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Sister’s Deception

Catherine left her mother’s house to go live with her father after the divorce. Shawn stayed with his mother Rachel. Catherine had lots of problems; alcohol, drugs, and sex. Her father finally told her to get out. Rachel had no idea and thought Catherine had her own place and was responsible after years of destruction. Catherine called her mother and asked to come home. Rachel being a good mom wanted her daughter back. Shawn was not happy; he was an honor roll student and remembered the trouble Catherine caused in the past. Rachel assured Shawn Catherine had changed for the better. Catherine was a con artist; she was good at convincing anyone into believing whatever she wanted them to. Catherine arrived dressed to impress. Rachel sat her down with Shawn and went over the house rules. Catherine smiled and agreed with everything mother had to say. Rachel felt confident all would be well and the family would be whole again. Rachel left to the market; Catherine whipped a cell phone out of her bra and began texting old boyfriends, and pulling up porn. Shawn was terribly embarrassed. Catherine opened her legs to show him her bare pussy. Shawn turned red. He put a pillow on his lap to cover his hard on popping up. Catherine verbally humiliated and teased him. Shawn finally left the room with the pillow in front of him. Catherine snuck a porn magazine in his room under his blanket. That evening Shawn retired, he found the magazine and began to touch himself picturing his sisters pussy spread open for him. He was disturbed by his thoughts of in sest. The next day Rachel had a talk with him, he tried to tell his mother that he did not trust Catherine but Rachel was convinced she was a good girl now. Catherine came out from her shower wrapped in a towel, Shawn was playing pool. Catherine let her towel drop, Shawn quickly turned his head away. Catherine did not pick up the towel; she had plans for her little brother. Catherine slammed him down and unzipped his pants. She began to lick his cock. Shawn protested thinking about how terribly wrong it was but why was he hard? Shawn moaned as she sucked on him. Rachel called out for dinner; they both ran out of the room. As the days went on Catherine continued to taunt and tease her brother every chance she got, Rachel still believed she was a good girl and following the rules. Shawn felt it had gone too far and could not face his mother. Catherine wanted her brother bad now. She loved the power that she had over him. She went to his room while Rachel was sleeping. She had control over him as he was too shy to defend himself against his sister’s sinful ways. She jerked down his pajamas and starting sucking his cock again. He knew it was wrong but it felt so good. She looked right into his eyes and she forced his cock all the way down her throat. She continued to suck him until he was rock hard. She climbed up on him. Her pussy was ready to be fucked, and she wanted it to be from his cock. She sat down on his cock with her legs spread wide so he could see the his cock was going in and out of his sister’s shaved pussy. Catherine had not been fucked for awhile. This buttoned up lifestyle that her mother was forcing on her was cramping her style. She was used to fucking every night. She rode his cock until she had an orgasm. She got on her hands and knees and told him to fuck her from behind. She climbed back on him the other way so he could watch her ass bounce up and down. She had another orgasm. She seduced him that night, sucking, fucking, until he exploded into her wide open mouth. She was surprised at the big load he shot. Catherine now controlled the house hold, with her brother as her sex toy; her mother would not be informed of her actions.

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My Sisters Fucked Me!!!

These Triplets know how to push each other’s buttons!!!! When Sister’s Ashley & Summer are on their way out to a Club to meet up with their boyfriends…….and Ashley’s car won’t start….they have no choice but to go to their Brother Lucas for help. The girls ask their Brother Lucas to borrow his car….but he turns them down….saying that he needs it. The girls, however, won’t take no for an answer….as they are desperate to get to the Club. The two Sisters offer to give their Brother a Handjob….in exchange for use of his car. Lucas turns his Sisters down….telling them “Why would I want to be Jerked-Off by my Sisters…..”> After consulting with each other…the girls decide to up the offer to a Blowjob…..but Lucas has the same response. The desperate Sisters huddle one more time to discuss strategy….and ultimately tell their Brother Lucas that if he will let them take his car….each Sister will Fuck him!!! NOW Lucas is interested!!!! The two Sisters reluctantly get naked….and proceed to let their Brother have his way with them!! The two Sisters suck their Brother’s cock to get it hard…and then Summer goes first….she straddles her Brother and rides up and down on his cock….while Ashley sits on her Brother’s face….while he eagerly licks her Pussy and asshole. After he has Fucked his Sister, Summer….Lucas begins to Fuck his Sister Ashley. Lucas Pounds Ashley VERY hard…..and as he Fucks Ashley….he tells his Sisters that the deal is not complete until he cums in somebody’s mouth!! The girls play a game of Rock/Paper/Scissors (while Ashley is being Pounded) to decide which Sister must take a mouthful of their Brother’s semen. Ashley loses….and grudgingly lets Lucas ejaculate in her mouth. The girls…..Fucked….and cummed on…are now free to go visit their boyfriends at the Club.

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Taboo Game Night With Brother and Sisters

The cable is out at the Sullivan household, and Triplets Ashley, Summer & Lucas are left with nothing to do. Lucas, however, has a VERY mischievous idea…..He invites his two Sisters to play a new Board Game he got at Costco. It’s called “Taboo”. Ashley & Summer agree to play the Game…but what they don’t know is….Lucas has replaced all the original Game Cards….with cards that support his own twisted agenda…to have sex with his two Sisters!!!! The Girls are very competitive….according to Ashley….” I NEVER lose at board Games……” so despite the fact that the Game seems….”Odd….” the girls keep playing because they want to win!! Summer goes first and the card she draws says “Lick the Pussy of the player to your left”. Both Sisters are stunned of course…and they question Lucas about the “weirdness” of the Game…but their desire to win is too strong….so Ashley pulls down her pants….and Summer goes down on her….while Lucas watches with a sly grin on his face!! After Ashley actually cums from her Sister’s tongue…she puts her pants back on…and it’s her turn to roll the dice. Ashley’s card says “Suck the cock of the player to your left…”. Lucas, of course is to Ashley’s left….and Ashley is faced with a predicament…..suck her Brother’s cock…or lose the Game. Her competitive streak is too strong…Ashley pulls down her Brother’s pants and begins to suck. To her horror, however….Lucas cums in her mouth without warning!!! Ashley is disgusted by the sticky surprise….but the Game continues!! Lucas rolls the dice…and right on cue….he gets the “Mega Fuckfest Card”…which he explains to his Sisters….”It means I have to Fuck everybody at the table…but I lose the Game”. The Sisters high five each other….HOORAY!!! Lucas loses!!! That means they win!! The girls remove their clothes and let their Brother Poke both of them….culminating with a Cumblast that soaks the tits of both Sisters!! The girls clean their sticky bodies….and leave. Lucas scrambles to put the proper cards back in the Game box before Mom gets home. With a big smile on his face……

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“I’m soooo Drunk, Little Brother – Massage my feet…”

Katie is coming home from the club in the middle of the night, and she stumbles into her brothers bedroom, and almost . She is tired, hungry, horny, and her feet are hurting from dancing all night! She tells her brother that she was dancing on the tables, and no one even bought her a drink!!!! Her brother tells her how pretty she is, and agrees to take her heels off and massage her tired feet. And then her legs. And then his hands go a little higher. Katie is still drunk and giggly, so she plays along for a little bit – trying to tell him that maybe he’s a little too high up on the legs…. All of a sudden, Katie feels something slipping in between her legs – pretty much exactly what she had been looking for at the club all night. A BIG COCK!!! Except this was her brothers cock! Oh, well….. a Cock is a Cock, right?

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Karinne and Peter Corrupt Their Mother

Karinne is still worked up after sucking her brother’s cock. Their mother’s early arrival home had kept her from her ultimate goal, a good fuck. She resumes her litany of complaints about how square their mother was. She suddenly decides that she is going to take charge of the household and make her mother loosen up. She tells her brother that she has an idea. She undresses him and then leads him by the hand into her mother’s bedroom. Rachel sleeps like a rock and never hears them enter the room. Karinne knows from her sneaking out that her mother will sleep through just about anything. After they enter Rachel’s bedroom, Karinne pulls down the covers. She is surprised to see that Rachel does not have any panties on under her nightgown and that her pussy is shaved bare. Karinne starts feeling her mother’s tits and teasing her brother. She rolls her onto her back and spreads her legs. She tells her brother to get down there to resist Karinne’s orders. Karinne pulls off Peter’s boxers while he is going down on his mother so that she can feel his cock. Rachel is moaning in her sleep under his ministrations. He slides two fingers into her pussy and she wakes up as he hits her G spot. Karinne holds her down so she cannot get away. Rachel is so horny that she can barely resist with her daughter sucking her tits and her son jamming his fingers deep inside her pussy while licking her clit. Karinne is completely in charge by this time. She shows her mother how she sucks her brother’s cock and then tells her mother to do the same. Rachel kneels in front of her son and starts sucking his cock while Karinne caresses her tits and her brother’s balls. Karinne is tired of just watching so she directs Peter to fuck Rachel from behind. Karinne lies on her back in front of her mother and makes her suck her pussy while she is getting fucked from behind. Karinne instructs Peter not to cum because she is going to jerk him off onto his mother’s face. Peter cannot believe what is happening. He finds himself kneeling in front of his nude sister and mother with his mother’s cock in her mouth. Karinne pulls his cock from his mother’s mouth and jerks him off all over Rachel’s face and in her mouth. With cum dripping off her face she tells her they are grounded.

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Brooklyn Chase – I Love My Sisters Big Tits

Our best shot at getting a peek at our step sister Brooklyn’s huge juicy tits came with a great massage from her. Those melons were pouring out of her shirt and our cock flew right of our pants and into her hot mouth. Pulling those pink panties to side gave us a direct line to fuck her hot pussy. We were in titty heaven and shot a full load and stayed hard giving us the chance to bend her over and pound her sweet as until we exploded once again all over those tits.


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My Brother is the Father

JC and her brother are home alone watching TV and fighting over the remote. Her brother gets the upper hand by tickling JC and next thing you know they are rolling around on the floor. He tickles her into submission then decides to really fuck with her and sticks his cock in her mouth. At first JC is appalled but the taboo desires shes had for years soon take over. JC begins sucking his cock harder and harder then invites him to continue their fun in her bedroom. He follows her to the room and has her lie on the bed so he can lick and nibble her wet pussy. The siblings are so turned on by now things get really hot as JC begs him to fuck her. Her Bro pounds her pussy missionary position for a bit then rolls her on her side for deeper penetration. JC cums hard a few times then begs him to fuck her harder Doggystyle. After JC has a few more orgasms he flips her on her back and blows a huge load in her pussy. JC freaks out when she realizes he came inside her since shes not on the pill. Several months later JC is in her room rubbing her swollen belly, shes due in 2 months, and her brother comes in wanting some attention. JC’s cravings have gotten a bit intense, especially for salty things, so she licks, sucks and strokes his cock til hes ready to cum. She opens her mouth and takes a huge load from him all over her lips and face.

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Kendra Cole Plays with Stepbrother’s Cock in Exchange for Taking the Wrap

Kendra Cole’s stepbrother came back from the store in a panic. Her stepbrother accidentally broke his dad’s cellphone. He’s in trouble for sure. Yet, there is a way out of the punishment: Kendra takes the fault. His dad is sweet on her…maybe a little too sweet. But that’s for another video. Kendra does consider taking the wrap, but she of course wants something in return. She wants to play with his cock. We love horny 18 year olds like her. Even though he’s in complete shock that his stepsister wants his dick, he gives in. We’re pretty sure he’s as horny. She slowly strips until fully naked, teasing him with a handjob until he’s hard enough for her mouth. The real fun begins when she replaces her jerking hands with her lips, tongue, and throat, giving him a toe crinkling deepthroat blowjob. She’s glad he’s big enough to make her gag. She wants to see him cum. Maybe she’ll even eat it all up. We’re thinking he’ll be getting into some more trouble.

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Big Sister Takedown

My big sister Molly was driving me crazy! A few months ago she got OBSESSED with fitness stuff. She was at the gym everyday, then she started training in MMA. And when she was home she was always picking on me for being lazy and lecturing me about how strong and healthy she was. But the worst part is she was always wearing really tight workout clothes. Tight yoga pants and little booty shorts and sports bras. My sister was dressing like a total slut, and I couldn’t help staring at her butt and huge tits. I knew it was wrong but it wasn’t my fault, my sister is to hot to dress like that all the time. Molly caught me staring at her a few times and got really mad and called me a perv, but I could tell she kinda liked it. The other day she came in the living room while I was watching TV. She lost her phone in the couch and bent over to find it. I couldn’t resist my big sister’s sexy ass, legs, and feet any longer. I got behind her and acted like I was trying to help her find her phone, but I couldn’t stop myself – I started grinding her ass and dry humping her. I pushed her over and then we started wresting all over the couch. My sister is really strong! She was telling me to stop and then all of a sudden she said we should wrestle naked. We took off our clothes and kept wrestling then Molly sat on my face and told me to eat her pussy. I pushed her off after a minute and started face fucking her!!! Our naked wresting match turned into a total fuck fest. I threw my big sister around while slamming her pussy until I finally pulled out and shot a huge cum load all over her face!!! My big sister has definitely changed my mind about this whole fitness thing, I’m going to train with her all the time from now on!

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Spying on my 18yr old Sister!

Catherine, is apparently, so HOT….that her Brother, Anthony is obsessed with her!! As you may recall……. Catherine & Anthony have had some “inappropriate” sexual encounters, that must have had more impact on Anthony than they did on Catherine….because he is now Spying on her….and Jerking-Off to her outside her room! Catherine is in her bedroom, topless….wearing only her panties, and knee high socks….brushing her hair….as Anthony Spies on her from the hallway…..furiously Jerking-Off. Catherine hears a noise, and turns around to Catch him in the Act!! Anthony confesses that he has developed a Giant Crush on his Sister, because….in his words….”You’re just so Hot….you’re Hotter than any of the other girls at school”. Catherine explains to her Brother that what they have been doing is very wrong…and they have to stop…because Mom & Dad are eventually going to find out…..and her boyfriend is eventually going to find out. Anthony begs and begs his Sister to have sex with him….and kind hearted Catherine feels so sorry for her Brother, as he stands in front of her with a big Boner…that she agrees to do this with him…ONE LAST TIME!! Catherine peels off her panties, and sits up on her dresser and points to her Pussy….”Here you go….this is what you’ve been Jerking-Off to….go ahead….Lick it!!”. Anthony devours his Sister’s sweet, young Pussy….and then proceeds to Pound her big time!!! Anthony Pounds his Sister Catherine until he covers her with a Giant Cumblast all over her stomach. Catherine warns her Brother that this was the last time….and he is going to have to find himself a girlfriend….because she can’t continue to have sex with him.

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