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Caught Sister Masturbating

What the hell do you think your doing!” I said when I caught my little creep of a brother watching me playing with myself! And this wasn’t the first time either! I tell him this has got to stop! This is just sick! I calm down and ask him to sit down on my bed. I ask him why he keeps sneaking into my room and pervin out on me? I am your big sister and you should not be looking at me like that! I start questioning him about why he doesn’t go out with girls his own age. He tells me that he doesn’t like any of the girls in school and just can’t relate to anyone his own age. I understand how that feels and sympathize with him. I ask him how many girls has he been with. He doesn’t answer. OMG my brother is a virgin?? Oh how cute! He gets red and starts to leave. Get back here! I guess the only way to get you to stop breaking into my room and trying to get a peek at me is just to show you now. Have you ever seen a pussy before? He says just in porn movies and not in person. Well would you like to see mine up close? He gets very excited and nods yes! Ok I will but you can’t tell Mom or Dad, ok? He nods again and I lift up my nightie. He smiles as he stares at my pink little cunt. Would you like to touch it? He gets scared and said he doesn’t know. So I grab his hand and placed on my very wet pussy. Then I took his finger and shoved in my tight hole. I told him that I want his tongue inside me! But only if he says “I want to lick my sister’s pussy!” I didn’t have to ask twice! LOL! I had to slow him down because he was so excited! I show him how to do it properly. I realized that he needed a lot of help. I make him take out his cock. He was embarrassed and said not to laugh. He took it out and Wow!!! I am impressed, my little bro has a big cock! Mmmm I take it my hand and start jerking it. I give him a Handjob of a lifetime. I let him finger me and lick me while I stroke my brothers big cock! I want it inside me! And then decided if anyone should have his virginity it should be me!

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Little Brother’s Learning Experience

No, I don’t want you to leave… Just promise me you won’t do that again, okay? You always need to ask first. It doesn’t matter if I’m not wearing any panties… Now lay back and let your big sister taste you. I’ve still got a lot to teach you little brother….

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Diabolical Sister

Megan and Jay are sitting on the sofa, it’s another boring Sunday when Mom and Dad have left Megan’s older brother Jay in charge of watching over her. Megan tries to entertain herself by scrolling through her phone while Jay watches Sports on TV. Jay is relaxed, his back buried into the soft sofa back, his mind is on autopilot as he listens to the highlights of the game. Megan looks at him and back at her phone, she rolls her eyes at her overprotective brother and dreams of what she would be doing if she was an only kd. Jay is so relaxed that he does something embarrassing, as if it’s only him in the room, and Megan scoffs, “Wow!”
Her mind is racing with what advantage she could have with this juicy tidbit of information. Her phone is in her hand, and with it lies all the contacts on FacePage. She decides to tell the hottest girls in the school, twin sisters that Jay pines over, Laura and Lana. “I know you have a crush on them,” Megan warns, “and you’re going to.. you’re going to… lick my foot and I won’t tell.” Jay is scared, shocked, he tries to wrestle the phone from Megan’s hand and the wrestling excites something deep within Megan. His body is so close to her’s, she could smell him, he smells so different than just a few years ago, this must be what they were talking about in school, “pheromones.”
Jay decides that he will give in, he’ll do what she wants. Megan watches Jay beneath her, his tongue on the sole of her foot, and it strikes a chord with her conscience. It feel as if she is torn in two, one side of her excited, eager to make him do more for her, to her, make her feel pleasure, and the other side begging her to do the right thing, to drop it and leave it be. Megan wrinkles her nose, she has always had a penchant for naughty behavior, and she can justify her behavior when she remembers how her brother likes to prank her. Megan likes to feel powerful, and oh God, she feels sexy for the very first time in her life.

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Stepsister fucked for a cigarette

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Knock It Out Like Fight Night

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Home Fuck with my Brother

When we are at home on bed rest any touch can lead to sex . We love to fuck with my Brother.

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Sneaky Step Brother

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I Swallowed My Stepbrother

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Brother/Sister Vacation

A brother finally convinces his sister to spend some quality time with him while they are on vacation….

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Sisters Get Their Brother Boner Creampie

We see you spying on us through the cracked door. You must have liked what you saw cause it looks like you have quite the brother boner right now. You wanna touch your sisters’ pussies like we were touching each others, don’t you? Unzip and show us what you have and you might just get lucky…don’t pretend you don’t want this brother. Practice makes perfect and we hear that you need some experience. We wanna taste that brother cock…we wanna feel that brother boner throbbing in our tight pussies. Pound that pussy and fill it up with your big, warm brother load. Oh brother, you just came in your sister….and boy what deliciously tasty cum you have! Now get the fuck out of our room!

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