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Love My StepBro Dick

There can be an attraction in the least expected places… Instead of feuding or trying to play favorites, these step-siblings would rather take advantage of their new arrangements!

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Sisterly Insatiability

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Don’t Worry Hes My Step Brother

There can be an attraction in the least expected places… Instead of feuding or trying to play favorites, these step-siblings would rather take advantage of their new arrangements!

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Sis On My Dick

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Fucking And Collecting The Reward with my Brother

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Blackmailed Sister Creampie

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My Brother Confession

“My older brother is a total jerk. He’s always picking on me. He loves to sneak up behind me and scare me. And he loves to hold me down and tickle me. He won’t stop now matter how loud I scream. Dad has to come in and pull him off of me. I know one day I’ll get married and then he won’t be able to tease me. I saw him getting out of the shower once and I’ve never forgotten what a big dick he has. We made eye contact for just a second before he put his towel on, and the huge smile on his face made me so mad. Not long after that, I caught him spying on me while I changed. He was standing right outside my bedroom window, and he saw everything. I was completely naked. He didn’t run away when I caught him looking at me. He just stood there and watched. I couldn’t see his hands, and I think he might have been masturbating.
What my brother doesn’t know is that I went through the temple last week. I didn’t know what to expect – the temple rituals are secret, and you’re never supposed to talk about them outside of the temple. So I was totally shocked when I was forced to strip naked with my friend Zoe and then perform oral sex on a stranger. Does my older brother take part in the rituals when he goes through the temple? Has he stuck his penis through the veil for some girl to pleasure him? The thought grosses me out, but I can’t get it out of my head.
Well, President Oaks has asked me to come to his office for an interview. Maybe I’ll tell him that my brother is a total pervert and he’s trying to force me to have sex with him.” – Sister Alison Rey

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Fucking Lil Sis

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That’s What Family Is For

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