandra is sad, she has been dumped by her boyfriend for another girl.
She sits on the couch sulking, when her brother David comes in and tries to cheer her up, he tells her that her ex is a fool and that she’s the prettiest girl in the world and he is missing out.
Alexandra is thankful, but she is still bummed, David asks what her and her boyfriend were going to do, and she tells him they would have gone to a movie, David knows just how to cheer her up, he tells her taking girls to movies is what boys do, men spend time with their girl at home doing other things, if she’d like to see.
Alexandra is intrigued and says yes, David slides his hand up her leg, which shocks his sister, but she lets him. He gets down between her legs and starts to lick her pussy, making her writhe and squeal in pleasure.
She stands up and takes her clothes off, then they start kissing, then David lays her down on the couch and fucks her from behind, speeding up making her moan and beg for more.
He flips her over and pounds her some more until he is ready to cum and blows his load all over chest

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Mom Won’t Find Out HD

A few weeks ago my older brother moved back home. I never really knew him, he left for college when I was little. I know he’s my brother but I couldn’t stop thinking about how hot he is, I’d watch him while he worked out in the garage and when he’d mow the lawn, I couldn’t get him out of my head. And I always wanted to be with a hot older guy. One night he came home really late after hanging out with his old college buddies, I went in his room and got naked, he couldn’t resist me even though he said we should stop. Afterwards he told me we couldn’t do it again, that we’d get caught, that Mom would find out and throw him out. I left him alone until last weekend… I came home early from school and and we fucked in kitchen… until we heard Mom’s car pull up in the driveway. My brother was so freaked out… I didn’t care, Saturday I caught him while he was in the bathroom while Mom was waiting for me to finish getting ready so we could go to the beach… And then Sunday I snuck into his room while he was taking a nap… Everything’s fine though. We didn’t get caught. Mom doesn’t suspect a thing. I know I’m bad, but I can’t stop… And my brother can’t say no….

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Catching your slutty Step sister in the shower

You accidentally walk in on your sister while she is masturbating in the shower, all lathered up with soap, she catches you… You are walking away but she wants you to come back and she yells for you to come back.. Deep down you have always wanted to fuck her so you walk back in hoping that she will let you pound that pussy… That is exactly what she wants, she tells you that she has had her eye on you for a long time and that now you have seen her naked, you may as will stick you cock in her tight pussy.. she bends over and spreads her pussy lips and gives you a good look.. you tell that this you will nail her one one condition.. That she doesn’t tell anyone and that she crawls out into the bedroom to see what you have for her.. She crawls out into the bedroom and on the bed, you then clamp both of her nipples with nipple clamps – nice and tight. You make her hang her head off the side of the bed and shove your cock down her throat…. switching from fucking her pretty little face to letting her suck your cock and balls.. You spin her around and put your cock in her and fuck her had all over the bed, from behind, on top of her, She moans wildly, she never knew her brother was such a dirty pervert. She rides your cock hard until you tell her to get on her knees and you blow a massive load all over her face and tits!

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Mother Collects Sperm Sample

Kelsie is very careful to not get pregnant. She always makes Anthony use a condom when they have sex. One afternoon he was fucking her particularly hard and the condom broke while he was inside her. He did not realize until it was too late. Kelsie quickly squatted and tried to squeeze all the sperm out of her pussy. She hoped everything would work out. Unfortunately it turned out that Anthony apparently had very potent sperm and she ended up pregnant. Once she found out she was pregnant Anthony would not have anything to do with her. He claimed the baby was not his. She tried to prove it to him by having him take a paternity test. He refused to give a sperm sample for the test. Months later when the baby’s birth was approaching she talked to her mother about what she would do. Rachel knew that the baby belonged to Anthony but she had to prove it in order to make him share in the responsibility. At first she thought that Kelsie could somehow sneak a sperm sample from him for a test but he would not even return her calls. She realized that she was going to have to take charge of the situation. She called Anthony on the phone and asked him to come over. She knew that Anthony was attracted to her. She had seen him looking at her. She concocted an excuse for why she called him over but then quickly admitted that she really just wanted to have sex with him. She led him into the bedroom and stripped off his clothes. She crawled between his legs and started sucking his long cock. Once he was good and hard she handed him a condom and took off her dress. She got on her hands and knees and had him take her from behind. Although she had ulterior motives she could not help but enjoy getting fucked by his long hard cock. She rolled on her back and he slid his cock back inside her. She put her legs as far back as she could and let him pound her pussy. It did not take long before he announced that he was ready to cum. She told him that she wanted him to cum in her mouth. He pulled his cock out of her pussy, took off the condom and slid his cock into her warm mouth. The first blast hit the back of her throat and then he pulled out and shot the rest of his load on her tongue. She pretended to swallow his cum and then excused herself. She went into the bathroom and spit the cum into a cup. She and Kelsie took the sperm to a lab the next day. A month later Anthony receives a letter from the State informing him that he had been named the father of Kelsie’s newborn baby.

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Blackmailed step-sister get fucked!

Kimber’s step-brother catches her fucking her boyfriend in their parents house. The slutty 19 year old will do anything to keep him from telling their parents!

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Brother Puts Lotion On Sister And Makes Her Cum

My sister has a big date tonight but her skin is really dry. She jumps out of the shower and starts putting on her lotion. I want to help! She says it is okay!!! I can’t wait to touch her all over her body. She likes it when I massage her back and soak the lotion into her dry skin. She is going to let me rub her ass!!! OMG, it’s so fucking hot. I get to her inner thighs and her pussy is soaking wet! I can’t help it! I put my fingers deep inside her tight pussy. She likes it!! I start jerking my cock and I just can’t take it anymore! I have to put it inside of her! SHE LETS ME DO IT!!! OMG!!! Her pussy is SO fucking tight! I LOVE MAKING HER CUM! She is going to suck my cock and taste her sweet pussy…MMMMMMMM, I need to do this again! I pound that gorgeous cunt until I squirt my hot load inside of her!!! FUCK!! YES!!!!

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My Sister Is Wet And Horny

Kasey won a bet with her step-bro Romeo so she made him stretch out her tight juicy little cunt!

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